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    We've had confirmation for a few months now that Kaladin's mother Hesina had a Lighteyed parent. Seems simple enough. There was some speculation early on about who she, and by connection Kaladin, was related to, but no one had evidence to supply so it was all being discussed frivolously. I may have just discovered Hesina's relative though through a single line in Oathbringer. Setting: the castle rescue attempt in Part Three with Kaladin and Elhokar moving down the final hallway leading to the Queen. (Page 811 in the Hardcover) This is the clue. Hesina and Aesudan, the queen of Alethkar were related. (Personal guess: Hesina is Aesudan's Aunt) Kaladin is a relative to the Crown. I also think this leads into why Aesudan was worried that the Almighty was displeased with her. She was hiding the fact that she had darkeyed parentage. According to the Vorin religion, all lighteyes are born to rule and are superior to the darkeyes. If it became known that one of her Grand?parents was darkeyed, she could lose standing among the nobility. It's easy to see how an Ardent could have found out and used the information to influence her behavior.
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    You probably all know that October is breast cancer awareness month. That's great. Next month is mental health awareness month. And this is a big deal to me. Depression falls under this category. I do experience high functioning depression. I know people who's depression is much much worse than mine. And guys, don't just go around saying you have depression if you're just sad sometimes. I constantly just have this feeling of not belonging, like no one cares, and like I'm completely alone. I have a really good friend who has serious depression, and one of my oldest friends thinks she has high functioning depression as well. (Yes, Kaladin has extreme depression). Another one is Multiple Personality Disorder. (MPD, or DID Dissociative Identity Disorder). This is where someone basically has several different personalities, with different characteristics, and things like that. (I believe Shallan actually has this, or at least experiences something a lot like it). Yet another is Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. More commonly known as OCD. Guys, this is a mental disorder. It isn't simply extreme perfectionism! Do not joke about having OCD. It's really serious. It's when everything has to be perfect in someone's life, or else they experience extreme anxiety. And more. I'm far from an expert, but I know the gist of it. I have another family member who has this. It's not good. I would suggest doing some research on it, though. Now Depersonalization/Derealization. This is a less heard of disorder, even though a lot of people experience it. Only two percent of people who experience this actually have a mental disorder. About fifty percent of the population experiences feelings of this in their life. Sometimes it lasts for minutes, other times, years. And yet others, a lifetime. It's when a person experiences extreme detachment from reality, the world around them, and even their thoughts. It can be caused by many things. The most common one named is abuse. The reason I care so passionately about this one, is that I've been experiencing it for the past two months. It feels like much much longer. I feel like I'm watching everything through a window. I don't know if I actually have the mental disorder, I'm just sort of trying to get through this school year. I have a friend who wanted me to add autism and Gender Dysphoria to this list. I'm going to add schizophrenia. I'm not going to go deep at all into any of these, but I will do something. Autism. (This month (April) is actually autism awareness month). Autism is not what you might think. Many people have it, (1 in every 59 males, 1 in every 189 females). And some don't even know. People who have autism often have a speech impediment early in life, don't like being around other people, and can become very attached to objects. (One of my sources). Gender Dysphoria is when a person feels like they should be the opposite gender, or in other words, that they feel strongly that their gender does not match their biology. Schizophrenia is really hard to spell. But it is also a life long disorder, that effects about 1% of the population. Symptoms can include hallucinations, trouble with thinking and motivation, and lack of motivation. (Source). Guys, mental disorders are a real thing. None of us can explain the full extent of it. I really like these two things: "What's depression like?" " it's like drowning. Only you can see everyone else around you breathing. " And: "Explaining to someone what a mental disorder is like is like trying to explain colors to someone blind."I All of that is copied from my profile. This stuff now, I'm writing from scratch. We need to raise awareness for these things. They are serious. Every one in four people is going through some form of mental illnesses. And the people who aren't... Let's just say they can be downright inconsiderate. Some members of TUBA really took my post to heart. Several of them have changed their profile pictures green, the color for mental health awareness. We have also added things into our signitures, explaining. So, spread the word. And if you have a type of mental illnesses you'd like to be added to the great list, speak up. Or if you have or have had a mental illness, and you are willing to share some, if not all, of your story, that would be amazing. It's time to stop hiding in the shadows, alone. We can be in the sun, together, and stronger. We can make a difference. This I promise. Even if it's just for one person, it counts. If you know someone with a mental illness, though, and you haven't experienced it yourself, don't say you understand. It doesn't help. What helps most, and I speak from personal experience, is just being there. Nothing more. Nothing less. That's all it takes. Is anyone else willing to help?
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    Hey there, (fellow) nerds! I've got some stuff to share with you, hot from the JordanCon oven (well, lukewarm at best by now, 'cause it's been a couple of weeks, but still!). Those of you who have either read my recap of the (the second day of the) event, or listened to my recap of the event in the most recent episode of Shardcast will know that one of the awesomest things that came out of JordanCon was Isaac Stewart's workshop on creating Stormlight glyphs. I, along with a few others (notably, @Pagerunner, @Jofwu, and @yulerule) attended, learned a lot about glyphs, created our own (I made the "argent" glyph look like a banhammer ), and I promised to get all of this sweet sweet knowledge into your brains - pending approval by Isaac and the JordanCon team. And this is where the good news come in! I heard back from both parties (I mean, I contacted them both today, so I guess I could've gotten this done sooner, but I am a procrastinator, get off my case!), and we are in the clear! The slightly less good news is that the audio of the workshop, along with the few short video clips I took will take a little longer yet, but you'll get to see them eventually. But before we talk about glyphs, and pictures, and workshopping, some credit is due. Obviously, to Isaac Stewart, art director at Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC., for creating all of this amazing work. But also to Deana Whitney, Director of Workshop at JordanCon, moderator for Isaac's workshop, creator of awesome cakes, designer of the "Happy birthday" glyphs (seen further down in this post), and a bit of a forum lurker as @DeanaMCW. Without JordanCon, and her specifically, none of this would be happening - not for many many years, at least Now, onto glyph things! You can find all of these in the Creating Stormlight Glyphs gallery album, but I wanted to go over them in greater detail here. First, a doodle Isaac (or, possibly, one of his kids) did in Silk - an artiste sketch, as he calls it. It would eventually turn into the Alethi glyph for "family" - abara, shown further down, but for now it's just a freestyle doodle meant to capture what family feels like. To him, the vertical lines are like "protective tendrils" around an inner "core." And here is the final version of abara, the Alethi glyph for "family": You can see the similarities between the original sketch and the final version. Full disclosure, if Isaac were to put glyphs like this in the canon, he would "straighten them out and clean them up more before they wind up in the books." Interesting trivia about this particular glyph is that, like many other glyphs, it derives inspiration from (ancient) Arabic and Hebrew. For this one, Isaac drew on these languages' words for "family" - 'aylah (Quora told me it might be عائلة, but I have no idea!) and baith is how he pronounced those words respectively, but he also acknowledged that he is probably saying them wrong. A quick check with Peter, and we have abara. Along similar lines, we have the Alethi glyph for "physician" - tafar: Those of you familiar with certain physicians - doctors, you might say - may recognize what inspired this one... But let's move on to the two glyphs here not designed by Isaac. These two come from Deana, but have Isaac's stamp of approval. They read "happy birthday": I'm afraid I don't know what they sound like. And finally, the main handout we used in the workshop - a two-sided printout, Nazh's glyphs page from Oathbringer on one side, and several glyph examples on the other: The first page is nothing new, though it is worth mentioning that both the Oathbringer version of it and this one have one small mistake Isaac mentioned during the workshop - the glyph for "eternal" is actually supposed to be kalak, not kalad (as it appears here). The shape of the glyph remains the same, only the name changes. The second page is a little more interesting, as it does talk about Isaac's glyph creation process, as well as the way the Alethi language qualifies nouns (Bridge Four > Four Bridge). It also includes the Alethi words for the numbers from one to ten, as well as the symbol for zero (though, perhaps, they don't have a name for it?) - a lot, if not all, of which we already knew thanks largely to @Harakeke. What is more interesting about it is that it gives us the translations for all the glyphs from the Ironstance scroll from Words of Radiance! The big glyphs there spell out "Iron Stance", the small ones presumably outline a dueling technique specific to this stance - "stance", "lure", "trap," - culminating with "finish." The red seal/stamp is the symbol of the Calligraphers Guild, as reported by @Jofwu in this post. Technically, it spells Isaac's name (as Izyk), but in-world it wouldn't be that, it would be some Alethi word (presumably) that either stands for or represents the Guild. [There was another image here, but Isaac says it was never meant to be released publicly, so I am taking it down. If you saw it, don't consider anything on it anywhere near canon] Aaand that's it! Man, but have I been itching to share all of this with you guys! So what do you think? Are you thinking about geting all inked up now?
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    I wonder if the Sibling went to the Horneater peeks and made that region more livable? Everything The Spren did for the Peaks sounds like what was being done in The Tower. I know we think the Sibilng retreated into The Tower, but it really makes more sense that the Sibling would retreat somewhere else in the mountains to rest and recover. The Unkalaki were at the brink of extinction due to their belligerent nature at that time. They had a leader called tana'kai, who talked to the three most powerful gods on Roshar and asked them for shelter. They were the gods of the trees (Nightwatcher?), the waters (Stormfather?) and the mountains (Sibling?) respectively. Both the god of the trees and the god of the waters refuse to give them shelter since they could not guarantee the safety of the Unkalaki. The god of the mountains (Sibling?) does not outright decline the request but tells the tana'kai that his slopes are places only for spirits and they could not sustain life. The tana'kai solves the dilemma by asking the god of the waters to place lakes on the peaks of the mountains, the mountain god to heat them with his thermal energy from the deeps of the earth and the god of the forests to bring edible plants to the now habitable areas on the mountain peaks. The gods were pleased with this solution and the Horneaters moved to the peaks.[11] Considering that Rock might have a connection to The Sibling, it would be interesting for Rock to bond the Sibling and take a non-combat role as the 2nd bondsmith. Rock's desire to bring together Bridge 4 by providing food and shelter seems veeeery Siblingy to me.
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    This episode on Ashspren’s Absolutely Not Serious Theories (AANST... good ring to it)… We all see Stick as a possible bit of comic relief during a time period in which we see Shallan discovering more about herself— funny content, but serious Cosmere ideals. However, Stick might be more than it appears. Firstly, it is important to remember what Shai from the Emperor’s Soul said about everything, even inanimate objects: everything views itself as something. With this logic from what I like to call the “Tables Have Feelings Too Lecture,” we can infer that Stick, everyone’s favorite character from Words of Radiance, must view itself as something. Therefore, Stick has its own patterns of thought, and must be able to think for itself. Nobody tells Stick to be a stick, Stick tells itself to be a stick. Thus, when Shallan tries to get Stick to change in Shadesmar, Stick proceeds to tell her what he sees himself as: a stick. Shallan tries to force it to change, telling Stick that it is actually fire, but she does not understand that Stick has made up its mind. But, where does this lead on a larger scale? Well, Stick is actually very helpful, and may have been able to predict the future. We start back at Stick’s signature line: “I am a stick.” It tells this to Shallan repeatedly, as if it wants her to know something. And indeed, it does. Stick wants Shallan to know to stay true to herself. It is very self-aware, and tells Shallan to be the same. However, Shallan stumbles upon Stick, she is not having struggles with her identity yet— this takes place later in Words of Radiance, and is seemingly resolved at the end of Oathbringer. This is where the part about telling the future comes in. Stick is warning her to be more self-aware at the moment, so that in the future, she would not have as many problems. Now, we see at different points in Oathbringer that Odium can see, and provide visions of, possible futures. This is shown through Renarin and his corrupted spren, Glys. Is Stick’s advice for the future and Odium’s abilities just a coincidence? I think not.
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    Edgedancer Spoilers
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    Here's some more (spoiler tag for length):
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    Heyo! So my partner and I have decided to embark on a little collaboration project to help us hone our craft! It's called Kaladin Stormblessed - Bridge four' and the goal is to create the character of Kaladin (Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series) from concepting phase all the way to animation! If you'd like to follow the process, you can find it here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4ZeJq Get a look at the complete phase one, and keep a look out for more as we make our way through the phases and document it as we go! No Idea where else to post this project on here, so for now I'll leave it here! Perhaps post some up dates in this thread as well.
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    I tried to make it so the post's title isn't an Oathbringer spoiler in and of itself, but after re-reading Oathbringer after giving it a few months to settle in the back of my mind, I appreciated several things much more than I did the first time (which was partly due to reading the preview chapters as they were released, something I feel disrupted the feel of the pace of events for me, and partly due to my overwhelming desire to Get To The Plot Advancement Stuff ASAP). I could make a list of things like that - such as my much better appreciation of how plausible it was that Shallan's mind was cracking in the way that it did, when the first read-through it felt much more awkward - but the biggest swing, oddly enough, was in my appreciation of the scene where Lopen swears the Second Ideal. The first time through, I read it as straight comic relief, because, well, it was Lopen. The Lopen. He was mugging for some injured soldiers, doing tricks with one arm (even though he now has two), and talks a bit about becoming a Radiant, and mentions that he'd been "trying to cry a lot, and moan about my life being so terrible, but I think the Stormfather knows I'm lying", to "crack" his soul more, when he casually speaks the Words of the Second Ideal - obviously not for the first time, since he screams at the SF about "Why didn't you listen earlier?!"... And has his Words accepted, with the burst of light, the frost-drawn Windrunner symbol, and everything. He is literally hopping mad, making a double-handed obscene gesture to the sky, and Rua, his spren, joins him in support (who even grows two extra arms to double-double on the gesture). It is a funny scene, to be sure. But.. It's also really touching. Because while it's funny to us, the reader, it wasn't a joke to the Stormfather. YOU WEREN'T QUITE READY. I remember laughing out loud the first time I read that, like it was a punch line. But the second time, on a re-read, I teared up a little. Because it's not like the Stormfather has a sense of humor, and was pranking Lopen or something. He was - can only be - dead serious. In the midst of the epic battle for Thaylen City, with Fused, Thunderclasts, Voidbringers parshmen singers, red-eyed humans, and even Odium himself making an appearance, Lopen had been desperately reaching for the Second Ideal, and drawing a blank. Because he really wasn't ready! He was grasping towards being like Kaladin was when he rescued Dalinar from his entrapment at the end of The Way of Kings, and "leveled up" in one of the most dramatic ways possible. But the Ideals are, like we saw in Teft's interpretation of the Third Ideal, tailored to the Radiant who swears them. And that's not who Lopen is. That's not his metier. Only now, in giving comfort, hope, and morale to injured soldiers who'd lost limbs, with his unique blend of self-deprecating and insulting humor, is he living, and not just speaking, the Second Ideal. Lopen has always been about being an indomitable source of humor, light, and hope - even as a one-armed bridgeman, a death sentence with a handicap - his high spirits and antics raised even those of Kaladin. Bringing that light to those wrapping themselves in darkness - that's who Lopen is. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves... From depression, from despair, from giving up. Thank you for what you do, Lopen. I look forward to seeing what your Third Ideal will be like.
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    Use Dimensional Barrier and declare Fusion monsters. Fused won't be able to pop up for a turn afterwards. Other Floodgates would probably work too. Vanity's Emptiness would be fantastic to side in against the fused. I'm hesitant to say that Necrovalley, Dimensional Fissure, or Macro Cosmos would be good, since we don't know whether the Fused get sent to the graveyard or banished when they are killed. Seeing as Odium technically has to tribute a Parshendi to create a fused, Mask of Restrict may work as well, but we'll need a judge to rule on that one. If you can protect them, Majesty's Fiend and Vanity's Fiend are good choices as well, but less consistent and harder to summon. Kaijus are a bad option here unless you're sure you can OTK. I think the best way to counter Odium's deck is to go first and keep him from getting Everstorm out. That field spell provides ridiculously powerful revival effects and lets him plus like crazy. 3 Ghost Ash and 3 Ghost Ogre are a must.
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    So a friend of mine finally got around to reading Oathbringer for the first time and he made this observation: he believes the First Ideal of the knights radiants reflect all three shards. Life Before Death: Cultivation Strength Before Weakness: Odium Journey Before Destination: Honor I don't know if this has been noticed before, we barely read these forums but thought this might be something cool enough to share.
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    Is this too meta? Edit: Came up with another one.
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    Finale: Shao Elantris glimmered as sunset fell over the land. Alone, above Kae and the other surrounding cities, it defied the night for only the second night in many years. Of course, last night, everyone had been too afraid to watch it. Too afraid of knives in the night, of the wrath of Shu-Dereth, of death. Tonight, on the other hand... Tonight, beggar-children climbed every rooftop they could find to sit together and watch Elantris grow brighter as the sky dimmed. Tonight, the nobles climbed to the towers of their high mansions or rolled out in extravagant carriages to get a better vantage point. Tonight, mothers brought their children out in the streets to see the miracle, and tell them stories of the olden days. Inside the gates of Elantris, the Four Restorers stood in silence. There was work to be done, far more than Kae dreamed - the walls may have been restored, but the scrolls were gone or half-rotted; those Elantrians who hadn’t already discovered the Well and left were few and far between and still coming to their senses. The walls glowed, but their knowledge had been reduced to nearly nothing. They had not even quite cured Aladdin yet, when a decade ago it would’ve taken a few minutes. That didn’t matter to Kae, though, even if they’d known. Elantris’ return ultimately didn’t mean new miracles and perfect health to them - they’d gotten used to living life without that, in the long years since its fall. But they watched the silver gleam of the walls of Elantris as night fell, and for the first night in many they felt true hope. Kainae stood up, stepping down from the wall she had been facing for more time than she cared to admit. She began walking home somberly. Tears still flowed down her cheeks, and she thought of her “meeting” with herself on the wall a day earlier. She was likely mad, hallucinating, seeing visions of her future self that simply didn’t exist. Perhaps she had deserved to step off the wall when she had the opportunity, giving her compromised mind peace in the afterlife, where she could have gone to join Enelan, at his side, where she truly belonged… No, she said to herself emphatically. You know better than that. She may not clearly understand it yet, but Domi had spared her for a purpose, and she would find that purpose and carry it out. Using the same mental techniques she practiced in ChayShan, Kainae stuffed the morose thoughts of her lover self into the back of her mind, concentrating on her motions, which sped up as she paced towards her house. One, two, one, two… she counted in her head as she rounded a corner. The rhythmic thump of her footsteps and the consistent counting cleared Kainae’s mind, dispelling some of the exhaustion she had felt from kneeling on the wall for nearly a full day. At last, Kainae took the final left turn and ended in front of her house. She frowned. Her easel was still knocked down from the second confrontation with the Cultists over the course of the last several days. She propped it up, gazing at the crumpled paper with a critical eye. Tearing off the first few sheets, which were damaged beyond repair, Kainae looked at the remainder of her easel. It was still hopelessly bent, the paper unable to be reflattened and the easel itself broken in some places. This would not do. With a sigh, Kainae went to her desk, popping open the center drawer and taking out one of her precious canvases, rigid and undamaged. Unsure of what she was really doing, Kainae selected colors. The black of mourning and death and evil. A silvery gray, to represent the moonlight under which the Cultists killed. A deep green for nature, which remained in harmony despite human conflict. And finally, white, the color of hope and light. Then, moved by a sudden impulse, she seized the four colors, taking mostly black and grey, and dumped them into the same cup. Letting the mixture settle and mix for just a few seconds, she poured the contents of the cup onto the center of her canvas. The different colors bled outwards, creating patterns and shapes Kainae had no control over. Letting Domi direct the flow of the paint, she stepped back, watching as the colors mixed and spread. Amazingly, not one drop of paint ran off the edge, an occurrence only explainable by Domi. Or Jaddeth. Thoughts of Enelan quickly sprang to mind again, but she smothered them instantly, refocusing on her painting. It was definitely abstract, Kainae decided. However, two things stood out to her. The coloration was the first: the structure of the gray on the bottom of the painting, the gray-green areas, the black at the top with the strange formation that looked like a bird of some sort. These were the lands owned by the farmer Eoni, viewed at nighttime from the mountains to the east. More specifically, it was his fields, with the strange rock called Eagle’s Jaw jutting out in the middle of them. But why would Domi show her this? Kainae then looked at the center of the painting, where the white paint had formed an Aon. Shao. Change. Transformation. A change may be happening in Eoni’s lands today, she mused, but for an Aon to be in the middle of my painting, there must be some other meaning. Perhaps Domi wished to tell her about a major change in the world? Elantris had been restored, a large change that would produce yet more changes in the future, and maybe Domi warned her of this turbulent time. Or perhaps it was more personal. Kainae herself was changing. She certainly was not the person she was two days ago, when Enelan had been by her side. She was not the fearless Jindo that had chased away the Cultists coming for her. Her love of honor in battle had dwindled since then, after she had fled and run into the other Jindo on the night after. And she was not the artist who sat in her room, alone, painting for hours on end, for Kainae would not be that restful again. She was none of those people, and yet, she saw all of them reflected in her. Lover. Warrior. Artist. Broken. She could transform, had been transforming into something better. Domi would continue her renewal past Enelan’s death. And so would she. But first, something was going to happen in those fields of Eoni tonight. Kainae left her paints behind, and rushed to find out what it was. Eoni sat in the fields as the sun began dipping below the horizon. He had finally found the Aon plate, and had decided to destroy it. He walked through the city, carrying the plate, to Elantris’ pool, and dropped the plate in. The Aon itself disappeared, but the plate remained engraved and intact. Well, that would do. Eoni returned to his fields, where a crowd armed with torches and pitchforks had gathered to face him. They had decided to come to his extraordinarily grassy field, and stopped at its edge. Nigel, who appeared to be acting as the leader of the crowd, spoke. “You’ve been behind the killings! You knew that the Elantrians would see your acts, and you hid from them! Stop this horrid act, and die. We’ve got a message to send to "the Ja”—we don’t accept these sacrifices in this city!” With that, the mob moved to surround Eoni, pitchforks held at the ready. “You really shouldn’t have come here.” Eoni said, and flashed a wicked grin. “These fields are mine!” Eoni dropped to one knee and placed his hand in the soil, then began chanting in a strange language... *** In strolled across the wall of Elantris in the faint light of dusk, the meeting with the others concluded. He passed a guard, who stopped and saluted him crisply. The Elantrian Guard no longer policed the Elantrians, they served them. In made his way to the western portion of the wall, and looked out over the fields that stretched between Elantris and Kae. Down there, somewhere, was the secret tunnel leading out of Elantris that they had discovered last week. They still hadn’t had time to do anything about it, but they needed to do something. Board it up, or at least post some guards there. As In looked down, he noticed something strange about one of the fields. It had been plowed in crazy, twisting patterns. It kind of looked like Aon Shao, but different. Twisted. Different somehow. Suddenly, the fields lit up with an ominous, red light, forming a pattern. It was Aon Shao, but interspersed with strange modifiers- not like the modifiers used in Aon-Dor. They were reminiscent of the patterns the Jeskeri cultists had been using. Shao meant “change,” but this aon had been altered. Corrupted. “That can’t be good,” In said, then began running towards the guard he had passed, calling the alarm. *** Down in the fields, the crops began writhing and growing at a furious rate. Their lush green color faded away, replaced with a soft red glow. Within seconds Eoni was completely obscured by the corrupted crops, and villagers began crying out in panic as the plants thrashed about, leaving burning welts where they touched skin. Suddenly Eoni appeared, dashing through their ranks and swinging a twisted dagger. Villagers cried out in panic and dove out of the way, but Eoni didn’t stop to finish them off. “He went this way!” “After him!” *** The plants pulled away from Eoni as he ran, making a beeline for the rock formation known as the Eagle’s Jaw. Within a couple minutes the formation was in sight, and there, at its base, was the pile of shrubs that concealed the smuggler’s tunnel. Eoni just had to reach that tunnel and he would be in the clear. If the mob tried to follow him he could just collapse the tunnel behind him and bury them all alive. But before he could reach it, Sheodan burst out of the wall of glowing plants and cut Eoni off. Sheodan was covered with red welts from the plants, but his training as a soldier in Eondel’s army had allowed him to ignore the pain and catch up to the escaping Cultist. Sheodan swung his sword at Eoni’s head, but Eoni ducked under the blade and lashed out with his dagger, slashing the soldier across his gut. Sheodan grunted and fell back, clutching at the wound. Eoni growled, and moved to finish the soldier off. “SHEODAN! NO!!!” The voice came from behind Eoni and he whirled just in time to catch a glimpse of the Elantrian ANGUS before he barreled into Eoni knocking him aside. *** ANGUS dropped to his knees by Sheodan, tears forming in his eyes. He began drawing Aon Ien in the air- he hadn’t yet mastered the healing Aon, but he had to at least try to save his dear friend. Eoni grabbed his fallen dagger and scrambled back to his feet. He glanced at ANGUS drawing in the air over Sheodan, tempted to rid himself of two foes at once, but he could hear the sounds of the rest of the mob getting closer- they would be here any second. No time. He turned back to the rock just in time to see another Elantrian, Rhomil, emerging from the secret tunnel, looking surprised and scared of the scene before him. This lone, terrified Elantrian was now all that stood between Eoni and escape. Eoni gripped his bloody dagger and charged forward. *** Rhomil’s took in the horrifying scene in front of him. Corrupted, overgrown plants glowing with an evil red light writhed wildly. Sheodan lay on the ground in a spreading pool of blood while ANGUS tried desperately to get the healing Aon to work. And Eoni, who must be the Jeskeri cultist, rushing towards him with a bloody knife in his hand. Rhomil’s mind raced. He had no weapon- other than Aon-Dor, but he didn’t know any dangerous Aons. He didn’t know how to create fire or stop a man dead in his tracks. All he knew how to draw was Aon Nae, magnifcation- useless- and… He began hastily drawing in the air, his fingers leaving glowing trails in their wake drawing an aon and including the most powerful modifiers he knew. Eoni was getting closer. A dozen paces. Eight. Five. Two. Rhomil finished the aon, then closed his eyes and drew the chasm line. *** Aon Ashe burst alight with a brilliant white light- brighter than the sun. Eoni screamed, blinded by the shining Aon. He swung his dagger but missed and tripped over a rock. He fell and the dagger was knocked from his hand. He searched frantically with his fingers, trying to blink away the afterimage of the Aon burned into his vision. The villagers caught up to him first. As mob seized him and began stabbing him with pitchforks, Eoni gave the best inflamed-throat shout he could. “PRAISE THE JA!" I hope nobody minds the long write-up, we had multiple people contributing to it and since it was the finale we wanted to make it special. @Elbereth wrote the section about night falling on Elantris. @Fifth Scholar wrote the part about Kainae painting, and also made the Shao painting. @Walin wrote a death scene, part of which made its way into the write-up (In his version he gave up way too easily, and I couldn't let that happen, so I changed it and expanded on it. I hope that's alright, Walin. ) If you liked the writeup, make sure to give each of them upvotes! Walin has been lynched! He was the last remaining Cultist! The Jeskeri Cultists have been defeated! Arelon has won! @Devotary of Spontaneity and @Jondesu/ @Kynedath were lovers, and have won by surviving until the end of the game! Vote Tally: Eoni (Walin) (4): ANGUS (Jondesu ), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Rhomil (Cadmium Compounder), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity) Bill (King Cole) (3): Amati (Kidpen), Eoni (Walin) Straw (Straw) (1): Kainae (Little Wilson) Final Player List: Links Master Spreadsheet Spec Doc Jeskeri Doc Shu-Dereth Doc Elantris PM log GM thoughts to follow in a later post.
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    So, 17th Shard meme. I feel like this is what the Non DA people see the DA as. I found this and had to.
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    Ooh, just thought of an even better one than my last one for Shadows for Silence.
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    Something I can't not think about is one line from the eight parable of The Way of Kings (in-world). Regardless, I made the trip and—as the astute reader has already concluded—survived it. "The astute reader," just think about that. We already know there's a relationship between the parables of the Way of Kings (in-world) and the Oaths of the Knights Radiant. Forty-one parables on kingship written by Nohadon; forty-one oaths, the Immortal Words and the four individual oaths of the ten orders. Whether the Radiants came before Nohadon and inspired the forty-one parables with their actions and beliefs, or the first Radiant spren were attracted to the general concepts of the parables and used themas the basis of their Nahel bonds is still murky to me. (We know from Oathbringer (novel) that Nohadon was a Surgebinder, so I lean towards the former.) Nevertheless, I think there is a hidden message or code in the Way of Kings (in-world). We know the Vanrial protected the Way of Kings (in-world) for centuries. Centuries. We know that civilization started over after each Desolation. At the end of Way of Kings (novel), Talenel, or the man presented to be Talenel, states "You will have forgotten much, following the destruction of the times past." Jasnah and others also mention that the abrupt loss of knowledge after each Desolation: medical science, engineering, metallurgy, etc. But the Vanrial chose to save Nohadon's treatise on government, over technical, medical, or scientific texts. The real question: What could so important that following an apocalyptic destruction and worldwide devastation you chose to retreat from civilization with some classical texts? A possible question: the texts are the key to preventing the next and final apocalyptic destruction and worldwide devastation. There is a very good reason that Brandon hasn't let Shallan read a copy of the Way of Kings (in-world). Why? Because she'll see something in it. Something that Dalinar can't see because he's just started to learn to read, something the Kholin female scribes can't see because the book is considered heretical Alethi society, something the ardents can't see because they're not Radiants. A pattern. Shallan already leads a merry band of misfits, eventually, she will get cocky and get some killed because of overconfidence, arrogance, neglect, etc. Dalinar, the changed man, will not reprimand her, he'll give her something to read to help her understand the right way to lead others. The most important words a man can read. Dalinar will give her a copy of the Way of Kings (in-world) as a sort of independent reading assignment and ask her to report on what she's learned every few days. Shallan will start reading and unconsciously use Lightweaving to bring the words to life. To see Nohadon walk to Urithiru, to watch the spindly man carry the boulder, etc. The Lightweaving, plus Shallan's Memory plus Stormlight plus a radiant spren will unlock something. The obvious answer is the true history of the Last Desolation, but I don't think it's that. I think it will be the true history of the Heralds. I believe that Nohadon based the parables of the Way of Kings (in-world) on the actions, beliefs, and ideals of the Heralds. The first protectors of Roshar. This makes more sense to me than anything. All of the Heralds are too damaged or reluctant to speak about themselves, so I think Nohadon's memories of them are encoded in the Way of Kings (in-world), essentially like a Cognitive Fabrial. This also solves the chicken and egg problem of the parables of Way of Kings and the oaths of the Knights Radiant. The parables are based on the Heralds, and the parables attracted the first Radiant spren who bonded individuals who acted in alignment with the parables. Plus, this would fill in the blanks of why the first Radiants begged the Heralds to be the Patrons of their respective orders. The Heralds were more than immortals with abilities like them, they were their idols, their idealized versions of themselves. To recap, or TLDR: there's a secret in Nohadon's Way of Kings, the secret is the history of the Heralds, and the parables of the Way of Kings are based on the Heralds, not Nohadon's musings on kingship.
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    Brilliant! I'm going to do some with the symbols of the planets, the Cosmere, and some aons. I've already done the orders of the Knights Radiant. I did post it on here several pages ago. Note: I TRACED ALL OF THESE! I DID NOT FREEHAND! Or safehand. Fortunately.
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    Done! Quality on here's not great, but they turned out a lot better than I expected.
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    The above speed limit sign does actually exist (that's my own photo). In honor of Kelsier's famous saying: First World Basin Problems:
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can
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    Hi all! Just signed up for 17th shard yesterday after browsing for a few days. Thought I would post here and say Hi! Figured I'd give a history of how I got into Sanderson's amazing work and see if I can get other people talking about how they got involved. So, over here in Utah our High schools all compete in a massive literature/language/art competition called English Quest. I decided to join the competition in 2010. The competition has five books in five genres that are a required read to join the competition. In the fantasy category Mistborn was the book of the year. I read it, and had a lot of fun with it. I competed in the poetry recitation, monologue recitation, and short story writing competition, so none of my categories had to do with the book itself. However, I was supporting some friends who submitted a Mistborn to the movie trailer competition (had to be based on one of the books), and got reinvigorated with the book. Amusingly, one of my best friends I met through work after high school also competed in English Quest 2010. My original post got hit with a spam warning, so I'm wondering if the video link did that. I'll submit that separately. Anyway, after English Quest was over I went back to Mistborn to reread, and realized there were sequels. Que me reading the Era 1 trilogy with mad abandon. Got a few friends to read it and was pretty content. Then my high school librarian directed me to another Sanderson book the library had, Warbreaker. Great read, had fun with that. I didn't really hunt down what other works Sanderson had, but throughout high school I would borrow the Mistborn series every few months when I didn't feel like hunting down new books to read. In my senior year Alloy of Law came out, and with Mistborn becoming one of my favorite books series, I decided to go purchase my own copy of the Mistborns and Warbreaker. Didn't have enough money to purchase anything else, but I noted Elantris existed at that time. Picked up Shadows of Self a few month after it came out (didn't realize it had been released), blinked, and picked up Bands of Mourning. Eventually, after going through the books for the dozenth time or so I finally noticed the name "Hoid" popped up a lot. Informant in books one and three of Mistborn, and as the storyteller in Warbreaker. I go looking it up online thinking it was a reference of some sort. And cue me getting hit in the face with the Cosmere. Oh, colors! I picked up the info about Hoid, and a few other tidbits I could pick up without spoiling myself to the other books. Being super busy with college, and not having any money had me put buying the other books on a back burner. Graduated early 2016, and ended up picking up the Reckoners series, not realizing they weren't connected to the Cosmere. In September of 2017, I went out and purchased Elantris, Emperors Soul, and the first two books of the Stormlight Archives. Lucky me, by the time I was done reading Words of Radiance it was only about a month until the release of Oathbringer (Mwahahaha, minimal waiting time!). After I got done reading Oathbringer I dove into the Cosmere. Hung out mostly on Reddit and Coppermind learning all I could learn. Finally caught enough references to 17th shard (the forum) that I decided to wander over here a few days ago and check it out. I kept seeing theories and ideas I wanted to comment on so I decided to jump in! I still need to go hunt down the Arcanum Unbound to read, but I want to get White Sand read first, so I am still just a little bit behind in becoming a Cosmere Scholar. I also skipped over Rithmatist since that was Sanderson's children's series. Might pick it up to check out his style, but at this moment I don't have money to spend on a book that isn't relevant to the Cosmere. I also read the first couple of books of the Wheel of Time before ever knowing Sanderson eventually took them over. I didn't like them, so I decided to stop reading the series. Been wondering for a couple of years if it might be worth the time to make another attempt at the series. So that's my story! I'll be floating around this forum learning the formatting style and rules of the forum, and interjecting myself into conversation. Since Mistborn is my primary series that started all this, and one of my favorite books series of all time, I'll probably be focused over there most of the time! -EmeraldMind
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    Did Rayse like how 'Raysium' sounded? Or did he, being the heinous person that he is, choose 'Odiumium' over it?
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    General Sanderson Meme A couple more Edgedancer memes:
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    I think the "only 4th sons fight" is the thing Rock has lied to Bridge Four about. And knowing Rock, it's not an outright lie, but a lie of omission. I'm thinking, the full truth is that only 4th+ sons and the nuatoma fight... And that the nuatoma is either the eldest son of the clan ruler, or a role that can devolve to anybody with the right blood claim and who acts to claim it, as by fighting. This would fit in with the seniority by birth order apparent in what Rock describes of his society, with his describing the relatives (clan members) of a nuatoma as being like his servants, as the Alethi are to their Brightlords, and of course with an Unkalaki nuatoma periodically coming down from the Peaks to challenge a Brightlord to duel for Shards. In this interpretation, the two names his wife mentions, Tifi and Sinaku'a, were his two next older brothers, the eldest being the nuatoma in question who challenged Sadeas. In so doing they were not "breaking traditional roles" but essentially each in turn claiming the right of the eldest to be the nuatoma and to continue the fight for Sadeas' Shardplate. Whether out of cowardice or some other reason, Rock deferred (despite likely being the most combat trained of his brothers, as Tifi and Sinak'a would not have been fighters?), and chose to become the chull dung cooking bridgeman we met in The Way of Kings. But now, having picked up the Shardbow and used it to kill Amaram to save Kaladin (however he managed the draw), he has simultaneously claimed the role of nuatoma as well as become a full Shardbearer, the long-awaited High King of the Horneaters, or whatever the Unkalaki term for it would be. He bowed his head from the weight of the responsibility of it, and whatever unspoken reason there had been for him to have been dodging it all along.
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    ...Me. Now you know I exist. My life is complete. Thank you
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    Well I meant to get back here to post some closing thoughts sooner, but life has been busy. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. Anyway, I’m going to try to keep it brief. All in all I’m really happy with how this game turned out. Yes, it was a resounding win for Arelon, but that was due to some incredibly luck and skillful plays, not to imbalance issues like LG12 had. Speaking of incredible luck- just, wow. The strokes of luck this game were pretty wild. @Amanuensis and @Seonid practically couldn’t miss with their scans, and the Elantrians restored Elantris in record time- literally. In LG12 Elantris was restored at the end of Night 8, and this game it was restored after cycle 6. There were 4 areas (out of 19) that they needed to explore in order to restore the city, which means that they only had two misses before restoring Elantris. And both of their “misses” were the discovery of Aons that they were able to use once the city was restored. They never ran into any of the harmful areas, or even any of the “fun” ones I added in. You can read all the possible areas in the master spreadsheet, but to highlight a few interesting ones: One area would have turned two of the Elantrians into lovers with each other. One area would have converted all the Elantrians to Shu-Dereth. One area (the one they were debating exploring when the game ended) would have been an encounter with Hoid, who would have let the Elantrians as a group perform any action possible in the game one time only- even faction specific actions like the cultist kill or swearing a second Odiv- which could have been interesting. Anyway, moving on. It was really fun to watch all the scheming and stuff going on behind the scenes. Shu-Dereth in particular. @Steeldancer managed to recruit both pairs of lovers to his side, and he and @Elenion we’re doing a great job of avoiding suspicion up until Seonid managed to scan El. If they had been able to last one or two more cycles before being caught it probably would have been too late to stop them. With 5 players on their team (one of them a prince) and a Shu-Dereth pendant under their control they could have effectively hammered one or two votes and coasted to victory. In closing, I just want to thank everyone again for playing. I had fun and hope you all did, too. And an extra big thanks to my co-GMs, @Elbereth and @Fifth Scholar- I couldn’t have run this game without you. Your aid with the spreadsheets, tallies, writeups, and everything else was invaluable- and also to @Orlok Tsubodai as our Impartial mod. Until next time, Herowannabe
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    Kaladin was great in OB. He didn’t steal the show, and didn’t become superman. His character had some great development, and I’m glad the ending didn’t wind up being ”Kaladin saves the day” yet again. That would have been both boring and annoying.
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    When you get very sad when you find out your one cousin who reads BS might not be at the family reunion this year. And the next one is in two years. I won’t get to talk to him about OB. I’m so sad. (We need a crying emoji. I would totally use it right now.) Also, my brother learned how to make these origami bookmarks at school, and this is what the one he made yesterday looked like... Then he came home today with this one, and said “I made one to fit The Way of Kings!” Here it is next to the other one for size comparison. When you are taking this personality type quiz, and it says, “I get to spend time in a shared activity...” but you read it as “I get to spend time on the shard...” and your like, oh yeah definitely that one. When you walk into class at school and see “cookie surges” written on the board, and start contemplating what that could mean. It didn’t actually say that, but that’s what it looked like, and I still have no idea what it actually said.
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    5/5, would Desolate again. - Odium
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    It's nearly Star Wars Day! In celebration, here's some Star Wars themed cosmere memes: (spoiler tag for length)
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    So I don’t believe I am writing this adn it will probably sound stupid so just please try not to laugh at me. Btw does my profile pic counts as green or do I need to get it greener? Anyway, my head is a mess and it has been this way since I can remember. Doctors said there are several different issues including schizophrenia. Basically I have a lot o things going on in my mind. Best picture it as some kind of platform like at railway station full of people, noises, sounds, songs and memories. In my head I constantly replay all the worst moments of my life including abusive father, almost raping, drug use, friends betrayl etc. And all these people in my head still remind me stuff like this or songs I know or just random thoughts. They all just talk to me or show to me constant stream of things and in real life I can not really focus on anything. I do have brief flashes of focus when my mind is clear and "all those people work togeher" and then I just cant remember what I did but usually it is something good like in school I either used to have F because I just couldnt focus or I passed exams with perfect A but I didnt remember a thing I wrote or said. If I try to ignore mess in my head it becames louder and it is screaming at me but I cant tr to controle it because when I am trying to catch up with everything that is going on I just loose myself there and in real life I have a problem to do anything, to move my body. Like I want to stand up and go get a glass of water but I cant because there is just so many things going on. Usually and fortunately it will pass in couple of seconds or minutes.There are so many things I cant even write it down. I know it is just in my head but it is overwhelming. I would like to have calm and peace but I dont know how. Sometimes I catn sleep because my head wont let me.
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    Here's the Scene from Book 4 when Rock finally uses his bond to the Sibling to get the power back on at Urithiru,
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    There was a silence to the air, and it was a silence of three parts. The first part was made by the things that were lacking. If there had been birds in the trees to sing, to croon and twitter into the night air, they would have filled the first silence with their colourful song. If there had been the sounds of wildlife, to break the silence as they cracked the brush under their feet in the forest... but there was no wildlife nearby, and so the first silence remained. The troupe stood staring at the embers of the fireplace. There was no clinking of pots as heapings of stew was doled out into the bowls of hungry travellers, no sounds of boisterous conversation as each of the troupe tried to outdo the others. There was only the ashes, and the sullen, sunken eyes. In doing so, they added a smaller, sullen silence to the first one. It made an alloy, of sorts - a counterpoint. The third silence was not an easy thing to notice. If you stood for an hour, you might begin to notice it - you could feel it in the trees hanging overhead and in the stones resting on the ground. It was in the slow air as it dusted by, holding the secrets it held of ages long since vanished to myth. And it was in the slowly dissipating ashes of the tents, as they slowly fell apart, decaying away and leaving nothing behind, except for the third silence. For this was the greatest silence of the three, wrapping the others inside itself. It was as deep and wide as autumns ending, as heavy as a great-river smooth silence. It was the sound of the troupe, waiting to die.
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    I think it important to be clear to everyone that I believe we as SE ought to be a welcoming community, an understanding community, and a compassionate community. I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment I feel this statement exudes. Drake has always shown himself to be an upstanding member of our community, and one that we should want to keep hold of. If we make passive aggressive remarks about absences, when it’s overwhelmingly likely that there’s a good reason for the absence, we create an expectant, accusatory atmosphere for the GM to return to. We have had instances of GMs leaving partway through a game, and if would be a terrible outcome if we were to shame GMs who disappear briefly and so incentivise their not returning. Fundamentally, people are human, and do respond to pressure. If Drake, or indeed any other GM, were having a difficult time personally, I think it quite reasonable to expect that a GM could feel too ashamed to return if players create this sort of atmosphere. Up to this point, it has been lovely to see people enjoying the thread and joking about lynches. I think this is the spirit we should seek to keep, not one of expectation and passive aggressiveness. NB: This is said without my mod hat on, but is based on my personal views. Seonid is the IM for this game.
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    As the troops began to search through the crowd, whispers began to spread. "Savages, marking the children! Did you see the brand on Sander's son? Disgusting"
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    When you're taking a class that breaks the action of buying stuff into three segments, and one of those segments is called cognitive, and you immediately forget the other two names in favor of spiritual and physical. Fortunately, they fit well.
  41. 9 points
    When your at a restaurant that has the initials WoB and you keep wondering what the heck words of Brandon chicken wings are.
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    Whenever you hear a word that's also a Shard name, you have to to repeat it. Brother: "God, you ruin everything!" Me: Ruin? Harry Potter: Slytherins are know for their resourcefulness and ambition and- Me: Ambition! Textbook: The tropical climate of the Caribbeans allowed for the cultivation of- Me: *slaps textbook* CULTIVATION!
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    When your stomach rumbles and you're like Stormfather is displeased.
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    Fringe Theory Here: Infinity War claimed to be the "most ambitious crossover in history", this got a lot of flak. But what if this was actually true? I personally believe that this is actually a huge cosmere story in disguise. What if each of the characters and their powers are actually using forms of Investiture? Their backstories have just been huge cover-ups for when Marvel reveals that Brandon has been writing the movies all along. The Infinity Gauntlet is actually a massively powerful fabrial. Each of the stones is a perfectly cut gemstone that most likely holds some form of godspren. Iron Man's suit's amazing ability to shape itself into whatever he wanted was waved away with the word "nanobots". However it makes a lot more sense that it is actually a form of Shardplate. Although we don't exactly know how Plate works, its quite likely that it could take the form of Iron Man armor. Tony Stark's flight can be attributed to the Surge of Gravitation. It makes no sense that a heavy suit of armor could fly under its own power solely relying on the little blaster things, so the idea that he is using lashings clears that up. The Shardplate is clearly augmented someway however, in order for it to shoot missiles and provide communications. Perhaps it is a blend of modern tech and Plate. In addition, the laser bursts he shoots could be simply something added onto the Plate, but since we are already assuming Stark has access to Gravitation, it is far more likely that the blasts are simply a blast of the Surge of Division. This would put Stark as a Skybreaker of at least the Fourth Ideal. This fits well with the fact that he was willing to bind the Avengers to the laws of the United Nations. The Hulk is some form of Hemalurgic Construct very similar to Koloss. His spikes allow him to Compound pewter, giving him crazy amounts of physical strength. I'm not sure where the spikes were placed in order to allow him to control his transformation. There is so little that we know about Hemalurgy and constructs that this is extremely plausible, especially because of the fact that Koloss turn blue. Thor's hammer and later his axe thing is a type 4 biochromatic entity. These extremely Invested objects have been given commands that allow only Thor to wield them. Captain America and a lot of other heroes are twinborn using Allomantic Pewter and Feruchemical Gold, allowing them to be stronger and heal faster. Rocket Racoon is a Kandra, not much more to say on this. Spider-Man is an extreme form of an Awakening Savant. He has created a type of extremely strong and lightweight string that he gives a command such as "Grab Things" I'm not sure which heightening he is at, but he clearly has a lot of power and skill in order to swing from line to line so effortlessly. Doctor Strange is using a magic system currently unseen in the cosmere, although it has numerous similarities to AonDor. In conclusion it is highly probable that all of the Marvel Heroes are using some form of shardic Investiture, I have no doubt that at some point it will be revealed that the MCU is part of the cosmere. Any holes or missing explanations in this theory will likely be explained in later cosmere novels.
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    Pass. Topic smashed. (Let's keep things family-friendly, please.)
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    RAFOnium that's Brandon's godmetal right?
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    Hello all, I, like many of you was introduced to Brandon through TWOT back in 2010. I took a few years off reading other books before I made my way back to Brandon. I really regret it. I picked up the Mistborn series in 2016 and I have since read every Cosmere book twice. This concept is so intriguing to me that I find myself thinking about the Cosmere often throughout my day. I know that there is so much to learn from other readers here so I look forward to interacting with all of you.
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    I ship Oathbringer spoilers with the Oathbringer spoiler board. Anyone who ships Oathbringer spoilers with the main Stormlight board is wrong. (In other words, this thread is not in the Oathbringer board, so please do not mention Oathbringer content.)
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    Hey guys! Long time Sanderson Fan, but new to the site. I don't know how often I'll be on but I'm excited to be part of the community. My favorite Sanderson Book is Oathbringer My favorite series is Stormlight My favorite Characters are Shallan, Pattern, Veil, Kaladin, Lopen, Rock, Vin (Mistborn), and Siri (Warbreaker) My favorite not Sanderson book is Eliza and her Monsters.
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    Steelheart: Firefight: Calamity: Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of the Ages: Warbreaker: Elantris: Sixth of the Dusk: The Emperor’s Soul: White Sand: Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell: STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE Kaladin’s Plot Arc: Shallan’s Plot Arc: Renarin’s Plot Arc: Jasnah’s Plot Arc: Lift’s Plot Arc: Sadeas’s Plot Arc: Stick’s Plot Arc:
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