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    A green “chicken” would improve it dramatically.
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    That’s my new lock screen, thank you...
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    Just spectacular! I love it!
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    I like it, its a little haunting and the language is so visual.
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    That is amazing. Thank you.
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    @Ark1002, don't really understand how the alleyverse works, but from my limited understanding, seems like you might need a troika symbol (where power is shared equally (until it's not) among three individiuals). Here's a fitting troika image (with a highlander reference):
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    Hahahaha, it was your signature picture of the ghostblood symbol that got me working on these. Let me know if you an alleyverse specific version of the ghostblood symbol that you would like, I might be able to make it happen.
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    Probably one of the better Kelsier portraits I've seen. Great linework and color choice. Red feels appropriate as a background. I also greatly appreciate the contrast of Kelsier's face by using more precise and detailed work on it, compared to broader strokes for the shirt, background, and neck.
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    I'd say your skills are pretty top notch already, this looks amazing!!!
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    Thanks brother. I'll take your honorary title if you listen to one of the best songs ever made, 9th and Hennepin by Tom Waits which has the lyric that inspired this bit o art.
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    Absolutely amazing! I declare you an honorary Ghostblood.
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    Do whatever you want with any of this artwork, total greenlight for whatever you want to do. If you put it on diapers dont give me an attribution though, that would be embarrasing...
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    I love it. You need to stop. Because I'm feeling jealous. Thanks for all this!
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    This is actually more like the eyes that I think Mraize has.
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    We actually use the normal one, but I'll think...
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    I've never seen anything so beautiful...
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    Join the Alleyverse. The Ghostblood symbol is there plenty...
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    Yeah, this is amazing! The only thing that surprised me was the way you imagined his hair.
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    Why? it's an artwork with a little background story, nothing else
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    One of the best pieces Kaladin artwork I've seen. Great linework on Kaladin, to more blurred clouds. High color contrast, and contrast between Kaladin and the background. It really makes Kaladin pop out and clearly delineates the foreground. At the same time, this piece also shows Kaladin doing something, capturing a piece of him more than a simple portrait might. Excellent.
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    Wow, yes, wow. If I had a phone, that would most definitely also be my lock screen. I love those gradients and the contrast with the colors. Also, the pink and blue fit together so perfectly; it's just simply amazing. The way you outlined Kaladin allows him to stick out but also blend in to his surroundings in the most beautiful of ways. The abstract-ish style you did the clouds with is just stunning.
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    What steel said.
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    Whooooah. That is so cool. Very good job there, wow! It's much better than whatever I had pictured her looking like. Now I can have a clear image of her.
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    As Wyndlerunner, I approve wholeheartedly
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    Okay, giant crystal chairs too.
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    That's pretty cool. I always imagined them as giant shoes made of crystal though...
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    Impressive stuff. I've been wanting to do some Cosmere drawings. Had Vin and Szeth in mind
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