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    Important note: This list would be far less complete if not for the efforts of everyone who helped me compile it. Specifically thankyou to: Awesomeness Summoned, Delightful, Argent, PorridgeBrick, Kurkistan, Quiver, Green Hoodie Mistborn, Senor Feesh, Observer, ccstat, Swimmingly, Alvron, Metacognition, The Only Joe, GreyPilgrim, Aether, jasonpenguin, Mailliw73, Moodle, Tempus, Baine, Kobold King, LeftInch, Sir Jerric, Tensoon, Ashiok, Theorymaker, Seonid, Shaggai, TheYoungBard, Curiosity, Snoopy, Voidus, Frosted Flakes, Kasimir, Shallan. (Let me know if I missed you.) Hokay, for those who want to know the ranks, I looked through everyone who had at least 10 posts. Here are my findings. 10000+ God Beyond 9000 9999 Adonalsium 8500 8999 Hero of Ages 8192 8499 The Broken One 7800 8191 Shard 7500 7799 Splintered Shard 7200 7499 Splinter 6800 7199 Dragon 6400 6799 Stormfather 6000 6399 Herald 5700 5999 Sliver 5350 5699 Nightwatcher 5000 5349 Worldhopper 4750 4999 God of Color 4500 4749 Lord Ruler 4250 4499 Unmade 4096 4249 Dawnshard 3761 4095 Prime 3500 3760 Lerasium Mistborn 3250 3499 Bondsmith 3000 3249 Voidbringer 2750 2999 Knight Radiant 2500 2749 Most Ancient 2250 2499 Steel Inquisitor 2048 2249 Mistborn 1900 2047 Taracin Superstar 1800 1899 Dawnsinger 1700 1799 Rambleman 1600 1699 Savant 1550 1599 Gerontarch 1500 1549 Midnight Essence 1450 1499 Listener 1400 1449 Enefel 1370 1399 Kalad's Phantom 1338 1369 Compounder 1337 So l337 Hoid Can't Compete 1300 1336 Surgebinder 1260 1299 Radiant Squire 1220 1259 Kandra 1180 1219 Twinborn 1145 1179 Returned 1111 1144 Scadrian Waffle Cook 1080 1110 Stone Shaman 1050 1079 Cryptic 1024 1049 HonorSpren 1000 1023 Sentient Awakened Object 980 999 Truthless 950 979 Highprince 920 949 Worldbringer 890 919 Full Feruchemist 860 889 Full Shardbearer 830 859 Shardbearer 800 829 Seer 777 799 Spinner 760 776 Wyrn the King 730 759 Elantrian 700 729 Originator 667 699 Svrakiss 666 Torturer of Heralds 650 665 Shade 625 649 Soulcaster 600 624 Forger 575 599 Dakhor Monk 550 574 lord Prelan 512 549 King's Wit 496 511 Son of Honor 475 495 Vanisher 450 474 King's Tester 425 449 Ghostblood 400 424 Envisager 375 399 Artifabrian 350 374 Ferring 325 349 Stormwarden 300 324 Bloodsealer 278 299 Silent Gatherer 256 277 Misting 225 255 Arbiter 200 224 Gyorn 180 199 High prelan 160 179 Oldblood 145 159 Cobalt Guard 128 144 Hazekiller 110 127 Forescout 100 109 Houselord 90 99 Babsk 80 89 Prelan 75 79 Arteth 70 74 Idrian Monk 64 69 Obligator 56 63 Lighteyes 50 55 Grand 45 49 Noble 40 44 Crew Leader 32 39 Ardent 25 31 Pahn Kahl 20 24 Awakened Object 16 19 Noble-Blooded 10 15 Bridgeman 7 9 Spearman 5 6 Darkeyes 2 4 Skaa 0 1 Spren -1 -2 Negaspren -3 -5 Lifeless -6 -10 Hoed -15 -19 ? Beheaded Inquisitor -20 -24 ? Rotting Chull Carcass -24 -25 Lamespren -32 -91 Zucchini -117 -118 Chasmfiend Corpse I'll update this as we learn more We now know them all! I like the new levels. Good work Chaos Please don't ask me how long that took. Current lowest Unknown rep: nonexistant. We're so close to getting them all =D Edit: Wooohooo first popular post Later edit: For the record, at the time I added that comment 10 rep was a little more exciting Another edit: The lower rep ranks have changed at some point, I don't know where all of the new boundaries are yet.
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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Team Sanderson for letting 17S do this!
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    I totally saw Brandon the other day, and he was getting drunk on stormlight. He was so drunk that when I offered to help him carry the giant vats of concrete he was lugging around (don't ask), he just handed me some notes on his plans for Stones Unhallowed and walked away. Being a loyal fan of Brandonalsium, I decided to do the only logical thing and post what will happen in the next book for all to see. I hope you enjoy having Stormlight Archive #3 ruined for you! - The prologue is Elhokar at the party where Gavilar died. He notices Dalinar following the codes as Gavilar said. Then, the two mysterious men convince him to trick Dalinar into getting completely wasted. He gets Dalinar drunk, then gives Szeth directions to Gavilar's room, gives Sadeas the handbook on how to stop the Desolations (it was the only one of its kind, and Sadeas destroys it), gives Venli the tip that she needs to unlock Stormform, and gives Darkness a list of crimes committed by all Surgebinders so that he can kill them. Adolin is also revealed to have dated Shallash. - In present day, the Ghostbloods say that Shallan must find true love if she wants to join them. She angsts over whether she loves Kaladin or Adolin. - Kaladin flies in to Hearthstone in the middle of Roshone's marriage to Laral (it was a really long engagement). Roshone has now grown an evil goatee and intends to push his new button that gives supreme power to Odium once he gets married. Kaladin bursts in and gives his objection right before the vows. Everyone cheers that Kaladin saved the day, only for a brick to knock him out. - Jasnah has to babysit Baby Odium, the suckling child from WoK Chapter 57's Death Rattle. - Szeth decides to chase his dream and become a rockstar. It is revealed in his flashbacks that everyone in Shinovar discouraged this dream because stone was sacred. Szeth was sad, but then he saw someone Soulcasting some grass into a guitar. Using the guitar, he rocked out, singing that the end was coming. He was made Truthless because his music was too loud. - It's revealed that Lirin has turned evil and crowned himself Emperor of Hearthstone. Kaladin, Roshone, Laral, Jost's Dad, and Hesina team up to stop Lirin from upgrading the Voidbringers into the Super Voidbringers. However, when Kaladin tries to fight him, Lirin goes Super Saiyan and defeats Kaladin, telling him that he has to unlock more true potential. - Dalinar confesses that he doesn't remember his wife, only to find out that her name actually is "Shshshshshshsh". - Jasnah runs into a hat-obsessed man who likes drinking metal, claims that two and two equals pickle, can regenerate and slow time, is a master of disguise, and hates guns. Brandon's notes indicate that he is indeed a worldhopper: Hrathen. - The Highspren cause Highstorms, but they've grown tired of it so they give Adolin the power to make Highstorms. - Shallan actually does draw herself as a bridgeman, causing her to realize that she loves Kaladin. - Kaladin decides to say the Fourth Oath to get enough power to defeat Emperor Lirin. However, when he learns that it's, "I will not go after my friend's girl", he refuses to say it. - Dalinar walks up to Shallan and says, "Kaladin killed Helaran" with no context, then walks away. - Nalan is also in possession of a giant block of ice in which Spook has cryogenically frozen himself. - The recurring Interlude character (like Szeth in WoK and Eshonai in WoR) is Mazrim Taim. - Ghost Sadeas appears and swears the Oath, "The death is my life, the strength becomes my weakness, the journey has ended", causing him to transform into Sataneas. - Kaladin tries to flee Hearthstone, but ends up tripping over and unplugging a power cord. This gets rid of Emperor Lirin's power, and Kaladin easily defeats him. As thanks for stopping Lirin, Laral gives Kaladin a big smooch. However, as she does, Shallan walks in, gasps, and runs away. Kaladin chases after her saying that he can explain and we see no more of them in this book. - To raise money for the new Radiants, Dalinar and Renarin start a car wash. However, Amaram's 1974 Parsher truck turns out to be a Carform Parshendi, which turns into the legendary Voidmobile when Adolin hits it with a Highstorm. - Lopen is part of the 11th Radiant Order, the Ganchos. - Szeth and Darkness can't get into Shinovar because there's a ten dollar admission fee. Spook defrosts and the trio go on an epic quest to find ten dollars. - Derethil is still alive and the Aesudan subplot is resolved when Wandersail falls from the sky and crushes her. - Nan Balat reveals that Shallan's mom's name was 'Restares Davar'. - Szeth, Spook, and Darkness run into Jasnah, owner of Roshar's last ten dollars. Szeth and Jasnah bond over their mutual fakeout deaths. - Navani falls into a parallel dimension where Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Alcatraz are part of the Cosmere. - Lift eats Sadeas's body, causing Sataneas to get mad. - Szeth finally gets back to Shinovar with the ten dollar admission fee, only to find out that they're closed for the summer. - Taravangian finds love. - Adolin gets a puppy and names it Sureblood Jr. However, his puppy gets eaten by TenSoon. - It's revealed that Odium wants to destroy the Cosmere because he got friendzoned by Cultivation. - The Nightwatcher is revealed to actually be the Nightwasher, and only gives you a boon and a curse if you wash your dishes. - Eshonai wakes up and finds that she has been rebuilt into a cyborg. - It's revealed that the Ten Fools founded a group called the Knights Radian. It takes two orders to form a Knights Diameter. - The big twists of the book are: 1. The Recreance happened becuase the Knights Radiant were no longer given a discount on fast food. 2. Elhokar has already been assassinated and Danlan has tricked everyone into thinking that she is Elhokar. 3. The masked Ghostblood is Stella, daughter of Dalinar and Vin, master of all Radiant powers, only one who can stop Odium, and love interest of Hoid. (Totally not a Mary Sue.) 4. Nohadon plaigirized The Way of Kings, stealing it in its entirety from How to be Evil by Dilaf. 5. Lift gets a Shardfork. 6. Ronald McDonald is coming to Roshar. I hope you are all happy to have the book utterly spoiled! Sorry Brandon, but I had to share this new info.
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    This pre-release review is specially approved, and contains no Oathbringer spoilers for any of its pre-release materials. It does contain some Words of Radiance spoilers that are also mentioned in the Oathbringer synopsis. Oathbringer is my favorite book. I know this will seem like an empty statement. We are on 17th Shard, after all. Loving a new Brandon book--especially a new Brandon cosmere book--is par for the course. But, with that said, I've thought about this for a long time, and I truly cannot think of a book I've read that has made me feel the things Oathbringer has. It has the highest highs, the lowest lows, and moments where your eyes go wide in amazement. "Is this really happening right now?" you'll say. Yup. It is. This is the third book of the Stormlight Archive, Oathbringer. I don't think I can overhype this for you. This is the best thing Brandon has written. It isn't even close. I imagine it might just be your favorite book, too. Expert Craftsmanship Oathbringer is a colossal 450,000-word book, longer than Words of Radiance. (Remember when Brandon said Way of Kings was long because it needed to be long, and the next books would be shorter? Bwahaha.) Is it too long? No, there's absolutely no fluff in this book. It's jam packed with so many things. Oathbringer is all killer and no filler. Every scene feels like it belongs. I'm a guy who loves a tight plot--even more than I love worldbuilding--and this book is beautifully crafted. You won't be bored at all. Brandon walks a fine line of things of having events feel natural, but also doing some very unexpected things. There are things that happen in Oathbringer that I didn't expect we'd get until the back half of this ten book series. It's shocking what all happens in this book. Things vaguely referenced that many casual readers probably missed become absolutely central. Brandon explains these elements carefully, so even if you aren't up to speed on the craziness of Stormlight speculation, you won't feel lost here. There's still a depth to the book if you are heavily invested (get it?), and it holds up on a reread. It's astonishing that Brandon crafts something that feels so natural and effortless, because there are a ton of characters in Stormlight. Brandon juggles viewpoints really effectively and we see new viewpoints that add to the world a lot, but we never forget about our main characters. It's probably for this reason that this book feels so tight, because you'd think there's so much space in a book this big, but there's so much to do. Every viewpoint is precious and there's a huge amount to explore. You might even say it is almost too fast, maybe! This book is Dalinar's book, and we get a large flashback sequence from him. It has a lot more flashbacks than Kaladin and Shallan, and honestly I feel like we could have had more than we got, but Oathbringer is a lean story and everything has its piece in the grand story arc. Even though it's huge, when you read this book you'll see it really is one book. Everything is connected. Even though this could really be three shorter books, it's one connected whole. It cannot truly be split. It's one glorious, beautiful whole. Worldbuilding Of course, Brandon has always been known for his worldbuilding. He's been introducing us to the world of Roshar slowly, which sounds hilarious to say considering The Way of Kings had a big learning curve. But seriously, Roshar really has insane depth. Ten Orders of Knights Radiant, Ten Heralds, Ten Oathgates, who knows how many Desolations that happened millennia ago, the Recreance, the Voidbringers, and three Shards on Roshar. There's so much, and those are just the highlights. That alone is enough to keep us going for ten books, but wait there's so much more. How foolish of us. Oathbringer changes so much about Stormlight Archive. We get killer lore in Oathbringer. Things you've wondered for many, many years will be answered. You can really tell Brandon has been worldbuilding this for a long, long time. Things are insanely complex, but also, everything makes sense. There's so much clever, subtle foreshadowing that few have picked up on. Roshar is huge, deep, and you really can get lost in it forever, now more than ever. The beautiful thing is even though we get crazy lore in this book, there's new, absolutely freaking insane puzzles that we never could have expected. Seriously. You all have no idea. It's bonkers. How deep will the lore be just by book five? Words of Radiance ended with the summoning of the Everstorm, which would bring back the ancient enemy of Roshar, the Voidbringers. If you were worried about the Voidbringers being boring or one-dimensional villains, worry not. There's a huge amount of depth to everything with the Voidbringers. Nothing is quite as it seems. It's hard to explain how crazy Roshar is after everything we learn and everything that happens in Oathbringer. Simply put: it's bigger, more epic, and crazier than ever. But Oathbringer never is self-congratulatory on its lore; it is all in the service of this amazing story. Speaking of amazingness... The Avalanche One of Brandon's signatures in his writing is the Brandon Avalanche at the end of his books, where pacing gets very fast, and everything happens all at once. It makes for some amazing endings. You might thinking that you know Brandon's tricks. You'll know how this book goes down. Hah. That's funny. No, you haven't seen an ending like this one. If you were to compare Words of Radiance and Oathbringer's endings, it's not even remotely close which is more awesome: Oathbringer by a mile. The crazy thing is that this book has three separate climaxes. Part One alone has a completely satisfactory conclusion that you could read and say, "Yes, I got my fill, that was awesome." It has another. And then it has the grand finale. Let me try to explain: It starts with us finally seeing [REDACTED] go [REDACTED] the [REDACTED]. Then it turns out [REDACTED] didn't [REDACTED] [REDACTED] the [REDACTED], but [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. You get [REDACTED] and it's immediately time for [REDACTED], and it's this epic [REDACTED] right away. Oh, and not only is it [REDACTED] [REDACTED], but just [redacted for swearing] [REDACTED] is [REDACTED]. It turns out [REDACTED] was the [REDACTED] [REDACTED] was [REDACTED] to be [REDACTED], and for a moment you [REDACTED]. All in [REDACTED] [REDACTED] was so [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] makes [REDACTED] [REDACTED] the [REDACTED]. All the while, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] are in [REDACTED] (because of [REDACTED]) at [REDACTED], fighting [REDACTED] and trying to get [REDACTED], but the [REDACTED] refuses to [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] tries to get [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], but [REDACTED] keeps [REDACTED]. All the while there's [REDACTED] [REDACTED] the [REDACTED]. Oh also there are [REDACTED], because why not, clearly more needed to be happening. But then, [REDACTED] (the actual chapter title), [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [redacted for swearing] [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] just [redacted for swearing] [REDACTED], or [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] faces [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], and it is so [redacted for swearing] [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED], reaches [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], and they are [REDACTED] into the [REDACTED] and it's so freaking amazingly awesome. You see [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Oh, and that's just the first half of the avalanche because then [redacted for swearing] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] and it's just insane. The most intense thing ever. Hmmm... something tells me that isn't going to come across well with me needing to redact all of that. I did actually write that paragraph, but there was so much happening that it's just a small snippet of how crazy it actually is. Despair. Triumph. The feels are so real in so many ways. It's amazing and perfect and ties everything together brilliantly. Get Hyped This is by far the best Stormlight book and the best book Brandon has ever written. I'm sure there will be some characters’ paths that some will not exactly love, and stuff will definitely break your heart, but I think all of it is necessary and fit perfectly. Brandon's learned so much since Mistborn and The Way of Kings, and it shows. Was it worth the wait? Damnation, yes. I know it's so painful to wait, but given how ludicrously complex this book is, I think Brandon should take his time to outline these. (He's said recently he's outlining Stormlight 4, which he said could take a year and a half, and I do not doubt that.) These are colossal undertakings and I can definitely see why Brandon would get exhausted writing them, even if he loves what he does. I have some worries about the Stormlight Archive as a whole, but they are good problems to have. With Words of Radiance improving on The Way of Kings, with so much more happening, and Oathbringer bringing it to a whole new scale, will the next book be even better? Well, I didn't think it was possible to top Words of Radiance, and that was totally foolish thinking about it now. So, let's consider the alternative: what if the next books are so amazing that the first book is the weakest one? All in all, many of you are here because you loved The Way of Kings, but I imagine some were turned off from that one, and it could be hard to introduce our friends to this amazing series with The Way of Kings. Still, I suppose if our biggest problem is that the later books are so incredible that the earlier ones pale a bit in comparison, that's a pretty good problem to have. I'd happily take that over a beginning that has all the good stuff there, and then have pointless sequels afterwards. Things are looking really great here, both this book and the series as a whole. Oathbringer is, I daresay, a masterpiece and I can't wait for you to read it.
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    All right guys. We can finally tell you about the WoB Archive we have been working on for a long, long time. It has a name, too! It's Arcanum: the Brandon Sanderson Archive. We've been very hard at work with Arcanum. Our team of Arcanists have done great work on it, and we will have things from the Words of Radiance tour to the present day in our system in our launch. In addition we have annotations and a variety of things prior to 2014 (though that stuff isn't finished). It's been much more time consuming than you'd expect, as we've painstakingly gone through the Shadowdays of WoBs to find all sorts of audio files, and then transcribe them in our system. There's a bunch of new stuff we've acquired that's never been seen before, too! As the Ideals of the Edgedancers say: I will remember WoBs that have been forgotten I will listen to audio that has been ignored I think that's how they went, I'm pretty sure... Of course, you all want to know when Arcanum launches. That will be November 8th, 2017. We said it was going to be before Oathbringer release, and it is! You'll be able to upload all your audio from the Oathbringer tour into Arcanum. It works, and it is glorious. Stay tuned, and we'll finally get to show it all to you on November 8th.
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    A little while ago I noticed that the map of the Rosharan supercontinent had latitude lines called out along the sides, so I decided to digitize it and make a "modern-style" map of Roshar. The map I ended up making is reprojected into an orthographic projection (meaning the map seems like we're looking at the planet from space). I really had a good time making it and wanted to share with the community. Enjoy! PS - I checked with the Inestimable Peter Ahlstrom and he said my placement of the landmass on the latitude/longitude lines was "very close to spot-on."
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    Probably more cheerful than people were thinking, but I thought it could be amusing. The Lord Ruler's "You're Welcome"
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    The number of babies screeching into recording devices and fire alarms going off I've listened to for this archive... I swear, you better be all happy with it, or the ghosts of my bleeding ears will haunt you for eternity!
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    “I think that in a coming highstorm, Queen Fen of Thaylenah is going to have a quite remarkable experience.” Of all things, who would have thought Dalinar would become a master hacker capable of uploading Stormfather.exe to the stubborn. Navani feels like the type of person who would keep a list of all the people who mocked him for his highstorm visions too...
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    So we get a little bit more information on Tezim, the God-Priest of Tukar in chapter 8. His claiming to be an "Aspect of the Almighty" strongly implies he thinks he's a sliver of Honor - what are people's thoughts? I know some people had already been speculating that he might be a herald. Here are the quotes we have on Tezim, for those needing a refresher: So we know he's the leader of the Tukari, he's trying to conquer Sesemalex Dar, Mraize is worried about him and thinks he's probably not human, and he's a "god-priest" claiming to be an "Aspect of the Almighty." Update 10/18: And we know that he calls himself "Herald of Heralds and bearer of the Oathpact." And here are the WoB I could find: Thoughts with this admittedly very limited info? I personally think that him being Ishar or Jezrien is a bit too obvious for Brandon, although the aspect of the almighty line sure makes it sound like he's a sliver.
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    After reading the new chapters released by Tor, I called my local book shop here in Norway, expecting the normal: "the book will be in a week after it is published in the US", but instead, the employee on the phone said: "yeah, we have the book". I thought she was joking, but after rushing down there I NOE HAVE MY HANDS OM OATHBRINGER!! I'M STOKED. THIS IS BETTER THEN CHRISTMAS!! i Sony spoil anything. Promise
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    "Atium," from "A Mistborn on the Roof" (a Brandon Sanderson production)
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    Is there any chance we could have 16 more upvotes every day of the first week?
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    Hi, this is my first (and possibly only) post. I have lurked for quite a while, and I never really intended to post anything, but then I saw this thread, and then I heard "Sound of Silence" by Paul Simon, and, well....... Tada: Warning, Edgedancer spoilers
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    If I report every post about shipping, will you nuke them?
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    After noticing the similar names between Kaladin and Aladdin I couldn't help imagining this happening when Kaladin first meets Syl. Syl's "Spren Like Me"
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    So. Mistborn is ruining my life. I've been a fan of sifi and fantasy since I knew what it was. Books, video games, movies everything from lord or the rings and star wars to the Dresden Files. But nothing has ever been as good, fulfilling or as well done as the end of the hero of ages. The first sentence of the first book was already setting up the ending of the last and it was still so well done my first read-through I got teary eyed. The mold that was broken In this series can never be recreated but now when picking up a new book or TV series Im never as impressed as I know I should be because of how amazing Mistborn is. The sense of closure it too much for words. Has ANYONE else had this problem or am I just a nutcase
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    Adolin's in a bad spot, I think we can all agree. He cannot move forward without hurting his house in some way, by either revealing himself as the killer or failing to catch the murderer of a Highprince, giving evidence that Dalinar is incapable of protecting the city he has just discovered. But I have a theory of how Adolin might respond to this in a way that just might be politically savvy enough to work. He admits it. Point blank. He calls for a meeting of the Highprinces to say he's solved the murder. Once they've arrived, he calmly announces that he has not only figured out who killed Sadeas, but has a confession. He then explains that he killed Sadeas. He explains how he ran into Sadeas in the tower alone, and how Sadeas began immediately to tell Adolin about the lies he would begin spreading about house Kholin, about Urithiru. He'll explain that when he asked Sadeas why, Sadeas told him that it was the way things had to be, that it was Dalinar or him. Finally, he will tell them that Sadeas told him of his intent to take everything from his father and his house, as he has tried to do before and had almost killed him in the process. In short, Adolin will tell the truth. Adolin will then let Chaos ensue and all of the Highprinces bluster, the perfect image of calm until Dalinar, feeling betrayed, will ask him why he would take such a drastic step. Adolin will tell him that, according to Alethi tradition, he took this as both an insult and declaration of war on his house, and that under the authority granted him by the boon of the king he engaged Sadeas in a duel to the death. I think that he will then issue a challenge to Amaram, and that if Amaram thinks Adolin went against justice, for Amaram to take up the cause of House Sadeas in the dueling arena and meet him in battle. I think this will appeal to Dalinar, who will be conflicted. It will allow a testing of crimes for both Amaram and Adolin while not testing his own personal loyalties or sense of honor. I also think this will not go well for Adolin. Amaram has Oathrbringer now, and I know that Brandon has said that in WoK prime he had considered making Amaram a duel wielding Shardbearer. This gives him not only the means to do so but the opportunity to show that he's a force to be reckoned with. Amaram won't of course kill Adolin, but if he leaves him without shards and leaves house Kholin humiliated after all of Adolin's victories it would go a long way towards deepening the conflict inside of Urithiru. Plus it would be a really storming cool fight to watch.
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    So, folks. Yesterday, on the 17S Discord server, our dear friend @PeterAhlstrom was on giving us small answers to our various, occasionally Oathbringer-related questions, and I received some interesting information I figured I'd share with y'all. Now, remember: Peter lies. So take this with a grain of salt. Re: Drehy's impending love interest: I asked if Shallan would develop an alcoholism issue, and Peter gave us this: BONUS: Along with deciding what kinds of music the Stormlight characters like (Jasnah's into rap), Peter gave his commentary on Pringles
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    Nope Pringles are amazing and make me happy. Obviously one of the things he was lying about.
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    Exposed safehand! The forums are no place for smut!
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    I'm gonna put it here too, as that's relevant
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    This sums up why Sanderson is my favorite author.
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    We also find out who Hoid senior (Hoid's mentor) is. It turns out that on Yolen, "Hoid" translates to "Stick"...
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    I see, that everybody seems to identify the three figures on the walls as depictions of Honor, Cultivation and *ahem* Somebody Else. However it's only part of the murals, and the rest of them are specifically spren-themed. In fact the rest of them are to be the types of spren, that make bonds with Knight Radiants: Cryptics, Windspren and… the Stormfather. Yes, unsurpisingly he is there on the murals: “Depictions of the Almighty in his traditional form as a cloud bursting with energy and light” - exactly the image of the Stormfather. That means that the “woman in the shape of a tree” seems to be how the Nightwatcher is looking. As Shallan thinks about “pagan symbols” just after mentioning the tree-shaped woman, there is apparently an widespread belief among the population of Roshar, depicting Cultivation in just this form, just like it's the popular belief that Honor looks like a “cloud bursting with energy and light”, that formed the Stormfather's image as such. It will mean that the Nightwatcher would be shaped by a corresponding belief. Now the third figure. We know that there are only 3 spren that make Bonds with Bondsmiths, and together with Stormfather and Nightwatcher it's most likely to find the image of the third Great Spren, who is also most likely the image of a god as believed by large enough percentage of Rosharians. And it's not Odium, since I cannot believe, that an Odium-shaped spren will be so much in the ranks of the Radiants. And in fact there is another significant religion on Roshar, we know about. The Iriali and their One. A religion that clearly refers to some significant worldhopping experience in the mythical past. Doesn't it strike anybody as quite fitting, that the One's depiction would coincide with the worldhopping image from the pool of Elantris?
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    People seem to be using the "fact" that there were 9 desolations pretty freely, as far as I know we have only been told there were less than 99 which includes a pretty large range. Am I missing something? Because otherwise a lot of these theories aren't based on much
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    Ahh, I also got my hands on these notes. Did you know there is a code in them for even more thing that happen? Some I managed to decipher. -The ten forms of Voidbinding are: 1)Cottoneater, 2)Soilstomper, 3)Chalkscribler, 4)Toothpicker, 5)Doublefaker, 6)Rainbowhopper, 7)Telephoner, 8)Textmarker, 9)Pebbleroller and 10)Mustardmaker. -Adolin revives his Shardbalde into a Shardsaladbowl. -He then uses said Shard to go Highstorm surfing. -Nightblood sings the text to Szeth´s rock music, while Darkness play the Drums, Spook the triangle and Jasnah the tambourine -Their music summons Susebron. -Kaldins squires spend the time without Kaladin by training Cremlings disguised as Squirrels. -A blind persons bonds a funkyspren to become a Willshaper. -The Willshaper teaches the other KR to defeat to beat the Voidbringers by disco dancing. -Susebron teaches Szeth to play that weired returned ball game, so he can officially win Nightblood from Vasher. -Nightblood helpes Vasher winning by singing "Do you want to play with Nightblood?" -Jasnah childhood trauma is that she caught Galviar writing a horrible poem. -Shallash ruines all art of herself because they were made on a bad hair day. -The Diagram code means "Ha ha, actually you just need to breed cats and have them dance a cute dance on the Shattered plains to stop the Desolation, but right now I´m a sociopaht and enjoy imagining you suffering."
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    The first review just popped up on reddit and the reviewer strongly recommends reading Warbreaker before OB. Why do you think this is? Simply more Nightblood goodness or maybe Vasher having a more prominent role? Vivenna? Speculate away!
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    I'd say that Puck and Chaos would both evaporate out of time and space if that happened. Sooo...is there a downside? I kid! I kid!
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    "Let me get this straight, you spent hours and hours researching and carving a soulstamp to do what exactly?" "It makes it so the baby didn't sleep last night so it takes a nap right now." *Stares* "Best decision I ever made."
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    Needs no explanation
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    Ahem, it's "WOBINATOR 4000" not "THE WOBINATOR 4000".
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    Calling the Crackpot theory now: Nale was in league with Treledees. The Pahn Kahl Rebellion was an inside job. Shardblades can't cut steel beams.
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    Well. Now I have that Daft Punk song stuck in my head. Although I change the lyrics in my head to; "Compound all night til the sun Compound all night to get some Compound all night for good fun Compound all night to get lucky." Then repeat the last line indefinitely.
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    I'm re-reading Well of Ascension and Tindwyl says some interesting things about what makes a good king that I think bears on the story about the four accused men, and the responsibilities faced by Taravangian and Dalinar as leaders. This really resonates with me. It's why the dilemma posed in chapter 28 is so powerful, because even though there is no way that the landlord can figure out which person is innocent, it is nevertheless his fault for not being able to figure it out. He has the responsibility to ensure justice and that means punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent. When he can't do that, it is his fault, even if it is objectively caused by the actions of others. He can't claim that he is innocent of the man's blood if he executes all four, or of allowing the guilty to escape punishment, if he doesn't. Yet, he also can't wallow in that guilt, he has to act for the best, and when he fails, try to do better next time. To me that's what sets Dalinar apart. While Taravangian does seem to take responsibility for his actions in his POV, he is so sure of himself, that I think he is blinded to the times that he fails. Dalinar realizes that he's made mistakes, will continue to do so, but nevertheless is trying to make things better.
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    Provided DID exists of course, which is argued. I do not believe she has DID. DID is caused by persistent, continuous, long term physical and/ or sexual abuse in childhood. Shallan is A) too old to start the developement of the illness (she would have had to start the dissasociation much younger) and B: does not have a history of childhood physical and/or sexual abuse. Considering how much Brandon cares about getting mental illness correct I doubt he’d make such obvious mistakes. Especially since he went out of his way to note that Shallan was NOT physically abused. Shallan also lacks the loss of agency or control; she does not forget basic facets of everyday life; her different ‘characters’ are created via outside influence: her abilities and Stormlight. She knowingly chooses a role. Most importantly, she does not experience distress as a result. Basically, she lacks ALL DSM criteria for the disease, so she does not have it. That does not mean she is not dissasociating, but DID is hardly the ONLY dissasociative disorder. Shallan has dissasociative amnesia already. The goal of therapy with DID is the crafting of a whole, stable, identity. The goal with DA is to recall the lost memories. My belief is that the ‘Shallan’ we see most of the time is not the real Shallan. This ‘Shallan’ is the role she has played for most of her life, caused by her disassociation from her memories. Those memories shaped the real Shallan. So what we are seeing is long time fugue state as a result of dissasociative amnesia. What Shallan is unconsciously coming to realize is that the person she thought she was was never really her. This is why she paints her own face on like a mask; she is coming to realize that this ‘Shallan’ is not, and never was, the person she is. The mask is the Shallan who did not kill her mother, something that Shallan can no longer disassociate from. Recognizing this is an important step toward toward integrating the person she thought she was and the person she actually is. Brandon’s many references to perception just makes this more evident to me.
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    Could also be more Vasher and Nightblood. There's a chance Vasher helps Shallan interpret her drawings (returned can do that), which would be out of the blue for someone who didn't read Warbreaker.
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    Wasn't this the book where Lopen found Nightblood on the ground and traded it away for 3 donkeys and Odium quit his role as the bad guy to follow his dream being a interior decorator ? I wonder how you guys will react when you find out that Adonalsium shattered because he ate his frozen yogurt too fast.
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    Night 7 He only had one option left. The remainder of the bridge crew was chasing him. He had to run. Run as far away as he could. Perhaps he could manage to escape away from this death trap. He crept around a building, eyeing the road that led out of the War camp. There were soldiers patrolling, if not very many. But they would most certainly question him about what he was up to. Unfortunately, he didn't have much time. He could hear his bridge somewhere behind him, looking for him. If the soldiers got even a whiff of him and went on alert, he would die. Probably get strung up in the next highstorm or just get killed on the spot. But he couldn't live any longer in this mess. People were dying of poison like chulls in a whitespine den. It was all sorts of bad. He needed to escape. So he ran. A minute. 2 minutes. Out of the warcamp. Had he escaped? "UMPH!" The man groaned as he was stabbed by a spearman, a guard who had been alerted. The man had a minute to consider whether this was a better death by poison. Perhaps, it would have just been a better idea to never have done that lighteyed woman. Darkness was lynched! He was a Unlucky Unremarkable! Darkness(4): BR, Drake, Arinian, randuir PM's are open. Player list:
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    [ Spoilers from the first 30 chapters of Oathbringer currently released ] So with the "final Desolation" pretty much officially underway as of the end of WoR, the main question going through my mind has been: how the hell can Odium actually lose??? Think about it. We know from Dalinar's visions and various other lore elements that in the past each Desolation nearly wiped out humankind. In fact, the justification for the current level of technology (or lack thereof) is that civilization is basically pushed back to the bronze age with each Desolation because of how devestating they are. And now consider this: that was with the full, organized strength of the Knights Radiant. Literal armies of them. Plus the Heralds! Now we have the Final Desolation coming, and so far there's only a handful of fledgling Knights Radiant, none of whom even have their Shardplate yet. Not only that, but the existing nations are super divided, and at the start of Oathbringer it looks as though it will not be easy to unite even a small number of them. So how can Odium screw this up? How could this be even a close fight? It seems to me that the only possibility is that the Listeners (at least some of them) are going to fight with humans. This is being set-up already at the beginning of Oathbringer, where we see groups of former parshmen slaves, healed by the Everstorm, basically just on the run. Not trying to attack, not out to kill humans in vengeance even (though they have real cause to want revenge). Just trying to survive, and most importantly not yet infused with any type of Voidspren (at least not in any obvious way). We also know that the Listeners way back made a choice to cut themselves off from their gods (Odium and co), restricting their forms drastically but earning freedom. They assassinated Gavilar in an effort to stop their "gods" from returning. They don't want to be Voidbringers, and I can totally see at least some of them fighting to maintain their freedom, refusing to be used by Odium. This could be what is "different" about this Desolation, the edge that humanity needs to balance the scales just enough to have a hope of winning. It would also fit with the themes established throughout the Cosmere books (spoilers for Mistborn series coming). We know from The Hero of Ages that the Deepness was in fact the mists. But more than that, it was Preservation's power tainted by Ruin. Ruin caused the Snapping process to be more brutal than it needed, killing people instead of just awakening their powers, covering the land and blocking out the Sun when it wasn't meant to, etc... This was Preservation's actual power, but Ruin managed to influence it. This shows that the influence of the Shards is not always rigid and distinct. There is overlap and intermingling, where multiple Shards use the same basic phenomenon. That is what the Thrill has to be. Dalinar's first revealed vision, where he fights Midnight Essence, with a poker. The Knight explains that any who feel the desire to fight should be compelled to go to Aletha. The Thrill USED TO BE a force for good, a way of telling people that they were destined to fight evil alongside the Knights (either as a full member or as a "squire." Since then, it has been twisted by Odium into something that makes people lust for battle and death. And without actual monsters around, they turn on each other, or make a game out of war, or almost kill their own brother. Odium is doing the same thing that Ruin did. But maybe it can go both ways. I've seen others here comment that it is odd that the Everstorm seems to heal the parshmen, making them whole again by reforging their Connection (incidentally, because of how we know this works from the second Mistborn series, this explains why they all speak unaccented Alethi). This seems like a very un-Odium thing for the Everstorm to do, especially since they do not seem to be possessed by Voidspren yet. What if Cultivation pulled the same kind of trick? Twisting the Everstorm just enough that it healed parshmen without automatically dominating them, giving them at least a chance to resist, run, be free, what have you? We know from the Jasnath-Hoid dialogue that the Everstorm is "new" or at least working differently than how the Desolations worked in the past. Perhaps the reason is that this time there are forces other than Odium at work on it. There are even hints about this in the depiction of the Midnight Mother. During Shallan's interactions, it is revealed that she was created to sow chaos, but that over time she became curious. Yes, it is a twisted, warped curiosity. But consider her actions at Urithiru. Did she flood the tower with monsters? Did she set about assassinating actual targets? No, she just copied what humans were already doing. Does this seem particularly effective? Or does it seem like a lost, broken creature trying to comprehend these creatures through the only relationship she understands: violence? My point is just this: she has actually changed since her creation. Just like the Everstorm is different this time. Just like maybe the Listeners aren't behaving the way Odium might want this time around. A big theme so far is how the good guys, left to their own devices, become corrupt and fell. But I think Brandon is hinting that maybe, just maybe, the reverse is true for the villains. Odium is banking on how time changes humans, makes them forget why they fought and abandon what they once were. But wouldn't it be poetic if the same was also happening to his forces? The Unmade have changed, however slightly. The Listeners seem to have changed as well. And maybe this time around they will surprise him, make him think that he could actually lose...
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    I don't have to take this from you. You're not my mo- ... Dang it.
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    This will be an updating list of music I've written based on the Cosmere. Some pieces will have their own topic if necessary (i.e. a timeline of events). Please give me feedback on the pieces, I need to be motivated to write more, especially to move WIP pieces to Finished Works. Finished Works: 4 (*new) Works In Progress: 4 Are any of these pieces worth finishing? In order from most finished to least finished. (All these tracks are private)
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