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    Put together this spreadsheet based on the Statistical Analysis data on Coppermind: Stormlight Analysis (2018-9-7).xlsx. The Oathbringer data I entered myself when the book was released, so I feel pretty confident in that. Not certain about the other two, but I expect they're fairly accurate. Had to enter in the Edgedancer data for this myself, along with character genders. Otherwise it was just minor edits, separating the data, etc. Some fun charts I put together with it below. Let me know if you'd like to see any other interesting comparisons and don't feel like doing it yourself. Spoilers: There aren't any real spoilers below, UNLESS you don't want to know which characters appear in future books or how much screen time they get. If you don't want to know that, you've been warned. (as someone pointed out on Discord, I've lumped femalen listeners in with female. might be some other odd cases that I overlooked.)
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    No Backlog Progress Man, I picked a bad time to start this blog up again. WorldCon was less than a week old at the time of my last blog post. And then in September there was the HUGE FanX (with, like, 20 hours of audio when it was all said and done) and a very dense Legion release party. Add in the Read for Pixels live chat, this surprise Reddit Skyward AMA, and all the Brandon social media since June, I haven't had any time to look at the other backlog items. Those above-mentioned events still aren't done completely, and November will kick off with the Skyward tour. So... I'll at least try to do some stuff and update my percentages next month. But no promises. But at least it was because there was so much new stuff. It's not that I'm lazy - it's that Brandon has been entirely too generous, and the fans have been entirely too good at getting his appearances on audio. First Shardworld Problems.
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