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  1. You bet I'm still watching Orville. Ep 3 was amazing and had one of the biggest moral dilemmas at its core. The show is far more at present then what it was shipped as/I thought it would be. All Access and STD can go to hell if you ask me. I'm not paying for something that should be on cable just because some greedy executives decided they could ransom a beloved franchise. I will watch no STD until it's free or it hits Netflix where I already have an account.
  2. I say if you want something challenging and yet satisfying try Gene Wolfe. Book of the New Sun is great.
  3. As I said a few post up the author improvement is huge. You can tell you are reading Weeks but you reading a much wiser Weeks. I'd even go so far as to say authors could take lessons in the LB Weeks in how to knock your head spinning with plot twist. His next project is going back to Night Angel and I want to hurry up and have it in my hands already.
  4. It is a very fun series and a vast author improvement from Night Angel. I'm ready for it to end though just because he is going back to NA setting and I want to see how much his exp will be able to help it
  5. Orville ep 2 was good! This ep was almost pure character building with a side of humor vs the over whelming humor of ep 1. This should be good news for doubters. If the show can mix the 2 then this stands a chance to become a real hit imo.
  6. Finished Dresden 1. 1 F bomb in that one. Starting 2 now.
  7. No problem it is a fantastic series and in a few yrs it will make a fantastic reread. I promise that part. There is a temporary downside to reading Malazan in that other books could very well pale in comparison for a bit.
  8. I thought that's what you meant but I definitely scratched my head for a second
  9. Is that a novella of Dresden or a classic?
  10. That's actually really tough to answer. white Night, Death Masks, Summer Knight, Cold Days. They are simplistic indeed yet much like Abercrombie they roll off the tongue so very easily.
  11. Butcher also comes up with short and sweet titles I dig.
  12. I love this trilogy. Definitely not for everyone though for sure. Mark Lawrence frequently post on the Malazan board and engages us like an everyday guy which I love. I need to read the 2nd set and his new book.
  13. I had my 1st GF also. Butttttt she still had kooties!!!
  14. Yeah I kept telling myself that but 6 yrs old was a awefully big stretch for me to take in.
  15. Ok my meds kicked in the midst of typing last night and I knew I wouldn't be able get much out. i think this is my age causing issues with things like Lightbringer 3 then this really got to me in early Republic young Locke bit. as I said I don't deny my age could have influenced the 2 cases