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  1. This shard game would be a sequel to LG29. No limited player counts - there's room for regular worldhoppers alongside the power players Take a look at the earlier game - it will provide a decent outline as to how this one will go.
  2. Harmony has been in all of mine, I think. It just hasn't shown up because nobody held both ruin and cultivation at the same time...
  3. So - got a question for the community. I'm going to be GMing a game in the near future. However, I'm up for both an MR and an LG, and they look like they'll overlap. So, i wanted to know which sounded more interesting to play next. The LG would be another Shard game, a sequel to LG29, incorporating a number of new insights about the nature of the shards. The MR is an anonymous game involving kandra and bodyswapping. I'm taking suggestions as to which one I should run and which one I should delay.
  4. @Pestis the Spider First, welcome! We're glad to have you here. The doc likely is talking about a Google doc to talk in. On the Shard, that's fairly standard protocol. Also, I'd like a link to the spec doc, por favor.
  5. That was fun. @Steeldancer, I knew it was a long shot, but when you said 90%, I figured that there might be a small chance that I could sow just enough doubt in your mind to get a different target at night. I was planning on challenging you at night - telling you that you couldn't block both the Elim kill and my protection (because I was still acting villager-y), and saying that if I could block your kill then I could give the village a chance. It was a very long shot. And, as it turned out, not one that would have had a chance of working - your later explanation of evidence was far more convincing. I had no counterargument for that. I had a great deal of fun in the dead doc, though...
  6. I don't suppose I have much to say., except that it is somewhat comforting that @Steeldancer can be as wrong about the last Elim as I was about the Mistborn. But other than that, I don't think I can shift that vote. The village needs me alive tonight to have a chance at winning - if I can block Steel's kill then either the Elim kills Steel and we have a chance at finding the last Elim, or Steel soothes the last Elim, in which case we have a replay of today, except with Steel's vote on the Elim. And so I suspect that Steel is going to keep his vote right where it is, to have a chance of getting rid of the protection possibility before the night turn. It's a long shot, to be sure. But, in the (slightly paraphrased) words of an inspiring heroine: "If we make it through this lynch, then we'll take the next chance, and the next, until we win...or until the chances are spent." Also - call it 4 votes to end the day whenever the possibility comes up.
  7. So...I was roleblocked. Thanks Steeldancer. Of course you would roleblock my protection. So you could kill HH without interference. By the way - I told you all so. Now I get to gloat about being right in the shadow of being so, so wrong. I've been so blind. This whole game. Well played. Well played indeed. I should read the rules more closely - Soother is a mistborn power. And you told the absolute truth. Games not over yet, so there's one more Elim out there. Good news for them, I guess. If we get lucky, we can lynch Steel today and the Elim will kill him tonight. And then we have 3 players left, one evil. And I can't see either Drake or Straw being evil. One of you fooled me pretty good. Well played. Well played to you and Steeldancer. Tricky odds. But it's a chance. I'll take it.
  8. Sentinels of the Multiverse (Steam edition) And LOTR LCG - digitally via OCTGN
  9. At the moment, I think I'm going to protect HH. But I'm not sure anymore. Last night I was certain that HH was the elim and aspen was the mistborn. The vote manipulation onto Shane D3 seemed to be a decent reason against him being the mistborn. And at the time it happened, HH was the alternate lynch target. Shane also voted HH. Seems a clear case of evidence pointing one way. But, on the other hand, that's a perfect cover. And if we had lynched shane and he had survived, with Elend Venture's vote on him, we'd have written him off as a normal Thug 2. So there's a decent explanation for the rioted vote if shane is the mistborn. Essentially the equivalent of a WGG.
  10. I was going to point out that flaw, but I had to get breakfast ready for my kids. I didn't have an ability to actively use before this cycle. I was a lurcher 1 - a passive ability that just protects myself. Straw gave me lurcher 2, which can protect others. As far as tonight goes, we should actively try to block the mistborn's kill. I'm divided on whether we ought to try and block the Elim kill - it seems to me that it is most likely to be targeted at the Mistborn and it would be nice to get that combination of confirming which is which and taking the mistborn down a life. If we don't come up with a better idea by the end of the night, I'll just protect whichever of the two suspects I think is most likely to be the Elim.
  11. @Drake Marshall, that's exactly the sort of thing I could see Joe doing. It means we could be in a very great deal of trouble, however. One of shanerockes and HH is an eliminator, the other is the mistborn. They know which is which now, as well. If there's only one Elim left, they could very well die tonight. Given that, I think my role is more useful revealed than it is hidden. My role might be able to help us here. I'm a Lurcher 1, and thanks to Straw's generosity, I am now a Lurcher 2 as well. I can't be killed by a night kill, and - as of yesterday - I can protect one other player as well. My plan had been to protect Straw, as he requested, and I was hoping to draw a kill onto me so it could get blocked. But if there is only one Elim left, I can try to protect them. If we can figure out which one of our two suspects is the Elim, I can block the Mistborn's kill. Since the Mistborn and Elim kills are differentiated in the writeup, we'll know for sure which one I blocked in the morning. @Straw @Steeldancer, your thoughts on this?
  12. Options: Shanerockes, Drake Marshall, Steeldancer, Straw, and myself. Shanerockes is brand new, low activity, and hasn't contributed much to the overall game. Pretty much a total unknown, which is often our default assumption. However, shane was up for a lynch at one point D3, and so we can look at the overall response to that to see possible interactions instead of just making assumptions. The day starts with an early train forming on HH, followed by a spat between DA and Drake that took up a lot of attention (but not a lot of votes). Then, with less than 12 hours remaining in the cycle, Araris votes on shane. Darkness does a little while after, and then Drake tried to push on HH again. HH votes on shane again, citing self-preservation. Then I posted my suspicion of HH being an Eliminator, voting Araris. The lynch turned away from HH shortly after. But in that brief in-between space, shane came and posted essentially a farewell set of posts, claiming Smoker and claiming that he didn't know any way to defend himself and was probably going to get lynched. That reads sincere to me - like a new player who's really lost and doesn't know what's going on. Read: newbie - could go either way but I lean village Drake Marshall is part of the village trust group. He was the first player to point us onto the Mistborn, and has been instrumental in our search since then. He's also pivoting away from the Mistborn now that we have (almost certainly) found who it is and pointing us towards the Eliminators. Which means he's either a very good Elim or honestly village. On it's own, his attempt to divert the lynch to me and then to question our assumptions would put me on edge. When taken into account with the whole of his play so far, though, it sounds a lot like a paranoid villager worried that they had made a mistake and were about to lose because of it - a village attitude if I ever saw one. Read: very village I'm out of time for analysis now, so I'll come back to the other two sometime between now and the end of the cycle, hopefully. If I don't make it back before then, I'll do it during the night.
  13. One thing I'm excited for about these anonymous accounts is the way it opens up new and interesting mechanics, like the possibility of bodysnatching kandra where the kandra player actually takes over the new account. For a game that wanted to leverage that sort of aspect, for which the anonymity was a sideshow rather than the main attraction, I could see making signups public and letting players talk about whether they're in the game or not
  14. requests are currently closed

    This is awesome that you're doing this! Can you tag me when you open this up again? I have a character that I'd like to see drawn up.