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  1. Well crem. I guess that answers my question as to whether the event will end early enough for me to drive back to WI without falling asleep.
  2. The Song of Wars (55th stanza), for reference, as I was thinking of it too but didn't think to quote it:
  3. In WoR we have this line from Shallan in chapter 71: Then in Oathbringer during a Taravangian scene (the chapter before 108, I'm using Google Books at the moment) we see Malata use Division to carve out a pattern on a tabletop: Sounds rather familiar, no? As a high-level mini-theory, then, I would suggest that Division was used in some form (I don't know if it was by KR or by Honor or what) to cause the Shattering of the Plains.
  4. Yeah, probably. Changing more than hair has been a thing since the annotations.
  5. Huh. I don’t see why not. The logistics would be challenging and it would be hard to confirm the kill, but yeah if you got lucky I don’t see why you couldn’t manage to stab someone through the eye or something.
  6. Got it, thanks.
  7. Very true. Thanks for the catch.
  8. That's intentional. We're in the middle of transcribing so everything's hidden for now, though I assure you we're slowly but surely filling out the event.
  9. My contributions, cribbed from my "see I totally got that pretty fast" notes and other random impressions: From the Dalinar flashbacks: Ah ye-olde anti-Shardbearer weaponry. Brings back the good old days. Nets/ropes and whatnot attached to projectiles didn't occur to us, IIRC. Mraize's chicken: If that's not an aviar... Well okay it's just an aviar. Let's all accept that. Shallan is not in a good place. [This general sentiment basically persists from me through the entire book] Heraldic symoblism seemed a bit scattershot this time. Usually I can parse the chapter header symbols pretty well, but here it seemed like there was a lot of "well everyone's being Dependable/Resourcful, so let's slap Taln's face up there" I'm calling it that the strange glass panes and the discs in the floor/ceiling in chapter 24 are for video conferencing and mini-oathgating, respectively. Chapter 38 (the Last Desolation vision): Okay maybe too much of an infodump. I'm surprised we never had to have an awkward conversations with the Thaylens about the Passions and how Odium & Co. are also all about the Passions... -- One thing I'm unclear on is if Dalinar's ever actually gotten these glimpses of the God Beyond(?), or if it was all just Odium being Odious. At the end there it was implied he was still getting those impressions and it was a good thing, but until then I'd just assumed it was Odium seeping in after the first time he broke into a Stormfather vision, given Dalinar's initial reaction. -- 64: "The Stormfather hates to be misquoted." - Good line. 67: Investiture-detecting jar: Sand from Taldain? 77: Yes hello Sleepless cremling. You're looking obvious today. 79: Oh hi Vivenna. Thought we'd have to work harder to spot you. -- Kaladin's BSOD during the fight in the palace was... ill-timed. Guessing here that the 4th Ideal is something to the effect of "I'll protect only those I can", backed up by the one epigraph quote from a Windrunner. I've a mini-theory that the Everstorm was partially empowered/guided by the Fused who haven't been embodied yet, and that they guide the lighting etc. strategically if they want to. So it's getting less nasty as more Fused take over bodies. Didn't see any of the Renarin suspicion from Jasnah coming, at all. The spren appearance research, the whole spiel about internal threats to dynasties, etc. None of it registered as relevant to Ren until Shallan was half a second from shanking him and the text was kind enough to spell it out for me. Stormfather’s interaction with Lopen at the end were amusing. Also Cultivation was the unexpected badchull there, outplaying Odium like a boss. MVP. --------- All in all I liked the book well enough. I'll need some digestion and a re-read to really settle on an opinion. Glancing through this thread there's some consternation over the love triangle. Honestly I saw it as a non-entity even from back in WoR, and didn't take Shallodin seriously as an option. I'd have been shocked if it ever actually became a thing, so there was never much tension from it for me, more just something that spoke to Shallan's/Kaladin's state of mind. The crossover/fan-aimed stuff did perhaps get a bit extreme. I'm too deep in all of this to appreciate an outsider's perspective, but I'd likely have been hella'-confused by a lot of the Shadesmar stuff, the Realmatic Capitalized Things being mentioned left right and center, etc. Some of the more minor stuff would also be weird from an outside perspective, I think. Specifically: The Diagramists knowing to look for the secret that broke the KR. We knew that because that one diagram entry got decrypted, but the way it was mentioned in-book a few hundred pages before the reveal seemed a bit opaque/out of nowhere Navani's painrial taser. Don't read Alethi women's script? Well I guess that scene where Navani super-tases everyone will be particularly surprising to you. Again, I can't judge what effect this might have on immersion, suspension of disbelief, etc. for a less obsessive reader than I. Edit: Removed an inaccurate quote/comment
  10. @Argent Yeah reading that I'm fairly convinced that whole art page was a nod to you glyph-obsessed madmen.
  11. Brandon saying so once people asked based on the clues. The Coppermind citations tell the tale.
  12. FYI we're usually pretty good about heeding questioner's/Brandon's requests to not put a WoB online. Argent makes it his personal mission at all the CHI signings to turn the recorder off/on in such cases, and otherwise we just audit the recording and cut out any parts where Brandon goes "I don't want this online" or the like. For the release party we'll have Shard admins probably right there, so if you're feeling private and don't want to spend "Brandon time" asking you could also ask one of them to make a note of it.
  13. There's a bunch of WoBs on the matter, but this one's the best I know of: Source:
  14. Sadly I don't think Brandon's developed psychic powers just yet, so if "Do powerful magnets affect metalminds or metal reserves in metalborn?" was the whole text of your question then that's all Brandon had to go off of, so that's the only thing that's appropriate to put in Arcanum.
  15. The Moon Scepter is magically significant, but TES takes place after Elantra’s so the timeline doesn’t match up. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/80/#e5302