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    I posted this in the wrong forum, so here it is I'd like to step in to raise some toasts here. Quite a few people contributed significant amounts of time to this...masterpiece of Cosmerology. I feel like it's dominated my minimal spare time for a while but I was a later and lesser contributor (and helping was something I was both honored and duty-bound to do given my WoBsession). Sharders we all know and love like Jofwu, Kurkistan, Windrunner, Calderis, Blightsong, Oversleep. Particular praise to Pagerunner and Argent for their outsized contributions. Unsurprisingly Chaos is magnificent, delegating like a demon and pulling endless long nights, working on this thing long, long before I was even a member of this site. (And my involvement with this is recent so forgive me if I've under-credited people). I may have contributed a bit but I'll get so much more out of Arcanum than I could ever give to it. Many of you know my WoBsession and this transforms the ability to gain a black belt in WoBfu. But my endless thanks for truly making this Wonderland of WoBs happen go to two people. Firstly, Mestiv. The Codebringer. He has done so much in making this dream happen. I don't speak code but I understand what he's done is not easy and I know the results are beautiful. He has enabled our addiction. And, this cannot be emphasised enough - he's not even a WoB fiend. He did this for the community, for you. What a guy. But my endless gratitude, admiration and love are for Weiry. the Master of WoBs, a guy I looked up to even before I realized the scope of this and his part in it. He made this happen. Since long before i was a member of this site he plotted and planned, and of course WoBbed. He put in the work. He had the vision. This was his Citizen Kane. For years and years from now, when you can learn the Cosmere more easily, you have Weiry to thank. He's my hero, and he'd better be your storming hero too. So go! WoB like you've never WoBbed before. Browse over seven THOUSAND WoBs, many never before seen, with full sources. If you've ever wondered where that WoB is you swear you remember, it's here. If you've ever wondered about Brandon's intonation in that doubtful WoB, or wanted to hear his hilarious reaction to bizarre theories (e.g. Wayne stole a Returned Horse), the audio snippet awaits. If you're obsessed with a particular topic and want to research it, it's one search away. So go! Enjoy the labor of love of many, inspired by one. Soak it up. So go. Dance with the WoBs.
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    I can't wait for this to come out. It's going to be amazing!
  4. 3 points
    If I comment multiple times, do I get a better chance of getting it?
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    Yes please! This is awesome! There should be one of these per book release!
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    I have a question. If you spiked Jebus, who did you kill to do so?
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    On the question of whether Sja-anat managed to corrupt Radiant spren pre-Recreance this quote from in world WOR sure makes it sound like she did and the Radiants responded with extreme prejudice
  9. 2 points
    Oh, as I'm listening through this, I did ask Brandon about the pronunciation of "Sja-anat" and we... were all wrong! Brandon uses "zha-anat" as in that "zh" is the sort of French j, in "je." It's the sound found in English in the middle of the word "pleasure." So, take that as you will!
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    Jebus is coming! Probably not on our podcasts (UK scheduling makes scheduling even more nightmarish) but he's making videos!
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    @FeatherWriter confessed to not having read Sixth of the Dusk, which actually made me happy. Now there's potential for another Splintercast!
  12. 2 points
    There are some full book spoilers here. Wait a bit
  13. 2 points
    It's all @Comatose's fault! I wasn't there! I didn't even know we'd be recording video. We actually reported on the Herald endpapers a while ago
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    These are all amazing, but I feel this: needs to be present here. It's meant to portray the feelings of the time during the highstorm where Shallan and Kaladin are realizing "Hey, your life was miserable too!" (to paraphrase). It's an amazing piece that perfectly captures the feeling of that scene, and it should have way more views.
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    CONGRATS ON ART COLUMN’S GRAND LAUNCH! Thanks to @Chaos for letting us do this! Thanks to @Jazzy-Kandra for putting out such a great article!
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    Man, all these are awesome! Which is the best? It's hard to say! Just kidding. It's Shallan. (But really, these are great! I adore them all, and the Chasms one!)
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    Something I have been working for a quite time now... WoK blurb, Arcanum style!
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    Wow. What a moving story about how this came to be. Hats off to everyone involved in the project. Good luck and I will spread the word as much as I can!
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    I like to read whilst lying in bed, but honestly holding the WoK/WoR up as I read puts the fear of god in me. I'd only have to lose my grip once and SPLAT! My face would become a particularly hideous Picasso painting
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    I imagine he'll get to the Philippines someday, or near there. Or you could always come to a release party But "someday" is a long time!
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    One of my favorite things is seeing relative newcomers citing obscure WoBs like a boss, WoBs that very few people would have known how to find a month ago, and seeing almost no WoB question or challenge go unanswered. Seeing Arcanum become a basic part of Shard dialogue so quickly is just wonderful.
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    Still wondering if multiple posts does anything to improve my chances.
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    Yes, I need this. You guys should post a PDF after the giveaway so those who don't get it can print a fake cover.
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    I would want it... But there's a stick joke.
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    YESSSSSSS!!!! I'd sure as the highstorms want this...
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    That's really cool! I'd like to enter!
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    This is amazing haha, I hope I win!
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    Can I enter if I promise to pay for shipping to the Netherlands myself? I would really like to have a chance at winning it.
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    Oh yes please! This would be so awesome!
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    I only have four copies of Oathbringer. I'm sure it would fit one.
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    Oh YES!!!!! Rick Martin and his Lego-Roshar are wonderful!! Quick, everyone, look at that shiny thing over there (and don't post a comment to enter)! Any chance the dustcover without the signatures will be made available later on Brandon's store? Just sayin' ...
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    Should I wait to finish the book to listen to this, or am I fine having read all of Part Two and about half of Part 3?
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    Smh why you do vertical recording lmao. That art looks really good though. Could also be useful when trying to identify Heralds if accurate.
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    It is called Adamant and it just might be Cosmere. But that isn't what this project is, unfortunately.
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    Is Skyward the one about a war against aliens, that might be Cosmere? If so, there is a reading out there about it. Honestly, I thought it sounded much more interesting than Apocalypse Guard.
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    I hope you'll be making those collections regularly all this art is amazing!
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    @Chaos You don't have to answer this if you don't think it's appropriate, but a simple yes or no will do. Is it made clear by the end who wrote the in-world Oathbringer?
  49. 1 point
    I gotta say, I feel like Brandon has got to be the absolute best at writing endings. I have never been disappointed by any ending he's written. That's part of the reason I'm so hyped for this is to see how he connects everything and outdoes himself once again.
  50. 1 point
    Nice review! This is officially the first time I have been truly hyped for anything. I have pre-ordered the audiobook, the ebook, and even got a signed copy from Weller's. Can't wait for Oathbringer to come to me here in the Philippines.
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