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  1. This has been the general consensus for years now, basically since TWoK released. There's a few alternative theories, but lesser spren has always been the simplest and most popular one.
  2. Yeah, I knew that, just was too tired to come up with a better joke response. New reason: they export the canned air to the Horneater peaks, which is why airsick is a Horneater saying. There are literally thousands of soulcaster fueled air addicts in the peaks.
  3. Due to the unusual ecology of Roshar, there's much less oxygen in the air. As a result, Sapphire soulcasted into air is a luxury item that can be bottled up and redistributed for profit. Here is a visual representation of the process
  4. He wanted a desolation, not a sudden en-masse slave rebellion. Gavilar's goal was to spark the return of the Heralds, presumably without dying himself. Simply healing the parsh would have been bad. He wanted to make sure he sparked a desolation when he was ready.
  5. This is also all complicated by Sja-anat possibly going rogue. The simple answer is that we don't know. Keeping Sja-anat's ability to corrupt greater spren hidden may have been to her advantage. Maybe she defected before the Recreance in secret, then had to come up with a different plan afterwards.
  6. Nobody ever said that she couldn't, but Sja-Anat implied that she hadn't tried corrupting oathgate Spren before. I don't recall if that extends to radiantspren. It's not really that she couldn't, more so that she didn't, assuming that's the case.
  7. I think it's more that Gavilar wants whatever's in the gem to be used at some point. If Navani, Jasnah, or the Parshendi got it, whatever's in there would never get out. Remember, Gavilar wanted to start a desolation. Hiding the sphere wouldn't be ideal, but it's better than having it go to someone who doesn't share his goals.
  8. He probably lied and claimed he made it so as to not around suspicion.
  9. I'm like 99% sure it's Ba-abo-mishram. After seeing Nergaul or however you spell it trapped in the king's drop, Navani mentions that she saw that Gavilar had something similar. It's definitely an unmade, there's really no other good explanation.
  10. You were expecting it to be Yelig-nar, but it was me, DIO!
  11. contest

    I think if Dalinar had anything that was loose on him, Adolin would drag him to his tailor for a refitting
  12. I don't think combing the gravity surge is a good idea. Any style you'd be going for would just get abnormally floofy and never settle down. It would look like you just took a bath in a vat of hairspray.
  13. If the "Unmade are Heralds" theory is correct, Kalak corresponds to Yelig-nar, and his form of madness is specifically a lack of willpower (as Yelig-nar engages its host in a battle of wills to determine if they're consumed). Also fits with him being the patron of the Willshapers.
  14. IMO Ba-abo-mishram is in Gavilar's sphere that he gave to Szeth, so it's likely still floating around in Jah Keved somewhere
  15. He did swear it after the battle. His Highspren's just scared that Nightblood's going to eat it, so it stays hidden. Nale has both his Honorblade and his Sprenblade. He probably doesn't use plate because he's been acting as a police officer, and it would draw too much attention, especially since he's never been in a situation that required plate. That's not true, though. He vaporized the floor in a circle a few feet in diameter immediately upon being drawn. Nothing like cutting through butter at all.