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  1. I bowed out of this show last year in last half of S6. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. S1 was so great! S2 was good but couldn’t get that lvl back. S3 took a dive big time imo and S4 was just brutal... S5 was a good turn for the better only to crash back down with S6 and I just wasn’t giving it more of my time and dvr space.
  2. My kids had to go back today, and I was quite surprised with that as I saw refrozen layers of ice in numerous places when I went to get food last night.
  3. It’s called GotMism lol
  4. Hidden gems ok, but keys in bodies is laughable. It’s like a bad Indiana Jones. Predictable characters/plots “I have access to healers that can look at that knee for you.” Cringe worth romance. If you got to Ep 3 you saw the death/assassination that caused me to lol that you could see coming from a mile away. It was the highlight of the Ep for me cause I got such joy out of the silliness of it. It’s plagued with horrendous dIalouge. i started a thread on Malazan months before it started and no one has had anything positive to say about it after Ep 1. I’m waiting on another who is a Templar buff and his wife to finally start it and give thoughts there. im glad you like it for sure but I ll stand by my statement I think it’s the worst show of 2017 to me. I’m genuinely BAFFLED as to how it got S2. Lol
  5. Standing outside in the snow. IN THE SNOW! In the 3rd snow to hit LOUISIANA in just over a months time... AMAZEBALLS!!
  6. GRRRRRRRR!!!! I wasn’t expecting to win that game to begin with but after coming back from a scoreless 1st half to take the lead I’m so pissed off about those last 10 secs! WE RUSTING HAD IT! #notahappycajunatm
  7. I’ve heard this a few times back during S1&2 for sure along with gripes about some sets being wrong by people from Norway, Sweden and Iceland on Malazan board. i would def reco to catch up. Vikings is imo a much better show then The Last Kingdom. I only made it to S1 Ep 7 of that.
  8. Everyone should be watching Vikings. It’s great
  9. Ep 1 was good till the last 20 minutes. I’m up to starting ep 5 and I can easily say this is the worst show of 2017 and possibly 2018. The show belongs on CW and not following Vikings. I’m loln at people dying because it’s done in the most predictable cheesy ways. the show sucks and I was very shocked to hear that it made S2 by Ep 3.... im finishing S1 just to laugh at how bad it is.
  10. If I buy a Switch can I play the other games on it? Have never played them except Ep 1 way back on PS2. i do have my kids Wii
  11. Woot! Just got reintroduced to Ruthan Gudd and he is in the midst of having a conversation with other members of the 14th talking about
  12. BH pg 435. I’m loving it sooo much. Can’t believe how much I forgot about this one though.
  13. I’m extremly nervous about that game just because it’s home field for them AND where the Bowl will be played at so Vikings will be HUNGRY for it. We have to be smart. If we get that win then yeah I think we will stop either Falcons or Eagles(esp if Wentz is still out). Just hoping that both Steelers and Pats are knocked out by Titans and Jaguars. ugh I just want that 2nd Bowl win before its to late with Sean and Drew teamup.
  14. WHO DAT!!!!!! man that was such a nerve wracking game. I’m shaking so hard still. I just want a 2nd Super Bowl win under Sean and Drew before they depart the team/sport.
  15. Yes try it. It has a wonderfully strange writing style where so much happens with as little words as possible is my best way of describing the way it’s written. Bk 2 has been a treat as well 115+ pgs in. reading Grace and Slogbringer at the same time really highlighted how cool the style was.