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    Introduction Thus far, we've gotten pretty good glimpses of seven of the ten Surges, by at least one of the Orders that uses them. There are some Order-specific applications (like Dalinar's Spiritual Adhesion), but for the most part we've seen a lot of similarities across orders – Jasnah and Shallan both Soulcast, Szeth's Gravitation looks much the same as it did when he had an Honorblade, and Dalinar and Kaladin can both stick things together using Adhesion. Illumination has been a little funky, but that's part of the ongoing mystery surrounding Renarin. But there are three Surges that we have only seen, at most, glimpses of: Division, Cohesion, and Tension. There are legends of them in the books, we've seen the effects of their application, and Brandon has been a little forthcoming in WoBs, so we do have enough to piece together what these three Surges do. But the collective knowledge of the community is a little lax, so in this thread I’m going to collect all the information we have on these Surges, and then do some exploration and theorizing on them. Here’s my gameplan: · I’ll start off with a survey of sources about the Surge, both book references and WoBs. Then I’ll explain how I see the ‘real-life science’ would work to accomplish that. One section each for Division, Cohesion, and Tension. · The fourth section will explain a Tension/Cohesion continuity error. I’m having a chicken-or-the-egg problem trying to write this whole thing up, so you may get very confused with one of my Cohesion examples. I don’t want to break the flow of the explanation; you can jump down to the section called “Stormfather’s Error,” after the OB chapter 38 example, if it really bothers you. · In the fifth section, I’ll give a potential in-universe Rosharan explanation for these Surges, and why they’re guided by perception to behave the way they do. · In the last section, I’ll talk about Dalinar’s Unity abilities, and why I can’t figure out if they’re a Surge or not. Division Of the three, this is the one we’ve seen in action the most, although it can be a little hard to understand because it is never completely explained. The high-level overview: Division burns things. The first hint is in the very first scene in WoK: No other references in the first book. But we do get some more in the second. Jasnah references Division in WoR chapter 1: Kaladin thinks of it in WoR chapter 41. A WoB from March 14, 2017. We actually get it on-screen from a Dustbringer in OB chapter 107. “ And again, from Yelig-Nar-powered Amaram in OB chapter 120. This Surge works by breaking molecular bonds. A quick chemistry rundown: you’ve got atoms, which are the fundamental building blocks of chemistry. Carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, all those good suckers. (You can divide atoms into with protons and electrons and neutrons, and divide those in turn to smaller particles, but that’s gonna be more the realm of physicists. And because Division doesn’t split atoms, it is a purely chemical Surge.) Atoms will form bonds with one another, attaching in arrangements simple or complex to form molecules. (Think of sticking balls of clay together with toothpicks.) The oxygen molecules we breathe are made of two oxygen atoms stuck together (or bonded); nitrogen molecules are similarly two nitrogen atoms. A water molecule is an oxygen molecule bonded to two hydrogen molecules (H2O). Pure carbon doesn’t form molecules; it forms a big lattice of carbon atoms, each atom bonded to multiple other atoms. Why do atoms form bonds? Because doing so releases energy. An atom on its own is like a ball, balanced on the top of a hill. (This is called a radical.) Rolling down the hill releases energy; the ball moves faster. That’s the same principle as creating bonds; two or more radicals combining into a molecule releases energy. And then it would take energy to remove the bonds; that’s like doing work to carry the ball back up the hill. When you burn something, you break some weak bonds and create stronger bonds (with oxygen atoms). It takes a little energy to break a weak bond (called the activation energy), and a lot of energy is released over what you put in when you form a strong bond (called the heat of reaction). You carry a ball up a small hill, so you can roll it down the other side which has a much deeper valley. You release energy by burning things, even though it takes energy to get it started. So, what Dustbringers do, is they break the bonds between atoms. They can burn things without making them hot first; which is how Malata caused the table to burn. To go back to the ball-and-hill analogy, using Division bores a tunnel through the hill, letting the ball roll straight from one spot to the other without having to be carried up the intermediary height. If something crumbles to dust (one of the other stated applications of Division), it’s stuff that wouldn’t really burn well. You rearrange the atoms, it breaks up so you get a bunch of tiny pieces instead of a large whole. But the new bonds are the same energy as the old bonds, so no energy is released. It just crumbles. But what about burning stone? I’ll just take the chemical composition of granite, for example, from Wikipedia: SiO2 72.04% (silica) Al2O3 14.42% (alumina) K2O 4.12% Na2O 3.69% CaO 1.82% FeO 1.68% Fe2O3 1.22% MgO 0.71% TiO2 0.30% P2O5 0.12% MnO 0.05% That’s already all got oxygen in it. So, if you break those bonds up, and then they reform, where’s the energy come from? Using Division doesn’t just bypass the activation energy; it can add the activation energy to the system. The reverse for something “degrading.” Metal rusting releases energy; it just does it so slowly that there’s nothing noticeable. If you rust metal quickly, that’s called “oxidizing,” and my buddies used to call that “Thermite Thursdays.” So, if you’re going to make metal rust in an instant, Division needs to absorb the heat of reaction. At the end of the day, using Division appears to encompass two sub-abilities, from a chemistry perspective. It breaks chemical bonds (changing the chemical composition of the target substance). And it also can add or remove energy from the system, depending on the intent of the Surgebinder; if they want it hot, they get it hot. If they want it room-temperature, the Surge balances out the heat that would be released. I don’t see an issue with these two abilities working in tandem; unlike some of the issues I had with steelpushing in another thread (where a single variable was needed to constrain many different scenarios), a Division user isn’t inherently limited to only a single kind of application. I think they could have metal rust or burn, depending on what they felt like at that moment. Cohesion Cohesion make things moldable, remove lattices and makes something more of a liquid. The first legend is in WoK chapter 59. The second legend is from Shallan, in WoR chapter 63. (I'm going to say Cohesion, because of the "command." Division is always touch; Cohesion can be at range.) Another legend in WoR chapter 77. “ After WoR, there was a single Cohesion WoB. March 8, 2014. In the third book, we actually begin to see it in action. OB chapter 38. (If you are not satisfied that this is an application of Cohesion, feel free to jump down to Section 4, and then come back here.) And again, this time another Surge from Amaram. OB chapter 120. This Surge is partially a step above the bonds within atoms. Molecules will also form bonds; weaker bonds, but bonds nonetheless, that can hold groups of molecules together. In the liquid state, water molecules are attracted enough to one another that they stick together loosely. When you cool them down, they’ll arrange themselves into a lattice structure, and you get solid ice. The bonds between hydrogen and oxygen within the molecule are unchanged; but the molecules are interacting differently. But this Surge also overlaps a lot with Division, because not all substances have distinct molecules. It’s like I said with carbon up above; you have atoms bonded to atoms bonded to more atoms. So if you melt a diamond, you’re breaking atom-to-atom bonds. You have to be; otherwise it would remain solid. Cohesion, therefore, is a little fuzzier in what it does from a nitty-gritty analysis point of view. · It will negate electromagnetic chemical bonding (sometimes intermolecular, sometimes molecular, depending on the substance). · It will absorb energy released by breaking those bonds. · It will apply a brand new attractive force between each and every molecule or atom affected. This is weaker than what was overcome, so the substance now behaves as a liquid. · It will apply a brand new set of forces to various molecules to move them around as desired. · When it is time to resolidify, the first three effects will all be simultaneously done in reverse, reverting the substance back to its original state with no release of energy. It can’t just melt the stone, because that would require the molecules to be at a high temperature. There’s no temperature change; so it has to be a fundamental change in the nature of the chemical bonding, with associated energy balancing measures that I laid out in Division. There’s no way for Cohesion users to release energy, though, so they are more constrained in that particular sub-power. Tension The last Surge, and one that is much harder to find in the books. There are no mythological references, and no instances it is used (at least that I am confident in). But this has been a popular concept in WoBs, even with one before WoK came out. July 24, 2010. October 14, 2013. March 13, 2014. March 24, 2017. So Tension makes things rigid. This cloth example is going to make us take another step up in chemistry; large molecules, with hundreds or thousands of atoms, that form huge chains. That’s what you get with organic molecules; and these molecules can move around. Think back to our clay-ball-and-toothpick model. The balls can rotate on the toothpicks; so if you build something big enough and unsupported enough, you can move it around like an action figure. That’s what cloth does; none of its chemical bonds are breaking when it moves, but there are rotations happening within the molecules. Surface tension is a concept in fluids. Take water as an example. In the liquid state, water molecules like to be surrounded by other water molecules; they form those weak intermolecular bonds, which release a small amount of energy and are entropically favorited. So the fluid as a whole will minimize surface area, where water molecules are touching something that’s not water. But that’s not quite what happens here. This is more like armor plating; additional tension on the surface of an object. Imagine a knee brace or a cast for every molecular and intermolecular bond along the surface of an object. Using the outer layer of molecules to form a shell, the inner layers are then forced in place, and you have yourself a solid object. So that’s why I think tension is called surface tension – it acts on the surface of an object, applying an additional force to hold each atom or molecule stable in relation to the rest of the object. Unlike the other two Surges, there is nothing removed here, so there is no need for funky energy conservation loopholes. Now, I said there were no confirmed instances of Tension in the books. I know that this is a Surge Dalinar has, and he does indeed use quite a bit of magic in Oathbringer. But I’m pretty confused on which Surge it is (if it even is a Surge), so I gave that its own section at the end of the thread to discuss in-depth. But do I suspect we’ve seen this Surge applied by a modern fabrial in the half-Shard shields. They’re already solid, but the additional force applied to their surface makes them even stronger against normal attacks, and being Invested helps them out against Shardblades. OB 100. Some people believe that the spren they trapped was a spren the Radiant would bond, like a Stoneward spren. I hold to the idea of Surgespren; spren associated with each of the individual Surges. There are a couple of passages in Way of Kings that lead me down this path. The first is in WoK chapter 49. And the second is in WoK chapter 57. Bindspren for Adhesion, groundspren for Gravitation. And substancespren for tension. Whether they cause it, or are attracted to it, doesn’t much matter for the purpose of this argument; flamespren are used to produce heat, regardless of whether they cause it or not. So I think substancespren are used by this fabrial to apply Tension to the shields, making half-Shards. Stormfather’s Error I’m just presenting this as-is. I think it speaks for itself. From the OB signing tour: Fundamental Forces Now, you may find the chemistry explanations for these abilities a little underwhelming. They’re super fuzzy, tacking together a whole bunch of steps to get something that functions. To get what Brandon is shooting for, it's important to understand the distinction between real-life fundamental forces and Rosharan fundamental forces (what they call the Surges). Go back to the elemental inspiration of Surges and Essences. Essences aren't distinct elements – Tallow, Pulp, and Sinew are all organic compounds, Spark is energy (since fire is just hot air, and air is otherwise covered under Zephyr), and Talus and Lucentia are going to be structural differences, not compositional differences. But when I put it like that, you inherently know that I’m just thinking too hard about it. These things seem different – and to the Rosharan understanding, that is enough to make it significant in the Realmatic sense. It is driven by perception, not by physics. The same thing is going to be true for these final three Surges. They all operate using the electromagnetic force (just like Abrasion does) and the way molecules interact with one another or the way the components of a molecule interact. In real-life physics, there is a force that holds the atom together – the electromagnetic force that pulls protons and electrons together. That's the same force, generated by the same charges from the same subatomic particles, that is responsible for friction and for the lattice structures that many solids are composed out of. But, just like with the Essences, to line that up with strict physics is looking too closely. Rosharans aren't physicists, and their perceptions will not align with that interpretation. Here's the way they look at it: they think there is a force on the surface of an object that makes a thing rigid like a solid (Tension), a force on all an object’s components that pulls them together and makes it flow like liquid (Cohesion), and a force that spreads things apart like a gas (Division). Whichever of those forces is strongest will determine how a substance behaves, and Surgebinders increase one of those 'forces' to override the natural behavior of a substance. The magic of Surgebinding, in turn, provides specific alterations to the electromagnetic force in order to match the common perception of Roshar. This fuzzy chemistry happens with Soulcasting, too, as evidenced when Jasnah Soulcasts at Thaylen Field in OB chapter 120. We can attempt to interpret “axi” as a local word for “atom” or “molecule,” but that doesn’t pass rigor. There’s no such thing as a molecule of air; air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of a bunch of other things that I know because my company builds and operates air separation plants. Instead, an axi must a perception-driven way to interact with atoms and molecules, to conceptualize moving individual molecules even though the scale is unimaginably vast (one liter of air contains roughly 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules). Surges are also a perception-based way of performing complex interactions without needing to specifically consider all the steps required to accomplish a particular effect. Unity So, Dalinar has an ability. He Unites things. I see this power occur in three specific places: OB 59. Especially coming after the vision with the Stoneward, I understand why many people think this is Cohesion. That was my initial impression, too, before asking at that signing. But looking at it now, the stone isn’t melting. This is a Spiritual transformation; Dalinar’s not guiding the reliefs, but they are repaired nonetheless. OB 109. Here, he’s holding together the very substance of the Stormfather’s vision as Odium attempts to destroy it. These aren’t real things, but Surges have functioned before in visions, so I guess it’s real enough that Dalinar can use his powers. And lastly, in OB 119. Here’s the kicker, the climax of his abilities. This is not used on something physical; he’s grabbing the Realms. One thing I note about all three of these passages is that Dalinar has to touch things. This is another point against Cohesion being intended; that Surge has been referred to in legends as operating with a “command” or a “look.” Adhesion, on the other hand, always spreads out from physical contact with the Radiant. Most of the time, the hands, although Kaladin has done it with his feet before. One other thing I notice is that the warmth is present while he repairs the temple. This concept first appeared in the ending of Words of Radiance, a mysterious warmth and light that Dalinar felt, something the Stormfather knew nothing about. (Tying in with his mysterious Nohadon vision in Oathbringer, possibly.) Dalinar mentions this warmth several times in OB, and it stirs in him right before he says his third Oath and unites the Realms. And his last scene, when he is working on his book, he feels the warmth again. That makes me think his Unity power doesn’t come from his bond with the Stormfather at all, and has to do with Dalinar Ascending to the remnants of Honor. (I’m suspecting his mysterious Blade that he used to operate the Veden Oathgate was like an Honorblade; not a manifestation of a spren, but the raw essence of Honor’s power. As a refresher, OB chapter 16, the Stormfather confirms that Honorblades can operate Oathgates.) Lastly, his power feels like a direct opposite of a pre-Shattering magic that was revealed in the Dragonsteel chapters on Brandon’s website as SA deleted scenes: The Tzai warriors break the Spiritual, which has cascading effects on the Physical. Dalinar repairs the Spiritual, which has cascading effects on the Physical. This pre-Shattering magic appears end-neutral; the Tzai are doing direct Realmatic manipulations (which is also ascribed to the Sho Del and to the [REDACTED] magic of Jerick). At least to me, this feels very reminiscient of the sorts of things done by Shards or beings who are Ascending: the creation of the mistwraiths in Mistborn, the Returned of Warbreaker, or even the boons/curses of Nightwatcher or Cultivation. The interpretation that I’m growing fond of is that Dalinar was not Surgebinding in these scenes, he was tapping in to the greater power of Honor and using it to Unite things. That all being said, I can’t help but notice the similarities to Adhesion listed above, and Tension’s metaphysical relationship to rebuilding the whole (seeing as it acts on the surface of an object.) And when Dalinar repairs the temple, he does think that it’s because he’s a Bondsmith, which would imply that Dalinar is not the first to have these sorts of powers. The extent he uses them is greater (like summoning the perpendicularity), but that other Bondsmiths may have been able to accomplish his feats in the Thaylen temple without Ascending. I can see an Adhesion/Tension interplay going on; take two things, use Adhesion to stick them together, use Tension to redefine the boundaries as a single object. So, I’m not necessarily convinced either way. Putting the passages down on paper, his first two Unity scenes do seem much more like mundane Surgebinding than I had previously remembered. But the mysterious light, Dalinar’s Ascension, and “WE KILLED YOU” all make me think there’s something greater about Dalinar, something beyond what the Bondsmiths of the past were able to do. We’ll see if I can settle on something by the time Stormlight Four rolls around.
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    Alethi budding surgebinger about to die to Nale, circa 1173, colorized.
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    I made this for a school assignment The Plight of the Radiants Saving a land that is not theirs; Protecting from it’s rightful heirs; Is it we who are the just in this endeavor; Can we truly protect this world forever; Honor tells us we must fight; Our position now makes us right; For who can blame a child for his father’s acts; Does he tell us this so we do not forsake our pacts; We destroyed the world that was ours; Will we not repeat to do the same with our powers; Will we ever be granted to pay back what owe; For who is the fiend, us or our foe;
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    I posted this in another place but I think it would fit better in here. SPOILERS FOR WAY OF KINGS AND WORDS OF RADIANCE! Enjoy!
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    Hope you don't mind that I took emphasis in the fact that it's insulting with poetry rather than the roast aspect. Also, some of it turned purple for reasons I don't understand. Edit: Fixed the purple problem
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    Okay, here we go: I wasted sooo much time on this, ugh. Look what you made me do instead of homework, haha...
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    Please do be informed that Steris has thrown her hat into the proverbial ring. Here is her roast, spoilered because that is in fact the proper way to do it:
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    Kaladin held back a smile as Adolin held up the jacket. Skar and Drehy had gleefully been sent to scour the market for the most absurd looking piece of "fashion" they could find. They had not disappointed. It was a ridiculous bit, ruffs and fluffs in the strangest places with buttons that defied logic. The colors were....an interesting choice as well. "In case you need a spare outfit for the next trip Shadesmar," Kaladin said. Adolin gave a whistle. "This is incredible, bridge boy." "We thought so too," he said back with a smile. "Did you look through my folios? I mean, you got all the details. It's even incorporating the new half flip style out of Thaylenah." Kaladin's smiled slipped. "What?" Adolin was turning the jacket back to front. He wasn't....actually admiring the storming thing was he?
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    Nicely done @Sorana! Here's Human's rap, complete with custom Koloss smilies! Major Mistborn spoilers:
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    Hello everyone! Give it up for the one, the only: Siiiiilence Montane!! *Obvious Desclaimer: I mean no harm, Physical, Cognitive or Spritual, to any of the competitors. Yes, I'm looking at you in particular.
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    Hmph. Show up one hour late and someone's already beat me to the Boring/Snoring rhyme.
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    Okay, I've read through some of this thread, and let me open by saying that everyone likes different characters, and that's good. What one person finds appealing will make another person cringe. And there's nothing wrong with that. But I did want to add my two cents, because not only do I like Shallan, but I'm grateful for her. Why? Because she was one of the first characters who was portrayed unequivocally as a hero who I identified with. I….actually am like her. In WoK, when she's standing on the dock critiquing her own appearance, nervous at the thought of even the smallest social interaction with a stranger—at that moment, I recognized myself. Not too long ago, that was me. I'd go to church or school, feeling as if I never looked right, never acted right, never fit in. I'd walk away from a social interaction thinking I'm stupid, I'm stupid, I'm stupid, even if nothing went wrong and the other person seemed to enjoy my company. Heck, even today, after I've gained a booster shot of confidence and am more comfortable in my own skin, I still walk away from routine interactions having to remind myself that I'm not stupid. See, I never drew alter-egos for myself, partly because I can't draw. But I did imagine myself as characters I identified with (who, up to that point, were usually minor villains, portrayed as weak and cowardly for the very traits I possessed). I also created alter-egos in my head, and daydreamed about being them. I imagined myself as a superhero, as a Hogwarts student, as the hero of a fairy tale. Like Veil and Radiant, many of these characters were fairly Sue-ish—because I wanted to be someone I thought others would love, and so I gave these alter-egos as many lovable traits as I could manage. Were those daydreams normal? Probably not. But they helped me cope, because….. Materially spoiled, yes. She was surrounded by more comforts than many people on Roshar even aspired to. But she was also abused and sheltered. Her flashbacks in WoR show just how deep the psychological and emotional abuse went. The way her father treated her like something fragile, someone who couldn't handle reality and thus had to be shielded from it—I can speak firsthand to how damaging that is. To be treated like someone who can't handle the real world leads to not only ignorance of the real world, but fear of it. To be treated like someone who is incapable, incompetent, and unlovable leads to a desire to be someone else, to become someone that others can love. Shallan is not a traditional protagonist. She's fearful, she's naive, she's unstable. But she's also a realistic look at someone who has been through trauma and abuse. Shallan is not a Harry Potter-type character, who has always known that her abusers were at fault and she didn't deserve it. She's internalized the abuse, she's come to believe that she, Shallan, is not capable of the task she's been given. She may have gained some confidence throughout WoK, but a good bit of it is nothing more than a front, because growing up, she was never allowed to be confident. She was taught to be dependent on her father, who despite taking the blame for killing her mother, was still a horribly abusive waste of space. And because she internalized all the awful treatment she endured, it takes her longer than most to develop some self-confidence. It takes her time to stand on her own. And she falls. She falls frequently, and she falls hard. But she always stands up again. That's the kind of strength I'm still not sure I have. She may not be your type of character, and that's fine. No one is obligated to enjoy her. But there are people out there like her, people who drew strength from her slow progression from naive victim to survivor. There are people out there like her, who felt they had to become someone else in order to be liked. And there are people out there who, like Shallan, don't confidently walk their own path so much as stumble through, hoping and praying they're making the right decision, wanting to give up and go back at every turn. That's not weakness. That's bravery.
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    I shall begin with a slight irony, I got @Firerust to participate, and now we must face each other. Anakin vs Obi-Wan anyone? Note: Views towards the characters roasted within are not necessarily my own. Rap Contains OB spoilers What's up y'all Jasnah's on the scene Scholar, heretic, and your Radiant queen! Shallan says "You're Alethi beauty's perfection" and I reply "Shallan, was that ever in question?" Ya'll saw how I put an end to Amaram's boastin' be prepared because now, I'm really starting roastin'! Oh is that you Lopen? you aren't dead yet (well here's to hopin') You think you're cool Gancho, think you're funny and charming? Well you're not! I'm sorry, was that a little disarming? 2nd Ideal Windrunner? You ain't even broken, me and many others really wish you'd be croakin'! Szeth, Szeth, are you really gonna try? My name is Jasnah Kholin, you killed my father, prepare to die! You think your glowy eyes and your blade frighten me? and I ain't gonna lie, I got my Shardplate, and I'd like to see you try. You claim that you're Truthless? Then I'm your antithesis! A Verisitalian- pursuit of truth is my game, and people believe me, not brand me insane. A magic rock? You're kidding me right? you didn't even question if what you did was right? A lack of free will is the sign of a coward, go think on that whilst these truth-bombs I shower! And finally Taln. Well you're running late, and just because you're last doesn't mean I think you great. I've read about you and your many final stands- but sometimes death and glory isn't what's grand. You think you're here to help and I'm sorry to tell, that if you'd just die, then all would be well. You may complain and say it's above my station, but I'ma kill you and send you back to damnation! You think you gave us time, well that's certainly true, say hello to my Shardblade, back to damnation for you! This battle is over before it's even begun, just look and logically see that I've already won. Jasnah Kholin has settled the score, to quote Ivory, I'm very HarmMore!
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    upvote if you like seeing left hands
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    Can we have some, please? Not specifically Cosmere related, but book memes in general.
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    Thanks and good luck to you, too! Beware the unbelievable Mistborn Edition of the Cosmere Characters Roast Battles will start soon! *starts thinking* ========= EDIT Here's my entry. I'm not completely satisfied, but I'm on my way to the airport and it's that or nothing. As usual I'd like to thank @Ashsprenfor organizing this. And for letting me participate in every Battle so far @Herowannabe and @Inklingspren I really look forward to read what you thought about! Spoilered because of MB spoilers (no surprise here )
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    What Pattern actually looks like
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    We need to make "Calderised" a verb for situations like this.
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    So, Edgedancer and I were talking about Reckoners, and he brought up the idea of Fortuity fancying himself a filmmaker, which evolved into a full-blown headcanon, which evolved into something else when I imagined Steelheart doing the look-directly-into-the-camera thing perfected by Jim Halpert on the US version of The Office. Enjoy. Oh, and if you wish, get into the mood by imagining a montage of Newcago Epics set to the ever-classic Office theme music. Spoilered for length. Mentions alcohol and drinking.
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    I like Rhythm of the Lost. has a nice ring to it and has an appropriately ominous sound to it
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    A cloaked figure approached. He pinned a message to the board, taking care to ensure it completely covered the steel plate that had been posted earlier. This is too easy, he thought to himself as he slipped away into the night.
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    Alright, my turn. It's far from my best work, I had more homework than I thought last night so I wrote this right before going to bed. MB spoilers You guys did great @Herowannabe and @Sorana! May the best rap win.
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    What Cosmere planet has the most ash?
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    Alright I'm going to try this again. Here is how I think a medallion is made. Single Power Medallion To start, you need a medallion or spike to grant aluminum Feruchemy to the person who has the power you wish to put in a medallion. This person is a willing participant. They store their Identity, and the power needed is spiked out. You now have an unkeyed hemalurgic spike. Next, you need a person who has, through whatever combination of Spikes, medallions, and natural ability, all of the following. Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil Feruchemy, and the allomantic ability corresponding to the type of spike that stores the power stolen. This person Stores all of their Identity, and heavily taps Connection (whether this is a general thing, or a specific type of Connection I don't know. I don't think we know enough about it) imprinting their stores with Connection enabling the touch bond of the Medallions. Identity free, and heavily Connected, this person burns the unkeyed Spike, and immediately stores what is produced in a nicrosilmind. You now have a Hemalurgic charge, free of Identity and stored with connection to whoever holds it, tricking their spiritweb into believing that a spike has been properly placed to grant them the power (without the damage that normally occurs, avoiding the issue of hemalurgy's weakness). Multiple Power Medallions and the Reason for the Three Power Limit As you create these medallions, you'll eventually end up with a three power medallion that will give you all three types of Feruchemy needed to make them. No spikes needed in the maker. At this point, you just need to burn and store multiple spikes. No problem. Except for the limit of spikes that a human can have. Three spikes burned, three powers stored...and an attempt at a Fourth puts the maker above the threshold of control. Interference The Connection trick is why multiple medallions interfere with each other. By using Connection to convince the Spiritual Aspect that a spike has been placed, you create this limitation. Multiple medallions attempt to trick the Spiritweb in the same manner and it causes a mixed signal which interferes with both medallions. It's like trying to listen to two radio stations broadcast over the same frequency. Instead of one clear signal, you get a garbled mess of unintelligible noise. Assumptions There are two main assumptions made here, that I know some people disagree with. The nature of Nicrosil Feruchemy. Some people believe that Nicrosil is only capable of storing powers. I believe that Nicrosil can store any part of the Spiritweb, which is coincidentally what hemalurgy steals. If I'm incorrect, this method does not work. Duralumin Feruchemy. Connection is not, in itself, Investiture. It is a property of, or force applied to, Investiture per this WoB. So I believe that while tapping and storing Connection can have immediate effects, as seen with the translation medallions, I think it functions like Aluminum Feruchemy. It changes the level of Connection of the Investiture of the Spiritweb as a whole. As such that Connection, or lack thereof, would be preserved when the Investiture is stored, just as Identity is. Again, if this assumption is incorrect this method fails.
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    I have a theory that Szeth was a developing surgebinder/ Knight Radiant prior to becoming the Assassin in White. When he tried to tell others about his powers, or even that the Knight’s Radiant were returning, they refused to believe him, and renounced him Truthless. The first evidence I noticed of this is from Words of Radiance. This is a passage from Kaladin and Szeth’s first encounter: Szeth is horrified and enraged after hearing Kaladin claim to be a Windrunner. He cannot believe the Knight’s Radiant are returning, because if it’s true then he was wrongly named Truthless and all the killing and suffering was put upon him unjustly. Even stronger evidence comes from Oathbringer when Szeth is confiding in Nightblood: I think the voice he is remembering was a spren he had bonded in his youth. A spren he ultimately killed through his actions as the Assassin in White. Does anyone else have any opinions? If he wasn't previously a surgebinder, what was the voice he was referring to? Also, I found it surprising that I couldn’t find anyone else talking about this. Feel free to let me know if there is already a post somewhere on the same topic that I missed.
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    I read Elantris after Mistborn 1 trilogy, so curious, I divided by 16. It's 42.
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    The title explains itself. These are all so far rough drafts of songs you are hearing, recorded directly by my phone from my electric piano, so their quality isn't the greatest and I have a few errors here and there. Hopefully, you will all enjoy it otherwise. (And hopefully, I can successfully upload them.) The song recorded on video, called the "Mistborn Suite", is meant to be a collection of themes for the first Mistborn trilogy overall. Next is a song I made, titled "First Waltz", is based on Vin and Elend dancing together for the first and only time of their lives in Hero of Ages. After that is a song made by request to take place during the scene in Final Empire when Kelsier fights Bendal the Inquisitor in the Square, tentatively titled "Fight Scene". And then a song to take place during what happens directly after it, with "The Lord Ruler's Arrival". Directly followed by a "Lament for Kelsier". There is a lot more where these came from, but I haven't recorded or saved them yet. But more is to come! I hope you enjoy! mistborn suite.MOV Vin and Elend Second Draft.m4a Kelsier vs Inquisitor.m4a The Lord Ruler's Arrival.m4a Lament For Kelsier.m4a
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    If you haven't read my first essay on the Spiritual Realm, go here. I was going to discuss some of the recent things in individual threads, but decided a new compilation of more recent WoBs and some analysis of what it means for our understanding of the Spiritual Realm. In the previous thread, you'll remember I hypothesized that the Shades eyes, when they turn red, are the same thing as with the evil Kandra and the Voidbringers. Sure enough, I was right. So I was right! This brings up several new things to wonder about. The obvious one is that there is something controlling the shades when they get angry. The obvious answer would be the Evil, but we know so little about the Evil that it is hard to say whether that is necessarily true. The second one, and the much more interesting one, is then what is going on when their eyes turn green? If the red eyes are specifically people getting hacked, then perhaps green eyes indicates some sort of partial hacking, but not completely? And who knows what could be going on with that. Either way, the eyes of the shades are weird, and very interesting. I look forward to seeing more about them. Next Brandon confirmed one of the key parts of my theories, but then proceeded to flip the tables on me. So, I think my theorizing is correct on spren being an outgrowth of that, however it doesn't seem like it is a key tenet for Roshar's environment based on his response. Now, then he says there are worlds where this goes further than Roshar, which frankly shocked me a bit, but now it seems obvious that he is referring to Sel. Now here's where things get interesting- if the Realms on Sel are closer together due to 2 shards being stuffed in the cognitive realm, how does that make the Selish environment comparable to Roshar's? For one, Roshar, due to the highstorms, have a lot more available investiture than on Sel. I mean the Dor is omnipresent, but is in general harder to access than stormlight is. Meanwhile, Sel's land is coming alive, which makes a lot of sense in the context that the realms are growing closer together due to the Dor. And then the big one- Seons and Skaze. It would be smart to ask if any two Seons have the same Aon inside of them. If they don't, then that means each Seon could basically the cognitive aspect of that Aon. Furthermore, is it only Fjordell and Elantris that have beings associated with their symbols? Are there MaiPon seons of a sort? Jindo? And how much does thought affect things on Sel, and why aren't there spren everywhere? My interest in seeing more of Sel has just exploded, and I hope we eventually get to see the Cognitive Realm on Sel. Now before I get to the last and most exciting subject for me personally, I need to mention a trait that has been coming up on Discord a lot: Connection. Is connection investiture, or is it instead a property of investiture? Does your web become bigger each time you make that connection, or is it just your web changing shape to mimic another spirit web, creating a resonance of forms? I'm not entirely sure, but it would probably be a good idea to ask brandon about that at some point. Now the last thing I'll discuss for today- Breath. I don't think I discussed Breath enough in my last thread, and recent WoB's have completely reshaped how I view Breath. Breath is so much more powerful a magic system than I think we give it credit for. Here are two WoBs that made me rethink things: The second one was an idea I had to use hemalurgy to do things like repair spirit webs, cut out toxic pieces of spirit web and such. But apparently based on Brandon's response, when Vasher uses the command to memory wipe the girl in Warbreaker, that must be actually excising a piece of the spirit web!!! And if you can do that... what else can you do with breath? I've begun to think more of breath as creating an actual spirit web based on your command. And that's where things get interesting based on the WoB about Nightblood. Perhaps when the command "Destroy evil" was given, it gave the sword a spirit web that approximated Ruinous intent, giving it some connection there- and thus making it become "corrupted." So, if this is true, someone could awaken a jar lid to "preserve peaches" or something, and it could have that connection to preservation, therefore becoming corrupted. Although, it might also be specifically the amount of breath they used to awaken nightblood combined with the command, so perhaps just sticking 10 breaths into a jar lid and giving it the command "preserve peaches" wouldn't be quite as dramatic as nightblood, but that entirely depends on how this all works. Based on what we know of the spiritual realm, I would say even a couple breaths would do the job, but once again this makes you wonder the extend of what can be done with awakening. If one can truly connect to ruin by giving something the command "destroy," what could one do with the command "keep oaths" or "grow?" If breath truly allows for connection to other shards by creating webs that naturally connect with them, this opens up all sorts of new possibilities. Furthermore one can't help but wonder how else you could make an object that is "corrupted." Soulstamping comes to mind as a way to do so as well, even if that changes the spirit web more than it creates spirit webs. And perhaps there are even ways to do it in other magic systems, and now I will spend time trying to figure out how one could do that. On that note, I'll conclude this for now, although I will update it with new subjects as I did my old one if anything new comes to mind regarding realmatics and the Spiritual Realm.
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    Vader Syndrome. Edit: Darn it Cal, don't steal my analogies and ninja me at the same time!
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    Sorry I’m late! Thanks for saving the best for last!
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    While it is true that Alethi has Hebrew roots (it's in a WoB about Moash, but I can't find it off hand), not all of the Cosmere names most likely were intentional. So take these with a grain of salt, I just find it humorous how the way some translate is fitting. There are some more that I'll record as I remember them. And sorry to all other Hebrew speakers, I know the grammar is awful and the ניקוד had to be adjusted a bit. I'll put them like this: Name = Hebrew approximated transliterated word = new English translation Mistborn: Vin = בין or בן = between or son Kelsier = קלסר or קלסי (depending on pronunciation) = easy master or classical Stormlight Archive (these are my personal favorites): Kaladin = קל עד דין = easy until judgement Shallan Davar = שלאין דבר = (not a perfect translation) that has no object Kholin = כולן = all of them Warbreaker: Siri = סירי = my scout Elantris: Hrathen = הרע אתן = the evil will give
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    Secret History spoilers:
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    I cannot understand how people think Shallan fails to do something impressive. Let me make a list: - She turns Tvlakv, Bluth, Vatha, Gaz, and their companions around from being murderers and robbers into being heros. These are people whom Kaladin only managed to make even worse. Kaladin was a slave, true, but Shallan was a lone, wounded woman in the wastelands, without any resources that she knew of. And she managed to make Tvalkv listen to her and transport her, willingly, to the shattered plains, Gaz was turned into a positive, happy servant instead of an angry gameoholic. Vatha is actually starting to lightweave on his obvious way to being a knight radiant. Saved from being an obvious outlaw, possibly murderer and rapist for what we know. - She turns almost everyone she meets into a better version of themselves. Elhokar gets a new and optimistic view on himself because of her drawing of him. If she had been able to do that earlier, it may have gotten him to say his words earlier and thus saved him. - She turns Adolin into a more interesting person, because she is able to see his intelligence that he has hidden under his good looks and dueling capacity. Many people that are popular hide their intelligence both to themselves and to others. Perhaps in order to at least have some friends. Adolin is almost shocked out of this hiding by Shallan's brutal honesty and bluntness. She is not able to stop her quips, and that is what gets him out of his two-dimensional state. "How do you poop?" - She saves the day so many times. She finds Urithiru, and saves thousands of people, including most of our heros. She upholds the Sadeas army until help comes from Urithiru in the battle of Thaylen City. If it wasn't for her, the Sadeas army would have swarmed the city and killed many, among them Queen Fen and her consort, and Navani. - She saves Kaladin and herself in the chasms. She lends Kaladin her shardblade, even though she is mortally arfraid of even admitting that she carries the blade that killed her mother. And she distracts the chasmfiend to save Kaladin while he was disarmed and beaten by the monster. She also climbs up and digs out the cubby that saves them, and both physically and mentally drags Kaladin the last bit up to it. And she gets them out, because of her ability to remember patterns and extrapolate from limited information. - She gives Kaladin hope when she shows him that it is possible to carry on and see the positive side of things even if your world and your self has been crushed. "She smiled anyway" - Her sense of pattern recognition, of course assisted by Pattern is crucial for a lot of the studies that has been necessary for progress. For instance her extrapolating the pattern of the shattered plains to find the centre. - Her kindness to the poor is heart warming. It is not her fault that evil people controls a criminal system that she is not aware of. As a rape victim is not to blame for the crime, Shallan is not to blame for the killing of Grund. People around a rape victim often start to blame her for what happened, but the rapist is the only one to blame. SO, we must not be fooled by the fact that many of the poor people she gave food to blames her. They are afraid and desperate, and need someone to be angry at. I require of the reader to be so mature as to see that even though everyone, even Shallan herself, blames her for what happened, it is completely unfair. She was trying to help, and that is kind. - She manages to spy and find out many important things: She infliltrates the Cult of Moments and finds out about the Heart of the Revel, and how things actually stand around the oathgate of Kholinar. She investigates and finds out the logic of The Midnight Mother, and even finds out where she is located, and frightens her off. She also studies the currupted spren and finds out about Sja-Anat and how she may be willing to betray Odium. She is perhaps the only one of our protagonists who consistently uncovers new information. When Jasnah arrives at Urithiru, she is surprised that all her own investigation is obsolete because of Shallan's work. - She also infiltrates the Ghostbloods, very risky and without knowing anything more about them than that they killed Jasnah, as far as she knew. She instinctly knows that she can get valuable information through that organisation. And because of this very dangerous double agent activity, she is able to save her brothers, get more info about the clandestine organisations that our alliance are struggling with in order to unite Roshar against Odium. Dalinar and Kaladin, yes even Jasnah are completely unaware of many of the things Mraize knows. To be able to stand alone as a secret double agent like this is very, very brave. - She literally saves Kaladin, Adolin and Azure after they fall into Shadesmar, and gets them to safe ground. She also saves them many times during their trip through Shadesmar, and delays the attack of the fused at the oathgate of Thaylen City. Delaying tactics are often very important, and this time it may have saved Adolin's life, as he probably would have been wounded long before, and not being able to survive until Dalinar set up his perpendicularity. - She actually helps Jasnah in her studies, and also helps Jasnah see things in a more positive way. Jasnah is horribly alone with her thoughts and theories. Shallan belives in Jasnah's theories and supports her. This may not seem so important as many people believe Jasnah is a machine of some sorts, but she is not. - We often see Shallan through the eyes of Kaladin and Jasnah. These are not very trustworthy when it comes to judging such a person as Shallan. We know that honorspren and cryptics are at odds with each other, and windrunners are much too bound by oaths and box-thinking around the truth to understand how a lightweaver might get to an even more real truth by using "lies". Jasnah is perhaps even more bound by strict logical thinking. Wit understands Shallan's artistic approach to the truth fully. We are more helped by trusting Wit's words in judging Shallan. Jasnah does not understand how Shallan has trouble concentrating immediately after Shallan has 1) relived her killing of her mother, that she had managed to supress, and 2) confronted and chased away the Midnight frickin Mother. How can we possibly trust Jasnah's judgement of Shallan? Kaladin is angry, depressed and prone to resentment. His good opinion once lost, is lost forever. In addition, Shallan's artistic side is drawn towards his good looks and dramatic appearance. This makes Shallan a very confusing person to judge for him. It does not mean that we should completely trust Kaladin's opinion of her either. I could sit her all day and list Shallans positive sides, but I am sure more of you are able to see these if you try. It is a useful exercise in seeing through biases.
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    Working on mine. It'll be done in time. Just had to figure out how to rhyme. Here it is. It's not very good.
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    Because he's the king of Jah Keved, and it's Dalinar's word against his. With Alethkar broken, moving against Taravangian means war with the single strongest military power on Roshar.
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    Warning: Terrible roast hits 17th Shard. Let the cringe begin.
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    I believe Odium’s forces – led by Moash – will kidnap Shallan. I think Odium needs either a Lightweaver or a Cryptic for some reason – perhaps to “re-make” Re-Shephir, whose captivity seems to have diminished her. Kaladin and Adolin lead Shallan’s rescue attempt. Kaladin secures Shallan, and Adolin fights furiously to allow Kaladin and Shallan to escape. He demands Kaladin leave him and take Shallan to safety. With no other choice, Kaladin finally speaks the Fourth Oath – (IMO) “I will protect the one I can save.” That’s the summary; here are the details. There’s a bit of evidence here and there, but, needless to say, this post is mostly invention, a tale. Foreshadowing Kaladin’s faced this situation before, when the Fused wound Adolin in Shadesmar. “Leave me,” Adolin said, coughing.” (OB, Chapter 117, Kindle p. 1116.) But Kaladin couldn’t leave him and “couldn’t say those Words. He wasn’t strong enough.” (OB, Chapter 118, Kindle p. 1132.) I believe Kaladin will have a second chance. He will say the Fourth Oath this time. I do not predict Adolin will die (though that’s possible). Maybe he’ll be an Edgedancer by then and escape himself. But Kaladin IMO will leave Adolin to protect Shallan, the one he can save. Odium’s Need for Cryptic The best evidence Odium needs a Cryptic is the OB Epilogue, where Hoid bonds one. Hoid notices the Fused breaking down the palace, as if searching for something. The Fused are not keen on Radiant spren of any type. But to me this shows surprising dedication to find Elhokar's Cryptic. The Fuseds’ motivation is unclear, but I link it to Shallan’s encounter with Re-Shephir. Shallan and Re-Shephir Re-Shephir’s captivity traumatized it. When it meets Shallan, Re-Shephir wants to replace Pattern and bond Shallan: Re-Shephir now knows Shallan as well as Shallan knows it, the perfect environment for bonding. Shallan says Re-Shephir is like a “wrong” creationspren. I suspect Cryptics are like the “right” creationspren. IOW, creationspren form the base of both Re-Shephir and Cryptics, which is why Shallan attracts them. I speculate Re-Shephir needs to be “Re-Made” - it’s become too fearful. I envision two possibilities – start from scratch with a new Cryptic or bond Re-Shephir to a Lightweaver to stabilize it. Either way, Pattern and Shallan will be natural Odium targets. Moash Why Moash? Odium clearly has plans for him. His star rises among the Fused when he kills Jezrien and accepts the Honorblade and the name Vyre. (Will he form a relationship with Lady Leshwi?) The human Moash can scout and enter places Singers can’t readily go. Five Singers Moash helped and fought with “want to be near” him – Khen, Pal, Nam, and two others. (OB, Chapter 122, Kindle p. 1222.) I see them forming the rudiments of a Singer Bridge Four. They are a natural strike force to steal Shallan. If Moash (or Odium) noticed Kaladin’s agony at seeing his friends kill one another, this group will be hard for Kaladin to deal with. Adolin must take the larger role in the fight because Kaladin may not be able to kill his friends. I don’t think this will be the last Kaladin-Moash confrontation. I believe Moash retains his loyalty and friendship to Kaladin on simmer regardless of what he thinks of other humans and their society. In the end, I think this one Connection will be enough to cause Moash to waver. Only Brandon knows if Moash dies or changes sides again. Conclusion All of this is raw but, IMO, reasonable speculation. Something to ponder as a possibility, nothing more.
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    Check out this artistic masterpiece: I was really bored
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    So... throwbacks to all of this! The person known as "them" finished the Hero of the Ages yesterday. They cried. (Obviously.) ...does it make me a bad person if I laughed while handing them the tissue box?
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    I was in a museum today and they had a piano for everybody to play. And I don't like to play before people, but I couldn't resist and googeled the chords for a piece I can play. I know it by head, but I feel safer with the chords so I placed my mobile in front of me and played. It was nothing complicated and somewhere in the middle an old man started talking to me, telling me that he liked it so much, and I immediatly got something completely wrong. Talking and playing and my nervousness was too much. But it still felt good somehow. I was really nervous, and I made more mistakes than I should have, but it was worth it.
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    So this was my first attempt at needle felting... hello Sylphrena!
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