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  1. Remember when discussing Szeth/etc., you can rescue a human within 15 minutes or so of death using CPR (if you wait longer than 4 minutes to start though, you can expect brain damage - but that can be healed by investiture in the Cosmere). Likely in-canon, that's roughly the point where the cognitive self ceases to be re-attachable by normal means, and starts to wander off into the beyond (although they can go sooner, thereby preventing any resurrection - see M:SH for examples of both). I think we can say with some confidence that Endowment holds the Returned from moving on, giving them their option to Return. Therefore, I think that one of two things happened to Szeth - either a fully effective healing method was used, but his soul was starting to wander into the 'sun', starting to fade (like shown in M:SH) - into the Beyond, and as such isn't wholly there anymore, or more likely that the method used to return his Cognitive Self to his body wasn't 100% effective, that it was a jury-rigged and slapped together and therefore isn't quite... right.
  2. @Blackhoof - still significantly disagree with you here. A phalanx-like spear formation provides depth and concentration of force. You don't just have an impenetrable wall or spears constantly stabbing (which Koloss would get through, with casualties), you have wall after wall after wall. The first few rows of spears getting overwhelmed? That's fine - the next few lines will lower their spears and start stabbing, giving the front lines time to crawl out of the way. The best counters for a phalanx or pike wall are effective ranged weapons or heavily armoured infantry (like German zweihanders). The armoured infantry are also a best counter, but one that will cost heavy casualties. The koloss, while powerful, have no armour and die to stabs. Also remember that only the few are truly huge/strong. Unpowered Elend Venture could kill a smaller, normal koloss in a knife fight/grappling match.
  3. Just checking up on this thread and chiming in; as mentioned back in the first couple of pages, a Rosharan phalanx is almost the perfect choice to fight koloss. The only thing better would be a Tercio. Phalanxes are meant to hold, and to push against an incredible crush. They also give you depth of spears. The first row stuck? Good thing there are 10 more rows behind. Reread Way of Kings and you'll see how a Rosharan army is supposed to work - proper formations are described in contrast to amarams undisciplined forces. The combination of shorter spears and longer spears (and possibly pikes) is ideal when facing an irregular force of lightly armoured heavy infantry/light cavalry. The only concern would be securing the flanks.
  4. @maxal - I don't have a problem with Min becuase WOT has Egwene, and WOT has Lan. Yes, Min does drop everything to be with a man - but Elayne, Egwene and Aviendha all don't (and Min has her strong points too! She is reasonable, understanding/etc.). WOT also has Lan, who drops everything for a woman... twice. So I don't have a problem with Min, and even like the character, as she shows that women can do whatever they want, even if that means dropping everything for a man. But men can do that for women as well. It's balanced - as is fitting in WOT
  5. So I just cooked some lovely paprika-rubbed chicken served over a cooked-Barley salad. It is tasty. Very tasty. I am pleased with myself
  6. Wheeee! Just wrote my last exam for this semester! Now I have two weeks off(ish), and then my last semester of real school starts in may
  7. I definitely feel the Sam Gamgee vibe here - after fighting his way through mordor, throwing the ring into the fire, fighting Saruman's flunkies in the Shire/etc., asking Rosie Cotton out was 'the bravest thing he ever did'
  8. I make things disappear...
  9. Yes, I am way, way out of my comfort zone. I have somehow gone through 24 years, a four year relationship and somehow this is only the second time I've asked a girl out like this. Nervous levels are through the roof. I really should have waited until after my final exam today - good luck to me on studying now orz.
  10. @Darkness Ascendant - that's always appreciated and thanks guys, I'm feeling better today!
  11. So, I was wondering - 'Erunion, what is the most interesting thing about yourself?', and I realized that I couldn't really think of anything. So, while I struggle with this mental challenge, what do you oh fellow sharders think are the most interesting things about yourselves? Pick one thing - can be anything. Weird joints. Cool hair. Amazing stories. Personality quirks. Things you have done. Go crazy.
  12. So, I just did something I've been hemming and hawing about for the last two weeks - I asked a girl out, sorta - asked a girl if she wanted to meet up. We met years ago, and I had a crush on her then but nothing came of it. We chatted a bit around her birthday this year, and met at an event a couple of weeks ago. She gave me a hug!!! but we both had to go and didn't have time to catch up properly. So I just asked her if she wants to meet up. Why is my heart beating this fast storm it. I dunno, even if nothing comes of it - at least I was brave. It's good to be brave. Right? Right??
  13. @Julio - the women being 'jerks' is actually a sneaky, clever little integral part of the worldbuilding. You see, they're not jerks, they're sexist. WOT has a lot of mild/moderate sexism in it directed against men. A lot of people, including myself, didn't notice it, so I think RJ intentionally made Far Madding so terribly, clearly, obviously sexist. These books are one of the main reasons I'm a feminist today, because they showed me what mild sexism in our modern society looks like - the way women treat men in WOT is how men treat women in our society (Not always, and often in different ways, but it is very similar. The whole worldbuilding created a realistic premise where RJ could invert our cultures sexism, and he did a very subtle and imo a very good job of it). I'm nervously excited about it. It could be great, or it could be terrible. Mostly, it will be very very difficult. But if they pull it off? I will be thrilled.
  14. I'm feeling really down today. No good reason - ok, lots of little reasons, but no big outstanding reason. It's just - I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to be like this. I need a hug. I really need a hug. That's all for now.
  15. I really want to be excited for this, but adapting WOT to a good TV show is gonna be hard. Blood and ashes, the effects budget alone! Not to mention the absolutely vital necessity of good casting. This thing will need to have fantastic characterizations to carry over to a broader audience, because the series is extremely heavy/reliant. People will have to love the core group. I want them to. I still love the characters. But it'll take great acting.