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  1. I vaguely recall that scene, but here's an interesting thought. When she was young, all of her books came from her parents' library. What were they doing with Way of Kings if it was so heretical?
  2. Not bad for a poke vote. Day one and already an eliminator dead So, did anyone else get an anonymous message last night, asking for secrets? Also, I noticed Wonko's Walin's vote seems to have been cancelled. @Drake Marshall - Can you vote for yourself, or does it not count? Edit 2: Itiah II. Just because he hasn't been in to vote yet. @I think I am here.
  3. Here we go then. Most recent votes list: Wonko (1) Orlok Aonar (1) Wonko Elandera (2) Bort, Snipexe Eternum (2) Elandera, Fifth Arraenae (1) Cadmium Megasif (1) Xinoehp512 Droughtbringer (1) Arraenae Walin (1) Walin Fifth Scholar (1) Young Bard Cadmium (1) Steel Steel (1) Eternum
  4. But it is up to the GM, therefore you shouldn't assume. I would say just remember to retract your vote when you place a new one
  5. This is why I ended up using CadCom too. Also, in the rules it says green to retract and red to place a vote. Nowhere does it say which vote will be counted if you don't retract.
  6. @Arinian - Of course we think you're suspicious. Just like we think everyone else is suspicious too
  7. Ha! While discussing you in the LG that we just died in, I've used all three of these. Mostly CadCom though.
  8. Straw, you cannot be this careless when running a game. That one screw up changed the entire game, judging from what has been said in the thread. That vote should have been enough to all but identify the final Orator, something it looks like multiple Houses were working on, and yet your mistake shifted everyone into thinking they were wrong, that the Orator must be elsewhere, giving the Orator, who can already manipulate the votes in their favour, an advantage. Who is your backup GM? If you don't have one, why not? They would have been able to help avoid errors like this. I'm sorry if I come across as being a bit of a Dungspren, and I know you put a lot of work into running one of these things, but you do need to be careful about stuff like this.
  9. It's day one. Of course I'm trying to skate by with a joke vote. As for why I'm not contributing much, I refer you back to my previous comment, it's day one. Also, having never read Kingkiller Chronicles, I'm a bit wary of having someone jump on me for not knowing something, like where blue fire comes from However, I'm not too pleased that my poke vote is being used to start a lynch, so... Wonko. Elandera. Because apparently insulting tinkers isn't good for our health, and I have no desire for Ruin to come down on us either.
  10. Oh, great, so now we've got to worry about Ruin too? Thanks Elandera
  11. Thanks Does that mean we should be voting for Elandera, for insulting the tinkers?
  12. Well, I've never read Kingkiller Chronicles, so I have no idea about any of your references And yeah, it mentions blue fire in the verse, but it doesn't tell you what it is from. Hence the assumption it was because of the fae.
  13. I'll second the Empire trilogy by Feist and Wurts. But on top of that, I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Trudi Canavan. She is a fantasy author who has a number of trilogies under her belt. These include the Black Magician trilogy, the Traitor Spy trilogy (continues the storyline from Black Magician), and the Age of the Five trilogy (different world entirely). All have female protagonists, although the Traitor Spy series also has a male lead to go alongside the female.