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  1. ...it's actually kind of tempting to make this my member title.
  2. They may be whipper snappers, but they are also intensely book-obsessed whipper snappers. They probably know.
  3. With genetic engineering, the world is your oyster--and oysters can be whatever you want them to be!

    1. Seonid



      Up until the oysters gain sentience and start lobbying for GE animal rights...

  4. Walk into Walmart and eat all the no-bake cookies. Spend the next 23 hours regretting my life choices.
  5. Hey, my most powerful heroes are women too. Maybe I just associate the fairer sex with ultimate power. Also, it's made odder by the fact that you do expend the effort to speak to me irl, but only to say "I just edited my post" or "I just responded to you."
  6. Thinking about it, there's probably a reason I mostly write villains in RPs.
  7. They didn't even eat it all. They were pecking at it when we arrived and they'd barely made any progress when we left. It's just a waste.
  8. First of all HOW DARE YOU. A good deal--not all, but a good deal--of pulp fiction of the time was made up of low quality stories sold a dime a dozen for magazines appealing to young readers. However, these were not the people who defined the genre. The people who defined the genre back then were Isaac Asimov, from whom we get Asimov's Laws of Robotics. Arthur C. Clarke, who gave us Clarke's Third Law (the inspiration for at least one of Sanderson's Laws of Magic.) And Robert Heinlein explored countless social, religious, and scientific ideas in his books, even those meant for young adults. Even the great H. P. Lovecraft was published primarily in pulp magazines at first. There's a ton of depth in old sci fi, provided you're looking at the plentiful, plentiful authors who have stood the test of time and not scraping the bottom of the barrel. ...what was this thread about, again? I just smelled disrespect to classic sci-fi and had my protective instincts triggered.
  9. But... but... the United States is best country. What about those of us who hinge crucial parts of our identity on how the United States is the best at everything? What are we supposed to do?
  10. So according to the plaque at the library and a genealogy website, the first settler in our county was a man who built a cabin here to live in with his wife, eight children, and seven slaves.

    This is disturbing to me. Aside from the obvious general badness of owning slaves, what the heck kind of simple cabin life do you live that requires seven slaves?

    Also, during the Civil War his wife and eldest daughter together sewed the first Confederate flag to fly in the county. I should be surprised by that. But I'm not.

    1. bleeder


      I read this as "So according to the plague in the library" and prepared myself for something entirely different than what I would end up reading.

    2. Cognizantastic


      Is the library... proud of this?

    3. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Not specifically about the slaves, but I guess they just like showing off their heritage. It's an interesting historical tidbit, I guess. It puts our county in perspective to realize almost half of the first people to come here did so against their will.

  11. Yahoo Answers, surely the Oracle of Delphi of our time.
  12. But it won't be the interwebs. It'll be some futuristic ultra-forum where you hook up your brain directly to a central server and think memes at each other. You could wind up an old timer who has no idea how it works or how to use it... or worse, an old timer who understands just enough of the basic principle to rant about the new generation to anyone who listens.
  13. @The Queen Mother, reading this post: "Your forum has a ton of in-jokes. Your community spends so much time talking you wind up with a lot of references that outsiders don't get easily." Me: "Those aren't really in-jokes. One is a fantasy sub-genre and the other is a screenshot from a Pokemon game." TQM: "...oh. So you're saying it's a youth thing." Me: "I would say a 'young whippersnappers' thing."
  14. Et tu, Argent? And hey, I do 90% of my socializing without getting dressed at all, so socks and sandals is actually pretty fancily dressed for me. Granted, most of my socializing is on the internet, so... well... shut up.