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    Hey, all. Brandon here. With the release of this book, there have been some minor updates to continuity that I think some of you will find relevant. The big one has to do with Hoid's visit to Terris in The Well of Ascension. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, this little behind-the-scenes action has been a source of some consistent problems. The outline, and original draft, of Well had Vin and Elend traveling up to Terris, then into the mountains, to find the Well itself. This was a huge momentum killer in the story. Having your cityscape-focused book suddenly turn into a traveling quest fantasy for a few chapters felt very out of place, and required too much strange time-jumping to make it work. In revisions, I set about finding a way to repair this, and to overlap the Well of Ascension discovery with Vin's return to Luthadel. The end result worked much better, but I was forced to cut Hoid's cameo. (In the form of footsteps in the snow and frost leading to the Well, hinting that someone had been there just before her.) I knew where Hoid was, and added in the cameo of him with the Terris people—with the plan still being that he visited the Well sometime during the days after Vin's return to the city. Well, in working on Secret History, I found that this had a problem with it. Hoid had to already know where the Well is, because after the destruction of the Pits, he'd need to use the Well to return to Scadrial after leaving in the middle of book one to attend to certain other events. If you've read the story, you know this is how I proceeded. Official continuity is that Hoid went up to Terris after visiting the Well, as he had things to do there. He did not go looking for the Well. This doesn't change continuity for any of the books, though it does render one of the annotations for Well obsolete. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased about this novella. I wasn't certain how it would go, writing something using threads I'd left dangling ten years ago. (You should thank the beta readers, who are all Sharders I believe, for their continuity help. They made me aware pf several things I needed to make much more clear from the original draft, so that canon would be more crisp.) I know there has been a lot of discussion regarding which times when someone appears to hear Kelsier's voice were actually Kelsier. The story offers the official canon for this as well. It's nice to finally be able to give the answers to some longtime fan questions, such as what spooked Vin during her inspection of Hoid and what was up with Preservation and the Mist Spirit. It's entirely possible that, despite our efforts, we slipped up and made some continuity error here or there. If so, I'm terribly sorry! This one has been particularly challenging to do. Thanks, as always, for reading.
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    [bands of Mourning and Secret History Update: Appended to the end of this post. I have not edited the original text of the post, so no one can infer anything about SH based on what I cut, add, or change.] I just finished re-reading the Mistborn trilogy (got the hardcovers for Christmas), and it really jumped out at me on this read-through just how good Vin is at everything. If it had been my first time through the series, it probably would have bothered me how quickly she picks up Allomancy and other tricks. (I read it several years ago, and I don’t recall it sticking out to me, then.) As she’s learning Allomancy, all the Crew members comment on how naturally it comes to her – Marsh, especially, thinks she has already been practicing. Even mundane things, like how influential she is on Camon’s crew or how quickly she adapts to the nobility, stuck out. However, having read (and re-read) everything in the Cosmere, it seemed more like a clue. Mentions of how Vin was a quick learner or trusted her instincts were slipped in about as often as mentions of her earring, Reen’s voice, or how Sazed wore his copperminds on his arms. It made me wonder… what was the secret behind how quickly Vin learned? In the last epigraph of Book 3, Sazed speculates on Vin: Sazed speculates was special because she was chosen by Preservation as a child and possibly drew in some mists. But he doesn’t stop there; he says that there is something else special about Vin, something he doesn’t understand. So, what could it be? Can we figure it out? I kept this thought in mind during my reread, and some thoughts began to coalesce. The crystallizing point for this theory came to me after Kelsier’s death in Book 1, when Vin went back to Kredik Shaw and fought two Inquisitors. She prepared two tricks: arrowheads with rings on them (basically, the same thing Ranette would invent as anti-Coinshot bullets), and pewter dust to blind the inquisitors. It’s one thing if Vin has an affinity to learning how to use Allomancy because she was chosen to take Preservation or because she drew in some mists as a child; but I didn’t see how that would give her these kind of tactics. So, it occurred to me that maybe Vin had these experiences from a previous life. I know reincarnation isn’t a common thing in the Cosmere, but there have been instances of the dead not staying dead (in Warbreaker, obviously, and Kelsier hangs around even if he doesn’t take on a new body). What if an experienced Allomancer who died during the Final Empire hung around like Kelsier did, but instead of sticking around and meddling, she (assuming it’s a lady Allomancer, as I will go into more detail below) bestowed her experiences upon Vin? Before I dive in to the specifics, I’ll include a brief Table of Contents of the theory. Vin’s Unearned Experience: the instances of Vin’s surprising aptitude Vin vs Valette: Vin views herself as a combination of two or more people Déjà vu: the pieces required for a reincarnation are already present in the series Guess Who?: speculation as to Vin’s previous identity Hoid: maybe this explains what warned her away from him Kelsier: the ramifications on the future of the series Part 1: Vin’s Unearned Experience So, Vin obviously picks up Allomancy very quickly in TFE. Not only does she burn pewter and zinc on instinct, but she learns all of the metals extremely quickly. Other areas of her training, like acting like a noble or even her time on Camon’s crew, come to her naturally, and her instincts guide her. Instincts became the keyword that I looked for; anywhere Vin trusted her instincts (or, even better, her instincts told her something, an active-voice sentence with “instincts” as the subject). I also looked for instances where the word “instincts” wasn’t expressly name-dropped, but people remarked how Vin learned very quickly. (Or I thought she learned too quickly.) Basically, any place that her past life could be manifesting. See the full list below. It’s roughly chronological order, not by importance. I’ve italicized the points that are more circumstantial; the good examples are all un-italicized. On the first mission Vin went on with Camon’s crew, this quote jumped out at me when Vin first became suspicious: Ooh, an internal voice. We haven’t seen those before. Later on, she thinks something along the same lines: Two active voice verbs, where Vin is the object, not the subject. As if something else is acting upon her. Is this Ruin’s influence? I don’t think so. Her earring isn’t in at this point in the novel; she starts wearing it after they get back to the lair, and she prepares to sneak out. These “instincts” can’t be Ruin’s influence. So, to summarize, Vin’s instincts tipped her off to the Ministry’s tactics, even when Camon, an experienced crewleader, was falling for the trap. Experience beyond her station. She responds surprisingly well to Kelsier using zinc on her when he first meets her. “Somehow” is a squirrely Sanderson word for when there’s something behind the scenes. (Okay, not every time, but it’s still a red flag.) Vin could have recognized this from her previous life experiences. When it’s just just her and Kell and Dox, she also resists his Soothing: After resisting his soothing, we see another interesting sentence: There’s that dang “instinct-as-a-subject” construction again. Pushing her to stick with Kelsier and learn Allomancy. That last point aside, the main takeaway from this point is that Vin has experience in recognizing and resisting emotional Allomancy. Vin picks up being a Noblewoman very quickly. She sums up her experience during the first planning meeting with the crew: However, when rubber meets the road, she knocks it out of the park. A sampling of praise: And she keeps getting better. According to Sazed, in Chapter 24 of TFE: Maybe because she’s a reincarnated noble? Vin acknowledges in Hero of Ages how she took to the nobility naturally, because it was a part of her. I won’t quote that in-depth at this point in the theory; see Section 2 for a more in-depth analysis of what this means for her character. Just a quote of interest from when Vin trains in steelpushing. Circumstantial evidence; doesn’t support reincarnation, but takes on new meaning. The coin pouch trick is more substantial. Vin teaches Kelsier a new trick after only a few months of training, the first (of many) times she displays her Allomatic tactical ability. In fact, in Kell’s words: “Fantastic progress”… maybe because she’s remembering skills she had in her past life. The push-match also struck me as uncharacteristic of Vin. She had always avoided direct confrontation, but here, she throws her weight directly at Kelsier, getting in a Push-match. Maybe that’s an instinct from her past life, where she may have been larger and it was an effective tactic. Again, not supporting evidence, but something that takes on new meaning. The evidence from this passage is how Vin learns super-fast. As she thinks to herself: Kelsier is speaking with Sazed later. That last line is Sazed. Sound familiar? (It’s because he calls her special in the HoA epilogue epigraph.) So, yes, her instincts (*cough* past life experience *cough*) make her special. When Sazed is quizzing her as she gets her hair cut, he says: Add another tally mark to the “Vin, you’re so good at everything” comments. Remember when Kelsier said Vin only was good at the physical metals? Soon after that, she sits in on one Breeze session where she realizes how to Soothe subtly. She follows Kell as he goes to find Camon, and sooths him. He catches on, but only barely. His thoughts: I know how! It’s her past life experience coming through! Learning the spikeway quickly was another example of her Allomantic tactics. I won’t do the full quote, but the narration does say “She got the hang of it quickly.” When Sazed rescues her from the Inquisitors, he gives her some of Ham’s pewter to heal. He says: Vin was unconsciously burning pewter when she was on Camon’s crew – she recognizes it when Kelsier gives it to her for the first time. Her body has been familiar with Allomancy for a long time. As Marsh says later: Again, we learn that… Vin is special. “Instincts” pops up again, but in an interesting context, after Vin has gone to a number of balls. An interesting take on her part, since it doesn’t seem she’s losing instincts, but gaining new ones. Also, “Valette” is natural because her previous life experience was a noblewoman. (See the next major section.) Training with Marsh. A huge clue. Marsh gives the spiel, gets her burning bronze, and asks her what she feels: What takes practice comes naturally to Vin… it’s been the story of her life as she learns Allomancy. Again, I suggest that this is because she actually does have prior experience. This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I suspect Vin unconsciously burns gold in Chapter 24. She just came from a ball, where I suspect they had gold-plated utensils (I looked over the chapter, and I didn’t see any mention of anything), and she’s sitting with the crew, having a good time. She imagines she sees herself out in the shadows, as she was before she met the crew. Sounds a lot like the gold shadow she sees of herself later. Anyways, it’s of no substance to this theory, except maybe showing she can unconsciously burn more obscure metals. Allomantic tactics. When fighting Shan, she extinguishes her atium a few seconds early, tricking Shan into thinking that she had run out. When she turns it back on, she confuses Shan, and Vin kills her. A nice bit of trickery for someone who has thus far only burnt Atium against other Atium-burning Inquisitors (and she got subsequently steamrolled by them). Again, unearned experience; tactics she may have learned in her previous life. Kelsier notices how good she is: He goes on to tell her that directly: Allomancy is nothing but tricks, and Vin comes up with new tricks time and time again, things that Kelsier and even the Inquisitors (coming up in another bullet point) don’t have figured out. Ah, the Inquisitor fight in TFE Chapter 36. The place where this theory came together for me. I won’t quote the passage directly, but Vin uses rings on arrowheads to launch un-Steel-able projectiles to shred one Inquisitor, then uses a cloud of pewter dust to blind another. These don’t come from being strong in Allomancy; these are tactics, tricks. Vin comes up with these all the time. Why did she think of these when others didn’t? She even thinks that she wasn’t sure how their eyes worked, but she knew a perfect way to block out their senses. How did she know? Here, more than anywhere else, when her soul is damaged by Kelsier’s loss, her past life begins to creep in the cracks, giving her the training and experiences of her past life to help her with her battles. Oh my, I’ve got this many examples, and I’m only starting WoA. Hoo boy. Anyways, we start off with some more talk about Vin being “special,” this time from Elend as she spars with Ham. She winds up beating Ham, a good thug. Vin is a quick learner when it comes to fighting, too, not just when it comes to Allomancy. He also remarks on her strength in Allomancy; she might have her Allomatic strength determined by her previous life’s strength, during a time when Mistborn were more powerful (not as powerful as Elend, though). She gives OreSeur dog bones. That’s another new tactic – no kandra had used animal bones before, as we find out in Book 3. Vin really does come up with these all the time. I wonder how she does it… She instantly picks up Duralumin-Steelpushing herself. She first uses it to go rescue Breeze, and she lands at just the right spot. A brand new skill, and she does it perfectly the first time. I think she might have past-life experience with duralumin. She wasn’t the only one to discover it; the Lord Ruler mentioned it in one of the storage caverns. There’s another very powerful clue for me when Vin was researching the Deepness. She starts the chapter being barely trained in writing: A very clear picture: Vin has little experience writing, and is not good at it. But, apparently, she can write very well anyways. Vin, of course, brushes it off and starts talking about the Straff’s army. But it seems a little heavy-handed to me. Perfect penmanship? What an odd thing to mention. The only thing more Mary Sue-ish would be… …oh, no, she’s also the most graceful person in a dress. When Tindwyl takes her and Allrianne shopping: *gag* I certainly hope this is indicating she spent a long (previous) life as a Mistborn noblewoman. Because otherwise, this is getting out-of-hand with how good Vin is at everything. And then, we have The Big One. Taking down Zane. Beating someone burning atium without your own atium. And what word shows up in the narrative? Instinct: that word keeps popping up. She let her body do what it wanted to. This is a crazy technique, and, again, it’s one she does perfectly without practice. It reminds me of the way she resisted Kelsier’s Soothing when she first met him. She has experience resisting Allomancy; mental metals, and now atium. Techniques I think she learned in her past life. Vin doesn’t think she’s the first to figure it out: If it was a technique she had done in a prior life… then, yes, Vin, you were the first to think of it. And the second to think of it, as well. Maybe someone else can take bronze… (that’s a reference to Olympic metals, not Allomantic metals.) Oh, and don’t forget the flying horseshoes trick. The annotations say that she is the first one to pick up that particular trick. So, that’s not one tactic that’s definitely not from a previous life. Oh, good, things are going a lot quicker through the rest of the trilogy. I’m on to Hero of Ages, now, and I’m 30 chapters in before Vin does something surprisingly well. It’s when they crash Yomen’s party. She dives in from a position of power, something she had never had in her previous ball interactions, and she instantly takes to it. Elend notices: So, there are three main categories where these examples fall in to: Learning Allomancy quickly, learning Tactics and Fighting quickly, and learning Nobility quickly. If it were just Allomancy, I could believe it was enhanced intuition provided by Preservation. Even the anti-atium and anti-Inquisitor tactics, on a good day. But all three categories? It seems too much of a stretch that being chosen as Preservation’s hero would give her penmanship and the mindset of a noble. So, I think these experiences come from a past life as a noble. Part 2: Vin vs Valette One major theme of Vin’s character arc is reconciling her two different personas. She wonders, is she Vin the street urchin? Or is she Valette the noblewoman? Eventually, she determines that her true self is a combination of the two. She needs to incorporate both the experience gained on the street with the noblewoman who goes to balls. This conflict is presented from the beginning, from Kelsier’s first training session with her: When she was thinking of how “Lord Renoux” adopted his persona: She begins to realize that she isn’t actually either of them, but something else entirely. From WoA, Chapter 35: She tries to push the “Valette” persona off as an act, but her conversation with Tindwyl when they were dress-shopping begins to change that. Vin says she sees a problem with wearing dresses because it wasn’t really her; Tindwyl asks, “And these can’t dresses be part of who you really are?” More pointedly: This conflict continues, somewhat, into HoA, Chapter 27: She eventually realizes in Chapter 32 that being a noble is an essential part of her: Since I was thinking about the context of reincarnation, this took on a different meaning to me entirely. Vin isn’t just a combination of her two sets of experiences… what if she is a combination of two different people? Vin the street urchin represents her current life experiences. Valette the noblewoman (and Allomatic experience) comes from a previous life. As she struggles with these two halves of herself, she’s actually trying to merge her current and previous identities, to create who she truly is. Oddly enough, combining multiple people into one is a concept that is presented elsewhere in the Mistborn trilogy. Koloss and Steel Inquisitors are both described as being multiple people combined into one. Steel inquisitors first, by Noorden, the friendly obligator. Immediately afterwards, Elend realized how koloss were created: I thought it was an odd way of characterizing the change; Hemalurgy has been presented more as stealing someone else’s attributes, not combining multiple people. But it gave me some insight into how Vin could be the combination of two people. Marsh was still Marsh, even though he had other people “combined” into him. Same with Human the koloss; the annotations give his backstory, so he is a real person. The reincarnation isn’t a Wheel of Time kind of reincarnation (like the Heroes of the Horn being spun out into new identities), but someone who has already died giving up her experience to Vin. I don’t think I’m saying Vin is a Hemalurgic creation; the experiences of a past life spiked onto an orphan girl. But I think it’s a similar concept, not necessarily carried out using that magic system. Part 3: Déjà vu So, conceptually, it’s a bit of a stretch to say Vin’s experiences belonged to a dead person. I get that – there isn’t a single hint of this kind of previous lives in the trilogy (or even in Alloy or SoS). But I think all the pieces are there in the trilogy itself. Dead individuals stick around. Kelsier sticks around. Vin’s previous incarnation could have stuck around in a similar fashion. Combining multiple people into one. I discussed this in Part 2, so I won’t go into detail here. The gods made Vin special. According to Sazed, Preservation chose Vin after she was born, because she snapped so early. Ruin also made his mark on her when she was young, spiking her with her sister’s Bronze ability. A third individual, “meddling” like Kelsier, could have also imparted past life experiences onto her. Souls can return to bodies. Sazed says that he didn’t figure it out in time to resurrect Vin and Elend, but WoB says it’s possible. http://theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=727 Minds can be used to power magic. I’m not sure my Realmatics are quite right, but we saw Preservation turn his mind (soul?) into Investiture to imprison Ruin. It wasn’t his body, his Shard’s power; it was just his mind. The mind of Vin’s past life could be the power behind this reincarnation of its experiences. So, while the way I’ve assembled them may be novel, I think that it is a natural progression of what is presented in the novels. Part 4: Guess Who? I strained my eyes looking through the pages, trying to figure out who could have been Vin’s previous life. This person had to be dead before Vin was born (duh), and they had had to be born after Allomancy was discovered (because Vin knew tricks against both Steel Inquisitors and atium burners). And, lastly, this person had to be a Mistborn (since Vin had good instincts in all metals). I also think that her previous incarnation needed to be a noblewoman, because of how her internal conflict played out between orphan and noblewoman. I guess it could have been a nobleman, but Vin always sounds secure in her femininity. She’s a combination of Noble and Urchin, not a combination of Man and Woman. Now, gender and status aren’t deal-breakers; if I could find a character who met the previous three conditions who was a non-noble or a man, I would consider them a strong candidate. So, boil this all down, compare it to characters from the books… and I’ve got nothing. Gemmel is the only Mistborn who’s dead before the series begins, but he was still alive after Vin was born. (Also, not a girl.) Alendi crossed my mind, but he was only a Seeker, and he never fought Atium burners. Other than that, we don’t know much about the history of the world. So, I can’t point to an individual who I think was Vin’s previous life. But I can describe what I think she was like: a noblewoman Mistborn. Part 5: Hoid Now, the part where this really got fun was when Vin decided to avoid Hoid (hmm, that might be the Cosmere name for Tag. Avoid Hoid. It’s got a nice ring to it.) Uhh… let’s try this again. When Vin decided to avoid Hoid (stay on target), she trusted her instincts. Remember, Instincts = Past Life in this theory. So, something about her past life told her to stay away from Hoid. But what could it be? All Vin heard was humming. She didn’t even see Hoid. Just heard him. What was he humming, anyways? I wonder if Vin recognized it. Could it have been a song she knew in her past life. Has Hoid visited Scadrial before? Did he work with Vin’s past life, someone who knew that song? That’s a very Hoid thing to do; hum a song from a bygone era that no one living knows (except Vin has a vague memory of it because of her past life). And, hey, let’s go down the rabbit hole. Hoid was looking for the Well of Ascension to get a Lerasium bead. Vin’s previous life might have thought she was the Hero of Ages as well, looking for the Well of Ascension, even though the thousand years hadn’t passed. After she died, she stuck around, and saw who Preservation chose to take her power and use the Well of Ascension. And she (old Vin) decided to grant her experience and skill to the new Vin. Mad speculation, of course. We know precious little about what Hoid has been up to. I have no idea what Vin’s previous life was all about. So, please disregard the previous paragraph. (I’ll stand by the rest of this section, though.) Part 6: Kelsier So, this is a fairly complex undercurrent for Vin’s character. If Brandon was writing something like this into her arc, how is he going to get it across to the readers, now that the trilogy has been concluded? What are the ramifications on the future of the series? He doesn’t have plans for flashback books, so how would we ever learn about Vin’s past life? I’ve compared Vin’s previous life to Kelsier a number of times throughout the theory. That’s where I think it becomes relevant: not in learning about Vin, but as a key trait of a character in a future trilogy who Kelsier reincarnates into. He would grant his experiences, his motivations, to a new character, to aid them in… well, whatever a future Mistborn trilogies would be about. That way, we can learn about the circumstances of reincarnation, without going back to Vin. We learn it all through new eyes, and then someone like Harmony says, “I’ve seen this before. Although we didn’t realize it at the time, the Ascendant Warrior had the experiences of another to aid her. What you have is what remains of Kelsier, the Survivor. You can trust it.” Except, probably in much more epic language. That also would let us see some of that hinted-at Hoid/Kelsier animosity! Vin was known as the Heir to the Survivor. I don’t think she inherited anything from him, though; I think she was the Heir to someone else’s experiences. This hypothetical future incarnation of Kelsier, however… he would be the true Heir to the Survivor. Another mythical Hero who we thought was Vin this whole time, only to have the rug pulled out from under us. Again. Summary Okay, here’s the gist: Vin is so good at what she does because a dead person has passed along her experiences and skills. That is why Vin learn so quick and come up with her tricks, and it also contributes to her “identity crisis” between skaa and noblewoman. This might become relevant in the future if Kelsier reincarnates himself in the same fashion. Also, sorry for direct-quoting 30% of the text of the Mistborn trilogy throughout this post. Bands of Mourning/Secret History Update:
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    Please note: This post does NOT mean that Brandon is sticking around to answer questions. Sharders' questions are just too good, and he risks giving too much away if he answers. So he's avoiding that for now.
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    SPOILER WARNING: While this theory does contain spoiler information for many of the cosmere books, the main theory itself is only concerned with Stormlight Archive and all cosmere spoilers (including Words of Radiance) are in spoiler tags. Feel free to read the theory and peruse and open spoilers as you feel fit! Disclaimer: This is not the kind of theory in which I gleefully proclaim that I have “figured it all out” and have indisputable evidence to back up my claims. This is a shot-in-the-dark, guesswork kind of theory. A “wouldn’t it be cool if” kind of theory. Got it? Basically, I was in cosmere chat and was suddenly struck by an idea. See, we still don’t know much about the Stormlight Archive and its overall plot. We know that Odium is a bad guy and he is trying to accomplish something. We know that the Knights Radiant are returning because of some reason. We know that there’s three shards but we don’t really know what each of them are doing or have done or what their goals are. As far as what the big arcs of this series are going to be, what the main goal of our antagonist is, we’re actually sitting quite a bit in the dark. At the moment, the series is concerned with fairly small scale things, arcs relating to individual characters or single countries or such. But there’s hints and stirrings that this is going to get big. So, here’s my humble guess: There is something wrong with Roshar’s afterlife which needs to be fixed or solved. This will be a major part of the plot for The Stormlight Archive. There’s a few different reasons why I’m coming up with this. I’m going to put these things in spoiler tags just to keep things neat and organized, because I dislike huge blocks of text. Some of them have spoilers within them, others just have info. Textual Reasons 1.The Tranquiline Halls (no WoR spoilers) 2.Braize and Damnation (one WoR quote, not really spoilery) 3.Other Cosmere Afterlife Hints Metatextual Reasons 1.It Hasn’t Been Done Before 2.Brandon Is A Troll There’s more I could get into her with all of this, and perhaps this thread will bring up some of those discussions, but I think that’s enough for an opening post. Fanfic writer that I am, I’ve been tossing around possibilities of situations if this does turn out to be the case, some heartwarming, some tragic – because this is me after all, and I’ve got to live up to my reputation as the fandom monster right? So, thoughts, opinions, more evidence, disputes, theological debates? What are you guys thinking about all of this? Do you think it’s possible? Do you think it’s likely? Do we all just really want to see Tien and Kaladin reunite? Give me some of your responses! Update: July 2016 Hello to all who have come to check out this theory post after it was on the Featured Theories news (thank you, @Windrunner, I am extremely flattered). However, there have been a few books released since I first typed up this theory way back in... 2014 was it? And boy were some of those books doozies when it came to this theory and its implications. So, here's a quick update on how this theory is faring thus far: 1. New Information (Bands of Mourning and Secret History spoilers!)
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    Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
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    Yikes. You read some edgy stuff, Twi. You should try Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. It's a much more pleasant work of literature.
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    A psychopathic former death row inmate teaches a paranoid girl how to eat metal in an attempt to topple the government.
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    Now returning to the books as Orlion suggested... Mistborn spoilers
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    Words of Radiance, chapter 34. One of those scenes so vivid that it stays in your head after reading it, and you find yourself drawing it instead of sleeping on some late weeknights. I always wondered what Pattern would look like as a proper Shardblade, so I drew him as a short sword with fancy Pattern quillions that glow pink-red in the dark. It's better in full resolution: Options > View all sizes > LARGE But if you don't want to bother, here are the detailed pics: Shallan's eyes glow pink-red when she has her Blade. The moneyshot: Original doodle: In progress: And bonus pic for all you weirdos out there: I call it "Mornings". Click for full size.
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    We all have them - those stories of things that happened to us, or of things that we did, that are just so good that they must be told. Many of them are funny, but some might be creepy or poignant. But they're all true, because truth is often stranger than fiction. A lot of them might feature such phrases as, "No crem, there I was, when..." So here is where to tell those stories. All I ask is that we all tell stuff that's true and (obviously) keep it to the Shard's preferred cleanliness level. I shall start! Hi, my name is Rosemary, and I play Dungeons and Dragons. And other RPGs. This is certainly not unique to the forum. But I have this pair of friends, we'll call them the Fabulous Monster and the Druid (for these are monikers that they would embrace without revealing their identity to random internet people), who like to co-DM games. Their games are typically awesome, and my circle of friends gets excited when they get ideas for a new one. Back a few years ago, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, passed away. The FM and the Druid decided that to honor his passing and his contributions to nerdkind, they were going to run an all-day Gygaxian Grinder event. See, there was this gloriously terrible cartoon in the 80's called Dungeons and Dragons that was loosely based on the game, featuring a group of kids who got sucked into a D&D world and saddled with character classes. We all grew up watching it, of course, so we look back on it with +3 Goggles of Nostalgia. And our illustrious DMs took those characters and made character sheets and said, "Hey, you're going to play these characters! As people get tired of playing, they can swap out and someone else can pick up the character. And here are a few extra ones we made up of a few different classes, just to keep things interesting." The Fabulous Monster ran the plot and main bad guys, while the Druid jumped in for various other NPCs, including Uni the baby unicorn. (Playing Uni mostly involves wandering into danger and saying, "Meh!" a lot, so it wasn't a very interesting part for a player.) I wound up playing a character named Presto most of the day. Presto is a nerdy teenaged mage-boy whose spells rarely work correctly. In the show, he'd generally chant a couple of rhyming lines and his magic would go haywire, or sputter out completely, as the plot demanded. As is often the case in RP, it hardly mattered that I don't match his gender; what did matter is that I demonstrated a prodigious talent for coming up with rhyming doggerel on the fly. The DMs had come up with a system to figure out when and how Presto's spells worked or didn't work. I declared what spell I was trying to cast, and spat out a rhyme (the worse the better). The Druid then rolled a die. Roll too low, and the spell fails. Roll in the middle, and it goes off as normal (but what fun is that?). Roll too high - and things get interesting. And by interesting, I mean it in the Wash from Firefly/Serenity sense of the word. We played through a few modules without anything terrible happening. (Unless you count me summoning a human-sized hot dog to make Billy stop whining about being hungry as terrible. Which you might, because who knows what they put in those things.) We also picked up a non-canon sorcerer character who annoyed the crap out of poor Presto because the little jerk's spells worked perfectly. It was very upsetting (for Presto; everyone else was just happy to have someone who could do magic without risking the creation of giant predator-attracting globs of mystery meat). Then we got to an episode where we had to go through a heavily trapped dungeon. We were several rooms in before we realized our first mistake: nobody had thought to play the thief character this episode, so we had nobody capable of disarming traps. Oops. Well, there was nothing for it but to keep going, we figured. There were six of us; I remember myself and the sorcerer specifically, and there were at least a couple full-on fighter types. But nobody who had the slightest idea how to get through the place safely. Eventually, we came to a large room that was filled with a very fine-grain sand. After some testing and measurements, we determined that the sand was 10 feet deep and any of us trying to walk across it would immediately sink down and suffocate. The annoying sorcerer kid was showing off with his actual magic that works by using the Flight spell to try and examine the room when I got an Idea. (Word to the wise, when I get Ideas with a capital 'i', it's probably a good opportunity to just run far, far away. You'll see why soon.) I figured, Presto's a teenaged nerd. It's not inconceivable that he'd know certain scientific and industrial uses for sand. Certainly before we were all dumped into D&D Land he was the kid reading ahead in the science textbook in class. So I declared my intent to the DMs, and spoke: I'm either stupid or have <bleeps> of brass, But I'm gonna melt this sand into glass! The Fabulous Monster proceeded to dissolve into helpless laughter, and the Druid quietly facepalmed. I didn't understand why; it was a perfectly reasonable trick for a disgruntled 14-year-old who thinks he's way smarter than he is to try. I was going for an Aganazzar's Scorcher, a line of fire that would melt a nice, neat little bridge of glass across the room, allowing us all to cross to safety. And if that annoying little sorcerer twit got a bit singed, well, then that was just a bit of righteous vengeance to add to Presto's burning need to prove himself. FM managed to catch her breath while the Druid rolled for the actual magical effect. He rolled high. Instead of the Aganazzar's Scorcher I wanted, I instead got an Empowered Fireball. (For those of you who don't know D&D spells, that's like a giant ball of fire, only with +1/2 the firepower.) This...is most emphatically NOT a spell that anyone wants to cast in an enclosed space. But it gets better. Because at this point, the Fabulous Monster has melted into a puddle of gasping, sobbing laughter, even more intense than before. She just lay there, hanging halfway out of her chair, completely unable to speak or even breathe for a full two minutes. The Druid was laughing, too, though a bit more resignedly, and the rest of us were just caught up in the infectiousness that humor has, not really knowing quite why we're laughing, but figuring we're going to get the joke sooner or later. And indeed we did, for finally the Fabulous Monster pulled herself together long enough to say, "It's not sand! It's... It was several minutes after that before anyone was able to breathe again. The sorcerer was completely incinerated. Another character who'd been too close to the blast radius was also fried. And me - poor little Presto, standing in the doorway to the room - was in the path of the blast. Now, in D&D, when getting hit by a fireball you can roll a reflex save to take half damage. Also in D&D, there is this thing called a "Natural 20" that means when you roll a 20-sided dice, it lands on the 20 itself. This is a critical success, and is usually accompanied by sunshine and rainbows and unicorn farts and wild amazingness. Yes, you see where this is going. I rolled a natural 20 on my fireball reflex save. This, in fact, did not save Presto's life. Rather, instead of being incinerated like my sorcerer nemesis, I was instead picked up by the blast radius and flung 50 feet down the hallway and crushed against a far wall. A rather appropriate cartoony death, I think. Now, it's important to note here that the party actually did have access to Resurrection spells. But while all of the players agreed that it was one of the funniest mass party deaths ever to grace the annals of gaming, the characters were rather upset. So instead of resurrecting Presto they stuck his poor corpse into a Bag of Holding to cart around for a while until they came across a situation where they absolutely needed a mage. So I got to take a nice little episode break before they decided that they needed me again. In the end, we faced the Five-Headed Dragon Tiamat, and several died. But not Presto. He saw a chance to abandon the lost and jump the portal home and took it. And with any luck, he never had the opportunity to touch another magic spell again, because dang that kid is incompetent. And that is the story of the most epic gaming fail that I have ever had the pleasure to witness, let alone create. The moral is: don't try to outsmart your DMs. It will end in tears. And possibly fiery death. Though it does make for a great story.
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    I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, when Brandon suddenly fell from the sky, landing right in front of me. Apparently, he had forgotten all about our last meeting, and had no idea where his notes for the third Stormlight Archive book went. (That's why he had to change it to Oathbringer.) He was searching the sky, hoping to find them in a cloud. I returned the notes to him, and as thanks, he gave me his notes for The Lost Metal, for "safekeeping". Well, might as well spoil it all for you guys. Here goes. - The opening flashback chapter is Wax shooting the tail off of the dog, who turns out to be TenSoon. - Mister Suit wasn't actually killed in the explosion, just shrunk down to be three inches tall. Wax catches him and stuffs him in his pocket, but Wayne trades a shoelace for him. - The red Kandra want to destroy Scadrial to make way for a new Hyperspace Bypass. - The Southern Scadrians are actually evil, and invent fast food as a way of crippling the Northerners. - Wax gets arrested for drinking and Steeljumping. - Aradel sends the team to investigate the Southern Scadrians after they run out of boy toys and have to give him a girl toy will his Smiley Meal. - It's revealed that a year back, Wayne sold the theatre rights to his adventures with Wax and Marasi. Unfortunately, he sold them to Scadrial!Adam Sandler, so in the play Wayne is really fat and keeps getting hit in the nuts by coins, Marasi's entire character is "boobs" (and MeLaan somehow gets cast as her), Lessie farts whenever she gets shot, and Wax at one point has to drink his own urine to refill his steel. - Marasi's statistics are used to invent racial profiling. - Miles is resurrected by the metric god and changes his name to 1.60934 Kilometres. - Bloody Tan's brothers, Bloody Sin and Bloody Cos, come to kill Wax for revenge. They mistake a drawing of him for the real deal and capture it instead. - After finding Garlic Atium, Marasi realizes that the Ascendant Wario has arrived. - To draw out Telsin, Steris and Wayne pretend to be Game Show hosts, and tell her that she's won A BRAND NEW CAR! - Sazed gets split in two when Preservation tells Ruin, "I think we should see other Shards." - Nazh betrays Khriss and steals her Cosmeremobile, intending to deliver it to Hitler. She should have seen it coming, since his name is one letter off from Nazi. - Wayne invents moving pictures to get Ranette's sex tape, but ends up getting Wax and Steris's by mistake. - Marasi learns that the Southern Scadrians plan to destroy Elendel by dropping a giant cheese wheel on it. - MeLaan evacuates Elendel by using her abilities to convince everyone that the zombie apocalypse is coming. - The One-Eyed Spike Man is Asmodean, who wasn't killed, but was transported to the Cosmere. However, he gets killed right after showing up, meaning we are once again asking who killed Asmodean. - Wax, Marasi, Wayne, Steris, and MeLaan cover Elendel in dough and tomato sauce, so that instead of destroying it, the Southern Scadrians turn it into the world's largest pizza. - Allik captures Telsin and tortures her by burning a mask onto her face, completing her transformation into Darth Vader. - Trell is Honor before he's had his coffee. - Hoid gets abducted by aliens, but leaves behind his briefcase so that Wayne can become the new Hoid. - Marasi is Dalinar's wife. - Wax learns that his entire family is still alive, and they're all evil, since evil is House Ladrian's chief export. - Steris ends the civil war by selling model trains to everyone living outside of Elendel. - One third of the book is devoted to Marsh's epic romance with Sophi Tarscel. - The Set abduct Steries, asking for a small ransom of one million boxings. - The leader of the Set is revealed to be Ham's oracle head, furious that he was forgotten by history. - Aradel is actually just a parrot that everyone thought was a guy. - Wax goes to save Steris, but she's completely possessed by Trell, and he has to shoot and kill her. As he's grieving, MeLaan eats her bones so that Lord Harms won't know Steris is dead and attempt retaliation. - Bloody Cos and Bloody Sin get beaten up by the drawing of Wax. They warn the Set of it's power, and the Set flees to Nalthis in terror. - TenSoon is caught banging wolfhounds and neutered. - Marasi finishes off the remainder of Trell's forces with a spray bottle of Trell repellent. - MeLaan just gives up on clothes all together. Naked Steris in the Senate. - Wayne realizes that the only way to atone for his crimes is to go back in time and become the man he will eventually kill. His last words to Allriandre are, "I banged ur mom, lol." - With Wayne too dead to become the new Hoid, Marasi becomes the new Hoid instead. - House Tekial gets destroyed (again) by Odium, but he swears it was an accident. - Wax is so consumed by grief that he pushes Scadrial back closer to the Sun. - The book ends with Ghost Vin putting the world's largest bandage on Taln's Scar. And that's all! The last adventure of Wax and Wayne is a wild ride. I hope you're satisfied with this ending I've spoiled.
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    How Hallandren sees Idris, probably.
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    I guess this comes from my own (possibly too informed) view on the subject...
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    Well, with an 11,000 year time lapse. I have to admit, this is more of a hunch than a proper theory. My sources: Exhibit A: http://theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=1108#6 Exhibit B: (SH spoilers) So, we know that Hoid having visited Braize (or not) is somehow massively important to the Cosmere Cycle, and we know that Khriss, the "most knowledgeable person about the Cosmere we've met" doesn't know where Yolen is. My theory, assembled on much too little sleep, is that Yolen and Braize are one and the same. Thoughts? Any reasons why my theory is either plausible or impossible? Thanks!
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    Hello, and welcome to the new edition of Around the Cosmere! This used to be an old newspost that we had weekly, where we would talk about important things that were happening around the site, but do to the changes that have occurred in 17th Shard, we're reformatting it to fit the needs of the site. Over the past few years, 17th Shard has grown increasingly large. We recently passed having our 12,000th member. We have over 330,000 posts, and that means that our site is really big. If each post had about a hundred words (about as many are in these two paragraphs), it would be enough for 100 copies of The Way of Kings. That’s pretty impressive. On the other hand, being so large means that there are nooks and crannies a plenty that there just isn’t time enough to read and explore. So we’ve decided that every week, we’re going to have someone from the site explain what the section of the site they belong to does and is about. They’re going to introduce it to you and probably try and convince you to join them! Then every month or so they’ll come back and tell you what’s been going on the past month. We decided that because of the recent Calamity release, we would start with the Reckoners RP. So, with no further ado, Voidus! Hello everyone! I’m Voidus, and I frequent the social guilds and the Reckoners RP. I’ll go ahead and start with the social guilds. Social Guilds The 17th Shard has a thriving collection of social guilds for those of any and all tastes. Suitable for new and experienced Sharders alike, these guilds can provide fun and interesting discussions, plenty of humor and drama and some exciting opportunities for less formal roleplaying. There’s the Dark Alley, bakers of cookies and spikers of people, there’s the Light who seek to warn others of the dangers of eating unknown cookies. Then there’s the Newcago court, ruled over by Queen Elsa Steelheart and her subjects. Or if you’re feeling a bit too awkward to join a social club you may find yourself right at home with the Knights Awkward, where you can bond an Awkwardspren and speak again the oaths of the Knights Awkward (As long as you’re not overcome with stage fright). The Knightbloods are around if you’d like to slay some evil today or if you’d rather trade evil for its hat you might like to join the Church of Wayne. There are even some rumors that all of the guilds are banding together for some unknown conflict in the kingdom of Guildonia! Many, many more guilds can be found in the social guilds section, and if you can’t find one to suit your taste, why not make your own and send out recruiters to the other guilds? We have inter-guild roleplays and parties, a few rivalries that occasionally spill into other sections of the forums (Sorry Admins!) Lots of inside jokes and narrative going on and if nothing else it can just be a fun place to talk to people who may share similar interests. Reckoners RP The Reckoners RP started in mid 2014 and has since become large enough that it needed its own subforum. It all started with a single Question, whether anyone wanted to do a per-post roleplay set in the world of Steelheart. This question led to the first Roleplay thread titled at the time: “What Happened in Oregon”. The goal of the RP was to explore the events that led to Oregon’s eventual destruction as described by Megan in Steelheart. The Roleplay is full of in-jokes, horror stories, insanity and a suspiciously large number of ponies. We’re all friendly if a little bit crazy and far too inclined to make references to pugs, ponies or parody songs about Shia Laboeuf being an actual cannibal. So even if you don’t necessarily want to join the roleplay with your own character, pop by and say hi in the latest Questions thread, let us know if you’ve liked any of the roleplay if you’ve read it or just ask us who the heck Nighthound is and why everyone wishes he was dead. And if you do want to join us then it’s as simple as showing up in the latest ‘Questions’ thread, saying hi and introducing everyone to your character so we can fit them into the location that best suits. “What Happened in Portland” explores the largest city of Oregon as it undergoes a large-scale turf war, three rival factions vie for dominance of the city. They include the Dominion, a militaristic faction, the Empire of Light with their army of zombie dinosaurs, and Thoughttown, where the intellectual elite dwell. Portland is currently not accepting new Epic characters but if you have an idea for a regular human character trying to survive in the ensuing turf wars you might find yourself at home here. “What Happened in The Dalles” was the second thread to open up, it started out as a side mission for some Portland characters and since has undergone an invasion by flying pandas, a thrilling aerial battle and most recently a large slew of missiles. The city is ruled by regular humans with some Epics of varying degrees of morality and integrity assisting the city guards in fighting off any Epics who try to invade. Like Portland it is currently closed to new Epics but it would benefit greatly from having more human characters, so if you want to join the city guard, file paperwork while trying to avoid getting blown up or simply explore what life in one of the only cities not ruled by Epics might be like then try out the Dalles! “What Happened in Astoria” is a thread opened to answer the question: what if we threw all pretense of canon to the wind and made a city filled almost exclusively with High Epics with insanely strong powers? The city’s ruler is currently absent and a flux of Epics have arrived, some to join the city, others to overthrow it, and others to join the church of the singularity, which worships the savior zero and despises seven for eating nine. So if you have an idea for an Epic but think they might be a little bit too strong for any more canonical setting then why not bring them here so we can see how long Astoria can stand up against a horde of Epics capable of levelling cities. “What Happened in Corvallis” is a more politically oriented location, in a city ruled by Epic Queens where all material goods can be found growing on plants, a giant force field protects from foreign attack and the weather itself obeys the city’s ruler. Without Euphoria around to keep the civilians in a state of perpetual happiness unrest is growing in the city and a recent series of attacks by monstrous beings gifted by an unknown Epic is only sowing further chaos. So if you like intrigue, politics and mystery then Corvallis might be the thread for you! The final thread “What Happened in Salem” is a thread built around an arena where Epics fight each other in one on one matches held on the Astral plane. The city is ruled over by a bored Astral projector who has little interest in actually running the city, leaving it to his subordinates. That may change, however, as some grow tired of serving someone who doesn’t even want to rule. Would you like to attempt a coup? Or perhaps you’d just like to roleplay some gladiatorial battles set in a variety of interesting locations, either way you should see whether or not your character can fit into Salem! Or perhaps you’d like to make Voidus very happy and help revitalize the Wastelands thread, a parallel RP set in Australia that covers the entire country. It is set slightly before the Oregon RP and is a bit faster paced, but it’s a great thread with lots of worldbuilding and a huge number of opportunities for new characters of all different types. So if you want to explore what might have happened in a land far away from the events of the Reckoners trilogy why not come explore the Wastelands? So in summary, here’s the list for Reckoners: Portland- 3 way faction fight, Closed for new Epics, open for humans The Dalles- Ruled by humans and Epics, Closed for new Epics, open for humans Astoria- Mad fight for power, Open for strong Epics and humans Corvallis- Political Intrigue and power, Open for Epics and humans Salem- Gladiatorial power, Open for gladiatorial Epic Battles Wasteland- Australia worldbuilding, Open for Epics and humans Now I know that that is a lot to take in, but really, if you want to come join us, but you want help making an Epic or a human to join one of our cities, write in one of our Question threads. We’d love to help you make your character and to find the right place for you. Hope to see you all there! See you next week here at Around the Cosmere!
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    Of course, this is the same author who wrote a book about an orphan who joins a gang of domestic terrorists in an attempt to assassinate the governor of Chicago and later New York City, so it's hardly surprising.
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    17th Shard (Organization): -Frost. Possible leader. Dragon from Yolen. Sender of "The Letter" In WoK epigraphs. (Not technically a Worldhopper) -Khriss. Scientist from Taldain. Dark skin and dark hair in a braid. Writer of the Ars Arcanums. Seen in Secret History, White Sand and Bands of Mourning. -Nazh. A Threnodite in the employ of Khriss. May not be a full member of the 17th Shard. Seen in Secret History and Words of Radiance. Annotates maps and drawings. Most likely referenced in Bands of Mourning broadsheets. -Galladon. Sellish Duladen Elantrian. Seen on Roshar looking for Hoid. -Demoux. Former general of The Last Emperor of The Final Empire, Scadrial. Also seen on Roshar looking for Hoid. Possibly in a romantic relationship, speculated to be the Terriswoman Worldhopper. Atium Misting. -Baon. From Taldain. Seen on Roshar looking for Hoid. Ghostbloods: -Thaidakar. Possible leader of the Ghostbloods, and therefore a potential Worldhopper. -Iyatil. South Scadrian Hunter in descent, but raised on a different planet. Babsk to Mraize. Seen in Words of Radiance. -Mraize. Rosharan Thaylen. Collects various artifacts from several Shardworlds. Confirmed Worldhopper. Apprentice to Iyatil. Others: -Kelsier (Probably. So likely that I will literally not believe it if it turns out he's not). Survivor of Hathsin. Sliver of Preservation. The Sovereign. Former Mistborn. Hemalurgic user. Fullborn. - Aslydin. Possible Terriswoman Worldhopper. Possible romantic relationship with Demoux. -Hoid/Wit/Dust/Topaz/Cephandrius Maxatori/Midius. Yolish in origin. Witnessed the Shattering of Adonalsium. Access to many magics including but not limited to: Yolish Lightweaving, Breaths (at least 200), Allomancy, Feruchemy (probably through knowledge of unkeyed metalminds from South Scadrial), Moon Scepter. Seen or referenced in most books. Goals unknown. -Vasher/Zahel/Kalad/Peacegiver/Warbreaker. Returned from Nalthis. One of the Five Scholars. Co-forger of Nightblood. Seen in Warbreaker and Words of Radiance. -The Ire. Ancient Elantrian Worldhoppers. Own a castle in the Cognitive Realm on the border of Scadrial and an unknown planet. Intended to pick up the Shard of Preservation. Access to unknown magics and the Dor. -Unknown Kandra(s). -Nightblood. Forged by the Fives Scholars as an Awakened Sword with the Intent to Destroy Evil. Currently in the possession of Szeth, the Assassin in White. Seen on Nalthis and Roshar. -Jasnah. Possible Worldhopper. Elsecaller from Roshar. Can enter the Cognitive Realm from anywhere. Entered fully when presumed dead, and possibly Worldhopped much like Kelsier. Most likely knows about other planets. -Felt. Seen on Scadrial as the Venture master spy, and on Roshar as a scout. Unknown motives. Possibly WalDo due to his spy nature. Confirmed by Brandon at JordanCon. Edited for some corrections and additions.
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    This obligatory XKCD comic about tautologies is a tautology comic that I am obliged to post.
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    when this happens instead of studying for a test (work in progress )
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    With the release of Calamity a few weeks ago we Sanderson fans bid farewell to what has become a very successful series (which is currently sitting at number 1 on the New York Times Children's Series Bestseller List!). And while I, personally, do love that Brandon jumps from project (though it does lead to troubling arguments with myself about which book I want the most...) I'm not going to lie, it is really nice to have a resolution like this. Of course Brandon being Brandon has decided to expand this world multiverse before moving on to something else in his new series Apocalypse Guard. Here's the blurb from Delacorte's press release: (source) Now for those of you who read our coverage of last year's State of the Sanderson this should come as no surprise, but it's nice to have the official announcement. I, for one, could not be more excited about this. Calamity wrapped up the story of The Reckoners excellently but it also gave hints towards some deeper mysteries that I hope this new series will address. It's just a shame that we'll have to wait so long to read it! Check out our forum thread here to discuss Apocalypse Guard!
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    I’ve been a moderately active member of the 17th Shard for a tad more than two years. I’m finally ready to unveil myself. Yes, it’s true: I’m old enough to be almost everyone’s father here and the grandfather of many of you. That’s why I’m “Confused.” It’s also why I find our conversations so interesting. I feel like I’m arguing with my kids...I met my wife in 1974 and we’re still together – fairly remarkable in this day and age. I’ve already disclosed I’m a University of Michigan alum (“Go Blue!”), but I graduated more than 40 years ago. You can probably tell I was a lit major. I like to reference books of the Western canon. I’ve been reading fantasy novels since I was a kid, starting with Jules Verne in grade school. In 8th grade, I would prop a book up in class like I was paying attention, but was secretly reading Lord of the Rings instead. As a fantasy storyteller, Brandon has few peers. I’ve read everything but the “young adult” books. My personal favorites are The Emperor’s Soul and The Way of Kings. I fear I won’t live long enough to see the Cosmere story play itself out; hence, my interest in speculation. Besides raising a family and building a career, I used to climb 14,000 foot mountains (with ice axe, crampons and rope) and still enjoy exercise and a game of chess. As we continue our debates, please remember you’re dealing with a curmudgeonly old codger. It’ll help… Regards all!
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    Doesn't make sense to me. Assuming Hoid and Frost are writing each other Letters, and Frost is on Yolen*, then it means Hoid was writing a letter to someone on Braize asking for help with Odium, who is trapped on Braize. Actually, when I put it like that, it does kind of make sense. Let me try that again: If Frost is on the world Odium is trapped on, I wouldn't expect that Odium would let him run around free, sending letters to Hoid and running the 17th Shard. Frost and Rayse know each other, so I don't think Rayse would ignore him the way Ruin ignores Kelsier in Secret History. Now, what about other worlds that could possibly be Yolen renamed? I think it's a great idea that Yolen is hidden because it was renamed - Khriss has found it, she just doesn't know it! I had been considering this possibility already, and here's what I had come up with: Roshar and Scadrial don't have room for dragons. I think we have confirmation that there are no other major landmasses on Roshar, and Scadrial is getting well-enough explored that I don't think there's room for dragons or a third race there. Minor Shardworlds are lame. I don't think it would be a minor Shardworld like Ashyn, First of the Sun, or Threnody, although I can't definitively rule them out. Maybe it's because I suspect Odium first Shattered another Shard on Yolen, causing the remaining Shards to disperse, or maybe it's just because it would be a total letdown. Taldain is tidally locked, so I think that disqualifies it unless something catastrophic happened to Yolen to make it like that. Sel was a place that Odium visited. I don't like speculating on what wasn't said, but it didn't mention a return to Sel, so I don't think Sel can be Yolen. Nalthis is a big world, which we don't know a lot about yet. Still a possibility. Vax is a neverending source of frustration to the community, and just typing the name gets me so upset since we don't know anything about the planet at all. It's definitely on the top of my list. But eventually, I decided that I didn't think Yolen was renamed to another planet. Brandon has cited Asimov's Robot/Galactic Empire/Foundation megaseries as an inspiration for the Cosmere, and one of the Foundation books is about the search for the lost homeworld of humanity: Earth. I think Brandon will give us a hunt-for-Yolen in the last Mistborn trilogy that will be reminiscent of Foundation and Earth, which would preclude it just being another planet that's been renamed. (Then again, Second Foundation was all about hiding the second Foundation in plain sight at the old Galactice capital planet, so renaming Yolen as another planet is also thematically relevant.) *Frost is not a worldhopper, which Brandon defined as anyone who has been to another world. He is also a dragon, which is one of the three races native to Yolen. Frost is from Yolen, and he hasn't left.
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    So as I was looking over the newest news post, I got to thinking about how someone in the Reckonersverse would learn about all of this, and before I knew it, I had the beginning of a story. I know it's almost all exposition, but I had a good time writing it! As he woke up, he couldn’t remember much. He remembered where he was- he had just crossed the border from Idaho, and he remembered there was somewhere he was going. Something important had happened to him. Something about his family? He couldn’t remember. All he knew was that he had an ache in his head, and a destination that he needed to get to. Even if he couldn’t remember where it was. But, he would accomplish nothing by staying in one spot. He slowly packed up the few belongings that were around him, unsure of what was his and what would be useful. The sleeping bag? Definitely useful. The backpack with food in it as well. And the raincoat and umbrella would be a necessity. This was Oregon after all. As he started down the path, he saw a pair of figures in front of him. He worried for a moment that they were Epics, but that fear quickly subsided. It would be unlikely that two Epics, destroyers with unusual powers, would be walking on an obscure road. No, far more likely was the fact that they were fellow travelers. It would be wise to join them- groups were often safer than traveling alone. Before traveling with them, he wanted to know what kind of people they were. He moved to the side of the road and quickened his pace, striving to move stealthily. As he drew nearer to them, he could hear their conversation, even if he couldn’t see them. He heard a refined voice say “Did you hear What Happened in Portland?” “Aye. I hear there be a turf war there. Three factions, each determined to win control of the city. Each with nasty Epics with powers more powerful than the last. Which one do you think will win?” This voice was a gruffer voice, with a bit of a Scottish accent. “That’s a tough bet. People have told me that they favor the Dominion. They’ve got Corpsemaker, who can negate other Epics abilities and kill with nothing but a stare. “ The other man snorted. “What good is killing when you’re against a necromancer? The Empire of Light has Lightwards, who be building an army of zombie dionsaurs as we speak. Sure he’s got Doctor Funtimes who is constantly pulling pranks with his teleporting and his pinkness. But it’s hard to defeat someone who can raise the dead.” “True. However, my money is on Altermind, who leads the Thoughttown. They are smart enough to know when to fight, and strong enough to hold there own when they need to.” “Of course you would like them. They’re just your type. Cowardly, ineffective, intellectual snobs who would rather see the world burn than be wrong. Kind of like how Astoria is burning now.” He glanced out of the thick foiliage, and spotted a glimpse of the men. The one with the gruff voice was shorter, had a beard, and seemed to be carrying… an ax? Perhaps he was a lumberjack of some sort. His companion with the more refined voice was taller, in a suit, and did seem to be rather nervous. “Astoria is burning because the city’s ruler is absent, not because someone failed to act” the Suit said. “By being absent, isn’t the ruler not acting by default? You’ve seen how many High Epics have moved in, trying to make a claim to the city!” Ax said. “Not all are trying to lay waste. There is the Church of Singularity. I hear that they worship the savior zero, and for whatever reason, they despise how seven ate nine.” “What? That’s hogwash. Unless there’s some new number Epics I haven’t heard about, how can numbers eat each other?” “I don’t know. I’m not the one who worships them. Or despises them, for that matter.” “You’d worship anything if it would save your hide. That’s why you’re heading to The Dalles.” At this comment, Suit looked slightly offended. “I don’t know what you mean by that comment!” “What I mean is that The Dalles is the only major community around that’s under the control of normal people. If there be any such thing. You don’t want some Epic bossing you around, telling which way to breathe, which way to eat, which way to live. So you’re moving to The Dalles. Sure they’ve got a bureaucracy, and some Epics help run the city, but there, you’ve got a person telling you what to do instead of some Sparking Epic.” “I suppose that’s true. I just can’t understand why you would choose to go to Salem. It’s almost as bad as Corvallis.” “Now there, be kind. Salem is a wonderful place for those with a little initiative. There’s these gladiator battles, see, that epics have against each other in this Astral plane that the city sponsors. The ruler doesn’t do much, and that has some people edgy. It’s a good place for a man with an ax to grind. ” Ax smirked at his play on words. “So why not Corvallis?” “Corvallis is good if you are into politics. I’ve heard that Euphoria’s also gone missing, and that’s got the people in a panic without her giving them the happies all the time. That’s not to mention the series of attacks from monstrous beings granted from some Epic. Sure it’s got good goods growing on plants and a forcefield to protect from attack, but I’m not one for mystery.” “I would’ve never imagined” Suit said dryly. The man sneaking through the foliage on the side had heard enough. These men were no harm to him. He was not to travel with them, but they would do him no harm. He slowly backed away from the pair, going through the forest itself. As he left, he could hear Ax continuing to talk. “And the politics in Corvallis! Ugh, it would drive me nuts. Why the last time I looked at politics was-“ He heard a snap to the side of him. He quickly dove behind a fallen log and glanced over it. He could see someone- someone traveling through the air. An Epic. The man quickly ducked back behind the log again. The Epic moved to the path, and there was an electric sort of twang as the Epic let loose. The man behind the log shuttered. There were plenty of Epics around that roamed free of towns, laying waste to anyone in their paths. It seems the travelers had attracted one of them with their banter. It was a good thing that he had heard the twigs snap to the side of him. Wait. The Epic was flying- how had he heard the twig snap? He looked over the log, cautiously again. No, he didn’t see a path that the Epic had taken, or any branches that he would’ve snapped higher up. Perhaps it was an animal that alerted him to the presence. Whatever caused the sound, he knew he had to keep moving. He traveled forward, more cautious this time. For even the slightest sound could attract an Epic.
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    Oh look, another Mistborn wants to kill me. How should I kill this time? Meh, it's so boring. I'll just call Inquisitors to do it for me. What? Treason?! Let's call the rest of the Inquisi... Oh they're dead. First let's open with Soothing-powered depression, maybe they'll give up. I'll just punch him. Oh, he ducked. The traitor thinks I have spikes. Cute. You earn an elbow to the stomach. The little Mistborn wants to help him. Time for some good ol' Steelpushing. Let's get rid of the metals here, I don't want her to escape. “What did you think, child? To defeat me? Am I some common Inquisitor, my powers endowed fabrications?” She wants to escape. Let's stick to the steel; Feruchemy this time. Let's see how she flies. Oh, she's Pulling on my bracers. Clever, but not enough. Back to Steelpushing. ...Aaaand a broken leg. “You think this is the first time someone has tried to kill me, child? I’ve survived burnings and beheadings. I’ve been stabbed and sliced, crushed and dismembered. I was even flayed once, near the beginning.” I am so tired of this. “I am God.”God cannot be killed,”“God cannot be overthrown. Your rebellion—you think I haven’t seen its like before? You think I haven’t destroyed entire armies on my own? What will it take before you people stop questioning? How many centuries must I prove myself before you idiot skaa see the truth? How many of you must I kill!” And this traitor. “How dare you?” “How dare you?” “After what I gave you? I made you superior to regular men! I made you dominant!” WHAT? Did she just say my name? How dare she say that? HOW DARE SHE? “You know nothing!” “You know nothing of that!” Let's see her say that again after I make her one with the wall! AAARGH MY METALMINDS! NONONONONONONONO! Is this really how I die? What they have done... This is the end of TLR from his viewpoint. I can easily see why he didn't bother with any of the fancy tricks he could do.
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    I love you all. We have differing opinions on everything from politics to religion to raspberries, and yet no one is vicious or a bad sport or rude. There's about a forty year age range, but no one is dismissive of others because they're "too old" or "too young" to understand. You give out advice on adulting and homework help and hugs. You're all amazing human beings. Just wanted to say that. Carry on with your regularly scheduled programming.
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    Alright, roleplaying stories. I have one, from my only experience at the table a few years ago. We were playing mortal Exalted. If you don't know what Exalted is, the way it was described to us was that the characters were typically (basically) demigods. We were playing as mortals...so we were warned "You're gonna die". Spoiler: we died. That's not the story. The story is the circumstances of the death, in particular my death. So, during this adventure, our party of four were trekking through a jungle. Naturally, this being a fantasy game, we ended up being attacked by the local inhabitants. I say " attacked". We never stood a chance; they his in the bushes and started during blowdarts at us. The blowdarts were tipped with hallucinogens and some kind of sleeping poison. I should add here, we all rolled openly, DM included. I don't know if he hoped for us to be captured or if it was just bad luck, but it wasn't a railroad track. Myself and two others got captured. We woke up, still woozy from the effects of the drugs, in a cage made out of bones. Which was, you know, less than promising in that it was a cage, but hey- we woke up! Plus, during the scuffle, our fourth party member (the Rogue) escaped and had followed the trail, and was currently hiding in the bushes. The Rogue decided they didn't feel like running across the open ground to pick the lock of a cage. Understandable. "Can I throw my dagger to try and break the lock?" GM says yes. Rogue throws. Misses. GM tells us he's going to roll to see where the knife goes. Straight towards the cage. GM rolls to see if it hits the bars or goes through them. It goes through them. You probably get where this story is going. My poor Ranger woke up in a cage made of bones, still pumped full of drugs, and got a knife to the chest. The story doesn't end there. See, the knife wound? Not necessarily fatal (though I did pass out). The Rogue started being pursued by the natives again, so we were left alone. The Mage started trying to break the lock. The Druid decided he would try to heal me. And here's the thing: he's still high on drugs. And the knife? Inside my chest. And the druid? Rolls a 1. My very first roleplay character died because a stoned hippy decided to perform impromptu open heart surgery (without anaesthetic) in the middle of a jungle.
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    I loved the profanity filter on David's mobile. Took a koala. Motivator dingo.
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    You know, I've been thinking we needed a summary for a while now, so I'll take on that insanity and try to sum up the topic-so far. (Covers pages 1-10; will be updating as time allows) Updated through page 20 below. Hiding the body of this post to reduce clutter.
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    Hello all and greetings to everyone, welcome to the tautology club! The tautology club is a super exclusive club that you can only join by joining the tautology club. *The Tautology club is not affiliated with the Dark Alley because it is unaffiliated with the Dark Alley.
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    So I just finished a rough, first-pass transcription of this signing.
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    When you accidentally read "wafers filled with chocolate-flavored crem" ...and you lose your appetite.
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    Term 3: Month 1 - Where the River Meets the Ocean Delta sat near the Omethi River, deep in thought. To say his day had been eventful would be an understatement. First he’d been brought On the Horns, and when he’d asked the Masters what the charge against him was, they seemed flummoxed, and eventually had a runner go out to get the actual file on him. Apparently, some degenerate (Delta was determined to find out who this person was) had simply wished to file a complaint about someone and had randomly chosen him. He could not fathom how or why, since he was as common as common gets. No one looked at him. Well, except the Masters. A number of them had decided that the complaint was actually valid (a curse be on their houses), and had charged him. Sure, it was only Undignified Mischief, which was hardly anything, but still. He was indignant. He hadn’t done any mischief. He was as unmischievous as a person could get. Delta sighed. Now there was a blemish on his pristine record. He’d never, ever stepped out of line in his entire life. And yet, here he was in his second term at the University, and he had a charge. Ah, well. At least there was a plus to the whole “being brought On the Horns” thing. He’d been elevated. Again. He was now a Re’lar, and he proud of his rank! He was also greatly looking forward to his new studies. He had so much open to him! All the possibilities! Well, not quite all. But still! A lot! Who cared about being brought On the Horns and charges, especially such frivolous ones. He refused to let that get him down. He nodded, making up his mind. He’d simply throw himself into his studies. Surely the Masters wouldn’t charge him with anything else, when they could see how dedicated he was. Surely no one else would complain about him for such a horrible reason, when he was simply trying to study! He stood, intent on walking back to the University to start his plan. He’d make them all see that he wasn’t as common as he seemed. Yes. Yes, he would. He stepped toward the bridge, but then he lost his footing, and ended up stepping on a mud patch, which caused him to slip and slide straight toward the river! Delta couldn’t swim. He flailed his arms trying to catch himself on something, anything, before plummeting into the cold water right in front of him, but there was nothing to grab. Only mud. Slippery mud. Suddenly, Delta was wet. Very, very wet. And cold. And, worst of all, he was sinking. He kicked his legs and flailed his arms some more, hoping that maybe he’d break the surface of the water and perhaps someone would see him. His attempts were unsuccessful. As his gulped in water and his vision went dark, he heard a faint splash above him, and something grabbed his arm. And then he blacked out. Acaelus Starfire was brought On the Horns, but the charges were dropped! Sev was brought On the Horns, but the charges were dropped! Delta was brought On the Horns and charged with Undignified Mischief! If he hadn’t gone insane, he would have to RP an apology! Kipper was brought On the Horns and charged with Undignified Mischief! He needs to RP an apology. Amari (Araris Valerian) was brought On the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He received lashes for his punishment. Delta (Paranoid King) went insane! He is now in the Crockery. These students were elevated: Kipper, Acaelus, Amari, Mind of Akasha, Delta, Sasuke Uchia, Dow, Silverblade
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    So... I like reviewing things. Or, rather, I like trying to review and analyze things. The actual results aren't ever really as good as they should be, wgich isn't my point right now. My point is...well, for a while now, I've been debating whether or not to try and do more of it. Specifically, Ive been thinking of starting a topic on this forum for me to post my ramblings and reviews about...whatever I feel like talking about, or whatever you guys would like requested. And yeah, it's logic that I've tried doing before. This would be a more serious push to actually do it right for once. So. Bullseye. Lian Yu. Quiver's Corner. Whatever I decided yo call it. Would you guy's be interested in hearing my reviews and ramblings, or is this entirely just a vanity project?
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    So, 2003 is basically thought of in my immediate family as the Year of Hell. There are a few bright spots here and there, because real life just can't manage to be quite that awful, but mostly this is a pretty sad story. People die. So I'm putting it under a spoiler cut to make it easy to skip if you don't want to read it.
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    If Brandon (or GRRM) were feeling particularly cheeky during an interview, I'd love it if they turned the question around and asked the interviewer, "Well, if you die before this interview is finished, who would you like to finish your article after you're dead?"
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    What if it is a Horse that developed a bond with a spren?
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    And all I can think of is that this would make for a darkly humorous Lightwards death. "Ha! You missed! You should have known better than to challenge Lightwards, vanquisher of Death and conqueror of oh sparks oh sparks oh sparks."
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    yes, yes we do... How difficult would it be to make sharders be able to choose their own swear filter? like, in the settings, you can go and change your swear filter from 17th shard to Scadrial era 2 or reckonerverse mobile
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    Slater, I didn't appreciate your post nearly as much as I should have back when you made it. After just going through the whole thread from page 1 to page 64, I now do. My mind has expanded. Understanding blossomed. Glorious. As Sazed feels the tugs of Preservation and Ruin I feel the tugs of the upvote quota. I find it difficult to act. I doled out missed upvotes where I felt they were completely necessary but for the most part I had to just let the thread live its life undisturbed.
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    Here's my reactions, as I was posting them to a friend as I read: Oh Kelsier. You die, and OF COURSE the first thing you do is punch the God that greets you. Then try to recruit him to your crew. Oh how I've missed you. And Leras! I always knew he admired TLR. The twit. Huh. TLR passed on, without waiting. I saw Hoid (angled face anyone?) and wondered if it was him, until he began the insult game. Than I knew! Although I was surprised that Hoid could hurt him, even just cognitively. Maybe it has to do with him being so near Ruin? Although I guess Hoid has hurt plenty of people's sanity before as well. Finally! Khriss! Nazh! We finally get to meet you! And Kelsier tries to be an allomancer. Sorry bud, not going to work for you. (BRANDON AVALANCHE!) Vin should be called a MistBURN for what she dealt out to Kelsier. Oh SNAP! Overall, I really enjoyed it! I felt like this Kelsier isn't the same Kelsier from FE though. He feels.... different. Granted, it's been 10 years since Brandon's last wrote him, but I still found the story immensly entertaining and rich in realmantic explanations. We also finally know why Vin avoided Hoid. Also, I've heard a theory going around that after Spooks century of rule, he spiked himself allowing Kelsier to take control, and that's how we get the one-spiked Survivor in charge of the Southerners. What do you guys think? And do you think Harmony approved? Or supported it?
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    Another amazing depiction of Kaladin and Syl by the artist: Zusacre Posted here with permission from the artist.
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    Steelheart Nightwielder Firefight Fortuity Curveball Refractionary Regalia Obliteration Newton Mitosis Extra credit: Doctor Funtimes Altermind CorpseMaker Lightwards Timeport Paladin Lucentia Nighthound Red Backtrack Name seven undead creatures from folklore or fiction.
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    Well, Gollum did fall into Mount Doom, which is obviously Saurons Shardpool. And who else do we know that uses shardpools to world hop? And collects magical artifacts of great power? Calling it now, Gollum is Hoid.
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    I doubt it's agreed that it's possible in a practical situation. Maybe in a very carefully controlled scenario where the gun is carefully aimed and calibrated and the sword is placed in its path, not with unknown guns in an unknown setting and deflecting several at once (Which is basically impossible) The problem is that it's impossible to perfectly predict the path of a bullet, actual marksmen who are literally holding the gun don't always hit dead on where they're aiming, to be able to briefly glance at a gun and do so and move in time to deflect is quite frankly insane. I get that you're trying to make a cool character here but you need to keep it in the bounds of realism, swords are already cool, killing a bunch of people with swords is awesome, you don't need to turn him into a jedi.
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