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    Finally finished Portal. Best ending ever. Still Alive is amazing.
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    Warning: spoilers run amuck From what I understand, the powers of the Knights Radiant are granted by forming a special link with a spren, referred to by Nohadon as the Nahel Bond, and are fueled by the energy known as Stormlight. One such power is that of Soulcasting. However, we also know that Soulcasting can be accomplished by the use of certain fabrials. In addition, we know from Navani's Notebook that said fabrials are also formed using a spren and powered by Stormlight. Thus a possibility occurs to me: Could fabrials be nothing more than a method of mechanically simulating the Nahel Bond? And, if so, could we extrapolate the remaining Radiant powers by compiling the various known effects of fabrials?
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    Thanks Chaos. IMO, I agree that the ambiguity exists in principle, but I think that in context, this actually supports his claim to have made humanity, if not as strongly as I had remembered. IIRC, Vorinism claims that he made everything, but given the existence of Cultivation, this seems unlikely. The Almighty limiting his claim to the creation of humanity, and telling the truth about it, makes much more sense.
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    Not so... from the Brandonology: Quote from: Chaos2651 on October 15, 2008, 06:28:50 AM 1. The metal chunk that Elend ate is intended to be something of a mystery. Much like atium, actually. Suffice it to say that Atium isn't, and never was, what people thought it was. I intended Allomancy to be much like a real science. People investigate and put things into boxes, trying to describe and understand the world around them. That doesn't mean they always get things right, however. Let me say this, as I don't want to spoil too much. If that metal Elend ate were fused into specific alloys with certain metals, it could have instead created Mistings of each of the different Allomantic powers. Atium's abilities are not entirely explored yet either. Fell
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    It looks pretty cool, but I'd worry about them getting in the way of things, like the toolbar on my web browser.
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    If Aona and Skai were killed and Splintered by Odium during the Reod which is what we've assumed happened then I think it's possible that Tanavast is dead but that Honor is still intact. The Shaod came during a tempest and caused the ground to shatter which created the chasm. I think that the Highstorms are Odium's power trying to Splinter the Honorshard and that the Shattered plains are a side effect of this.
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    With mini-soulcaster fabrials to soulcast air into webbing!
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    Peter Parker wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider- He's an alien knight from Roshar!!!
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