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  1. .
  2. A crossover image with Veil and Mamimi from FLCL
  3. I think that's where they're going, yeah
  4. A quick drawing of Shallan and Veil
  5. We are on opposite teams here, I think.
  6. Also, MIND BLOWN. AGREE. how about that anxiety though when somebody mentions the "patriarchy" online and you don't know how many butthurt people will come in and shout at you
  8. Yeah, that's why I said "almost". Sorry it may not have been very clear haha. I was nodding to the fact that I'm sure he wasn't ACTUALLY encouraging her to be unhealthy. But it's kind of a situation where Kaladin doesn't have much experience and doesn't really say the right thing. He's just so in awe that she can *do* that and lauds her for it. To be honest though, I think that's how Shallan interprets it. I think that conversation, if anything, just made her feel that what she's doing is "right" because Kaladin is impressed by it. Unfortunately, Kaladin doesn't get much context into Shallan's life since the chasm, and so he can't really talk to her properly about whether or not it's good. He's just stuck on how she acted in the chasm
  9. Sorry, not sure why my response posted a few times haha. but there you go. Best I could do using rendering software. Your artist will take liberties anyway.The SVG, if you can open it, is the vector file.
  10. I'm still a Shalladin fan. Very disappointed that she married Adolin. It was the "right" thing to do, I guess, but it didn't feel good. Adolin and Shallan together seemed just so... cringe and cheesy. I identify with Shallan a lot for many reasons, but this love triangle is definitely one of them. It felt realistic to have the guy you know is great and treats you well and loves you a lot, but then also having an unquenchable pine for somebody more... real. Kaladin and Shallans relationship always seemed more sincere to me, more passionate, and like the inevitable. Shallan is not a "healthy" person and relationship/mood instability is part of that. She doesn't have coping mechanisms for her problems, yet she can talk to Kaladin about it and not Adolin. Admittedly it was frustrating that "romance or nothing" are basically the choices. I would be okay with the betrothal, as long as Shallan and Kaladin get to keep some sort of platonic, but strong relationship. They are both bonded and therefore both broken. Sure its less healthy to be always around somebody who is just as broken as you are and reinforces you bad coping habits (like when Kaladin almost encourages her to keep things locked away), but it's also nice to be with somebody who *understands*, as opposed to being with somebody you always feel like you have to improve for. It would tear my insides up, though, for Shallan to marry Adolin and then cheat with Kaladin later on. But yet I kind of want to see it happen? DRAMA ya know?
  11. I also assume that Rock has bonded a spren, and the shardbow is just a manifestation of it. Seeing as that's his primary "weapon" anyway. Does anybody else feel disappointed that he was the one to kill Amaram tho? There was some sweet poetic justice in Kaladins fight with Amaram and I was REALLY hoping he would get to be the one to kill him. Yeah Rock protected him, and yeah we got more reinforcement of "Kaladin is not alone" but I feel that was presented clearly enough when Dalinar saved the team in Shadesmar, after Kaladin failed to speak the words. Taking away his ability to be the one and kill Amaram was frustrating.
  12. Whew. It's been about 2 or 3 years since I've been on this board... But I'm back to get my fill of theorycrafting and to talk about what's up. Sorry if what I'm saying has been said or figured out. Okay so. First impressions, as I've just finished it for the first time: Over all I find the book weaker in every way compared to WoR. Don't get me wrong, it was good. Very good. It was nice to get closure with Kaladin's parents (finally) and I may have cried along with him when he finally reaches Hearthstone and finds out his parents are live. And that he has a brother! Kaladins character wasn't as potent as he was in prior books (so that may be why I prefer the other ones, as he's my favorite character). But it was still great to see him again doing something new, and also knowing that he is *finally* not alone. Shallan was.....uh odd. I read the first page of this thread so I know there's a discussion around her romance(s?) and personality. She started out strong. I liked how "badass" she was when acting as Veil, and I liked the gradual losing of herself. Everything regarding her "mental health" was fairly realistic until the end. This feels more like Brandon was taking ideas from his own Legion book and trying to re-live them. I was VERY disappointed that she chose to be with Adolin because who the storm cares. Adolin is nice but god their relationship is so boring. At least with Kaladin there seemed to be passion, but with Adolin it's like Shallan was FORCING herself to love him. Yeah sure at the end she's happy and that's grand but wow the only options I see now is this continued, boring, flat love life with the "perfect man" or Adolin dies and she finally gets to be with Kaladin. How are they not a better match?? This also irritated me because it felt like all the development and teasing going into Shallan/Kaladin was for nothing. At the end we just return to status quo and nothing had changed. Stuff with Dalinar was great. I echo many of the sentiments of you all in regards to that. No real complaints other than that odd vision with Nohadon we didn't get to find out what happened. Was that a real vision? It seemed like Nohadon actually knew him as Dalinar and not some person from memory. I'm confused about Renarins place in the whole scheme of things, but I'm looking forward to finding out what will happen. Although it is frustrating that he lied for so long about his abilities and then just succumbed to letting Jasnah almost kill him. Also we never found out what became of Ash and Taln after Jasnah met them. But I guess RAFO for later? Or did I just miss it? WHEN WILL HE STOP TEASING WARBREAKER AND GIVE US ANSWERS AHHHHH. So we know Vasher brought Nightblood here. Is the weapon Moash uses the same as Nightblood? Or similar? We also know Vivenna is here too, looking for Vasher. Likely to kill him. What. Did. He. DO. It's driving me nuts. Too bad Vivenna didn't stick with the main party, or she would have found a way out of Shadesmar with them... Sorry if spelling is a bit off. I listened to the audiobook, and it's been a while since I read WoR.