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    Hey y'all, thanks for the writeup! As the composer (not orchestrator) of the lullaby, I thought I'd chime in for context if you were curious. I actually wrote the piece based on the preview chapters before release. I knew Brandon's father in law wrote the lyrics, and I thought it would be fun to set to music before the book came out, so a reader who searched for it while reading would have at least one take on how it could sound. Because of that, I had NO clue about Shallan singing it again. So, when I wrote it, it was from the perspective of a broken man comforting a child during a highstorm. The second, orchestral part, was me imagining zooming out from the residence and sensing the scale of the storm sweeping across Roshar, and eventually diminishing as they always have. That being said, the cool thing about art is that it can evoke anything and it's never wrong, really, because every experience and listener is different (see Hoid storytelling to Kal, for example). I hope you enjoy and thanks for supporting the project! -Alex
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    Señor Brandon? Es is me, Argenito, unrelated to that fool Argent. Spare a few WoBs?
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    All y'all better like me or I'll cry.
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    Hey guys, I now ship Hoidonalsium. And yes, thank for reminding me I'm supposed to be making that.
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    Argent trying to go disguised to cons, undetected by Brandon, is exactly how I imagine Hoid trying to go to Nalthis, undetected by Edgli.
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    Great episode guys. Now I can't stop imagining variations of Hoid going through Nalthian Customs in progressively more over the top disguises, some of which involve lightweaving, none of which actually fool Endowment
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    I definitely didn't just buy five shirts or anything...
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    While this doesn't add much to the Cosmere, my goodness does it feel good to read something in the Cosmere that I hadn't before.
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    Congratulations on your seventh pile.
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    I really like the totally unintended, accidental implication you guys made that Adonalsium was Hoid's loved one.
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    Destroying an entire world?
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    I never really felt that Azure's decision to part ways was a plot hole, because... 1) She thinks they're on a fool's errand. In her opinion, their plan is terrible. And really it was. If Dalinar hadn't opened up a way, they'd have been screwed. If she thinks they're going to travel a few days in the wrong direction only to turn back around... Why would she go with them? 2) They supposedly know where Vasher is... But he's probably not that hard for her to track down. She might already know where he is. So it's not like she needs to go with them to find him. Heck, if she didn't know she could have just asked them. 3) She also probably knows that Vasher and Nightblood have been separated. She outright explains before leaving that the Honorspren have information about the sword. Seems pretty clear to me that she considers Nightblood her primary target. Not surprising. So even if the others DID have a good plan AND were headed straight for Vasher, that's not her top objective at the moment. 4) Lastly, after abandoning Kholinar I think she really wants to stay and help the Honorspren fight the Fused giving chase. Add it all together and I think her decision absolutely is the most logical one for her character.
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    Noooo i was trying to SAVE MONEY
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    I feel mean for thinking this - sorry Reckoners fans, but I'm way more excited for this book than I was for more Reckoners books
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    It's the one I gave to Brandon!
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    I have the best friend. I got excited about these shirts and showed her the one with Harmony’s symbol. I love Harmony/Sazed so much, then she asked if I would be okay if she bought it for my birthday. Yep that just happened. Can’t wait to wear it.
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    That general link doesn't work for me. The link for the SA and Drominad T-Shirt do but when I click on "Brandon Sanderson" on any of these two pages I get back to an empty page. Anybody knows what causes this?
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    I'm interested in the pomegranate! Partly for finding something so 'Earthly' in the Cosmere (although, I suppose there are chickens!) and partly for its significance in Greek Mythology - Demeter and Persephone and Hades? Hoid looking to restore what was lost? It sort of felt like there were parallels between Demeter's desperate attempts to find and restore her daughter, Persephone (some versions of the myth have her disguising herself to infiltrate places where she might get information which felt very Hoid-like). And Persephone - who, thanks to eating pomegranate seeds, is forced to exist between two realms - her mother's realm above ground and Hades' realm, the underworld. I have no idea if that has any Comere significance but I though it was interesting!
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    Stuff like this is why I constantly wish for Hoid short stories. It keeps the Cosmere train going while temporarily sating our hunger for Hoid moments.
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    forgot which graphic audio i heard first- but, gifted it to my wife so she could enjoy some of Brandon's works. I've since then gotten all of them. Can't wait until they produce all of them, as I don't think I could stand only hearing Part 1 without being able to dive right into the rest of the book. The team at Graphic Audio is awesome.
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    I transcribed this tidbit (accidentally spelling Traveler like an English in the process), and it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was writing this story with Brandon! The unimportant thing I noticed was that Hoid is constantly pointing or holding up a finger. My mental image of Hoid is now a man without one finger permanently extended.
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    Or its cause he is a dragon
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    Pure awesomeness, that's what. KENTON. KENTON. GET ME MY BOOMBOX. I would totally listen to an hour long 17th Shard productions presents podcast.
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    Krell? That sounds suspiciously similar to Trell. Skyward is Cosmere confirmed. s/. Edit: that cover is absolutely gorgeous.
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    Which universe is this shared with?
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    Oh my. I'll provide you with some prompts which should enable you to finish the story on your own: I just moved. I just put all my clothes into my new wardrobe. I just made a mental note, that six piles of t-shirts is enough. This news.
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    "unintended" I'll reach out to Isaac right away and see if I can share those. I've been waiting to get the video done before I release everything, but it's probably better to just show you guys the photos as quickly as possible and deal with the video when @Overlord Jebus stitches it together.
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    Any chance we can get a source on the Happy Birthday glyphs? Since Valentines I've been glyphing to my SO who's working their way through Stormlight, and their birthday is coming up!
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    I just appreciate the little porg there.
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    ok @Darontal, I think the water one might be in the horneater peaks, because Rock mentions that anyone who swims in the emerald lakes (I think that's what they're called?) can see spren.
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    I have finished listening yet, but it suddenly occurred to me that the Dustbringer epigraphs might have a sinister meaning. "Good night, dear Urithuru. Good night, sweet Sibling, Good night, Radiants." Now, when do people usually say good night? It could be when you yourself or going to bed. Or, it is a parent saying good night to their child as they put them to bed. Could it be that this Dustbringer is playing an instrumental role in putting Urithuru, the Sibling, and the Radiants to sleep? So anyway, yes, it could be a sweet, sad saying, or it could be the sing-song cadence of a psychopath about to do something terrible. It's hard to tell without context.
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    On Dalinar saying he hadn't seen a Dawncity, he says that immediately before he has his vision of Nohadon which is set in Kholinar so while it may have been right at the time but (if we assume Kholinar is one) it was pretty immediately invalidated
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    Just finished this up. The Dalinar flashbacks are awesome in graphic audio.
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    I cannot recommend Graphic Audio enough. I love them. I own GA renditions of Elantris, Warbreaker, and all the Mistborn books. The only reason I haven't picked up any of the Alcatraz or Stormlight Graphic Audios is because of budget restraints. But they are at the top of my birthday/christmas/free-spending wishlists! Also, I really hope they do the Reckoners someday. The Reckoners would make sweet GAs. (As a side note, does anyone know if they used the same voice actors for the Warbreaker characters that have cameos in SA? I hope so. One of my greatest fears with these is that they will miss the cameos and use different voice actors)
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    I am a huge fan of the Stormlight Ga. I appreciate everything the GA crew does and I think that any fan of audiobooks should check out the Stormlight Archive renditions.
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    Splintering a shard, maybe? Ati almost succeeded with Leras, and that would most definitely be a breach Rayse/possibly Bavadin had committed, making them worthy of Hoid’s ire. Also, I agree that the Topaz and Original Hoid could be candidates for loss/ death, but knowing Brandon, this whole story is probably filled with red herrings, in order to throw us off.
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    I agree with this. It sounds more like him justifying why Rayse is so incredibly dangerous. We know from the letters Hoid mentions Ati was once a kind and generous man, whereas Rayse is a crafty and loathsome individual. I think this is more of the same, saying, 'Ati was a great guy and he nearly did something terrible. Rayse is clearly a problem we need to be dealing with!' I also wonder if the thing or person that Hoid lost, such that he now has this vendetta, relates to his conversation in TWOK with Kaladin. He mentions two of his names - Topaz, named after a beautiful gem that became worthless by his wearing it, and Hoid, stolen from someone he should have loved.
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    Mraize has a white branch which is confirmed to be Yolen, so I expect this to be the same. As a note Frost is indeed a dragon so that metal is likely Dragonsteel. There is no evidence he holds a Shard and lots of evidence to the contrary.
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    ...what the HECK was that at the end?!!!
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    Looks like it's going to be a close call if this thing gets funded or not. 14 days left a barely half of the money raised.
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