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    I will do more later, when I have time.
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    Yes, at this point, the plot twist would be if it did turn out that her father had a completely unprecedented bout of cowardice and tried to run away. Meanwhile, I have three pet theories. 1) He wasn't running away, he was running to. Chaser had always wanted to make a break for the stars, and something happened during the battle that presented him with an actual opportunity to break through the shield to reach them. I'm not wild about this, because it still requires him to purposefully ditch his fellow pilots in the middle of the battle, and represents a conscious choice to abandon his famiy in pursuit of a whim, even if said whim represents a lifelong dream. 2) He, too, had a sentient ship. It woke up for the first time in however long smack in the middle of the battle. Despite what the builders intended, said ship was more of a lover than a fighter, took one look at its surroundings, and high tailed it out of there, overriding any manual control that Chaser had, as well as his coms. This is not super likely, because Spensa's ship is a unique relic, whereas her father presumably had one of their own freshly built ships, but maybe it contained some critical parts which were salvaged from an older ship. 3) If Chaser was flying away from the battle, then his teammates had to make the concious decision to stop shooting at the Krell long enough to chase after him and shoot him down, rather than waiting to arrest and deal with him later. I guess it's possible that they were concerned he would escalate from Coward to Full Traitor and start shooting at them, but baring that, that seems to me to be really bad strategy. So maybe something else happened, and he was shot down as a cover up. Maybe all of the other pilots took an oath of secrecy, for the good of their fledgling nation. Maybe the real reason they didn't want Spensa in flight school was because she would be sufficiently motivated to uncover what really went down. Maybe I really just need this book already so I can quit spending all if my time coming up with wild theories!
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    @Onslaught Either's fine! I think we get more comments on youtube but more discussion on here, so take your pick! We read them all!
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