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  1. That's tough. I would use tele... errr.... psychokineses all the time. I still try to every once in a while. (You never know! ) But probably the coolest and most useful power would be complete time manipulation. The ability to stop time while still functioning (with some workaround so it's not impossible to move through the suddenly stopped air and not impossible to see/etc; so that it's possible for me to interact with the environment in stopped time). Added to the ability to speed or slow time at will (like Wayne and Marasi, but much more flexible), the ability to travel back or forwards in time - to view, if not to interact (maybe make small changes to the past, but nothing huge, and the if the changes have stupid long term effects I'd just go back and undo them). The final part of this power is that the time slowing/stopping would automatically kick in when I'm in danger. Huh, I'd probably need longevity too as part of it (time spent in slowed time doesn't count towards age? Something like that). It would be a complicated superpower (otherwise I'd just stop time, realize I'm blind long enough to also realize that I couldn't breathe.... and if I somehow got around that I'd appear to age fast relative to everyone else).
  2. I can see the second set of books now - Oathbreaker, Words of Darkness and Peasants Path (plus the two more we don't know of yet).
  3. Thanks! Yeah - I have a ton of it lying around at my parents (and I mean a ton - like 2+ large bins full of sets in bags) from when me and my bro were kids... That's what I was thinking! I usually run battles in the theatre of the mind - makes things a lot more flexible!
  4. So I just received and accepted a formal job offer Looks like I'm now officially working starting september 11th
  5. @Claincy - that is incredibly cool. I DM, but I usually just use imagination, or if a map is really necessary I use paper. But that is so cool it makes me regret not having proper maps.... Hrmmm. I've been considering something for some time; as a DM I was wondering what you'd think: making maps, characters & monsters.... using Lego. Thoughts?
  6. Hah, ya'll think English is tough? Let me introduce you to The Story of Mr Shi Eating Lions: (Mandarin Chinese) "“Shí Shì Shī Shì Shī Shì, Shì Shī, Shì Shí Shí Shī.Shì Shí Shí Shì Shì Shì Shī. Shí Shí, Shì Shí Shī Shì Shì. Shì Shí, Shì Shī Shì Shì Shì. Shì Shì Shì Shí Shī, Shì Shǐ Shì, Shǐ Shì Shí Shī Shì Shì. Shì Shí Shì Shí Shī Shī, Shì Shí Shì. Shí Shì Shī, Shì Shǐ Shì Shì Shí Shì. Shí Shì Shì, Shì Shǐ Shì Shí Shì Shí Shī. Shí Shí, Shǐ Shí Shì Shí Shī, Shí Shí Shí Shī Shī. Shì Shì Shì Shì.”" Meaning: "In a stone den was a poet Mr Shi, who loved eating lions and determined to eat ten. He often went to the market to watch lions. One day at ten o'clock, ten lions just arrived at the market. At that time, Mr Shi just arrived at the market too. Seeing those ten lions, he killed them with arrows. He brought the corpses of the ten lions to the stone den. The stone den was damp. He had his servant wiping it. The stone den being wiped, only then did he try to eat those ten lions. While eating, he just realised that those ten lions were in fact ten stone-lion corpses. Try to explain this." Pronounciation:
  7. Hah, as the thread originator I still struggle with what to say here. So here are a few - I could legitimately wear a monocle, for practical medical reasons (only one of my eyes requires a prescription!) I build robots professionally I once qualified and competed for a martial arts world championship (but didn't win ) I read the Way of Kings in two days.
  8. @Chaos - that was awesome. Also, as a teacher, I totally get what you're coming from. Sometimes you just need to take 5 minutes to expound on something important that wasn't in the plan, but storm it! They need to hear.
  9. Hey! Has anyone seen @TwiLyghtSansSparkles Around? She used to be a regular here but I haven't heard from her in a while? Does anyone know if she's ok?
  10. Count me in!
  11. It's because I tapped connection as soon as I got here (Fun factoid for those who didn't notice my join date - I was one of the first 17th sharders, coming here as soon as we moved from TWG. Unfortunately, Life got in the way and I became inactive basically immediately, up until last year when I actually became active). @Ammanas - Your name makes me want to reread the Malazan Book of the Fallen - and you know who to thank for the awesome forums we have here
  12. I think that depends entirely on how much they like me...
  13. Also, I'm going to be a terrible person and double post - cuz I GOT THE JOB!!!!! The job I interviewed for on Tuesday? They just contacted me and I accepted the position I'm going to be working for 8 months in the R&D department for Stemcell technologies (a Vancouver based Biotech firm; they do standardized growth media and high quality lab equipment). Its a co-op, a full time, paid internship, and part of my degree - in fact the last part of my degree, the last requirement before I graduate!!! So I'm pretty excited (Not as excited as those in the above post, but still. Pretty excited )
  14. WUT! THIS IS AWESOME! Congrats guys
  15. @Extesian Do ALL the things! This meme is about someone doing ALL the things. In this case, it's Mestiv getting ALL the votes.