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  1. It looks like @Pagerunner found the WoB in question, but as a fun fact here's some more WoBs on Hemalurgic shenanigans that I re-found while searching myself. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/47091-the-circle-of-infinite-power-has-been-closed/
  2. Speaking of Dreamer: Last I knew that was only available as part of an anthology; is there a separate ebook release I didn't hear about or is this the only place to get it as a standalone?
  3. I know you're right here because we have a relatively recent WoB on it, but I can't recall from where... :|
  4. Ha! I found my sig first! Cadmium hermit can time-capsule self:
  5. That works. I've taken the liberty of updating the link in the OP.
  6. OP has a very very dead link.
  7. This is you guys I guess? -Aslydin bit at 16:15/17:58. Though I'm unclear on what "one of the nurses" means, as by my recollection was there only the one nurse that Vivenna employs. Were you referring to Siri's handmaidens?
  8. Good work making me laugh.
  9. It appears that he's doesn't recall my own suspicions on the matter. Is it unreasonable for us to expect him to remember every answer and RAFO for years running? ... Probably not. :|
  10. I thought Sadeas's colors were green?
  11. Topics merged.
  12. Generally we try to avoid necroing threads from half a decade ago.
  13. That sounds incorrect.