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      Part 2 Reactions
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  1. Discord is down again
  2. Nightwatcher...and here I was super excited about thematically fitting in with Dawnsinger. That is so deevy.

  3. I know this isn't a death rattle, but this epigraph of a listener song certainly has new meaning: Pretty obvious in retrospect.
  4. There's still some issues: https://status.discordapp.com It is excruciating, I need my fix!
  5. You can upload this directly: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/173-oathbringer-san-francisco-signing/ In the future let's put new audio in the event thread, not buried in this corrections thread However, thank you!
  6. When you get a chance please upload audio here: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/173-oathbringer-san-francisco-signing/ Additionally if you have gotten stuff in signed books also post the image here so we can verify it.
  7. My US hardcover says "And Dalinar gradually realizes" on its inside flap.
  8. I agree; go to the Maya thread. I will close this one
  9. Definitely, this was a huge eye-opening thing when I reread the Death Rattles. This one could refer to the humans destroying Roshar with Surgebinding.
  10. Actually @Kapin I'd like you to post this in the Event thread, so Arcanists can keep track of this easier when we input stuff things into events. If you just came from the San Francisco signing, post here: Thanks for joining! Hope to see you around
  11. Post these here: I will be locking this thread.
  12. There are some full book spoilers here. Wait a bit