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    Exactly. That's why I feel that this whole story line is a hasty patch for Sanderson's last-minute change of mind about the ending. It's just so inconsistent, in intellectual, emotional and just plain common sense. Quite a few segments of OB were written like they were a setup for Kaladin and Shallan to deepen their mutual understanding, only to be somehow diluted, left dangling, or patched with something that seemed... forced, vague, not genuine, like an afterthought - total opposite of Book 2. If Sanderson planned from the start to have their bond slowly dissolve, he made an incredibly poor, amateurish job out of it (besides, why then build it in the first place?). So I can only conclude he didn't plan it from the start. I had a thought that Shallan is not quite herself because that Unbound entity from Kholinar Oathbringer gate got into her, but I don't think Sanderson would make such somersaults with relationships, he likes them to be stable and tidy. Besides, in that case I don't think he'd make such a point about Kaladin deciding he was never really in love with her after all. I just don't think Sanderson is the kind of author who enjoys sudden twists and turns for their own sake, not to mention the importance that vows have in this story. I mean, I enjoy intellectual challenge and depth, but I also read with my heart, not just my mind, and I believe Sanderson also writes from his heart, not only his mind. And the heart needs some internal consistency at least. I just don't think he would make such a mess just to please those who want sharp twists without previous emotional buildup. I don't want to grasp to straws just to be disappointed again. Speaking of disappointment, I'll make a very personal comment here, so if you don't care about personal, best to skip the rest of the post. In fact, I'll just hide it all as a spoiler, so read on if you are interested. Thanks to the folks above who welcomed me in their posts - I tried to multiquote them here, but something went wrong, or I didn't yet quite figure out the system.
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    I thought it might be fun to write our own scenes for the 1 year time gap between Oathbringer and book 4. Here's mine. It will of course be a Lift scene, because, it's mine! Please add your own. "Okay, it's been three weeks since Thaylenah, you've all had a chance to begin your assignments, and I need to know what progress you've made. Captain Kal..." Dalinar began. "Umm..." interrupted Lift. "Yes Lift?" asked Dalinar "Maybe we should break, you know, for lunch and stuff." suggested Lift. "Lift, we literally just ate breakfast. Right now. Shallan is still chewing hers, and the plates have not been cleared off the table." replied Dalinar. "Yeah" said Lift. "Yeah what?" asked Dalinar. "Yeah, we just ate breakfast" replied Lift. "Okay, I'm glad we sorted that out. Captain Kaladin, could you..." Dalinar began again. "What about lunch?" Lift asked hopefully. Dalinar sighed audibly "Renarin, could you please ask the kitchen staff to send Lift some lunch. Captain Kaladin, how is the training progressing with the new Wind runner recruits?" "Unfortunately sir, there have been some injuries. Nothing life threatening, but a number of recruits will be out of action for several weeks." replied Kaladin. "What happened?" enquired Dalinar. "The Lopen happened." Kaladin responded unenthusiastically. "He thought it would be a good idea to train adhesion by sticking new recruits to the ceiling and seeing who stays up the longest. Apparently it didn't occur to him that the tower has stone storming floors." "Fine." said Dalinar, visibly annoyed now. "We'll move on. Shallan, how is the training of your lightweaver squires progressing." "Umm, not much progress yet. We... I mean... I... umm..." Shallan blushed furiously and glanced at Adolin furtively before mumbling something inaudible. Dalinar rolled his eyes, "Right, well, just don't forget the whole apocalypse thing, okay? Szeth, any progress on the negotiations with Nale? Will he agree to join our side?" "Of course Dalinar-son-god. You have said it must be." replied Szeth. "Damnation, I told you a hundred times. I am not the son of god! Honor isn't even god!" shouted Dalinar. "Of course Dalinar-son-god, if you say it, it cannot be otherwise." replied Szeth characteristically dispassionately. Dalinar took a deep breath and ploughed ahead "So Nale has agreed to come to our side?" "Not yet Dalinar-son-god." replied Szeth. "But you literally JUST said he was coming to our side!" exploded Dalinar. "Yes, you have told me this is true." replied Szeth. "Did you let it back out?" asked Lift. "Let what back out?" asked Dalinar, perplexed. "The red angry thing. You're kind of red and angry. You're old though. Old people are often red and angry. I can't tell." Lift replied, stabbing another pancake with her shardfork. Dalinar slumped back in his chair. "I give up, we're not getting anywhere here. I supposed I can take some solace in the fact that your collective efforts make my attempts at diplomacy look storming inspired by god." "This is only right Dalinar-son-god." replied Szeth, earning a further glare. "Tomorrow, same time. I want to hear actual progress then!" said Dalinar dismissively. "WAIT!" shouted Lift. "Yes Lift?" asked Dalinar. "What about dinner?" she enquired.
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    Whoever said that? I certainly didn't, and I haven't seen anyone else argue this at any point. Honestly, this is a really hyperbolic statement, which is really a bit of a theme in some of these posts. I made one statement that was misunderstood, which I've clarified three times now, and somehow it just continues to be inflated into something much larger than it is. Good people do bad things sometimes. That's the essence of what anyone said about it on my side of the argument. His act was sociopathic has in your commentary become he's a sociopath has become he's a vile human being. You see what's going on there? I feel at this point most of us are arguing something that was said, and you are arguing something that you've inferred. I don't expect you to agree with me, I do expect you to at least accept my explanation of what I think rather than insinuating that you know my mind better than I do.
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    Maybe for the same reason the pattern was hanging out around where Elhokar died? If a true spren crosses over to the PR for the sake of bonding a proto-radiant, we know it takes a huge toll on their mental faculties. Faculties that only slowly start to recover once the bond is formed and strengthens. We also know that it is highly traumatic for a spren to have their bondmate die. If you take a partially bonded spren, who has not recovered its mental capabilities yet, whose proto-radiant dies, it make sense to me that between the death trauma, and the loss of mental capacity that comes from transitioning that the spren would stay in the area. It would stay there till two things happen. First, it needs to recover from the trauma of death. Second, it needs a new suitable bondmate to start attracting it so that it can start to build up its mind and start to redevelop its will, rather than be mindless. Add to that, the seemingly instinctual need to hide to not be destroyed by the mentally older and more plentiful voidspren that are everywhere. So Timbre could not leave Eshonai's body because Timbre had not recovered from the death trauma, or developed her mind enough to act on anything other than the instinct to hide from all the psycho spren that came out during the storm. Then Venli came and triggered the bonding instinct, allowing Timbre to move on. Elhokar's Pattern was hiding in a city filled with enemies and Unmade hunting it after that unfortunate event, and it took someone filled to the brim with lies and truths to attract it to safety. As an aside, I am intrigued that each Cryptic we have encountered is named Pattern. I believe there was something Pattern mentioned about his name actually being numerical, so Pattern would suffice. So do all Cryptics have numerical pattern names? Is there a Pattern whose name is the Fibonacci Sequence? Is the Pattern who leads Cryptic society named using the number sequence of the Julia Set that gives Roshar its shape? So I think newly transitioned, or traumatized spren are extremely limited in the actions they can take other basic instinctual moves until they recover. If they are newly transitioned and traumatized, good luck little spren, you're going to need it.
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    So just to follow up on my issue with the search function on mobile...it works now lol. I didn't change anything as far as phone OS or web browser, but no complaints.
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