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  1. I've been considering, which is why there has not been a vote from me until now, which side of today's discussions I find most suspicious. Phattemer makes me dubious about his alignment mostly because of how much he is protesting the single eliminator in the Synod (accepting he is Synod because of lack of counterclaims). On the other hand, there does look to be some sort of cooperation between Steel, Kidpen, and WfY. So, rather than throw a pointless vote on Phattemer, I'm going to help solidify the vote on Kidpen, to see what intel we get out of him.
  2. The doors to the hall slammed open, and in stepped a tall, dignified fellow in slow, measured paces. The entry was almost certainly designed to draw attention and offer plenty of time for observation of the masterpiece he was wearing. In traditional Terris V stripes, his robe was layered with fuschia, lime green, pink, and a bright, eye-watering yellow. Tee Mai paused to allow people to truly grasp his glory. Having given his audience long enough to appreciate his style and flair, Tee Mai left the doorway to go and find a glass of wine, and a copy of the minutes so far. Something to study while his admirers worked up the courage to compliment him. So, it's the weekend again. This time, I intend to sleep, so will be far more able to think and analyse for the coming week. I'll start as Tee Mai is, and go back over what's happened so far, do some analysis, and see what I can come up with. I've sort of kept up - Good job whoever got Araris, by the way, but I could do with a more in depth read before really jumping in.
  3. Hey guys, sorry I've not been back on. Last weekend really took it out of me, and I keep forgetting I'm playing, sorry. I'll try to be better this weekend.
  4. Hey guys, sorry for my absence so far. Yet another weekend with too much to do and not enough sleep. I'll try to chip in properly later today.
  5. I'm in as Tee Mai, the finest tailor in all Tathingdwen (or so he claims), specialist in clothing that offends both wearer and viewer.
  6. I'd quite like to know this too. It was probably one of the more uppity elves who thought I was bringing the group down with my alcoholism. Also, I had antidote, but had no idea I was poisoned. That makes me feel slightly cheated since I could have saved myself. Perhaps next time, if you are poisoned, but have antidote, you automatically use it on yourself at the last minute. This could cause a loss of action for the next cycle as you recover, but the way it was set up for that last game meant the antidote was just pot luck.
  7. "Ahvbin'drinkin'," Legless announced somewhat needlessly. He paused swaying in place for a moment. "Nop, THINKIN'!" he corrected himself, as if it mattered. They were practically synonymous where Legless was concerned anyways. "Tha'Cada'fella, wans't'kill th'big bloke, an'askedus t'thinabowit. Anahav." There was another pause, and the expression that crossed the elf's face suggested he was trying to remember what he was thinking about. He took a swig to clear his mind. "Right! sowoodoowekill? Dorder'er'Rathm? Ah still think Dorder." His last sentence was almost well spoken, as though making sure he was clear. "An'wu'anyun lika'drink?" He offered out his jug.
  8. I think it would probably count as a fair method. In the EBI doc they were using times of day for posting to keep an eye on each other, and I myself used RL as an excuse for staying quiet. I think all of the above examples fall into the grey area that is accepted, but counts as slightly cheating, using RL info to assist in your game.
  9. Two comments on that, CadCom... 1. Show off 2. I disapprove. If it's an anonymous game, I don't want to know who the other players are. That defeats the point of it being anonymous.
  10. Just to confirm, that's midnight UK time, right?
  11. Legless looked mournfully at the corpses of the madman and his twin brother. Strange how they had died in the exact same pose. But there went, he felt, their best chance of success. The mad always knew stuff, and now their secrets would never be shared. And Gandalf... Where had the grey one come from? Legless was pretty sure he hadn't been here last night. And there were two of him too. How did that happen? Some weird magical distortion probably. He took a swig of breakfast from his never-ending jug, and turned to listen to the accusations flying. When all had calmed down, he said into the quiet, "Zoe sedtoyu hewas the grey'un, and that the fellow wi'the sword is evil? An'thenhedied, leafin' everthin' yusfull t'kno't'yu?" He took another swig, forcing the thought through the haze he lived in. "Ahdun'by't. Too convenent. W'shud'kil'Dorder. W'cn'allus kill th'biggun the morn."
  12. Ha! Out in the open this whole time and I didn't even realise! Fortunately, nor did anyone else
  13. Legless stumbled near silently through the forest with the others. He was confident in their numbers, a good squad of thirty remained, or thereabouts, even with the deaths. He took a swig of his berry brewed wine, remembering the day when Fedder... Fed... Fid?.. the brown wizard who was always high on mushrooms, enchanted the flask for him so it would never run out. The forest seemed quiet, so he tuned his ears into the conversation the others were having. They were talking in pairs, with each pair saying the exact same thing, at the exact same time! There was something odd going on here. His foggy mind tried to make sense of it all when their words penetrated to his mind. They were talking about murdering someone! Had he found the killers? By accident? He almost whipped his knife out attacked one of them then and there, but remembered several instances where rushing in without all the info had really not worked well, so he held his peace and kept listening. Good thing too. They weren't talking about their next murder, not in the traditional sense, at least. They were talking about murdering the murderer they though responsible for the murders, and seemed to think it as that Dorder fellow. As he widened his listening, he realised that this conversation was far more widespread than he thought, with several others suggesting names for people to die. He took a swig of his fine berry wine to brace himself against the crazy. After listening to the madness for a few hours, Legless finally made his choice. "Immazidin wivvahim," he announced, while waving his jug in the direction of the madman who spoke absolute gibberish. "Amin lukatim. E's touched, heiz. Madnuff t'be th'brown'un'hissel. " He tapped his forehead knowingly. "The'z knoztuff. Soye, killatun." His jug moved to point to Suomynona.
  14. From my perspective the bodyswapping went pretty well, but then I wasn't really at a computer for rollover much. Rand, I think Seonid starting doing that after your bodyswap. At least, later bodies came with a message saying they had been hijacked.
  15. I only needed a couple of quiet cycles to choose my next host. I've just read the spec doc, and I have to say, thanks everyone that was rooting for me at the end there. Sorry to have let you all down