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    I love the face. A moustASHE?
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    Still such a huge fan of this one. Put a title up there, boom perfect comic cover. Also that glyphward is extremely on point.
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    Wow! I never imagined Ashe or Seons that way, but it makes a lot of sense.
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    I CAN TELL THERE'S DEFINITELY A GREAT DEAL OF AFFECTION PUT IN THAT CHISELED CHEST. Kaladin is bad for the health man. Freaking anime nosebleeds over here.
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    Thanks! It's my favorite thing to draw! Also, I love Wit. He's by far my favorite Hoid... besides Drifter. That scene where he meets Kelsier was very... very satisfying.
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    I never considered any of the Stormlight characters for a 'romantic' relationship until I realized how good Renarin and Rlain would be for the narrative. It'd be one of the best ways for Renarin to take pride in himself and loudly declare frustration with class systems and segregation and the two of them linking hands as their people fight is an image I can't get out of my head. Yes. I'll admit I have ONE ship (and not just in this particular series, I mean in ALL TIME) and it is Renarin and Rlain. OTP.
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    With how popular it is, I think I actually might redraw/fix it up for print. It's certainly MY favorite piece I've done for Stormlight so far... I'm working on two Mistborn prints and have been considering what to do for Stormlight, but... I already have this and it's pretty so why not? (and I need to redraw Glys because apparently he's supposed to look like a snowflake???? I missed that)
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    Within like 3 minutes of his description, I turned to my girlfriend and said: "I have a crush on Kaladin" and the longer the book went on the more feverish my declarations of love became. Kaladin made me gay and I don't feel bad about it. Literally when I first drew this I tagged it "this was just an excuse to draw Kal's chest tbh" and I just... it's important.
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    Right?? There was a reason I wanted to draw this and it was ABSOLUTELY Adolin's constant descriptions of "too friendly" and "lacking propriety". The boy is a serial hugger who cannot be stopped!
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    "adolin, being adolin, hugged everyone in sight"- cut scene from OB clearly. These are super cute, aha.
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    I'm EXTREMELY weak over this Kaladin. This is a Kaladin you can get a crush on. Loving the hands in this pic!!!
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    EXACTLY how i pictured that scene ahah. Just wildly gesticulating from his lil tall chair looking sassy. I really like how you draw dudes' faces!
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    Not gonna lie, I literally teared up. LOOK AT HIM HE'S SO CUTE AND PURE! //softly cries because I KNOW you are going to hurt me
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    Very Cool! Thumbs up!!
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    Are you using colored pencil or conte crayons for these? The color dynamic is beautiful!
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    I agree, but it will be an entertaining war nonetheless.
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    Okay so I know we talked or whatever about how I hadn't commented on any of these, but I love these pages in the lumberyard so much. It's really effective sequential art and you did an amazing job.
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    A subreddit full of people who don't understand good narrative and character development if you ask me.
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    Good to hear about the cremling, sorry to hear about Red. I love the abstracted detail in the background, the Chull caravan looks awesome!
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    The cremling is going to be fine but Red's going to stumble over it and absolutely annihilate his neck. Also thank you!!
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    I think that is super cute! Nice work, though I am a little worried for that poor cremling.
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    I was really hoping for that too! It does feel like his character arc is going SOMEWHERE but it's probably going to be very underwhelming ahah. And that's why i'm drawing this comic
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    Gaz redemption! Without seeing a single thing I love it already!! I was so looking forward to Gaz getting his eye back in OB, becoming a squire to Shallan.. and was heartbroken when it didn't happen (yet)
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    Thank you so much! This means a lot ♥ i put a lot of myself in this comic, even though it's kind of a weird subject. Love your art too btw! So good.
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    You. Do. Fantastic. Work. Honestly, you're a brilliant visual storyteller, Bridge. Thanks for sharing all of this! Love your character designs, love the emotion you put behind them, the compositions, the ALL OF IT!
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    Love the expressions! Really capture how I visualized Sarene
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    Way of Kings, Kal hanging upside down during the highstorm, right? with Syl helping him survive? I appreciated how the image isn't overt / is vague re: what's going on - it reflects the darkness, tumult, and uncertainty of the scene really well.
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