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  1. Finished Fitz 8 last night. It really reminded me a lot of bk 3 in which it had really boring beginning and mid sections but one hell of an ending(though I give bk 3 the better of the two) I must say. Started Fitz 9 the final Fitz book.
  2. I don’t read plays or poems unless assigned to read them in high school or college and that’s been oh 15-20 yrs now lol. This stuff really isn’t my personal cup of tea. I also have maybe 1% knowledge of the Bible so I had no idea what your covering here. That said I do like reglious movies quite a lot. I will tell you what I liked. The Angel narrator bits as they were more book formatish, and when the 2 characters broke the 4th wall(I assume they are anyway talking to audience) but maybe I’m wrong on that. I didn’t like some of the longer dialogue portions. I would either cut it down or have more dialogue added in but broken up in shorter segments. i could get into what your doing easily if I was watching or reading a proper book though for sure so take comfort in that.
  3. I hate feeling like this but it is how it is...on Fitz 8(Robin Hobbs Farseer books) and I’m just not digging this newest trilogy at all baring a handful of moments. 230 pgs left then bk 9 remain. Bks 7-8 have been a huge disappointment on one of my favorite series. I’m actually down right heartbroken about it.
  4. Ugh this heat... still have July and August and most of September to go through before the next break. It’s been brutal. Hopefully we get another fantastic winter like this past one was.
  5. Huh so that’s Shane Black??? Didn’t know.
  6. Silanda should be the obvious 1st pick but you would have to atleast put some black painted bobble heads onboard or it just will not work.
  7. I’ve always loved this franchise and am stoked up for this new movie in it. Note the trailer has language and potential spoilers (though a part of me hoping/thinking this bit is a misdirection and is thrown in to mess with us) for one bit.
  8. It appears that although never officially announced Fett and Kenobi are on ice for now. Some vid discussion from the Council.
  9. On WoT: Crown of Swords is actually one of my favorite of the series. My personal least fav is Path of Daggers due to a lack of something but Crossroads of Twilight is the most boring by a mile but atleast it had what PoD lacked. That may sound confusing. I also don’t get the hate that Crown and Winters Heart get. Both were awesome. Definitely don’t get the hate that Knife of Dreams gets as RJ
  10. If you want the original Cosmere exp then read Stephen King novels. Not all them are fantasy genre but so many books have connections and it’s wonderful to piece it together.
  11. I ll have to look up some vid before I decide then. The party swap sounds good. New dungeons would be cool depending where they at. I don’t really need to ride in the boat unless if going to Empire dungeon. sigh I really hope 16 gets back to series standards esp in the magic department. i doubt veryyyyyy much 16 will be current gen but I reallyyyyyyy hope it is.
  12. I’m not sure what the Royal pack offers. I still never finished Ignis. P5 is so Japanese though. If your able atleast get it while it’s still 40% off at $29.99
  13. Since we are all pretty much a clique here and talk about other stuff then Malazan to I ll cautiously knock on wood that it remains so reco that if y’all game and like RPGs and have a PS3/4 try Persona 5 which y’all can get at 40% off till the 19th on Store. It’s been amazing so far.
  14. Har har. I knew you were. Iirc you had a profile pic up before Dare Devil(maybe Hawkeye it’s hard to see on phone) and various comments you made when you were new.
  15. Bought Persona 5 as it’s 40% off and I was craving an RPG. I must say at only like 4 hrs in I’m enjoying the hell out it. Some of the dialogue is wayyy to long to sit through and as of yet the save point/time is few and far between but other then that it’s been turn based heaven for me.