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  1. Vasher explained to Vivenna that Returned have 2 types of breaths: their divine breath and the "regular" breath.
  2. I found myself only caring about Susebron and Siri. It was like a, "oh darnit" moment every time a scene started from another person's POV. Vivenna wasn't all that interesting to me at all. Lightsong was too over the top for me. Vasher was kind of meh.
  3. I can't speak for others, but I usually at least do a little googling or read reviews of the author whose books I am about to read or have read, particularly if I haven't read anything from the author before. Any googling of Sanderson's Cosmere related books will give you some understanding of the bigger picture and then it will be up to the reader if he wants to continue digging.
  4. Well I shouldn't say all, but some of Sanderson's female protagonists all seem to act and speak the same way regardless of age or social status. Siri, Shallan, and Sarene all seem to have the exact same witty, sarcrastic, almost arrogant remarks, particularly towards men. I'm almost inclined to say Shai is the exact same way, if to a lesser degree. Is this something that others have noticed?
  5. Lou Anders has said many times on Brandon's own Writing Excuse podcast about the Hollywood Formula that the antagonist must be in direct opposition with the protagonist, specifically the antagonist must try to prevent the protagonist from reaching his or her goal. If Hoid is the antagonist, who is the protagonist? If Hoid trying to put all the pieces of the Shards together is a "bad" thing, who are the "good" people that have been working to keep the Shards apart?
  6. How do we know forgery only works on Mai Pon? Not that I am disagreeing with you, I just don't remember reading it in the book. Is this another WoB that I missed?
  7. 60% done Emperor's Soul. Essence Marks seems very much like metal minds. ...........And done. In his post script Sanderson mentions the magic system is very similar to that of Elantris. Which part specifically? I still feel Essence Marks and metal minds are essentially the same thing. From a timeline standpoint, where does Emperor's Soul relate with Elantris, the book?
  8. So my best bet is to read through all of Words of Brandon?
  9. Was the chasm line causing Dor to fail supposed to be a big reveal? Raedon and Galladan sure acted like it was. I just assumed that was the case from the very beginning because the alternative, magic failing and causing an earthquake, just didn't make any sense. Though I didn't know exactly how the chasm line caused the failure of magic until Sarene discovered that Aon's related to Arelon's landscape. Interesting use of the word chasm as chasmfiends live underground.
  10. Just finished Elantris. It was kind of so-so as I expected based on reviews and what Brandon himself has said about this book. My main reason for reading it was to learn more about the Cosmere. From the book itself, is the only Cosmere related information the introduction of Hoid? Is it possible to learn everything from the books? How do we even know the Elantris planet is called Sel? There was no reference to it in the book as far as I can remember. I did a search through the e-book and there was indeed no Sel word. I don't really want to read all of Brandon's interviews and stuff. I'd rather just try to piece everything together myself, even if it means waiting for all his books to come out. Next up, Emperor's Soul. I will have to give Mistborn and Stormlight Archive a re-read in my finer detail later.
  11. Good question. One could make a case that everything we coin intelligence is simply a matter of what we have memorized. Am I smart because I know 5 x 4 = 20? Maybe not, but for this one fact at least I know more than someone who does not know this multiplication fact. Doesn't the mere fact that I know something that someone else doesn't make me smarter (ie. more intelligent) than the other person?
  12. There seems to be 2 instances where Brandon has associated learning languages quickly with intelligence and genius - Kaise in Elantris and Stephen in Legion. I can't remember now, but I believe Hrathen in Elantris also said something about Fjordin (the language) being a superior language. Of course just because Brandon wrote that in his books doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with it. From a personal bias stand point I can say that learning English is a lot easier than learning Mandarin, at least in terms of reading and writing.
  13. Yes or no, the ability to learn languages and read books quickly is a sign of intelligence?
  14. Personally I thought Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians and Legion were not to Sanderson's standards.
  15. I didn't remember either until I looked up some characters for further evidence. Tevidian is Vin's father! Surly Brandon doesn't do anything by accident, right?