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  1. Can someone provide a link to the Reddit page? I'm not good at navigating Reddit.
  2. 10/10 would torture myself again like this.
  3. Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that a while ago I was asked to help create stories in a Sci-Fi universe one of my good friends created. While I only have one very short story in this volume, I've got a novella length piece that will be published in volume two along with another small character piece he asked me to do. So what is '10,000 Dawns?' Set in our solar system in the far future, the original novel written by James Wylder is about a universe that has been subjegated under the oppressive rule of crony capitalism taken to its most pernicious extreme. The Centro Corporation is both the only business in existence, as well as the government, inside and out. It is ruled by a shadowy cabal known only as the Board of Directors. '10,000 Dawns' explores this universe late in its history as one of those directors invents a technology that can breach into other universes, and needless to say, hijinks ensue. While I haven't checked the ranking lately, during an aggressive marketing campaign James was able to push the novel that started this universe, '10,000 Dawns' to the number one spot in time travel books. You can also read it for free online at his website, or get it as part of a bundle with this Kickstarter. Poor Man's Illiad, the anthology being kick-started now, explores the history of the universe leading up to the revolution against Centro Systems by the colonies that have settled on Mars. This unique history is what drew me to the universe in the first place, and I was happy to explore it with this team of talented local writers. With the interwoven tapestry of voices writing these events, each with their own take, any Sci-Fi enthusiast is sure to find at least one story they enjoy in this huge anthology, which had to be split into two volumes due to the sheer amount of material submitted. If you have any interest, I highly encourage you guys to go check out his Kickstarter page for more information to see if this is right for you. There's more information available about the project there, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me on here if you don't want to go through Kickstarter, and I'll be happy to get in touch with James if I don't have the answer. Without any further pomp or circumstance, here's the link to the Kickstarter. Come check us out!
  4. Given that the Second Generation was arguably the largest among the group of Kandra that didn't remove their spikes and the the group attempting to remove the Atium were only subdued and not killed, did the Second Generation survive the Catacendre? Would they have been punished by TenSoon in the reforming of Kandra society, possibly by the same cells they used to use, or would there be some sort of pardon? I didn't see anything definitive in the WoB or the annotations, and at this point am just looking for general opinions of everyone as to how things might have played out unless you have more concrete information.
  5. I find this very convincing.
  6. In the context of this scene, the Lopen is helping to guard Elhokar, who is both injured and very hung over, and has been for the duration of Kaladin's absence. This was his protecting someone who couldn't protect themselves, and, in my opinion, lends weight to the idea that he was exploring an early spren bond instead of just being a squire.
  7. Sell Ishikk taught the southern Scadrians how to ice fish.
  8. I honestly hope they go back to the original artist. I really liked how gritty everything looked and the obvious attention to detail that was put in; it definitely fit with the sand planet theme. I have to wonder if this is why the release date was pushed back, and if so, I'm not holding my breath the original artist will be back for the third volume.
  9. Buy Renarin will make a career out of outsnarking the worst of the side notes that weren't written in good faith.
  10. The profanity filter came as a huge shock to me, and made me legitimately blush as I was one of those people who rusting loves to use Sanderson themed words.
  11. Thanks, I'll go back and re-read that section.
  12. Buy/Sell, there will be a gemstone recording of his voice in Shadesmar which will serve as the wake up call/alarm clock for the guests. The sleepless are named that because of sleep apnea and the difficulty in creating that many CPAP masks for all the individual cremlings.
  13. I decided a long time ago that if I went with a pen name, it would be Bernard Rice. Why Bernard Rice? When I was in middle school, we had a mini mall project where we had to come up with a product to sell and a business plan and such, then execute it on a day when we would all set up inside the cafeteria and the rest of the school go through all of our booths and browse our wares. I was selling snow cones and mini notepads with our school mascot on them. The snow cones we're popular enough that the reporter for the local paper doing a story on the project decided that my booth was the one he wanted to take a picture of, so he got a couple shots and wrote down my name. A few days later, there was my picture in the paper, but not my name. Instead of Trevor, I was Bernard Rice. It was strange and funny enough that I decided it would eventually be my pen name should I decide to use one, given just how far off he was from my real name.
  14. So for several months I'm sure a lot of you have noticed in my signature the "Lost Legends of Scadrial Mistborn Adventure Game Podcast coming soon" but haven't seen or heard anything else from me about it. I've been hesitant to post anything more because it's been moving a lot more slowly than I would have liked due to revolving schedules and rusting ton of tension come up in my work life. I wanted to rectify that now by giving everyone a chance to listen to the intro music that we've come up with for the podcast, along with a small blurb about the general setting and my hopes for the podcast, and where we are in the process right now. I decided that I wanted to choose a time that would be completely open in narrative terms for exploration, so the podcast is set twenty years after the catacendre. We've recorded two episodes worth of material already and I've gotten the first episode edited and I'm pretty pleased with the resulting product. We are planning on another recording session this Saturday where we will hopefully get another two episodes worth of material. The episodes are going to be about an hour long. We have a core cast of four characters with myself as the narrator and I plan to have guest appearances when appropriate for the story. I'm hoping to stick to a release schedule of one episode every two weeks, so I don't plan on starting to release them until I have six fully edited episodes to give myself lots of room for everyone's schedules and unexpected events interfering with our ability to record. The last thing I want is to commit to a release schedule and then let people down who might enjoy our work. With all that being said, here's the first sneak peak at what we've been doing. This intro music is 100% original created by members of the podcast. I hope you guys enjoy, and I can't wait to get to the point where I have more to share with everyone. Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome! Legends Lost™.mp3
  15. So I thought it might be helpful if I jumped in here with my two cents, as sort of a bridge between the two camps. I've been a member of the forums since WoR, but due to a lot of craziness in my life (medical problems with family members, work-related issues, etc) I've also had extended absences from the forums. As such, I both have the feeling of being in with some of the older crowd as well as not meshing in completely since I don't participate in the discord, and don't participate heavily in a lot of areas of the forums. Regarding moderators: I wanted to weigh in to provide some benefit of the doubt for Chaos in regard to the public/private rebuke on the rules. While I feel like there's been a couple of times when there could have been moderation taken in conversations I've been involved in, I've only been addressed by moderators once, and it was in a public setting by Choas, and he did so in response to my having reported a post someone else made. Personally, I feel like this speaks highly of his ability to be unbiased and take in a whole situation. As a member who has multiple years of participation, albeit, with long absences, under my belt, and quite a hefty reputation rank, he had absolutely no reservations in, deservedly, calling out my behavior that was not de-escalating the situation. He was also very instructive and provided specific examples of said behavior to me when I privately messaged him afterward asking for how I could improve my behavior. This is consistent both with his statements on being completely transparent and his follow through in this thread. My own personal philosophy is that being directly open and honest about when you feel the discussion is starting to turn south, and confronting those feelings, is the best way to resolve it, without having to involve the moderators. As @Alderant noted, we have had great success with this together and formed a bond overcoming that tension on the forums. I know that I'm not perfect about this myself, but I'd personally much rather someone address me directly and tell me that I need to stop being a wool-headed sheepherder, and I'll do my best to remove myself from my emotions and take better stock of the situation. From my own experiences, the 17th Shard as a whole has been absolutely wonderful about this. Which leads me to the next thing I want to address regarding the things said about the arcanists and @Calderis especially. I can understand the perspective being stated here, about feeling like you've been targeted or dogpiled on for having a dissenting opinion on a post, as I've felt the same way at times. However, Calderis has been unfailing, in my experiences, to either own up to any actions that could be perceived that way, or apologize for any comments that come across that way when directly confronted about it. I can think of several different specific occasions where I have directly stated that I was feeling a negative connotation from a response to a thread, and he apologized for it and made clear it was not his intention. I have a lot of respect for him, not just because of the wealth of knowledge he has, but because he has always proven to be willing to discuss in good faith. Granted, I did not participate in any way in the ASK thread, however, I thought that maybe it might be helpful for some of you who I have not had extended interactions with to know that I've had some similar experiences, or that someone with a high rep and longer time invested in the site has had the "public shaming" option instead of the private message moderation. Regarding the reputation system, I was very happy to see the downvote system disappear, but I will be just as unhappy to see the upvote system disappear. While I can see the merit behind the arguments for not utilizing it anymore, it has always been a fun way for me to engage with other sharders, and vice versa. I'm not sure what the solutions are to this problem, or to the complaints against moderation in general, but I think that we, as general members, should also be looking at ways in which we can take ownership of the situation and find a middle ground that allows us to better facilitate communication with each other. Several months ago I decided to use my "about me" section to convey information about my personal style of debate and to reiterate that should any tension arise between myself and another member of the forum, that I will do whatever it takes to try to solve that situation if you bring it to my attention. Confrontation isn't easy, but I also think that putting the burden of this problem completely on the moderators, and then criticising them for not having an easy solution, is not the best path that we can take. The feelings I've seen presented are most certainly valid, please don't in any way think that I'm trying to make it seem as though I'm dismissing them, whether it's that you feel the mods are biased, or anything else I've read here. That's not my intention with this post. I don't have your experiences, and I would never try to dismiss them because my own experiences have been different. Rather, I thought it might be helpful to use my own experiences on the forum to provide a larger background picture for those who might be feeling this way. My feelings, of course, are my own, but I hope that we can find a way to figure this out that doesn't restrict people who obviously share our own love of Sanderson from participating in the forums themselves. I personally don't think it would be fair to expect them to put aside posting on the forums because they are trying to keep it a nice place for everyone. Essentially, I want to ask the same thing that is being asked of them, assume good intentions on their part, just as we want them to assume that both new and older members of the forums have good intentions themselves.
  16. Buy All of the most popular groups are actually the same group of Kandra assuming different identities. This revelation will be the biggest scandal in Scadrian musical history.
  17. I'm getting fairly close to finishing the first draft of my first novel Twin. I've got about 312 pages in Google Docs which puts me around 130,000 words, and I estimated that the story would be wrapping up around 150,000.
  18. Buy This new musical styling will be called the Numuhukus, because irony.
  19. Sell Rock's children will all be squires to the Lopen.
  20. Buy It will sell enough copies to be the first platinum record on Roshar.
  21. Why is the Vorin religion so strong? They have Ardent worshippers.