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  1. Mistborn Pathfinder Class

    That works. I've taken the liberty of updating the link in the OP.
  2. Mistborn Pathfinder Class

    OP has a very very dead link.
  3. This is you guys I guess? -Aslydin bit at 16:15/17:58. Though I'm unclear on what "one of the nurses" means, as by my recollection was there only the one nurse that Vivenna employs. Were you referring to Siri's handmaidens?
  4. Good work making me laugh.
  5. It appears that he's doesn't recall my own suspicions on the matter. Is it unreasonable for us to expect him to remember every answer and RAFO for years running? ... Probably not. :|
  6. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    I thought Sadeas's colors were green?
  7. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    Topics merged.
  8. Mistborn Figurines

    Generally we try to avoid necroing threads from half a decade ago.
  9. WoB stack exchange

    That sounds incorrect.
  10. Book personalization [mistborn spoilers]

    Cool question and thanks for posting the answer.
  11. WoB stack exchange

    Yup, that's the one. Thanks. It looks like I was using just about every wrong search term I could: copper, Feruchemy/ist, "partial". :/
  12. WoB stack exchange

    I recall a WoB that it's possible to use Feruchemical copper to store "partial" memories: so you'd store say half of a memory and still have a fuzzy recollection of it, with the coppermind containing the other half. Can't find it now, though. :/
  13. Healing from a shardblade?

    Yeah, Feruchemical gold can heal shardblade wounds. Assuming that you an active line of healing is good enough to keep you going even if your spine gets severed (which I would guess is likely, given the (physically) traumatic stuff Miles goes through), then TLR should be able to heal no matter what. There is the long-term soul-scarring issue, but eh. More concerningly TLR really isn't a good candidate for a Versus match, since at the top of his game he simply wins. Functionally infinite Feruchemical steel alone is probably enough to one-shot essentially anyone without some special immunity, not to mention literally everything else TLR can do.
  14. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    Feel free to leave the timestamps in: they don't hurt anything and can be helpful if someone in the future wants to be 100% sure of tone and the Google Doc is down/slow/the person (read: me) is lazy.