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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
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    From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill alone...it created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As I promised this is the other version of the image. This actually was the main idea, but in the end I like both images, so I decide to upload them both. Of course the Shardplate`s design took me more time to finish. And the Shardblade`s materialization effect was a pain in a dark place of mine but here it is. Eshonai armored!
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    From the album Parshendi

    one of my takes on drawing Venli! She was actually quite fun to draw, I definitely plan on taking a crack at drawing her again and other Parshendi as well!
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    When I first read the description for this area, I immediately imagined they're some kind of alpine version of the deep sea hydrothermal vents - aka the white or black chimneys. I love those bizarre deep sea things, and have been trying to envision how would those hydrothermal vents look like when combined with the Alps. It's really tricky, and the vertical aspect of those vents makes it really hard to see where the Horneaters would put any sort of city or crops fields on. As I keep researching, I eventually came across alpine hot lakes in the Andes mountains, and decided to change direction and go with something like an extinct conical volcano chain that has turned into lakes. The imagery would be more familiar, and the slopes would mean imaginable cities and civilization such as the Machu Picchu. I decided to try and do the phototexture workflow in pursuit of that Skyrim look. It's not there yet, but can't expect mastery after 1 week! [edit] There is a bigger version with no text overlay here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y9oLn
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hey guys, it`s Easter almost and although I`m not too religious, this seems like a good time for and addition to my gallery. I`m working on this image for quite some time, but it`s finally done or better yet, I`m done It will probably have an addition later on, as I usually do, but for now, here`s my Jasnah! Favourite character by the way, regarding her mentality and general life views.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Detailed view of the faces
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
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    This was too much fun to draw. Part of a drawing challenge on my Tumblr. Hopefully more to come soon! "Storming woman."

    © Art belongs to Natalie Rodgers. All characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. This is merely my interpretation and is therefore unofficial.

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    Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Prompt is what Nazh wrote about during his mission in Words of Radiance: (Poor Nazh. Let's just give him a new coat XD)
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    From the album Windrunner

    Started rereading The Stormlight Archive again recently and took the time to draw Kaladin (falling but with style!) Also on twitter!
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    Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's a scruffy and spiteful slave Kaladin, before Rock gave him a shave.

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

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    From the album Inquisitor Pumpkin

    I saw a cool picture on Pinterest the other day, I then proceeded to carve it into a pumpkin. I also took @MistbornAlpaca advice and gave him a mouth, I am still vehemently no eyes and eyebrows though. It was fun. The end.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    This is my version of Shallan's touch on the Midnight mother.
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    From the album General SA Art

    Law is light, and darkness does not serve it. Finally finished this! My favorite order other than the Lightweavers =) Highspren are just so cool! More KR lineup pieces to come!
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    A quick drawing of Shallan and Veil
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    From the album Spren

    Illustration of Wyndle cultivating the souls of objects into Grand crystals.
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    One of the many alien looking shell creatures on Roshar. It looks like a cooked lobster.
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    So what started out as a typo (talking about how long inquisitors love live) nearly a year ago has brought me to this. Just in time for the Holiday, enjoy these Mistborn Valentines Day Cards! See all of my Valentine's Day Cards here. See a PDF of printable, foldable versions of these cards here. It was a lot of fun making these, and I will probably do some more in the future. Maybe some Stormlight Archives Valentines? We'll see! If you have any ideas, please send me an email and let me know.

    © Bowen Jacobs

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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Early exploratory sketches of what thunderclasts might've looked like from descriptions.
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    It's... kinda blur. And probably invisible without really light screen. Haven't seen many Inkspren fanart, tried to portray how I imagined them. Well... tried. I'm gonna try again in the future.
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    She really loves that bread.
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    From the album Elantris Visual development

    Raoden in burial robes holding his basket of foods on first entry to Elantris
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    © Laura Baeza

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    I swear this was intended to be just a random portrait but several friends told me it reminds them of Shallan so I roll with itP.S I know she is supposed to have blue eyes
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    Image created for my sister, @Tharatariel10 's newest Cosmere video!
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    A little portrait of Kelsier, Ill probably redo it in a few months when my skills are better
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    This scene always was one of my favorite from Elantris. I've drawn it before (though my skills were not up to the challenge it provided at that time). It's always been a profound image that lingers in my mind.
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    From the album Spren

    My take on Glys who is is quite unusual for a spren . . .
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    I really liked the imagery of Shallan's illusions and the story, so I tried to capture it. Room for improvement, for sure, but I'm still learning, so I'm quite proud of it :)
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    From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    This is actually what I was thinking about making, Mraize with a tattoo ghostblood tear. I think it looks pretty good, and this will probably be the last ghostblood symbol bit of artwork that I glut up the gallery with...
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    From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    @Ark1002, don't know if you want this, but here's an Alleyverse patch. I think it looks pretty sweet. I am not affiliated with the alleyverse in any way, I just think the ghostblood symbol is really cool.
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    From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    This is the ghostblood symbol projected into pseudo 3-Dimensional space using the axonometric projections I am using for a series of Illustrations I have been spending way too much time on. This is for the amazing Rosharan concept Album "Dark Side of the Moons" by the Ghostblood house band, Pink Iyatl. The best track off this album is "One of my bad Mraize".
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    I asked my friend to color this for me so I could make myself a poster
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    From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    This is a tangram illustration using the ghostblood symbol, which is one of the coolest symbols ever.
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    From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    Using that Ghostblood sybmol, just messing around, came up with this abstract composition and gave it some psychedelic colors.
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    From the album Stormlight Characters

    Portrait of Queen Fen facing the Everstorm.
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    From the album Shadesmar

    My basic illustration of the Rosharan cognitive realm. Part of my series on the cognitive realm. I want to to them as "land/sea" scapes. Enjoy!
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    From the album Parshendi

    Some more Stormlight Archive art, but this time of Venli! It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn her so I needed to fix that!
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    There seems to be a surprising lack of Forgery Seal / Soul Stamp / Essence Mark fan-art in the Gallery, so let's fix that. Hurrah for abstract art! (AKA scribbles -- with style. ) Mine's a bit more messy than the original, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out, considering my less-than-comprehensive education in the visual arts. Plus, I had fun drawing it, which is its own reward. Here's the official one, for comparison:
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