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  1. Transubstantiation is always something that I find... interesting... about traditional Catholicism. In my practice, the bread and wine are merely considered symbols - representations of the being of Christ, but not the substance thereof. We 'do this in remembrance of Him' - a reminder and an embracement of Christ's death (and ultimately His resurrection). The wine symbolizes His blood (shed for us), the bread His body (broken for us).
  2. Hah! Probably wise Sadly I am coming to a point in my life where my drive to better the world is overcoming my better judgement and my drive for personal peace - c'est la vie. So here I find myself hip deep in crem.
  3. @Calderis - it's tragic, and I'm not even talking the USA, this is Canadian politics What will we have to feel good about our politics if they're not not-as-bad as yours!!? And no, it wasn't being directly operated by a politician, it is a 'Justin Trudeau Not' page.
  4. Also, just to clarify my post there - they didn't just delete me, the deleted every moderate comment. They removed all the moderates, left or right, leaving only extremist opinions. Doesn't that strike you as profoundly sinister?
  5. No problem The Layman's Catholicism is one big, mostly homogeneous, mass. (The pun was intentional, by the way). The monastic orders are different, and are for those who feel called to a life dedicated to service or solitude. Note - I am a Christian, but not catholic, but I'm pretty sure that's accurate .
  6. I think you're thinking of Monastic orders, where the individual would go off to study and embrace a path of living, usually with an eye to being a Priest or a full fledged Monk (or Nun).
  7. So, I saw a post on a conservative facebook page 'liked' by one of my friends, and saw some problems with the facts; especially in the comments section. This was with respect to the Omar Khadr case. I discussed how the situation was, and is, complicated. That the Canadian government was not giving Omar Khadr $10 million, but rather were settling a lawsuit. I discussed the facts of the Khadr case; that his family took him to Afghanistan when he was a child, and how when he was captured in a firefight years later (2002) he was 15 years old - a child soldier. After that I discussed his illegal treatment by the Americans in Guantanamo bay (justified or not, he was a Canadian citizen held without trial and tortured - which is all highly illegal). I mentioned how two liberal governments failed to do anything about it (chretien and martin respectively) and how the harper government sat on it for years before acting at all. I then discussed how there were concerns about his families involvement in terrorist organizations, how he was trained and could possibly still have ties to terrorism, but appears to be trying to build a normal, Canadian life. I then gave a plea to the many commentators to be objective, and to fight against tribalism and fake news - that we as conservatives need to be honest, open minded, skeptical and sincere if we want to win people over. I say we as conservatives because I am one in Canada. I voted conservative in the last two elections, and am a member of the CPC (mostly because I wanted to make sure Leitch didn't win this past leadership race, and I really liked Michael Chong - names that are meaningless unless you follow canadian politics). I will likely vote conservative in 2019, unless things in he political environment seriously change in the next two years. I mentioned all of that, too. Then half an hour later I discover that my comment was deleted, I was banned from commenting on the page, and that a reply was put up implying that I and others were banned 'for attacking this page or the administrators'... which is complete nonsense. This is a clear example of censorship in order to spread propaganda. This is real Fake News. Please, please friends - don't fall for this. There are many people trying to create a stark divide, a war even, between the left and the right in the West. They do this by silencing the moderates and emphasizing the extremists. This is very, very wrong, and very, very bad for our democracy. We need to, as a bipartisan effort, fight back against this political extremism and this vile attempt to divide us as a people. That will be all, folks.
  8. Ah just DM'd a pretty epic D&D session (first one in a while). While my party did some pretty epic stuff, the best part was this: I'd planned an encounter with an Umber Hulk to really weaken the party and get things going before the main event. One of my party is a boy wizard (super excitable, super smart, super foolish) who frightens easily. Every time he gets terrified he fires off a random spell. Obviously, an Umber Hulk is terrifying (obviously). So he randomly fires off a spell .... and it hits the Hulk. And the Hulk starts laughing, hideously. This giant, surprisingly intelligent beetle/ape cross just sits down and laughs, and laughs, and laughs. I attempted to make horrific-insectoid-monstrosity-laughing sound effects. I amused at least myself By the time it finally stopped laughing, they'd already taken off 3/5ths of its health. But anyways, it was fun to DM again after not playing for a while
  9. Fan + water. Put a bit of water on yourself, have a fan blowing. Acts like sweat, but without the icky sweating bits.
  10. It's on the second page of general discussion I think - we had some great convo's but it's died down a bit
  11. @Calderis, @Lightning - thanks for the reminder why I love this forum. This is fantastic. Also, if you followed the religion thread at all, you'll see I very strongly agree with lightning here. Great perspective and topic Calderis !
  12. Happy Canada 150! My lovely country turns 150 years old today
  13. That's tough. I would use tele... errr.... psychokineses all the time. I still try to every once in a while. (You never know! ) But probably the coolest and most useful power would be complete time manipulation. The ability to stop time while still functioning (with some workaround so it's not impossible to move through the suddenly stopped air and not impossible to see/etc; so that it's possible for me to interact with the environment in stopped time). Added to the ability to speed or slow time at will (like Wayne and Marasi, but much more flexible), the ability to travel back or forwards in time - to view, if not to interact (maybe make small changes to the past, but nothing huge, and the if the changes have stupid long term effects I'd just go back and undo them). The final part of this power is that the time slowing/stopping would automatically kick in when I'm in danger. Huh, I'd probably need longevity too as part of it (time spent in slowed time doesn't count towards age? Something like that). It would be a complicated superpower (otherwise I'd just stop time, realize I'm blind long enough to also realize that I couldn't breathe.... and if I somehow got around that I'd appear to age fast relative to everyone else).
  14. I can see the second set of books now - Oathbreaker, Words of Darkness and Peasants Path (plus the two more we don't know of yet).
  15. Thanks! Yeah - I have a ton of it lying around at my parents (and I mean a ton - like 2+ large bins full of sets in bags) from when me and my bro were kids... That's what I was thinking! I usually run battles in the theatre of the mind - makes things a lot more flexible!