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  1. Yeah I don't know, it's super weird. (Also, since I freak out about weird 17S errors, it's nice that I can say that it was not at all my fault here.)
  2. I've heard that people in certain countries get that error; apparently it's been very longstanding. We certainly won't have that issue in the new one (and is another reason to run things in house, so we can fix stuff like that). Amusingly enough, in the one specific hotel I am at in Japan right now, the hotel WiFi gives that error but mobile data accesses it just fine. I couldn't fathom a guess as to how they set up Theoryland wrong.
  3. I'm still quite proud of my work on those ranks.
  4. Guys, you don't know it yet because we haven't showed you the archive yet, but it's really cool. Also Mestiv is a god.
  5. @Mestiv for sure He's a rock star in my book for his work on the new WoB archive.
  6. I would take one point out of ten for that Also remember your differentials!! Don't make me cry.
  7. At first this had me turn my head, but the answer to your question is simple: |x-1| and |1-x| are the same function. You see, when you integrate 1/x, the antiderivative is not ln(x), but actually ln|x|. That absolute value is important because now those two functions have the same domains. That is essential here because when you integrate 1/(x-1) you get ln|x-1|. But really, by looking ln(x-1) vs. ln(1-x) they are the same function except for some domain issues. The absolute values fix that. ln|x-1| contains those smaller domained functions. Basically those two functions are the two halves of ln|x-1|. Of course, if you use Wolfram Alpha plotting you'll see that their graph of their real part (if you allow complex solutions) are exactly the same:
  8. Okay okay okay I'll make the forum! Sorry for the delay. I probably should have done that before heading to Japan... It's done now. If there are Oathbringer related topics floating around, can you link them here so we can get them moved there? Thanks!
  9. I've edited this topic title; the previous one "Why does everyone like Mistborn" was clickbaity and deceptive. That's not useful for anyone.
  10. That sounds pretty applied. I dunno, my E&M is really poor and I don't know anything about EE, sorry.
  11. Updating wiki citations will indeed be a big project and is on the agenda. For the past few years (since 2014 or so) when things weren't all getting into Theoryland, it was faster to cite on the wiki the direct source. So direct sources are fine, but I imagine eventually most everything should get converted to the new citations. At the very least, depreciating Theoryland for those citations. (Pagerunner is correct that Theoryland may be relevant to cite in some very specific circumstances, but I imagine that will be very particular.) That conversion will be a big project and will take a while to do, and I couldn't tell you when that would be done.
  12. Well if you ever need help with math, you know who to contact
  13. We will not be including any Wheel of Time related quotes. So yup
  14. We have a pretty good name that we came up a day or so ago but Weiry was not ready to confirm it quite yet. I'm really liking the name we have planned though; I'm liking it more and more the more people I run it past. Nothing to announce yet though! Thank you for the suggestions, however, but I think we are set
  15. For a general user, they can submit things and suggest edits, but they won't go live until their stuff is approved. Anyone could do that, though. We expect there will be a core group of pro community members who contribute a lot and they will get a special rank, and be able to avoid the approval queue because they know the conventions and stuff. These to start out with will likely be our beta users.