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    An Open Letter to Soon to Be Inactive Sharders: Dear Sharders, If you know that you’re about to go inactive for several years, please post a status update with a Death Rattle (à la the Stormlight Archive.) Ideally it should be done ten to thirty seconds before logging off. I would very much like this to be a thing. Best regards, Archer
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    And out of nowhere... I'm a Sentient Awakened Object. On your level now, Clearcut! Thanks, everyone who gave me upvotes. I'm saving a giant mushy you-all-rock-and-the-Shard-has-changed-my-life for my one year anniversary (I haven't even been here a year yet? Wow, feels like so long and yet so little at the same time...), but again, thanks. CELEBRATION TIME COME ON!
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    I've been hearing more and more people, IRL and on the Shard, admit to having problems during the last half-year or so of my life. Bad ones. From depression, self-hate, and wanting to die to anxiety and not having friends. There's a lot I could say on this topic, but I'll just say this. Talk to someone. You are wanted; you are loved. Even if you can't tell, even if it seems like no one is there, know that we are here. There will always be someone here. I would also count God, but I know many of you aren't religious - for those of you who are, your deity(ies) is/are there for you. For those of you who don't believe, there's still someone. If anyone ever needs to talk about ANYTHING, say it on this status message, or PM me. No matter how bad it is in comparison to anyone else's issue. No matter how trivial you see it as being, or how crippling, I will be there. And I think I'm pretty accurate when I say that I am in no way alone in being there. We're all there; we're all HERE, for you. We will be your torches in the dark. We will be the driftwood keeping you afloat. We will talk with you. We can dispense virtual hugs (EMOJI NEEDED, RIGHT?), advice, roleplay opportunities (it's therapeutic and doctors can fight me). We will always be there. Always, for ANYONE, for any reason. Always here, here always. < World's Worst Ketek...but possibly, in its own way, a very good one. Always.
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    HEY HUMAN BEINGS OF THE SHARD: An actual status update from Ene, rather than just her saying stuff she can't on the forums? This is madness! But it's also what I've got for you today. From tomorrow afternoon to sometime Sunday, I will probably not have Shard access. I'm not certain. I'm going to Bear Lake, as a friend (who may or may not want me to disclose who they are) has invited me. So, well, at best hardly anything will happen. At worst, the bridal shower, another Alleyverse war, five assassinations, major disasters in half the RPs, and all the ships will happen while I'm gone. Which, I mean, none of that is really NEW - disasters, pshh, old news. Point being, I'll be back Sunday. I might be able to get on tomorrow morning too. Until then, try not to go too much crazier than y'all already are. *salutes* Keep calm and write on!
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    Well... I feel like it's time. In one of the many TUBA PM's, me and some people were talking, and I let slip a secret that some of you may or may not have seen before. It's been in my "About Me" on and off, and i left cryptic clues around the shard, but now I'm fully coming out. I'm a furry. A human being that inexplicibly likes anthropomorphized animals. I've been hesitant because of the mockery and scorn we get, but I'm feeling alright about this, now. I feel that many of you know me well enough to not let this cloud your judgement. I'm still the same Ink, now, you just know a little bit more about me. Feel free to ask questions or completely ignore this. Just thought it was time.
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    "As hilarious as this is, I think I got my username in 2003. (13 year old me is dumb.)" - Chaos That's the year I was born. The age gap here scares me.
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    Wait... I went from "Wyrn the King" to "Spinner"? I went from the ruler of the unified and unstoppable Fjordell Empire to a chromium Ferring, and that's considered an upgrade?! Meh, oh well. Just my l u c k, I guess. And for just a moment, a have a-reached 777... this will never happen again...
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    Just released a couple new Mistborn Soundtrack song bits...
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    And Sprene is gone. Fun while it lasted, as name changes usually are.
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    Dangit, my post count is... ...sigh... Once in a lifetime experience, at least. Enjoy the dankness while you still can.
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    Hi everyone! I’m not going to be on the Shard for the next three days — just wanted to say something in case someone started freaking out about the roast battles. ~ Ash
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    Master Ki is that one person in the Skybreakers.
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    Aww naw. I can't find the purple explosion image that was originally my profile photo. I can't go back now.
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    Just though you might want to know of this, if/when you get back. I don't know if you really check the RP anymore. Here is Lashwan's death scene, written by Zath. Credit where it's due, he did it really well, and pretty much held true to your original post. Bye, Lash! We miss you.
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    I'm leaving for the Grand Canyon, and I'll probably be back saturday night/sunday morning. I'll be on the shard a lot less frequently, so if it takes a while for me to respond, that's where I am. I'll try to read everything, but who knows?
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    I wonder if Brandon Sanderson would ever be asked by disney to write a book or series of books set in the Star Wars Universe? 1-3 books max?
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    On October 16th, 2018, I will have been on the Shard for six months. On that date, I will also do my 1,234th post. That post will be one of three things. 1. A large written post on the Longest Thread. 2. A large roleplay post. 3. Something else, suggested in this status update. So... in reference to #3, suggestions?
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    Does anyone want to post in my name on the "what you're known for" thread - since that sounds awesome? Since Ink's already been done...is there protocol for this? What do "I" say?
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    Hi! I listen to the podcast. I love it! It seems like a lot of u are writers. I was just wondering if there is any of ur stuff available to read or anything from the others on the staff.
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    Your next post will be your 1234!!
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    Hello. Haven't talked to you for a while.
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    HELP MEEEEEEE It's tomorrow and I still don't know what in Rust to do.
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    I'm not sure why I felt compelled to say this, but welcome to the Shard! (Hey, might as well do it here before a thread is made and I can't say anything anymore.) I like your name - it's clever. What books have you read? Favorite characters?
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    11 PMs is too many to have notifications for.
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    Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd I am at 1,233 posts. I have to wait eight more days. Before I can post. And I still don't have anything planned. Rust.
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    Question to the world: right at the top of where it says Recent Profile Visitors, it has a number of views. Is that time amount of times you yourself have looked profile?
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    Where are you buddy? Never said where you went or anything. You doing okay?
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    So, Ene and Kidpen have been trying to do special posts (1000, 2000, 1024, etc). Weeeeeellll, I have decided that since my 1000th post was lame, my 1,234th will be something special. Any suggestions on what to do?
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    I recommend reading the Nightwatcher thread before this. Ap, I'll forget about this End person if you forget about Galladon. (I blame the Nightwatcher! I wasn't even there!) Also, thanks. I'm glad you like the name. I was worried that it was silly when I first proposed it. Ashspren, don't tell him. (SORRY AP. SECRETS.)
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE: We need 2 to 3 more people for the Cosmere Character Roast Battle! I am going to close entry to the tournament in 24 hours, and just use the number of people that we currently have. If you would like to join, please sign up on the thread, or PM me. Thanks, Ashspren
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    Happy Birthday! Enjoy this delicious cake: On an unrelated note, Bob's retirement party got cancelled. And we have a new 'zero waste' policy. Anyways, enjoy your special day!
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    Bought 40 books this year, 100 more to go. For now, anyway.
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    Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one!
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