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    Memorized the first 63 digits of pi! I'm not sure why I did but I'm proud of myself!
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    Happy fourth of July! Goodnight.
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    Completely slipped my mind yesterday, but yesterday was the one year marker of the Knights of the Cosmere. We are still an active role play (kinda), which is sayin a lot.
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    Let it be known that I have returned from my long absence on the Shard! School is over, and I'm allowed full use of my computer, without restrictions, once more! All I must say is: GO TUBA!
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    WOW! THREE Candidates in Alleyverse Election REVEALED and We Can’t Unsee It (#1 will surprise you). CLICK BELOW!: P.S. Vote for me please! Thank you for taking the time to read this not-so-subtle plea for votes. Here's a pair of pensive pangolins for your trouble.
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    Would this be OK for an character for the Role playing game? (I Haven't written short story yet Name: Phoenix Epic Phys Des: Tall, 20 years old, has blond unkempt hair, hair and hazel eyes. Always has a cigar and tends to take it out before a fire blast. Male Des: Generally a good guy. Tends to be arrogant. Powers Weapons Summoning: Can summon two flaming katanas. Fire-Blasting: Can shoot fire out of hands and mouth. Incorporeal: Can change body into fire reflexively and on command. Weakness Chemical Burns
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    If your name isn't Alicia, then what is it?
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    I like the new pic! Very suave, in a disembodied sort of way
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    If each Stormlight novel increases in length following a mathematical pattern, then book 10 might actually be longer than all the other Stormlight novels combined
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