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    Señor Brandon? Es is me, Argenito, unrelated to that fool Argent. Spare a few WoBs?
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    All y'all better like me or I'll cry.
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    All the talk of the dead spren, mentioning the word "deadeye" over and over, made my mind go off in interesting directions. "The Knights Radiant?" Lukaren asked. "An ancient order," Master Khonobi said in a solemn tone. "They once kept peace throughout the Cosmere, wielding mighty Shardblades and the power of the Investiture." "The Investiture? What's that?" "A force that permeates all things, and binds the Cosmere together." Lukaren blinked, slowly digesting this new information. "And you say my father was one of these... Knights Radiant?" "Anekal was one of the greatest of their number," Master Khonobi nodded, "until he was destroyed by the evil Darth Sader, a fallen Radiant who was seduced by the Voidish side of the Investiture, to become what is known as a Deadeye Knight..."
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    I also don't care for the Spook/Beldre relationship for the same reason I hated Padme/Anakin: I don't think whining is attractive. I hazard to guess that most other women are not into whining. Listening to a guy whine about himself makes me want to slap him, not kiss him. While I enjoy Wayne as a character, I don't really like being in his viewpoint, sounds like I'm not alone there! I think the way he treats Steris and women in general is intentional. So often sexist behavior is only something villains do in books and they are super creepy at it. This kind of casual objectification is more representative of what most women experience so it is more realistic. And guys who do this aren't monsters, sexism isn't perpetuated by monsters, it is perpetuated by ordinary people who don't see it as a big deal. I figure if characters don't annoy me sometimes then they aren't very realistic because humans annoy me. I just thought of a beef from Oathbringer, but it's spoilerific:
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    Hey guys, I now ship Hoidonalsium. And yes, thank for reminding me I'm supposed to be making that.
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    I think Iyatil's job as babsk is mostly limited to off-world things. Mraize can make decisions by himself while on Roshar, but he listens to her while off-world. Seeing Kaladin use Stormlight and surges pushed the listeners into taking up stormform, so maybe that's the reasoning behind Nale's flawed logic. You guys didn't include Worldsingers on your list of potential secret societies? Here's what I got from this podcast: Sons of Honor- Start the Desolation to bring back the Heralds. Worst plan ever. The Diagram- Negotiate with Odium. Worst plan ever. Skybreakers- Listen to an insane Ishar. Worst plan ever. Envisagers- Try to kill yourself to become Knights. Worst plan ever.
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    It's funny because Brandon has talked about how half of the South has the exact same complaint, and the other half is excited that he actually got it right. (I think @FeatherWriter is one of "all y'all" Southerners, but don't quote me on that)
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    @WeiryWriter's beef with the commercial was the best beef in the episode. I also didn't like the counting the main characters moment. My main issue, however, was that Adolin was standing right there and everyone just ignored him as useless. Sure, he's not a Radiant, but he's possibly the best Shardblade fighter on Roshar. Storming use him in the fight. I don't like most of the romances that much. Siri/Susebron and Wax/Steris are good, but everything else is meh at best. It's not Cosmere, but I have beef with Nalizar from the Rithmatist. His character is basically just Snape, and the reveal about him at the end was unnecessary and predictable.
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    Shout out to @Hydra who sent me this:
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    My name is Zane. This was an interesting podcast to listen to.
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    I really like the totally unintended, accidental implication you guys made that Adonalsium was Hoid's loved one.
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    Each week I'm like "I hope they have another one, but what could it be about? They've covered so much." then I see the episode title and go "Oh yeaaaahhh". I agree with Ian that random people have some they aren't telling anyone about, like Liss, Some probably are buried under crem or underwater. I think there are too many missing for that to account for all of them though. Some group is probably hoarding a bunch of them. I think that group would have to be a group that doesn't use them much at all or we would know about them by now. My best guess is either the Shin or Skybreakers. The Shin are peaceniks and we know they hoard Honorblades. The Skybreakers would have known about the Recreance at the time and may have snatched up as many dead shards as they could either out of practical or sentimental concerns. Bonded Skybreakers already have a blade and can't use the dead blades without hearing screaming, so they would just sit on them. If the Skybreakers are hoarding a bunch and Nale has gone over to the Singers then I would expect to see Fused running around with them in book 4.
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    I'm one of the minority who believes that Kelsier's revival was a really bad idea. It undermined so much of the good stuff from the Mistborn Trilogy that i thought made that trilogy really work(aside from the tight culmination to the ending of course ). Apart from his deus ex machina ruining the meaning of one of Sazed's epigraphs that was what encompassed the theme of original trilogy there was so many events in the trilogy that was represented as fighting against the bitter end which was Spooks/Gorodels/Marsh story and contribution in beating Ruin. Kelsier playing behind the scenes and having a hand on those undermined the climax of those characters that was supposed to be their own contribution on the culmination of all things. A grand effort in finally beating Ruin. It ruined the meaning of "passing the baton" which has been a theme of Mistborn. Which was supposed to be what Kelsier and Rashek was mostly about but Kelsier ruined the meaning of that and Rashek didn't. I loved mistborn as a culmination of all things that lead to the most important event(the ascension of the Hero of Ages and the caretaker that the people who suffered so much finally deserved. Sazed) but not as a bloody Kelsier show. One man shows are fine but undermining other characters efforts if it was what made the story special is just terrible. His revival most of all cheapened the meaning of the single most climactic event in the TFE that was the circumstances of his finality(or should've been). It was one the best things i've read in all fiction until it was not because of Secret History. Still a powerful execution but no longer the best thing. Not all characters have to be "greater scope characters". We already have a conspiracy(pulling strings from behind or playing the background) character which is Hoid. We also have characters who made sense and wasn't detrimental on them going to the greater scale story which was Marsh, the kandra and Sazed(especially him.. the entire trilogy was his setup for the greater game). Not Kelsier, he's supposed to stay dead. I know it's supposed to fill the missing link between the time of Leras death and Vin's ascension but it could've been setup better or Well that's my absolute #1 complain RANT OVER
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    Ian was too quick to say he doesn't pay Grace.
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    Ghost Bloods Ghost = Cognitive Shadow Blood = Hemalurgy Therefore Hemalurgic Cognitive Shadow group = Kelsier's secret group
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    Make $80K from HOME by commenting on 17th Shard and specifically Shardcast! The Shardcast crew (specifically the generous @Chaos) will pay your salary! You will not believe the opportunities! Click here for more details!!!! Lots of fun and interesting things in the episode! I'm with @Child of Hodor that the Gem that Hoid wears may be the missing piece alluded to. Aluminum the "dead metal". Makes me think it was was Adonalsium's God Metal, and now that he's dead and no longer has an insanely infinite amount of Investiture flowing through him it cannot live. That WoB you read, make me thing Brandon was trying to hint that the weapon was THE Dawnshard (the answer is always Dawnshards, right?) But once combined to be one massive weapon, now shattered into the Dawnshards making them components. Probably wrong, but fun to think. Thanks for the weekly fill of Cosmere talk!
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    Really small nitpick, could you guys please stop casually dropping Wheel of Time spoilers? I'm half way through the series and have to scramble to fast forward every time.
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    This may be a stupid question, but why do we think it's common knowledge which Spren were associated with which Radient Orders? The average person probably knew about the 10 orders, but did they necessarily know there were specific Spren that bonded different types of Knight? It seems the typical Vorin on the street knew that the Radients: 1) Used to be good 2) Had Shards 3) Went bad Assuming Taravingian is speaking as if he didn't have any special knowledge, I don't think he could say "Yes, the half-shards use Bindspren (for example), which of course were the Spren that a Stoneward would bond. So this particular type of Spren may have in another time formed a Nahel bond with that particular kind of Knight Radient." So either he's speaking much more knowledgeably than would fit with his cover story, or I grossly misjudged how much people knew about the Radients. I think either he's talking with knowledge he can't explain having in an attempt to frazzle Dalinar, or with he's just talking about Spren as a whole.
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    It really seems like the only way to read it is that half-shards are filled with sentient spren. There isn’t any reason to read it another way. I’m very shocked only one person was arguing for this position. The text clearly says that those spren may have once blessed a radiant, and there’s no reason to believe this conversation was a fake-out. This entire book is about ethics, and radiant spren being used in Fabrials is par for the course so far. Anyway, I found this episode quite frustrating and wanted to turn it off quite frequently. I can’t fathom why the majority of the casters refused to accept there was likely slavery going on (and that it was very likely). The amount of mental scaffolding required to disprove the idea is not compelling in any way: “maybe Mr.T was lying and Dalinar didn’t understand and the Stormfather had bad gas at that exact moment and we agree it’s possible but for some reason it is not happening here for unrevealed reasons”... Me.T could be wrong, but the reader is supposed to believe he is right.
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    This WoB made me laugh given the complaints on the podcast. Zane was designed to be "edgy". He is the Poochie of the Cosmere. Zane died on the way back to his home planet.
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    This was such an excellent take on Vin and Dalinar. You encapsulated everything I felt and what I think Brandon was going for when he writes these scenes, and I couldn't agree more. Vin might be my favourite character in the cosmere, and while there is a sense of pride in watching her prowess it's also horrific to think about the devastation she's capable of. One of my favourite scenes in The Final Empire was when she went to Kredik Shaw to kill the Lord Ruler and instead of killing Goradel she convinced him to leave, in direct contrast to what Kelsier would have done. A lot of Mistborn era 1 is about finding a 'balance', be that between Preservation and Ruin (as Harmony accomplishes) or in things like morality. Vin's journey in particular fascinated me as she tried to find the balance in protection and destruction, culminating as you said in her destroying to protect. This article ties it all up together beautifully, and was a wonderful read.
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    @Windrunner, you should voice Navani in the Graphic Audio Oathbringer. It was a very convincing interpretation.
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    Another question worth asking is if there is anything on Braize worth breaking, stealing, or interrupting. If all or most of the Singers are in the Everstorm, then could a team be sent to Braize to mess stuff up there? Braize seems undefended, and there must be some tactical value to wrecking stuff over there. Can anything be done to a shardpool? Maybe Odium needs his to do what he does.
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    Going to have to agree with this statement. I second this motion!
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    Kalak's phantoms is my new favorite crossover
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    Could the thing that gave Hoid immortality be the gem whose name he was using as his own in Dragonsteel? Sidenote: could the gem be what he is trying to bring to life again that Frost refers to in The Traveler? My first reaction when I read that WoB about the weapon not existing in it's current form and being what made Hoid immortal was that the question was too broad. "Magic" guys. They used magic to kill Adonalsium and Hoid is immortal because of magic and magic is different than it was pre-shattering, in other words not in it's original form. But, Brandon said it was expended, which is more specific and made me think of the gem.
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    What if the Shin believe stone is sacred because they are from floating cities in Ashyn? They wouldn’t be able to walk on stone in floating cities so it makes sense it would be viewed as sacred there. Their xenophobia could mean they still have memories or beliefs from Ashyn.
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    Immagine this. Zahel/Vasher has the missing blades. He has them all. He has bonded them all, and is waiting for the right moment to bring them into play. He figures out how to awaken using storm light. He goes to the capitals of world and goes to the tombs of the soulcast heroes and kings of old and awakens stone soldiers and gives them each a shardblade (or two). He keeps them hidden and amasses his army which he decides to call Kalak's Phantoms, mostly because he can't think of a better name. There's a pitched battle where there are dozens, no, hundreds of thunderclasts and the Radiants are about to be overwhelmed and Kalak's Phantoms swarm out of no where to make short work of the thunderclasts. End scene.
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    I wonder if the Stormfather would actually deliberately use storms to sweep the Blades into places where they wouldn't be found. He was of course outraged at men breaking their oaths, and probably wouldn't want these Honor-less humans using the corpses of his children for personal gain. We know he has some control over the highstorms, particularly when he used the Highstorm wind to guide Kaladin back to Urithiru, and of course when he summoned the Highstorm at the battle of Narak to clean up the corpses of the humans, as a perceived kindness. Could be a very similar intention there. I certainly think the Skybreakers are most well-positioned to have gotten them. They were already a very powerful and organized force at the time, after the rest of the Knights disbanded possibly the most powerful force on Roshar. I could see them making a sweep of Roshar during the post Recreance chaos and confiscating most of Blades (probably charging the owners with grand larceny and murder as well while they did). Any police force wouldn't want a huge number of weapons of mass destruction lying around, and Shardblades certainly qualify, even if they had no intention of actually using them. Also I wonder if a Knight of a high enough level could sense dead blades. Of course Radiants hear the screams when they touch one, but I suppose by that logic a Radiant of a high enough level could detect them somehow even without direct contact. That would certainly help groups like the Skybreakers collect them. That's a completely sourceless theory, just something off the top of my head. Also I'd be disinclined to think that Iri has a massive hoard of Shardblades, because then they wouldn't be so upset when Evi left and took her Plate with her. I guess its possible they had tons of Blades but little Plate, but I got the impression this was a Benedict Arnold level of treason for her to leave with her Plate, not a "eh somebody left with their Shard, now we only have 999 left" event.
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    I was waiting for the KENTON, BRING ME MY BOOMBOX sound....
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    When I read that line the first time I thought Tarangian was pretty clearly saying half-shards contained spren that were capable of forming the Nahel bond - I was shocked when I heard this episode and realised other people had a totally different interpretation. While Taravangian clearly isn't the most trustworthy person around, I don't see why he would lie to Dalinar about that. Taravangian tends to mix his lies with truths, like in the end of Oathbringer when Dalinar confronts him and he 'confesses' to his machinations.
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    I also agree with this idea, and if it is in fact Stoneward spren that are being used, that might explain why Stonewards have been so absent. Another fact to consider is that the half-shards are developments within the last 6 years, which as shown by Jasnah, is about the time that spren began to sense the incoming Desolation and act to form new Nahel Bonds, so it is plausible that these are Radiant spren.
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    I would also love a "bests" shardcast.
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    I'm shocked that nobody on the podcast or in the comments has mentioned Amaram yet. The way his character was handled in Oathbringer was awful. On a scale from off-putting to rage-inducing, his arc was a solid "Why even have motivations if they are going to totally reverse off-screen?" with an added dose of "Sure, let's melt the brain of this personally meaningful antagonist, then remove him from the series with an unfulfilling fight scene." Graaah! For the record, I was not on the Amaram hate train prior to OB. I liked his character and wanted too see where he went. Apparently he went to become the level 1 mini-boss and retconned his own life story in the process.
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    It really bothers me how brass stores heat and electrum stores determination, where it should be switched. The feruchemical table would line up so nicely otherwise and this error makes it feel sloppy.
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    You're coming close to being killed. I sat and pronounced Eric the two ways for a solid minute.
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    I also had a problem with Zane. I disliked all the interactions between Zane and Vin because I saw it as unneeded teenage love drama. I understand that Vin didn't have the best childhood growing up and that stunted her, but dear god I hated hearing her second guessing Elend through all of those parts. I did enjoy him messing with Straff so I'll give him that
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    Soulbearer Ferring Compounder. You store your Investiture that you get while burning Nicrosil, then burn the metalmind created this way. You end up with a massive burst of Investiture, which you then store a portion of in a metalmind, burn the metalmind, rinse and repeat. If I'm getting this right, you can literally steal the entire investiture of Harmony, Ascending because of the high levels of investiture, and take his place. I'm going to find myself some hemalurgic spikes and have a "chat" with your Terris Soulbearer friend.
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    'Imagine if Donald Trump ... That would be hilarious.' So some people here seem to be able to look in to the future
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    @Army of Sheep Here Here!! It would be sweet if that were the case. But we will see Vasher and Nightblood cross paths again which will be just as sweet as your proposed scenario! ( I hope so anyways!)
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    We can’t forget that Ico kept his deadeye father locked in a room in the cargo hold of his ship so he wouldn’t wander off “in search of the human carrying his corpse.” I guess that means at least one blade wouldn’t be able to materialize. And Ico’s ship burned. I wonder how many other deadeye spren are locked away in Shadesmar.
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    Love this wiki and thanks for the shoutout!
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    Thanks @ladymxdnight! And I love that point about Vin and Goradel!
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    Yeah, I was disappointed with how he went out in Oathbringer. I was expecting more for him to do. Brandon said that Amaram was originally going to die in WoR, but then Brandon decided to kill Sadeas off in WoR instead. Brandon was done with Amaram in WoR. He kept him around to swap him in for Torol Sadeas' as leader of House Sadeas for a book. Amaram didn't have much to do that was unique to him. Moash is being set up as Kaladin's personal antagonist, possibly in the contest of champions. I found Amaram more interesting as a character. I don't think he was working for Odium until after WoR. Ialai Sadeas mentions to Adolin and Shallan early in OB that Amaram was caught out in the Everstorm on his way to Urithiru and he needed time to rest up from it. It seems like Amaram may have had a face to face with Odium for the first time there and Odium turned him at that point. Aside from that he was influenced by Odium via the Thrill like Dalinar and so many others. Prior to getting caught in the Everstorm he was trying to return the Heralds and prepare to fight Voidbringers as a member of the Sons of Honor. I did like his last exchange with Dalinar before he turned into a monster where he admits he can't forgive himself. He couldn't face the guilt and probably gave his pain to Odium. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/132-faqfriday-2017/#1876 From WOB #9: Brandon Sanderson ETA: Szeth originally died permanently in the end of Words of Radiance. I also changed my mind to let Amaram live in the scene with the poison dart. Adolin killed off Sadeas instead.
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