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  1. This is what happens if Odium takes over the Cosmere.
  2. Arbitrary vigilantism is a problem, but the thing you have to remember about Roshar is that there is no form of justice for people like Sadeas. Torul Sadeas would never stand on trial. Torul Sadeas would never be held accountable for his crimes. Torul Sadeas would never even be prohibited from killing and otherwise causing more deaths with his power hungry shenanigans. Roshar is not our world. Roshar is a cold, merciless, kill-or-be-killed sort of place. Vigilantism is to be avoided because it's better to let everyone have a fair trial, but in a world where a fair trial is never going to happen and the man in front of you is 100% dedicated to making the apocalypse even worse, killing him is your only decent option. It'd be one thing if he were an innocent, but Sadeas reveled in the backstabbing, kill-or-be-killed world he found himself in. He only had his own game thrown back in his face. ...or... eye, to be precise.
  3. Amaram (killing a squad of his own soldiers): It's for the Greater Good, you hypocrite. Amaram (trying to summon the Voidbringers): It's for the Greater Good, you hypocrite. Amaram (metamorphosizing into a twisted red-eyed abomination, neither man nor Voidbringer): It's for the Greater Good, you hypocrite. Amaram (randomly punching a kitten): iT'S for DE gREATER gOOD, u hypocrite!
  4. She tried to, but the most she was able to accomplish was bringing Brandon Sanderson over for five minutes. This later went on to inspire his popular dystopian young adults series.
  5. They're such different types of villains it's barely worth comparing them, I would think. Vader is meant to be menacing and intimidating, scary beyond all reason. His character succeeds at that with flying colors. Kylo Ren is meant to be a tragic figure who wants to be feared but is constantly struggling with himself, unsure of what he really wants. His character succeeds at that with flying colors. It's like comparing apples and oranges. ...that said, I'm gonna vote Kylo Ren because I have a feeling he'll need the extra love.
  6. My cat bit me trying to get her into her crate today to see the vet. I mean, really bit me. I have seven distinct puncture marks on my hand, the whole area's swollen, and I'm trying to type this without my thumb because it hurts if I move it too much.

    1. Kaymyth


      Get thee to a doctor, posthaste. Cat bites are notorious for getting infected.

  7. Hijacking this thread to say that my six year-old sister just walked up to me out of the blue and said "If you kill everyone in the world, there's no one left to forgive you." Then she just walked away.
  8. Nor will I. Happy New Year to all of you!
  9. Me as a TSA agent: "Are you a terrorist? ...because that book is the BOMB!"
  10. Doesn't Disney now own the rights after the Fox purchase?
  11. requests are currently closed

    That is absolutely fine. I'm looking forward to seeing all these pictures! Your last thread is one of my favorites.
  12. requests are currently closed

    Thanks for opening this thread! Hope you don't mind me submitting a character here. You drew Lightwards for me last time, and that pic turned out spectacularly. I still show it to people when telling them about him. I'll submit for your review a newer OC of mine, a superhero named Serenity. Hair color, length, and style: Pixie blonde hair, cut short. Almost but not quite a buzz cut. Eye color and shape: Cerulean blue eyes with visible stress wrinkles around them. (Her appearance is otherwise that of a young woman with sharp features.) Skin color: Light tan skin. Not pale, but not particularly tan either. Body type: Tall and lithe frame with lots of lean muscle. Outfit: Something like Superman's costume, but all white. No logo and definitely no underwear on the outside. She has a long flowing cape, but it's detachable. The body of the costume is all one piece except for the gloves and boots. Oddities: A gauged scar in her left cheek that sweeps across the face and almost to her lips. (She has other miscellaneous battle scars across her body, but her costume conceals those.) Personality: Severe and not particularly welcoming, though capable of being softer when required. Interests: Saving the world. Being on the lookout for the next foe to save the world from. This is an old warrior with a body that doesn't age, stressed from decades worth of constant epic battles against supervillains and alien invaders. She's very seldom relaxed. Backstory: Perhaps it was a stroke of good luck for humanity that the woman who became Serenity gained the powers of flight and superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability from a blast that should have killed her. Or perhaps it was destiny. Whether by chance or fate, it created the world's most powerful superhero, a woman who has fought nigh-constantly for over fifty years against dark forces that threaten planet Earth. Her powers keep her body young, but the stress is showing, and she has the soul of an old and grizzled warrior. ...there's a lot of whites and light colors in here, it's just occurring to me. I'm a writer, not a designer. Anyway, hope that description is functional and not too vague / frustrating. Remember, I'm not a picky type. Again, thanks for making this thread.
  13. "Feruchemy is a WONDERFUL thing!" "Not as wonderful as FRIENDSHIP!"
  14. So, as Ryan Reynolds?
  15. I was about to give you a piece of my mind for calling The Rithmatist "BS" till I remembered whose initials those were.