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  1. I hate it honestly. By far my least favorite place in Game so far. Even when my ambien isn’t really kicked in I find it hard to navigate Makna. All the vision obstacles are frustrating. I haven’t progressed further yet(since finishing with the Village). I’m just finishing up “!” Quest and trying to raise up characters affinities through battles and “!”’s.
  2. Meh 1st world problems. im bored. No cable,Netflix, online gaming for 24 hrs and growing till they come tomorrow to look at problem. Stupid modem. Just sitting here reading while it pours outside.
  3. Annnnd 27 rereads later
  4. Ok. I will try to just describe the scene without giving away any setting/character spoilers. This is probably lack depth cause I’m really just bare boning it here. I’m leaving out key info. This was a fairly random thing so no big huge spoiler once you read the outcome. Just one of many moments I was talking about earlier.
  5. Yeah so the other day when I was talking about how brutal Outlander can be I just now read a part that has my spine chilled. I hesitate to say it here Incase anyone actually wants to read these books but if asked I will paint a very basic picture with as few story spoilers as I can. wow that was rough.
  6. Y’all know what just dawned on me... I don’t own OST... ed: I take that back it’s showing I did buy it. I now don’t even know if I received it though. Back in Dec 17... huh ed2 I found it. I put it on my shelf pages out in the wrong order from other ICE. maybe my ambien was going hard then
  7. And just note that if you pass on Return you ll be missing out on one of the best climaxes of the shared world of these 2.
  8. It’s still my only one I have read but I bought Lions with it. Will read that sometimes in 2019.
  9. Bought 4 bks yesterday at BAM. Expanse 7 tpb even though I’ve still yet to read bk 6. Bought The Broken Earth trilogy boxed set.
  10. Loved Tigana. I specifically chose it for my 1st GGK because of the split opinions on it.
  11. I need to finish last 2 seasons. I was PISSED when it got the axe on original station.
  12. Holy crap Xenoblade is outstanding... got to a large forest last night. Glowing trees in a marsh a few nights before. Brilliant story. Fun combat when my ambien isn’t hindering my coordination. Fun stuff
  13. What is a book?
  14. Let me know if/when you get it. If you do I’m sure it will be audio? If you do deadtree I would recommend getting the trade paperbacks due to the sheer size of some of these. I’m a stickler for keeping my books looking as new as the day I bought it minus my finger oil marks but bk 3 developed a crease in spine at the end and I was pissed off. I got 1-6 in regular PB so to late for me. I’m sure bks 4-6 will be the same as they put bk 3 to shame in size. So big they hurt my hands.
  15. I ll tell you honestly so far having read bks 1-3 I find that it was a mistake to push it as I Romance genre novel. Is that present? Absolutely. The pleasure so far has been finding it much more fantasy/historical fiction though with some of the most stomach churning trails for some of the characters. Very dark at times. I never would have read this if not for the utterly outstanding show on STARZ because of the Romance mislabel. I bought bk 1 after the mid season 1 break and have managed to keep ahead of the show by the time the 2nd half came back on so far. I have heard the later books suffer some. Some of them put Stormlight to shame pg count wise(bks 5&6 clock in at 1443&1483 pgs... yeah so that ought to take me quite awhile to do sigh). i would absolutely recommend trying bk 1/S1 of show out yes. Bk 2 had outstanding political stuff. Bk 3 was amazing in the end. The Romance thing still baffles me and imo kept a lot of people from getting into it like myself. The show REALLY opened people up.