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    An Open Letter to Soon to Be Inactive Sharders: Dear Sharders, If you know that you’re about to go inactive for several years, please post a status update with a Death Rattle (à la the Stormlight Archive.) Ideally it should be done ten to thirty seconds before logging off. I would very much like this to be a thing. Best regards, Archer
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    I reckon you won't see this for awhile, but I imagine when you do, you might smile. Happy birthday brother, the rest of your bloodthirsty cohorts (and occasional combatants) miss you dearly
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    Frick yeah! King's Wit! My top favorite rep count yet! It only took me almost two years to get to it.
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    Hello, all you confused people visiting my profile page. I'm the user formerly known as Archer. I changed my name for spren week. It will revert to Archer in a few days. Still confused? Welcome to my life. Have a cookie, it will make you feel better.
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    90 digits of pi! My sanity is now fully in question!
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    Chag Sameach @Silva, @Trizee, @Del-light-full, and @Kingsdaughter613 as well as any other jewish sharders that I might have missed.
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    Person: Hey, Tesh. How ya doin? Me: *Indistinct muttering* Person: Huh? Me: I'm experiencing a serious internal conflict that is the result of the strongest book hangover I've ever experienced. Person: Ooookay... Dare I ask what that internal conflict is? Me: I just finished, after the months and about ten other books, the second book of The Wheel of Time. Person: *muttering* Here we go again... Me: I think... I think... *hurriedly* I might like Robert Jordan's writing more than Brandon Sanderson's! Our at least The Wheel Time more than the Mistborn books! Person: *runs away* Me: *muttering* Stupid people who know nothing of reading incredible, reality shattering epic fantasy bricks... [Tesh: *to Sharders**a little sarcastically and slightly seriously* Don't hurt me!]
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    You may have noticed that I am now past my thousandth post. It was my intention to save that for the RP wedding with Ap, but I made a mistake and forgot not to post. The wedding will likely happen at post number 1,016, or maybe 1,024. Just wanted to let anyone curious know.
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    And... it is the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND of Tournament 2 in the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! Show your support for the competitors, @Archer and @Edgedancer Jak. These two have made some pretty epic roasts in the primaries and semis, so I can't wait to see what they've come up with. Thanks everyone! ~ Ashspren
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    And Sprene is gone. Fun while it lasted, as name changes usually are.
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    Aww naw. I can't find the purple explosion image that was originally my profile photo. I can't go back now.
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    Looking for a Lightweaver! Will pay in puppy pictures for a Lightweaver to create and sustain, whether themselves or with spheres, an image. Event will be held in the Cognitive Realm. This is not Alleyverse. Looking for sand masters! Two, specifically. Sand will be provided, though if you wish you can bring your own. Same conditions - puppy pictures, CR, not Alleyverse. If you are interested in applying for one of these two jobs, please notify me by saying so below. I will PM you to pay and explain what exactly the job will be.
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    Just though you might want to know of this, if/when you get back. I don't know if you really check the RP anymore. Here is Lashwan's death scene, written by Zath. Credit where it's due, he did it really well, and pretty much held true to your original post. Bye, Lash! We miss you.
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    You have exactly 1 thousand rep. Good job.
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    I now realize that I haven't changed my rank since coming back from the temporary Cleanstar title, so now it says "Firerust; formerly Firerust. Should I keep it?"
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    Maybe this has been asked, but I don't know, so I am going to pose the question here: Could an Elantrian Heal a wound to the arm or leg made by a Shardblade?
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    Honestly it’s the children’s book authors who put us on the path to Sanderson! What books and authors most informed your love of storytelling when you were a kid? And which author did you most want to befriend? Finally, are you still pillow-fort making (pillow fort aka your book lair)?
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    That moment when you're visiting someone else's page and notice that they blame you for something. And you wholeheartedly agree.
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    Happy Birthday servant of the Lord beaver!!
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    Congratulations on your 180th birthday! I accidentally misspelled 'Apollyon' on your cake. I forgot the 'b'. Sorry 'bout that.
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    It's official. I have read and now own all of the published Cosmere books.
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    You're taking a walk/swim in Shadesmar and Captian Iko tells you not to eat his chicken. Do you: a. Soulcast the chicken into a taco b. Get the Fused to burn his ship and recover the nuggets c. Surgebind like mad through an oathgate with the chicken d. Tell the BlackThorn and hope it 'Thrills' him e. (other) *Disclaimer--->The chicken belonged to the Catian going east toward Cultivation's Perpendicularity, and his name escapes me. Since I was fond of Iko, I gave him the chicken. Forgive me Sanderfans for fudging the beautiful facts.
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    *feels proud about having 16 followers* *Tesh has 45*
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    I can't believe I only joined six months ago....
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    Everyone’s freaking out in the latest question cuz you popped on like some sorta cryptid. What’s up?
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    As I have taken the next step in my education and entered law school my presence on the shard will be reduced a great deal. I will try to be present when I can, but who knows what will happen? Should I be away for a long while I shall miss all of you who have made things interesting!!!
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    I'm hoping you see this at some point. Who owns the craftsmen now that you're gone?
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    All Hail the Boar King May his eyes grow dull and his tusks grow blunt Hail Hail
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    "It's ridiculous that you know these song names off the top of your head." "Oh yeah? What are all the Allomantic metals, Eric?" "...Shush you."
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