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  1. I’d remind everyone that prior to the game, as moderators we ruled that players should not change their profile picture if they change their username mid game. Players that do change their profile picture and username mid game will receive an SE subforum warning. @Mesa the Ookla would you please return your profile picture to that which it was as Darkness_?
  2. That looks awesome! Sign me up!
  3. Here's the relevant bit from the last viewpoint from Moash: And then he becomes Vyre, He Who Quiets, in a process that seems exactly like what the Parshendi survivors go through. If there's another way to read this, I'm all ears. But it seems unambiguous to me that Moash has been replaced.
  4. I'm pretty sure he is. He became a Fused, which kills the host - as far as we know. If he's still alive, then something weird is going on.
  5. I thought this way at first, until I read a reaction to the book that pointed out that the murder made it so that Amaram and his men were willing to turn. The murder has not yet had personal ramifications for Adolin, nor political ramifications in the coalition, which is what everyone expected, but it did have a significant impact to the plot.
  6. Absolutely right. I should have clarified that I completely agreed with your conclusion concerning Cusicesh, and I just disagreed with your interpretation of the WoB.
  7. I had thought that Cultivation had set things up so that Dalinar's memories would come back before Odium tried to bring them back. That way, Dalinar wouldn't be blindsided by his memories, but instead would have a chance to deal with them and their implications before the confrontation with Odium.
  8. theory

    Hmm... that actually made me wonder. Brandon said that there is a level of spren between Stormfather level power and "sapient spren," by which I assume he means radiant spren. He specifically calls Cusicesh out as being of this level. My question is this: where are the unmade's power levels in reason to the Stormfather/Nightwatcher? Do they fit that description? If so, is it possible that Brandon had the unmade in mind when he bright up that gradation in spren levels?
  9. He does not say Cusicesh is a sapient spren. You say that in your paraphrase, but I believe that to be a misinterpretation of Brandon's words. He says (my paraphrase) "there is a level of spren between Stormfather/Nightwatcher and sapient spren, and this is what Cusicesh is." The phase "this is what Cusicesh is" refers to the intermediate level, and not to the immediately preceding phrase "sapient spren." Sapient spren is part of the parenthetical statement used to define the intermediate step where Cusicesh belongs. As additional evidence, to be sapient means possessing human level of intelligence. There are no known spren that have these attributes that are not radiantspren or higher.
  10. Why would it have been the right thing to do? I think it's clear that Renarin is on team Honor.
  11. Um, my read indicates that Cusicesh is one of the intermediate spren between a sapient spren and the Stormfather/Nightwatcher level. The sapient spren are spren like Syl and Pattern.
  12. Which Cosmere stuff in particular bothered you?
  13. Brandon has indicated that Vasher and Nightblood were always Stormlight characters first, and that Warbreaker was written to provide their backstory. In addition, Brandon does not intend to keep the Cosmere stories separate with only cameos connecting them forever. He's been rather upfront that, the further we go along in the timeline, the more interconnected they will get. Your understanding about the wider Cosmere not being necessary to enjoy the stories is correct for the early works, but it isn't a goal Sanderson has set for the entire sequence. We've already seen the Mistborn storylines start getting more deeply involved with the larger Cosmere. That said, Roshar is certainly going faster into the wider Cosmere scope than I expected, but I still don't think we've passed the point of "essential to the story" yet. Except maybe Warbreaker, but that seems to have been intentional from the start.
  14. This might be a stupid question, but what is an HSQ?
  15. I'm not qualified to comment on most of the theory here, but we do have positive evidence that Allomancy does work on Roshar. Hoid uses it during one of Shallan's flashbacks in WoR