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  1. So that we don't overrun the other thread, here will be the official thread for the church of the stick. I am a stick, you are a stick, we are all a stick.
  2. Time for another update! I know this has been teased for over a year without a lot to show for it, but I promise I'm getting maddeningly close to the launch for our podcast. This past three months have been crazy busy for me between moving and starting a new job alongside everything else life threw at me. However, I have around 7 episodes of material recorded, and four episodes fully edited, which is at least two months of backlog for when we finally start our bi-weekly release. Today, I'm happy to announce that Steve Argyle has generously given us permission to use some of his artwork as a backdrop for our logo, and I'd like to share it with everyone. Thanks to Steve for letting us use the artwork, and to BoredRoom Design for designing our logo and editing it all together.
  3. I should have written BoredRoom Design, they're a graphic design company that does freelance work. I gave them my original idea for a microphone with the Tin Symbol as its head and they put it into practice beautifully and designed the logo as well as arranging it on Steve Argyle's artwork.
  4. Hey everyone, after almost a year of work we're getting ridiculously close to releasing our Mistborn Adventure game podcast, Lost Legends of Scadrial! If you enjoy actual play podcasts, have wanted to give them a try, or just plain want some Mistborn flavored fun, come give us a try! While our first episode has yet to launch, I've put together a launch trailer for your enjoyment: You can get the latest news and interact with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as sending us an email at [email protected] Feel free to get a hold of me here on the Shard as well. If all goes well, I hope to release the first episode in two weeks and then release new episodes on a bi-weekly basis after that. I hope that everyone enjoys what we've been putting together. It's been a long time coming and we've all put a lot of work into this. If you have as much fun listening as we had playing the sessions then I'll consider this a great success. If you do like it, please spread the word! Enjoy!
  5. I could probably whip up a one shot to narrate as well, but I'd love the chance to play if someone else is able to narrate.
  6. Send me the info!
  7. Thanks so much! I took inspiration from the logo for the Sneak Attack podcast, and I couldn't be more happy with how well Brit at BoredRoom was able to make the design work from the concept I gave her. I'm very excited to finally get this shindig off the ground and running.
  8. You could be stick instead. Think of how much fun it would be!
  9. I had to brag about this a bit. My girlfriend has been hand painting mugs to give out as gifts, and asked me what I wanted for mine. I think I ended up with the best one.
  10. Dalinar is a known heretic who has rejected conventional gods, don't look too closely into that part of his statement. Adolin is a stick!
  11. Buy Nightblood=The Sorting Hat
  12. Sell Wit is obviously Dumbledore
  13. I don't disagree, I touched on a lot of the things you state about Lighteyes in my first post. I'm not sure where the contention between us is.
  14. That's what fascinates me about these situations. The reasoning isn't 'fake,' especially in terms of Skaa. It makes it all the more enjoyable to read and disect to see a society that comes to the same limitations, problems, and evils that systems of discriminations always lead to when, in this situation, there are tangible, real differences they are based on. It's very compelling to see the characters struggling to fix those problems in the same uphill battles and to see these situations start to become rectified, and especially to see how much society improves for it in spite of the fact that those systems of discrimination are based in, at least for the Skaa, real and tangible differences. For me, it's very enjoyable to see the 'natural strengths=superior and entitlement trope get its head lopped off so thoroughly, but the only way for me to really get that enjoyment is to recognize that the systems of discrimination are based in a more grounded and 'justifiable' reason than the junk science of our own history.
  15. I still think you're too hung up on the use of 'justified,' but after this response I'll let it lie. I don't think that the point is that Brandon wants us to think that this is the 'correct' mindset or that we're supposed to come away thinking that because these differences exist there's an excuse for inappropriate discrimination as is present in the worldbuilding. Brandon makes it apparent that we're supposed to come away with the opposite impression, most blatantly when Elend flat out states that's the case after Felt finds out about Vin. Rather, the observation is that instead of the real world parralels where these mindsets have become common through baseless ideology, it's interesting to see there's actually a tangible and literal difference and it still leads to the same problems we've seen irl and watching the characters work through the discrimination to come to the same conclusion: that there can be no tolerance of intolerance as we see in modern thinking.
  16. I think it might just be an issue of semantics as we don't necessarily have a great word to use for the situation. While I tend to agree with the sentiment @Vissy, the way I interpreted the OP is that the behavior has 'passed the bar' to be changed from vanilla prejudice to just inappropriate discrimination, at least based on the basic definition for prejudice: a preconceived opinion not based on experience or reason. In the instances @Llarimar cited, these are based on reason, as there is historical context that led them to believe in divine right right for the Lighteyes and magically induced physiological differences for the Skaa. I don't think that makes the situations morally 'justified,' and I didn't internet the OP that way, but rather that there is at least a basic and 'legitimate' foundation that those opinions can be based on instead of just irl historical junk science and true baseless prejudice.
  17. Creddit to Reddit user CWSt_Nobbs
  18. The discrimination might be justifiable, but I would argue that they aren't legitimate historical reasons, as in both cited instances the real historical context has been either warped or surpressed. Mistborn spoilers: For the Lighteyes, I also think that the legitimacy is undermined by the lack of awareness that eye color could be changed by bonding a spren. For me, it would be much more 'legitimate' if that wasn't the case, as, once again, this is a supernatural intervention that created the disparity, and not natural advantages or inherent flaws on the side of the darkeyes. More Mistborn spoilers: Just my two cents, I don't really disagree with the Crux of your observations, just wanted to quibble a little bit on the nature of those prejudices.
  19. Buy All the Radiants will be forced to participate in the program because of the addictive effects of Stormlight.
  20. As founder of the Church of the Stick, I have only one thing to say about this blasphemy:
  21. Might I suggest Mistborn: House War by Crafty Games to celebrate this year?
  22. Is this too meta? Edit: Came up with another one.