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  1. I disagree that Radiant Resonances have nothing to do with the surges. Kaladin has some form of spiritual gravitation and spiritual adhesion. His resonance is that he pulls people towards himself and binds them together. Isn't that spiritual gravitation and adhesion?
  2. A simple explanation for the discrepancies in Voidbinging: I don't know how it worked in the ancient, first desolation, but in the past desolations, it seems likely that human void binding was achieved by humans bonding with Void Spren. The Fused use voidbinfing naturally as part of their nature as Odium corrupted cognitive shadows. Renarin is something new, a Radiant who has access to both surgebinding and Voidbinding due to his bond to a corrupted Truthwatcher Nahel Spren. He gets progression and maybe illumination from Surgebinding, and Illumination and maybe progression from Voidbinding. It's possible his progression is especially strong because he is doubling up with Void and surge binding
  3. ON the intent of Shards: In the end the vessel always loses to the intent of their shard. But it might matter what they perceive that intent to be. Not what they say the intent is, Odium is lying to manipulate Dalinar when he says that he is passion. Odium sees himself as Odium. But Ati was a good man corrupted by holding Ruin, and he couldn't change the perception of Ruin to Change. Maybe it's because when he picked it up he thought of it as Ruin and could never change his perception of his own shard. Deep down, he always thought of it as Ruin. If someone picked it up, only ever thinking about it as Change, maybe it could become Change. If Dalinar picks up the pieces of Honor without knowing what he is doing, and thinks of the power as Unity while he is doing it, he may become the shard of Unity (who would probably desire to unify things...)
  4. On Kaladin and spiritual Adhesion and Spiritual Gravitation. No, he doesn't have the same spiritual focus as Dalinar, but his resonance is that Windrunners get a large number a squires. He pulls people together and then binds them to himself. One of the ideals of Windrunners is leadship. They have magical Gravitas and are magically good at team building.
  5. Skybreakers didn't exist until after Nale, who didn't exist until after the Fused, who didn't exist until after the first desolation, which was after the destruction of Ashyn. Humans with control of Surges destroyed Ashyn, but keep in mind, on Roshar, surges just mean power.
  6. Wyndel was his name before I believe
  7. Why couldn't the religion of Ashyn, passed down to the refugees on Roshar and later the conquerors on Roshar have been worship of Adonalsium? Some were undoubtedly under the influence of Odium, but they were probably not the whole, and most probably didn't understand the nature of Odium. The people alive at the time of the main story don't understand the nature of Honor and Cultivation, why would they understand them at the time of the Heralds? I got the sense that Ash was just saying an old familiar saying, not actually asking for Adonalsium. She just used an old phrase that came to her in her shock.
  8. Also, it just makes sense that the Herald of beauty and creativity who now destroys works of art will instead become a Radiant of destruction.
  9. If there is no Oathpact, there are no Heralds, but it might be something new that is significant. The meeting of the ten focus characters, the ten flashback characters (Venli is the focus of the Eshonai flashbacks as she has taken her place) at the end of Oathbringer
  10. I think there was something significant about the ten people gathered around Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer.
  11. We have 10 "Prime" Radiants, the 10 people who met at the breach in the wall at Thaylen city, who heard Dalinar issue new orders to his Radiants. Windrunner - Kaladin Skybreaker - Szeth Dustbringer - Ash Edgedancer - Lift Truthwatcher - Renarin Lightweaver - Shallan Elsecaller - Jasnah Willshaper - Venli Stoneward - Taln Bondsmith - Dalinar These are also our ten focus characters for the flashbacks and possibly ten new Heralds.
  12. I think they were just people, people who cared and had honor who agreed to sacrifice themselves to Odium to stop the Fused from returning. I think they were just people. Good people who were asked to do more than they should and volunteered. The current Rosharans barely know about Honor and Cultivation why would the Ashyn refugees know about them?
  13. Maybe the humans who came from Ashyn worshipped Adonalsium and that early in their stay on Roshar, Adonalisum was still their god. Worship of Honor would develop over time, at the time Honor was the Singer god, it wasn't until the Fused came, and humans were losing badly that an oathpact with Honor was made.
  14. I think the most likely answer is that the Heralds were just honorable people who were alive at the time of the first Fused led Desolation who agreed to eternal damnation to save their people. They were leaders, scholars, philosophers, healers, and warriors who wanted to end the war.
  15. It seems likely that there will be ten prime Radiants, the 10 people around Dalinar when he gives out orders. They seem to be related to the ten focus characters for the ten books (and maybe ten new "Heralds"). Something intervened for those ten people to be there at that moment. Windrunner - Kaladin Skybreaker - Szeth Dustbringer - Ash (I think it would be cool to have the Herald of creation become a destroyer in her new role, it's also the only spot open) Edgedancer - Lift Truthwatcher - Renarin Lightweaver - Shallan Elsecaller - Jasnah Willshaper - Venli Stoneward - Taln (I think Taln will become a Stoneward by bonding a Nahel Spren besides being the patron of the order) Bondsmith - Dalinar These are our ten flashback characters with Jasnah, Lift, Renarin, Ash, and Taln as our back five viewpoint characters.