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  1. Great point - we were shown shard wyndle because of the gate in Azimir.
  2. You willl be assimilated. Because we cant hold off on this. It’s just too juicy. Also, I’m with @Varion - the serialization makes discussing and theorizing so much more fun you guys. I’d almost love to see a whole book released this way. Not a Stormlight book - that’d be brutal. But a Sanderson. Maybe Warbreaker 2
  3. Agreed. Also, Mistborn spoilers below! Stolen access to Invested abilities comes from stealing a part of the spiritweb as in hemalurgy - this is an incredibly damaging thing. So if Nightblood can act as a pseudo hemalurgical spike? That would be interesting. But I don’t think it’s likely - as it would require damaging the host as well. I can however see Nightblood devouring Investiture itself (in this case, Stormlight) and feeding off of it.
  4. We have every reason to believe that this Spren is of Odium. It is described as such by Syl, it can sense the Everstorm, and it’s behaviour is extremely suspicious. In addition, we already know of cultivation-Spren (Wyndle). Edgedancer spoilers: I like some of your bigger picture stuff. I definitely feel that Odium is manipulating people. One thing to consider - some Spren are closer to Honour, others closer to cultivation, but some are also in-between. Is it possible that some voidspren are on that same spectrum? Some Honour mixed with Odium? Others cultivation mixed with Odium? Others still pure Odium? In which case this particular Spren could be only slightly Odious.
  5. I like the idea of the Spren trying to recruit Kaladin - it’s entierely possible that they require the same spiritweb cracks to bind as do regular Spren. However, the bonding (especially long term bonding) of the voidspren is not confirmed. We have seen sapient unbounded Spren in the physical realm (night watcher, stormfather pre-Dalinar). We also know that perpendicularities ease transitions between realms. It’s entirely possible that this holds true for Spren - thus if we assume the everstorm to be Odium’s new perpendicularity it is no stretch to imagine that voidspren could make that jump with their intellect intact (this may explain the lack of voidspren - a theory I have coalescing). Finally, we don’t know much about voidspren at all. They could be fundamentally different in operation - especially with the ‘ecosystem on Braize’. All in all your theory is entirely possible, and really interesting, but far from the only reasonable explanation - so we must be cautious.
  6. The voidspren’s strong presence in the physical is likely because they were able to use Odium’s perpendicularity on Roshar - which is almost certainly the everstorm.
  7. The Spren that kal talks to is definitely a voidspren. It felt the everstorm coming in time to hide the parshfolk (keeping them from becoming true voidbringers eh? I see more of their Odious plan). Calling it now: I bet it’s a Spitespren. It seems more spiteful than raging. Mraize continues his ‘recruit Shallan’ plan. Dalinar is threatening to return to the Blackthorn. Bonding is not the cause, Stormlight as the cause is still possible - strengthened by the limited recovered memories and the lack of further recovery. Points go to ‘memory switch’ and ‘painrial’ as both of those seem more likely culprits now - sadly Mr. T cleverly shows up stupid and emotional. Veeerrrrryyyy interesting chapters.
  8. I like it. The city being designed to glow? Works for me. Possible that it needs a radiant to transfer light to the city? Feed it? Orrrrr..... it’s been fundamentally broken by something and this has to do with the ‘sense of wrongness’ and possibly the copycat murders.
  9. I have a vague idea this may have been answered in the past, but here it goes - do we know if there's a second continent on the Planet Roshar? Roshar (the continent) is pretty clearly in the Southern hemisphere - in fact, we know from the environments that it stretches from the frostlands in the south (near Roshar [planets] arctic circle likely) to what appears to be near the equator in the north (it's super warm in the north and northwest of the continent). But that leaves an entire hemisphere (the Northern one) unexplored. Is there a second continent? Or did Brandon already answer this? Thanks!
  10. @Subvisual Haze - Nicely done, and ninja's a theory I had brewing. I'd upvote but I ran out so I'll have to later Some thoughts - likely a lot of Listeners were bonded to void forms during desolations. It's implied that they were a significant threat. This means that if the initial dumbing-down of the Listeners was accomplished during the Last Desolation, then it wasn't so morally reprehensible (breaking them of their bond to Odium with the side effect of breaking their ability to bond. While unpleasant - it's trading being mind-controlled slaves ruled by hatred and cruelty for being regular, if incredibly dull, slaves). However, a much more interesting possibility is that the breaking of the Listeners occurred between the Desolation and the Recreance. That it happened during a time of (relative) peace. And that it was done as a pre-emptive strike by Ishar and/or the bondsmiths he worked with. If that is correct, then it truly is a 'wicked thing of eminence' and very much against Honour - destroying the minds of an entire people to prevent the possibility of them turning evil. And it would also explain Nale's task - Knight's Radiant would draw in Bondsmiths who could have undone the damage done to the Listeners. Thus he and his controlled Skybreakers would kill all Radiants to prevent the occurance of Bondsmiths - or possibly just uncontrolled surgebinders - who could undo the damage done to the Listeners, allowing them to once again bond voidspren.
  11. Or a few Breaths stored as a reserve?
  12. @Darkness ooh! Good question about Zahel. On Dalinar, I don’t see him as unintelligent, just wilfully simple. He cares about fighting. He doesn’t want to involve himself in more complicated things, so he doesn’t. He doesn’t want to be complicated or sophisticated. He just wants to be the Blackthorn. Modern Dalinar has simply learned to pay attention to more complicated things.
  13. Do we know when the Listeners were enslaved? Was it at the last desolation? Or was it between the desolation and the recreance? I’ve the bones of a theory... but need more data.
  14. Ahhhhhhh give me more chapters!!! I want moar! To unpack what we have: Dalinar: Young Dalinar is incredible, and hilarious. But also scary. He seems almost intentionally simpleminded - as in he intentionally ignores things that don’t help him be The Blackthorn. I reckon that getting married was his first step towards being the Dalinar we all know and love. Important Things: Stormstriders! Possibly throwing boulders! Are they tangible creatures? Spren embodiments of the storms terror and power? Both? Also, the plate IS stolen, and Sadeas and Ialai, whatever else we may think of them, were a great couple. I wonder what they’d have been like without The Thrill. Kaladin: Ugh, give me more! Too little at a time. Sah continues to be intelligent and articulate, but clearly feeling some Odium towards the Humans. The voidspren is likely feeding that as much as possible. I strongly suspect that Rlain will be very important in the near future. I’m hoping that Kaladin will help protect the Parshfolk long enough for them to unify with the last of the Last Legion - giving us an army of Parshfolk fighting against the forces of Odium, fighting to free the Parshendi from slavery to Odium. Because that’s what this is about: Odium wants the Parshfolk to be slaves, a slavery and corruption of the mind more odious even than that which made them Parshfolk. Important Things: Sah is striking points home. Kaladin is resisting what will likely lead to his next oath. The Parshfolk don’t particularly like the Voidspren, and do hear the rhythms. Looks like they need a little Rlain in their lives. Shallan: Not much to say here. Shadolin continue to be absolutely charming together. Pattern is funny. Shallan is leading a somewhat destructive lifestyle. Adolin wants to confess, and things with Ialai are about to get interesting. @maxal I think your fears are going to prove unfounded. The Murder plot progresses! (Finally!)
  15. Captain: Kaladin Spy: Shallan Stone walker: Szeth Traitor: ....Eshonai? King: Dalinar Looks like Kaladin wants to make up for past tragedies... reconcile the Parshfolk and the humans? Shallan’s going to be more internal I think, looking for emotional and mental stability and ‘completion’. Szeth will be a cautious and introspective search for truth methinks. Eshonai is trying to get free! Yay! But Dalinar... he’s going to have to deal with the Recreance?