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  1. [Snapshot Spoilers] Snapshot Reactions Thread

    I liked it well enough. One interesting thing that happened was my understanding of Chaz's character taking some interesting twists and turns around Ingred street. Chaz was the one who brought it up as a destination both times before they went there. At first it sounded like it was a bar or something that Chaz wanted to waste time at, buoyed by Davis's internal "of course you want to go to Ingred". Then we found out that it was where Davis's son was, and I was all like "aw Chaz is suggesting this for Davis's sake". Then the twist happens...
  2. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    If you desperately need something singable he'll sign your e-reader or the like, also.
  3. The Emperor's Soul - Visual Inspiration?

    The art from Arcanum Unbounded might prove helpful in getting the feel right.
  4. Space Born Era Mistborn

    An interesting thought. It relies on some unknown interactions regarding how frames of reference work, though. If, for instance, you could finagle it so that your cadmium bubble shares say the moon's some random asteroids frame of reference once it's created, then I could see a scenario where the bubble (I believe this would work with either time of time bubble) would be yanked off in the direction of that object and pull the ship along for the ride. That'd be quite a feat of finagling, though. @Weltall I'm not 100% sure gravity is completely a thing for time bubbles, or at least that it's not scaled to match the bubbles compression rate. So if you had a 1/10 cadmium bubble then I could see the objects within falling at ~1m/s^2. Also recall that time bubble occupancy is a completely on/off thing: there's no such thing as "parts" of the ship being not affected by the bubble. If that were the case than calculus would take over and everything would explode. -- Sources: Have a thread.
  5. 2017-03-10 /r/fantasy AMA

    It was just one at a time. Source:
  6. Sanderson Memes

    Aaaand this is a good time to chime in with the classic "keep politics out of the boards" message.
  7. The End of Genius, and an Ethical Dilema

    Not me, I don't believe. I tended to shy away form speculation about mechallomancy because it was such an unknown.
  8. Cadmium time capsule

    Yes. Cadmium hermit can time-capsule self:
  9. Regarding the first question, I believe there's a point in Shadows of Self where Wax uses his Allomantic steel to assess whether something is a spike.
  10. The Ultimate List of Questions for Brandon

    Why would it being in binary matter?
  11. WoB stack exchange

    Yup, that'll do it. Given that the newer WoB is 1) Newer and 2) Not-paraphrased, it wins the day.
  12. WoB stack exchange

    It's a poorly-organized bookmarks folder with cryptic names for each bookmark, technically.
  13. WoB stack exchange

    This is the one Spoolofwhool's referencing. *Saved as "Hoops to awaken" in my mondo-folder of WoBs. Note that it's a paraphrase; and though it's a few months before the anyone with Breath can Awaken WoB, that one is also a bit sketchy to extend out to anyone with Breath can awaken, since the statement wasn't really in a worldhopping context: it could easily be interpreted as "anyone from Nalthis can awaken".
  14. Allomantic Electrum: underrated?

    We have. The very first time we saw anyone burn electrum was Vin during the inquisitor fight at the beginning of HoA. She burned it as a precaution against atium, but there was no indication that the fact that multiple shadows showed up was evidence of atium use; after the fight they even cut open the inquisitor to try and see if he had swallowed any atium, and concluded that he hadn't, just as none inquisitors they'd faced recently had had any atium either. That and the "how does electrum" FAQ I quoted up above mentions that you get the multiple shadows by default.
  15. Everything We Know About Time Bubbles

    ...and I finally updated the OP to v2.0. Alterations include, but are not limited to, incorporating the WoBs and book info from this thread, restructuring where the sections are, adding in a table of contents and definition of terms, getting rid of that obnoxious blue... EDIT: Added WoB: Cadmium affects time, not perceptions (paraphrase): This post serves the dual purpose of alerting my loyal followers to the v2.0 update and being an archive of the previous version of the OP, minus its citation archive since that's been retained without alteration. v1.7