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  1. Hi Majestic! Welcome. It is interesting to hear your perspective. I wanted to talk about the Three Realms. Other posters are talking about its cosmere significance, and that is certainly true, but I think by using that explanation in justifying it they are missing the greater writerly point for why the Three Realms are there. Ultimately, Brandon likes these high fantasy concepts, and a big part of fantasy is to create that sense of wonder, and that sense of being in a totally other place. I think the reason the Three Realms are there is because it adds to that sense of wonder and makes this world feel vast--similar to how our world can feel impossibly vast. If I were to guess I think this exists to try to evoke this sense of wonder. The spren do a similar thing, to just ask, "wouldn't it be cool if your emotions were visual?" I certainly loved how weird and alien Shadesmar was. And I think spren do add a lot to the series. One scene in Way of Kings when Elhokar kills that chasmfiend has a gloryspren around him, and it really solidifies the triumph he felt there. In Oathbringer, where all the gloryspren stream to Dalinar as he summons Honor's Perpendicularity... that's one of the coolest things I've ever read, so I do think these things have a very real positive effect on the books. You might feel differently, and that's okay. That's a personal taste thing. But I'd certainly say the multiple realms and the spren add to the story.
  2. I mean, Brandon often says anything is possible, so sure, I suppose. But at this stage it seems very straightforward and concrete with no wiggle room, so we will generally support the canonical interpretations when it comes to matters. We aren't going to be theorizing things on this show that we know to be actively false I feel we have a duty to be as accurate as possible. We want to educate people to how things are in the cosmere.
  3. It's simply a reference to this WoB, where Brandon said exactly that: You said there was the WoB but the "not how any of this works" is what Brandon said, so we are just repeating that because we find that Brandon said that amusing. As for the file format, should just be an mp3.
  4. This week we are diving back into a controversial character from Oathbringer: Venli! And of course, as is obvious if you've read Oathbringer, we have to talk about Eshonai too. Behold as we have an epic war between Ben (Overlord Jebus), Ian (WeiryWriter), and I on these characters. (My apologies this one is late; turns out 12-14 hour days all this week was a bit rough. Crazy, right?) Email your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected] Subscribe to Shardcast:
  5. You can subscribe using any podcasting app using:
  6. Heck yes, it's an amazing font. It's actually the new font they use for Stormlight books, so it's the one on the Oathbringer cover. (Although their graphic designers stretched it a bit.) It's called Poetica Roman Small Caps. Though maybe I shouldn't reveal such cool stuff
  7. You can create a wide range of Activity Streams to do exactly this sort of thing and more from the newspaper icon on the top bar:
  8. Sorry it's so late. It's been a really busy week, rather unexpectedly.
  9. You've asked for an introduction and analysis of the Secret Societies of Roshar, and so here we are. There are Oathbringer spoilers, but we'll talk about the Ghostbloods, the Sons of Honor, the Diagram, the Skybreakers, and several worldhopping organizations too. We also discuss how dumb some of their plans are. And we also talk about Tezim a lot. Hilariously, Ian's power went out as we first tried recording this podcast. These secret societies don't want this information out! Or something. Today we have Eric (Chaos), a crazy Diagramist. We also have Ian (WeiryWriter), a crazy Ire, and lastly, we have Alyx (FeatherWriter), a crazy Skybreaker. Yup, we've all sworn the oaths. You can submit your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected] Subscribe to Shardcast here:
  10. It's okay There's a limited number of ways I can customize that. Trying to make it more obvious.
  11. Yeah I still need to submit it to iTunes and such. The RSS feed, as displayed on the description of videos and on the sidebar of our Soundcloud, is this, which should work fine:
  12. The word intent, with respect to a Shard's intent, should never be capitalized. It is never capitalized in the books in this context and the quote where I got the word from--a Hero of Ages annotation--did not capitalize it. Capital-I Intent in the cosmere refers to the usage of magic/Investiture and your intentions with it. (I feel very strongly about this; do not capitalize intent when referring to a Shard.) Mandate is a poor term as that implies there was some grand design or something saying "yo this Shard, do this." Adonalsium could have been broken in different ways and so implying that there is some kind of higher thing giving their Shards that is a bad idea. What the Shard is is intrinsic to the force itself. At this stage we will need to wait for Brandon to make a term. We will never agree on a good term. Intent isn't perfect but it's okay enough. (But don't capitalize it.) Anyway, let's get this thread back on track.
  13. There's been no WoB about this. I think it's an oversight. There are many oversights in White Sand. For example, you can see in Ais's daughter's room a regular old lampshade. There's no evidence they have electricity, so why would you have a lampshade like that? There's no reason. Other fun things in White Sand vol. 2: The Lord Mastrell's office has a standard ceiling fan, and there is also a freaking horse. I would say it is simply an art error, but we don't have an official statement on the matter. I've lampooned this on the podcast, but it really makes no sense for the sand masters to bring a freaking boombox to the Kerla for the ceremony/ritual/thing.