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  1. I think I dropped off before that. I just disagreed and with no one arguing my point of view I decided to move on. I was more dramatic in the first post than I actually felt. It was three people on one side, and the other two leaning that way.
  2. Sorry Guys, I had to turn you off this week. Just. So. Wrong. I disagreed with almost everything you said. I couldn't listen.
  3. This presupposes that Ishtar has gone over to Odium.
  4. Surges are just what they call the forces of nature. So any kind of power wielded by humans the Rosharans would likely call Surgebinding. Even if it were totally different, from a different source, used differently, etc. My guess is that it was a plot orchestrated by Odium to force humans onto Roshar to force conflict with Honor and Cultivation.
  5. Restares is the key. He seems to be the leader of the Sons of Honor. We still haven't really seen the fallout of Dalinar being excomunicated nor have we seen much of the response of the higher-ups in Vorinism to the desolation. If one were looking for Restares, a good place to look would be within the ruling council of Vorinism. (It's possible that Restares is actually one name that Ishar is using, I know the Stormfather says that Ishar is Tezim, but it's possible he's also Restares.)
  6. I don't think Voidbringer applies to humans anymore. I think it's pretty safe to assume that one must be working with Voidspren and Voidlight to be a voidbringer. So some humans (Moash) and Voidbringers, it no longer applies to all humans. We in the forums, the Rosharans, all have become distracted by this new revalation, forgetting that Odium is the true threat, the true enemy. He hates, he wishes to break free from his cage to destroy, to end all other shards in the Cosmere and cause massive destruction and pain in the process.
  7. Kal's "spider-sense" his ability to move with the wind and feel attacks and movements seems to be related to wind pressure and changes in the air. It also seems to aide his superhero falls. When he falls from a high distance, he lands with a burst of air and a cloud of dust rolls out from him
  8. Jasnah implies that the plains were shattered during the last desolation, while I believe Honor was still alive until after the false Desolation.
  9. This topic should be named Flying Ships!
  10. Their calling, their oaths, are to find the better path. They are sworn to listen to the unheard, to unite instead of divide, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to lead instead of divide, to even protect their enemies, if it is right, to remember those who have been forgotten, to but the journey before the destination and lift before death. You don't think they'd have a problem with destroying an entire people? A people who are being controlled and taken advantage of by a vengeful god? A people who were there first and they believe they stole the land from? Why wouldn't they be terrified? The Radiants, who saw themselves as the good-guys, destroyed an entire people! Kaladin doesn't have our "modern sensibilities" he is horrified by the senseless killing in Kholinar. I believe the theme over the next seven books will be humans and Singers finding common cause, and finding a third way, a way to work together to defeat their common enemy: Odium. For the record, I don't think Melishi was bonded to the sibling as I think the sibling had already receded by the end. I am pretty sure the two orders Dalinar saw in his vision were Windrunners and Stonewards, but I mostly know that from someone shooting down my theory pre-OB that the Stonewards were the order that was still active. I think the Shattered Plains were Shattered during the previous desolation.
  11. I disagree. I think they're all from the same time period. One even talks about the Edgedancers being too busy to send anyone to record one, implying they were made in a very short time, maybe only a couple days.
  12. That's the whole point of Moash, he has stopped taking responsibility for his actions and has placed the responsibility for his actions on others. He has let Odium take responsibility from him. Society can be responsible for the actions of groups of people, but individuals always have a choice. He made the opposite choice that Dalinar and Kaladin made.
  13. I think it's safe to assume that Odium played a role in whatever it was that caused the cataclysm on Ashyn. I don't think the humans managed it all on their own.
  14. I like to think of the resonances by making the surges of the order into a sentence. Kaladin draws people to him (gravitation, gracitas) and then binds the together (adhesion). He's the ideal leader. Dalinar connects to people around him (adhesion), and can bind separate, adverse people to each other (tension), the ideal politician. Shallan brings enlightenment and lights up souls, and she transforms people through beauty, the perfect artist.