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  1. My activity level is worse than normal, and I'm sorry for it. Can't promise much of an improvement soon, but I have made an effort to post at least once per day. On Wilson - my paranoia says to be safe, because she has a history of successfully conning me. But my analysis is leaning ever so slightly village. Her reactions are consistent with her choosing a fun playstyle and being frustrated that her fun experiment is drawing suspicion when she believes it shouldn't.
  2. I like the theory. But as every good scientist knows, a theory is only useful to the extent it corresponds with facts in the real world. Shall we make a test of it? Rae
  3. Annoying? Maybe. Useful? Most definitely. I don't have any leads at the moment - I would like to hear especially from Lemonelon, though. My observations from previous games indicates they possess exceptional analytical skills. I don't have a lot to say, but it may well be worth looking at the players who were in on the Aman lynch. If i were a Seer, I'd have argues strongly against his plan, and tried to use that to generate early trust.
  4. While this is true - we also sacrifice a lot - the reads and suspicion we gain off of D1 interactions influence our future reads and suspicions. Often, we gain a lot of useful information - who is defending who, who seems to be subtly casting suspicion on someone else, who votes where and for what reasons - including what reasons seem to be superficial excuses for just getting a lynch - and so on. The problem in this case is this: almost everything we gain will be incorrect. Now, it is possible that we can successfully filter that out - but I find it unlikely. Even if we manage to consciously try to filter things out, D1 interactions often have a subtle influence on our future reads for long into the game. And it's the unconscious bits that are at issue here - they are hard to correct for. So yes, we could conceivably get a baseline for the game, but at the cost of significantly dropping the signal to noise ratio on every other read we are trying to take.
  5. I see a mention. Don't see much new worth responding to. Wilson's vote on PK without justification is odd, but it's D1.
  6. There certainly do exist games where lynching the GM does something. And Wyrm has even run one before. But I am certain that this is not one of those kind of games. On more immediate game related stuff, I'm...ok with not lynching anyone today? Ish? It's kind of a tough situation. If we don't lynch, we lose out on information. If we do, our chances of actually finding one are laughably low, and since all but one of us are good, there isn't much info to actually be gained, and we may well muddy the waters more than we gain useful intelligence.
  7. Didn't it show up briefly in the prologue to LG14
  8. Merely a repository. A place to keep the shard until more... permanent arrangements could be found
  9. The very first, in fact. @A Joe in the Bush ran it.
  10. Sheon Idris is in!
  11. I feel vindicated Kudos to Wilson for throwing us all off track long enough to make the game actually happen! I should have known that something was up when Wilson started telling me all sorts of things she remembered talking to fRR about.
  12. It doesn't work like that. I pick a person. If they have a role, I get told it. If they don't, when they finally have a moment of clarity, I get told about it and what they become. You want me to use it, i need to live. I think that lynching the doll holder is more important, though.
  13. I got the PM after sending in an order to try and smash the doll. I don't know if the two are connected, though.
  14. Alright. Couple bits of information now. I had a moment of clarity, and am now a Lamplighter - I have a one shot scan ability. I also got the doll in the middle of the cycle last cycle, after I asked about won had it. I would like to know who had it before me - this is my second cycle with it, so I think I'm off the pattern for it to be Bard's doll. And, since I'm a person of my word. Seonid