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  1. I found it a huge dip compared to 1&2 and it also had my Williams pet peeve. He likes underground settings and he does it so well I physically get uncomfortable reading these parts. MS&T was brutal to me at one point though I’m blanking on exactly what book it was atm.
  2. I really liked Shadowmarch 1&2 but 3 lost me and I never started 4. Been so long now I would have to start over vs just jumping into 4.
  3. Illium. Was imo a very very solid book. Olympos not nearly so.
  4. Watched to halfway in Ep 4 so far. Not stellar tv but some neat bits thrown in with the gods. A mix of the movie and Clash of the Titans. ep 2 was really good and made me want to reread Dan Simmons 1st Troy book.
  5. Watching S1 Ep 8 of Santa Clarita Diet. I’ve heard some bad things about this show like it’s the worst thing ever done on the actors resume but I don’t agree at all. This show is freaking hilarious! I’m actually hurting myself laughing so hard at some of this stuff.
  6. 214 pgs into Fitz 3 and it is just as grueling as it was the 1st time. He is herding sheep right now. Yawn Bout 200 pgs to go I think till the book gets back to fun to read.
  7. Driving our new golf cart
  8. Yep and yep the climax is just a nail biter. It almost turned out semi right and in an instant it went beyond horribly wrong. Trying to atleast get to the halfway point of Assassin’s Quest asap. The 1st half was my least favorite bit of the 6 Fitz I read. cant wait till I get to crack Fitz 7 open for the 1st time. I probably could have just done that but oh well the reread has been a blast.
  9. Finished Fitz 2. 9 days total. Still holds up as one of my most fav books ever. Just epic. Started 3.
  10. Reading books suck.
  11. Yep. It’s what happens when I read multiple books. Though with Crimson I can see why I was never in a rush to pick it back up on my other 2 attempts at it. I don’t really like it I think. Gonna be a very slow completion but I will finish it this 3rd time for sure.
  12. HArdly even reading Crimson at present.
  13. Been devouring Fitz 2 and it’s even more epic then the 1st time. By breath has caught so many times... beautiful book. Have to reread 1-6 before I tackle 7-9. Barely even reading Crimson Guard I’m so taken. Managed about 104 pgs yesterday which is quite a feat for me these days.
  14. Bought the paperbacks of Fitz 7-9 by Hobb. Been waiting on all 3 to come out like that.
  15. Bought Blu ray today. Awesome 2nd viewing! So much is explained in dialogue that haters where hating about. Is it flawless? No. Some really great deleted stuff among the 14(!) that would have been great to see in final. Some definitely deserved to be cut to be sure. 4 outstanding ones though.