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    Hey all, I'm Windrunner, and welcome to your regular theory update for this month! Once, a long time ago, I had a featured theory column, but I kind of lost steam, and it died a slow death. Now, it’s being revitalized and updated with more info. I have three primary goals with this column. I want to keep you all updated on all the new quotes and info from Brandon we’ve gained, talk about expansions and areas that need work on the Coppermind, and tshine the spotlight on cool, accurate, or interesting new theories. Major Calamity Tour Information: We’ve had a lot of really interesting questions tasked during the Calamity tour that provide all sorts of insight into the cosmere, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the exciting new information. I’ve gotten all of this from one Calamity tour report or another in our Events subforum. In the future, I’d like tp spend more time talking about cool new theories or ideas that have recently cropped up, but there’s a huge amount of stuff from the Calamity tour, so I thought focusing on this would be a simple way tget this column started. If you guys think I’ve made an error or misrepresented a quote, let me know. I want to be clear though, these questions contain some spoilers for Calamity, Secret History, and Bands of Mourning, so if you are worried about that, steer clear for the moment! Forthcoming Book Information Mistborn: Secret History sequels Brandon is toying with a couple different ideas, but is not planning on putting out any of them immediately. Demoux’s story may be a part of one of these. Not all future ones will occur in the Cognitive Realm. Future stories will always focus on behind the scenes things events, filling in the cracks between the books, and on characters that are more cosmere-aware. Legion 3 Brandon has one more Legion novella planned Brandon would be more interested in writing a full-length novel if Legion was actually being turned into a TV series Apocalypse Guard Will dig into the place that Calamity is from. World Information First of the Sun Aviar like Kokerlii that hide minds from predators would also hide someone from an Awakener’s Life-sense. Brandon has notes for other Aviar abilities, one of them is navigation Sel Gretgor, the sword of the first Wyrn is enshrined in Fjordell somewhere, perhaps at the palace. Brandon calls the sword a “he,” but this may be a simple misstatement. If someone were to make an Essence Mark for themselves where the history of their other self “split-off” before they gained a Shardblade, they would not be able to summon their Shardblade while they were using that Essence Mark. It is also possible to create a stamp where a different version of you bonded a Shardblade. According to other previous signings, this would be tricky and probably need an external power source. Threnody: There are shades of animals Cognitive shadows that travel to Threnody do not automatically become shades, but the two are very closely related “breeds”. Threnody was named in memorial of someone or something. Roshar: Roshar’s three major magic systems are Surgebinding, Voidbinding, and fabrials, with the Old Magic being its own weird thing. Roshar is special in some way to Shadesmar. (The audio here is confused) It is theoretically possible for there to be a Nahel bond with a spren that grants two Surges that are not paired together among the Radiants. Brandon would term any heavily Invested weapon a Shardblade, and there are many methods that can be used to create one, with varying effectiveness. The Bands are close, but are not Invested enough to be considered one. Scadrial: More god metal alloys will make appearances There are hard limits to how fast a Steelrunner can move In Brandon’s mind, burning pewter approximately doubles your strength, while flaring triples it. He has not canonized how much either of these things enhances reflexes or healing. Scadrial mostly uses biodiesel for gasoline, but Brandon won’t rule out fossil fuel deposits being placed by Harmony. There was a concept of hell in the theology of the Lord Ruler. It was the punishment for the souls of people that had failed or disobeyed the Lord Ruler. Even the skaa were aware of this aspect of theology. Allomancers can burn metals from places other than Scadrial. Hemalurgic decay in spikes containing Feruchemical attributes leads tless efficiency when they tap metalminds. Kandra can have children with humans if they recreate the appropriate organs, although if the kandra is in a woman’s form, it would have to remain in that shape until the child is born. The Lord Ruler had several children, but they mixed in with the population. Many people are related to them, and some may claim heirship, but in truth they may not be much more closely related thim than anyone else. The fandom is giving this fact undue attention. The Bands of Mourning are not even close tbeing Invested as much as Nightblood. When someone uses aluminum or chromium, the metal in an Allomancers stomach is “transferred” somehow. It has to do with energy, matter, and Investiture all being one, but a person who has had their metals removed by aluminum or chromium would not get metal poisoning. A Connection medallion could be used to translate the Listener’s Rhythms, but it would not be perfect and something would be lost in translation. Nalthis Nightblood is one of the most heavily Invested things in the cosmere that is not a Shard. Yolen It is not unreacheable from Shadesmar due to a total lack of cognitive activity there. Cosmere Information Despite initial reports, Threnody and Sel are NOT in the same planetary system. All cosmere planets are relatively close together in their dwarf galaxy, current estimate is within ~50 light years or so, although that may later change. Seons and spren are more bound to their own worlds, but they can travel elsewhere. Subastral is Hoid’s term for a specific region in the Cognitive Realm The process by which people die, moving from the Physical Realm to the Cognitive and then to the Beyond is the same throughout the cosmere, although people stick around for different lengths of time depending on their Investiture. It is widely assumed that Adonalsium is the creator of the cosmere. When Wax remarks that souls and metal are the same thing, he is seeing that energy, matter, and Investiture are all the same thing. Things that drain Investiture, such as larkins, Nightblood, and Leechers, all have something similar going on among them. Shard Information The Vessels of Shards can have children, although in a way their created humans are already their children. Brandon specifies that we have not “seen” any Shards that have been Splintered reform as of Bands of Mourning. Odium is more aware than Harmony of the various happenings in the cosmere because he is both older and because there are forces purposely attempting to limit Harmony’s knowledge. There is some connection between Odium and Trell. Someone who’s never been to Scadrial could be Connected to Ruin and Preservation because Connection is not binary, it can be stronger or weaker. If Odium were to go to Scadrial, he would have difficulty seeing metal. If Honor and Odium hadn’t been held by different personalities, the two Shards have the potential to be a natural pair and might have attracted one another. Character Information Brandon refuses to explain why ReLuur’s spikes are made of pewter, although he does agree that it doesn’t seem to “make sense”. Ironeyes will probably make an appearance in The Lost Metal, but Brandon is not sure if he’ll be back in time from where is currently. At some point, Wax drew upon the mists. Vasher actually discovered Roshar while attempting to research an easier method to get Investiture than via Breath. Demoux has gotten less idealistic since his initial appearance in Mistborn. Nightblood leaks Investiture, but his sheath helps prevent that. Coppermind I’d also like to use these theory posts to shine a spotlight on the Coppermind. Every month I’m going to point out a well-done article, and then challenge you guys to work on a specific area of the Coppermind for the next month. If we’ve also put up any really awesome new fan art on the wiki, I might point that out here too in the future. Featured Article: Cosmere Our admin Chaos recently retooled the Cosmere article from scratch, really bringing it up to date with a lot of the cosmere’s foundational happenings. If you have any questions on how the basics of how the cosmere works and the background events, definitely give it a look. It is also incredibly well-cited, so there is plenty of digging you can do into various sources if you want. Featured Fix-Me-Up: This month, I’d like to challenge you all to work on Reckoners articles. With Calamity just out, many articles can now be truly completed, as the main sequence has come to a close. There of course can be additional information from the Apocalypse Guard in a few years, but we have a chance to get the Reckoners stuff all in order before that happens. I’ll be the first to admit that Reckoners isn’t my forte, so I can’t help very much and oftentimes it’s just Weiry working on them by himself. Even if you only have an interesting fact or two, every little bit helps. Any member of the wiki staff (Me, JoeSt, WeiryWriter, Chaos, and KalynaAnne) can answer questions you have about wikicode, and if you have any other questions, there is also a tumblr page you can use to contact us. Random Little Known Fact: I also thought it would be fun to close these theory articles with a little known fact of the month, something interesting that I think a lot of people might not know. Here’s this month’s, from a signed copy of The Way of Kings! This was news to me, and definitely shines a new light on Hoid and Odium’s enmity. Next time, I’m going thave a new Cosmere 101 guide prepared, updated with all the new information we’ve gained in the past couple years. Have a good month, and happy theorizing!
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    We heard Variety report this in May 2017, and we have seen many teasers on Facebook and Twitter. But yesterday, Arcturus officially announced the Escape from the Shattered Plains VR experience. It will be out for the HTC Vive, and it will be released March 2nd for $10.99. In this experience, you'll take the role of Kaladin, meet Syl, encounter a highstorm, use some Lashings, and fight some Parshendi. Brandon says in a statement: "“I am beyond excited to finally be able to present this VR experience of The Way of Kings after many months of long, hard work from the teams at DMG and Arcturus. It’s the first time my fans will be able to experience a thrilling adventure in Roshar and see what it’s like to be in the Shattered Plains.” This short form adaptation is written by Joshua Rubin, the lead writer behind games such as Destiny and Assassin's Creed. You can watch the trailer below: There does seem to be some gameplay mechanics from the trailer, with some sort of rudimentary Lashing system, and some sort of fighting mechanics, but I would not expect these to be extremely fleshed out as they would be in a game. Additionally, if you're not familiar with VR, generally the graphical fidelity is worse than standard games because it has to render more for both eyes. Keep that in mind when watching the trailer. Generally, VR experiences are rather short and are very much not complete games. According to the Variety report (which was in May, so this could have changed), the experience is merely 15 minutes long. This has been in development since March of last year and has reportedly cost "seven figures" to make. DMG Entertainment, the people who hold the movie rights to the cosmere (and, in particular, Stormlight), wanted this made mostly to create hype for Hollywood executives so they could understand how cool Roshar is. I think in that context this makes a lot of sense--it isn't really for us, but if you have a Vive, you can do this experience too.
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    This week on Shardcast we talk about Moash, and the controversy revolving around him in Oathbringer. We analyze his role in Oathbringer, our thoughts, and more. Oh we also talk about Elhokar. No reason... We also make some tangents about Star Wars and Hoid. Of course there are big Oathbringer spoilers here! Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Matt (Comatose), and Alyx (FeatherWriter). I mostly was able to remove Alyx's microphone whir, and we are saying the word "like" less. Professionalism! Here's a link to at least an image of the Dan Wells newsletter: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/304795942719062017/398891598903246848/received_2181197685227523.jpeg
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    Welcome back to Shardcast. This week we are talking in exhaustive detail about Oathbringer's Part Three Epigraphs. And I do mean exhaustive, because this podcast is longer than our Oathbringer reaction podcast. There is, however, a huge deal to talk about. These are the Urithiru gemstones, and it is crazy. Listen on, and we come up with some excellent theories for the time around the Recreance and the False Desolation. Plus, we get on a lot of exciting tangents too. Note: there are full Oathbringer spoilers here! We also discuss the mystery project, Skyward, which we got a reading to the other week. Kerry's sick today, so I am hosting, along with Ian (WeiryWriter) and David (Windrunner). Stay tuned for next week when we talk about Part Four's Epigraphs--the last of the interesting ones.
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    This is it. We finally finished talking about the Oathbringer Tour Words of Brandon. We start with getting on a high horse on effective discourse, and then we talk about Urithiru being a spaceship, and of course, much more. We hope you've enjoyed these, but we are sure excited to do some new stuff too. This week we have Kerry (KChan), Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), and David (Windrunner). See you next week for some non-WoB stuff!
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    This week we are continuing our adventure through the Oathbringer Tour Words of Brandon, and Ian and I fight again on the interpretation of intent. We got our Shardblades out; it was an epic duel! Tune in now. (Okay, it wasn't that spectacular, but hopefully it was entertaining!) Kerry returns as the one true host, and joining her is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), and David (Windrunner). We also have a special guest: Kerry's phone, which went off a few times. We're all very professional. There will be one more of these next week, and it's also over an hour long too.
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    This week, we are delving into the Words of Brandon from the Oathbringer tour (and Brandon's two holiday signings in Utah). There's so much to talk about, especially from the London signing, so we brought Ben--Overlord Jebus--to help us analyze this stuff. There's so much to talk about though that we recorded three episodes worth of content for the Oathbringer tour, and they are meaty ones. Our goal, of course, is to inform you about cool facts as well as analyze, so we hope you like it. Full spoilers for all the cosmere in this episode. We're doing everything! As always, you can go to Arcanum for all your quote needs. If you'd like to help transcribe, you can! Check out our forum and Discord for information on that. Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), David (Windrunner), and Ben (Overlord Jebus). Unfortunately David and Ben's audio was quite poor so I had to use our Skype audio for this, which is of worse quality. I tried to get the volume levels correct and it isn't perfect, so... I know. We'll see you next week for way more quotes. There will be a third installment, too, but we might split that one up with another episode so you don't get bored.
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    This week we have a spoooooky episode. It's Oathbringer's Part Four Epigraphs, which talk about the Unmade. We spitball all sort of crazy things about the backstory of the Unmade, and then delve into all the epigraphs. We talk about all of your favorites of these creepy Eldritch horrors. Today we have Kerry (KChan), Ian (WeiryWriter), Eric (Chaos), and Ben--Overlord Jebus, who's joining us on the podcast for the first time! You can complain to Jebus about his bad audio, I did my best. For answers on spren fishing you can see our video where Jebus went to the London signing!
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    The release of White Sand Volume 2 has been a tumultuous one. It's been delayed a long time, but now, today, it is actually out. Several people have reported that their physical copy is out for delivery, so that means it is officially real. However, it isn't totally out yet. You might notice the Kindle version and other ebook versions say you can't get it until tomorrow, February 21st. Ian (WeiryWriter) tells me that this is the case because comics generally come out on Wednesdays in America. I suppose that makes sense that there is some discrepancy in the two markets, so there's some weirdness in the release. Our White Sand Volume 2 reactions thread is here. If you haven't read the first volume, you can pick it up anywhere. In case you missed it, you can also listen to Shardcast's comments on the first volume. You can be sure there will be a Volume 2 podcast soon, too.
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    We're back, and this week we're reading White Sand Volume 1, the graphic novel, in anticipation for Volume 2 which comes out February 20th. We discuss everything that happened, our feelings on the transition to a graphic novel and its quality, analysis of the magic (as you no doubt expect), and what we expect after the three volumes of the graphic novel are finished. Let's talk about spoilers. There will be discussion of the unpublished, White Sand prose version, but we don't talk about big plot points and we stay focused on Volume 1's stuff. But the prose version colors our impression of Taldain, and it's important we talk about how and why that is. Today we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), and David (Windrunner). Next week we will have a Very Special Episode, so stay tuned.
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    Hey everyone, I just want to let you all know that the kickstarter for the Reckoners board game from Nauvoo Games launched today. As of the writing of this post they are at $42,000 USD,which is 60% of their $70,000 USD goal in just 4 hours! The kickstarter page does a phenomenal job of explaining how the game is played through a fantastic video (narrated by MacLeod Andrews, who did the Reckoners audiobooks) and a number of clear and concise animated graphics. The artwork and aesthetics are, in my opinion, are perfectly matched to the setting and the characters. I truly cannot wait until I can play this game, even if the buy-in is a little steep (the lowest pledge level that includes the game is at $69 USD) I think it will be worth the cost. Also included in the kickstarter is a little booklet of new information about the world and Epics of The Reckoners written by Brandon himself. They do have a low, $10 USD, pledge level that consists of a pdf of this booklet and a pdf of the artwork for those who want to support the project but cannot do one of the higher pledge levels.
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