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  1. IMO Ba-abo-mishram is in Gavilar's sphere that he gave to Szeth, so it's likely still floating around in Jah Keved somewhere
  2. He did swear it after the battle. His Highspren's just scared that Nightblood's going to eat it, so it stays hidden. Nale has both his Honorblade and his Sprenblade. He probably doesn't use plate because he's been acting as a police officer, and it would draw too much attention, especially since he's never been in a situation that required plate. That's not true, though. He vaporized the floor in a circle a few feet in diameter immediately upon being drawn. Nothing like cutting through butter at all.
  3. In Warbreaker, Nightblood vaporized stone ceilings and walls. The only reason he didn't also vaporize the ground below the people is that they're separate objects, and he was only touching the person.
  4. I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm excited to see as much Moash as possible in the future books. He's such a well-written character that he's misunderstood by so many people here, and I really think that he'll end up being the hero of the series and the entire cosmere moving forward. In fact, he's such an incredible guy that he definitely wouldn't sneak into my bedroom and hold an honorblade to the back of my head as I wrote stuff on the internet. No way, he's way better than that. Please send someone, I need help
  5. Rysn is actually a microprocessor, apparently
  6. tbh I wouldn't even be mad if that happened
  7. Because she currently holds a position as a merchant/banker right now, and the Bondsmith who bonds the Sibling was likely involved in running the day-to-day operations of Urithuru, which due to its oathgates was a major throughway and economic hub back when the Radiants were around. It fits her character and qualifications.
  8. I'm expecting Rysn to bond the sibling and Rlain to bond the Nightwatcher, though that could be reversed.
  9. Moash
  10. It's inactive because they need to construct additional pylons
  11. Can we all agree to call her new sword Whiteblood?
  12. It's actually Mikasa from Attack on Titan
  13. Not OP, but the movie has multiple failings in terms of plot and character. We waited 34 years to see Luke on the big screen again, and we find out that he's gone full emo on us and spends 90% of the movie whining about how bad the force is, then dies. The whole mutiny plot with Poe was idiotic from the start. Clear orders from command would have caused none of the movie to happen in the first place. Instead of giving orders like "We pass an old outpost in a bit. We'll cloak transporters and escape while they focus fire on the main ship", they instead just go "oh we'll just wait here to die, k?" Then, if those orders come through, Rei gets trapped on Ren's ship. It's like the transitive property of plot holes. Finn starts off as a wuss and tries to desert. Poe's opening scene was out of place. No way in hell both Rose and Finn make it out of that final battle alive.
  14. Why go through all that effort though? Bombs are way cheaper and easier to produce than fabrials.