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    I managed to get my copy of Oathbringer a bit early and have been thinking and trying to make sense of Dalinar's awesome transformation at the end. In crafting a theory to explain this, I made a list of some important details and thought I would share those with y'all in the hope of a good discussion: Important Details: UNITE THEM! - Chapter 119 - I'll start off with the obvious detail, when Dalinar freaking grabs the fabric of reality with his hands and merges the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual realms together into a perpendicularity. We've had tidbits of perpendicularities in Arcanum Unbound and different things but to my knowledge, we've never seen anyone short of a Shard or splinter do something this powerful in the Cosmere as of yet. According to the Arcanum Unbounded, this generally requires "concentration of so much Investiture" that "creates points of ... friction, where a kind of tunneling exists". As far as I know, only Shards themselves have caused this in the past and it seems well outside the powers of a bondsmith so the question is how is Dalinar doing this? Syl says its Honor's perpendicularity so we at least know that it is Honor's power that Dalinar is wielding somehow. Whatever this power is, Dalinar seems to be able to do it on command now since he overcharged Kaladin with Stormlight in Chapter 122 before Kaladin takes off to find his missing bridgemen. I am Unity - Chapter 119 - When asked what he is by Venli, Dalinar responds with the awesome phrase "I am Unity", which could have many interpretations. Is this referring to his overall goal of unifying? Is it simply a cool way of leading into his unifying the Realms? Or is the capitalization of Unity important and does that signify that Dalinar has become something far more? WE KILLED YOU! - Chapter 119 - Perhaps my favorite detail is Odium's reaction to Dalinar's epiphany. Not only is Odium shocked by Dalinar's resistance, he seems to be downright scared here. And most interesting is the choice of pronouns here. In their previous discussion regarding Dalinar's sins, Odium always said "I" as in "I was there, influencing you", so this doesn't seem to be a royal "we". With the available information, I can see two possible explanations. One, Honor's death was a cooperative effort between Odium and some other party such as Autonomy though this seems unlikely since all of our evidence so far indicates that Odium killed Tanavast by himself. Second, and more intriguing, is the shattering of Adonalsium, which seems to better explain the anger, outrage, and fear in Odium's statements. What about Dalinar's Unity frightens Odium so much? What does Dalinar look like to Odium's eyes? How? What have you done? - Chapter 119 - Despite being the Cognitive shadow of a god, the Stormfather has no clue what or how Dalinar just accomplished. Is this just the typical Spren forgetfulness since he hasn't been bonded in millennia? Their later conversation seems to indicate that this really hasn't been done before... We are something different - Chapter 119 - Dalinar's own words to describe this event are "We are something different. His remnants, your soul, my will". This is interesting to me since it could be interpreted in a realmatic context as the combination of Physical (his remnants), Cognitive (my will), and Spiritual (your soul) components though the remnants seems like it should really be of all three and not just Physical. Dalinar was not supposed to Ascend - Chapter 122 - Another Odium line that stands out since the topic of Ascension has a known definition within the Cosmere: a vessel taking up a Shard of Adonalsium like in the Mistborn series. The context of this phrase is a bit murky though since Odium and Mr. T are talking about events in the past, present, and future so it's a bit unclear whether this is directly referring to Dalinar's display or if it is some future event that both Odium and Mr. T have foreseen. Still, this clearly indicates to me that something major is going on with Dalinar and it seems like Odium thinks that this is not a one-hit wonder use of power on his part. Interesting side note is how the heck do y'all think the "Renarin Kholin" reference fits into this conversation? Was he the one who should have Ascended or was he the catalyst that caused Dalinar's Ascension (perhaps in that one flashback where Renarin breaks Dalinar out of his drinking and makes him realize a bit how awful he is being)? A warmth that he had known once before - Chapter 119 - Right before Dalinar Unites, he feels this weird warmth. As far as I can tell, this seems to refer to Dalinar's curious dream/vision in Ch 89 of WoR, where he seemingly relives a childhood moment before stepping outside where "warm light bathed him. A deep, enveloping, piercing warmth. A warmth that soaked down deep through his skin, into his very self. He stared at that light, and was not blinded. The source was distant, but he knew it. Knew it well. He smiled". Still don't have a good explanation for what's going on here but we do have confirmation a few pages later that the Stormfather did not send this. Since all of Dalinar's previous interactions with Honor have been mediated by the Stormfather, what could this warmth be? Unite them - Throughout all books, Dalinar's thoughts are almost always drawn to a single phrase "Unite them" that has driven a lot of his actions so far. Presumably, the first instance of this was the vision that Honor/Stormfather gave him but it continues to be repeated time and time again in Dalinar's viewpoints. It's a phrase that has been interpreted to mean many things over the books like "unite the highprinces", "unite the world", and "unite the radiants" but here we see it once again in probably the most spectacular fashion as he physically unites the realms. Are these words just Dalinar's continual introspection on these words or is this an external voice speaking to him? The Stormfather said it wasn't him in Chapter 111 and Dalinar definitely perceived it to be an external voice. Was it always an external voice or just this time? Who or what could this be? Theories: Looking at the available evidence, I have come up with three possible explanations for the power that Dalinar is wielding now: Dalinar has, or is in the process of, reforming Honor and is its new vessel - I believe we have some WoB that this is possible but very difficult. The "something different" and "we killed you" details seem like they dispute this but either one could be interpreted to support it. Syl claiming that the perpendicularity is Honor's does seem to support this however. Another possibility is that he has somehow accumulated enough of Honor's Investiture to become something like a mini-sliver like a Herald or above. Dalinar has somehow accumulated enough Investiture to become something new, Unity - Perhaps not a full Shard but something akin to or above a Herald in power and not necessarily linked with Honor alone. At this point, he's had direct interactions with three Shards/remnants of Shards, which seems unique, and could somehow have taken some measure of power from each. To be specific, Odium has been shaping him into a Champion for what seems like his entire life and likely had to sink some Investiture in him to do so. Cultivation took a piece of him and perhaps gave something in its place when he visited. And we all know that he has a big piece of Honor in his pocket in the form of the Stormfather. Syl's claim that the perpendicularity was Honor's could just be her best guess or it could be that the bulk of Dalinar's new power is of Honor and that's what she's sensing. Has the combination of all of this Investiture made him into something unique? I think this is the most likely theory though the "we killed you" detail doesn't seem to quite fit. Dalinar is, in some way, connected to Adonalsium on a deeper level than we thought - This is a bit more out-there than the other two theories and is predicated mostly on the "we killed you" detail. I think there's a WoB out there somewhere that Dalinar was one of the first characters of the SA that Brandon came up with (number 17 here) and this makes me curious. I'm probably reading too much into this random detail but could Dalinar be something like the reincarnation of Adonalsium? We've had absolutely no evidence of this before now but it kinda fits the fear in Odium's reaction to Dalinar's Ascension. Of course, I would expect a god to pick up on that fact if he's been watching and influencing a dude for most of his life but maybe there's more going on than we know? There was also that curious exchange between Wit and Dalinar in WoK regarding Adonalsium (Chapter 54) that could support this theory but there's a WoB (number 1 here) saying that was probably not that significant. Building off the previous theory, perhaps Odium interprets Dalinar's combination of the three Shard's Investiture as a preliminary attempt to reforge Adonalsium.
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    It is my pleasure to present the first rap of the second tournament. Beware the OB spoilers
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    Q: How do you get a one-armed herdazian out of a tree? A: Wave! Disclaimer: This joke was told by Brandon to a fan at a signing, so it's not originally mine.
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    "Szeth son-son Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a goat." "Prince Raoden of Arelon awoke early that morning, completely unaware that he had been goat for all eternity." "Goat fell from the sky."
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    CAR SALESMAN: Let me tell you, this is one quality... *slaps Adonalsium* *Adonalsium shatters* CS: Ummm.... We're having a sixteen for the price of one sale.
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    What's Kaladin's favourite flavour of gum? Spearmint.
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    This weekend at WorldCon, someone asked Brandon about the historicity of The Girl Who Looked Up: I noticed three key differences in the versions: Shallan's message is that we're monsters; Hoid's mesage is that failures make us greater Hoid's version says there was no light before, only starlight Shallan says Stormlight; Hoid says God's Light Shallan says the wall was destroyed; Hoid says the storms "boiled over" the wall Recognizing the difference in morals is essential in approaching the basis of the legend. The story isn't about either; it can, however, be made to be about one or the other. But if we're going to examine the story as a retelling of events, even a mythological retelling, it doesn't have to be a word of warning or an admonition of strength. Looking at the similarities (the presence of storms, the existence of a wall, going from Lightless to Light), we can guess that there is some historical basis for the story, regardless of how it's used. And with the revelations at the end of OB for Humans as Voidbringers, I think it's pretty clear that the story is connected in some way to that context. So, let's contrast Hoid's story with Shallan's to try to figure out some details; I'm going to assume the differences highlight what Hoid says, and that he'll have the more faithful account. The Differences The "land of shadows" is explicitly called out by the text as something Shallan didn't know about, but that made the whole story make more sense. Like how people didn't know there was a wall; it was because they actually couldn't see it. Hoid mentions people seeing by starlight, which I think will throw the Domed Shinovar theory into the garbage before I can even articulate it. This darkness must be metaphorical; the Wall isn't physically the mountains that protect Ashyn, it just happens to be a parallel. In the context of the story, I don't think they had the sun on the other side of the wall, either; their lives were illuminated by God's Light normally, and the experience of the people inside the wall changed to match that. There's no event in the story that grants people sunlight; their hypothetical options would be Storms and Light, or Safety and Darkness. That's why I say the story is metaphorical, though much of the metaphor was drawn from the very real events of humanity venturing out of their appointed lands. "Stormlight" vs "God's Light" is another key difference. There are a lot of gods in the Cosmere, but who would Hoid call God? His point of view in the Elantris 10th Anniversary scene implies that Hoid believes in the God Beyond. And the end of WoR, he has a conversation with Jasnah where he says Tanavast wasn't God, and that she'll "find God in the same place you're going to find salvation from this mess. Inside the hearts of men." If he shares the views of Frost, who calls Odium "God's own divine hatred," then there would be a connection to Adonalsium there. This ties in with the metaphorical nature I highlighted in the last paragraph; the story is a metaphor for something going on in the hearts of men, about something bigger than a migration to a new planet. The last difference makes me wonder what the Wall represents. Shallan's story changes the nature of the world, through the destruction of the Wall allowing the existing storms to break through. Hoid's changes the nature of the Storms, where they now boil over the Wall, but the Wall isn't destroyed. I think this ascribes some sort of intelligence to whatever is represented by the Storms; it now enters where it did not, not because the obstacles are deeper, but because someone took its Light there, and now it continues to return there to replenish that Light. This isn't an act of Man; it's an act of God. The Religious Allegory As a pretty religious individual, I'm seeing heavy parallels to Christianity throughout this story, highlighted by the differences listed above. The girl stealing Light, but bringing Storms, is very reminiscent of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in Eden. They received knowledge of Good and Evil, but they also received the curse of mortality. Since then, the message of Christianity is not returning to the Innocence of Eden, but moving forward to a new kind of Glorification; not going back, but pressing onward. That's the same thing we see in this story; life was fundamentally altered, this is what made things the way they are now, and there's no going back. God's Light is also a concept that appears in real-world religions. Some books of the Bible, 1 John in particular, use Light as a metaphor for God's Truth, or specifically the Scriptures. It's not pleasant to be under the scrutiny of God's Light, but it does reveal areas of sin in our lives. That's extremely similar to what the Light did in the story here; it made life harder for humanity, but they're not going back to when they were blissfully in darkness. The Storms boiling over, instead of the Wall falling down, also reminds me of a key aspect of Jesus' teachings. Man doesn't attain to reconciliation with God; God, through the person and works of Jesus Christ, reached down to accomplish that reconciliation. That's why I said above that the Storms reaching over the Wall isn't because the Girl's actions brought the Wall down; it's because God now sends his Storms across the wall. So, why do I sound like Billy Graham, rattling off all this Christianity? It's to hammer home that this is not about the physical exodus of humans from their appointed place on Roshar; Hoid's story makes me think it's something bigger than that. I don't think it's how they stole spren and Surges on Roshar, either. The humans had Investiture, they had Surges, on Ashyn before it was broken. It's not just that they lived in a place without Stormlight, without that particular brand of Light; they were in a place with no Light at all. I think the story is about the way humans first came into Investiture. (Using the term to mean "magic" here; yes, Investiture comprises everything, but this is referring to the magical, the supernatural, the very reason this is a fantasy series.) There was a time when Humans were apart from God, and didn't have Investiture; but something changed, and someone took Investiture, and their actions spread to the rest of humanity. Something great, something terrible, and something that could never be undone. The version of this story that grew on Roshar took influence from their history with the Singers; parallels of humanity stealing something is not hard to find within our own world, and it is the same in the cosmere. The White Hair There is one very important clue that is in Shallan's version, but not in Hoid's. Shallan, without realizing why, made the girl's hair white at one point in the story. But she always called her a girl; never said she became an old woman. White hair, on someone who's not old, has always been a mark of Hoid. I think this is a story about Hoid, about what he did to change the very way humanity interacted with Investiture. Hoid, as an architect of the Shattering. The version of this story on Roshar may have become about a girl, but I think the original inspiration for that girl was none other than our mysterious worldhopper. Hoid asked a very peculiar question of Shallan during his telling of it: Hoid is certainly not a child who stayed out of the woods, and he's at the crux of all the Cosmere stories. Imagine that he is asking Shallan what she thinks about him, about what he did to help prepare for the Shattering. He ultimately did not take a Shard, but he could have been one of them, and they all know who he is. He calls himself bold, for seeking to take the power of Adonalsium. And he calls himself stupid, for unleashing the Shards upon the cosmere. In Conclusion Yes, the historical context of the story makes it clear that this version was developed after the humans arrived on Roshar, and it draws much of its setting from the way humans took the planet, the spren, and the Storms from the Singers. But there's also a deeper meaning, from a time before the humans had a God, before they had any Light, before they had Investiture, before they had Shards. They took the Light, they killed their God and took His power upon themselves, and the universe has never been the same since. But none are willing to go back to how it was before, to give up their Light.
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    Post number two for tournament two! I apologize in advance for my terrible sense of rhythm XD
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    One Goat to rule them all, One Goat to find them, One Goat to bring them all And in the darkness bind them.
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    Breaking news: Sandersitis treatments found to be highly addictive. In an unfortunate turn of events, it appears that the treatments for the pandemic case of Sandersitis marketed to sufferers as "17thshard" and "Arcanum" have been found to be intensely addictive. Users of these treatments have been known to spend more time partaking in "treatment" then was lost to the original disease. There is no known cure for this addiction at this time, and it seems to only alleviate during severe flare-ups of Sandersitis itself, last seen with the "Oathbringer" strain. Many self described addicts seem to have made peace with their plight.
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    Alright. I keep bringing it up, and I'll keep repeating it. THE FUSED AREN'T VOIDBINDING! Now let's get to my reasoning. This is going to talk about Scadrial's magics in addition to Roshar's, which is why it's in this forum. From the Ars Arcanum Khriss says... Implying that Voidbinding does not easily fit with Surgebinding, which seems to be very much opposite to what we've seen from the Fused. Their abilities seem to be pretty straightforward Surgebinding. And with that we come to the types of Fused. According to Moash there are only nine types. And we've so far only seen any of them use a single Surge. Fliers with Gravitation, the skater in Thaylen City for Abrasion, the thief with Illumination, and the ones who manipulate their carapace which I think are using progression to "grow" their armor and weapons. 9 types. And yet we have a Voidbinding chart in the back of tWoK with Ten "orders" linked to all ten surges. And Khriss' above quote mentions "ten levels" of Voidbinding. On the Voidbinding chart we have a glyph for each of the ten surges that is literally the same glyph with half inverted to create a rotational symmetry, rather then a simple mirror. I believe that this implies that the surges manifest differently, both in the written form of the surge, and in its expression when used. This is where Renarin comes in. Renarin has said that he is unable to make illusions despite multiple attempts. I think he's right. Something is wrong because of the way that Glys has been corrupted/enlightened. He has access to the Surgebinding version of Progression and the Voidbinding version of Illumination. He can still use the second, but it's manifestation is altered, just like the glyph on the voidbinding chart. So far, that's only shown itself in his stained glass images of the future... But who knows how else that may manifest. All of this with Renarin stems from @Argent's information about "The Page", and these two WoBs, also from Argent. So Brandon won't confirm or deny any of this about Renarin, but I personally think the evidence is all there. My final reason, and in my mind the most compelling, is that Brandon refers to Voidbinding as a separate magic system (which post WoR he said we had yet to see per this WoB, which means Stormform's lightning, and the summoning of the Everstorm weren't voidbinding either) For why I think that's significant, let's look at Scadrial. Three magic systems. Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. All use metal in drastically different ways. If you take into account that Hemalurgy is not the powers it grants, but the Theft itself, there is not a single one of these magic systems that share a common function. If Voidbinding were to simply mimic Surgebinding, I would be remarkably disappointed in it being called a separate magic system. It would feel like both a setup far to close to Scadrial, with the final magic system allowing the enemy to copy the powers of the heroes, and functionally pointless as we already have a system on Roshar that can mimic both Surgebinding and Voidbinding, in Fabrials. For Voidbinding to be a separate system, I believe that it's going to be at least as different functionally to Surgebinding as Allomancy and Feruchemy. Manipulating the same surges, in a different manner. As far as the minimal differences between the way that the Fused function, like the slower acceleration and deceleration of the Fused who use Gravitation, I think this is purely a side effect of the fuel source. If Vasher were to figure out how to Awaken with Stormlight, I wouldn't expect that to work identically to with Breath, and I think this is a similar situation, which I have brought up previously.
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    My opponents' all set the bar high, but here's my rap. I may have gotten a bit carried away.... nah! Spoilered for length, but no major spoilers.
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    ok here comes Syl! spoilered for lenght and because OB spoilers =)
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    This may have already been stated and I missed the thread, but I had a thought about the possible origin of the Sibling. I don't have a lot of textual evidence, but I will do my best. To simplify in the most criminal way: Spren are the cognitive manifestation of something people think about or experience. The Stormfather is the "memory men create" of the Almighty. So what is as big a thing in the mind of humans as god? Themselves What if the Sibling is, rather than the shadow of a god, the sibling of humanity, the cognitive manifestation of their thoughts about themselves, mankind, civilization as a whole? When Uritheru was occupied by a significant fraction of humanity and they had a common concept of what being human meant it was powerful and sane. But as the kingdoms and cultures formed the idea that brought it about became weaker and less coherent. Humans weren't trying to harm it, but they would be, in effect, ripping it apart into lesser spren manifestations of each group. Its current state may be the result of that wounding, or something it did to protect itself. The current state of humanity on Roshar is still very fractured, but as people start to come together again the idea of a unified humanity could also gain traction. As Dalinar continues to "unite instead of divide" and "bring men together" the very state necessary for this pan-human Spren to grow strong again could reoccur allowing it to return.
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    Science Today: The Oathbringer Strain An untreatable virus has recently found its way into the world. All attempts to cure it have failed, and anyone who succumbs to it cannot resist its effects. What is the mysterious strain, and what makes it so resilient? Introduction Known as the Oathbringer Strain, it was first discovered a few months leading up to its breakout on November 14, 2017. It primarily targeted users of the treatments 17S and Arcanum. Though the two aforementioned treatments were created to battle another disease known as Sandersitis, the Oathbringer Strain appears to augment the affects of Sandersitis, rendering 17S and Arcanum useless. Molecular Structure In its most dangerous format, the hardback edition, the Oathbringer Strain is comprised of 1,248 pages. In its ebook versions, the pages vary due to varying font sizes, which makes the disease harder to track— however, due to the search functions, the ebook version is much less threatening. Regardless, within these pages, there is a total of 454,440 words, which is what signifies the Oathbringer Strain. Additional features of the molecular structure include images of men and women at the beginning and end of the hardback. Initially, these further inflamed Sandersitis, of which Oathbringer is a strain, however results were soon found and the effects wore down. Progression in Treatments A group of scientists known as the Arcanists are trying to strengthen the treatment known as Arcanum. However, they consistently run into a roadblock known as the “RAFO,” which they, unfortunately, cannot get rid of. The 17S treatment, while somewhat curing a person of Sandersitis, continues to inflame the disease more than contain it. However, there is a new treatment in the works. Known as “Coppermind,” scientists in the field are working on examining the Oathbringer Strain page by page to work out its secrets, and make them easily accessible. Research is promising, however, there are some effects that Coppermind just can’t eradicate. Conclusion With the recent Oathbringer Strain, the disease known as Sandersitis has inflamed beyond control. Though treatments are being tested day after day, it is safe to say that the insatiable curiosity, frustration, and obsession is here to stay.
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    Hi, I'm Wyndlerunner. I used to lie awake nights, contemplating the mysteries of the Cosmere, I got no sleep, so I was too tired to read during the day. Then, I discovered Arcanum. It helped me alleviate my insatiable curiosity, and helped me get my life back together. I would recommend Arcanum to anyone suffering from Sandersitis. (If you are currently using Arcanum and have not improved, ask your book vendor about our extra strength treatment: Arcanum Unbounded)
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    Why is Marsh always so sarcastic? Because he loves to ironeyes.
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    On my way to work this morning I was thinking of just how funny and, pardon the pun, witty Hoid is, especially in WoK's. He's one of the few characters iv'e read in any series that almost always makes me laugh out loud while also making me look deeper into his words to find the meaning behind them. Anyone have some favorite quotes or scenes with him? I work in the medical field and this one I hold near and dear to my heart.... “I like to live every day like it's my last."Shallan nodded."And by that I mean lying in a puddle of my own urine, calling for the nurse to bring me more pudding.”
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    I love the idea of crazy/sarcastic/awesome commentary. Can I suggest, like Sunbird did here, that we do half a sentence of what the meme is reacting to, and what page of the topic it's on, for easy reference? i haven't started reading yet so here's my meme reaction to this project:
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    “The love of men is a frigid thing, a mountain stream only three steps from the ice. We are his. Oh Stormfather... we are his. It is but a thousand days, and the Goat comes.” —Collected on Shashahes 1171, 31 seconds pre-goat, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a darkeyed pregnant goat of middle years. The goat did not survive." Edit: I pulled that quote from the Coppermind - surely it doesn't say the Silent Gatherers in the book?
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    *playing happy clips of jubilant axehound pups and windrunners soaring in the sunlight* Other side affects may include, but are not limited to: obsessive WoB hunting, moderate to severe procrastination, eye strain, excessive theorizing, acute balderdash syndrome, reckonersisntcosmerepleasestopaskingorillfeedyoutothekandraism, stress and/or anxiety, Capitalization syndrome, whatisingavilarssphereitisntobviousbrandonplease disorder, and in severe cases, death. Consult your doctor if you are using 17th shard or Coppermind while using Arcanum. This may result in extreme loss of motivation and increased procrastination, which can be fatal. 17th Shard cannot be held responsible for any abuse of Arcanum, or its affliated sites.
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    To goat or not to goat, that is the question. "Truly, after all this time?" "Goat."
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    Commander Vondra was not what Nathan had expected in a leader. Oh, now that he'd had a chance to hear him talk and see how he ran things, Nathan had to admit that everything about him, from the clipped way he spoke to the way he carried himself—it all made sense. A human leader in a town full of Epics had to project an image of power, of self-assurance. Let that image crack for just a moment, and he'd be at the bottom of the Columbia River. Everything from his mannerisms to his clothing of choice made perfect sense for a man who had gotten a number of Epics under his control. It was just that Nathan still had trouble adjusting to the concept. "So, Sperry." Nathan sat up a little straighter, feeling like a kid in the principal's office and hoping he didn't look that way. Being addressed by his surname—rather than his first name, or shouts and whistles, or Traveler—felt so official. "Yes, sir?" "You already know why you're here, so let's get to it." Vondra pressed the record button on his device. "Tell me how you started traveling with Jade." Nathan looked down at his hands. Despite all the preparation he'd done for this moment, he found himself unsure of how to begin or just how many explanations he'd need to give for each part of his story. "Well, sir," he said at last, "how much do you know about Newcago Epics?" ********* Vondra had begun sitting straight up, but that was over now. One elbow was propped on his desk; he rested his forehead in his hand, rubbing it as though he had a headache. Several times, he opened his mouth as if to speak, but closed it again. Nathan had told him the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth, and he still felt as though he should apologize. "'Throw a grenade this time, I want to make a salad,'' Vondra said at last. His hand fell to the desk, hitting it with a slap. "Sperry, is that a direct quote?" "Yes, sir." Another long moment passed in silence before Vondra finally turned his gaze from the wall clock ticking away the seconds and back to Nathan. "Well, did she?" "Did she…." Impatience edged its way into his tone, but Nathan didn't think he was the target. It seemed directed more at the story itself, at the details Vondra didn't—or couldn't—quite believe. "Did she turn shrapnel from Fortuity's grenade into a salad?" "No, sir. He never threw a grenade." Vondra grunted. "Can't say I blame him. Doubt I'd want to see what kind of oddball salad she'd come up with, either."
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    In the Topic "Things The Allomantic Metalhead Is No Longer Allowed to Do in the Mistborn Adventure Game" point 90 is "Misthammer 40k is a horrible idea". I disagree. It is a very fun idea. In a very alternate future version of the Cosmere everything went to hell just like this. Part 1: The Crusades of Honor After Dalinar unified Roshar, locked Odium away somewhere very, very deep in the Cognitive Realm, made peace with the Listeners, he consulted the Knights Radiant and decided to unite the whole Cosmere in one great Nation. In spaceships build by Navani first the Rosharan system was colonized and Ashyn and Braize were "Rosharformed" to inhabitable conditions, complete with their own highstorms and everything. The Listeners wanted no part in the unification process and asked to be settled for themselves on Braize, where they wanted to begin anew, with no interference from all those bothersome shards. The first other Shardworld encountered outside of the system was Nalthis and after some initial problems the two worlds decided to go together and colonized dozens of other minor shardworlds. Things started to look worse when Rosharan spaceships encountered their Scadrian counterparts. No one knows who fired the first shot, but in a matter of weeks it did not matter anymore. Shardblades met guns, coinshots and dustbringers blasted each other to the Beyond, lifeless and feruchemists met in day-long battles, the "hemalurgic option" was used on more than one occasion and it went only worse. Fabrials, Class IV awakened objects and Southern-Scadrial-Tec became exponentially more dangerous and at its height the war made desolations look pale by comparison. Part 2: Meanwhile, on Threnody At this time, on Threnody most of the population decided that if they had any chance of survival against the shades they needed to change themselves. Armed with knowledge somebody brought from Silverlight they made they transferred their minds to special bodies of metal so they would need neither fire nor blood. Of course, it went wrong. They all became cognitive shadows, trapped in their metallic bodies, and even worse, they became like the shades themselves. And for some reason they decided to enforce the Simple Rules all over the cosmere. Part 3: The Sel crisis On Sel, Cosmere-aware individuals decided to reforge all the splintered Shards of the cosmere. Elantrians build power amplifiers that made the original Elantris look pale by comparison, Forgers crafted a giant stamp to forge the shards back together, several scores of Dahkor monks offered to use the energy of their deaths to fuel the ritual, and dozens of other nations chose to participate in one way or another. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently, quite a lot. No one knows where the error began, and if somebody realized they were dead before they could do anything. A giant explosion shattered Sel in all three Realms... and that was the least part of the disaster. The shockwaves shattered and splintered most of the surviving shards at that time and brought the whole Shadesmar into one giant disarray. The surviving Shards were unfortunately Odium (who was locked away deep enough to be not splintered, but freed) and Ruin (who was ironically preserved by the the preservation part of Harmony). Also, in two instances the Ritual worked - Devotion and Ambition were restored to full power. All Shardvessels were killed in the process, and the surviving shards were picked up by some random people. But it got even worse. Some Splinters of the dead Shards were merged with the survivors, corrupting each other in the process. A giant perpendicularity of very bad nature replaced the place where Sel was. Incredibly, there were survivors. By the very Nature of the Dor, the land clung together (along the borders) and was sucked in the cognitive realm. Clever usage of the Dor and technology could save most of the countries, which became giant spaceships. Part 4: The Crusade of Honor, part II Scadrial and Roshar/Nalthis decided to agree on a ceasefire for the time being to investigate what had dealt such a blow to the whole Cosmere. They were kind of surprised to find themselves in opposition to four shards which apparently 1) declared war on each other and 2) declared war on all of mankind, and each of the shards had somehow amassed splinters which were several orders of magnitude more dangerous than unbonded spren. They were further surprised, that many of their own decided to go over to the side of the shards, because "they were the only surviving gods". Dalinar, being tired of this argument, decided to anihilate all Shards to create peace at least on this frontier. Part 5: The Listener Tragedy The shockwaves of the Selish Ritual smashed Braize out of the Rosharan system to somewhere far, far away. Together with them went a magnitude of splinters mashed together from an assortment of shards, dead and alive. Several new forms were discovered, and the new forms were apparently there for one reason - war. The skin got green, they got new muscles, brains were somewhat reduced in a sort of trade-off and a very real desire to go to war - everywhere. The other types of Listener were subdued and exploited by the new BigBoss!-Forms, Coooonquest!-Forms and Waaaar!-Forms. With crude spaceships and crude weapons they went to war against the whole cosmere, for no other reason than that it was fun. Part 6: For the Greater Harmony A radical element on Scadrial seized the upper hand in the ensuoing chaos. Attacked by the Shards, the Listeners, the Rosharans (although now somewhat more rare) and even the Threnodians on rare occasion the dream of a harmonious future was prevalent, and the Pathists got more and more members. So some pathists decided to create Greater Harmony in the Cosmere - by force. "Harmonists", they called themselves. Their idea was that everybody had a place in the society, and they were to decide it. Scadrian people were forced into guilds named after the 16 basic metals&alloys, ruled by three more guilds, which were named after Atium, Lerasium and Harmononium, with Harmonium always being the most important. Everybody was judged on their contribution to the Greater Harmony. Protests were eliminated, and the instigators "reeducated". Part 7: The shism of the Knights Radiant The four shards knew that Dalinar was the most dangerous foe at the moment - Odium's former vessel had dealt with the Blackthorn before and Odium was not happy with the outcome, so, while he was entangled in the war with the other shards, he also plotted together with them. They sent visions to Dalinars son, Adolin, who had resurrected his blade and was in command of Edgedancers (Lift did not want to be in charge) and built more and more doubt in his heart. They wispered in Shallan's ear and showed her more and more versions of themselves. They promised knowledge to Jasnah. They drove Kaladin once more to heavy depression. They made Szeth question his duty. Only Renarin they left alone. And so, through a complicated process, they made some of the orders rebell against Urithiru. Jasnah herself led the rebelling orders - Edgedancers, Elsecallers, Willshapers and Dustbringers. First they went against their loyal comrades inside their orders, then they went in force against Urithiru. Renarin tried to warn his father, but unfortunately too late and the Truthwatchers landed square in the lines of fire and were killed to a man. Jasnah was killed in the fight by Szeth with nightblood, and was soulcast to stone in turn. Kaladins windrunners were away and came to late and could only try to sort out the aftermath. Adolin, blinded by rage, stuck at his father and wounded him mortally and was in turn killed by his wife, Shallan. The rest of the Rogue orders fled and hid themselfes somewhere in the cognitive realm. Kaladin, close to despair, and Shallan, with even more psychological problems, tried to reorganize the remaining orders with relative little sucess. Navani, trying to resurrect her husband, locked him in a life-support-fabrial. Part 8: Aftermath Even before Dalinar's semi-death it was complicated to Navigate the cognitive realm. Now, it grew even more complicated. Fortunately, on Nalthis, an Artifact was built which created a clearly visible beacon from Nalthis to Roshar. Unfortunately, it needs about a hundred breaths each day to sustain it. While the number is still comparatively small compared to the population, there are often not enough volunteers to sustain it, and some people need encouragement. Dalinar's corpse is locked away on the highest level of Urithiru, and no one knows how to resurrect him. There is war everywhere. Welcome to Shardhammer 40k.
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    Just found out that the girl that I like actually likes me back, and more importantly, likes Brandons Books!
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    I also don't care for the Spook/Beldre relationship for the same reason I hated Padme/Anakin: I don't think whining is attractive. I hazard to guess that most other women are not into whining. Listening to a guy whine about himself makes me want to slap him, not kiss him. While I enjoy Wayne as a character, I don't really like being in his viewpoint, sounds like I'm not alone there! I think the way he treats Steris and women in general is intentional. So often sexist behavior is only something villains do in books and they are super creepy at it. This kind of casual objectification is more representative of what most women experience so it is more realistic. And guys who do this aren't monsters, sexism isn't perpetuated by monsters, it is perpetuated by ordinary people who don't see it as a big deal. I figure if characters don't annoy me sometimes then they aren't very realistic because humans annoy me. I just thought of a beef from Oathbringer, but it's spoilerific:
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    I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Goat I write these words in goat, for anything not set in goat cannot be trusted
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    How Do I Submit? Please ensure that your submission adheres to these guidelines. They may seem stringent, but they're designed to make things as easy as possible for everyone in the group. Formatting Submissions: Please don't simply post your work on the forums, as absolutely anyone can view content posted here. Instead, send your submissions as an email attachment in .doc, .rtf or .pdf format. Do not send .docx or .odt files; not everyone can read those! In terms of formatting the manuscript itself, please make sure that your manuscripts are double-spaced and in a legible font and font size. Courier and Times New Roman, at 10- and 12-point font respectively, are manuscript standard. Sans serif fonts are best for accessibilty. Length Guidelines: We have come to a very democratic, very arbitrary decision that around 5000 words is a reasonable maximum per submission. This is a ballpark--if you want to submit a complete story or chapter that runs a bit above this, go for it. If it's egregiously over the word limit, split the submission or consult the group before submitting. Use your discretion--and remember that if you submit more material than we can handle, we're less likely to read and critique it all. Content Tags: We're not interested in censoring content. However, our group is comprised of people from a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds, and we're not interested in making anyone uncomfortable, either. It's your responsibility to be aware of the kind of content you're submitting, and, when applicable, tag it using the following labels: L (language), V (violence), G (gore), S (sexual or suggestive content), SA (sexual assault), and D (drug or substance abuse). You know your content better than we do. If there's something in your submission which you feel isn't adequately covered under these labels, or you'd like to emphasize the nature of the submission's content more than the label allows, please include a warning in the body of your email. The goal is not to provide a plot summary, but to give other readers enough information to decide whether they're willing and able to effectively critique the content you're submitting. Finally, be aware that such submissions will sometimes evoke some strong responses. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, even if the feedback you're receiving is negative (although we always expect everyone to be civil), but it's something you should be prepared for. Receive critiques of this kind of content the same way you would for anything else: be polite, don't get defensive, and listen. If people do react strongly to something you wrote, that's very valuable information. Naming Conventions: We have specific naming conventions for submission emails, attachments, and forum threads. This allows people to filter their emails in a way that they find convenient, makes it easier to keep track of who is submitting what, and saves everyone from downloading and renaming half a dozen files named "Chapter One" every week. Please format the email subject line like this: "Reading Excuses - [date] - [username] - [title] (Content tags)", where "username" is your 17th Shard username. Just glance at any of the existing submission threads for an example. Follow the same format for forum topic and file name, but omit the "Reading Excuses" part, which is just there for email filtering purposes. Please make sure you have your username on the file attachment! It is extremely hard to tell who's submission is whose when people download a bunch of submissions, and they are titled vaguely. The username really makes a difference. How to Submit: After getting through that wall of text, you're probably relieved to know that submission itself is a simple process: 1. Once you're sure that your submission complies with the guidelines above, send your submission to: all[at]readingexcuses[dot]com 2. If you are submitting something other than the beginning of a story (the later half of short story or novelette, or Chapter 2 or later of a novel) please include a 1-2 sentence summary of the previous material in the body of the email. This will make it easier for people who haven't read the previous material to critique your most recent submissions. 3. Post a topic on here on the Reading Excuses forum so that people can comment on your work. When to Submit: Our submission date is every Monday. Please note that you may not have the opportunity to submit every week. We allow five people to submit per week. This seems to about the maximum amount we can handle while ensuring that everybody gets feedback. To submit, post to the Email List and Submission Dates thread prior to your target submission date and let me know you're interested. I post a list of confirmed submitters every week by Sunday. New members and members who haven't recently submitted get priority. I will also give priority to people writing to a submission deadline, within reason. Submitting FAQs: What happens if I ask to submit but don't get a slot? This happens rarely, but it does happen. If I have to ask you NOT to submit for a week, I'll let you know at the same time as I post the list of confirmed submitters. I'll then place you on the list tentatively for the following week (although please do post a request again the next week so I have a reminder/confirmation) but if the next week is also quite busy I may still ask you not to submit. I do attempt to ensure that everyone gets a slot within two weeks of their original request, even during busier times, and so far I haven't had a problem making this happen. If you feel badly because you've "bumped" someone out of a slot for this week, don't! This is how the group is supposed to function, to make sure everyone gets a chance to have their work read, and everyone in this group is wonderfully gracious about deferring their submissions when required. Can I request a slot more than one week in advance? Yes, but it's best if you repost your request during the appropriate week, to confirm that you are still interested in submitting and to make sure your request doesn't accidentally get overlooked. Please refrain from requesting a submission date more than 2 weeks in advance as such a request is almost guaranteed to get lost in the shuffle. Can I submit right away?/Do I have to submit right away? Yes! And no! It has been a long-standing rule that new members who want to submit at the next available submission date get priority. Sometimes, depending on when you join, there will still be room on the list. Other times, a moderator may request that one of the people currently slated to submit defers their submission until the following week. This is how the group is supposed to work. Don't feel badly if this happens; you're not putting anyone out. By the same token, if you've joined the group but don't yet have a piece that you feel is ready to submit, or if you'd prefer to just read/critique for a while and get a feel for how the group works before submitting, that's totally fine too. Either way, as long as you're following the guidelines described here you're fine.
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    My favorite scenes, in order, at least at the moment (order may change, somewhat, depending on my mood at the time): 1) Bridge Four rescuing Dalinar and company from Sadeas' betrayal. 2) Kaladin and Adolin's duel against four Shardbearers. (It also has the best line in the series: Kaladin's "Honor is dead. But I'll see what I can do." 3) Jasnah interviewing Shallan to be her ward. 4) Kaladin strung up in the Highstorm; or more accurately, the immediate aftermath. But I also love the description of Syl doing what she can to part the winds. 5) Syl bringing Kaladin a leaf. 6) Kaladin swearing his second Ideal. 7) Dalinar coming to grips with the fact that there's no way he could beat Szeth, either now or in the past. It's maybe worth noting that five of the seven scenes involve Kaladin -- is he my favorite character because he gets so many great scenes, or do I think his scenes are better because he's my favorite character? (Do windspren cause the wind, or are they attracted to it?). I'm sure other people get good scenes, too...but I'd probably have to reread the books to remember them. These ones come pretty much immediately to mind.
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    This is something I've been thinking about ever since we learnt that Silverlight is named Silverlight, and that Ambition's corpse is somewhere far away from the site of its battle with Odium. I have a few reasons for thinking this, so I will list them in point form: Ambition - universities are places you go to learn and gain skills, something reflecting ambition - and Silverlight has several universities, and it is hinted that it is a melting pot of cultures and technologies Silver - we don't know the significance of silver, but the only other place silver - and just silver, not other metals - is important is Threnody, where silver is very important to the magic, and where part of Ambition remains Cognitive realm - it is strange to build a city in the cognitive realm, but if something was special about the region, such as its size or ability to connect to the physical realm ... a mass of investiture in the cognitive realm likely makes that area significant The only objection I have would be that she doesn't mention it in Arcanum, but that can be explained. A few possibilities are that either she doesn't know or she doesn't want to share. Khriss doesn't say "and Ambition died and we built Silverlight on top of the corpse", which would be something to mention if talking about a place relevant to the subject being discussed. But if she doesn't know where Ambition died, only that it is dead, and its corpse was sufficiently ambiguous, it would well be that she doesn't know Silverlight is built in it - all she knows is that Ambition died somewhere, and Silverlight - if she founded Silverlight or if someone else did - is built on some strange area where the cognitive realm is expanded for unknown reasons, that could explain it. This could also work if Silverlight is built only partially on the corpse, if it was split into pieces and she knows where some pieces are but doesn't know that Silverlight is built on one. Or she does know, and others know, and she just didn't mention it. Or, less likely, she does know but is keeping the information hidden as it would be dangerous to let others know. What do you think? Would you be surprised if Ambition's corpse is at Silverlight? One final note - if Silverlight is the corpse then it might have a perpendicularity, and so it might be in the space stories that it serves as a space station for ships to visit.
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    Hi, I'm new. Writing a fantasy that among other things, involves a roguish wolf being handed the guardianship of the magical forests after he proves himself worthy despite his baser nature. I'm wondering when more wolves will be given the title of hero separate from the humans they hang around.
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    Me: *looks at paperwork* Me: *looks at 17th Shard* Me: *goes to 17th Shard* Car Salesman: *slaps my head* Me: Ow... Car Salesman: This bad girl can fit so much procrastination in her.
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    What about splitting those 4 hours into two movies though? (also, was this regarding Stormlight Archive or Mistborn?) Please no. Animated (realistically) is fine, but please no anime style.
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    "How did Steelheart die?" Mitosis asked. "He died at the hands of a goat."
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    I looked out the window. "Mitosis' weakness was his own goat."
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    Heh. Nope, I'm a girl. (Though even if I were a guy, I'd probably still dress in 1950s-style dresses, because storms that decade had some flattering looks.) I've read through some of it, and some of the planning and may have toyed with the idea of non-Epic Jade and her sister Courtney making their way from Vancouver to Edmonton. I haven't had as much time to RP as I used to, though. I recently got a job that's a lot more challenging and engaging than what I'd been doing, which is good for my mental health but not so good for my writing time. Thank you. I am, thanks. Like I said, I got a job that I like a LOT better than the one I had. And accepting it meant moving back to Wyoming, which is a state I've really missed and I've been happy to be here. Life's definitely looking up, that's for sure.
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    Laksam hated the ashmounts. Every day, no matter the results of the inane discussions the villagers insisted on having , piles of ash fell on the fields of Tathingdwen that he’d just finished cleaning. With Era dead, he had to clean out her garden in addition to all his other duties. He didn’t have time for all this nonsense with the villagers and the Spiked murdering each other when they wouldn’t last the year without fresh crops. Laksam had tried to recruit others to help him in his quest to clear the fields of ash, but they had all refused. “We’re busy,” they had said, or perhaps, “Don’t you know the village has more important things to do?” Fools, every last one of them. What difference did it make if they found and eliminated all the Spiked? At this rate, the village would kill itself off. Laksam participated in the village’s peculiar brand of justice to keep up appearances, no use trying to save the village if he was going to get murdered for it, but in his brief moments of spare time, Laksam began writing letters. Lots and lots of letters, one for each person in the outside world he knew. If the inhabitants of Tathingdwen wouldn’t listen to reason, perhaps the expatriate Terris would. Just in case, Laksam prepared one final letter, more of a poster really. Asking nicely hadn’t worked, explaining the severity of the ash problem had been laughed off, so Laksam decided to try demanding obedience. “Citizens of Tathingdwen:” the poster announced in large letters. “Ising the needing of working of you. Ising of the cleansing of ash. Needing the arriving of you the time of appointing. Ising the giving of brooms.” In smaller letters, Laksam wrote out the name of each surviving resident, along with the times he expected them to show up. Each shift required two people, to limit the effects of attrition on the continuous effort. Satisfied, Laksam left his house, poster in hand, letters in the pockets of his robe. The mist was thick that night. Laksam enjoyed misty nights; he could almost ignore the omnipresent ash at times like these. Years of nights spent outside, just him, the mists, and the ash, had given Laksam an impeccable sense for the village in darkness. He wasted no time walking up to the Synod lodge and nailing his poster to the wall using a mallet he’d borrowed from Era upon her death. This task done, he turned and gazed out to the periphery of the village. The night was still young, and his steelminds were full of speed. He could, potentially, rush out to deliver his letters and return before the villagers realized he was gone. Sweeping ash all day left little time to store speed, but he’d been saving up for years, ever since that day long ago when Izzy had needed an emergency supply of animal crackers to placate her gods. Now, she was gone too. Laksam shook his head wearily. The Spiked were taking everything from him. He would not let them prevent him from fighting his eternal war against the ash. Glancing at his Steelminds, Laksam made his decision. The ash could wait for a few more hours. Laksam tapped speed and took off into the night, letters in tow. As he ran, Laksam remembered how much he enjoyed Steelrunning, especially at night. The cool breeze of the wind blowing across his face. The enveloping presence of the mists, covering up the ugliness of the world without unduly limiting his vision. The blinding agony as he suddenly tripped and smashed his face against the hard ground. Wait, no, that wasn’t right. Laksam struggled to get up and continue his journey, but the intense pain in his head forced him to his knees again. He sat there for a minute, struggling to collect his thoughts, hoping the pain would go away, that it wasn’t permanent. He stood up dizzily just in time to hear a voice behind him say, “Well, looks like we have a runner. Where are you going so late at night, when all the decent folks have gone to sleep?” Laksam turned around groggily, almost falling over in the process. His vision blurred, leaving him unable to identify the newcomer. The swirling mist didn’t help matters. Laksam tried to respond, resorting to the street slang of his youth. “Ising the being of you of decent?” he forced out. “Hmm? I didn’t catch that,” the figure said conversationally pulling something long and sharp out from under his robes. Ah well. We’ll see how long it takes the villagers to find your body.” At this, Laksam, already nervous, began to panic. He tapped speed, attempting to turn and run, but the Spiked was prepared for this. The razor-sharp projectile, hurled at extreme velocities, pierced Laksam from behind even as he began to run. The ash sweeper’s body made it a few more paces before realizing it was dead, finally collapsing a mere ten meters from the shin high steel tripwire that had caused Laksam’s downfall. The Spiked nodded in approval. All that time spend surrounding the village with a ring of steel had paid off. The Spiked walked up to Laksam’s corpse to retrieve the obsidian javelin, pausing at the sound of paper crinkling. Upon finding the first of the letters, the figure’s grin widened. The frantic entreaties for aid would serve as excellent kindling for their writer’s funeral pyre. Ethin Hallil’s drink had been poisoned. It would have been a great travesty, if he hadn’t accidentally nudged it with his elbow as he animatedly retold the death of HanTor, and poured the wine all over his brand new SCUBA gear. The dry cleaning bill was a lot cheaper than a notary and an interment, though, so he gladly paid it once the laundry lady asked why his gear smelled like strychnine. Olaf rose from his seat in the Synod, thoroughly exhausted and befuddled. After its members had called for a clandestine meeting in the night, Olaf had an apprehension that something major was about to take place in the Synod. The meeting had certainly not disappointed. The remaining Synod members had tired of Marne’s calls for moderation. A decisive viote had ousted him from his position as chair of the Synod, reducing him back to an ordinary member. Olaf recalled the thunderstruck look on his new friend’s face as the hands had gone up, one by one, and Marne had been removed from his long-standing position. Olaf himself had been shocked, his faith in the legislative body and his belief in the goodness of the Synod’s errand both in tatters. Removing Marne had not been in their best interests. The man was a competent, capable leader, and his peaceful and nonviolent stances were, in Olaf’s eyes, a mark of the man’s strength. Though he did not take an authoritative stance, and was never the most decisive, Olaf appreciated the compassion within the man, a trait he had always struggled to acquire. In addition, without a leader to guide them, the Synod was aimless and had no clear direction. Despite claims from the Synod that a new leader would be appointed, Olaf knew that a leader of Marne’s caliber did not exist elsewhere in the Synod, and without one, the Synod would drift purposelessly. However, the Terris had been in agreement about one crucial element; Tarin needed to be killed. The orphan had been accused of association with the deceased agents of the Lord Ruler, and enough of the Terris had decided that she warranted removal by Olaf’s assassin. Marne, again shocked, had merely voted present. Olaf voted against the resolution. While he was sympathetic of Marne’s situation, and felt terrible for his friend’s plight, he knew that his assassin should not be used when the Synod was leaderless, and unable to guide themselves to wise decisions. Nevertheless, Olaf had been outvoted again, with the cripple Leidene siding with the younger, ascendant faction that had deposed Marne. So it was that Olaf found himself outside with a purse full of money that was not his, knocking on the door of his Coinshot. He had carefully removed all metal on him, and had filled the purse with paper notes, to minimise the risk of an accidental or careless Steelpush incapacitating or killing him. Trepidatious, Olaf stood on the porch, waiting for his man to emerge. The wind swirled around him, chilling him and shaking the bushes from side to side. Olaf watched the movement of the branches, thinking of warm fires, and therefore did not notice when the front door swung silently outward on oiled hinges, and a cloaked figure in black garb alighted on the steps. Recognising the eye tattooed on Olaf’s ankle, the man did not bother inquiring as to Olaf’s identity, instead moving to take his purse. Raising an eyebrow at the paper currency, the assassin rummaged through the purse, lips mouthing numbers as he counted the sum. When he was done, he whistled softly, appreciative. The Coinshot turned to Olaf with a broad smile on his face. “️️Who?” he asked simply. Olaf answered hesitantly. “Tarin,” he said. “Orphan girl who just moved into Tathingdwen. A...group I’m in thinks she might be a snoop for the Lord Ruler, and we’d rather get her out of the way before we proceed any further.” The half-lie would hopefully placate the man. Olaf would be laughed away if he explained what Hadrian and Marne had done to him in front of his old associates, and so he had learned to keep up pretenses. More importantly, however, he could not compromise the Synod, even if he disagreed with its current direction. Men like this assassin, while they ostensibly served him, would do anything to turn a profit, Olaf knew—he had been among their ranks for the better part of his adulthood. If it meant a few more bills in his pocket, the Coinshot would not hesitate to sell out the Synod to those willing to pay for such information. So Olaf kept a tight lip as the man nodded, a self-satisfied smirk upon his face, and jumped off into the mists after his target. Olaf watched him go, standing on the small veranda in the ash-coated yard. His associate would not fail, though a nagging doubt gnawed at the insides of the conflicted man as he towered over the streets and small buildings, striding towards Marne’s old house, the initial hideout that Olaf had nearly razed. He felt that Tarin was not guilty, that the Synod had adjudicated incorrectly. And to form a different plan, to truly save the Terris, Olaf would need to enlist the aid of his first ally in the Synod, its former leader, if he was to not fail this group that had placed their reliance in him. For the second time that night, even as the unfortunate Tarin was riddled with holes from many coins, Olaf knocked on a door he had not planned to be at, hoping that behind this one lay the answers he sought. Rathmaskal was slaughtered by the Spiked! He was a Village Steel Ferring (Steelrunner)! All credit to Devotary for his death, please go give her upvotes. Cadmium Compounder was attacked, but was protected! Worldhopper from Yolen was assassinated by the Synod! She was a Village Zinc Ferring (Sparker)! Marne was deposed as the leader of the Synod! He was a Moderate Pacifist! Ascendancy over the Synod is now open! As a flavor vote, today you may each cast a vote in purple to elect a new Synod leader, in addition to your regular lynch vote. The person with the most votes gets to lead the Synod. Day 4 has begun! It will end in 48 hours, on Wednesday the 22nd of August at 9 PM EDT. Player List: 1. Rathmaskal as Laksam, an ash sweeper from the Eastern streets Village Steel Ferring 2. Xinoehp512 as Ereheman Tresni, a man with his priorities backwards 3. Steeldancer as Steel, the fastest sculpture of a squid wrought entirely in steel in all of Tathingdwen 4. Randuir as Zihel, a worldhopper looking for his twin brother 5. I think I am here as Itiah VI, a missionary on a mission Village Steel Ferring 6. Bort as Tee Mai, a tailor specialising in offensive clothing 7. Cadmium Compounder as Ethin Hallil, a cadmium Feruchemist and SCUBA diver 8. _Stick_ as Stick, President of the Tathingdwen Tautological Society of Tautology 9. Jondesu as Remart, a man back from vacation armed with vaguely ominous statements 10. Kidpen as HanTor, a lonely Kandra that’s definitely not Spiked, nope Spiked Zinc Ferring 11. Elandera as Era, an old woman who claims to have been alive before the reign of the Lord Ruler Village Pewter Ferring 12. Snipexe as Snip, a fabric cutter in the local quilt shop Village Iron Ferring 13. Worldhopper from Yolen as Tarin, a Sparker with a wonderful, awful idea Village Zinc Ferring 14. Alvron as Izzy Dedyet, who is not dead, feels happy, and thinks she'll go for a walk Village Full Feruchemist 15. Phatterner as Citona Vinid, a seemingly faithful follower of the Lord Ruler 16. Ark1002 as Kardik, a Full Feruchemist 17. Araris Valerian as Valwyn, an honest rug merchant Spiked Pewter Ferring; Rug Merchant 18. Coop772 as Irion, a Full Feruchemist with hidden potential Village Copper Ferring 19. Sart, a stuttering Nameless
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    Um The purpose of a goat is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon. Goats? Goats are like...thunderstorms. They're beautiful to look at, and sometimes they're nice to listen to-but most of the time they're just plain inconvenient. I kind of lost track of time… For two hours? There were goats involved. What is it we value? Innovation. Originality. Novelty. But most importantly...goats. I fear you may be too late, my confused, unfortunate, friend. We follow the goats not because they bring gain, but because we loathe the people we would otherwise become. In the end, I worry that my goats shall destroy us all. I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Goats Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating goats. All stories told have been told before. We tell them to ourselves, as did all men who ever were. And all men who ever will be. The only things new are the goats. Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, sat atop the highest goat in the world and contemplated the End of All Things For glory lit, and life alive, for goals unreached and aims to strive. All men must try, the goat did see. It is the test, it is the dream. Expectation. That is the true soul of art. If you can give a goat more than he expects, then he will laud you his entire life. If you can create an air of anticipation and feed it properly, you will succeed.
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    So I don't know how many of these have already been done (I haven't read through all of the thread) but "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a goat." "Life is what happens when you're busy making other goats." "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss goats." "A goat by any other name would smell as sweet." "Here's lookin' at you, kid."
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    You know, it occured to me that more and more sites are asking users to accept cookies, but this one probably does it the best
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    when your little cousin, who is only four years old asks you to tell a story, and you immediately want to tell her the story "The Girl Who Looked Up." when you are using cosmere swears and end up creating a sentence that starts "Who in the name of You do you think you are..." and realize you just swore three times in six words...
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    She’s a spren. Do you need anymore evidence?! Theory: Adolin is actually another one of Shallan’s personalities.
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    "The longer you live, the more you fail. Failure is the mark of alife well lived. In turn, the only way to live without failure is to be of no use to anyone." -Wit, Oathbringer
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    Quantum deals with taking principals of quantum mechanics on the observable level. Basically they are able to do funky stuff with entanglement, the whole virtual particles thing, smashing atoms together for fusion and fission (they get the whole nuclear power thing to themselves). They can control nuclear radiation and protect themselves from it. They can also precision work with atoms and smaller, become small/big, like antman. Entropy deals specifically with chaos and order. Mages can create "chaos fields" where the entropy increases exponentially and makes things crazy, and "order fields" where a state of near perfect order can be achieved. By manipulating them, they can effect luck, chance, and General randomness to a precise degree. they can also put "chaos spells" on a particular trait on an object, so that say a table will randomly appear throughout history, with a chaos spell on its place in time. Space time is the manipulation of the space time continuum. Time travel has particular rules with magic, but it can be done. Basically certain spots can only be observed, while others can be (to one degree or another) interfered with. This is due to the sentience of the universe; it wont let them kill hitler or things like that. They can also transport anywhere, speed up time, slow time, wormholes, and create closed off "bubbles" that basically seal themselves off from the rest of the universe. They do have a slight control over gravity. They also are the primary alternate dimension-hoppers, which is fun, because the alternate realities include other causality universes (different pasts), and they also include creative universes. Essentially, a series creates its own universe, which becomes more stable as it is thought out and thought about. Basically the cosmere would be an alternate reality you could hop into, or Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, although I have yet to figure out how the whole time thing works... Water is the control of all water and liquids. This includes power over steam, water, ice, and water plasma. The destructive potential of water can be accessed through amulets, that tie to things like rivers or tsunamis. The reflective properties of ice can be manipulated, and the absorbent properties of water can be manipulated. All moisture is subject to manipulation by a water mage. They can use displacement teleportation with bodies of water. Fire is the control of plasmas and heat. All forms of plasmas and fire are under the control of a fire mage, including the magical fire (fire created by magic rather than chemical bonds). Thermal energy is under the absolute control of a fire mage, to the manipulation of all temperatures. A fire mage can telepathically control any source of fire or plasma, including the plasma content of a star. They are also immune to the effects of heat. They can use displacement teleportation with plasma sources. Earth is the power over all metals, rocks, and solids. It is also the control over most inorganic chemistry. All terrain can be manipulated, as well as any tectonic effects, including volcanos and earthquakes. Metal and rock can be telepathically controlled. Earth can control all terran planets. Sand is also under their control. Earth can use displacement teleportation; however it is somewhat dangerous. Air is the control of all gases. This includes atmospheric pressure, telepathic control over target gases, wind, storms, and sound. Air mages tend to be musically talented, with the power to vibrate air at frequencies to cause specific objects to shatter. Air mages can easily use displacement teleportation to travel anywhere that has an atmosphere or enough gases. Air mages can fly on wind, and use the wind for any sort of destructive spell. The Power over the electromagnetic force is exactly that. It includes power over light, electricty, and magnetism. With skill also comes power over electrically powered objects. Mages can manipulate light on any frequency, and also choose to view light on any frequency. These mages can also manipulate electricity and lightning. They can also manipulate magnets and magnetic fields. Any light is subject to control, or electromagnetic fields. Kinetics is the power over all moving things. To a kinetic mage, all things are moving; the earth around the Sun, and the sun around the galaxy. As such, all objects have a certain amount of kinetic energy that can be manipulated and redirected into different objects. Total momentum of the universe must be conserved, but this gives plenty of room for manipulation of motion. Life is the manipulation of most living things through the aura. All organic materials, from proteins to animals, are under the control of a life mage. The only thing a life mage cannot directly control is an intelligent being, however they can indirectly manipulate them to the effect of creating particular proteins in them or healing them. Viruses are also classified as living things, as they are made of organics. Life mages can create specialized viruses and bacteria to accomplish various tasks. They can also directly draw on auric energy to perform more conventional magic. Gravity mages control gravity. They can maipulate it to any degree, from flying to even creating weaponized black holes. Gravity mages can fly, and can also warp space time by shifting the forces of gravity. They can create gravity lensing, gravity currents, and they can warp time through their use of gravity. They do not directly control the effects gravity has, rather they have control over the gravity itself. This is the distinction between them and space time mages. Sorcery is the manipulation of magic, as defined as energy that can be "coded". Rather than working with that magic through a medium as all other mages do, they work directly with the energy itself, commanding it to do any number of things. They can use some things that other mages can do by commanding the magic to manipulate a particular medium. But they cannot manipulate those mediums to any degree of skill comparitavely with a mage of those mediums. Sorcerers make true spells, and as such can create the most impressive objects of any order, being able to create complex commands for the magic, and trap that command with an object. Some mages also study within the realm of potions. They learn various magically derived ingredients and learn to combine them to varied and often dramatic effect. They can also command ley lines, the web of streams of raw magic that spreads throughout the universe. @King Cole
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    1. Stick 2. Shallan 3. Jasnah Kaladin featured in there after WoK, but WoR forced a re-ordering of the world. I mean, Stick was just awesome. Can't wait for Jasnah and Stick to have a confrontation in future books. (On a for serious note, though, it'd be Shallan, Jasnah, Lift. I'd like Hoid to be up there, but I have grave concerns about him currently; Kaladin annoyed me far too much after WoR to put above characters that I loved in both, and I'm not yet done being mad with him about killing Syl; and Adolin is seriously growing on me. Dalinar is far too stuffy and ignorant of how people actually work, but he is also slowly turning into a character that I see me loving in the not-too-distant future. Also, Syl and Pattern are both great, and should be on the list. And man, I also forgot Lopen and Rock. This is really a "Who are your five, I mean six, no wait, eight. Yes, who are your eight favorite characters in The Stormlight Archive? question.)
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    Imagine all the hijinks you can imagine. Now imagine eight more.
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    So I have been thinking about this for a while and I want to know what people think. Warning, I will be diving in to the Christian Faith a bit and I do not mean to cause any hard feelings. I also want to know what other people have to say because I think that Sanderson does a really good job on his religions and I want to see the parallels to Earth religions. I have been comparing some of the stuff the New Testament says and the Oaths of the Knights Radiant. They do seem to have some correlation, specifically the Bondsmiths. Here we go: First Ideal: Life before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination. Correlation: see the Immortal Words page on the Coppermind Wiki but I will break it down. Life before Death: in my family, we are taught that dying for Christ is easy, but living for Christ is hard, I think that this is reflected in the explanation of this part of the Oath. Dying/killing should never be the first option. Strength before Weakness: Servant Leadership, we see this in Kaladin in the first book and is a theme through out the NT. Journey before Destination: Your faith should effect how you live your life, the walk is just as important as the end goal. Bondsmiths: I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man: That really resonates with the idea in the Christian faith that we should keep growing and expanding our faith and that there will be set backs. If we ignore our set backs and sin, they will keep us from The LORD and growth in our faith. Only by acknowledging what we have done can we really change for the better. Now I know this will be controversial, but I do not mean it to be so. I want to know if other people have seen similar correlations between their faiths and philosophies when reading Sanderson's works. Thanks.
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    I'm about two weeks late on this, but as the proverb goes... Heya. Some of you will recognize me from the Alleyverse, and I've poked around in the Discord a few times. I figured I should make one of these; it was either that or wait until 1000 posts. And although that would have been a great joke, I'm not sure I have enough patience. I've read all of the Cosmere and most of the non-Cosmere texts. I've already been absorbed into the black hole of RPing; there's no hope for me now. Looking forward to a Sanderson Elimination game when one opens up. See ya round! (Also, I'd love a cookie!)
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    It might sink under car salesman memes, but... When you're listening to Kaladin Album: (Tbh that meme could be made with all of Album's songs. They're all great. )
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