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    Going to put this in a spoiler tag just to be safe, because we're in the General Brandon Discussion topic. Spook's entry for the Cosmere Character Roast Battle - Round One! (spoilers for Mistborn Era 1 and Stormlight Archive):
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    I get what you're saying, and you do have a point, but I think you're vastly overstating the similarity between Kaladin's and Moash's "betrayals". The whole crisis for Kaladin in the second book deals with the meaning of "protecting". Protecting, like attacking someone in aggression, is an ACTION: you deliberately put yourself in harm's way, between a threat and its intended target. Kaladin sympathized with Moash's bitterness towards Elhokar, and had it compounded by his own when he learned that another outcome of the "Roshone Affair" that led to the imprisonment and death of Moash's grandparents is what ruined Kaladin's life in Hearthstone as well, including conscripting Tien into Amaram's army. So he was swayed to believe there was a "third path": to attack, to protect, and to step back. So long as he was not present when Elhokar was attacked, he reasoned, he could not be blamed for not protecting him. Who would know he could have done so? The answer, of course, is that HE himself would know, and did know. That dissonance is what killed Syl. And he did intervene, despite having no Stormlight, to prepare to die in defense of Elhokar. Now, does he owe Dalinar or anyone other than Syl an apology, confession, explanation, etc.? That's an interesting question. Other members of Bridge Four were aware of Kaladin's (temporary) loss of Surgebinding. Eventually, if any other Radiant "backslides" on their Ideals and loses their Nahel bond, Dalinar may put two and two together about the way that "Stormblessed" got all busted up getting out of the chasm with Shallan yet didn't heal with Stormlight until days later, implying something similar had happened, and then recalling how Kaladin came back to save him from Szeth just after saving Elhokar from the attack. Or, I suspect Navani or Jasnah might want to collect and document the progression of Ideals from their current crop of Radiants, similar to some of what they found in the recordings at Urithiru, and put Kaladin on the spot as to how and when he gained his Shardblade. Given what happened later I'm sure Dalinar et al. would "forgive" Kaladin, but I bet the details of that will come out eventually. If it waits until Moash publicly outs him in a climactic moment, that could be very painful for Kaladin. But, I don't think it compares at all to Moash's betrayal, which is far more personal. Kaladin was guilty of moral cowardice, and realized and repented of it in time to prevent Elhokar's assassination. Both Kaladin and Moash had betrayed the duty of guarding the king, and Moash throws that in Kaladin's face ("and you're different?" -- "No, I'm not. But I'm trying to change that.") However, Kaladin had originally explicitly told Moash, as a direct order, to stop meeting with Graves and co. and to break off his plans with them. Which Moash disobeyed. That betrayal was pretty damning, until Kaladin found out that Roshone was at the center of both of their grudges, and was momentarily willing to let the plot go on... And he changed his mind. That, I think, is Kaladin's right. I think holding onto vengeance, repaying for the death of his grandparents, over the friendship and loyalty he owes a living man who he owes his own life in Kaladin - even going so far as to move to kill him - is far, far worse than Kaladin's dereliction of duty. Valuing vengeance over the life of his friend, his "captain, forever", who'd saved his life in the bridge crews, trained him, and made him a Shardbearer with a gift of Shards that Moash hadn't earned in any way, other than friendship and loyalty? And to kill him with those selfsame Shards? It's the exact reversal of "Life before Death", isn't it? Not "dope" at all. And it's not like Kaladin was telling Moash to "let go of your anger" or some Jedi thing. He said he'd discovered the true culprit wasn't Elhokar but Roshone, and that they could both seek justice against him. Moash didn't listen.
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    When you’re trying to get someone to read Mistborn... Them: I’m hungry. Me: Ising the wanting of eats? Them: What? Me: Read Mistborn and you’ll learn what that means. ~~~ Them: Hey Ashspren, you should try this pasta dish. It’s really good. Me: You know what else is really good? Them: Don’t. You. Dare— Me: Mistborn. ~~~ Them: I’m bored. Me: You know what you should do? Them: (sigh) Read Mistborn? Me: Read Mistborn. ~~~ Me: I’m sick. Them: Oh no, anything I can do for you? Me: Go get me Mistborn. It’s sitting on the desk across the room. Them: (gets book) (hands it to me) Me: (hands book back to them) Them: What?... Me: Read Mistborn and I'll feel better. ~~~ Them: What are you looking at on your phone? Me: Memes. Them: Ooooh let me see. Me: Nope! Spoilers. They're Mistborn memes. Them: (gasp) Mistborn has memes? Me: Yes. Read Mistborn. ~~~ Me: Awww, look! He pulled out a book while dancing! ______ would totally do something like that, right? Them: Totally! You guys are like my OTP, so I really need to read that book. What's it called? Me: (grins evilly) Them: (crestfallen) It can't be... Me: Mistborn? Them: ...yeah. Me: Indeed it is! Read Mistborn. ~~~ Me: Read Mistborn. Them: I will eventually. Me: (counts to 5 in head) It's been eventually. Read Mistborn. ~~~ Yeah, I'm not a very patient person...
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    CAR SALESMAN: Let me tell you, this is one quality... *slaps Adonalsium* *Adonalsium shatters* CS: Ummm.... We're having a sixteen for the price of one sale.
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    This weekend at WorldCon, someone asked Brandon about the historicity of The Girl Who Looked Up: I noticed three key differences in the versions: Shallan's message is that we're monsters; Hoid's mesage is that failures make us greater Hoid's version says there was no light before, only starlight Shallan says Stormlight; Hoid says God's Light Shallan says the wall was destroyed; Hoid says the storms "boiled over" the wall Recognizing the difference in morals is essential in approaching the basis of the legend. The story isn't about either; it can, however, be made to be about one or the other. But if we're going to examine the story as a retelling of events, even a mythological retelling, it doesn't have to be a word of warning or an admonition of strength. Looking at the similarities (the presence of storms, the existence of a wall, going from Lightless to Light), we can guess that there is some historical basis for the story, regardless of how it's used. And with the revelations at the end of OB for Humans as Voidbringers, I think it's pretty clear that the story is connected in some way to that context. So, let's contrast Hoid's story with Shallan's to try to figure out some details; I'm going to assume the differences highlight what Hoid says, and that he'll have the more faithful account. The Differences The "land of shadows" is explicitly called out by the text as something Shallan didn't know about, but that made the whole story make more sense. Like how people didn't know there was a wall; it was because they actually couldn't see it. Hoid mentions people seeing by starlight, which I think will throw the Domed Shinovar theory into the garbage before I can even articulate it. This darkness must be metaphorical; the Wall isn't physically the mountains that protect Ashyn, it just happens to be a parallel. In the context of the story, I don't think they had the sun on the other side of the wall, either; their lives were illuminated by God's Light normally, and the experience of the people inside the wall changed to match that. There's no event in the story that grants people sunlight; their hypothetical options would be Storms and Light, or Safety and Darkness. That's why I say the story is metaphorical, though much of the metaphor was drawn from the very real events of humanity venturing out of their appointed lands. "Stormlight" vs "God's Light" is another key difference. There are a lot of gods in the Cosmere, but who would Hoid call God? His point of view in the Elantris 10th Anniversary scene implies that Hoid believes in the God Beyond. And the end of WoR, he has a conversation with Jasnah where he says Tanavast wasn't God, and that she'll "find God in the same place you're going to find salvation from this mess. Inside the hearts of men." If he shares the views of Frost, who calls Odium "God's own divine hatred," then there would be a connection to Adonalsium there. This ties in with the metaphorical nature I highlighted in the last paragraph; the story is a metaphor for something going on in the hearts of men, about something bigger than a migration to a new planet. The last difference makes me wonder what the Wall represents. Shallan's story changes the nature of the world, through the destruction of the Wall allowing the existing storms to break through. Hoid's changes the nature of the Storms, where they now boil over the Wall, but the Wall isn't destroyed. I think this ascribes some sort of intelligence to whatever is represented by the Storms; it now enters where it did not, not because the obstacles are deeper, but because someone took its Light there, and now it continues to return there to replenish that Light. This isn't an act of Man; it's an act of God. The Religious Allegory As a pretty religious individual, I'm seeing heavy parallels to Christianity throughout this story, highlighted by the differences listed above. The girl stealing Light, but bringing Storms, is very reminiscent of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in Eden. They received knowledge of Good and Evil, but they also received the curse of mortality. Since then, the message of Christianity is not returning to the Innocence of Eden, but moving forward to a new kind of Glorification; not going back, but pressing onward. That's the same thing we see in this story; life was fundamentally altered, this is what made things the way they are now, and there's no going back. God's Light is also a concept that appears in real-world religions. Some books of the Bible, 1 John in particular, use Light as a metaphor for God's Truth, or specifically the Scriptures. It's not pleasant to be under the scrutiny of God's Light, but it does reveal areas of sin in our lives. That's extremely similar to what the Light did in the story here; it made life harder for humanity, but they're not going back to when they were blissfully in darkness. The Storms boiling over, instead of the Wall falling down, also reminds me of a key aspect of Jesus' teachings. Man doesn't attain to reconciliation with God; God, through the person and works of Jesus Christ, reached down to accomplish that reconciliation. That's why I said above that the Storms reaching over the Wall isn't because the Girl's actions brought the Wall down; it's because God now sends his Storms across the wall. So, why do I sound like Billy Graham, rattling off all this Christianity? It's to hammer home that this is not about the physical exodus of humans from their appointed place on Roshar; Hoid's story makes me think it's something bigger than that. I don't think it's how they stole spren and Surges on Roshar, either. The humans had Investiture, they had Surges, on Ashyn before it was broken. It's not just that they lived in a place without Stormlight, without that particular brand of Light; they were in a place with no Light at all. I think the story is about the way humans first came into Investiture. (Using the term to mean "magic" here; yes, Investiture comprises everything, but this is referring to the magical, the supernatural, the very reason this is a fantasy series.) There was a time when Humans were apart from God, and didn't have Investiture; but something changed, and someone took Investiture, and their actions spread to the rest of humanity. Something great, something terrible, and something that could never be undone. The version of this story that grew on Roshar took influence from their history with the Singers; parallels of humanity stealing something is not hard to find within our own world, and it is the same in the cosmere. The White Hair There is one very important clue that is in Shallan's version, but not in Hoid's. Shallan, without realizing why, made the girl's hair white at one point in the story. But she always called her a girl; never said she became an old woman. White hair, on someone who's not old, has always been a mark of Hoid. I think this is a story about Hoid, about what he did to change the very way humanity interacted with Investiture. Hoid, as an architect of the Shattering. The version of this story on Roshar may have become about a girl, but I think the original inspiration for that girl was none other than our mysterious worldhopper. Hoid asked a very peculiar question of Shallan during his telling of it: Hoid is certainly not a child who stayed out of the woods, and he's at the crux of all the Cosmere stories. Imagine that he is asking Shallan what she thinks about him, about what he did to help prepare for the Shattering. He ultimately did not take a Shard, but he could have been one of them, and they all know who he is. He calls himself bold, for seeking to take the power of Adonalsium. And he calls himself stupid, for unleashing the Shards upon the cosmere. In Conclusion Yes, the historical context of the story makes it clear that this version was developed after the humans arrived on Roshar, and it draws much of its setting from the way humans took the planet, the spren, and the Storms from the Singers. But there's also a deeper meaning, from a time before the humans had a God, before they had any Light, before they had Investiture, before they had Shards. They took the Light, they killed their God and took His power upon themselves, and the universe has never been the same since. But none are willing to go back to how it was before, to give up their Light.
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    Storms, these have all been great! Everybody give yourselves a pat on the back! And then brace yourselves, 'cause Spook's about to drop the beat. (Major spoilers for Mistborn Era 1 and minor spoilers for Mistborn Era 2):
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    Felt like making some classic 17S... Mraize: (is this rude? I don't think so, but if you're offended let me know) TUBA and DA: Knights of the Cosmere: Volume One: The Beginning:
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    Sorry, I wasn't on yesterday! Here I come, Moash, Kelsier, and Amaram. (I hope fourth-wall breaking is allowed. Mimes may be needed.) Intro: Moash: Amaram: Kelsier: *mike drop* *hopeful look*
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    It is my pleasure to present the first rap of the second tournament. Beware the OB spoilers
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    Thanks for moving the thread, Voidus! Fair enough. That is how voting works, generally speaking. Anyways, thanks for the vote of confidence, Julio! - - - - - Alright, here we go. Spook's throwing down the gauntlet in this championship round! Minor Mistborn Era 1 spoilers, and minor-to-moderate Oathbringer/Stormlight Archive spoilers (and spoilered for length): *drops mic* *drops self and falls asleep almost instantly 'cause storms I'm exhausted*
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    *gasps for Breath* Sorry! I'm here now! Okay, Vin, let's do this thang. ("Never say that again" - Mizzy) Hope you all liked that! I'm having way more fun with this than I ever thought I would. Good luck, Gray to! (I hope I win though!)
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    Intro: Yeah the name's Moash (That's a Listener name) I'm here to drop bars and put you lot to shame People can despise me, hate me, deride me But none of you can fulfill your end of the rivalry Kelsier: You think you're so tough, huh? You're full of crap Rashek killed you with barely a slap Yet still you refuse to take your nap Let this be a warning to you, Survivor I respect you as much as my old slave driver And that dull miser who drove me to yawn Is still more interesting than you, Mistborn. You're a Shadow of what you used to be, Sovereign And with my Surges I'll be hovering Over your body as they dump you in a coffin Odium: How can a legendary god of hatred Ever sink to become so frustrated? Maybe in your haste you were easily manipulated By the very forces you so casually underestimated You seek to use me as just another tool? Maybe you should go back to Shardschool Your greatest asset was just trapped in a jewel And you look at me like I'm the fool! We could get along though, hatred is our fuel You want me as your champion? Ok, cool The time is now for the old gods to rule. Amaram: Well if it isn't Amaram, the scum of the Earth! I pity the woman from whom you were birthed. You're the symbol of all that's wrong with Lighteyes And if you mess with this man you'll be in for a surprise. 'Cos you've built yourself up as a paragon of virtue And now your good rep will come back to hurt you. I'll charge you with my spear as you cower in fear while I suck in light from this sweet, sweet sphere. You think yourself a son of Honor? To me your not even a bother who probably doesn't even know his own father. To behonest your arc is kinda lame You're nothing to me but a measly stain. This is the end for you; you've met your bane. Now grovel before me and give me your pain.
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    Alright. I keep bringing it up, and I'll keep repeating it. THE FUSED AREN'T VOIDBINDING! Now let's get to my reasoning. This is going to talk about Scadrial's magics in addition to Roshar's, which is why it's in this forum. From the Ars Arcanum Khriss says... Implying that Voidbinding does not easily fit with Surgebinding, which seems to be very much opposite to what we've seen from the Fused. Their abilities seem to be pretty straightforward Surgebinding. And with that we come to the types of Fused. According to Moash there are only nine types. And we've so far only seen any of them use a single Surge. Fliers with Gravitation, the skater in Thaylen City for Abrasion, the thief with Illumination, and the ones who manipulate their carapace which I think are using progression to "grow" their armor and weapons. 9 types. And yet we have a Voidbinding chart in the back of tWoK with Ten "orders" linked to all ten surges. And Khriss' above quote mentions "ten levels" of Voidbinding. On the Voidbinding chart we have a glyph for each of the ten surges that is literally the same glyph with half inverted to create a rotational symmetry, rather then a simple mirror. I believe that this implies that the surges manifest differently, both in the written form of the surge, and in its expression when used. This is where Renarin comes in. Renarin has said that he is unable to make illusions despite multiple attempts. I think he's right. Something is wrong because of the way that Glys has been corrupted/enlightened. He has access to the Surgebinding version of Progression and the Voidbinding version of Illumination. He can still use the second, but it's manifestation is altered, just like the glyph on the voidbinding chart. So far, that's only shown itself in his stained glass images of the future... But who knows how else that may manifest. All of this with Renarin stems from @Argent's information about "The Page", and these two WoBs, also from Argent. So Brandon won't confirm or deny any of this about Renarin, but I personally think the evidence is all there. My final reason, and in my mind the most compelling, is that Brandon refers to Voidbinding as a separate magic system (which post WoR he said we had yet to see per this WoB, which means Stormform's lightning, and the summoning of the Everstorm weren't voidbinding either) For why I think that's significant, let's look at Scadrial. Three magic systems. Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. All use metal in drastically different ways. If you take into account that Hemalurgy is not the powers it grants, but the Theft itself, there is not a single one of these magic systems that share a common function. If Voidbinding were to simply mimic Surgebinding, I would be remarkably disappointed in it being called a separate magic system. It would feel like both a setup far to close to Scadrial, with the final magic system allowing the enemy to copy the powers of the heroes, and functionally pointless as we already have a system on Roshar that can mimic both Surgebinding and Voidbinding, in Fabrials. For Voidbinding to be a separate system, I believe that it's going to be at least as different functionally to Surgebinding as Allomancy and Feruchemy. Manipulating the same surges, in a different manner. As far as the minimal differences between the way that the Fused function, like the slower acceleration and deceleration of the Fused who use Gravitation, I think this is purely a side effect of the fuel source. If Vasher were to figure out how to Awaken with Stormlight, I wouldn't expect that to work identically to with Breath, and I think this is a similar situation, which I have brought up previously.
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    Breaking news: Sandersitis treatments found to be highly addictive. In an unfortunate turn of events, it appears that the treatments for the pandemic case of Sandersitis marketed to sufferers as "17thshard" and "Arcanum" have been found to be intensely addictive. Users of these treatments have been known to spend more time partaking in "treatment" then was lost to the original disease. There is no known cure for this addiction at this time, and it seems to only alleviate during severe flare-ups of Sandersitis itself, last seen with the "Oathbringer" strain. Many self described addicts seem to have made peace with their plight.
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    CAR SALESMAN: *slaps Nightblood* *vanishes*
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    Hello All! Due to it's popularity, we are pleased to announce the Alleyverse now has its own sub-forum! Please post all Alleyverse related threads here. Bear with us as we move old threads over, and enjoy.
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    Introduction With the recent Idaho signing I know that a lot of us have had our heads spinning over that 'Pre-shattering Weapon' WoB, especially in how it relates to Hoid. After listening to the related Shardcast episode I left with a few takeaways from the conversation the crew had that I wanted to share with you all. Before I get in to this, I want to warn you all that at its core, this theory is crackpot. I think I've made a lot of interesting connections but at this point we just don't have enough information on the related topics to make reasonable conclusions. With that in mind, strap in cause this is a long one! The Case For Aluminum As was discussed in the Shardcast, my hypothesis is that Aluminum is the remnant of the weapon used to destroy Adonalsium. It simply makes sense when you deduce things. To defend yourself from a seemingly all powerful being who's essence was the basis of all things and who you were deeply Connected to, it seems reasonable that the first step would be to stop that being from detecting you, manipulating you, or influencing you in any way which just so happens to be the primary passive effect of Aluminum. Having made this conclusion, lets take a step back. If the weapon used to kill Adonalsium is now expended and not in its original from, Aluminum itself cannot be the weapon and its properties may not be the same as its theoretical original form, so we're kind of missing a crucial puzzle piece. This is about as far as any of my theories pre-Idaho got, but the extra clue of how it relates to Hoid's power got me interested enough to dig deeper. The Realmatic Effects of Aluminum After hitting this dead end, the next step towards understanding what this illusive weapon is came in finding what other things in the Cosmere seem to share properties with Aluminum. After thinking about it for awhile, I began thinking about Allomantic Aluminum. Despite it's inert properties, it is somehow able to provide a magical, investiture related effect. Digging a little bit deeper, I remembered this WoB: Thinking this kind of sounded familiar I remembered this scene in Oathbringer: I was just as stumped as Venli was until making the connection that Timbre also happened to be a Spren existentially linked to metal, it being the essence linked to Venli's assumed order. Both Timbre and Aluminum seem to be able to, as Brandon described the latter's effects "[clense] the spirit of unwanted effects of other Investitures". Seeing as how the only thing aluminum and Timbre share in common is this whole idea of metallic properties, I began thinking about what other phenomenon in the Cosmere relate to metals, and naturally I shifted my focus on Scadrial. The Link To Godmetal With all these new ideas and connections in my head I began thinking about how metals may be used in the defeat of a Shard-level being and immediately things started making sense. In the Mistborn series, there has been a clear theme in what is being used to combat Shards/Spiritual beings on that planet: Godmetals. While regular metals, tied to the magic, investiture, and essence of the planet, can be used to blind Shards; this seemingly Scadrial specific effect is nothing compared to a power that transcends the Metallic Arts and the resident Shardworld, Godmetals. As seen when Sazed encounters Trellium, they can directly act as a weapon against a Shard-level being, a property necessary for any weapon that has a chance at defeating Adonalsium, but there is an even more interesting example that I believe ties this whole thing together. Something I never really thought of was how peculiar it was that Ruin had no ability to sense or interact with Atium directly, something seemingly made out of his own power. It was completely dark to him, the plot of the whole third book even revolves around how he needs it to defeat Preservation. Haven't we also seen this effect of an un-sensable metal elsewhere... Conclusion Looking at all these connections, it seems so natural and obvious. The exact kind of long term, hail mary twist Brandon likes to pull on us. I believe that pre-shattering, Aluminum was Adonalsium's godmetal. A piece of his essence that he couldn't find, touch, or manipulate from the spiritual realm but had power within the physical one, a power that could be stolen and manipulated against a being that encompassed all of reality as was the case for Ati. For gods sake, the title of the series where all this is taking place even alludes to a metal with magical properties. The fact that Adonalsium is now dead and shattered could explain why this hypothetical godmetal has become inert and lost its magical properties. Afterthoughts So this is as good an educated guess as I can make on this topic. I probably left a few loose ends lying around in the theory but I'm writing this one a bit more fast and loose than i typically do due to its nature as a pretty speculative crackpot so feel free to press me on those. I'm interested in what you all have to say, if you have any ideas drop a comment. Have a good day y'all!
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    So... you guys remember this? Well, I have a new entry... ~~~ Them: So I started reading Mistborn... Me: *squeals* *screams* *screeches* *hugs them* Them: *gasping for air* Can’t... breathe... Me: It’s amazing, isn’t it? Them: (grudgingly) It’s pretty good... but you are NOT allowed to say “I told you so.” (I said it anyway.) ~~~ BONUS CONTENT where I troll them (Mistborn Era 1 Spoilers): ~~~ After MONTHS of desperately trying, I finally did it guys... Moral of the story? You know you’re a Sanderfan when the first thing you do is post all of this on the Shard.
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    A rooftop overlooking an alleyway, during the Seven Day War. Mace sat on the edge of a roof, idly swinging his legs as they hung over the side. He was systematically working his way along his ears, pulling off every metalmind he could find, then putting them in his mouth. As he snacked, he felt a gentle nudge on his leg. Mace tilted his head, and was pleasantly surprised to find a medium sized Labrador retriever standing beside him. “How’d you get up here, little guy?” he asked as he reached out his arm to scratch the dogs head. The dog responded by nuzzling up to him, and looking at him with its soulful brown eyes. “You know, I’ve always wanted a dog. Or any animal really. The idea of keeping a pet was always one that appealed to me,” Mace said. The dog listened attentively. “I had a monkey once. It didn’t work out. And with all the travelling I do, well, it would have ended badly. Maybe in another life.” The dog began to lick Mace’s fingers, causing him to accidentally drop a coppermind off of the edge. Mace closed his eyes and counted the seconds before it hit the ground. He got to three before he heard it hit the cobblestones below. “Now what’d you make me do that for?” Mace complained playfully, giving the dog a light poke with his elbow. The dog whined, and rolled onto its back. Mace absentmindedly scratched it as he watched the movement in the street below. The fallen metal had disturbed some of the abominations that had been feeding there. The dog whined again, making Mace turn to look at it. It was then that he noticed the bronze spike imbedded in the dog’s heart. ***** Another time, another place. The old man rocked in his chair, watching the dancing flames of the hearth. Its light illuminated the otherwise darkened room, casting playful shadows on the floorboards. The man smiled as his nephew crawled about nearby, riding an imaginary horse. After a few minutes, the boy lost interest in the game and made his way to sit at the old man’s feet. “Is it story time yet, Uncle?” asked the boy. The old man smiled. “Alright, little one. I suppose we’ve got time for one short story before your mother arrives.” He closed his eyes in concentration. “What will it be tonight? Jak and his magic gun? The fearsome Mac, Unbiased Extraordinaire? Mace Klaston and the army of kolossals?” “That one! That one!” the boy squealed. “Tell me about Mace! Is it true he held the power of the gods?” “It’s true. The man was a fullborn, but not by birth. Capable of both Allomancy and Feruchemy…” ***** Mace smashed his fist into the head of a copper crow. As it fell, another raked its claws along his arm. He thought he saw a spike in its foot. Disgusted, he shook it off in time to snatch the one that was trying to dive bomb him out of the air. He threw it aside, then threw up his fists to box at the dozens more that were surrounding him. As one bit into his leg, he formed an amberite sword to impale it. When three more took its place, he compounded gold and brass to burn them. Then he stabbed them too for good measure. A bold crow suddenly clawed at his face. Mace compounded chronium, dodging to the side to make the bird crash into another of its kind, sending them both over the edge of the roof in a death spiral. Mace Pulled at the nails in the roof, smashed at the crows with pewter enhanced kicks, tried to Soothe their emotions, punched, ducked, spun, smashed- and then it was over. Mace slowly lowered his fists. A murder of copper crows lay dead at his feet. “You weren’t much help,” he said as he caught his breath. When no reply came, he looked at the spot where the dog had been before the ambush. But the roof was empty, save for himself and the slain birds. ***** “It was at that very moment that Mace heard a noise. A deep, guttural moan, coming from the shadows on the rooftop beside him. He looked for the source of the noise, and do you know what he found?” The boy bounced up and down with excitement. “I know! It was a kolossal! Like from the title of the story!” The old man reached his hand out and tousled his nephew’s curly locks of hair. “That’s right. But it wasn’t just one kolossal. It was a whole gang of them. Everywhere Mace looked, there was a Kolossal crawling along a rooftop towards him. Nasty looking brutes, they were. Five meters tall, with loose grey skin and bulging muscles. They were covered in spikes. Spikes that gave them unspeakable powers.” “What powers did they have, Uncle Kay?” “The unspeakable kind, kid. Now quit interrupting, I’m trying to tell a story.” The old man muttered under his breath, then continued. “The kolossals were six meters tall and had glowing red eyes. The eyes are what gave them away. Dozens of red dots, floating in the shadows, inching closer and closer. Mace knew what they were, of course. His magical copperminds gave him memories of the beasts. As he stood on the edge of that roof, he studied them. His eyes flickered from side to side, sizing up his enemy, looking for their weak spots.” The old man was getting excited now, he was waving his arms about to demonstrate the motions as he described them. “The weak point on a kolossal is their brains. If you rip their brains out, they can’t fight no more. So that’s what Mace did…” ***** Mace ducked the kolossal’s swing. While its arm was still outstretched, he stepped forward and punched it in the ribs. He heard the distinct crack of a bone breaking. Moving with unnatural speed, he then jumped to the side, forcing one of the monsters to slam its fist into a chimney. There was three of them attacking at the moment, and Mace could see two more climbing up the side of the building to join them. That’s no good, he thought. With a Push, Mace jumped into the air. He did a backflip, landing with his feet on the shoulders of one of his foes. He lithely reached his hand down over its face, inserted his fingers into the kolossal’s nostrils, then yanked upwards. As it tilted its head backwards, Mace quintupled his weight, smashing them both down onto the roof. He Pulled a sheet of metal that had been used to patch a hole in the roof towards him, into the back of one of the Kolossals, causing it to trip over the one lying down, sending it tumbling over the edge. It bumped into one of the ones that had been climbing upwards, forcing them both to fall onto the cobblestones. Three down, he thought as he began to pummel the remaining beasts as they tried to grab at him. ***** “When he was done, the roof was slick with blood and gore. He had to anchor himself with an ironpull to keep from slipping. As the sun set behind him, he stood defiantly on his perch. A black silhouette on a bright red backdrop. No abomination could touch him. No spiked beast could wound him. And nothing would stop him from achieving his goal.” The boy looked confused. “Uncle, what was his goal?” “I’m not sure,” responded the man. He paused to think, the dying fire casting a glow on his hands while his face remained in shadow. “I think he was there to protect his friends. Even if his friends made bad decisions. Mace was very loyal. Like a dog.” “What ever happened to the dog? The one on the rooftop?” “I was just getting to that. Patience, my boy.” The old man hummed a few notes to himself, as if trying to remember an old tune. Then he began to speak, his words fading into a rhythm, filling the dark room with their mysteries. “As the shadows of the night cloaked the city, Mace happened to take one final look at the alley below. His eyes widened in shock. As he was enthralled, the darkness called. Hungry for life, though it was rife.” ***** The last rays of sunlight shone upon a sea of seekradors. Hundreds of dogs, prowling the alley below. They blended together in the darkness, making it appear as if the alley was alive. They moved in a rhythm, pulsing like the waves of the ocean. At the front of the pack sat a medium-sized Labrador retriever, licking its paws. It looked up at him, watching him with its attentive brown eyes. There was no emotion in them, just a cold form of intelligence. Behind Mace, a fallen Kolossal shifted. Its arms began to twitch. It would reawaken soon. More Kolossals were approaching, he could see them in the distance, clambering from rooftop to rooftop to get to him. There was no escape. Mace didn’t realize that he had been pacing until he stubbed his toe. As he instinctively healed it with gold, he crouched down to inspect what he’d bumped into. It was a koloss spike, one that he’d ripped from a kolossal during the fight. The light seemed to shy away from it, shrouding the dark metal in shadow. I could use it. Spike myself, become a full koloss. I could finally become the fighter they wanted me to be. A fullborn koloss. Unrelenting. Untameable. Unstoppable. As the kolossal behind him got to its feet, Mace twirled the spike in his hands. Just a little prick, and it’s done. ***** The fire was dead. All that was left was the embers. “But Mace stayed true, to all that he knew. He refused the boon, took the bane too soon.” ***** The kolossal approached with lumbering footsteps. Mace didn’t move. “We’re all doing it, you know. Some of us are just more aware of it than others. But you can’t stop it. One day, he’ll come for you.” He clenched the spike in his fist. “I’ve met him. Right ugly fellow. He’s got a skull for a face. What’s up with that? Anyway, everybody gets taken eventually. Even the gods get forgotten in the end. Where do they go, I wonder?” The kolossal took a swipe at him. Mace causally caught its hand, then flipped the beast on its back with a flick of his wrist. “I am not a good man. But if mankind is good at one thing, it’s forgetting the important stuff. I’ll probably get a statue just for being here. They’ll forget why I was here, or how many people died so I could get to this rooftop. There was a gun, in the dark. I was angry, I remember that. She had died, and I had failed. I killed the little guy. Fancy that.” The kolossal had worked up the courage to try again, so Mace began to weave around it, dancing around the confused monster with magical dexterity. “I’m the luckiest man alive. They accepted me, despite my flaws.” Mace rolled to avoid a kick, then got to his feet. His heels touched the edge of the roof as he stood, fists raised. “Better yet, I made it to the end without losing my soul. And I’m not about to lose it now.” He threw the spike into the crowd of Labrador retrievers below. They began to bark excitedly. “If I’m going to die, I’ll die as me. I like me. None of this messing around half-dead stuff. I'm going straight to the Beyond when I die.” Mace raised his arms above his head, in the reverse dive position. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he was ready, he took one last look at the kolossal. “I always thought that I wanted to die in good company. Surrounded by friends and family, you know? But now that I’m faced with the prospect of dying here, lost in an alley, surrounded by monsters, I’m having second thoughts. Seems like having other people there just leaves you less time for yourself.” He moved his feet back, so that only his toes were still touching the edge of the roof. “Goodbye, mate. It’s been fun.” ***** “So into, he fell, the eternal well. Away from home, Utterly alone.” ***** The Labrador retriever watched as the body fell. One, two, three seconds passed before it hit the ground. By the fourth second, the sea of seekradors had descended upon it. They loved koloss blood, even if it was impure. They ripped him to shreds, tearing off pieces of meat, then fighting over them. It was a feeding frenzy. The broke open the bones to suck out the marrow. They lapped up the fluids. They even ate some of the metal. An hour later, the dogs began to leave. They trotted away in small packs, headed to find food elsewhere. Within two hours, the alley was empty, save for a single Labrador retriever. It hadn’t moved during the frenzy. It just sat there, licking its paws, remembering. ***** “He died?” exclaimed the boy. “So the legends say. There wasn’t even any body left to bury.” The boy’s lip began to tremble. The old man quickly put his arm around him, then whispered in his ear, “But he’s not dead. Not really. So long as he’s still remembered, the idea of the great Mace Klaston will live on forever.” The boy thought about that. Long and hard, pondering the secrets of death. As he thought, he slowly drifted off to sleep. The old man held him in his arms, gently rocking back and forth. “Dream, my boy. And remember.”
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    Are you suffering from: - Small lacerations on the fingertips (sometimes known as papercuts) - Neck pain (as if whiplash from frequent plot twists) - Back pain (from carrying around books that are entirely too big) - Red eyes (but definitely not from crying) If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have a disease called Sandersitis. There is no cure known at this time, but frequent infusions of extracanonical information can alleviate the pain. Side effects may include sore ears, headaches, loss of sleep, loss of friends, or worsening of any of the earlier listed symptoms. Ask your doctor if Arcanum is right for you.
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    ODIUM: *slaps Honor* "This bad boy can-- *Honor splinters* ODIUM: "Heh. Nice."
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    This may have already been stated and I missed the thread, but I had a thought about the possible origin of the Sibling. I don't have a lot of textual evidence, but I will do my best. To simplify in the most criminal way: Spren are the cognitive manifestation of something people think about or experience. The Stormfather is the "memory men create" of the Almighty. So what is as big a thing in the mind of humans as god? Themselves What if the Sibling is, rather than the shadow of a god, the sibling of humanity, the cognitive manifestation of their thoughts about themselves, mankind, civilization as a whole? When Uritheru was occupied by a significant fraction of humanity and they had a common concept of what being human meant it was powerful and sane. But as the kingdoms and cultures formed the idea that brought it about became weaker and less coherent. Humans weren't trying to harm it, but they would be, in effect, ripping it apart into lesser spren manifestations of each group. Its current state may be the result of that wounding, or something it did to protect itself. The current state of humanity on Roshar is still very fractured, but as people start to come together again the idea of a unified humanity could also gain traction. As Dalinar continues to "unite instead of divide" and "bring men together" the very state necessary for this pan-human Spren to grow strong again could reoccur allowing it to return.
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    Oathbringer is getting steamy sexy and I’m only on page 148. I don’t remember Shallan imagining her tongue in Adolin’s mouth or fantasizing about seeing his birthmark on his beefy thigh in book 2 or Dalinar devouring Navani in his passionate desire. Whoo! It’s not just the Everstorm that’s heating things up on Roshar! Anyone else noticing this?
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    Car salesman time! Car salesman: *slaps shallan* this bad girl can fit so many personas in it! Car salesman: *slaps chull* *slaps chull* *slaps chull* it wont go. Car salesman: *slaps Thaylen City* this bad boy can fit so many. Unmade in it. Car salesman: *Slaps Scadrial* this bad boy can fit so much potental for Instant noodles. Car salesman: *slaps shardblade* I cant feel my hand. Car Salesman: *slaps nightblood* DESTROY EVIL!!!!
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    You know you’re a Sanderfan when you’re tutoring a younger kid, and they ask: “Wait. In this fraction, there’s a zero on the... what do you call the bottom part again?” “The denominator?” “Right. Um... how do I divide that?” “You don’t. It’s inappropriate. Okay?” “Wait, really?” “No, it’s undefined...”
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    You may be cool but you'll never be Dalinar walking through a battlefield holding only a book cool.
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    Here goes Meridas: I am Meridas Amaram, the most accomplished general in town In blood and tears my enemies shall drown A Son of Honor I am And with my Shardblade (legally won, do not ask) my enemies I slam And I begin with you, Odium, Shard of Passion or Hate Can you please decide before Cultivations plans settle your fate You think you are a being of power and might But remind me, at Thaylen City, did you win that fight? You took my pain and you wanted Dalinars But I doubt you can handle the pain when my rap beats your chull to the stars! Kelsier, Survivor of Hath-sin Survive this roast, you old trash-bin You killed a tyrant to boost your ego But that only unleashed a mad Shard who tried to smash your planet like a piece of Lego You made a plan that required you to die But tell me, was saving the world just another elaborate lie? Because you don’t care for anything, except getting a new spike for an eye. You are not a deity, not worth worship The people only likes you for your death (RIP) Moash, Moash, a (former) member of Bridge Four You could have gone down as the most epic bridgeman in lore But instead you had to betray everyone just to kill the king And that lost you your friends, all in one swing When I betray people, at least I do it right Face it, you are only alive because Kaladin didn’t wanna fight
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    Hi, I'm Wyndlerunner. I used to lie awake nights, contemplating the mysteries of the Cosmere, I got no sleep, so I was too tired to read during the day. Then, I discovered Arcanum. It helped me alleviate my insatiable curiosity, and helped me get my life back together. I would recommend Arcanum to anyone suffering from Sandersitis. (If you are currently using Arcanum and have not improved, ask your book vendor about our extra strength treatment: Arcanum Unbounded)
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    On Roshar, the people believe seeing the future is evil. The few instances we've seen of foresight are associated with Odium. At a recent signing, Brandon said this: I find the bolded part where he trails off to be amazingly fascinating. Given the rest of the conversation, I propose that seeing the future is dangerous because of the following possibilities: 1. It draws the attention of the Shard (or its agents as explained below) that is powering the foresight. 2. It is heavily influenced by the intent or motives of the Shard that's powering it. 3. It's an ability granted by the Shard on purpose in order to manipulate events toward a future that the Shard (or its agents) desires. 4. It aligns you to the intent or motives of the Shard. This can be short-term (see atium below) or long-term. Repeated uses may cause a more lasting efect. 5. There's also the always-present conundrum of trying to change the future after you've seen it. Without context, you have no idea if changing your actions will cause that future or if not changing your actions will cause that future. The true answer could be any of the above, none of the above, or some combination of the options I've given. In order to evaluate possibilities, I've discussed the instances we've seen of people seeing the future, either as a summary, or as specific text, or links. Atium: We know how atium fuels Allomancy. It lets you see a few moments into the future. It also increases your mental and physical capabilities in order to take advantage of that knowledge. Sazed speculates in one of the HoA epigraphs that This appears to correlate to possibility 4--That seeing the future via atium temporarily aligned a person toward Ruin, the essence of entropy toward destruction. It might also explain why, after using atium as a metal mind and burning it for so long, TLR had such Ruinous impulses--mass slaughters, willingness to let the nobility destroy each other, etc, etc. After a thousand years of compounding atium, it's likely that he was very Connected to Ruin. It might also tie into possibility 3, assuming the possibility of Ruin wanting Rashek to become such a despot that he's overthrown just as the Well is about to fill, opening the way for Vin to take and release the power. Endowment: Endowment appears to be able to see some of the future, and sometimes her Splinters, the Returned, can pick up on this as well. We see this in Warbreaker, when Lightsong has his dreams and visions of T'Telir burning. She appears to send her Returned back in order to do a specific task (or set of tasks) based on what she sees, giving rise to possibility 3. Endowment apparently wanted the Hallandren and Idrians to persist, and sent back some of her Returned to help prevent the coming destruction. She probably has multiple contingency plans for if one of them dies before his or her task is accomplished. Wyrn: In the Elantris Annotations Brandon says: And Given that the Seons are Splinters of Devotion, (Love) and the Skaze are Splinters of Dominion, it seems like the Skaze are manipulating Wyrn in order to achieve their goals (Goals hinted at in the new epilogue in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Elantris) , tying back to possibility 3. Devotion and Dominion are both splintered, but the Skaze may retain enough of Dominion's intent to want to have complete dominion over the world (or maybe re-assemble Dominion?). And we come to the Stormlight Archive! We have more examples of foresight in SA than we have in any other book. There are three primary examples of it: Moelach: On the bridge between life and death, Moelach grants visions of the future, that the person utters in a cryptic and strange way, a phenomenon coined as Death Rattle. We don't really understand much about how this works, but the Death Rattles have been startlingly accurate, if incredibly obscure, so far. However. Moelach is a Splinter of Odium (along with the other Unmade). The Death Rattles we've seen so far all seem to be related either to the conflict between Odium and most of Roshar, or related to the people that are in that struggle. I have no absolute proof of this, but it's not a wild assumption (imo) to think that Odium, via Moelach, is using the Death Rattles to affect people's behavior. I realize this is putting conclusion before evidence, but I feel that it's a credible conclusion. Moelach is one of the mindless Unmade, as far as we know, so he's unlikely to have motives of his own. As a Splinter of Odium, Odium must have created him for a reason. We know Odium has a pretty good grasp of possible futures. Creating an Unmade to give people glimpses of the future (in a rather morbid way) to get them serving his purposes isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Renarin: We know very little about how Renarin's abilities work, and what types of things he can see, or how they will affect events. We know that his spren, Glys, is a Truthwatcher spren corrupted by Sja-Anat, another Splinter of Odium, and that Glys is likely what grants Renarin the ability to see the future. Renarin has seen Jasnah killing him. This would end him as a Radiant and as a Kholin. I confess, I am unsure what purpose his death would serve in Odium's cause. However, Renarin also saw Dalinar turning into Odium's champion. This would obviously be quite a desirable outcome for Odium. Given that Renarin has done a few things in order to try and warn about or prevent the things he sees, did he, consciously, or subconsciously, take actions that helped to bring that set of events into reality? We don't know yet what effects this might have, so I'm unsure which of the above categories this could fit into. The Diagram: Taravangian believes that he wrong the Diagram out of pure human capability and insight, rather than foresight. However, according to this WoB: As we know, in the Spiritual Realm, all times and places are essentially one. Seeing into the future in all other instances has been seeing into the Spiritual Realm. If Taravangian was closer to the Spiritual Realm than the Cognitive Realm, then he's likely incorporating at least some parts of what he sees in the Spiritual Realm into the Diagram. What we've seen him do so far has seemed to align him toward Odium's desires and motives. However, he was granted this ability by Cultivation, who is at odds with Odium. There was a lively discussion in this thread about the Diagram being a plant (pun intended) put in place by Cultivation. That T's actions, although they seem at odds with Dalinar+co, actually are meant to help them; and that T himself is unaware of this. As you can tell, I subscribe to this theory myself. This would fit in with possibilities 2, 3 and 4 above. Cultivation seems very crafty and careful, playing the long game with Dalinar, with Lift, and probably with T. And finally, we have Hoid. He has an ability to know where he needs to be at any given time. We don't really know most of his motives, so there's no way to determine what "where he needs to be" means, exactly. We're also very unsure as to how he knows to be in those places. We do know he uses something similar to Chromium Feruchemy in order to tap Fortune, but possibly isn't Feruchemy itself. We don't know what Shard he draws on, what intent that Shard might have, or if it's even a Shard at all. If someone can manage to tap directly into the Spiritual Realm without intervention from a Shard, it seems like Hoid would be the one. I'm also sure he's self-aware enough to know when/if he's being manipulated by whatever power he's using. So in short, I have no conclusions to draw about Hoid's abilities, other than a reiteration of his own speech to Shallan: There's always the risk, in seeing the future, of bringing about the exact consequence you want to prevent. That might be the simple answer to this entire question. Won't my face be red if it is! So, there is my long winded theory about the dangers of seeing the future. Please feel free to add to it or rip it to pieces, and thanks for reading!
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    Keep in mind that this is all speculation. Below are some relevant WoB's which I will dive into later 1. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] The Ghostbloods. Are they Kelsier's new crew? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Oh, good question. Do I wanna answer this or not? I'm gonna RAFO this one. Yeah, we're gonna RAFO this one. Billy Todd [PENDING REVIEW] Have there been interactions between Kelsier and the Ghostbloods? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I will RAFO that. 2. ccstat If Kelsier (when Vin knew him) were to join one of the Rosharan secret societies, which one would he choose? Brandon Sanderson He would become part of the Ghostbloods, most likely, and would be in charge of them within a year. source source 3. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, or no. With all of the cosmere books that have been put out, do we have enough information to deduce the Ghostbloods' motives? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Ummm... *laugher* I would say yes, but it's not like you are a fool if you haven't gotten it. Robert Jordan once answered a question like this saying, "Well, the answer should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer." Which I never thought was fair. Like, no, it was not. Szeth, some people guessed it. And some people will guess this. A lot of the foreshadowing in my books, it's this weird thing where, when you do proper foreshadowing, and then people have three years between books, they're gonna figure some things out. Which presents a really interesting challenge to me as a writer, because, like, there are big things that get revealed in Oathbringer, that people who have been steeped in the world for the last seven years... they kinda knew this would happen. We get the beta readers, and they're like, "So? Doesn't everyone know that?" But at the same time, the casual reader, beta readers were like "Holy cow! This is a huge revelation!" And books need to work both for the person who has been really steeped in it, and the person who's reading along that maybe doesn't want to go get all the spoilers from all the fan guessing. So it is this weird balancing act that, as a writer, you have to perform, particularly with the longer books in the longer series, where you want to make sure they're engaging to the hardcore fan, but not overwhelming to the person who maybe hasn't reread the books since the last one came out. And I don't know that I have that balance figured out, but it is something I think about a lot... source Kelsier's motivations post Secret History: After his interactions with Khriss and Nazh in Secret History, Kelsier realises just how little he really knows. Kelsier would see this ignorance as a weakness he must overcome, as to rise to the top he must acquire knowledge. Kelsier's conversation with Spook at the end of Secret History illustrate his quest to pursue knowledge of the cosmere. “Now, don’t be like that,” Kelsier said. “Our work is important. Vital. We’re going to unravel the mysteries of the universe. The cosmere, as it is called.” “It’s a big, big place out there, kid,” Kelsier said. “Bigger than I ever knew. Ignorance almost lost us everything. I’m not going to let that happen again.” He tapped at Spook’s ear. “While dead, I had an opportunity. My mind expanded, and I learned some things. My focus wasn’t on these spikes; I think I could have worked it all out, if it had been. I still learned enough to be dangerous, and the two of us are going to figure the rest out.” If there is one thing we know about Kelsier, it is that he compulsively meddles. He would not be content to swear an oath of non-interference like the 17th shard members. We know from a WoB that the 17th shard and ghostbloods do not work together. Furthermore, Iyatil has South Scadrian ancestry and was a former member of the 17th shard. It is plausible that she converted to the ghostbloods after a little persuasion from the god figure of her ancestors. So the 17th shard does not fit Kelsier, leaving the ghostbloods as the only known worldhopper organisation with a similar agenda. We know that Kelsier always feels the need to operate a crew. This is a constant between pre-Final Empire and post-Final Empire Kelsier, as shown when he treats Preservation/Fuzz as a crew member after determining his goal was to stop ruin and also at the end of Secret History when he recruits Spook. It is highly probable, then, that Kelsier post-Secret History has founded a new crew which is the ghostbloods. So what exactly are the ghostbloods up to? First of all, a minor piece of evidence linking the ghostbloods to Kelsier is the name of the organisation. Ghost= cognitive shadow, Blood= hemallurgy Now, as shown above, Kelsier appears to be on a quest to gather cosmere knowledge. In Mraize's basement we see artifacts from many worlds, including a knife from Threnody (possibly the knife which Nazh gave to Kelsier in Secret History), a vial of white sand, a dye flower from Nalthis (tears of Edgli), possibly Royal Idrian locks and in a later scene we see Mraize with an aviar. This shows that the ghostbloods are collecting investiture related artifacts from numerous shardworlds. The collection of these artifacts would tie into Kelsier's pursuit of cosmeric knowledge. Here's where things get a little crazy. I believe that Sja Anat has known Shallan since she was a child and is responsible for her forming a nahel bond so early in life before everything fell apart. 4. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Was Shallan's family, during her childhood, being influenced by an Unmade? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Um, yes. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Was it <the corrupt...>? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I'll RAFO that, but yes, there is some external influence there. source 5. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Why don't you have to say the words if you're just bonding a Cryptic? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Every Order's First Oath is the same. Then the Second Oaths for the Cryptics go into truths, but everybody says the First Oath the same regardless of Order. Which should raise the question of... Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Did [Shallan] say it when she was a teeny-weeny, like in the cradle? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] That should raise a question. She wasn't teeny-weeny, but it should raise a question there. source This would tie in with the ghostbloods interest in Sja Anat, as she may be able to grant them nahel bonds in a similar fashion. This would add to their investiture collection. I see the situation as being similar to Hoid collecting investiture from different sources, though the end goals likely differ drastically. 6. Questioner How would - just really generally - the Ghostbloods react if they found or met Hoid? Brandon Sanderson (laughs) They... Some people among them know of him. Questioner So they know he's around. Brandon Sanderson Some of them do, not everybody. But they are aware of his existence. At least in lore, they don't always... Not all of them have connected the King's Wit to this person's lore, does that make sense? So what would they know? They'd probably want to get him and interrogate him. They would want to know what he knows, but he is really slippery and it's hard to get out of him what he knows. source Conclusion: There is a realistic possibility that Kelsier has at least had involvement with the ghostbloods. This could potentially set up conflict between Hoid and Kelsier as they would have similar pursuits and really don't get along very well. We know that Secret History was in the works from as early as 2006 so Brandon clearly felt like he had not finished telling Kelsier's story. Maybe Shallan will finally meet the mysterious Thaidakar with heavily scarred arms.
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    CAR SALES-VIN: *slaps top of car, flaring duralumin + pewter* "This bad boy can--" *car explodes*
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    TLDR: Ishar never liked the idea of normal humans with Surges, and only tolerated them as a tool against the Voidbringers. As soon as they were no longer needed, he disposed of them. The sense of "pain and betrayal" Dalinar feels in the Recreance vision is the Knights and spren betrayed by Ishar, not the spren betrayed by their Knights. Alternately, if Ishar is less evil, maybe it has to do with Odium being bound by the spirit of agreements, not the letter. Enslaving the parshmen risked letting Odium view things as "unfair" and letting him out of agreements, and Ishar rushed to cause the Recreance to balance things. I find it unbelievable that Windrunners, Lightweavers, and Elsecallers were unanimous in breaking their oaths. No exceptions. And we don't know about the other 6 Orders; maybe there are no exceptions there either. But we know every Honorspren, Cryptic, and Inkspren except Sylphrena was killed in the Recreance. It's just not realistic. No dissent, no exceptions, no spren who resisted and escaped? It must be magic, and only Ishar has the level of magic to do this, if anyone does. He was strong enough to destroy every Radiant once, and would only have greater power to do it after he got them to swear his Oaths. Maybe, somehow, Ishar has power over the First Ideal, and can use it against anyone who's sworn it. He met with Nale, worked out a way to keep the Skybreakers safe from what he was doing, and then did something to the First Ideal so it was impossible to keep, forcing everyone to break it. This is someone using a Dawnshard at the top of Urithiru. More likely the creation of the Orders than causing the Recreance, since the latter would be a secret. We've seen what a normal Bondsmith can do with a perfect gem. What Ishar could do with a Dawnshard could be world-changing, and the source of his power to destroy the Orders at any later time. Even another Herald views the Knights as Ishar's. All the Knights, because he's associating a Lightweaver with Ishar, not a Bondsmith. "No longer just talk" may mean the Oaths were originally a cultural practice from Nohadon's book, and Ishar later made them magically binding. This sure sounds like someone who would cause the Recreance, if he had the power to. Past Ishar may have been less insane than the current Ishar writing to Dalinar, but he was still insane, and on the path to being this bad. Evidence Against The Stormfather says they broke their Oaths because reasons, but his memory is unreliable without the bond, and he's bad at understanding human motivations. The Oaths were broken, but he may not understand why. The Diagram says they lost faith and broke their oaths, and I think Super Taravangian would know the truth. But I also think he put lies in the Diagram; he distrusts less intelligent versions of himself, and only tells them what they need to know. Are the highspren really keeping this a secret? No other spren would know why the Recreance happened, if it happened too quickly and there were no survivors. But the highspren would know. Maybe they can lie if it's "lawful", maybe even have to lie if they promised, but it's still quite a secret.
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    Sanderfan memes Stormlight Memes (not really spoilery) Precisely One Kelsier Meme Precisely One Alcatraz Meme Ongoing Thread Relevant Memes
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    My character is Hoid, and this is my rap: Whattup y’all. The name is Hoid Compared to mine your raps’re all void I’ve got that rhythm, that beat, that tone Y’all only got a lack of cologne! I could beat you all, anywhere, anytime Winning’s easy against people who can’t rhyme Having matching syllables is what rapping’s all about But none of you can do that because none of you can count! Vasher, you may be a master of swords But you are useless when it comes to words I am the wittiest, as you all should know As the King's Wit I put on quite the show Wow, you’re so cool, you worldhopped and changed your name You have no idea how good I am at that game You think your pretty snazzy with your “fancy” Nightblood Well compared to my skill set your sword is a dud You’ve hardly lived, and yet you’re cursed for life For you must live know’n that you killed your wife You are a cheap player, a cheater, and a fraud Unlike my rap yours doesn’t make people applaud Wayne, oh Wayne, where do I even start First off, you’re a monster, who lacks a heart You shot a poor man and took his life You can’t pay that back by paying his wife You call yourself a slider, is that so Well Lift’s the real slider, don’t you know She (and her awesomeness and pet voidbringer) can slide down hallways insanely fast You create bubbles that don’t even last You’re powers are weak Like the rhymes you seek And have no chance this one Cause you can’t even hold a gun Sadeas why even try, cause I’ve already won Also you are dead, killed by the Blackthorn’s own son You were weak then, and you are weak now So surrender now and become a pow I have outwitted you, and flustered you Pretty sure you wanted to kill me too The King’s Wit has proven my superiority So I don’t need any of your inferiority You are were a terrible Highprince You’re decisions made me wince You and Vasher are a lot alike Both your raps everyone dislikes I’ve already already won this, so I can scream Huzaaa! For I’m a fricking god (of mischief) and next to me you are all skaa And unlike me you all lack lots of wit And so this rap concludes you little piece of a lot of shards Thanks and good luck to everyone else!
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    Could have said this earlier, but shout out to @Ashspren for setting this up. First thread I've really got involved with and sure as hell not my last. Gone about my rap a bit different, as I finished Bands of Mourning literally 2 days ago. Enjoy! Knock, knock, "Wayne, get up. There's 3 guys at door. Said they want to see you, didn't say what for" "Wax! Come on! Can you tell 'em i'm dead. Don't want too leave, I've got MeLaan in bed" Wayne reluctantly heads downstairs. "Wait! Its only Sadeas, Vasher 'n Hoid, I got out of bed for you 3? Now i'm annoyed. Vasher looks like he was born in the Roughs 'n Hoid looks like he ain't eating enough. Sadeas? Ha! you got stabbed in the eye, this'll be nostalgic, as you know how to die. Well you can't come in, go stand out in the road. Is Wax still nearby 'cuz i'm about to explode." Wayne joins the challengers outside. "So is it Vasher, Zahel or Peacegiver the Blessed? Either way, when im done, your're going to Return to your rest. When i'm done here, you will want too give me you Breath 'cuz you winning this, I've got more chance with Ranette." "Ah, Hoid, nice flute Wanna trade? Piece of fruit? You could do with and apple or some cherries, you under prepared mate, should have asked Steris. I know you think your good at disguises" With a rip of the shirt, and slur of the words. "non o' yours is good as mine is. Always hopping about, pick a place 'n stay you ain't wasting anyone, your wasting away." "Sadeas, the snake, the liar, the faker. Wayne the Incredible Sliding Bloodmaker! See I sound alright, your titles are crap, I know what you need, just the right hat. You should have been stabbed in the back, with no way of running. You got more than you deserved, you actually saw it coming. Winding up Adolin, what were you doing son, did i mention that your face looks like chewing gum?" "Now you 3 admit, my bars were sick and i'm not filling my metalminds, not even a bit. If you don't mind i'm done with this rust But the sexy Kandra upstairs, told me too be quick" Wayne leaves the challengers dumbfounded by his wit. *Pun intended.
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    A couple of precursors: I haven't really written much on this website before, so apologies if I don't know how to tag spoilers, do quotes, explain myself intelligently, etc. If someone else has already talked about this, I apologize for stepping on your toes. I'm not always on the site so I don't know what I might have missed. This is kind of two topics, but they tie together in my mind. Apologies in advance if it seems disjointed to you. With that out of the way, I wanted to talk about the similarities between Ruin and Odium, and-- more importantly-- speculate about what those similarities might mean and why they might exist. The idea that started me thinking this was Odium and Ruin's interesting use of the word passion. As most of us know, Odium tries to convince Dalinar that his intent is about more than just hate, but passion as a whole: “They call me Odium,” the old man said. “A good enough name. It does have a certain bite to it. But the word is too limiting to describe me, and you should know that it is not all I represent.” “Which is?” He looked to Dalinar. “Passion, Dalinar Kholin. I am emotion incarnate. I am the soul of the spren and of men. I am lust, joy, hatred, anger, and exultation. I am glory and I am vice. I am the very thing that makes men men. Sanderson, Brandon. Oathbringer: Book Three of the Stormlight Archive (p. 551). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. I noticed as I was rereading the Hero of Ages that Ruin says something similar: “This work I do, it’s about passion, Vin. It’s about dynamic events; it’s about change! That is why you and your Elend are so important to me. People with passion are people who will destroy— Sanderson, Brandon. Mistborn Trilogy (Kindle Locations 30922-30923). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. Note especially the way the word is written in both cases: italicized. Outside the Alcatraz series, Brandon rarely uses italics for emphasis. The fact that both these characters would talk about their passion in this italicized way really stuck out to me. I thought that I might just be overthinking a small coincidence, but then I came across this WoB: Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Was it relevant that Ruin mentioned Passion to Vin? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes. source So now that I knew it was an important connection, I started to look into other ways that Ruin and Odium are similar other than just the way they talk about their intent. Some other possibilities that I came with: They are both vessels. This is obvious, but easy to overlook. Maybe all vessels just feel this way about their intent. Both had plans to cause cosmere wide destruction. Odium, with his "hit list" of other vessels, and Ruin, because his intent would have driven him to continue to destroy other planets after Scadrial was no more. They have both spent time being trapped (Ruin in the prison Preservation created, Odium trapped by the Oathpact) Both tried to forge "champions" that ended up working against them. Brandon says in the annotations to the Hero of Ages that for some unknown reason Preservation had chosen Vin from a young age, and that ruin worked to corrupt Vin after Preervation chose her (Annotation Chapter 79). Similarly, Honor for unknown reasons gave visions to the Kholins (starting with Gavilar, I know). All the while, Odium was hard at work trying to corrupt Dalinar and turn him into his champion. Interestingly enough, both of these individuals ascended and used their power to fight against the force that had tried to turn them. Probably lots of other important/relevant connections I'm too tired to think of at the moment. Since I was curious about the first bullet above-- that maybe all shards just act this way-- I decided to ask Brandon the following questions last Saturday: Valhalla [PENDING REVIEW] Ruin and Odium, they both talked about their passion, and it was italicized both times. Would any other Shards talk about passion in that same italicized way? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes they would. Valhalla [PENDING REVIEW] Would any of them not talk about it that way? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Yes they would. Excellent, good questions. source This made it very clear that the passion connection is not an inherent thing that all vessels share, nor is it something that is unique to Ruin and Odium. So, what do all the similarities between Ruin and Odium actually mean? And how does passion play into it? I'd love to hear your theories, because frankly none of the ideas I have come up with seem to add up, but I will throw out a few ideas to get the discussion started. Theory #1: They are both being acted upon by an outside force One theory that I developed is that they are both somehow being controlled/manipulated by the same outside force. There are a few problems with this. The first is that vessels like Rayse and Ati both have a lot of raw power and a large amount of knowledge and cosmere awareness, making them difficult to manipulate. The only beings who seem capable of manipulating a vessel would be another vessel. However, its possible that because both Ruin and Odium have been trapped with at least a portion of their full power made temporarily unavailable to them that they have been left in a state in which they would be more suggestible or otherwise duped. This still doesn't explain who would want to do it, how they would accomplish it, and why they would make both Ruin and Odium so focused on their passion. So, yeah, this theory is very much a work in progress. Theory #2: Ruin and Odium were working together So this theory relies on kind of a stretch to the answers to my questions; basically, that you can split all vessels into two groups: those who have passion, and those that don't. The passionate vessels like Ruin, Odium, and apparently others decided to group up to help accomplish their goals, especially those goals that the non-passionates might have attempted to stop. While doing so, they realize that they are more than just one intent, but that they are also a force of Passion in their worlds. They also realize that the names assigned to their intents, like ruin or odium, tend to have negative connotations and so when they interact with humans they tend to bring forth their passion instead. This theory works on a logical level, but it doesn't work on a storytelling level. I doubt Ati and Rayse are just repeating the mantra from their support group for passionate shards. There has to be more to it than that. Theory #3: Insert your theory here I had a couple more ideas, but they all have even bigger holes than the ones I mentioned. This would be easier if we had a third shard that we knew would describe itself as passion, so that we could make more connections. I am interested to hear your thoughts. Why does it matter that both Ruin and Odium talk about passion in italics? What shards have we met that would be passionate? What theories do you have about the connections between these two shards? And finally, does the fact that I stayed up to 2 A.M. on a weekday to write and research this post because I'm so passionate about this particular cosmere puzzle indicate that I, like Ruin and Odium, am a major antagonist intent on causing chaos and destruction throughout the known universe?
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    Yo, I'm Szeth-son-son-Vallano, the Assassin in White, Stonewalkin' in the east, where the men can't write. Yo, Susebron you sitting up there as the God King, but killing your type, it's kinda my thing. Yes slayin kings is sort of my speciality, and I see through your supposed divinity. Hey there Vivenna, we've never met, but I know all about ya, cause my sword taught me a bit. I know you took some Breaths, and I know something of heresy, but I killed lots of kings, so your's is lacking in severity. Vin, a street urchin without too many friends. You think you're pretty cool? Well better think again! You got iconic outfits? I got that too, I could do anything better than you! You can burn all the metals, think being Mistborn is pretty cool? Well I trained with all ten surges, so where does that leave you? Yeah I'm Szeth-son-son-Vallano, ain't a Truthless no more,cause with this rap battle I'm gonna settle the score!
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    Non-Sharders be like:
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    Spook what? Spook who? The only thing scary is the fool that is you. A broken and scared little boy whose power destroyed himself. For whom hero worship led to the near destruction of what he held dear. Pity gained you a reprieve and yet you think that your power can ever ever match the shadow that rages without equal? What good are your silly coins when the winds tear you apart in all three realms? I'll make you wish that you had gone the way of your failed survivor. Now scurry off and play savior while I stand tall as the master of a untamed behavior. Challenge my power and you'll be torn from the realm within the hour. You fought a fake god and one who was insane try dealing with one whose very name rattles the earth and lays forests bare. To you I could not extend the slightest care. Well well a puny bridge man stands alone, with but a single arm to call his own. Joke as you will pretend as you might you can't even think to start a fight. A crashing bolt by my will can send you back to Herdaz still. Bow to me and perhaps this day won't be the one where the chasms lay your shattered bones to rest and my breath does not stop your wasted breath. Mine is the voice which wields the storms yours is the sound which could not scare a frightened hound. Your power is given and taken away should you break the bonds that make my child stay. I have no such limits you little fool to insult my power is to expose the King of all of Herdazian stupidity and dance into the heart of mortal's doom. Eat your chouta and breath a sigh for I doubt you'll force me to make your end nigh. Ah, Rashek a man who knew power, but whose mind grew dimmer by the hour. Once you might have impressed me with the power that you held now all that you are capable is being felled by a child who knew little of what it meant to hold real might. Understand this you glorified troglodyte I hold what you never could immortality not formed by hunks of metal from malformed gods who played tricks and games that risked the balance that comes from their names. Listen close and listen well my power has no story to tell. What have I to fear you little blue man? Through thin lies you held control sad sad fearful little boy. I am not petty like your mortal flesh and I need no slaves like your little pets. Run back to your little hall and try to curl into a ball. If you want to come out and play I warn that you'll not survive the day. I'm the power untapped the storm unchained the force that no mortal can ever brave. Feeble minds and feebler powers just can't compete with a being that towers. You all think that you got what it takes I was old when you were not even a thought of a thought in the minds of gods to whom you bow scurry off and know that this day has been won by a power birthed of Adonalsium.
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    Science Today: The Oathbringer Strain An untreatable virus has recently found its way into the world. All attempts to cure it have failed, and anyone who succumbs to it cannot resist its effects. What is the mysterious strain, and what makes it so resilient? Introduction Known as the Oathbringer Strain, it was first discovered a few months leading up to its breakout on November 14, 2017. It primarily targeted users of the treatments 17S and Arcanum. Though the two aforementioned treatments were created to battle another disease known as Sandersitis, the Oathbringer Strain appears to augment the affects of Sandersitis, rendering 17S and Arcanum useless. Molecular Structure In its most dangerous format, the hardback edition, the Oathbringer Strain is comprised of 1,248 pages. In its ebook versions, the pages vary due to varying font sizes, which makes the disease harder to track— however, due to the search functions, the ebook version is much less threatening. Regardless, within these pages, there is a total of 454,440 words, which is what signifies the Oathbringer Strain. Additional features of the molecular structure include images of men and women at the beginning and end of the hardback. Initially, these further inflamed Sandersitis, of which Oathbringer is a strain, however results were soon found and the effects wore down. Progression in Treatments A group of scientists known as the Arcanists are trying to strengthen the treatment known as Arcanum. However, they consistently run into a roadblock known as the “RAFO,” which they, unfortunately, cannot get rid of. The 17S treatment, while somewhat curing a person of Sandersitis, continues to inflame the disease more than contain it. However, there is a new treatment in the works. Known as “Coppermind,” scientists in the field are working on examining the Oathbringer Strain page by page to work out its secrets, and make them easily accessible. Research is promising, however, there are some effects that Coppermind just can’t eradicate. Conclusion With the recent Oathbringer Strain, the disease known as Sandersitis has inflamed beyond control. Though treatments are being tested day after day, it is safe to say that the insatiable curiosity, frustration, and obsession is here to stay.
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    MR30/AN2: Aftermath The Pride of Terris drew nearer to Scadrial each day. And as it approached, its crew drew nearer to death. Liseran’s body did not look natural. V could tell that much. The flesh was barely hanging to the skeleton, and bones poked through, bleached an unnatural white by a film of acid that seemed to linger on its surface. V had heard tales of this creature before. He could scarcely believe it, but his findings led him to only one conclusion, a fell word whispered above the corpse of Liseran, sounding with the finality of a death knell. “Kandra,” V spoke softly. “A Kandra is among us.” The rest of the crew stood in stunned silence. For moments, slow agonizing moments, each stood, rendered impotent by shock. Scorpion finally spoke hesitantly. “A Kandra? Isn’t that the stuff of...”—she swallowed—“not fairytales, but days long past? Why would they still be among us?” “Yeah,” Weasel chimed in. “Besides, why didn’t any of the other corpses look like this before? I’ll give you that this corpse shows the exact signs of a Kandra as we were taught them when we were four, but what about the other corpses we found?” V hesitated. “My only guess is that the Kandra had more time to work in the past. Perhaps making it fight to within an inch of its life made the...transition more difficult. This may have even been its first time switching bodies.” V turned around, looking at Weasel. “Hmm...if there’s only one Kandra among us, it could be you. I know Denesta and Tuatara are fine, because I work with them, and Scorpion feels like he always does. You’re the only possible one left, seemingly.” “Not the only one.” Tuatara’s voice came as a low croak from the other side of the room. She rapped on the metal sheet covering the wall, quickly moving her fingers in a sharp pattern, undetectable to the naked ear, but a sound that came very clearly to V’s head as he burned a small amount of the tin he held. Unthinkingly, he tapped the response, sending it along to Tuatara, a rapid series of beats that he could hear thanks to the same Hemalurgic spike in him. Tuatara looked visibly relieved, but turned to Denesta. “Repeat the same pattern, please.” Denesta, the latest host of a Faceless Immortal, shuddered as she was gradually revealed to the group. She was too slow. Her masters at Heron Industries would be very disappointed in her, if they could watch the small transport hurtling through space, and see the slow progress she was making. It was not her fault. Torture was not an option aboard a ship so small that a scream could be heard by the entire crew in less than a second. She had to rely on observation, then quick work with a knife, to kill and impersonate a person quietly and accurately. The exact techniques she had used to impersonate Liseran and Dingo, and now Denesta. They were imprecise, and left little time to commit a systematic mass slaughter of a crew that outnumbered and in some ways outmatched her. She would have to outwit them. And she was so far, failing. In retrospect, she should have attacked the persuasive speaker, V, first. Too many informants ingratiated themselves with cops and investigators, and she should have been more wary when three “investigation agents” stepped forward “looking to guard the last informant.” Denesta’s small list of records on Tuatara and V indicated that V was truly the last person Heron wanted dead. The explosion on Kasheron Station had killed most of those who saw the incriminating files displaying Heron’s less-than-savory ventures, and with V dead, the last informant who knew the truth would be silenced. Unfortunately, Denesta now had to kill V for all that to occur. And she would have to talk her way out of this for that to happen. It would not be too difficult—she had basic background on Denesta’s personal life, and could imitate the speech patterns fairly well by now, if not perfectly. She prepared to help V accuse Weasel, when Tuatara’s voice reached her ear. “Repeat the same pattern, please.” Denesta panicked, her newly-formed heart racing in her chest. She had been unable to acquire all the details of the tapping pattern Tuatara and V used to communicate, and now it would cost her. Her only chance was to guess at the pattern used. Hoping it was close enough, Denesta tapped a rhythm on the sheet, sending it back to Tuatara. Tuatara’s face deepened into a frown. “That’s isn’t it.” Denesta’s face contorted into a snarl. All her work, to be brought low by a simple pattern of taps that revealed her to the crew. She would have to act quickly. Yanking the dagger out of Liseran’s chest, Denesta lunged towards V, who sprang backwards with a surprised yelp. The dagger cut a gash in his arm, but did little else. As Scorpion rushed to tend V, Tuatara advanced with his baton in front of him, prepared to defend Weasel. Denesta held her dagger in front of her, circling and waiting for Tuatara to make a mistake. “Why do this, Dene-...whoever you are?” Tuatara asked. “You are a Faceless Immortal, Harmony’s own servant and a dignified, noble being to help carry out His work. Why break His codes? Why murder and lie, and use your amazing talents to help a group of corrupt officials and business leaders? Heron is wasting you,” he implored. “Harmony is wasting me!” Denesta bellowed, stung deeply. “Every day I worked for Him I was constrained by an arbitrary code of rules he put in place to control us! Removing one of my spikes was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I won’t let Harmony control me again.” She smiled, and lunged at Tuatara. V listened to the body that had once been Denesta’s speak. “Removing one of my spikes was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I won’t let Harmony control me again.” Spikes...why were they important? Some small portion of his brain yelled at him to wake up, that blood loss and drowsiness would overcome him while he held the key to overcoming the monster facing them. He couldn’t do it. He could feel himself slipping... So tired. WAKE UP! The second voice jolted him upright. He looked up. The Kandra was sparring with Tautara, and winning. The wooden baton Tuatara was using was no match for the strong metal knife the Kandra held. The Kandra chopped down with the knife, slicing through baton and finger. Tuatara howled in agony, clutching at his hand to stem the blood loss. Spikes. Spikes were important... Weasel tackled the Kandra, who fell to the ground in surprise. The spike in V’s neck tingled. He knew what to do now. Summoning a final spurt of energy, V pulled the spike from his neck and slammed it into Denesta’s back. Denesta screamed as Harmony took control once again. Seizing a knife, V walked up to the defeated Kandra, whose hand would slowly inch towards one of her spikes...and then be pulled down again. He scooped up Denesta’s knife, then flicked it towards her throat. “If life with Harmony is really so awful,” V said, “would you prefer me to end it for you?” Denesta became fully herself for a moment, eyes shining with hatred even as she nodded her assent. She then closed them one last time, embracing the release of death, and the freedom it brought. Mauve Crocodile was lynched! They were the Faceless Immortal, and the only Eliminator in the game! They were previously an Elendel Bureau of Investigation Agent. All village factions have achieved their win conditions, ending the game. The spec doc really got its win two cycles ago when Vulture was bodysnatched, but we couldn’t give away the Kandra too early Vote Tally: Mauve Crocodile (3): Amethyst Scorpion, Cream Tuatara, Indigo Weasel Indigo Weasel (2): Azure Mouse Feel free to take a look at all the docs from throughout the game. Spectator/Dead Doc Elendel Bureau of Investigations Doc Master Spreadsheet Full Ruleset Other docs will be placed here once I update them to reflect the setting we chose. Final Playerlist 1. Amber Vulture (Elandera)- Refugee 2. Amethyst Scorpion (Stick)- Refugee 3. Azure Mouse (Itiah)- Rioter, Fleeing Informant 4. Charcoal Hyena (Straw)- Fleeing Informant 5. Chartreuse Penguin (Kidpen)- Refugee 6. Coral Swan (STINK)- Refugee 7. Cream Tuatara (Araris Valerian)- Elendel Bureau of Investigations Agent 1 8. Emerald Falcon (Snipexe)- Fleeing Informant 9. Fuchsia Ostrich (Bort)- Original Faceless Immortal 10. Indigo Weasel (Cadmium Compounder)- Refugee 11. Ivory Dragonfly (Drake Marshall)- Refugee 12. Magenta Albatross (The Young Pyromancer)- Refugee 13. Mauve Crocodile (Mr Doctor)- Elendel Bureau of Investigations Agent 2 14. Melon Dingo (Randuir)- Refugee
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    Hello, 17th Sharders! This is Ashspren, here live with the FIRST EVER COSMERE CHARACTER ROAST BATTLE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND! Before we begin, @AonEne and @Zath, here’s your customary aloe vera: Here we have Odium, powerful Shard of hate Going up against Spook, Survivor of the Flames They have 48 hours to show off their skill And with their awesome bars they’ll go in for the kill After that, we’ll have 24 hours of voting time To choose the person who is truly the Master of Rhyme So with this championship round Rust is going down People all over town Come to see who gets the crown So from Nalthis to Roshar Scadrial to Sel Who’s the Roast Champion? Only time will tell. AonEne and Zath, I wish you both luck!
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    I'm not good at raps, so here's lyrics instead. (To the tune of Vida La Vida by Coldplay) Vasher’s Roast Battle
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    This post seems a bit cryptic to me.
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    *Here are hugs for everyone who need it, even if they don't feel like saying it loud*
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    I'm glad you all enjoyed this game! Normally, this is the point when I would post my retrospective, meditating on what went right and what could be tweaked. But in this game, I don't think that I would change a thing if I were to run it again. Of course, part of the fun was with the blackout setting, but I think that this game has replay value. I will say that I really enjoyed the limited signup size - I feel that it really helped with activity levels in this game. Even at the end, when there were very few posts, we still had just about everybody participating. Nobody went inactive, and we didn't start having activity problems until the number of players dropped so low that it was difficult to maintain conversations - especially across time zones. And that is something that no mechanic or filter can help with, so I'm not concerned at all. In addition, we had a large amount of quality RP - a huge shoutout to everyone who participated in that. I loved how that interaction started playing into things - along with great participation in the dead doc. I recommend reading through it; we had a great deal of fun there. I also think that the account switching/bodysnatching/kandra mechanic was a definite success (at least in this limited implementation). As a proof-of-concept for the more complicated kandra games that are almost certain to be coming up as you creative game creators start exploring the possibilities opened up, I can safely say that this is a thing that can be done well. A note to any future GMs that wish to try it, however - rollover will be especially tricky if players are waiting for the new cycle. I recommend establishing expectations as to how notification that a player's body has been taken over will be communicated well before it actually happens. This will help protect against newly taken players posting on their old accounts before they realize that they no longer should be doing so. And, by the most important metric of any of these games, it looks like everybody had fun. So, thanks for joining this experiment with me, and thank you all for making it a successful game! Finally, thanks especially to @Fifth Scholar for co-GMing with me. I look forward to the next game I'll be GMing, and I hope you do too.
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    For a thousand years i've been in my throne Who have disturbed my.... oh, it's you guys Ahh let's get this over with Are you serious? Do you want me to kill you? You can't defeat me, i'm not like lord sidious A blind guy, one-arm and loudy clouds At least your not that blond guy betrayed by his wife I touch the power of infinity, glorious Ruin But for that, Scadrial it's not domm ,you see? But even if i'm wrong, i make some basements Because those are my people, I live for them! Whit my army of koloss i take the control Dont be confused, there are not like those ugly trolls Maybe my inquisitors will have fun with you Oh don't be scared, don't be like scooby doo My journey is full of pain, horror and death I honestly not sure if i can control this But i'll try, because you do what you have to do I'll kill as much i need, to stay this world complete Its time to show you why im still in here Just stop the revolutions, there is no match for me When my allomancy and feruchemy are combined There is no way to run, just to ryhme Im the power of greatness, the one above all Im the law that rules this big caos world Im the sun that you don't see but you know is there Im the darkness, the light, all in here Im a killer, but also your protector Im the one rashek, who take the job To protect the people from great devastation Im lord legislator, Ruin and Preservation
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