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  1. 51 points

    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hello all, I`ve been planning to draw miss Shallan for some time now, but alas time is never on my side. I`m not sure now most of you imagined a cryptic, but I`ve always had this image of light bend in different shades in our world. I took some liberty with the design as every artist would, but still tried to be as faithful to the book as possible. Hope you enjoy my take on this red haired master of illusion.
  2. 38 points
  3. 35 points
    Piece I painted for my landscape painting final. It's Kharbranth!! I'm going to post a thread in the forums with it, because I need some recommendations from the rest of y'all on a good subject for the next location I go after. Feel free to weigh in with your comments here as well, though!
  4. 34 points
    Here you go, anime style Kaladin
  5. 31 points

    From the album How I imagined the Recreance

    Not really my creation but I ran into it while watching anime and I was like "Recreance!!!!". From Fate:UBW
  6. 31 points
    I painted this after finishing Shadows of Self. It didnt help much in dealing with that ending though... You can find this on my tumblr. should you feel inclined to share it there: http://artisticappel...-you-hurt-me-so Thanks to WeiryWriter for helping me quickly fin the symbol for Harmony! *edit* ... So I accidentally uploaded the mirrored version of the painting, so the allomantic symbols were mirrored too. Whoops. This is the proper version
  7. 28 points

    From the album Parshendi

    one of my takes on drawing Venli! She was actually quite fun to draw, I definitely plan on taking a crack at drawing her again and other Parshendi as well!
  8. 25 points

    From the album The Emperor's Soul Art Book

    Nights! It’s finished!!! My first digital art piece =) I had used about 200~300 layers (or more) and finally got this thing done… Woah. Promise fulfilled! Characters: Wan ShaiLu, Emperor Ashravan, Gaotona, Frava, Bloodsealer, Captain Zu, Imperial Fool (Hoid), Han ShuXen Original file (6527 × 3705) on Dropbox: [x] | DeviantART: [x]
  9. 24 points

    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As I promised, here is a small part of the Parshendi warriors, from my point of view. There will be another version of this image soon, with another leading character.
  10. 24 points
  11. 24 points
  12. 23 points

    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As I promised this is the other version of the image. This actually was the main idea, but in the end I like both images, so I decide to upload them both. Of course the Shardplate`s design took me more time to finish. And the Shardblade`s materialization effect was a pain in a dark place of mine but here it is. Eshonai armored!
  13. 23 points

    From the album Vianki's Fanart scenes

    I have always loved the scene where Kaladin overcomes his fear and flies for the first time. This is how I picture his view. (painting the lighting from multiple, differently colored, moons is storming difficult!) Oil on canvas.
  14. 23 points
    Originally a piece for tumblr palette challenge. Finally did some art for Warbreaker! + + + Alternative version: Sketch: + + + Another Lightsong (Disney style? I don't know ;P) Another challenge for Vasher: Old art: Vasher/Vivenna, Susebron/Siri
  15. 22 points
  16. 21 points
    I drew Wit again. He is definitely my favorite male character in Stormlight Process: + + + Wit genderbend + + + Szeth and Nightblood GrumpyKaladin.gif
  17. 20 points
  18. 20 points
    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's a scruffy and spiteful slave Kaladin, before Rock gave him a shave.

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

  19. 20 points
  20. 20 points
  21. 19 points

    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Szeth-son-son Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, rode a dope mini bike on his way to kill the king.
  22. 18 points
  23. 17 points
    This is inspired by chapter 55 of WoR. Totally not serious, sorry Kaladin! Note: What he attracts is a baby girl chasmfiend. =) Bigger picture is here: [x] Original lineart:
  24. 16 points

    From the album SA General Art

    It’s been four years and I drew the crew again! This took me a whole week to finish, but worth it! From left to right (post-WoR settings): Navani (with fabrials), Jasnah (with Ivory), Dalinar (with the Stormfather), Szeth (with Nightblood), Shallan (with Pattern), Kaladin (with Syl), Renarin, Lift (with Wyndle), Adolin and Elhokar. (There are also several arms belonging to some random characters in Dalinar’s army.) Group high five: Let’s save Roshar! (They are standing in a sunlight-lit room in Urithiru.) Full-sized piece on DeviantART: http://fav.me/dboywc5 Close view: Bonus: You can see my progress (I hope!) during these years: (Seems like they were done by two different people…)
  25. 15 points
    To sail into a Highstorm was suicide... Started this one at 11:30 this morning and I'm finishing up now, just 7 hours later. Pretty happy with the fast turnaround =) Let me know what you think! And if you like what I'm making, follow me on Instagram! @grantmhansen. there will be more of it coming!
  26. 15 points

    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Prep for a full painting
  27. 15 points

    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Just the first initial sketch of Dalinar. I plan to do much more with him in the future
  28. 15 points
    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's The Lopen!
  29. 15 points
    Another #SundaySanderson! Adolin Kholin after battle. (Shallan likes that) *but It's not Sunday.* ....Shut up
  30. 14 points

    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Detailed view of the faces
  31. 14 points
    Young Jasnah holding the letter given to Liss =) Sketch: + + + Another AU comic, Jasnah vs. Dalinar. [Original post]
  32. 14 points
    A portrait of Adolin Kholin. Drew this one immediately after Dalinar, so my first priority was to keep the family resemblance strong... thus the square jaw and thick brows similar to his father's. The rest of his features and the cheerful, social disposition are all Adolin though. Button your coat!
  33. 14 points
  34. 13 points

    From the album Vianki's Fanart scenes

    Syl fighting death spren on Kaladin's chest, from his perspective.

    © ViankiStudios

  35. 12 points

    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    So here’s a drawing of Shallan’s main (named) bodyguards, part of homegirl’s ever-expanding, accidental army of just the worst of the worst of Roshar, all of which would storming die for her. There’s little to no description given for Red and Vathah. Maybe they’re described in Oathbringer and i’m going to feel really silly. But i got to have fun with the designs. (Why do i always draw Gaz with his eye closed??)
  36. 12 points
  37. 12 points

    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Just a quick sketch thing for Kaladin. I'm Honestly nervous about tackling him so I just tried to get a feel first.
  38. 12 points
    I had a lot of fun making this. You can't see it in the photo but there are lights that make the jewels glow.
  39. 11 points
    I'm still not happy with this picture but after a certain point I think I'll just call it a day. I started this a very long time ago and never finished it because I was unsatisfied at how it didn't match up to my mental image. I left it unfinished because leaving it for some time would let me have a fresh look at it later. Well I found it while poking around in my hard drive and tried reworking it several half a dozen times. It's better now but I think I will try again in another year and see how a fresh perspective will improve it. Some thoughts I had: Alethi genetics - they are like magnets: how the Braize do they work? There's variation between individual Alethi and between lighteyes and darkeyes due to foreign blood, but to Alethi viewpoint characters the differences between them and Earth humans are never pointed out unless they are very strange, like Shin eyes or glowing Knight eyes. In this drawing, I gave Adolin monolid east Asian eyes even though Polynesians have been described as similar to Alethi, and they have eyelid folds. I got no idea, man. I think Brandon wrote Dalinar while inspired by Mongolian generals. Trying to get the hair right was difficult, but I feel like I managed to capture my mental impression of it. I'm not sure how "black speckled blond" is supposed to look but most people interpret it as individual strands of black rather than streaks/locks of it. That is how I drew it, blond enough so from a distance you would just see yellow hair. However, in my stylised cartoon depictions I draw it with black streaks for convenience. In terms of his haircut shape I wanted to convey "youthful" and "playful" but not go full Bieber mode. And soft looking enough you would want to maybe touch it and pat his head like Shallan thought about on her first date. As a side note, I made his eyebrows blond and black as well. That prison scene in WoR mentioned that his beard hair was blond and black. One cannot help but wonder about the carpet and the drapes, heh. Officers in the warcamps wear "knots on their shoulders" to signify their rank, and Adolin's are gold for second or third dahn. Some other artists interpret this as the epaulet braids that some Earth military use, but I felt that if they were braids they would be described as braids rather than knots. So in my interpretation, they are like Celtic knots stylised into symmetrical glyph designs. I am aware that my Kholin Army officer uniforms are off-model compared to the book description of double breasted longcoat with silver buttons and single breasted waistcoat. In my original sketches I drew it that way, but it seemed clunky looking to me, so I took artistic license and designed something I felt looked sleeker and cooler for sky fighting. I know cravats are not in the official description either, but Sadeas and Amaram both wear them (book calls them "stocks", like the ones Earth equestrians wear) so they are known in-universe. Even though Kaladin probably wouldn't know how to tie one. Maybe Adolin taught him. Or maybe he uses Lashings to make the folds stay put. Apologies for this wall of text but explaining my artistic decisions is part of the process of transforming amorphous mental impressions of written media into visual media. And it demonstrates why everyone comes up with different visual impressions of a character.
  40. 11 points
    If SA was an animated tv show, this would be a filler episode, because C-H-O-U-T-A. Who cares what it's made of, because it's filled with fried crunchy bits and covered in gravy! Knowing that the gravy pot hasn't ever been washed since the cook first bought it gives the food character. Why is Kaladin such a grumpyhead? Full picture - CLICK TO OPEN!!! Process:
  41. 10 points
    Key frames from animated tests of major Stormlight Archive characters. Kaladin Adolin Dalinar Jasnah Renarin Shallan Bonus: Wit Shattered Plains
  42. 10 points
    A quick drawing of Shallan and Veil
  43. 10 points

    From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    My depiction of Jezrien's Honorblade, based off of Howard Lyon's illustration in the back of Oathbringer. I added the Windrunner glyph and some Stormlight in the background. The image viewer makes it really small since it's in portrait orientation, so click on "More Sizes" in the top right to view the larger image. You can view a stripped-down 3D version of the blade on Sketchfab at https://skfb.ly/6uZ9s

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  44. 10 points
    Requested by a user over at r/cosmere, couldn't resist trying my hand at this guy! (Thanks u/green_office_stapler for the outfit inspiration!)
  45. 10 points
    The othe half of a redraw of this from 2015. It looks so much better, I want to cry Bonus:
  46. 10 points

    From the album crab land

    a sad boy and his only friend
  47. 10 points
  48. 9 points

    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Words of Radiance, chapter 30 - nature blushing When your new boss makes a portrait of you that’s like the heroic man you’ve never been but she believes you could be.
  49. 9 points

    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    scene from Words of Radiance, chapter 24. A very unfortunate Gaz moment.
  50. 9 points

    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    The kholins are going to be a serious work in progress. some basic doodles of Adolin, trying to figure him out. I will need to explore him a bit more Second attempt. Definitely still WIP
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