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    Both hands up for that idea, too bad I can`t dedicate all my time for this, but I`ll try to update every now and than. That`s if I can decide what to do next There is so much to choose from! I`m accepting proposals
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    Alright everybody. I'm only going to say this once. This is totes adorbs.
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    Thanks! I've never seen a good front-on veiw, so I had to kinda BS my way through it. Much pencil, look other picture, very imagine, model Lego.
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    Let`s see if this will move
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    Wow top 3, Thank you! About DA, what artist would I be without deviant art and artstation right? Just type "dnavenom Petar Penev" in our favorite google and you`ll see all my social media accounts. Sadly I`m still not selling prints, never thought about this actually. I promise I`ll think harder about the prints. I didn`t know that someone would want that honestly. This means a lot for me, wishing to have my art on your wall is really something!
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    This is incredible! One of my favourite pieces of Sanderson artwork. I love everything about it, from the detail on the safehand, to the depiction of her sketchbook. I'm really wishing that we were able to upvote more than once right now, as this truly deserves it.
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    Why, you honor me, good sir Thank you!
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    Love these! Keep up the good work!
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    I would like prints, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot others did to. This is good work (not sure where I would rate it, haven't looked at art enough) P.S. stop animating it, it makes me feel even worse about my stick figures....
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    Great pictures! I agree with @bdoble97, many artists make Kaladin look like some noble lighteyes. Storming lighteyes! (Even though I am one myself) Wonderful job!
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    That was the whole Idea. This is just a version of the other image. Probably somewhere between the 4-5th second of summoning. I coudn`t find a very specific description of her armor, but the sword`s frozen flames seemed like a pretty good idea for the plate too. PS. I haven`t read Oathbringer yet if there is a better description, sorry!
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    I love that you're basically showing us Eshonai both in and out of armour. I really like this Shardplate design, it feels a lot more realistic than the Plate that you did for Dalinar, while also still looking really terrifying. And I particularly love how you've depicted the Shardblade mid-summon, it looks fantastic like that. You've somehow managed to give us two images in one and they're both wonderful.
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    My drawings are stick figures and I can barely draw boxes. Maybe you could find some flaws in your art but I'm an idiot and can't xD So worry not!
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    Many thanks, he passed a few stages of development until I found this form. The impossible angles were hard to interpret
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    It could be the Scadrian symbol for the alleyverse. Like how they have on for scadrial itself.
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    A bit of animation for Jasnah too.
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    I know a remedy for being burnt-out, and I've learned it through experience. You probably know it too. All you have to do is make something silly and ridiculous, and don't work ridiculously hard on it. After one does that, you can usually return to working easily, unless you are at part of whatever you're doing that you don't like writing or drawing. Then it's only a little less miserable.
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    This is too cute, like I can't even function because of the adorableness.
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    It looks nice. Does it describe the santhid color in words of radiance?
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    So when I saw it out of the corner of my eye I thought it was some sort of evil pineapple, but then I actually looked on it... MIND. BLOWN. The detail and intensity, it's just so, so... *points at computer screen as mouth tries to form the right words to describe this incredibleness*. Wow.
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    Love this! Jasnah was so fierce in this battle - scary in how she could manipulate matter with hardly a thought - and you captured it perfectly.
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    Thank you for sharing both this one and the other version of the same scene - each one adds something & they enrich each other.
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    Can I give this, like 100 up-votes? ... because it deserves it! Stunning work!!!!
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    That is freaking amazing. Props to you. All the upvotes.
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    Oh, don't worry. I've read OB three times now. I meant that I went back to that scene and flipped through a bit until I thought I found what I was looking for.
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    Thank you and you are right, I should try making art more suitable for mobile devices, but I always go for the landscape composition in the end. Maybe it's because I always choose some massive battle to illustrate and landscape really helps there. I actually started my Re-Shephir composition as a vertical image and you saw what happened in the end You have my promise, I'll try to make something more suited for phones next time!
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    I feel even more jealous of your artistic skill after seeing this animated.
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    This is some of the best Brandon Sanderson fan art I have ever seen. It conveys beautifuly the stormlight archive and the knights radiant. I especially liked how you conveyed shardplate, I have never seen it made like that before. It might not be the most accurate, but it is very good. You did a great job, and you should definitely make more art for 17th shard. P.S. I actually did set this as my phone wallpaper P.P.S. You should make some art specifically for phone wallpapers
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    Incredible! Really wish I could give more than one upvote! <3 <3 <3
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    It was definitely one of my favorite scenes in the whole entire book .
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    Dude. I will say though, she had let the illusion of her dress go, so she was wearing Veil's clothing during this scene. And her non-safehand was wearing a glove. Otherwise, this thing is freaking terrifying and glorious and amazing. Good job.
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    Thank you all! For anyone interested this is the process: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/011/661/937/original/petar-penev-dnavenom-reshephir-01.gif?1530728675
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    Woah. That just....wow. It’s really cool.
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    AGGRESSIVELY BALLER. This is such a high quality rendering and composition, i'm losing my mind
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    This looks stunning already! What a powerful, unsettling composition!
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    It's interesting to see a shardbearer doing awesome stuff in the background. Or at least, when the focus is on something else. Good work!
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    I like that you drew the left sleeve with enough room for a safepouch. One that would actually HOLD things!
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    This is so beautiful! I love all the watery swirls all around him, it looks so good ♥ i'm in love with this pic ahaha
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    Right in the feels. Like a hemalurgic spike through the heart. Nicely done. :')
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