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  1. I think this is just amazing.
  2. Punny, very punny.
  3. Finally worked! (It's annoying that it looks like I'll be book #1200.)
  4. I've been trying for the past 100 minutes. Same error: The requested URL was not found on this server. 404 Not Found. I tried different computers. I tried different browsers. I tried rebooting this machine. Nothing has worked so far.
  5. That was my question! (Meaning: Literally, I was the one who asked Brandon that question.) I was (and still am) very interested in what will happen to Vasher, and my impression after talking with Brandon was that we would hear about him in this book, but maybe that was a mistaken impression.
  6. This almost happened to Vin, with the lead ball coated in atium. Since you can technically burn lead (with disastrous consequences), I suppose you could ask whether she could have felt the lead under the atium, or if the atium truly hid what was underneath.
  7. So, did Dalinar kill the kid? Dalinar doesn't want Gavilar to know what he did. And yet, in that same scene we find out that it is public knowledge that Dalinar killed the ruler and his heir. So... did he actually kill the kid?
  8. I usually show up an hour early, and very few people are there. I do it to play Magic the Gathering with those who are interested. It starts filling up after that. By the time they open the doors there's often a good 100-200 people lined up.
  9. No. I'd interpret the situation like Dalinar does. Just because you were there when Adonalsium splintered, and you got some of the power, doesn't make you a god. Nor does the lack of a "tangible" deity above the Shards mean there isn't a deity above them. I totally agree, and think the voice is Tien, calling Kaladin back from darkness.
  10. I probably will buy it, but only after it drops significantly in price.
  11. Hey

    I like giving upvotes. I don't like getting stabbed by shardblades.
  12. The thought I kept having was Dalinar was so afraid of those eyes because they were his own eyes.
  13. So, I finally wrote a book. More correctly, I coauthored a book. Sadly, it is not fantasy. It is a textbook for the math class I often teach. (I got tired of my students having to pay lots of money for a mediocre book, so we've made this book free.) If you'd like to take a look you can see the book here: Anyway, currently we have no front cover art. Just a big black page with the title and our names on it. The reason I'm writing here is I thought if people are interested in "mathy" art, and would like to send me designs, I'd be happy to consider them. Honestly, I think it would be way cool to have some sort of fractal, similar to Pattern, on the cover [without breaking copyright]. Anyway, let the fun begin.
  14. Hmmm.... I always had the impression that forgetting his wife was the curse. It would be quite a twist for it to be the boon. I can't picture Dalinar as so weak as to deal with guilt by asking for a memory wipe though.
  15. I strongly agree with #1 and #3. I mostly agree with #2. As for #4, I found Bands of Morning so good that I can ignore the problems from the previous book.