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  1. I mean if we want to get pedantic here all FTL communication and movement entail time travel.
  2. The real question is if you can soulcast something into not being aluminum. I suspect this is a "you can make a boulder heavy enough that you can't lift it" situation.
  3. Even if Ruin's not trying to pretend he's reading thoughts, there are a pair of quick alternatives that come to mind: -Zane's literally crazy. He may have mumbled those words out-loud as he thought them, but the point-of-view didn't know it. -Ruin didn't actually mean to try to imply he was thought-reading. He could have just gone "You hate him! He kept you in squalor, forcing you to fight for your survival as a child. <short pause> Then use that strength to kill him!"
  4. See now @Oversleep is making me feel guilty because I neglected to shout-out at him. :\ To downplay it all a bit, I don't regard my guess as any great feat of insight or really a "theory". We got the WoB on there being a Terriswoman woldhopper in Warbreaker, everyone started hunting/word-searching, I was like "hey look a semi-prominent female character" and that's all she wrote. I only became more sure when Brandon gave that gleeful RAFO to me.
  5. If you've got an iPhone I just figured out a nice trick: from the Voice Memos app you can choose the Google Drive app (if you have it installed) as a "Sharing" destination, and move files around that way. I don't believe it's size-limited.
  6. That's an 'n' for "Hands all red", and is a quote from the book. He's been putting it into a lot of SoS copies he signs and it has no deeper meaning that I'm aware of.
  7. Just caught up on Netflix. So... I got the impression that the show wanted us to dislike Mace for the first while there. But I didn't? Besides beaurocratic silliness I don't recall him doing much of anything to dislike him for. Was I reading the show's subtext wrong?
  8. Ah, I'd forgotten that. So from this I'm getting the sense that it's a matter of degrees more so that there being any hard limits. The Bands are probably the most Invested object on Scadrial, and a stuffed-to-the-gills metalmind is probably pretty Invested as well. But yeah probably a fully-filled metalmind is functionally "fully resistant" to pushing (you might want to call out your EDIT so future generations aren't confused) for all intents and purposes.
  9. Ah. That's interesting. The only example of a completely-unpushable metalmind I can recall is the Bands: Do you recall the source for the general rule that completely-full metalminds are unpushable?
  10. Where do we know this from? In SoS (chapter 7) Wax assesses that some bits of metal aren't metalminds by Pushing on them: I doubt he'd be so certain if only 100% filled metalminds are resistant to Pushing.
  11. Mod note: split off the rest of the discussion into it's own thread at Oversleep's request.
  12. I wouldn't bet too heavily on being able to get creative with storing mass, given Peter's reaction to a Tor article's talk about it.
  13. They're reducing mass. I try not to do this, but word-searching "mass" on the Feruchemy Theoryland search should provide ample background. I can't find it at the moment, but I'm also pretty sure we have a direct quote on it not being able to go negative, since ,as Storming Radiant said, you can generally only store what you have. Section x8 here has a bit about FTL possibilities, with a focus on time bubbles, if you're interested.
  14. Not to contradict Chaos, but it wasn't quite "elegant." Simple, sure, but a bit unsatisfying since I'm still unsure of the root cause of the issue. There's something odd going on with the icons (which are technically characters in a custom font library, to give you a hint of how deep the rabbit hole goes) where they think they're much taller than they should be. Nothing could be done to convince them otherwise, so we just threw an overflow: hidden; onto the parent element and washed our hands of the matter.
  15. Fear not! "Lists" and "stuff you've come up with" can be combined! That one time when Argent and I chased him out of the bookstore in Chicago he seemed impressed that our lists were our own, though in my case my own list also included some questions selectively stolen from the community at large.