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  1. Have you tried just calling the bookstore to preorder?
  2. I don't believe I did, no. No worries about the confusion: For instance, I could have sworn there was a member whose name sounded like "crying door" around here somewhere, but I haven't been able to find him as of late...
  3. I wasn't aware that I was a RAFO expert. :\ What Rider said, essentially.
  4. Thanks for the @. You'll want to look to x7 in the mondo-thread about these. The Rhythms are a more universal/constant thing, by my understanding, not some kind of multi-party bond between individual Parshendi. So here you're probably better off asking if the one inside the bubble perceives the Rhythm differently than the one outside, and how (maybe just a frequency change?). Here you'll probably want to be more specific about exactly what kind of "connection" you mean. Bubble anchoring probably uses connection, at the very least, and I doubt that's what you mean to talk about it.
  5. A somewhat pithy response: How often do you notice people's eye color, particularly in high-stress situations?
  6. Not to burst anyone's bubble here, but we've had the Jek (or as I prefer to call him Jerk) bit for quite a while now.
  7. I don't disagree, it just leaves the door wide open for Marsh seeing himself as having real eyeballs.
  8. In the past I'd have agreed with that readily, but Lopen and Renarin both threw me for a loop when it comes to what's possible for chronic/old injuries.
  9. A theoretical explanation ties into a pseudo-theory I've mentioned offhandedly every once in a while: I'd guess that Hemalurgy forcibly changed Inquisitirs such that having N spikes in places X, Y, and Z, with accompanying physical changes, is what their Spiritual aspects reflect as a simple truth. So in this case Marsh's soul is of the opinion that he doesn't have eyes, and barring removing more of his spikes (possibly all) and/or undoing the Spiritual changes wrought by Hemalurgy (and it's an open question whether just removing the spikes is really enough to do the trick and set you back to v1.0), no amount of Feruchemical gold is going to change that. So far as removing both spikes, that's rather dangerous given that that's one of the ways Vin kills inquisitors. And Marsh knows this. So he might be a bit leery of experimentation, or even leaving the one out the one for long. Edit: Of course none of this means that this isn't a good question to ask/nail down, so I'll be stealing this for my master list.
  10. Then no death from friction but still a hard (technically asymptotic) limit at the speed of light, I'd hazard.
  11. It'll be simultaneous.
  12. Relativity. --- Really tempted to just leave it at that. We've been given to believe that the laws of physics in the cosmere our basically ours, so unless steel compounding can bring you into conceptual realms of speed that surpass reality—unlikely given that steelrunners need to worry about even such petty things as friction from air resistance—then you'd be stuck going at some percentage of the speed of light at best.
  13. I posted on SteelMinistry, but this is probably a more appropriate venue so I'll cross-post: I got two friends together and we played a pair of games this afternoon: first a short, then a medium. Lost both games, of course, though the second only by 1 point, so a little salty about that. The second one was close, between me and guy who won in the positives and the other guy about to get an unrest victory the turn after mine. Impressions generally positive from all sides, though it wasn't what they expected from the "war" part of the title. I felt that the mechanics for when/how you could play the Personality cards were a bit unintuitive, at least to us (we're fairly heavy MTG players). When you could/couldn't was unclear, especially given the "play this whenevs, but not really" nature of the "Play anytime" cards. There was also some dissent over the strictness of the "no negotiating until the pawn's on the Problem" rule, as people were inclined to figure out if there was any will/ability (in terms of Personality cards) to solve problem X before wasting a turn on it. -- We had some discussion about the viability of the "spoiler strat" of going for Disgrace, whether it's the kind of thing you can reasonably aim for with a low-Personality House. We also reveled in the OP-ness of the Steel Ministry as a faction in a 3-player game, since they just go LOL at a fair number of pretty nasty STEEL MINISTRY card effects, which we pulled a lot of. Also gorram Yeden, he came out early both games and we couldn't muster the will to deal with him, so he just kept cycling in more problems. One thing we found was that no one was really that inclined to even discuss long-term deals: mostly it was "okay, going rate of about 2 Favor per resource committed to a deal, deviations as appropriate", with some Personality shenanigans thrown in on occasion. Two of us were holding Obligators but never used them because people just weren't even pretending to make anything but one-Problem deals. Things may get different in 4+ player games, with the possibility of more permanent alliances or the like. A balance concern arose, though we're still on the fence about it: Augors plus Heirs (the cards that give you 2 Favor/Disgrace per resource of type X at the end of the game) are crazy strong in terms of end-game scoring, particularly in shorter games. I got a 12 point swing (would have been 18 and the win if not for some unfortunate Eruptions the turn before) last turn of our Medium game using an Augor to swap everything out for food, and another guy got 14(?) in the Short game by doing essentially the same thing. Those are extreme examples, but the combination does seem to make the Augor unusually powerful. -- An amusing anecdote here is that our first game we randomly dealt out the two Houses that get 3 Personality cards each turn, along with another getting 2. So that was a lot of complexity to deal with for the first game.
  14. Cadmium within Bendalloy is pretty much my model as well. -Related: Big thread of bubbles.
  15. We kinda-sorta maybe know the basic unit is based on Breaths.