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  1. Reading time is practically zero progress the last week. extra kids being here will do that though. It's going to be a LONG 3 weeks till my nephew and niece go back to Houston...
  2. It just makes you wonder what he was thinking or if anyone on staff even bothered to say "hey wait that's not what his name is & fire benders don't have to have flames to bend." He even says in interviews he wanted to make this cause he had such a great time watching the toon with his kid. So was he lying about that? I know the creators were furious and couldn't do a thing about it sadly. Waste of everyone's time including M Nights, he could have made serious bank if he stuck to the proper things in the yrs that followed.
  3. Wait. How can Galavant fall flat? That show was ace. The adult humor in that show rivals Archer but with song. Your right though you prob will be in the minority not liking Firefly lol! i ll def agree about Last Airbender. He tanked that from the great toon material with his dumb changes. I guarantee if he hadn't been so bullheaded all the Books would have made live action easy. How dare he make fire benders have to have actual fire in order to Bend! That pronunciation of Aang...painful.
  4. Yep I waited. That book was bad and set me against buying the next in hardcover unless it's got 5 star reviews everywhere I look I ll just wait for the PB to come out.
  5. I would say that bk 3 is a waste of the trees that it was printed on. One of the worst if not the worst books I've ever read. Heartbreaking really as 1 & 2 were such strong books.
  6. Loved the 6 Fitz I've read. Bk 2 is the best by far. I'm waiting till the 3 new ones are all in paperback before I buy them.
  7. Loved GoT S7 opener last night!
  8. If you want another PI try out Dresden Files. It's amazing from bk 4 on. 1-3 are short easy reads though.
  9. Where are you in 7?
  10. Yes. However that was one of single worst adaptations in human history. It followed nothing from the books other than characters names and their basic roles. That show SUCKS! the books are pretty meh from 1 to 2/3 into book 3 and then the series blasts off into epicness.
  11. I'm hesitant to say after 1 view if it's the best. It was a great movie and since this is finally a Spidey set MCU it's going to sit well with new fans. I think Tobeys 1st may have a slight edge on it as an older viewer. When that came to theater it was pure epic. The problem with Tobey is 3. It soured all connection from how epic 1 was in fans minds. Then we got Garfield's 1st reboot and everyone sang it's praise because we no longer had that Tobey stain on our minds. All 3 of the 1st movies where great in their own way.
  12. Pretty solid film I thought.
  13. That one in 15 was
  14. Curious to know if you skimmed or skipped the parts in books
  15. I think it's likely y'all would go insane in my presence with the language that comes out my mouth lol. Otherland 1 is a very good book but the series goes down with each book more and more though I only read to about 1/2way into bk 3. Shadowmarch is really fun in bks 1&2 bk 3 had some slog parts and I never read bk 4 though I will be rereading within the next few years.