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  1. The storm shouldn't hit Urithiru anyways. The city is above the storm line, at too high an altitude. I'm pretty certain this is touched upon in one of the early chapters - how they have to lower their spheres down into a highstorm to recharge them.
  2. So as we have seen, Dalinar's curse and/or boon seems to be wearing off, and Evi is returning to his mind. The question is, why? Some people have speculated that it is some kind of effect from him now being a Bondsmith. Not a bad guess, but I disagree. I think it is a little more awkward than that. We're not sure what he asked for from the Nightwatcher, but either his boon or his curse was to forget the one he loved (or maybe it was phrased so he forgets 'his wife'). By this point, Evi was higher up the list than Navani, so she faded from his memory and became Shshshshsh. Now however, since Evi died, and Dalinar married Navani, Evi is coming back into his mind, and Navani is slowly leaving it. The bit I'm still not sure on though, is if this was the boon or the curse. Anyways, that's my speculation written up and posted. I look forward to seeing you all poke holes in my theory
  3. In your final meme, I've already done the first two options.
  4. My guess is that's because the Spren who are part of it are dead. As for how they used it, I would guess with difficulty. Or even, maybe carrying bags of spheres charged with Stormlight, and it is only after the Blades have started being bonded, that someone thinks to do the same with Plate.
  5. Not bad whimsical drifting I like this idea. I hope this is revealed as the truth when Adolin revives his Blade during his exile.
  6. @Toaster Retribution You are most likely right, it probably isn't Vin, and I am probably only seeing the connection because I am in the middle of reading Hero of Ages right now. My guess is she is going to turn out to be another Radiant of some kind.
  7. Her description reminds me of Vin.
  8. Ok, so her father's death was her 'third truth', and her mother's death was her 'fourth truth'. Yet Pattern was there when Shallan killed her mother (at the age of 11, according to the Coppermind), as a Shardblade, which means that Shallan must have spoken the first oath, and two major, major truths to progress to a "level 3" Lightweaver. How do you gain such deep truths, to be able to come out with multiple of them, before the age of 11? What happened in Shallan's very early life which attracted Pattern (the 'lies')?
  9. New theory. The Radiants betrayed their oaths because they themselves were betrayed. The Heralds lied to them, telling them that the Desolation in the prologue of WoK was the last one, and that humanity had won. During the Shin Invasion, the Radiants were doing their stuff, protecting the peasants, when they discovered that the Shin were using the Honourblades, the Heralds weren't really gone, and the Desolations weren't really over.
  10. Sword of Omens. Pattern.
  11. There is a WoB that tells us that the gems in Shardplate weren't there originally, but were added later, after the Recreance. So, Plate cannot just disintegrate if it isn't kept charged with Stormlight. You may have been thinking about trying to grow Plate from a fragment of a broken piece? This is mentioned a few times in WoR, how the Plate would disintegrate if another piece of it was given more Stormlight than the piece you are trying to grow. Edit: WoB Link
  12. I don't think so. It is my belief that Shardplate is made up of the 'lesser' cousins to the Bonded Spren. For Kaladin this will be Windspren; for Shallan, Creationspren; For Dalinar, this is just another reason why he will be a Radiant without Shards - the Stormfather refused to be a Blade, and he has no lesser cousins to be Dalinar's Plate.
  13. The Lightbringers speak no oaths beyond the first. I believe it is Pattern that says this. Instead, they need to face their Truths. So, Shallan's 'second oath' was facing the truth about her father's death, and her 'third oath' is facing up to the truth behind her mother's death. It makes you wonder though, what lies was Pattern attracted to, if he was there for her mother's death?
  14. If it was just the one highstorm, then he would probably come out of it supercharged. If, on the other hand, you put Nightblood near the Origin so he was subjected to all highstorms, then after a few millennia of highstorm-free Roshar, Nightblood would have absorbed so much investiture that it would become the new Honour.