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    So, multiple things... I agree with the majority of the views in the podcast that Adolin is in a much better place, maturity-wise and emotionally, to provide support and understanding for Shallan as she is learning to integrate her multiple personalities in her psyche, for lack of a better way to put it. The huge red flag for me was in Shadesmar when Kaladin was like "YES! I could create a whole new Me like you, Shallan, and hide away from all my problems!" and Shallan was cringing and thinking inside "umm....sure....it sucks and it's tearing me apart and I need to fix it" and Kaladin is completely oblivious to this. Shallan opens up a bit with both Kaladin and Adolin over the course of the 3 books and they react in completely different ways to that revelation in their relation to Shallan. For whoever said, "Why didn't Radiant choose Adolin at the end?" It's because of who Radiant is. Radiant likes Adolin but agrees to go along with Veil because "there are definite advantages to two Knights Radiant getting together". If Veil is the approximate id, the transgressive side of Shallan, Radiant is the superego of Shallan, the part that would be more than ready to submerge her feelings for Adolin for a "better pairing" with Kaladin's new status. As someone who has watched way too many romantic movies on dates, I agree that Shallan/Kaladin is far and away delving into boring cliche Nicholas Sparks territory, from the girl-boy meet-cute to the I-hate-you now I-can't-stop-thinking-about-you to the forced companionship in the chasms and the inevitable soul barings. While Sanderson does have a string of arranged marriage successes, like you guys said, Dalinar/Evi and Gavilar/Navani definitely show the other side of what happens with not-so-rosy arranged marriages. And if someone is really anti-arranged marriage, Sebarial/Palona is definitely the Sanderson example that worked out really well. With all that, I don't think Kaladin/Shallan is necessarily done, either. Until Shallan truly resolves Veil/Shallan/Radiant, Veil (and really, Shallan deep down) is going to crush on Kaladin, no matter how much she stuffs it into a deep dark hole or whether or not she stays faithful to Adolin. (I could see a Guinevere/Arthur/Lancelot thing developing later down the road.) And, to pull an example from Dalinar and Navani's marriage to Gavilar, Kaladin can "give up" on Shallan and accept her relationship with Adolin without the attraction going away, either. The relationship I really was sad over in Oathbringer was not any part of the Triangle; it was Dalinar/Evi. I feel like present day-Dalinar and Evi would have been an amazing pair, and all of Evi's advice and nurturing for Dalinar turned out to be spot on. It was just the right relationship at the wrong time for Dalinar, and watching it develop to its abrupt end through the flashbacks in Oathbringer killed me. I forgive you, at the last, was the bittersweet knife twisting. Without Evi, Dalinar could never have developed into the man that could become Unity, but Evi never gets to see the payoff at the end (unless you're counting her spirit/ghost).
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    Good discussion. I particularly enjoyed hearing some new voices: welcome to Matt and Shannon! Your input was great. Regarding the triangle as a whole, I felt that it was made more palatable because it was not there for its own sake. Yes, the relationships are important, but in my view the primary narrative purpose of the triangle was to highlight Shallan's fracturing psyche and to provide her personas the opportunity to conflict with each other. Since I LOVED Shallan's mental journey, having the triangle work in support of that made it a useful tool rather than a set of occasionally cringey interactions. I wanted to mention one major point in Adolin's favor. You brought up Shallan's aversion to being protected (which is kind of Kaladin's whole purpose in life, so there's another reason their pairing wouldn't go well). She has lived a very circumscribed life and is just now experiencing independence. She reacts badly to the renewed constraints of her wardship, and she seeks in each of her personas to avoid any hint of impotence. She needs to be capable. That's why Adolin's confession about Sadeas is so perfect. Shallan opens up a little about her insecurities, and rather than telling her what to do or how to fix it, he responds by saying, "Yeah, I know what it's like to lie to everybody. I have no idea how to deal with it. When you figure it out, please help me." That trust in her ability, the assumption that she'll figure it out before he does, and the invitation for her to be a strength to someone else is exactly the validation and empowerment that she is able to accept.
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    Perhaps a better approach would have been to actually include someone who had, I don't know, a differing viewpoint and take on the triangle than those involved in the making of this cast? Upon listening, my conclusion to what I heard was that there were several people who came into this podcast with an already agreed upon conclusion, and they collectively tried to guess or anticipate what the opposing side's argument would be, and collectively worked to refute an argument none of them actively subscribed to in the first place. If you can't escape your bias when going into a discussion on a topic, the solution isn't to wave your hand and say "well there's nothing we can do about that, so bear with us". The solution is to introduce people with the opposite bias and opinion to the discussion, so that they may argue their own viewpoint. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great content and discussion going on here. But I do find the sincerity around your attempt to be "fair and balanced" suspect when you don't have anyone speaking for the opposing viewpoint represented.
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    And THEN he dies.
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    You know what I'm looking forward to? Moash dying violently. VERY VIOLENTLY.
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    I think this is relevant to the discussion, I originally posted this on the Oathbringer Memes page, but I think that they might have a new expletive on Roshar: I really liked the analysis from @Comatose about Moash being torn between throwing the bridge four badge into the fire, and then thinking about throwing himself into the fire, and how this narratively came full circle with him shedding the identity of Moash and becoming Vyre. I like it so much in fact, that I made Vyre's first death metal cover, here it is: Here's the tracklist: 1) Wasn't I a Dick? 2) Yeah, I'm Probably Still a Dick 3) Vyre, Yeah It Rhymes With Fire You Dick 4) O-di-um Be the Death of Me (a slight reworking of the Velvet Underground song Heroin) 6) It's a Long Way Back From Braize 7) Cremholes in the Stream (a duet with Ialai Sadeas) 8) Countdown to Desolation 9) Crazy Herald Train If you get the remastered version you get some pretty interesting outtakes where he's spaced out on voidlight and mumbling incoherently about passion this and passion that. Track 17 where he's eating chouta while totally spaced out on voidlight is definitely worth listening to, trust me.
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    Gotta disagree with you on Moash's Bridge 4 Tattoo fading because he has changed. I think it will have the exact opposite significance. Kaladin and Marsh are reflections of one another. Both are justifiably angry and passionate men who have had incredible injustices done to them by the world. Kaladin had Syl though to act as his light and save him from a downward spiral of empty vengance and self-loathing. Moash will probably need Kaladin to fulfill that role for him. Just as Kaladin can't quite escape the darkness he bears towards lighteyes, I predict Moash won't be able to forget the kindness and redemption that his time in Bridge 4 offered him no matter how hard he tries. Much as Kaladin's slavebrands have refused to fade, I think Moash's Bridge 4 tattoo will prove just as annoyingly persistent. They're yin and yang to one another. Kaladin's a creature of goodness with a taint of darkness he can't let go of (the slave brands), Moash's a creature of darkness with a mark of redemption that will stay with him (bridge 4 tattoo).
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    In reference to long podcasts, I think the day before the next SA book in 2021, you guys should record an eight hour preparation/hype podcast with everyone who guests rotating in and out throughout the episode and release it the Thursday before the book comes out. Would I spend eight hours on Saturday before an SA book comes out listening to a bunch of people talking in preparation for that book? Absolutely.
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    Sorry Guys, I had to turn you off this week. Just. So. Wrong. I disagreed with almost everything you said. I couldn't listen.
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    Yeah I feel a lot of people don't get that this is meant to be a fully fleshed out thing. It's had barely a year in development and where it's at is great for that time span. The key word is experience, it's not a game, of course they have to cut corners to make it more enjoyable. Such as the lashings that are seen from the trailer obviously aren't how it works, but it'll make it a better experience. I just hope this works for it's intended purpose, to get some Hollywood people on board with the idea, so we can get a movie of some description.
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    WeiryWriter, I really like your analysis of Mist Spren possibly being truthwatcher spren due to how similar they are to Nightwatcher, nice observations. One other thing listening to the podcast, when you were all discussing the strange super amped power burst that Windrunner's get when swearing their 2nd order ideals and higher, there is one other similar but slightly more muted instance of this. When Szeth swears his third ideal: Spren are a proportional mixture of H+C cultivation, with some spren like the High Spren and the Honor Spren claiming that they are most like Honor. The burst of energy that the Windrunner's get have extra built up potential/pressue because of the still free Investiture of Honor's loose on Roshar due to his splintering. This mini-manifestation of the oath supercharge that Szeth gets from swearing his ideal could be because the High Spren are likewise made mostly of Honor's Investiture, but gauging by the effect, probably not as high of a percentage of Honor as the Honor Spren. Can't wait for the next WoB roundup podcast, might be fun to come up with some classification terms to categorize the qualitative aspects of Brandon's answers, here are a couple possible ones: WoBfuscation–Intentionally vague answer designed to conceal something he would rather RAFO WoBtuse–Where Brandon answers the question technically accurately, while ignoring the real question. WoBble–Where Brandon seems to say something, then qualifies it, so that the net effect is an non-answer (this category of WoB has a lot of observations by the questioner of Brandon hemming and hawing) WoBomb–A huge reveal, like the Patji revelation.
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    I have a question. If you spiked Jebus, who did you kill to do so?
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    So I was thinking about the mechanics of the painting Kaladin sees and I wonder if part of how i works, in addition to being painted by an invested person, is that the paint is made with Tears of Edgli. Also, loving the podcast.
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    I'm not sure how to feel about this. I understand that they didn't had much time and this is not ment to be something big, but this seems to be very clunky and lacks variaty of assets(there are singers that have black skin or white skin and that's basically it, and what ferns are doing on Roshar?). I just don't know, we'll see how it actually works out in not too distant future. I for instance would like to get something really good or nothing at all, but that's just me, others might have different opinions about this.
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    Looks like they finally put up a steam page. I never imagined when I bought a Vive about a year ago that I'd get something Brandon Sanderson related for it and I am beyond excited.
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    I think that @KChan figured out Hoid's purpose in the Cosmere. It has to do with removing Large Sticks in Certain Places. I spat some pop out when I heard that bit, funny stuff. I also really like the Fanfic idea for backseat sharding, might be best if the new shard is the son or daughter of the cognitive shadow of the old shard who is sticking around eternity to point out their failings. Thinking something along the lines of a Jewish mother who could say things like "Back when I held the power of Preservation, strawberry jam stayed fresh for 3 weeks, but look at your jam, just look it at. It rots in a couple of days. And you call yourself Preservation". Thanks for the long guided tour through the Oathbringer release tour Words of Brandon, I thought all 3 episodes were great.
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    ON the intent of Shards: In the end the vessel always loses to the intent of their shard. But it might matter what they perceive that intent to be. Not what they say the intent is, Odium is lying to manipulate Dalinar when he says that he is passion. Odium sees himself as Odium. But Ati was a good man corrupted by holding Ruin, and he couldn't change the perception of Ruin to Change. Maybe it's because when he picked it up he thought of it as Ruin and could never change his perception of his own shard. Deep down, he always thought of it as Ruin. If someone picked it up, only ever thinking about it as Change, maybe it could become Change. If Dalinar picks up the pieces of Honor without knowing what he is doing, and thinks of the power as Unity while he is doing it, he may become the shard of Unity (who would probably desire to unify things...)
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    On Kaladin and spiritual Adhesion and Spiritual Gravitation. No, he doesn't have the same spiritual focus as Dalinar, but his resonance is that Windrunners get a large number a squires. He pulls people together and then binds them to himself. One of the ideals of Windrunners is leadship. They have magical Gravitas and are magically good at team building.
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    I imagine it was as simple as Honor telling the spren not to choose singers. As I understand the timeline, spren didn't start bonding with people until after at least the first desolation, probably not until after the first few. So the fused already existed and the singers were at least somewhat aligned with Honor's enemy by that point. Honor's choice to deny them Radiance may well have pushed them the rest of the way into Odium's camp. Regarding gems on Roshar, during the Firefight tour I got WoB that gems come both from mining and from gemhearts, though mining is hard on Roshar (link) and that gems for spheres are encased in glass both by glassblowing and by soulcasting (link).
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    Adonalsium is going to be the Cosmere's Benedryl Cutiebrunch. Adolinism Alodizzium Aldonaisium (Jebus) Adonihilism I could go on... Edit: More thoughts: Pretty sure Odium had help on Sel, from Autonomy, that he didn't have when going up against Honor and Cultivation. On Parshendi becoming Radiants, if Preservation couldn't block Allomancy from someone, and Magics are more natural, how could Honor have prevented the Parshendi from Bonding? Do you think it's something to do with Intent? I could more see Odium or Cultivation interfering if that's the case. Where was the confirmation of White Sand Prose being rewritten?? I wonder if Elantrians are immune to the Dor as they can use it? Though maybe not, as Raoden was almost destroyed by it before using it properly. "Gavellininor" --lol Now do you think Hoid is personally afraid of Nightblood being able to kill him, or is he afraid of Nightblood and what he is as important to the Cosmere? @Overlord Jebus, Seattle Comic-Con is March 1-4, not May. I'll be there on the Sunday, hope to see you there! Looking forward to a Nightblood podcast. Totally okay with next week's being more WoBs, js.
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    Me when watching the name of the podcast: Oh, boy... Honestly, I actually don’t hate Moash as much as most people, I would even say I like him as THE cremhole after all of the other cremholes died in either WoR or OB, because I mean, we gotta have AN cremhole
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    Ugh... I had to stop listening and come and post this. Sja-anat is pronounced Ja—a-naat in the audiobook. The sia-naat pronounciation does not fit! and give Jebus a turn to speak (sorry, but unabashed fan)! Edit: Kerry - you can get a job as a cat herder Edit2: Amaram is pronounced Ema(-)ram in the audiobook
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    Musicspren stepped outside, and started shouting "I am a filthy skaa halfbreed Aluminum Gnat!" at the top of his lungs. After a few minutes of such, the area around him had mostly cleared of people. Mutters that he was insane were heard. Musicspren, however, did not hear those mutters because of his aforementioned shouting. Hence why the passive voice was used to describe the hearing of mutters. An Inquisitor eventually came to investigate the source of the noise. "Why aren't you working?" the Inquisitor queried. "I'm an Aluminum Gnat!" Musicspren proclaimed. "So, what? You expect me to spike you so I can burn away metals really well?" the Inquisitor asked. "If you want." Musicspren allowed. "Why are none of our speech tags "said"?" the inquisitor inquired. "We're victims of Said Bookism. Also, be careful of the fourth wall" Musicspren admonished. "Just for that, I'm going to spike you" the inquisitor grunted. "Like you needed an excuse." Musicspren grumbled. The inquisitor rammed a spike through Musicspren's heart. Musicspren, however, did not crumple. Or fall. Or slump. Or any of those motions typically associated with dying. Instead, he stood where he had rather calmly. "(You're supposed to die now)" the inquisitor whispered. "Surprise!" Musicspren exclaimed, "I was taken by the Shaod and am now nearly immortal" "You just went through that whole thing to prove that didn't you" the inquisitor groaned. "Yes," Musicspren confirmed, "And, by the way, there's a new, gripping news post on all things Brandon." In other words, D ) All of the above.
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