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  1. Don't be hating! Lol
  2. Maybe 1 out of every 8 nights. Sometimes more.
  3. I believe I have passed the test and not caved into getting the NUcanon. I ll remain show only.
  4. My advice. Don't look anything up. You will find complex spoilers if you do. Take your time and enjoy figuring out the vast web that unfolds on your own. maybe keep a journal when you come across something confusing/interesting for each book and you ll be able to go back and have many "Aha!" moments.
  5. I was yes. I also knew Lynch was suffering from depression between 2 & 3.
  6. Malazan. Bk 1 can put people off, just stick with it if it does. It's the shortest of the main 10 and the other 9 will reward you. Gentlemans Bastard bk 1 is one of the best debut novels in fantasy. It's seriously good but it's an unfinished series and the bks afterward aren't close to 1st level and they get worse as it goes unlike Malazan which gets better as it goes. GB bk 3 is utterly horrible for real.
  7. Either bk 4,5, or 7. no clue who. If I had to really pick I'd say probably the No Mag. i ll leave houses to bigger fans cause I don't care. Fantasic Beast easily beats any Potter film imo. I loved it. Before that I'd give it to Goblet of Fire(4). The tournament and ending events where fun.
  8. Windlass really mostly bored me. It started so good at chapter 1 and then made me so mad for a good 2/3 of the book. I expected better of Butcher after Alera and Dresden. It's Butcher though so of course I'm going to be in till the end.
  9. Early night and early morning to go to TX in AM. Blah
  10. You can really see a possible Swarm War trilogy cherry pick in there. I also think it's possible Luke has recently met a certain thing from S3 of Rebels.
  11. Watched Fantastic Beast for 1st time and loved it. That was better then any Potter movie imo. The wizard/G men hybrid was a great way to do this time period.
  12. Finished IT yesterday. Sooooooo great!
  13. I think it's just a healing tube. my thoughts on Luke's dialogue. We have no way of knowing when this happens. Based on the way Luke looks at Rey in 7 after she produces saber I'm 60% sure this whole bit could have taken place before she gets there. He could be talking to the Ghost saying Jedi must end and then she turns up with the impossible odds of having Anakins saber and the look in 7 is him realizing he can't be last Jedi after all. It's all about that look in 7 to me. This can be easily torn apart I know but I can see them opening with Luke prior to her landing.
  14. Has anyone an exp in getting to the "Astral Realm"? I'm trying to figure out if what I did last night was a typical Lucid dream or that. It was strange.