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    Hey everyone, I just figured you all might like to know about what I learned today at Brandon's Seattle book signing. I took my notepad in when asking Brandon a question and he confirmed that Order #5 is the Truthwatchers, Order #8 is the Willshapers, Order #10 is the Bondsmiths. Turns out I had Cohesion and Tension backwards on the chart I showed him, so I corrected the surges at his instruction in the diagram below (I used a note-taking app to record all of this so I apologize if my handwriting is hard to read XD I'd be happy to explain or translate if anything is particularly illegible )
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    LG43: Under the Banner of Adonalsium Actions and Turns: Each Cycle will consist of a Day Turn and a Night Turn. Day Turns will last roughly 48 hours, while Night Turns will last approximately 24 hours. Every player may use only one action during each Turn. In addition to any actions made available by Roles, Shards, or Shardworlds, each player may use their action during the Day turn to worldhop from one location to another, and may use an action during either Turn to pass one or more charges of investiture they possess to another player. Unless otherwise specified, actions can only affect players on the same world as you! Unless otherwise specified, actions can only affect living players! Death and the Cognitive Realm: When a player loses their last life, they pass to the Cognitive Realm - a doc for dead players to talk together. Their Roles and Faction are revealed, and they are no longer considered to be living players. However, they are still part of the game, and can be targeted by some abilities. Players in the Cognitive Realm cannot post in the thread or in PMs with other players, or take actions. However, they retain any investiture or roles they had in life. Shardworlds: There will be 6 worlds available: Silverlight, Roshar, Scadrial, Nalthis, Taldain, and Braize. Each world except for Silverlight will have it’s own Doc that players can use to communicate privately. Each player will start in Silverlight. In addition to private communications, each Shardworld other than Silverlight gives access to a special action or passive ability to the players that worldhop to it. Roshar - A player on Roshar may use an action during either Turn to exchange one charge of investiture for another charge of investiture from any Shard. Scadrial - A player on Scadrial may use an action during either Turn to exchange one charge of investiture for an extra life that lasts until the end of the Turn. Nalthis - A player on Nalthis may use an action during the Day Turn to exchange one charge of investiture to count their vote double. Taldain - A player on Taldain does not gain any special ability, but their actions may affect any player, regardless of the world they are on. Braize - A player on Braize may use an action during the Night Turn to exchange 2 charges of investiture to attack a player on any Shardworld. Factions: Adonalsium’s Chosen - After losing control of the 17th Shard, Hoid has fled to the farthest reaches of the Cognitive Realm to plot how to reforge Adonalsium under the very noses of the researchers he once led. You are one of his loyal followers, ready to steal the Shards and combine their power again. You win the game if your faction outnumbers all living players. Sudden Death Win Condition - If all 11 Shards are fused into a single Shard, Adonalsium’s Chosen win the game. Standard of Harmony - For a long while, Khrissala has hidden in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to restore the state of the Cosmere to its former stability. Now, with Hoid out of the way, you stand with her as she acts to release the Shards again. You win the game if your faction outnumbers all living players. Sudden Death Win Condition - If all 10 shards other than Survival are invested in a Shardworld, the Standard of Harmony wins the game. 17th Shard - With the dangerous machinations of the madman who once led you taken care of, you are free to study the power of the shards however you like. And if you keep their power to yourselves, who could blame you? It’s not everyday you get offered a chance at Shardic power. You win the game if all members of the Standard of Harmony and Adonalsium’s Chosen are killed. Sudden Death Win Condition - If Hoid and Khrissala are killed and all 11 Shards are in containment, the 17th Shard wins the game. Standard Roles: Researcher - You are a worker in the vast Silverlight labs, studying the Shards and their power. With the recent unrest, you have found it prudent to siphon some of the Investiture off for your own protection. Surely that can’t have any side effects, right? While in Silverlight, each Night Turn, you may use your action to target a contained Shard and steal a charge of Investiture from it. In addition, if you hold a Shard of Adonalsium, you may use one actions during both the Day Turn and the Night Turn of a single Cycle to put the Shard back into containment. If you hold a shattered Shard of Adonalsium, you may use a single action on any Turn to put it into containment. Every player except for Hoid and Khrissala starts out with this Role. Hoid - You are the leader of Adonalsium’s Chosen, and a worldhopper of vast experience. You may carry any number of Investiture charges from any number of Shards and begin the game with one charge of investiture from each of them. As the leader of your faction, you are immune to alignment or win condition change, and may use your action during the Night Turn to target a player on the same world as you and convert them to your team. This conversion fails if you target a player who holds a Shard or if you target a member of the Standard of Harmony. You may convert up to X players over the course of the game. Alternatively, if you are in Silverlight, you may use your action during the Night Turn to target a Shard in containment. That Shard requires one fewer charges of stolen investiture to be released that Night. If you ever hold two Shards, you may use your action during either Turn to fuse the two Shards together into a new Shard. You may not take any attack actions. Also, any time a Shard attempts to invest in you, the investment fails as if they had tried to invest in another Shard. In addition, each time this happens, you steal a charge of investiture from that Shard. Khrissala - You are the leader of the Standard of Harmony, and a worldhopper of vast experience. You may carry any number of Investiture charges from any number of Shards. As the leader of your faction, you are immune to alignment or win condition change, and may use your action during the Night Turn to target a player on the same world as you and convert them to your team. This conversion fails if you target a player who holds a Shard or if you target a member of Adonalsium’s Chosen. You may convert up to X players over the course of the game. Alternatively, if you are in Silverlight, you may use your action during the Night Turn to target up to two Shards. You steal one charge of investiture from each Shard. If you are on any other world and you hold a Shard of Adonalsium, you may instead use an action during either Turn to invest that shard in the world. Shards of Adonalsium: List of Shards and Their Abilities: Cognitive Realm Roles: Returned: You return to the Physical Realm, losing any Roles or Investiture you had in your previous life. However, you may use your action during the Night Turn to do one of the following: roleblock a player on any world, protect a player from all attacks during a Cycle, or give another player two charges of investiture from any Shard or Shards. Using any of these actions will cause you to lose a life. If you lose all of your remaining lives again, you will be removed from the game and go straight to the Spiritual Realm (the spectator doc). Shade: You may burn any charges of investiture you still possess and use the actions gained to target living players on any Shardworld. You may not use any other actions. Signups are open now, and will last until: Quick links:
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    Here is a thread for asking our beloved vashikaran magic residents questions. But you're only allowed to ask one question and that question is: Can you please stop spamming our forum, no one is ever going to give you money for anything, so could stop wasting everyones time and just stop please?
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    I may not start the game knowing how to do hemalurgy. Playing an albino skaa mistborn from the remote dominance is okay. Having him be raised by koloss is not. Even after we've thrown the Final Empire into chaos and learned how to control koloss via allomancy, koloss blades still cannot be props for player characters. I am no longer allowed to have more than ten nudges. Terrisman Drizzt Do'Urden is NOT a valid character concept. This issue is closed. Canon defilement is fun. Using Straff Venture's skull as a bowl for anachronistic tortilla chips is not. If Kelsier stabs his eye out with a spike, he is god. If my character stabs his eye out with a spike, the next scene will involve a steel inquisitor chopping his head off. I cannot play a koloss. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a metal album cover are okay. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a "Weird Al" Yankovic album cover are not. Even though the above rule is in operation, playing blood-crazed servants of Ruin is generally frowned upon by my fellow players. Kandra canot be made using spikes taken from koloss. "Homicidal Maniac" is NOT a Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, or Personality trait. If I say my latest character concept is "extremely awesome", I am not allowed to play it. My character's drive can NOT be "Destroy Everything". This issue is also closed. Again. No more homicidal maniacs unless we're playing an evil campaign. Genocidal maniacs, omnicidal maniacs, fratricidal maniacs, and suicidal maniacs are also forever closed to me as character options. Tyrranicidal maniacs are okay, though. Lockpicks are not a valid torture implement. Arson is NOT the solution to all problems. When it's my turn to GM (or narrate or whatever), I will not treat everything the players say as their characters' actions in game. We are NOT playing Normality. Kandra women are not "the hottest women on Scadrial". Period. Any campaign where I become the holder of the shard of Ruin will end as soon as I become holder of the shard of Ruin. Even if the rest of the story isn't even close to complete. The same is true of the shard of Preservation. No matter how high my physique score is, I am not allowed to carry around a catapult. I am the reason we can't have nice things. Or massive stockpiles of Lerasium. (End of part 1 of the list.) A 73-year old skaa beggar cannot have a physique score of 6. I will not attack every character with piercings that we meet. The battle cry of servants of Ruin is not "Blood for the blood god"! There are no such things as koloss allomancers. I will not mock the steel inquisitors. "I just got this feeling." is an acceptable in-universe excuse for the metagamer to use his knowledge from the books to discover new allomantic metals, but "I hated him." is not an acceptable in-universe excuse to kill the metagamer. I will stop trying to convert random Extras to Cthulhu Mythos cults. Noblemen do not taste like chicken. I do not worship plants. I cannot kill an army all by myself. Even if I say please. I cannot base my skaa tineye off of Negan from the Walking Dead. Twinborn do not exist until the second age. If I light Rashek on fire, it will just piss him off. If my character has the "sniveling coward" burden, he cannot charge an army of several thousand koloss with no armor or weapons except for a table leg. No more starting death cults. My kandra cannot be the source of more than three werewolf legends per campaign. I cannot play a terrisman for the sole purpose of mocking my teammates in ancient languages they do not understand. When talking about skaa while pretending to be a nobleman, I cannot say that "They're like people, but there are more of them". I am not allowed to have five obsidian daggers as my only props at the start of the campaign. When given a list of mental illnesses for my insane character and told to choose one, I cannot pick "all of the above". I cannot violate the first contract over a game of shelldry. My character's name can't be Human. I am no longer allowed to play mentally ill characters unless the GM (or Narrator, as the game calls him) says otherwise. When we run out of supplies on the road, I will not suggest we resort to attacking and eating a nearby band of koloss. Especially if they outnumber us 50:1. My scholarly noble mistborn will not speak in eastern street slang. (End of part 2 of the list.) Any campaign where my kandra becomes the god of the afterlife not only never happened, but will never ever happen ever again. Period. Quellion the Citizen's flag does not include any swastikas. Kandra are not edible. I will not base characters off of Pink Floyd songs. Or Led Zeppelin songs. Or Judas Priest songs (this goes double if they're off the Jugulator album). Koloss swords are generally not considered acceptable dueling weapons. I will not solve every social conflict by turning it into a physical conflict. I cannot bribe the Lord Ruler, no matter how many duraluminmind charges I'm tapping. I will not burn duralumin and aluminum at the same time. The same goes for nicrosil and chromium. "Nobody expects the canton of inquisition!" is a really bad pun. Skaa are not good eating. Despite what word of god says on the matter, kanda can't burn lerasium. This issue is closed. I will not play "One Second" by Paradise Lost when I tap a huge amount of (feruchemical) zinc charges. I may not threaten to eat the steel inquisitor, even if I mean it. Especially if I mean it. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot start the game as Lord Prelan. After the thermite-napalm incident, I may no longer play mad scientists, inventors, or pyromaniacs. Especially if my character is all three. I will not be surprised or offended that "terrisman stew" does not contain actual terrismen, nor will I attempt to remedy the situation. We may not make "ash angels" in the fallen ash. Even if we say please. My leather armor cannot be made of koloss skin. We cannot quote Shakespeare when the Lord Ruler dies. Mistwraiths do not taste like jellyfish. Nor does my character know what jellyfish taste like. Or even what jellyfish are. No matter how insane my character is, he is not allowed to respond to interrogation by just saying "I am a stick"! I cannot kill every single female character in the crew that has a male player just because I find that sort of thing kind of creepy. I am no longer allowed to be the crew's primary fighter if I have "Chef" as my profession trait. If I ever deal more than 20 damage, my character will become the favored servant of Ruin. I am no longer allowed to have a steel, iron, or pewter rating of 10. This issue is closed. (End of part 3 of the list.) I may not have "god" as my profession trait. Even if the game says I have to have two negative circumstances to lose even one die on any roll, I automatically lose 3 if I try to start a physical conflict in a tornado. Southern Scadrians are not "Pre-cooked meat". My character's name is not Randy and he does not speak fluent German. We may no longer combine the "Create Guns" and "Malwish Technologist" stunts. The same is true for attempting to combine the "Create Custom Ammo", "Create Hazekiller Ammo", or "Customize Guns" stunts with the "Malwish Technologist" stunt. Even though there is no maximum encumbrance, I can't carry around 20 compressed kandra in my backpack. I may not play a worldhopper. I may not eat the koloss-blooded bandit we just killed unless I'm a kandra. I am not allowed to convince everyone in the crew base their characters off of characters from The Order of the Stick. "Elder Thing" is not an acceptable race selection. No more cannibalism unless I'm a kandra. I may not execute 50,000 random people every week just because it's Monday. I may not cuss NPCs out in foreign languages. Especially Finnish. I may no longer take the "Scrounger" stunt if I'm a chromium compounder. Or capable of using feruchemical chromium at all, for that matter. "Misthammer 40k" is a horrible idea. My character may not invent tabletop roleplaying games during his downtime. My character's name cannot be "Nyarlhotep", "Outer God" is not an acceptable race selection, "Messenger of the Outer Gods" is not an acceptable profession, and "Crawling Chaos" is not an acceptable specialty. I cannot play a Malwish character just so I can claim that, in my culture, it is polite to punch people in the face for no reason. Even if nothing in the rules forbids me from doing so, I may not dual wield koloss swords. Especially with a physique score of two. The definition of "cannibalism" in the context in which it was forbidden includes all sentient creatures, regardless of race. My character cannot start the game with an all-consuming hatred of masks and the people who wear them. Neither "Alcoholic" nor "Hobo" are acceptable profession traits. This is, of course, doubly true of "Alcoholic Hobo". I may not create a Rube Goldberg Device at all, but especially to do any of the following: Pour me more beer, put my clean clothes away, punch people in the face, disturb the peace, destroy Malwish masks, kill things I don't like, or be an abomination against nature. "Chaotic Stupid" is not an acceptable personality trait for a lawman. Or anyone, for that matter, but especially a lawman. My character's destiny cannot be "Find Ironeyes and cuss him out". (End of part 4 of the list.) If, at any point ,my brass compounder takes on the mannerisms of Obliteration, he dies. If the responsibility of executing an outlaw falls upon our group, the people expect us to choose hanging or firing squad as our method, not blood eagle. "Hypnosis" is not an acceptable specialty for my roughs lawman. I do not put the "riot" in "rioter". I may not use my duralumin compounding to get laid. The Words of Founding say nothing about the Cthulhu Mythos. My character was born in Elendel, not New Orleans. If I have an influence score of 2, I may not start the game with the "Legendary Gun" stunt. I cannot choose more targets using the salvo option of my Terringul Ripper than there are bullets in it, even if, technically, the rules allow it. I may not use my contract with a kandra to make her take the form of an attractive woman for any reason. This issue is closed. I may not play an A-Copper/F-Duralumin twinborn with the "Face in the Crowd" stunt just to troll my crewmates by disappearing when they need me. "Bulletproof sunglasses" are not a real item and may not be taken as a prop during any era. "Drink beer and watch sports" cannot be my drive and it sure as hell can't be my destiny. If I take willpower damage, I can't roll for a bout of madness using the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook. I cannot usher in the apocalypse. I may not call random extras "Dirty, dirty communists". I may not select "Arousal" as my focused emotion for rioting. Nicrosil is not a toy. I may not start with a resources score of 8 and the "Filthy Rich" stunt just so I can take 11 soonie pups as my props. The "Point Blank" stunt does not apply to rotary guns. After Kelsier says "I am hope!" I can't say "And I'm despair"! There are no albino girls in the brothel, no matter how high my spirit roll is. I cannot play a steelrunner just so I can "get the hell outta here" whenever something dangerous happens. Kandra do not have feeding frenzies. Rotary guns are not acceptable dueling weapons. (End of part 5 of the list.) If you want more, just ask in the post replies/comment section thingy. Thank you.
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    When you realize that the word "poop" would be considered holy in Vorin countries.
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    On three separate occasions when Shallan is in Kholinar she hears at least two different voices in her head. One of the voices she thinks might be Wit. The other voice(s) she does not put a name to. I want to examine the text in more detail to see what the context tells us about who these voices are likely to be. The first occasion occurs when Shallan makes her first (unsuccessful) attempt to infiltrate the Revel as Swiftspren. As she gets pulled into the crowd of cultists she hears “whispering in the back of her mind.” Surrender. Give me your passion. Your pain. Your love. Give up your guilt. Embrace the end. Shallan, I am not your enemy. “That last line stood out, like a scar on a beautiful man’s face. Jarring.” On this occasion she does not specifically think she hears two different voices but she does note that the last line stands out and is jarring. All of the previous lines are about encouraging hedonism while the last line seems different and includes Shallan’s name. The second occasion occurs when Veil actually does get into the Revel and again she “began to hear the voice.” Let go. Give up your pain. Feast. Indulge. Embrace the end. Later in the same chapter as she gets into the control building and sees Ashertmarn she again hears: Give in. Join the revel. Shallan, listen to me. “She shook herself. That last voice had been different. She’d heard it before, hadn’t she?”… I’m not your enemy. But the heart is a trap. Take caution. I’ll get to the third occasion but before I do I want to discuss who the two voices are likely to be in these first two occasions because they seem a little more straightforward. First, one more crucial piece of evidence for the second voice. After Shallan finally confronts Ashertmarn and he flees, she sees a mirror and someone else in it. That figure in the mirror says, “Radiant, my name is Sja-Anat. And I am not your enemy.” So in both of the previous occasions she hears a voice that in short, simple sentences tells her to indulge. This fits with what we know of Ashertmarn, from Hessi’s Mythica, “he leads people to indulge in excess.” On both occasions at the end a voice comes in and calls Shallan by name and says it is not her enemy. The second time she is clear that it is a different voice and she thinks she has heard it before. So the pattern fits that on both occasions there is a first voice, which is Ashertmarn, and a second voice, which is the same both times. Given that when Shallan actually meets Sja-Anat she says “I am not your enemy,” it seems most likely that the second voice on both of those occasions is Sja-Anat. Finally, let’s look at the third occasion when Shallan hears voices, which is less clear but most interesting. When Shallan touches Ashertmarn she hears, “Give it all to me. Give me your passion, your hunger, your longing, your loss. Surrender it. You are what you feel.” This voice again seems to be Ashertmarn. It fits the pattern from before and she is actually touching him this time. At this point Shallan starts flashing from one person to another and getting confused about which one is her. Then she hears: “All of them. A new voice. Wit’s?”…”You’re all of them, Shallan. Why must you be only one emotion? One set of sensations? One role? One life?” “They rule me, Wit. Veil and Radiant and all the others. They’re consuming me.” “Then be ruled as a king is ruled by his subjects. Make Shallan so strong, the others must bow.” So the question is who is this second voice that she thinks is Wit? Even she questions that it is him and I think we should too. It would certainly be odd for him to be able to speak in her mind but to only do it on this one occasion. We never see her hear Wit’s voice at any other time. Later, in Part 4, she actually does think of Wit’s words, but in that case it is obvious that it is Shallan remembering the words, not hearing a voice in her head. And in that case the words match nearly exactly with what Wit actually said as opposed to being something she has never heard from him before. Wit tells her she is only one woman and here the voice tells her instead she is “all of them.” Wit tells her to accept and forgive herself. This voice tells her to rule over the others. The advice really is not the same but instead twisted just enough. So what I think is happening is that Shallan, in a crucial moment when she is losing track of herself, tries to remember Wit’s words. We know that she is near to both Ashertmarn and Sja-Anat and that apparently both have been able to speak into her mind when she has been near them before. Sja-Anat we know is more intelligent, seems to address Shallan by a name when she speaks to her, and is known for “corrupting.” I think she is able to essentially corrupt Wit’s words in Shallan’s mind and that is what Shallan hears. It originated with Wit’s advice, which is why she thinks it is him, but Sja-Anat twists it just enough into something fundamentally different. This also fits a pattern that has been established of Ashertmarn talking to her first and then Sja-Anat second. Why Sja-Anat would do this isn't clear yet. We just don’t know enough about her motivation at this point to do more than speculate. Maybe she is just influencing Shallan in any way that she can because she seems to gain her trust and get something from her, judging by their subsequent interaction. But what I think more likely is that this may be setting up something for the next book. At the end of OB the Ghostbloods want Shallan to try to bring Sja-Anat to them, so it is a good bet that Shallan and Sja-Anat will be interacting more. This could simply be a lead in, and her intentions will make more sense once we see how they interact in book 4. It would be interesting for Shallan to discover that Sja-Anat has been subtly influencing/corrupting her and to see how she deals with it.
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    I don't know if I have much to add, but I want to comment first on the situation Brandon has written himself into, and then why some of this Adolin controversy gives me hope for the future. I voted neutral. After WoR, this would have been mostly positive. Why did this change? Simply, in WoK and WoR, Adolin was less likeable. He was frivolous, a bit of a cad, worried about superficial things like his house's reputation over his father's madness, racist (against dark eyes), concerned with status, a bit mean (to Kaladin), etc., but this was balanced with a genuinely kind, loyal, funny, friendly, outgoing person. (Btw, I know a lot of people disagree with my list of "bad" traits, but this is just my opinion and why I liked Adolin.) In OB, as many have mentioned before, these bad traits appear to have disappeared. Adolin is more likeable, but this makes him IMO, a worse character. Many of the popular plotlines for Adolin's future development would not do anything for me in terms of developing Adolin's character, as they would make him even more likeable. Revive his deadeye by being nice to her - more likable, furious at his father for his mother's death - more likeable, supportive and amazing to his mentally ill wife - more likeable. I see three storylines which have great potential, but since these would serve to make him less likeable, I think they would be on the whole quite unpopular to the fanbase. Feelings about Sadeas murder: Brandon has said that there are characters who would feel this is very, very wrong, something we did not see in OB. Who could this be? My bet is on Evi, who would have not been happy with her son killing someone in cold blood. WoB also says Adolin's early morality came from his mother, so I am thinking there could be internal ramifications about Adolin's own disgust in himself for being satisfied with the murder, which will lead him down a dark path. (Warring subconscious and all that.) Relationship issues: This was supposed to have a large impact on Adolin's character arc per WoB, but we haven't seen anything come of it so far. I'm thinking Adolin is the one who brings about the downfall of his marriage as an extension on these issues, and this puts forward another reason for Adolin to be upset at his own actions and reactions. (Again, Evi would not be OK with this IMO.) Abdicating responsibility to be king: Was it bad that Adolin didn't want to become king and managed to get out of it? I am thinking yes, which is yet another thing where what Adolin wants (to not be king) wars with what Adolin knows is really right (to shoulder responsibility.) So.... you have an author who has created an extremely likeable character, who may be the most beloved character in Stormlight, and whose fanbase is enamored because of that likeability. Can you really go down any of these paths and make that character less likeable? Isn't that betraying your fanbase? (I'm guessing the majority of this fandom would not like any of the above to come to fruition.) That is why I am pessimistic about where we are going with Adolin - I don't know if Brandon is willing to exploit storylines which would place Adolin in a negative light but that I think would add (or re-add) nuance to Adolin's character. One thing gives me hope though.... I think this is a consequence of his limited viewpoints. They're sparse enough that it's pretty much always focused on the matter of something else than his personal issues. I quoted this more as an example of what I see as an interesting phenomenon with Adolin. Adolin actually has a lot of viewpoints (fourth most prominent viewpoint character), but they really don't tell us all that much about him, or what they do tell us can be read in vastly different ways. That is why @Ailvara can feel one way about the exact same events and both her and Calderis perspectives can make complete sense depending on how you view Adolin. It doesn't take a lot of page time to develop a character's emotions. Look at Renarin - three (?) partial viewpoints (not even full chapters), and I feel like we as readers have a more cohesive view of Renarin as a character than we do of Adolin. Brandon is a skilled enough author that he could have developed Adolin into a more cohesive character. Shoutout @maxal who is always saying that Brandon didn't do a good job in convincing people of various things about Adolin, which is exactly my point - if he meant to convince readers, why did he do such a poor job of it? I realize Adolin may be clear to a reader in their own minds, but overall and moreso than any other character I've seen in the Cosmere, there are people with very strongly held feelings about Adolin that are polar opposites. My hope (hope!) is that this is intentional, and it's not that Brandon dropped the ball, but that he has left Adolin vague on purpose in order to allow his plans for Adolin down the road to connect to what we know of him, yet still flip the script on how he's generally viewed - as this so, so likeable guy. But, I realize this could be a lot of wishful thinking as well! (And would also make a lot of readers quite unhappy!)
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    That’s what I do. Doing right now actually. When at the bottom of a website it says, “we use cookies to improve your experience with our site,” and you proceed to immediately close the site, for obvious concerns.
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    “Move!” Ashkelon yelled as he kicked the prone body in the side. “Ashkelon, take it easy with the temper, will ya?” Camilla chided him, “that man lies there every night dead drunk, and yet you never cease to torment him.” “Well if he’s just get his stinking carcass off of our roadside, I wouldn’t have to.” “He’s probably got some problems,” Jeremiah chipped in, “a guy who hits the bottle like that has obviously got something he wants to forget about.” “Well if he’s going to get smashed enough to pass out, he could at least pick a better spot than this,” Ashkelon gestured at the carriages and pedestrians that passed by, paying little heed to the three students nor the passed-out man. At this hour of the night, they were likely to be headed home. Camilla spoke up. “Ashkelon, this is why you don’t have a girlfriend,” she said as she took Jeremiah’s hand. “With an attitude like yours I’m amazed you even have drinking buddies.” While not anywhere as far gone as the drunkard whom he had just kicked, Ashkelon was not terribly sober either. He opened his mouth to respond, then closed it. Camilla did have a point. “What’s this?” Jeremiah said, releasing Camilla’s hand and bending down. “Jerry, if it’s another picture of a woman’s safehand I swear--,” Camilla let her sentence trail off. Ashkelon chuckled, remembering the last time something like this had happened. Jeremiah stood back up holding a tattered piece of a scarlet cloth. “You don’t see something this vivid around here much. Must have been somebody with--” He stopped, noticing that the cloth was leaving a red stain on his hand. “Oh, crem...” He looked back at the drunkard, but the man’s chest rose and fell as it had before, blissfully unaware of what Jeremiah had just found. He, at least, was not the source of this blood. Camilla pointed at a line of drops that led down the sidewalk a short distance before turning into an alley. Jeremiah followed them, but just before reaching the turn he suddenly turned aside, attempting not to vomit. Ashkelon didn’t need to smell it to realize what had happened. He just stood right where he was and swore loudly. Welcome to MR28! This is a hidden information Roshar game set in Kharbranth. The Everstorm has not yet come, but as Taravangian’s men collect Death Rattles an unknown individual or group has begun to kill off citizens seemingly at random. Here are this game’s ground rules: Ground rules: Rule clarifications: Murder suspects (player list): The game will start on Friday, March 16, at 3:00 MDT
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    Day Two - Laws of Thermodynamics One by one, the students massed outside of the Shard Lab, black silhouettes against a navy blue sky. Laser drills, plasma cutters, and more shone faintly in the dark. One by one, they looked at each other. Dressed in somber shades, the camouflage of blacks and blues and browns and violets, they fell in formation, with an almost military precision. But underneath the uniforms lay a familiar nose here, some sparkly nail polish there. It was enough for some of the researchers to recognize each other and call out names, if they so chose. But they didn’t. One by one, they nodded to each other. Out there, under the trappings of their normal lives, they could be anyone -- friends, enemies, lovers -- but here, they were brothers and sisters in arms, united in their mutual quest for Shardic power. They would work together, for now, until they got through the containment cages. Then it would be every researcher for themselves. Three laser drills hummed in unison as they carved a hole in the walls of the lab. ------------------------- A figure that might have once been human stood on the desolate surface of the planet, dotted with a few odd rocks here and there, still littered with the bloodstains of Heralds long past. As it looked across the empty surface, something rose inside of it, awakened into a ravenous hunger by the evil and destruction that haunted the place. Once again, the Vessel cursed that impulse that had made it take just that small handful of Atium beads. But now the cat was already out of the bag, and it was too late to stuff it back in. For the first time in 24 hours, the Vessel released its tight grip on its Shard. It sighed in relief, watching swirls of black mist drift from its hands. Ohhh, that felt good. So good. There wasn’t any sapient life here within a two-kilometer radius. It had checked. No loved ones here to accidentally destroy. And if there was anybody outside of that two kilometer radius, freezing their butts off in the cold night air...well, too bad for them. The Vessel threw its arms forwards, grinning. The boulder in front of it exploded in a glorious wave of heat, a cloud of smoke mushrooming up from where it had once stood. Tiny grains of rock rained down on the Vessel. In any energy transformation, some energy becomes unavailable to do work, the still human part of the Vessel thought. Increasing heat increases the amount of disorder in a system. Oh, to hell with all of that book learning. It was still traumatized by the memory of staying up for days in a row studying for its thermodynamics quizzes, AFR=mair/mfuel and PE=mg(z2-z1). What the textbooks had all failed to mention was how fun it was. More, it thought. Yes, it needed more. It wanted more than just a simple test. It wanted to kick its sandcastle back into the nothingness where it had come from. It wanted to smash this planet into smithereens so fine that it would be raining rock dust on Roshar for weeks. The Vessel’s grin stretched wider. Braize went kaboom. ------------------------- ------------------------- General announcements: Silverlight Polytechnic campus is on lockdown until further notice. Nobody will be permitted to leave until University Enforcement has determined to their satisfaction that they were not involved in the release of the Shards Ambition, Preservation, Dominion, and Cultivation. Any who attempt to interfere with the investigative process will be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. Also, everybody indicted in this investigation will be charged as an accessory before the fact to the destruction of Braize and its entire ecosystem. And if your precious Student Union tries to interfere, we'll see how much they can get done with a revoked charter! - Deputy Vice Chancellor Finn Scholz The Day will last for: Player List: Young Bard - Jeral Arinian - Eilen Eternum - Habrian Fifth Scholar - Darrel randuir - Met Steeldancer - Steeldancer and Eobard Thawne Straw - Straw Jondesu - Quintus Droughtbringer - Ralar Devotary of Sponteneity - Reed livinglegend - Unnamed Character 3 Orlok - Locke Tekiel MonsterMetroid - Willie Magestar - Moro Hemalurgic_Headshot - Jiamo Megasif - Mega Sart - Sam Taswell TheYoungPyromancer - Kelsier _Stick_ - Stick shanerockes - Philepe De Pedro Von Leiderhuch Johnson III Drake Marshall - Everen Elbereth - Elaria The Sand Lord (Nalthis)
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    I've always liked Adolin because he makes me feel warm inside. His respect for his father is... comforting to read? Even when he thinks Dalinar has gone off the deep end, there's so much love there. With OB's flashbacks, seeing how Dalinar wasn't as good a father as I had assumed, this only makes me love him more. I also really love how good a friend he is to Renarin. I also have really loved watching his relationship with Kaladin develop. I think I'm in a small minority that cared very little for Adolin's murder plot. In fact, I don't think I've seen anyone else say they were happy with how that played out in OB. I was glad that we got a few instances of him emphasizing that he'd do it again in a heartbeat and that it was otherwise left in the dirt, buried by everything else going on. Unpopular opinion, I know.
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    I think it should be the ten Honorblades, all sitting in a ring on the day of Aharietiam, maybe a dead thunderclast in the background. It's how the Stormlight Archive starts, and it's looking like the whole series will be about desolations and the oathpact. I think it certainly sets the mood for the series.
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    Adding on to @ccstat's work, I think I've collected all references. (note: I've left out the mentions in Sigzil & Wit's stories, which are told in OB Chapters 35 and 67, and at least one other reference that wasn't useful at all) Some I added could probably use a bit more context, but I got the most important stuff. I searched for the moon names, "moon", and "sunset"/"sunrise". Not sure if there are other terms that might catch something... MISC SALAS MOONLESS HOUR NOMON MISHIM
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    Hi! I'm Jemma Young and I'm a comic writer and artist. When I'm not doing my own webcomic, Children of Eldair, I enjoy doing Cosmere art for fun! I recently just added a Gallery here on the site, so you can check it out here. But I also went ahead and attached some here for you to look at! I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community!
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    From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    Quick sketch of Sylphrena from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives. I wanted to make her dress look like a swirling storm. I imagine this is from Oathbringer, as she is now conscious enough to cover her safehand.
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    I've been curious about this for a while, and have just decided to ask. Where do your usernames come from? Is it the username you use for everything? Does it have a story behind it? Something else? Smart Sloth: this was a username I used a lot in school last year. So when I joined, I used this. I also really like sloths. Teshani Kholin, Tesh Kholin, Tesh: My major roleplaying character. Her story is floating around in two or three different places on the fourms.
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    The poll isn't going to be reliable, as people attracted by adolin threads are more likely to readand answer it. It's probably skewed in favor of adolin supporters, and possibly haters. Just said that's one of my main reasons for liking him: finally a sane, stable guy! the current trend of heroes always being some brand of crazy, former murderers, suffering from severe psycological issues, or immature youths is disheartening. Ok, I can see the whole "inspire people to overcome their flaws" vibe, but that's not going to work if the good and sane people are pushed in the background. Heck, you make it seem like adolin should be ashamed to have better self-control than most. What's he supposed to do, trash around in anger/joy/despair all the time? Would that solve anything? I'll tell you, I am also the 'take things calmly and rationally, don't make a fuss' kind of person, and my parents, who are much more emotional and make big worries about everything - both developed serious stress problems as a result - tried to guilt trip me about being more like them for decades. So the whole "people should have strong emotional responses" is a pet peeve of mine. People should keep their emotions in check and remain functional, and while it is human and understandable to fail in that regard at times, those who can make it deserve praise, not suspicion. Worrying helps nobody, do what you can to fix the problem and then stop fretting. And especially his reaction to shalladin is to be praised. "I just want my beloved to be happy" is how someone genuinely in love should act in front of the chance of being left for someone else. Then there's also the matter of command and ego. You put kaladin and shallan in the chasm, and they fight for control. shallan reveals she's a radiant to dalinar, and they fight for control. dalinar makes kaladin a captain, and kaladin is as insubordinate as he can get away with, and some. elokhar also wants to say his piece. jasnah doesn't struggle for power merely because she's so good at it that she wins automatically in every situation. Lift does whatever she pleases anyway. Taravangian schemes behind their backs. And I'd like to strangle them all. they just make problems for all, and they can't settle things like reasonable adults, by talking and making agreements. They often feel like spoiled brats. I always liked followers and supporting characters more than protagonists. Finally we have somebody who does not have deep-seated issues. Finally we have someone who is willing to help others achieve greatness without resenting to be overshadowed. Finally we have someone who can think and act like a responsible adult. I'd much rather trust the fate of the world to somebody like that. And finally, in a world of superheroes, we have someone who can hold his own without. He should be in inspiration to alll normal people. That said, I also don't like how brandon keeps him around all the time, while actively trying to push hiim in the background. Like, he is always in the middle of the scene, but he gets very little pow time. He is often on the outskirts of important stuff, but when a main character has to make a scene, adolin get stuffed in a closet so he won't steal the scene. The whole story conspite to put his character arcs, like the murering of sadeas, in the background. By the way, I disagree that adolin got everything. his father was an ax-crazy warlord turned alcohol addict who ignored him for most of his life and treated him like a soldier for the rest. His mother was a good person and raised him well, but she was killed when he was twelve. He grew up surrounded by backstabbing snobbish people. His rank precluded him many friendship. I would say he had just as much reason as kaladin to turn out depressed.
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    I kind of like Adolin as a person, but I don't like him as a character, and after OB this second part started to dominate. The fact that he doesn't get much development isn't exactly the main reason - it's ok given he's secondary/tertiary/whatever. First, I have less of a problem with Adolin than with his storyline. It annoys me how everything turns out for the best for him. He got the looks, wealth, power, relatively decent family (except for young Dalinar, obviously, but he doesn't know half of it anyway), talent and pleasant personality, and now he also got the girl, Get Out of Jail Free card and hopes for Radiance on top of it all. Even when the world is ending, his life is as bright and shiny as it gets. Given what the other characters go through, he stands out as the monument of Life Is Not Fair. The problem I have with Adolin more personally is actually connected to that. He's never bothered. He had some worries about Dalinar in WoK, and then got a moment with Sadeas, but that's pretty much it - and it's been a while. I know he's meant to light up the mood, but there are... limits. He murdered a guy? Fine with it. He needs to re-establish his place in the era of wonders? Oh, well, I guess they're awesome. A family member dies? I'll think about it later. My father is going to die? I'll worry a bit (?) but less than Kaladin. My fiancee likes another guy? Well, understandable. Oh, she doesn't? Ok then, let's get married. It makes me want to smack him upside the head to finally get some reaction.
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    @Jofwu @Mage of Lirigon THE MURDER FIASCO™ was honestly handled well in my opinion. I was curious as to what the implications would be, and had discussed it previously, but the moment that it became clear no one knew... The murder served the Re-Shepir plot, and ultimately the Sadeas army possession was a result of Adolin's actions. So it wasn't the story I expected to see happen, but I enjoyed it and don't see how a murder/investigation/politics/punishment plot would have been better in a book that already gets flak for being politic heavy.
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    That's one thing I strongly disagree with. Tien was the most important person in Kaladins life, he loved him more than anyone. To have Shallan remind Kaladin of Tien, the most important person in his life, the only other person who could push away the darkness, and bring a light into his life, that screams that Shallan is incredibly special to Kaladin. You can argue that its a familial thing, but I just don't buy it. Just because someone reminds you of a family member, does not mean you can't love them romantically, especially in Kaladins case with Tien and Shallan.
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    Player List: Young Bard - Jeral Arinian - Eilen Eternum - Habrian Fifth Scholar - Darrel randuir - Met Steeldancer - Steeldancer and Eobard Thawne Straw - Straw Jondesu - Quintus Droughtbringer - Ralar Devotary of Sponteneity - Reed livinglegend - Unnamed Character 3 Orlok - Locke Tekiel MonsterMetroid - Willie Magestar - Moro Hemalurgic_Headshot - Jiamo Megasif - Mega Sart - Sam Taswell TheYoungPyromancer - Kelsier _Stick_ - Stick shanerockes - Philepe De Pedro Von Leiderhuch Johnson III Drake Marshall - Everen Elbereth - Elaria
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    From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    “The Sky Overseer” A Fused Parshendi Singer from Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer. I’ve been enchanted with these guys ever since he introduced them in book 3 of the Stormlight Archives with their flowing cloaks and their calm insanity. Had a lot of fun trying to create their marbled skin! “A woman who hovered in the sky, wearing robes that must have extended a good ten feet below her, like a smear of red paint.” Oathbringer Ch 54 Done with watercolors
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    Oh wow. That's a lot of notifications. Been MIA for a bit due to life getting a 'bit' hectic. Things are calming down tho so I decided to visit and see what's been going on. Lo and behold, there's a game in desperate need of more players. I see more harm ignoring it than participating, so... Sign me up as Ana Lyst.
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    I really like Adolin. People says he falls flat, but I don't think they are looking very hard. There are some serious curiosities about him; how is he so well adjusted despite 1) having a mostly absent father in his childhood and 2) being at a very tender age when his mother was violently murdered (even if he doesn't know the real story)? I'm really curious to see what happens when he does learn the real story. Both with his personality and in literary ways, he's a lot like his mother. He comes off with a lot of her pure intent, which alone makes him fascinating to me since it's so rare in good fantasy. But he's also capable of killing when needed; nevertheless, the Thrill never seems to really get to him. He has a very fair balance of mother and father in him. I get the vibe that he's this warrior's son living on a battlefield, and yet emulating his mother in every way he can, which must take a lot of inner self-acceptance. Peer pressure hardly gets to him. And that fleshes him out a lot to me. The boy doesn't have a single proud bone in his body. As has been mentioned, his storylines have a tendency to get pushed under the rug. And how does Adolin react? In a way that seems consistent to me with what we've seen at other times; he lets go of his ego completely and focuses on the other characters in the same way we do. That might make him look like he's just a plot device, but I think it's actually a part of his character design (yes, @Calderis, I'm on the boat that his focus on other characters is both intentional and fitting). He was happy but not really egotistical after defeating 4 shardbearers--he was focused on someone else's bigger purpose. He stuck himself in prison with Kaladin due to a personal moral code and did so gladly. No one was cheering for him when he got out, but he didn't care. Everyone around him, even his little brother, are becoming big-shots while he stays static, and he just cheers them on. He loved Shallan deeply and never used her status in selfish ways (not to mention his incredible ability to let her struggle and grow while helping her along just enough without being smothering or judgmental). And when he suspected someone else might be what she wanted, he gave in without a fight (even if a tad misled). Adolin is an absolute GEM. GEM GEM GEM. He might never become a major character, but I will take as much of him as I can get.
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    @kenod, I agree. In the grand tradition of "big dumb objects" in science fiction, I'd like to see a giant moon-sized space ship shaped like an Aon, with an an Aon-encrusted power core that carries a piece of the Dor in some kind of cognitive bubble. But I think a lot of the space travel will just be a more high-tech version of the current worldhopping. People will find more ways to to get in and out of the cognitive realm, and drive to other planets in huge investiture-powered cognitive trucks. Or a railroad! Forget transwarp conduits. Forget mass relays. We can have the Trans-Shadesmar Railroad!
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    Not sure how useful getting a RAFO is(besides getting a VERY cool card.), but I got my leatherbound well of ascension copy last week:
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    I fart in your general direction
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    @Quell, I love Phineas and Ferb as well! To be completely honest, I sat down to make a 17th Shard account, and spent like 30 minutes coming up with the most punny cosmere username I could think of. I also feel as though I would be like Wyndle in any situation of crisis.
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    Hidy ho all, First of all, yes this is still a thing. It hasn't gone away, yet. Which is why I'm posting this here. If your in America, or know someone who is, either go yourself or get them to go to battleforthenet. They have a form letter, that you can sign, which will send to your senator/congressman. Sadly, we are still fighting for our rights on the internet. And we need help from folks like you, your parents, your siblings, your next door neighbors, that creepy guy at the end of the block, your second cousins twice removed, ect. The above site, will give you a phone number to call, which will connect you with your reps. You can then ask them to fight for a free and open internet. Here's the latest email I have from battle for the net:
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    I own several pens, but I have not named them.
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    Yeah I just don't understand this line of thinking at all. Shallans backstory isn't messed up? Adolins is horribly messed up? Shallan was forced to kill her mother in self defense when her mother tried to murder her. Then her father becomes an abusive psychopath who constantly beats her brothers, and in the end, she's forced to kill him too. But sure her backstory isn't messed up at all... Then there's Adolin, everybody's resident handsome prince who gets along with everyone. In his horribly messed up childhood we have him growing up a pampered prince who gets the best of everything provided by Alethi society. His mother died while he was still fairly young, and he worshipped his father but never quite felt good enough for him. Yeah, he just had a horrible childhood... Look, I'm sorry for the sarcasm, but lets be real here, Adolins backstory is a walk in the park compared to Shallans. Adolin did not have this horribly twisted and terrible childhood, he grew up as a rich prince, with that comes certain expectations, but nothing out of the ordinary for someone of his station. And yes, Shallan is still quite the mystery. When did she originally bond Pattern? What caused her to break that first time she bonded him? We know nothing of her first 11 years of life. And for the record, I don't think Adolin has figured out jack about Shallan, he never even thinks about her. Where do you get this notion he's figured her out? If he had, he wouldn't be indulging Shallan in treating Veil and Radiant as different people.
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    I think this is a consequence of his limited viewpoints. They're sparse enough that it's pretty much always focused on the matter of something else than his personal issues. He wasn't. He threw himself into the organizational efforts of Urithiru, where he wasn't needed, to keep himself busy constantly so he wouldn't have to think about it and face what he did. When he finally did admit it to someone he trusted and cared for, what was the reaction he got? About as far from "how could you?" as you can get. Same coping mechanism as after Sadeas (and a much more minor version of the same thing Shallan does.) Kaladin was frustrated at the difficulty of his job. Adolin refused to get out of his plate, and tried to stay vigilant to the point of exhaustion from fear that the Assassin would come back. These two in my mind, are inextricably linked. Adolin has shown a constant worry about not being good enough. He makes me think of someone with imposter syndrome. So when the Radiants appear, he's just a little more outclassed. Let's keep up that confident act. Oh, my fiancé likes one of them.... Well of course she does. Why wouldn't she. Oh, she's says I'm wrong and she does want to be with me? Guess I'm not a good judge. It all makes sense, in my opinion. I think the major problem though, is that unlike other characters we see, the majority of the clues with Adolin are seen through the eyes of others.
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    @Jofwu I guess my big thing with the wedding, was that we didn't see it. Seems an odd thing to just throw in at the end and not show? (Also, Shallan was acting very...odd before the wedding). I did however feel the exact same way you did, when I initially read that they got married, it seems very Brandon to have a wedding, and have that be the end of it. As far as Kal's comment at the end, I don't really see it the same way. He says he "felt....agreement?" That question mark, at least in my interpretation is huge. Why bother with the question mark? It makes it seem like Kaladin doesn't know what to feel and he's trying to tell himself he's okay with it, when actually, he's not okay at all. Everything that happened towards the end of the book, leading up to the wedding, is very subjective and theres a ton of different interpretations. Thats why its so fun to talk about. @CrazyRioter Totally understand not wanting relationship drama to drag out, and being happy its over. Personally I detest triangles as well, fortunately, this one never really was, not in the traditional sense anyway, so there really wasn't any drama, aside from a few introspective moments from Shallan. If anything does happen in the future, I don't expect it to take forever and be full of drama, nobody wants that.
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    Jasnah dates Rlain. I like this ship for some reason. It's my current favourite crack ship.
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    And a dog? Seriously? A dog. Against an immortal being of thought and power. smh I'd like to think that I would vote for the obvious winner in cases like this, but I think it really is just a popularity contest. It's like if we were to have a vote on whether a black hole named Fred could defeat Channing Tatum. Reality wouldn't matter, only the fact that Fred has no friends, since he ate them. Sorry, weird example...
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    Welcome to the Shard! Given that this touches on material from Oathbringer, you should really edit the title of this topic to add '[OB]' to the header so people will know going in. And actually, the title as it stands contains a minor spoiler for the book since it's a mechanic not disclosed elsewhere. The bulk of my response involves that same spoiler so I'll hide it beneath a spoiler tag until the title is changed. All that said, this is a closer match than most, kudos for coming up with a creative idea for how to get close to Rashek's level.
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    "Back away! I have the power of God and anime on my side!" "Listen, Hippo! You may be big, but you ain't bad! The Boulder is going to win this round...by a landslide!" "You will tell me where the woman is, or I will hurt people."
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    For sake of completion, here's the WoB in question. And warning, it's long. Spoilered for length
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    On the topic of Gordon Ramsay memes, I saw one one time that said, You sent up so much smoke that Rohan is riding to our aid!
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    . . . No . . . Generally, whenever I have fantasies that involve Sanderson-related material, I wonder what kinds of metalminds I could be storing st any given moment in time. If I'm in Calculus, I figure that I could store speed, weight, and a few of my senses, but I probably want to keep my sight tapped as well as my mental acuity. I'll probably keep the copper running overtime. It's usually either that, or thinking: "If I was Obliteration, I could just go up to my teacher, say 'I'm through with this crap!' and then blow myself up, really just teleporting away while everybody thinks I commited suicide from Calc exhaustion." Does anybosy else have that fantasy, or am I the only one?
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    Wow. So, sorry for the long delay getting back to this. Life has thrown me some very strange curve-balls recently, and I stopped paying attention to FTL and/or time bubble theories a long time ago. I have done QFT, but I haven't done any GR. It really is an extraordinarily difficult theory, mathematically. I have been studying it recently, mostly via Wikipedia (which isn't as unreliable or incomplete as it may sound once you get into the necessary mathematical articles.) so I'm starting to get some sense of what they really mean by the term, say, pseudo-Reimannian manifold. The common effects of GR in the real world have almost nothing to do with time bubbles as we see them. Real space-time effects are caused by a combination of energy and momentum, and as a general rule they fall off continually and without barriers. So at best the effects of time bubbles are analogous to general relativity in some conceptual sense, but certainly not in the details. For those who don't know, GR models space and time as part of a more complete whole. In "flat space" (far away from anything that can cause gravity) everything is, in some sense, moving at the same "speed" (the speed of light) through space-time. This may sound like nonsense, but it actually isn't. Something sitting perfectly still in space is actually moving "as fast as possible" through time (aging normally). If it starts moving in space a little, it has to stop moving so quickly through time, and we get time dilation. Light never ages because it always moves at the speed of light in space. There is a lot more to all this, including the fact that every person in the universe always sees themselves as moving only in time, with everybody else' motion being slightly mixed between space and time. If we keep talking at this level, we will get confused very quickly, so I will just say that, as Chaos said, the core mathematics is fairly simple and elegant, and everything always works out consistently. That last point is a rigorous mathematical theorem. With gravity around, things are more complicated. Space-time is curved, which has a solid mathematical definition. In practice, it means that motion through time can turn into motion through space, at least from the perspective of people a long ways away. Thus a particle that isn't moving at one time can, just by the nature of the space around it, begin moving a bit later, its motion through time being converted into motion through space. This is what we call "gravity," and it has all kinds of unintuitive, but very real and observed, effects. Among other things, if you are deep inside a gravitational field (say near a black hole), the "distance" to get from one "point" in time to another is actually shorter than that experienced at a point a further distance away. With all this background, and If I had to guess, I would say that pulsers and sliders are somehow pulling or pushing directly on space-time itself in a way analogous to mass-energy in standard GR. Unlike standard GR, where the pulling and pushing comes from point sources and never stop but just fade away, the pulser or slider is essentially yanking on a bit of the space-time around them and forcing the relationship between space and time to change so that there is literally more or less time available in the bubble they create. That's the best I can do, though; an awful lot of the answers involve Realmantics which, as far as we know, don't apply to the real world at all.
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    From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    Shallan and the Cryptics from Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archives.” This is from a scene in the first book, The Way of Kings
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    Okay, I am probably going to make so many fans mad by creating this, but who cares? I think this is hilarious. Before the garbage dumpster that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, I made some paragraphs detailing what might've happened to several Harry Potter characters following Deathly Hallows. I found these recently, and now I'm transcribing them here. I am not sorry for any rage you may feel. And to clear some thing up, THE WAR OF GIANTS: The War of Giants is an event that I created. I always wondered what had happened to the giants that aided Voldemort, so I made a battle where they return to besiege Hogwarts some years later, during James Potter's first year. Many key characters are involved in this battle, and this will be mentioned several times in the following bios. (Note: I am not including all bios in this post. I'll add more later.) Harry Potter: Ron Weasley: Hermione Granger: Ginny Weasley: Luna Lovegood: Neville Longbottom: Draco Malfoy: Dudley Dursley: More bios later.
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    I personally don't think, that you can discuss one aspect of the triangle without taking the other aspects into account. It is too entwined for that. Narrowing the scope could have the side effect of diminishing the quality of discussion, because of too rigid topical constraints. Or if these constraints are lax, we'd just end up with multiple threads where the same things are being discussed. Just my two cents.
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    Did I ever tell y'all my seminary teacher's first words to me when I told her I'd just turned 18? She said, "Congrats! Now you can be tried as an adult!" Eek? Kinda reminds me a bit of this XKCD.
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    ...that ain’t right. Seriously. I don’t feel remotely prepared, mentally or emotionally, to be twenty.
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    My username for this forum came from me trying to make the absolute Sanderson-iest name I could, so I think I took the word “Ashan” (like Asha’man) from WoT, then Rosharan-ized it into the good Vorin name Nashan, then slapped on the Herald suffix of ‘Elin. My username on several other things is Voidbinder, just because it’s a Cosmere name few people have likely seen and therefore it’s usually available on games and other platforms.
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    (You have to have a rather specific background to get this one) Admiral Ackbar walks into a club. The DJ drops a sick beat and somebody says, "I'm loving this dubstep." Admiral Ackbar says, "This isn't a dubstep, it's a trap!"
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