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  1. I’m hoping Black Panther will be as good as Thor 3. It looks amazing imo. finished the last 2 Ep of Defenders and then watched Punisher Ep 1 today. Defenders just sucked though the last Ep was really good. Orville Ep 10 was AMAZING! That show just blows me away! Only 2 left in the season
  2. It’s been pretty fantastic so far and I’m only a bit over 100 pgs in. Liking it so much Malazan 6 and Grace are getting very little attention since yesterday.
  3. I’m surprised this thread hasn’t exploded today.
  4. Got this sites most important book.
  5. Alera is great. Butcher in general is great(except for Windlass).
  6. I know a few people who got it early on Malazan Board and they say it’s gooooood! I got a long way to go before I find out though. I still have to buy Orb, Assail & Dancer.
  7. I will not buy SW books anymore. I loved the EU and am still bitter about the axe. bought Expanse 6 TPB today. I really hate that they don’t release in this format from book 4 on and I have to wait a year ducking spoilers..
  8. Not really feeling Mordor much. It is kinda intense for me and the mobs are overwhelming me. Got bored with Titanfall 2 and frustrated with the wall scaling as I keep dying attempting them.
  9. Yeah buddy! Hopefully these pics don’t come out sideways..
  10. Just finished Dresden 4. 5 f bombs. i really want to go straight to book 5 but with Oath coming I would be reading 4 books at once if I did. Yikes. Must take a small break.
  11. Old man bought himself a really nice 2016 Tacoma about 3 weeks ago and today bought me a 2017 Silverado. I love this man so much.
  12. You will likely see the quality dip in the Solo film. I’m still not happy with that choice. I suspect he may do Old Republic era. I also really want/hope Knight Errant time gets explored(if it survives NU) cause that has endless story possibilities. It’s the Dark Ages of SW
  13. Bought Titanfall2, Black Flag and Shadow of Mordor. Will finally get Halo 5 soon. Man this thing loads games soooo slow though! Urgh been loading TF2 for close to 4 hrs now. My PS4 is so much faster and the interface is so much easier! Not a fan as of yet. And why didn’t this thing come with a simple cheap mic? PS4 did!!!
  14. Bought the Xbone X just now with saved up coin $ under my bed. $553. No game so I will have to get one tomorrow.
  15. Finished. That was actually a very fun read. I remember liking the last bits the 1st time around but wasn’t crazy about the other 3/4 of the book. That was different this time. I soaked it up. onto The Bonehunters. Really looking foward to this one.