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  1. Allomantic Electrum: underrated?

    We have. The very first time we saw anyone burn electrum was Vin during the inquisitor fight at the beginning of HoA. She burned it as a precaution against atium, but there was no indication that the fact that multiple shadows showed up was evidence of atium use; after the fight they even cut open the inquisitor to try and see if he had swallowed any atium, and concluded that he hadn't, just as none inquisitors they'd faced recently had had any atium either. That and the "how does electrum" FAQ I quoted up above mentions that you get the multiple shadows by default.
  2. Everything We Know About Time Bubbles

    ...and I finally updated the OP to v2.0. Alterations include, but are not limited to, incorporating the WoBs and book info from this thread, restructuring where the sections are, adding in a table of contents and definition of terms, getting rid of that obnoxious blue... This post serves the dual purpose of alerting my loyal followers to the v2.0 update and being an archive of the previous version of the OP, minus its citation archive since that's been retained without alteration. v1.7
  3. Feruchemist Immortality

    Here's Brandon's most complete answer on the subject so far.
  4. allomancy Theory of Slider/Pulser Combat Potential

    Here are the two quotes on trying allomancy through bubbles.
  5. Emotional Allomancy and Speed Bubbles

    We've got two WoB's on it: Source: And then a newer one with a less potentially-trolly answer: Source:
  6. What's your current best FTL theories?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kurkistan


      Well that's what I get for relying on word-search for "nicro". :/

      It seems almost like Brandon misinterpreted the question and thought Necarion was asking about compounding for a bit there (particularly when Brandon says that), but then by the end all the sudden we're talking about how powerful mistborn are again and Brandon doesn't challenge it. I can't say there's much to glean from it given the possibility that Brandon and Necarion were talking past one another.

    3. yurisses


      I thought the same thing, which is funny because I've always felt like one of the main WoBs for there being an reverse-compounding trick (http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=977#88) could also be a misunderstanding as Brandon just casually seems to reveal you can compound allomancy and adds "don't forget" like we were supposed to know.


      Still, what are your best FTL guesses as of this time? I loved your "jump" theory with huge bendalloy bubbles and small cadmium bubbles but that's from 2013.

    4. Kurkistan


      That's a good thought on that WoB just being a super-early reveal of what happened with the Bands of Mourning.

      Sorry if it's disappointing, but my 2013 theory is still the one to beat so far as I can see: If it ain't broke don't fix it. The only real flaw is assumption 2.5, which stated (inaccurately) that being in vacuum would increase the size of time bubbles.

  7. Sazed being singular/dual doesn't necessarily dictate the number of perpendicularities. If the pools in the Horneater peaks are all Cultivation's perpendicularities, that's certainly quite a few for a single shard. Not to mention that Trell might have a perpendicularity or two on Scadrial.
  8. Allomantic Electrum: underrated?

    Sadly Compounding won't do the trick here, since you compound the Feruchemical effect, not the Allomantic one. So Double-Electrum just nets you a lot of (*checks*) determination. -- That aside yes I agree Allomantic electrum has a lot more utility than we see in the books. As does Brandon. Source: Source
  9. The Diagram is not Simply One Group

    Oh joy. The morality debate begins.
  10. Oof, I'm behind the times. I need to catch up on all the audio from the AU signings, it sounds like. :/ Thanks. P.S. Also I added the Fortune bit to my quote for completeness' sake.
  11. This is pretty important, actually: Unless Fortune works in a "future vision" way, this actually rules out Hoid using Fortune to know here he needs to be; this despite the fact that we know that he uses Feruchemy for his "need to be there" sense. So either a new Feruchemical power or an unexpected use of an existing one—or it just turns out that Fortune's just weird that way.
  12. New round of information on time bubbles (May 2016)

    Well then I'll have to take some time to scour through everything. Thanks for the reminder that I haven't seen everything from this tour yet.
  13. New round of information on time bubbles (May 2016)

    Interesting. Do you know where he said this? A little word-searching isn't finding it here or on the main thread, and normally I'd stake money on that being the entirety of bubble quotes of any relevance. EDIT: Posterior-covering: Maybe I missed something from the AU tour...?