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  1. Actually, I spotted something in OB last night that might help explain why Brandon sent them to Shadsmar, but we'll have to wait until book four to see if I'm right or not. One of the reasons Kaladin agreed to go to Kholinar is so, once they were done there, he could go and rescue his parents (again), and he planned to leave just as soon as they were done there. Without Kaladin being shipped off to Shadesmar, then we might have seen something quite different had he instead headed north back home. So, what I am expecting we get to see now is something happening with his parents and new brother which made them flee across the border into Herdaz (like was said in OB a lot of Alethi seem to be doing), and we'll have a bit of a hunt for them in book 4.
  2. I'm still convinced that the 'three of sixteen ruled' is still about Honour, Cultivation, and Odium (being three of the Shards of Adonalsium), with the Broken One being Odium, since Honour is dead, and Cultivation is, apparently, in hiding.
  3. So, Rock has a Shardblade and Plate. He is, according to Horneater legend, therefore going to be the first Horneater King. But there are problems, like the forces of Odium hijacking the Peaks and Cultivation's Perpendicularity. So, he is going to need some help. What if Rock doesn't go straight home, but instead visits the Valley, and bonds the Nightwatcher? Cultivation's "Godspren" would be a brilliant ally against the Fused in the Peaks, and Cultivation herself does have a reason for wanting the Peaks to be peaceful - namely her Shardpool is there.
  4. Congratulations @Alderant you've actually managed to convince me to subscribe to a thread. That doesn't normally happen, but I am really interested in seeing your analysis.
  5. Worming... No, I don't think we are. Certainly that's not the impression I got from reading Oathbringer. As WoB said, it is more like she took a step in the right direction, but still has a ways to go yet.
  6. @MountainKing Yup, I'm pretty sure you are right.
  7. That does make sense, although isn't quite what I was asking. Using your example above, I am the sentry, and I target you. I see anyone that targets you, but if you, say, targeted Joe, would I also see that?
  8. So, the sentry is informed of who targeted the person they are observing, but not who the person they are observing targets themselves? I'm in as Bort the Brute, an oversized thug with a fondness for large spiky objects with handles, possibly with Koloss blood.
  9. The Fused come in every Desolation (except possibly the first, maybe second). It's just this time around, they are carried by the Everstorm, and they don't return to Damnation when they die, instead being reborn in the next storm. I'm glad you liked my theory
  10. I reckon there are ten Heralds and only nine Unmade because one of the Heralds never broke, until now, and the Everstorm is his Unmade. Take a look at the theory in my signature for more details.
  11. Yes it did. It might not have given you as much info on the Ghostbloods as you'd like, but there was quite a bit of interaction with them. Also, what about the line from Mraize about using the Voidbringers?
  12. Also, Lift will get Lifespren Plate. The Stormfather isn't the only time we hear about Bondsmiths being Shard-free. There was another reference I spotted last night, but I'll be damned if I remember where in OB it was, other than near the start.
  13. I'm not so sure. There are many little hints and comments that make me wonder if Shardplate is crafted out of spren that the Radiant Spren attracts, or at least controls/influences.
  14. Unless Maya starts making the oaths. "I will remember the one that remembered me."
  15. Only, Teft is already in a warrior type role, and when you see him in action when Kaladin is busy, he doesn't have a problem stepping up to command (WoK, rescuing Dalinar and Co from the Tower, for example. Kaladin charges, so Teft takes over command). I do agree with you about him training though, but being a good teacher, isn't that a hallmark of a good sergeant?