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    I reckon you won't see this for awhile, but I imagine when you do, you might smile. Happy birthday brother, the rest of your bloodthirsty cohorts (and occasional combatants) miss you dearly
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    I woke up to four or five inches of snow this morning. I expected a normal school day, or at least a ninety minute late-start. (Which is this weird thing my school district does that doesn't make any sense). I lived in Pocatello for five years, and went to Rexburg basically every weekend. There, the snow has to be about two feet for school to be cancelled. (That might be an exaggeration). When in Pocatello, I never had a snow day. But I went downstairs today, and my mom told me school was cancelled with five inches of snow!
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    I just finished tBoM, and am freaking out! It was super super good. (That was expected). What the heck? He did it again! I mean, ugh! And how?... What?... This is going to be a long wait. At least I can try to get my hands on a copy of WS2. I also went to a second hand bookstore yesterday, and got a copy of a book that is out of print, and the author has been gone for about forty years, for two dollars. It was awesome.
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    Got a new bird for my list on Saturday! This cute little guy is called a Pacific Wren.
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    At four today, I saw my first Marvel movie! It was Black Panther, and is really good. So, yay! And I started reading The Great Hunt, and took a big test today in English!
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    Two words: fabrial lightsabers.
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    My cousin wrote a musical! I'm such a derp for not mentioning it earlier so I could bug you all to go to it. But it was so good. (BTW, if you're in the SLC area tonight, you should go see it. )
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    Marvel has done it again. None of the Phase 3 films have been a misfire. BLACK PANTHER has broken $1 billion in the box office and is the second best Marvel film.
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    I'm crying right now. Why is this video so true?
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    I just put "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen through google translate then back again.
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    So! I'm new to the fandom. Well, mostly. I just finished Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Edgedancer, and Oathbringer. Now, I'm starting Mistborn. ...I hope tears are not involved. I'm only like 90 pages in and I really want a montage of everytime "Kelsier smiled."
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    Think I might move to Canada soon; with Cruz dropping out of the presidential race, we're just about guaranteed to have a Trump nomination
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