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  1. Or they just have the language that has changed the least
  2. I think Szeth will be a Stoneward. He is neither confident nor just. He is stubborn, he exemplifies resolve and he will follow is orders to the last. In Edgedancer he constantly challenges Nale and disagrees with him. Also the Shin and Stone Shamans have so many connections to Stone. I wonder if they are the remnants of whichever order stayed and never abandoned their oaths. Either the Stonewards or Dustbringers.
  3. I think it's actually the opposite. Shinovar is a piece of Roshar made safe for humanity by Cultivation.
  4. - Kaladin will have to confront his past as a budding revolutionary leading the darkeyed revolt and his status as a protector of all against the backdrop of an Alethi revolt and the cruelty of Lighteyes like Roshsone, and the waste and callous behavior of the queen. A miserable, beaten down Leral and a angry, bitter Liridin will both play rolls in this. - Dalinar will discover both his own dark past and the secret that broke the Radiants and have to overcome both - We will learn that Ishar is a traitor to humanity, either out of madness or despair. He may be either Restares, Tezim, or both. Nalan will confront him - Szeth will not progress towards a Skybreaker, instead he will be either a Stoneward or a Dustbringer - Eshonai will recover herself and swear at least the first oath towards being a Willshaper - Rysn will swear the first oath in her Interlude.
  5. Hoid and Lyft have already met. Just not on screen. Lyft talks about a man who intentionally got swallowed by a greatshell in merebethia, she says she misses him. Hoid says he once spent time in the belly of a great shell.
  6. Kaladin gets several additional benifits besides the two surges. He can ride the storms in his dreams to see what is going on the world, he gets a spider-sense like awareness in battle from movements in the winds, and he gets squires. I don't think the squires will actually be able to surgebind. I think they will just be stronger and quicker and be able to heal wounds with stormlight. Shallan has picture perfect memory, can have visions of things going one around the world by letting her mind drift (or something, she did those drawings of the crew of Wind's Pleasure and of Shalash) and may have some supernatural ability to lift spirits of people. Lyft seems to be able to naturally understand what people are saying. (that's it so far) It's been theorized that Skybreakers were naturally able to tell the guilty from the innocent.
  7. The knowledge of creating bacon was lost with the shattering
  8. Thanks.
  9. I think that's what they mean when they say it's different this time though, that's all they mean. Of course everything is different because humanity is both more and less prepared than they were in the past. They are more advanced, smarter, and bettter armed, while also lacking the Heralds, no Radiants and no memory of desolations as well as ready voidbringers embedded throughout the world.
  10. Another legitimate question: what is the difference between Slaveform and Dullform? Is Dullform an empty spren bond and slaveform is a blocked spren bond?
  11. Storm can be used metaphorically. Both Jasnah and Wit imply that the storm is new and that it wasn't how it happened before. Jasnah with info from the Spren and Withoid with his Hoidness.
  12. Isn't this one specifically different because there was no Everstorm before? The Everstorm is a new thing. This was not how the transformation happened in the past. As to the rest, maybe. He is known for being stubborn, and we're not exactly sure how the torture works.
  13. Yeah, that's a possibility. How would they use their spren as a sword if it is part of them? I'm genuinely asking. Would they need to be bonded to another regular spren and have a Nahel bond? Would Eshonai need to be in dull form to accept a Nahel spren? Is that strange cometlike spren she sees circling her, pestering her, after she is in Stormform a Willshaper Spren? Dustbringer Spren?
  14. Obviously they are fools The Desolation needs no usher It can and will sit where it wishes and the signs are obvious that the spren anticipate it doing so soon The Ancient of Stones must finally begin to crack It is a wonder that upon his will rested the prosperity and peace of a world for over four millennia Ishar is the Herald who know the most about how it all works. All the heralds are going mad to some degree, degrading mentally. Shallash is destroying painting and statues of herself, Kelek was paranoid and jumpy in Jasnah's prologue, Nale is killing Radiants and is an empty emotionless wreck. Jesrien is possibly mad. I think, Ishar is either mad, corrupted, or willingly, intentionally working for Odium.
  15. They already have a bond with Spren in order to function. Each form is a bond with a different type of spren. The Form bond they already have must not allow the Nahel Bond. It seems to be setting up for Eshonai to form a Nahel bond. It will be interesting to see how that happens.