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  1. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    Finished Safehold 7 last night. Really enjoyed this one a lot! Started 8 right after I read last page of 7.
  2. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I woke up today and 5mins later I turn the tv on to horror going down in UK.
  3. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    I remember liking this bk when it was new but I never bought the others. I d have to re read it now if I get them.
  4. Iron Fist just broke his hand

    Finished it earlier. It was my least fav but it was still fun. I did grow a bit irrated at the Meecham roller coaster flip flopping by ep 9 and it goes all the way to ending. Colleen was my fav thing about this show. Wasn't a big fan of the ending. I've watched far worse shows then this.
  5. Heroes Die by Matthew Stover

    Blade is better. Enjoy
  6. What are you playing right now?

    60 hrs into Horizon still
  7. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I love seeing the Red anytime I have to drive up to central Louisiana(very very rare so it's a real treat).
  8. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Being awake as the sun rises is annoying. Driving to TX is annoying. Combine those and you have an annoyed Cajun.
  9. Iron Fist just broke his hand

    On ep 7. It improves a lot after ep 2 but it lacks the punch of DD or Cage(my fav). I would say I'm enjoying it more then I did at this time then JJ ep 7.
  10. Iron Fist just broke his hand

    I'm on ep4. It's not bad. It's just not as good as the other 3 shows. I have watched way worse things. the opening credits/graphics is the best of the 4. That means nothing but it is cool to see.
  11. Safehold

    2 & 3 are meshed together in my head and I can't really remember what happened in them. I'm only on pg 200 ish of 5 and really struggling with it. Def my least fav so far...
  12. Safehold

    It really is fun when it's moving along. I'm on bk 5 of Expanse.
  13. What Do You Look Like?

    My hair starts curling when it gets below my chin and I love it
  14. Safehold

    You ever start this? I'm on bk7
  15. Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi

    Bump isn't Celebration around the corner? Hoping for a teaser!