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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can
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    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
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    When you consider burning dictionaries just because they list "Death" before "Life" and "Destination" before "Journey".
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    Can you see it now? Did it work?
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    In honor of my new Midnight Essenceness
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    When you drive by a company called "Ati Physical Therapy," and you can't help but think of the tagline: Ati Physical Therapy; Our accupuncture is so good, you'll leave feeling like a whole new person!
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    There's a common theory that Kaladin or some of our current Radiants will take the place of some of the Heralds, and I wanted to share my thoughts on why I am very much against this idea, and I really hope that Brandon goes a different path. 1. The Oathpact simply bound the Fused to Braize, and didn't have any real affect on Odium, except maybe tangentially (his army and some of his investiture being imprisoned on a different world). Odium is bound by Honor and Cultivation. So at the most, reforming the Oathpact would imprison the Fused on Braize again. Additionally, Brandon says that what binds Odium is greater than the Oathpact in the first one. In the second, he says that only the Heralds and Honor were part of the Oathpact, not Odium. In the third, the Oathpact is not a direct result of Odium not being able to leave the system. But it's a little part of it. Because the Fused Do take some of his investiture, and he wouldn't want to leave that behind. And as long as they are bound to Braize, the Fused can't fulfill the purpose that he made them for. So he's hindered in his goals. 2. Even if this were a solution, it's not an effective one. The Oathpact is a failure. The Heralds can break. Relying on a broken system to work, or rather, attempting the same thing over again with the expectation of a different result is the definition of insanity. Renewing the Oathpact would only restart the cycle of Desolations, which, at their peak, caused the deaths of 90% of the population or more. 3. Per the Stormfather, the Fused no longer return to Braize, but float around in the Everstorm waiting to be reborn. A new Oathpact wouldn't bind them to Braize if they never return there in the first place. 4. Renewing the Oathpact would not only merely restart the cycle of Desolations, but (assuming the current crop of Radiants start out fresh and strong), the people of Roshar would simply forget about Odium and the Heralds again. So when someone does break, they'll be back in the same situation. And the Radiants' sacrifice would be for nothing. 5. With Honor dead, and Jezrien dead, we don't know if the Oathpact even could be renewed, even if it were a good idea. 6. I really don't like the idea of the first uber-arc ending in failure. It's a bad way to end the series, a very big cliffhanger. I don't think Brandon would do that, since it's going to be extra-long between books 5 and 6. Brandon has said that the two series will have their own distinct arcs, that will tie in to the bigger story, and has called Arc 2 a sequel to Arc 1. Ending an arc on a cliffhanger is just a bad idea to me. Having to renew the Oathpact (somehow) means that the humans are desperate and losing, and need some way of recovering. In my opinion, the first arc is the battle for Roshar the planet. The fight against the Fused and Odium's "earthly" forces. Then the second arc is going to be the battle against Odium directly, to bind him in a way where he's harmless, or eliminate him as a threat, or something (I don't know lol, sorry) and will involve more of the greater Roshar system, the Heralds, the Shards, and who knows what else. Space for more thoughts as needed
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    Explaining the Coalition to Dalinar
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    My Steel Inquisitor cosplay as worn at DragonCon 2015. For reasons of practicality, I didn't want to wear a bald cap, so I wore a hood the whole time.

    © Ellen Hyde

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    It is taken as a given at this point that Shardplate is composed of lesser Spren. Anyone who's spent any time in the OB channel on Discord recently is well aware that I have an issue with this. So I want to put together all of the options as I see them for Shardplate, and the problems with each. First, the ever present Spren theory. In this idea, the lesser spren come together and make the plate. It's supported by Spren being drawn to the Radiants when using their powers. That's it really. I have three main issues here. The first, and least of the three, is that plate can be broken, which spren metal cannot in the form of a blade. It can also be regrown by simply feeding it Stormlight, and I have to believe that there is more to the creation and/or reparation of Spren than merely feeding them Investiture. The second is that plate does not scream. Yes the Spren are less intelligent. They are sentient rather than sapient. But telling me that this means the Spren are incapable of pain seems akin to saying that a dog will not whine when kicked. Less intelligent does not equate to mindless. The main issue for me though, is Identity. Shardplate blocks the surges of anyone other than the Radiant using it. This shows, that just like a Feruchemist's metalminds, the plate is keyed to the Identity of the Radiant. Spren, even lesser Spren, should have an Identity of their own. Everything does. Their Identity should interfere with the surges of the Radiant, blocking either their own surges or allowing all of them, and we know neither is the case. Next, we have an older theory, which I still hold to even if it is incomplete. That Shardplate is some construct of solidified Stormlight. It would be filtered through the Radiant, providing their own identity, solving that issue. It would also make sense that it regrows through Stormlight... Because it's Stormlight. I potentially at first thought that the Spren would provide some kind of framework that the surgebinder would then fill, but we've seen that framework form with no Spren involved. Bobbobkilu on discord proposed the opposite, that the Radiant forms the framework, and the Spren fill it and in doing so they are actually transformed to the plate in truth, stripping the Spren of their Identity by filtering it through the framework and matching them to the Radiant. This is the most plausible Sprenplate theory I've heard, but I still think it would be a difficult sell universally. Pattern shows that at least some of the Spren agree with Shallan's view that trapping spren for fabrials is horrible, and if trapping them is viewed poorly, literally killing them to make plate has some major ethical issues. All of the instances that we have seen of actual living Shardplate being summoned or dismissed, which are singular there were no Spren. And in the areas that we see the framework it is the same. Dalinars vision with Fen. No spren, just Stormlight. There were no spren in the original version of this vision where he missed both the summoning and dismissal of both Radiants helms as well. Dalinar's vision with Venli. No spren, just light. Jasnah's (what I presume is) Shardplate. Again, no spren, just a glow. All in all, I lean towards the stormlight projected from the Radiant. The only Sprenplate theory I see as Viable is Bobbobkilu's and the ethical issues there make me think it has issues with being available to all Radiant orders. I'll take lack of support and adherence to realmatics over circumstantial evidence that seems to break the rules as I understand them. Edit: An additional spren theory, put forward by @Yata on discord that I actually really like. The Radiant creates the framework that we see with Stormlight, and the Spren enter, and are not stripped of their own identity, and not bonded, but seeded with investiture from the Spren and Radiant, similar to what Sja-anat has done to Glys. They aren't killed, and they aren't bonded, but become in essence the bonded pairs "children" as Glys is Sja-anat's son. Per this WoB, the Radiant and their bonded Spren are becoming one individual spiritually, with two minds. If the Spren and Radiant are one individual, then their identity should be matched. Seeding the power of the Spren into the lesser spren should create the "familiarity" that @Pagerunner mentions. This is a spren theory that I can actually get behind.
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    *Car Salesman Slaps top of Stick* This bad boy could be so many fires
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    Greetings, travelers, and welcome to another episode of the hottest show in the Cosmere, Argent Bothers Random Employees of Dragonsteel Entertainment until He Gets Answers: Karen Edition! This month we are talking Rosharan spheres - the currency that makes absolutely no sense, but I've been obsessing over forever! Those of you who have been hanging out on Discord may be aware that I've been working on updating the Spheres article (which, depending on when you read this, may or may not be updated). Kind of in the middle of my work Peter randomly dropped in Reddit and canonized the weight of the gems inside the broams - 2 carats (details in this thread), which would make marks 0.5 carats, and chips 0.1 carats. Invigorated by this, I redoubled my efforts on the article, only to grow being frustrated by what I felt was a mix of contradicting information, missing information, and misleading information. Ultimately I decided to email Karen (Ahlstrom), who maintains Dragonsteel's internal Wiki, and see if she can help me figure some things out, and boy, did she deliver! Before I spill the beans, a few quick disclaimers. A lot of this information appears to coming from Brandon's early notes, which means that: Canonicity is a little lower than that of your modern day WoB Some things may change in the future Some things have been changed since these notes. Book lore trumps early notes lore. All this being said, let's get to the good stuff! Karen first emailed me the following table, in response to my attempt to figure out whether all ten Polestones are used in spheres (because of an offhanded remark by Shallan in The Way of Kings where she uses "spheres of all nine colors and all three sizes" for illumination): So that's good! It's not a 100% confirmation that all ten Polestones are used in spheres, but the fact that Brandon, at least early on, considered amethysts and garnets to both glow a light red color, combined with the absence of a light green gemstone, could easily explain Shallan's comment and kind of verify what many of us thought made sense - that all the Polestones have a corresponding sphere, even if not all of them are mentioned explicitly. However, as I worked on integrating this information into my page, Karen one-upped herself and dropped this bombshell (which I've translated into a table, from her original list-like email): Look at that! Every sphere type, put into one of five price buckets, all named (though, admittedly, the names are kind of meh, so I wouldn't be surprised if Brandon either drops them completely in the future, or at least renames them; this is all early notes stuff, after all). For context, we only knew four of those before (diamonds, garnets, amethysts, and emeralds). Remember how Gaz has a bit of a gambling problem? And how his debt is 80 ruby broams? We never knew quite how much that was, but now - woah, that's a lot of money, Gaz, you've got issues! With darkeyed soldiers earning five clearmarks (equivalent to 25 diamond chips) per day, those 80 ruby broams (16,000 diamond chips) are 640-days worth of a soldier's salary! That's more than a year! So that's awesome, and I've been really excited to not only hunt down obscure references to sphere amounts (like how, in one of her flashbacks, Shallan wants to buy some candied fruit, and it costs one diamond chip, and she hands the merchant lady an emerald mark, 250 times more than what the fruit is worth!), but there's a little more I can share with you. In addition to all the values (mind you, this is all coming from a different part of Brandon's notes), it looks like Brandon may have changed the colors of some of the gemstones, because we now have this: The colors are just what I picked from the Wikipedia page on X11 color names. So it looks like garnet and amethyst may have changed from their (I assume) original light red to pale and deep purple respectively. Which makes fits with some small details from the books, such as how the Dustbringers were distrusted because their eyes reminded people of the Voidbringers; if amethysts, rubies, and garnets all glowed red, this distrust probably wouldn't be reserved just for the Dustbringers. But there you have it! I'll leave you with another reminder that a lot of this can, theoretically, change in the future, so don't you go betting 80 ruby broams on all this being final - because we now know that this is a lot of money! A few firemarks though? That wouldn't be the end of the world Cheers! P.S. If you want the... less curated version of this, here are Peter's Reddit comments in Arcanum, and here are Karen's.
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    Ok I'm just going to do this. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). My name is Erik. 3. Which book is your favorite and why? WoR. It does something no other book has ever done for me. It blends Worldbuilding, character depth, magic, story, and genius into something amazing. I'm hoping Oathbringer will take its place. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? Killing Sel with a shardshovel, speedy forum posts, occasionally good RP. I would also hope I'm known for the 3 sheets of paper model of Realmatics, which is how I explain realmatics in very simple terms. Maybe I'm also known for being a Comics fan? At that point I'm not sure what people think of when they think of me. 5. What made you join the forum? I stumbled upon it accidentally, i think I found it when I was trying to learn about what Brandon's other books were. I remember one of the first things I saw was something about Nightblood. I promptly joined to learn more, and discovered just how great this community is. 6. How many hours do you spend on the shard on a given day? At least 3 hours. Probably more when I have time. 7. Describe your fondest Forum experience. Hmm. This is hard. There are times when things make me laugh out loud, such as the recent Toilet Paper Incident. But my most rewarding experiences are when I come up with an idea and people say "That's a good idea!" The 3 sheets of paper one is the one I think has gotten the most support, besides its simplicity. I also love the Sanderson Elimination community, and have had some hilarious times with that. 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? What doesn't he do well? He makes amazing books that have trumped the thousands of books I have read in my lifetime. His fanbase is amazing, he's a great guy. One thing I do need to point out is just how real his characters feel. They're some of the best characters I've ever read. That in combination with everything else he does just makes him amazing, especially as he's so CONSISTENT. Some authors are only good occasionally. Not Brandon. 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Finishing the cosmere. I sometimes worry that the guy won't finish. He gets distracted sometimes, and if he didn't finish... I would be crushed. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? I don't know that there is one. Maybe Sheldon? As in just being a complete nerd. I fully embrace my Nerdiness. 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! I love nutella, cheezits, guacamole, bacon, and spicy cheese. Im an origami guru, when I do it. I'm a full musician, on piano, trombone, and singing. I'm LDS, and in my Senior year of high school. I plan on going into genetics and molecular biology. I have strong working knowledge of everything nerdy, as well as Quantum Physics, chemistry, astronomy. Geology, biology, ect. My greatest goal in life is to find love, and to help people through genetics. Also, check out my universe in my signature. It's something I've worked on since I was 7. And I think that's pretty much me.
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    *Car Salesman slaps chasmfiend." "Run."
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    All series spoilers
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    K. As I am a very private beardspren I have given this honor to the human I am currently bonded to. He has graciously accepted. Come in and know me better man! Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). See attached. 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). Justin 3. Which book is your favorite and why? Ah now this is tricky and it has changed slightly over the past year or so. If you're talking Sanderson, then my favorite strangely enough is Warbreaker. I find the themes, story, characters, and magic system just really struck a chord with me. Stormlight Archive is a very close second, but since they're closely related I guess I can lump it in. Favorite non-Sanderson book? The Beloved Disciple by Vernard Eller. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? Allowing my beardspren to make snarky comments that make people smile and/or die a little inside. 5. What made you join the forum? I first joined in the beginning of 2016. I was starting to see the Cosmere connections in everything and was looking up info on some of the characters and ran across the Coppermind wiki, which led me here. I lurked for quite a while before joining actually. I was lured in by the promise of cookies. 6. How many hours do you spend on the shard on a given day? Oh man, I usually have it open in a tab while at work, but only check it every so often. I'd say anywhere between 2 and 5 hours a day? I mean come on, there are so many posts it's really hard to take in all the threads and info if you don't spend at least that much time. There's still lots of stuff I've never read as well. 7. Describe your fondest Forum experience. I'd have to say experiencing the random surprise and wonderment when Secret History was announced/released. Being able to get such giant pieces of info and talk about them with people who know everything that's going on and can theorize about it was really special. That and getting to know such excellent and wonderful hobbits...er humans. 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Endings. I have only been let down (relatively) ONE time by an ending Brandon has written. He has a great talent for laying out a bunch of pieces and masterfully weaving them all together into a cohesive narrative climax that hits you right in the feels. 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Time travel and/or cloning technology. I want faster Cosmere release storm it. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? That's a very difficult question. I would probably say Faramir. From the books, not the movies. 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! Well I'm one of the older (not oldest) forum members at 37. In my past I was a completely different person and was brought out of addiction and a life of self destruction so if anyone ever needs to talk about that stuff I'm more than willing to listen. I've been married for 10 years and have three kids: Eliana (7), Job (4), and Abram (2). I've been a musician and artist my whole life, but have fallen out of practice with drawing/painting and have been feeling like I should at some point pick it back up again. I live in California's Central Valley, I'm a follower of Jesus, I like talking theology and philosophy (but not really typing it out for some reason I find that exhausting). Favorite food? Pizza. If you were a child of the 80's and early 90's and your favorite food isn't pizza I don't know why. That's pretty much the overview of me and who I am. Good to meet you all.
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    You know you’re a Sanderfan when... When you and your friends literally start using “two chickens with one stone,” to the confusion of other friends. When you turn your phone to grayscale as you say “your breath to mine, your life become mine.” When your friend is getting their ears pierced, and you smirk evilly— you know that Ruin will soon start to influence them. When your friend volunteers to make you a copy of Trials of Monument. (@Ishar we are so lucky to have friends like that...) When you have a friend who hates lipstick, so you know that whenever they’re carrying some, it’s a lipstick grenade. When you’re camping with friends, and all that you can think about is that you’re setting sticks on fire. When you don’t want to drive somewhere, so you draw a transportation Aon. That doesn’t work, so you try to Elsecall. It also doesn’t work... When you try to Lightweave the perfect outfit because nothing else looks good. When you try to make sandcastles come to life, because you’re clearly a Sandmaster. When you purposefully misspell “Chris” as “Khriss.” When you try to clean your room using Forgery to rewrite its past, saying that you cleaned it yesterday...
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    While composing a post on Allomantic metals, you want to turn your music's volume down, and later have a mystified feeling as you realize that you subconsciously set it to 16.
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    I second this motion. You know you're a Sanderfan when you convince your father (who doesn't read fantasy) to read The Emperor's Soul with a passionate argument that it isn't fantasy, but rather a book about the nature of the human soul, and the nature of art.
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    1. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). Uhh, message me if you really want? Im not putting my name or face out there for the entire internet. 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). 3. Which book is your favorite and why? I usually say WoR though I havent reread it that much. Im not sure. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? Hanging around the Discussions board and being nice to people, I think. I used to hang out a lot in the Newcago Court when it was active and that was a lot of fun. I also write things sometimes, though I haven't done that in a while. 5. What made you join the forum? Originally I was trying to get access to a hidden section of Brandons website that you could do via a scavenger hunt on this site. Then I got active in the WoR anticipation boards and then kinda migrated over here. 6. How many hours do you spend on the shard on a given day? Anywhere from less than one to like five. Depends how much free time I have, how many interesting people are online etc. 7. Describe your fondest Forum experience. Probably y'all being super supportive of me through some pretty difficult times. A close second is from the Newcago Court days, when @Kobold King and @Quiver and @TwiLyghtSansSparkles and a bunch of us had....basically gif/meme wars? Largely based on MLP but on other things too. It was a lot of fun. 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Feminism! Also mental illness. G-d bless Brandon for his representations of mental illness. The scene with Kaladin at the Honor Chasm has helped me greatly many many times. 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Cant think of anything specific right now. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? Thats a really tricky one. There are a lot of characters who I want to be like in some way or another. Characters smarter and braver and more productive than me. Probably someone else would do better to answer this one for me. 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! Proud Jew here. I live in Israel currently, and eat a lot of chocolate. I draw, fairly mediocre but I'm getting better, which often on the shard turns into silly fan art (see: Sailor Roshar). Uummmm Im married to @Pinnacle-Ferring who I met through the Shard. He is wonderful. We invited Brandon to the wedding and he sent us a letter back. That was pretty cool. I was going to share some wedding pics via a PM though I haven't done that yet.....bug me if youre interested. Thats about all I can think of right now. Im usually pretty happy to talk if you have any questions.
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! Here’s how this is gonna work… 16 people sign up. I will RANDOMLY choose four characters to go against each other. The people who are representing these characters will write a rap, roasting the other characters– every character for themselves. They will have 48 hours, otherwise they will forfeit. If all people forfeit, they are all out. Votes for the best rap will be using a link to a survey. The person with the most votes after 24 hours wins! I will announce the winner, then announce the next people. As a heads-up: in the first round, there will be 4 people participating per competition (ex- Sarene, Kaladin, Vin, Vasher) and they will all be going against each other. There will be one winner out of the four. That will narrow things down to 4 people left in the tournament. These competitions will be in pairs (ex- Vin vs Hoid, Kelsier vs Dalinar). The final two will go head-to-head in the Roast Finale. If you’re interested in writing raps to roast other characters, comment which character you would like to represent. No duplicates, please! There can be up to 16 people participating, because this is the Cosmere, and 16 is important. I will start the competitions once 16 people have commented. Tag anyone who you think might be interested! IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to actually rap! Just think of it more as writing poetry, but “roasting with poetry” just didn’t have the right ring to it... People currently signed up:
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    When you see a family member finally reading a Sanderson book and ask them where they’re at every ten minutes.
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    In Era 4, I believe the Sleepless will be used as the main form of interstellar communication. Brandon has mentioned before that the Sleepless will play a major role in Era 4 Mistborn, the sci fi era. We also know that the Sleepless are a single consciousness, with their individual hordelings being more like cells than the actual Sleepless itself. And I’ve personally asked him about the limits on the Sleepless hordelings based on this comment about the Tines on Fire Upon the Deep. For those that didn’t read it, the Tines were packs of dogs that shared an individual consciousness via subsonic sound. This meant they couldn’t have pack members more than a few metres away from the pack before the pack member lost contact with the pack and basically became feral (This is until radio became invented at which point the packs could operate over much further distances). They also couldn’t have too many members in a pack (8 or 9 was seen as excessive) due to the amount of “mindnoise” this produced confused the thoughts of the inidividual. It’s a great book and the Tines are cool aliens. Anyway, here’s how that went: Brandon wasn’t super willing to dive too deep into this but I’m going to say now, I think that Sleepless share a single Spiritual and Cognitive aspect across all hordelings with distance being irrelevant to them. We’ve seen multiple occasions of individual hordelings being used to spy on our main characters which I feel supports this claim. So we have a race of individuals made up of hordes of insects that are seemingly able to act, listen, and watch events regardless of distance from the rest of the horde who will apparently play a large role in the series that will involve space ships and planets and all that fun stuff. I don’t know about you guys, but having a species with many ears, mouth, eyes and fingers that are able to communicate as one single individual regardless of distance sounds like the perfect species to act as an interstellar communication network. You could do it with individual hordelings, give them a little computer with a little hordeling sized keyboard and have it type out messages it receives, you could have whole human sized beings like Arclo speak and listen and watch as well as any human to your crew. There are many ways you could implement the Sleepless as a communication system. When I suggested this to someone previously, their first question was “Why would the Sleepless agree to this?” to which my response was “Why WOULDN’T the Sleepless agree to this?”. If they became the main way of communicating between ships/worlds, they’d become privy to basically all information and goings on in the Cosmere. And to me, they definitely seem the type that would be more than happy to act as the secret keepers for everyone. Thank you for reading.
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    Not satisfied enough, but I will probably never finish this. An attempt to portrait Khrissalla. I don't like the hat. Please don't look at the hat.
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    I got a 5 on AP Bio, 4 in English, and one miracle- a 5 in AP Calc. After failing it for part of the year and feeling awful about the test, I literally have no idea how I pulled it off.
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    1. Provide a picture: it should be somewhere in the post. Dunno where. EDIT: Ah, it's at the bottom of the post. 2. Alexander 3. Probably Words of Radiance. A Storm of Swords by GRRM should have a mention as well. 4. I am posting pretty frequently, so there's that I guess. I joke around as well. But the major thing is probably my username. 5. I lurked here for some time, and then I created an account in order to make thread I found interesting. I liked the place, so I stayed. 6. Right now, I haven't been on very much, but in some periods I'm pretty sure I can be on here for hours. I wish I could make a speed-bubble. 7. Hmm... I have had lots of fun joking or interacting with different community members, so there are loads of fond memories. Can't pick just one! I was kind of happy to see how many liked a recent Amaram post I made though. I had been trying to explain him for months, and it seemed like that post finally managed to show how I saw him. 8. Worldbuilding and characters. He is the greatest worldbuilder in fantasy. Stormlight alone contains more cool ideas than most things, and if you add the entire Cosmere to that... wow. Characters are excellent as well. Kelsier, Dalinar, Hrathen, Amaram, Vin... too much awesomeness. 9. Work on? He rushes through stuff sometimes, such as the entire ending of Calamity or Amarams character arc in OB. He might want to work a bit with that. Sometimes I feel like he is focusing on the wrong things as well, but that is probably highly subjective. 10. Sadea... Elend I mean. Elend. I'm nerdy, I read books, I like to irritate people for fun. 11. Tried to think of something awesome to put here, but I couldn't come up with anything, so I'll just tell you all to be kind toward your toasters.
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    When reading the book to my daughter, I got in the mood and made this snippet. It's a working clock which is also a ever-changing Rithmatic diagram. I wish I knew how to do Android apps, it would make a cool clock app. Any suggestions welcome.
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    @goody153 The term "Mary Sue" has such a wide variation of meaning that it's nearly useless in describing a character. The original use was to describe an author inserting themselves into a fanfic story in an idealized form. It has since been expanded to include "protagonist I don't like", poorly written character, cliched character, idealized character, power fantasy and a bunch of other possible interpretations. While there is some overlap between some of these descriptions, they're not all the same thing. It'd be more useful if you could express the problems you find in Jasnah as a character in more specific terms. Is she a power fantasy? Well she's certainly powerful, but she was taken out of the main action for nearly all of Words of Radiance. Also the most powerful we've seen her was at a point where all the Radiants were walking around as power fantasies due to readily available stormlight for all. Is she idealized? Shallan looks up to her, but is chafing at Jasnah's expectations of her. Navani loves her but is frustrated and at a loss for how to deal with her at times. Jasnah herself points out flaws in her personality and makes no claim to be perfect. Is she cliched? I think this is more of an opinion question. Depending on how widely or narrowly you define a character you can reduce them to a cliche or grow them to encompass multiple cliches or even flip the cliches on their heads and still be considered a cliched character. Is she poorly written? I don't consider myself an expert in analyzing writing, so the best I can do is say that I find Jasnah to be an interesting character that I want to know more about. She's not been the focus of the story yet and as such we only have limited exposure to who she is. What we've seen though has been enough to draw me in looking for more, and only time will tell whether Brandon delivers on this. Is Jasnah a "protagonist I don't like"? For some people I'm sure she is. I like her and so this definition doesn't work for me. As we try to figure who these characters are we're going to have a like/don't like reaction. It's completely normal that not everyone will fall on the same side of this equation. All that to say, using the term "Mary Sue" doesn't actually tell us what you think about Jasnah. The easiest default is to assume you don't like her character, but I'd rather know what do you actually mean you say "Mary Sue"?
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    Edit 1: If you want to play the current build of the game, you can find it here on my GitHub. Aside from that, I've looked back at [8], @digitalbusker's post and see I misunderstood it a bit. I've re-read it and realized that I agree with it much more than I thought I did originally. In one paragraph, they said, This sounds just like the Allomantic Normal Force idea I used in the game. If you push on a target and the target can't move, the target pushes back on you as if there were a long, tangible line between you and the target. In this way, the ANF does work somewhat like an elastic collision. I did some more testing in the game and anything that involved directly manipulating velocities of the target or Allomancer worked poorly. I feel like sticking to forces rather than energy is the right way to go. Table of Contents I: Introduction I-a: My intent I-b: Current game progress & Videos I-c: Referenced forum posts I-d: Definitions II: Force, mass, and acceleration of a push III: Anchors and the pole analogy IV: Math V: Summary & Final points Part I: Introduction Over the summer I’ve been rereading Mistborn and have been thinking about the mechanics of Allomancy. I decided to have a go at recreating the physics of Ironpulling and Steelpushing in the Unity physics/game engine. I don’t intend on actually creating a game to sell (that’d be a bit illegal), so this is mostly an endeavor for personal fun. What follows is my current progress on the game as well as my current thoughts on the math and physics of Pushing and Pulling. Part I-a: My intent My goal is to take what Brandon describes in his books and do my best to create a working model of them in the Unity engine. My purpose in posting this here is to record my thoughts so I can be internally consistent, encourage discussion, and improve the game’s mechanics with your suggestions and criticisms. I don’t expect to perfectly recreate Allomancy as Brandon describes it in the books because there are some things with little connection to real-world physics (such as Feruchemical weight). I’ll try to give the pros and cons for all my decisions. If you disagree, tell me! I’ve been in my own personal bubble while making this, so I’d love some external input. Part I-b: Current game progress & Videos So far, I’ve implemented most of the physics and fundamentals of Ironpulling and Steelpushing. Here are some short videos: The setting: The sandbox I use for testing is based on Luthadel. There are metal poles stuck in haphazardly-placed buildings, and a few windows with metal frames/latches. At the intersection are metal objects of various masses, including coins, ingots, and 16-ton steel blocks. Blue metal lines: When the player (the grey sphere) begins passively burning metal, they see blue metal lines pointing towards nearby metal sources. The wider the line, the heavier the metal, and the brighter the line, the closer the target. Basic pushing/pulling: The player can “target” a metal. They can then push or pull on that metal. They can increase or decrease the strength of the push, as indicated by the wheel near the bottom. They can target multiple metals simultaneously (as indicated by the bright blue number beneath the wheel). Pull targets vs. Push targets: The player has separate targets for pulling (indicated by blue) and pushing (indicated by red). When the player pushes or pulls with specified push targets and pull targets, the player only pushes on the push targets and only pulls on the pull targets. If the player only has pull targets or only has push targets, they can push and pull on any target. Pushing/pulling with coins: The player can throw, drop, and pick up coins. The number in the lower right corner indicates the number of coins in the player’s pouch. Flying around Luthadel: It’s a bit tricky, but the player can fly between buildings by pulling on metal latches and pushing on coins. Some things are still a bit buggy, namely the camera, coin physics, and width of the white part of the blue/red line pointing at a target while pushing. Part I-c: Referenced forum posts Many of the ideas used in the calculations come from the work previous Sharders have done on making sense of Brandon’s magics. Here are some that I used, which I recommend to anyone interested in the physics of Allomancy: When I use specific ideas from these threads, I’ll mark it with a [#]. Other threads I found interesting: Part I-d: Definitions Key statements are italicized. Key terms are written in bold for their first appearance. Push – unless I specify otherwise, I’ll simply say “push” instead of “push/pull” to refer to the math of both steel and iron. It’s a lot easier to read while still means the same thing. All physics and rules of a pull are the same as a push, just in the opposite direction. Target – the metal that an Allomancer is currently pushing on. Coins are often a target. Distance – the distance between an Allomancer and their target. Anchor/anchored – a target is an anchor if it does not move. A lamppost, a coin stuck on the ground, and a metal roof would all be anchors. Note that the metal is the anchor, not the nearby wall/ground/stone. A target is unanchored if it is moving freely with no resistance. A target is partially anchored if it meets some resistance but is not fully anchored (i.e. a coin skidding on the ground). Allomantic Force – the force that an Allomancer directly exerts on a target while pushing. Equal in magnitude to the force that the target directly exerts on the Allomancer while pushing. The Allomantic force does not change if the target is anchored or unanchored. Now, let's jump into the physics of Allomancy. Part II: Force, mass, and acceleration of a push When Allomancers in the books refer to “weight,” they almost always mean mass. [1] Let’s ignore Feruchemical weight for now. When an Allomancer pushes on a target, the Allomancer exerts a force on the target that is equal and opposite to the force that the target exerts on the Allomancer. It’s F = ma, it’s Newton’s third law, and if anything else were the case, the physics of Mistborn would be far too distant from our world for a good simulation. This explains one of the core features of pushing and pulling: If you push on an object heavier than you, you will accelerate more than it (and vice-versa). You push on a coin out in front of you. The force is the same between you and the coin, but the coin has less mass, so it accelerates more than you. The coin goes flying, but you hardly move. Likewise, heavier objects (like cars) have more mass than you, so you accelerate more than them. The previous statements are most apparent with an Allomancer and target in free-fall or space, where the Allomancer and target (such as a coin) won’t be anchored by anything (such as the ground). When the Allomancer or target are anchored by a wall or the ground, things get complicated. Part III: Anchors and the pole analogy In the books, if an Allomancer is falling through the air, throws a coin downwards, and starts pushing on it, the Allomancer doesn’t feel much while the coin is falling through the air and unanchored. The Allomancer pushes on the coin, but their acceleration from the push is not enough to stop their fall. Once the coin hits the ground and stops moving, the Allomancer suddenly “can get a stronger push” and decelerate more strongly. Here is my interpretation: Pushing against an anchored coin on the ground has a similar effect as holding a long pole and physically pushing against the ground. The Normal Force due to the Allomantic Force (Allomantic Normal Force, or ANF) that the ground/wall/etc. exerts on the target is transferred to the Allomancer. If you held a long vertical pole and pushed down on the ground, the ground would push back on you and the pole. If you tried to push the pole into the ground, the ground would resist, and you could climb upwards relative to the ground. Allomancy mimics this effect. When pushing on the coin, it is like you are physically connected to the coin. If something resists your push, you experience that resistance. I drew some free-body diagrams that hopefully help explain what I’m saying. In these, an Allomancer and coin are falling down. The Allomancer is pushing on the coin. Let me discuss two of the other theories as to how Allomancers get stronger pushes from anchored targets: When the coin is airborne, the allomancer is only pushing on the mass of the coin. But when the coin is anchored to the planet, they are also pushing on the mass of Scadrial/the ground around the coin, which causes the Allomancer to accelerate more. [not a quote, but the concept taken from 1] I’ll get into how mass affects the force later in the math section, but I want to now make something clear. With my interpretation, Allomancers push on the mass of metal, not the combined mass of metal and nearby non-metal (the planet). When pushing against an anchored coin, the Allomancer is only indirectly pushing on the ground – they are pushing on the coin, which pushes on the ground, which resists back on the coin, which resists back on the Allomancer – similar to holding a long pole and pushing on the ground. An Allomancer’s strength is the amount of kinetic energy they can add to the system of the coin and allomancer. When the Allomancer pushes on an unanchored target, that kinetic energy is distributed between the two, proportionally to their masses. But, when the target is stationary, their velocity is zero, so all of the kinetic energy is given to the allomancer (and vice-versa). [paraphrased from 8] I like this explanation. Honestly, I may agree with it more than with my own ANF theory. I tried it out, but it was a lot more difficult programming-wise than the ANF idea. Unity has easier force manipulation than energy manipulation, so I framed my theory using that. Energy is just force with extra steps. See Edit 1. I’ll talk more about the Allomantic Normal Force and partially-anchored targets after the math in Part V. Part IV: Math Now, I’ll introduce the formula that I used to calculate the Allomantic Force. After that, I’ll describe each of the terms in detail. Allomancy is a lot like magnetism, so let’s start by looking at the formula for the magnetic force between two poles. In Allomancy, the “two poles” would be the Allomancer and target. Magnetic Force = Constant * q1 * q2 / r2 Constant – some constant that depends on the medium between the poles. q1and q2 – the magnitudes of the magnetic charges of the poles. r – the distance between the poles. The greater the charges, the greater the force. The greater the distance between the two poles, the weaker the force – and through the inverse square relationship, greater and greater distances cause much weaker and weaker forces. Now, the Allomantic Force: Allomantic Force = A * S * b * c1 * c2 / r2 A – some constant. This depends on how all pushes and pulls are described in the book and can be increased/decreased for overall stronger/weaker pushes. b – Burn rate. See below. S – Allomantic Strength. See below. c1 and c2 – the Allomantic Charges of the Allomancer and target. r – the distance between the Allomancer and target. Burn rate – the rate at which an allomancer burns their metals. For my purposes, burn rate is a range between 0 and 1, where 0 is “not burning at all” and 1 is “pushing as hard as you can,” possibly without flaring. I bound this to the triggers on a gamepad and to the scroll wheel on a mouse, which allow me to variably control the strength of a push using the burn rate. Allomantic Strength – the most magic-y of the all the components of the force. Some Allomancers are naturally stronger than others, perhaps by sDNA. Allomancers get better with training and experience. These factors get bundled into the Allomancer’s Allomantic Strength. The Allomantic Force is not proportional to the Allomantic Strength (see [3]). Rather, the Allomancer’s maximum burn rate is proportional to the Allomantic Strength. In this way, Allomantic Strength acts as a sort of limiter. Stronger Allomancers must be able to burn more metal faster for a stronger effect. I won’t incorporate this in-game. Allomantic Charge – Analogous to magnetic charge. Contributes to the Allomantic Force. A property of both metals and Allomancers. I recommend now reading [1], which has a very interesting theory on this. I’m not adhering to it completely, though. An Allomancer or target’s Allomantic Charge is a function of its mass. To make the mass relationships of Mistborn work, we need to satisfy a few factors: The more massive a target is, the stronger a push an Allomancer can get off of it. The less massive a target is, the weaker a push an allomancer can get off of it. “[Wax] shot outwards in a grand arc above the city, flying for a good half a minute on the Push off those enormous girders” (AoL ch 1 pg 34) [3]. “…the lamp was a good anchor - lots of metal, firmly attached to the ground - capable of pushing [Wax] quite high” (AoL ch 1 pg 32) [3]. Both of the targets in these quotes are equally anchored, but the girders are much more massive and provide a stronger push. I don’t have any direct quotes, but we know that Allomancers get less of a push from coins than they do from, say, enormous girders. The “heavier” an Allomancer is, the stronger their push. This argument comes from Feruchemical weight, not mass, but it nonetheless impacts Allomancy in the books, so I should bring it up here. While tapping weight, Wax thought, “with this incredible conflux of weight, his ability to Push grew incredible” (AoL) [2]. I can’t quite remember the context or quote, but I recall that one of Kelsier’s surprises about Vin was her Allomantic Strength/Charge was large “for her size,” implying that smaller/less massive Allomancers usually have less charge. It’s symmetrical with the target’s mass impacting the Allomantic Charge. It’s intuitive and makes sense. There should be some soft maximum cap and minimum cap to the force. If an Allomancer pushes off of an absolutely massive multi-ton solid block of gold, they shouldn’t be pushed into the stratosphere. Likewise, coins are very light relative to lampposts and roofs, but they still provide a reasonably strong push. This leads me to the most disgusting part of the math. What exact relationship do the masses have with the force? The relationship can’t be zero. If this were the case, mass would have no effect on the force, which I argued against. Also, an Allomancer could push on a “metal” with a mass of 0 and still get a push, which doesn’t make sense. The relationship can’t be linear. If this were the case, a target 10 times as massive as another would provide 10 times a push as the other, which doesn’t appear to be the case. If an Allomancer pushes first on a 30g coin and then on a 30kg metal block, the Allomancer would receive 1000 times more the force from the block than the coin. In the books, Allomancers push off of girders and roofs which are much heavier than 30kg, but they certainly don’t describe such a massive difference in forces from coins. That’s duralumin-levels of strength. I’ve tried out a lot of relationships. Logs, sum of logs, product of logs, and roots. Eww. My solution was to take the root of the masses of the Allomancer and target. Specifically, the, ah, sixteenth root. It provided a good combination of strong-enough pushes from light coins and weak-enough pushes from very massive targets that felt most similar to the books. The number 16 was arbitrary. I figured I might as well use Scadrial’s base number for legitimacy. If I used a more elegant root (i.e. the square root), coins provided practically no force, and massive targets still pushed to the stratosphere. Higher roots “level the playing field” more than lower roots. c1 = sixteenth root of (m1) c2 = sixteenth root of (m2) m1 – mass of Allomancer m2– mass of target Because of how roots work, we can also say that c1 * c2 = sixteenth root of (m1 * m2). Regarding the maximum to the force that an Allomancer can get from an extremely massive target: The heavier and heavier the target, the less and less the increase in force. No pushes to the stratosphere. I’m not actually sure if this is the case with roots, but it felt like it was: the lighter and lighter the target, the less and less the decrease in force. Coins are very light, but still provide a significant push. In the end, I’m not actually trying to figure out how mass affects the force in the books. I am fairly confident Brandon didn’t consider the exact relationship while writing the books. I’m just finding ways to emulate it in a physics engine. Part V: Summary & Final points And here’s the final, composed formula for the force an Allomancer experiences while pushing: Force on Allomancer = Allomantic Force + Allomantic Normal Force = Allomantic Constant * Burn rate * sixteenth root of (target mass * Allomancer mass) / squared distance between Allomancer and target + Allomantic Normal Force Burn rate is between 0 and 1. A Burn rate of 1 gives the maximum Allomantic Force. When target mass is 0 or the Allomancer mass is 0, the Allomantic Force is 0. The closer and closer the target is to the Allomancer, the greater and greater the Allomantic Force. Like other normal forces, if the target isn’t fully anchored (e.g. a coin sliding across the ground, or a thin metal rod that bends as you push on it), the Allomantic Normal Force ranges from 0 to the Allomantic Force, depending on how anchored the target is. This means that an Allomancer pushing on a perfectly anchored target will be pushed back with twice the force as a perfectly unanchored target, assuming they have the same distance. This last bit about the distance is key. If an Allomancer is falling through the air and throws down a coin, the coin quickly falls further and further down. The Allomantic Force quickly becomes very small. Only once the Allomancer falls further and is near the coin – now anchored to the ground – does the distance stay small enough for the Allomantic Force to be large enough for a long enough time to scale a building. Friction (and air resistance) can also be a normal force, in this context; any (normal component of a) force that resists the Allomantic Force can be an ANF. Gravity, too, can be an ANF. An allomancer hovering in the air (whose push cancels out gravity) exerts an ANF equal to gravity back to their target. Theoretically, the Allomantic Normal Force could be greater than the Allomantic Force if the target accelerated in the opposite direction of the push. If you pushed (not pulled) on a target, and the target moved towards you (e.g. a very determined Steel Inquisitor, resisting your push and walking towards you), that normal force would push on you harder. This could result in “pushing matches” between Allomancers who try to move towards each other for even stronger pushes. Allomantic Normal Force works both ways. If the Allomancer is anchored (e.g. braced against a wall), the target will experience an Allomantic Normal Force. Other details: There are two main coins in Mistborn: Imperial boxings (gold) and clips (copper or bronze). In real life gold coins are usually around 30 grams, but I’ve experimented with increasing their mass by about 10-100 times for the game. Currently, I’ve kept them as 30g. When pushed with any reasonable force, 30g coins instantly fly off of the screen like bullets. There’s no user feedback that they pushed on that coin, other than, “that coin no longer appears to exist.” If you drop a coin from the air, it is on the ground by the next frame. Coins are sometimes described as behaving like bullets, but I don’t like how that works in the game. With heavier coins, you can see the coin after you push on it, but it still moves very quickly. Another option (which is the one I’m using in the game) is to simply cap their maximum velocity. I’ve left it at around 120m/s, which feels good. That’s about 1/3 the speed of sound. It causes some problems with calculating the Allomantic Normal Force from the target, but those have been resolved with coding (more or less). The image on the coins in the game is taken from Shire Mint. Fun fact: Unity doesn’t let you modify force vectors individually, which makes this a bit hard. You can only add forces/accelerations/velocity changes one at a time, then they are all applied to the object at the end of the frame. Calculating the Allomantic Normal Force is absolutely disgusting. See my code on GitHub, if you’re curious. I hope you all enjoyed the read! Please discuss this and give your opinions on the physics and maths of Allomancy. Specifically, Are there any more elegant relationships between Allomancer/target mass and Allomantic Force that you think I should try? Does anyone have any esoteric knowledge of Unity’s Rigidbody/Force systems that you think could be helpful? Any general ideas for the game? Any suggestions from what you can see in the videos? Any spelling/formatting issues with the post? Thank you.
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    Personally I prefer the DA version: Oatmeal 'Raisin your allomantic powers' cookies.
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    My favorite was when Wax, Wayne, Marasi, and Steris break through the Four Walls of Doom and steal Peter Ahlstrom's iPad so they can watch RWBY. And that bit where Brandon actually put Butt Venture into the giant pun battle between Vin and Elend that time the Spren-Haters Club went to the SR? Priceless! Of course, nothing can beat that Easter egg where he literally had the good guys play a tuba. Really worked out great.
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    There's a new Rosharan expletive (spoilered for those of you who don't like that sort of thing):
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    This dude is definitely part of the revel
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    You know you're a Sanderfan when this happens... Characters: ME, FRIEND A, FRIEND B ME: I swear, I haven't seen you in forever, Friend A. Are you still reading a lot of books and stuff? FRIEND A: Yeah. Y'know, I've been reading a lot of fantasy lately. My boyfriend introduced me to this author... do you know Brandon– ME, FRIEND A: SANDERSON? ME, FRIEND A: AHHHHHH!!!! (jump up and down for a minute straight) ME, FRIEND A: (freak out about Sanderson for two hours, while FRIEND B sits by, confused) FRIEND B: How have you guys been talking about this for so long?!?! ME: Well, you see... Sanderson's books are incredibly long, like 1000 pages of pure awesomeness, so we need to spend a proportionate amount of time talking about them. FRIEND A: It's logic. FRIEND B: ...I need to start reading these. ME: After, like, months of me trying to get you to read Sanderson books... this was all it took?! FRIEND B: Yeah, I guess... ME: Ok, so one thing before you start reading... (grabs FRIEND B's shoulders, looks into their eyes) ME: Hoid.
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    When you see a broken lamp post and think: reckless coinshots!
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    When you and your only other Cosmere reading friend play on a private server on Ark:Survival Evolved named Roshar and name all your dinosaurs after Cosmere characters. All hail Dalinar the T-Rex.
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    Hello, my name is Schkereini, I am new in this forum, but have been a huge Sanderson fan for years. I started with books like Alcatraz and Steelheart and fell in love with Sandersons books. I have read much of the Cosmere books and really love Stormlight Archive. I am from Germany, so I read most of the books in German, but right now I am trying to catch up in the original language. I hope you can forgive my bad English and welcome me in this community, because I need people who are also huge fans to talk about the books, theories and upcoming content.
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    Raoden. Over the course of Elantris, Raoden as a character does not grow. He gains abilities and political strengths, but at the end he is fundamentally still the same guy who woke up in that bedroom after being taken by the Shaod. The events of Elantris happen to Raoden and he reacts. He has his internal doubts, but he is constantly outwardly confident and competent to a flawless degree. Contrasted by Hrathen in the same story... He's just such a static character that it almost ruined the book for me. He's not Zane, don't get me wrong, but as one of the primary focuses of the book he was very difficult for me to push through.
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    *Car salesman slaps top of the Everstorm* This bad boy can fit so many souls of reborn spirits that are spiraling jnto insanity!
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    No image, but with Kaladin riding the storm (especially towards the end) I couldn't help but think: "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."
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    When one of your relatives makes a Stick joke at a picnic even though they've never read Words of Radiance and you realize that you've referenced the Cosmere so much that the people around you make the references automatically, even if they don't understand them. (Kind of like when I was little; I repeated and laughed at the adult jokes I had seen on Dad's favorite movies, without the faintest idea what they meant.)
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    For me the triangle was about which path Shallan will choose. Either Kaladin encouraging her hiding and pushing away her emotions and memories or Adolin encouraging her to confront her problems. And for me her decision between the two men was also a decision which path she then follows. So all in all I hope this is over and she'll get her marriage to work.
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