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  1. I'd say Bakker is the more graphic in terms of description. Malazan does have a lot of sex but it's more comedic or behind the scenes/implied sex usually. There are some direct bits for sure.
  2. Watched Logan today. It's utterly amazing.
  3. Oh it was Vanity not Variaty. I don't think there are any major spoilers in this but if your wanting to go in completely free you may want to skip.
  4. Variety magazine had a nice long article about it this issue. There wasn't really any spoilers other then names for Del Toro's and Dern's roles and what Finn was shown in(should be obvious) in trailer. Mark had an interview but most of what he said is things he said in his Celebration panels. I ll link later if no one else does. i will say that it sounds as if they are trying to be clever with Del Toro's name but if you read old EU it's almost lol worthy at their attempt.
  5. Karsa is a complete boss! I wonder if you realize something about him yet but I'm not sure exactly when this info is revealed in bk 4 so I won't say what it is.
  6. Witcher 2. Loving it.
  7. Many fans consider MoI the best of the 10. did you catch that ?
  8. I'm only just shy of 200. Been playing a lot of 360 and having the kids this 1st week of summer. I know we keep saying it but yeah there is a lot of back flipping but the true reward is seeing tiny little things thrown in throughout that you won't even pick up on in bk 1 and on till a reread down the line. There are few if any reads as great as Malazan on your 1st go but that so far has been even better. Def worth considering for you to do a few yrs down the road I promise.
  9. @Mestiv I would assume it is indeed is an attack but idk if any group has claimed credit yet. I had to turn the news off as I was so pissed. No idea if it is a group or was just a lone suicide bomber but it was a known event with 1000's of children. Horrible news and much chaos has been made today. ed: assumed suicide bomber indeed. Now to find out if they were a lone wolf or part of a cell.
  10. 19 dead 50 injured so far. I fear it will only be more as more news comes in. so mad
  11. Omg! Manchester. I'm so angry right now. Explosions at a Ariana Grande concert packed with kids.
  12. ha hat hate Gene Wolfe?!
  13. Whoa! I decided to turn 2 on and my son was watching and not 10 mins into game I had to tell him to turn his head as big boobs popped onscreen. Wasn't expecting that but it was awesome and funny for sure. This game seems complicated! Maybe I won't be so new by the time this hits.
  14. Reading MoI reminds me I really should get the Beuchain and Korbal novellas.