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    Next time on the Stormlight Archive! Adolin thinks "Don't let them see that I killed Sadeas." Shallan thinks "Don't let them see that I recognize Mraize." Mraize thinks "Dont let them see that I'm just here to freak out Shallan for the lulz." Ialai thinks "WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE MAKING POKERFACES?!"
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    Also, is Brandon throwing some shade at us?
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    Oh, Brandon, you should know better. If you zoom in on the ARC back cover, you can make out some words. The first line is "A new storm has come." The five names are The Captain, The Spy, The Stonewalker, The Traitor, and The King. One other neat line I can see is "The Unmade - shadows of the Enemy's mind" Anything else you guys can dig out? Update: Here's what we've got, at the end of the day.
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    A simple set of directions, given to Dalinar by Honor in mystical visions. Dalinar interprets this command of Honor as instructions to unite the Alethi princes, or possibly the monarchs of the world. From the Oathbringer chapters we've read so far, this plan is not working very well for Dalinar. Our first impulse would be to assume that Dalinar is overly concerned about leaders of the world instead of uniting the human populations of Roshar. But the deeper truth hiding in plain sight is that Honor's commands are not human-race specific. What Honor truly desires to be accomplished on Roshar is an end of the cycle of hate between humanity and The Listeners. When Honor says "unite them", he is referring to all sentient life on Roshar. Thus my sort of long-winded theory, which I do think has the benefit of explaining several mysteries on Roshar: The Recreance and the death of Honor were a direct result of the cruel physical and mental enslavement of the Listener people. Just as not all humans became or served with the Knights Radiant, so too did individual Listeners have the capacity to choose to embrace the powerful and dark forms offered by Odium or to remain in more conventional non-war forms. Individual Listeners with reason to loathe humanity, or feeling desperation/hatred from human attacks may join the armies of the desolation, but my thought is that these were probably a minority. The majority of Listeners likely cared only about trying to survive the desolations, and while no Listener has become a KR, it is possible individuals may have offered their assistance as squires or general soldiers/support. A lingering animosity likely existed between the human and listener races, but the nature of the desolations was not a conflict fundamentally between humans and listeners, but rather between Odium and life itself. Following the Final Desolation, the 9 Heralds abandoned the Oathpact. Not all of them appear to have abandoned their positions of authority over the Knights Radiant though. Nale currently operates as direct patron to the Skybreakers, but he himself seems to justify his actions according to the visions and plans of Ishar. Ishar and his madness (and possible outright traitorous nature) are the likely source of the current great conflicts on Roshar. In an effort to break the Oathpact and prevent future desolations Ishar had a 2-part solution. First he worked with the Bondsmiths and through some great magical calamity locked the Listener people into near-mindless slaveform and allowed their mass-enslavement by humanity. Perhaps this event was the "wicked thing of eminence", and may also be somehow linked to the magical destruction of The Shattered Plains. The results of this action were morally horrifying: the collective enslavement physically and mentally of nearly the entire Listener species. Faced with the mass enslavement of the Listeners being carried out by the human kingdoms, the Knights Radiant found that they could not condone such actions, and abandoned their orders and oaths in what became known as the recreance. The "death" of so many KR bonded spren, along with the shock of Honor's Herald granted powers being used for such dishonorable ends weakened Honor to the point that Odium was able to kill him. Following these events Ishar instructed Nale and the hidden Skybreakers to hunt down other surgebinders both to prevent a new desolation as well as fearing that they might disrupt the Listener-enslavement status quo. At the present time Odium has played his hand perfectly. Dalinar was incorrectly convinced that the Everstorm would turn the Parshmen en masse into Voidbringers, and by communicating his message around the world has likely convinced many of Roshar's rulers that the newly mentally liberated parshmen need to be violently suppressed and re-enslaved. Doing so merely feeds into the cycle of hatred between humans and listeners though, which benefits Odium in the end. What is truly necessary to survive the desolation is to find a way to break the cycle of hatred, and unite the humans and listeners in the cause of mutual survival in the face of the Everstorm. This theory also offers insight into what Gavilar was attempting to accomplish (and very poorly conveying to Eshonai) in our new prologue: Although Gavilar is missing the mark here regarding the return of the Heralds (in a tragically ironic fashion - not realizing that they both haven't left and are the source of the problem he is trying to correct), he does seem to understand that enslavement of the parshmen is a thing needing to be reversed. Kaladin currently seems well on the way to understanding that the Listeners are not a group of irredeemable monster shock troops in Odium's army, but are individuals that his own oaths of protection oblige him to try to help. How he will balance this with the demands of the Alethi who just recently revered him as a hero and likely want the return of their slaves will be another moral tribulation for poor Kaladin. It is a positive sign though that so far Syl has not voiced any moral objections to Kaladin's path thus far, indicating that his intentions are not off base with those of an honorspren. Hopefully Dalinar reaches a similar conclusion about the nature of this war very quickly, before the human-listener infighting becomes even worse. Ultimately I also like this theory because it tackles a common problem in Fantasy: the irredeemably evil orc-like race that our heroes can murder en masse with no moral qualms. I have faith that the listeners/parshmen are not going to be portrayed in that way. There is a solution to this conflict beyond enslaving or killing their entire race.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hello all, I`ve been planning to draw miss Shallan for some time now, but alas time is never on my side. I`m not sure now most of you imagined a cryptic, but I`ve always had this image of light bend in different shades in our world. I took some liberty with the design as every artist would, but still tried to be as faithful to the book as possible. Hope you enjoy my take on this red haired master of illusion.
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    Shallan Davar is insane. Now, I know the first reaction of many of you would be to point out that, yes, of course she’s insane. It’s a requirement for the Knights Radiant. I mean, after all, Syl says in Words of Radiance that’s how they [Knights Radiants] all were, silly’ to Kaladin’s complaint that he was ‘broken’. None of current Knight Radiants that we know of (Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Renarin, Lift) are shining examples of perfect mental stability. Also, in Shallan’s defense, she is guilty of both patricide and matricide, so you can’t expect her to be perfectly sane, can you? Which is fine, I don’t. Kaladin's an emotional wreck. Shallan's an emotional wreck. It’s a requirement for the Knights Radiant to have undergone some form of mental anguish. So, why am I talking here? Well, simply put, Shallan’s insanity is getting worse because she’s a Knight Radiant. Whereas Kaladin is getting better, Shallan is just getting worse as a direct result of her Ideals and her Surges. Let me explain why I think that. As revealed in Chapter Fifteen of Oathbringer, Shallan cannot emotionally use her Shardblade because of the truth she was forced to admit for her Second Ideal, that she killed her mother with Pattern. Therefore, to get around the emotional scars, Shallan creates a new personality, Brightness Radiant, to fight in her place instead. Now, while this may seem innocent enough, and one could argue it’s no different from the pen names that we Sharders use on the Shard, it’s not. Not at all. To explain why, let’s take a step back and talk about the human mind, more specifically psychology, more specifically Jungian psychology, most specifically archetypes. Carl Jung, based on the work of Sigmund Freud, claimed that the human mind is made up ‘archetypes’. Now, I’m just going to skim the basics, feel free to look around for a more in-depth analysis elsewhere on the internet. I also must admit to having a cursory knowledge of the subjects, so if you know more and I made a mistake, I apologize. Archetypes can be described as the building blocks of personality. A person is composed of dozens of these ‘archetypes’ each slightly modified and relating together differently to create the full spectrum of personality. This is why we have many common character types across many civilizations stories. For example, there’s always the ‘warrior’, the ‘hero’, the ‘wise man’, the ‘mentor’ (which sometimes overlaps with the ‘wise man’), etc. These form a ‘persona’ or your exterior personality. From this chapter, it’s kind of clear that the alternative personalities Shallan is creating are based off of these archetypes. This makes sense, as character archetypes are one of the basic tools of all writers, so it’d be natural to create personalities using them. Veil seems to be based off the ‘trickster’ archetype, and ‘Brightness Radiant’ seems to be based of the ‘knight’ archetype, perhaps with a handful of ‘stoic’ thrown in. It’s a bit early to tell for sure. The problem now arises that Shallan is separated from these archetypes of hers. Brightness Radiant speaks like Shallan is a different person, and Shallan can’t wield her Shardblade at all. They''re separate. In Jungian psychology, this is a huge problem. In Jungian psychology, one of the reasons for insanity comes from the idea that these archetypes aren’t lining up. In order to treat mental disorders, Jungian psychologists will attempt to have the subject comes to terms with themselves, ending in catharsis. Now, this should be what the Ideal of the Lightweavers force Shallan to do, but it's not, because of it's own Surges. Shallan can’t ignore the truths of her paths, so she must come to grips with them for an eventual catharsis. But she isn’t. She’s using her Surge of Illumination to create these false personas that are Veil and Brightness Radiant. But by doing so, she’s locking herself out of catharsis and forcing her emotions aside to where she won’t have to deal with them. By using Veil and Brightness Radiant, Shallan is repressing her weakness and flaws. She isn’t trying to be fixed. She’s just trying to create an illusion that she is. If this continues, Shallan might get even worse, possibly developing multiple personalities, which would (I must admit) make for a fascinating read. Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the subject, and I have an unbearable tendency to overthink things. I would love to hear the rest of your thoughts on this.
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    We now tentatively know the approximate locations of Urithiru and all ten Oathgates. I've marked them with blue circles on this map. (I'm guessing with the Aimian one.) You might have noticed that I also marked off a large area in red. This huge area is conspicuously devoid of Oathgates. I call it the Oathgate Deadzone. The central and northern parts of this region are farther from an Oathgate than any other point on the Rosharan landmass. These are the areas which, in the event of a voidbringer attack, would take the longest to receive Radiant assistance. I've got to wonder if there's a reason behind this. The simplest explanation is that this region had the least need for Oathgate-based military aid. Based on the present-day distribution of Shardblades, we might conjecture that Alethela and Valhav, which made up most of the Deadzone in the Silver Kingdoms era, were very strong countries, with lots of combat-ready Radiants among their populations. But if I accepted that explanation, I could hardly justify an ominous name like "the Oathgate Deadzone." So maybe there's another explanation for it. When I think of the old Desolations, I see the Heralds and Radiants spearheading a coordinated global defense. Voidbringers appear somewhere, and within the hour there are Elsecallers and Willshapers on the scene, doing reconnaissance. Within days there'll be a fighting force of Windrunners and Skybreakers, drawing the battle lines and probing the enemy's defenses. And then, a week or two after the initial enemy incursion, the bulk of our forces arrive -- huge armies of radiants, squires, and ordinary soldiers, marched in from the nearest Oathgate. Except in the Deadzone. There, with all the Oathgates far away, the Radiants' response time suffers. The enemy has more time to rally, to dig in, to fortify their position, and be ready for battle. This means the Deadzone is where the Radiants (and humankind in general) are weakest. It's a hole in their global defense network. It's a weakness the enemy can and will exploit. If the Radiants were smart, they would have filled in this gap by building an Oathgate out there, perhaps in modern day Elanar or Northgrip. So why didn't they? Is it because they could rely on local Alethi and Vedens protecting themselves? Or is there a more sinister, catastrophic reason? Well, you know what just happens to be in the Deadzone? The Horneater Peaks. And what's in the Horneater peaks? A shardpool. The only known stationary perpendicularity on Roshar. And I don't think that's a coincidence. I think... if I was sending an army of monsters to invade Roshar, I'd send that army through Shadesmar. And the easiest way to get them into the physical realm is through that perpendicularity in the Horneater Peaks. This is my theory. Odium's unseen voidbringer hordes will arrive en masse through that shardpool. The Horneater peaks are Ground Zero for every desolation. The Radiants probably tried to set up an oathgate-base in the area, but it was always overrun and destroyed early in the desolation. The voidbringers make it their priority to secure their LZ by rapidly and decisively taking control of the region. Expect shock troops. Expect death. From there, they expand outward until Radiant resistance is strong enough to push back. Then a brutal war of attrition begins, with each side trying to cripple the other using behind-enemy-lines surgical strikes -- which is what we've seen in Dalinar's visions. The Oathgate Deadzone is actually enemy territory. Voidbringer Central. Mordor. It always has been, and it's about to be again. And when the monsters of the voidbringer vanguard pour out of the Horneater Oceans, eager to establish their home base, they will not be happy to find a whole human culture camping out around their portal. If the Horneaters don't evacuate their mountains in a hurry, they're about to be wiped out. Hence my clickbait thread title. If that's not bad enough, Hearthstone is also inside the Deadzone. And I think House Davar's estate is as well. And so is Herdaz, and potentially hundreds of Lopen's cousins. The only tangible proof I could find is this: Herdazians and Horneaters both make their homes inside the Deadzone. The two human races descended from Listeners just happen to live inside the region with the worst Oathgate service. Their presence suggests this region was once home to large Listener populations, which I think would confirm my logic: Oathgates, no; Voidbringers, yes. Throw in a perpendicularity, and it can't all be a coincidence, can it? It can, obviously. But maybe it's not! This might be the reason the Alethi and Vedens are so warlike. Their ancestors were living on the front lines. They were the first line of defense when a desolation came, and the last ones fighting to retake their lost territory as it drew to a close. If this theory is at all correct, I think we can expect so see confirmation pretty soon. I predict that we'll soon hear about some very unusual parshman activity in Vedenar. (This part has Oathbringer spoilers.) Either way, I bet we'll know before book 4. Thoughts?
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    So i played with color and i think this is more legible. What i have, building on feather, is this. Obviously happy for corrections. A new storm has come. Ash and red lightning sweep the land, awakening our ancient enemies. The Unmade—shadows of the Enemy's mind—stir, while the eyes of men open. This war is not, and never was, what they thought it to be. We may soon hold Surges again. For the Radiance has resurfaced in some and [illegible] others. The Captain, broken by loss, seeks reconciliation. The Spy, broken by cruelty, seeks vindication. The Stonewalker, broken by oaths, seeks truth. The traitor, broken by ambition, seeks freedom. And finally the King, broken by war, he seeks the past. That which was abandoned. That which he must not learn. For those secrets will crush him as they did the Knights which came before.
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    Inevitable revelation discussion, abbreviated and nowhere near as well written as Sanderson will write: Shallan: "You've been acting weird about this investigation, Adolin, and you won't let go of this theory that there are two killers. What's up, be honest with me." Adolin: "I don't know if I can tell you, I don't want you to think poorly of me." Shallan: "Just be honest with me, whatever it is, we can get though together. No judgement, just be honest with me." Adolin: "I don't know how to say this, its been driving me nuts. Shallan, I... I killed Sadeas, but none of the others!" S: " Oh, that's it. Huh. Not what I expected. We'll work through it." A: "Wait.. That's it? That's your reaction?" S: "Well yeah, we already covered that everyone hated the guy and he literally tried to have you killed. That's cool, if inconvenient." A: "But I murdered a highprince! And now someone is copying me to get away with some malevolent agenda!" S: "Good use of the word malevolent. It will be easier to catch the other killer, now that we know its two isolated crimes. Besides, killing a highprince is nothing. I murdered both of my parents, though to be fair they tried to kill me first, so self-defense." A: "Wait, what?!" S: "I said no judgement!"
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    I came up with this yesterday in Discord, and many people really seemed to like it, so I've been encouraged to post it here to share. I don't really post (or even come up with) theories, so I'm a bit nervous. I hope you guys like this one. My theory is simple: Dalinar essentially healed himself. He used Navani's fabrial, unwittingly, to do so. Basically, the fabrial she created was both a TIME fabrial and a PAIN fabrial. Due to his unique abilities as a Bondsmith, he created a resonance between those to heal the missing memories of his past. Fabrials are powered by stormlight-infused gemstones, much like surges are powered by stormlight. We've seen Dalinar unwittingly create resonance before in the situation room when he tugged Shallan and created the map. I believe that was a set-up to show what he's capable of, and that is what happened with the fabrial. He does not need to have invested himself to do this; we have seen Shallan use her mnemonic abilities without being invested, and Kaladin has squires without having to constantly be invested, so it stands to reason he can create resonances without himself having to be invested as well. Simply wearing the fabrial on his person was enough for that resonance to occur. That's it. Pretty simple theory.
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    Dealerform is used to play Twenty-One; Shuffle, cut, and distribute the cards. Counting cards must not be done: Lest the House lose its advantage of odds.
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    M A Y A L A D A R. 9 letters. May is 9 days away from June 9th, the publishing date of Warbreaker. May Aladar is Vivenna confirmed.
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    I'll give it a shot. Brackets indicate things I'm not sure of. @Calderis fite me
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    If Dalinar remembers his past wife just to start forgetting Navani, I am going to fall over and die. Pleeeeease Dalinar, noooooooooooo
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    I'm not a shipper. I don't hold it against anyone who is, and it doesn't bother me if you are. What does bother me is that any discussion of Shallan's future devolves into Shallan as an extension of Kaladin or Adolin's storylines or vice versa. This bothers me a lot. So here's a place to discuss Shallan, her powers, her future with the Radiants/Ghostbloods/her family, Pattern, whatever, that is strictly Shadolin and Shalladin free.
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    I've noticed that there is some interest in Dalinar's returning memory (perhaps that's something of an understatement ). I think that how it happened is explained in the very next chapter, when Syl says: And that, on a much smaller scale, is exactly what happened to Dalinar. The Nightwatcher ripped off a tiny piece of his soul, broke his Connection to Evi and her memory. The precise mechanism of the healing may remain a mystery (for example, did it happen because he was holding Stormlight when Navani said the name this time, and the Investiture flowed into the wound as it was thus revealed?), but I think we have a general answer to the "how" of it in the restoration of the parshmen. As to the fear that Odium is somehow involved, I think it significant that Syl only says, "Power has filled the holes"--power, not Odium's power. In other words, Investiture. And Investiture is Investiture. If Odium's Investiture can Heal something, then so can Stormlight, even if it needs to take another path to do it.
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    So, the Voidbringers aren't actually Voidbringers yet (good confirmation of what some of us have been suspecting since the first Kaladin chapter), and they even have a spren working with them. A yellow streak of light... almost sounds like another honorspren, except they're blue, and I would think that Syl would recognize one of her sisters. We've seen a combination of alerting and the color yellow before - the alerter fabrial used a heliodor. I wonder if there's any connection? If this spren is actually a sentient spren who can think, or if it is how the Listeners (and now Kaladin) see the "alerterspren"? Shallan's adopting of the Brightness Radiant persona feels very much like Soulforging, from Emperor's Soul, so I think there's something deeper going on than just mental gymnastics on her part. I've previously drawn connections between Forgery and Soulcasting, since we've seen both cases utilize the history of an object (Shai needs to know where the stones were quarried, Shallan needed to appeal to the Wind's Pleasure's long history with its sailors). I think Shallan is using Transformation on her Spiritual self when she adopts a persona. Another similar thing concept that comes to mind is gold Allomancy, bringing up an alternate version of yourself. But Shallan isn't just changing her history, she's bringing in parts of other people. Brightness Radiant is made of Jasnah; Veil is made of Tyn. Shallan is changing pieces of her soul temporarily into other people.
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    I know it's just a chicken, but walking around with a bird on one's shoulder reminds me explicitly of certain other ability granting avians... Cosmere Short Story spoilers
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    “Not that I know of,” she said. Her heart was beating quickly, her skin growing cold, her muscles tense. She fought against the sensation. “I don’t know where Plate comes from.” Guys,.... this really seams like a sander-hint , much like when she wouldnt think of her shardblade........
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    @Extesian Thanks so much for the decipher! Unseriously, So Shallan goes to Scadrial and finds Wax's gun
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    I think you're kind of missing the point of the greater conflict. Odium is hatred. The world has taught itself to view the conflict as one between humans and parshmen, when really that's just serving to strengthen Odium's position. A never-ending battle and generations of ingrained hatred is exactly what Odium would want. War, hatred, atrocities, and slavery just breed more of the same. When Honor's vision was telling Dalinar to unite "them", he likely wasn't just referring to humanity, but all sentient life on Roshar, Parshendi included. The only way to defeat Odium is to break the cycle of hate between humans and Parshendi. And right now Kaladin may be the only person to grasp that his oaths to protect don't stop with the human race. In this sense you're right, Kaladin may indeed become the betrayer of his side on the surface-level conflict, but doing so is the opposite of becoming Odium's champion. He will be truly embodying the principles of honor and opposing the machinations of Odium, perhaps for the first time since the Recreance. Actually, now I'm starting to become convinced that this is the true cause of the Recreance. Ishi and the Heralds thought they saw a way to break the cycle of Desolations, and used the power of the Bondsmiths (perhaps not telling them the full details of what they were doing) to brutalize the souls of Parshendi everywhere. Witnessing the results of their actions: the enslavement and lobotomizing of nearly the entire Parshendi race, was too morally repulsive to support and the old Radiants abandoned their orders. The Radiants were probably remembered as traitors by humanity for just this reason, they didn't go along with the mass-enslavement of the Parshendi.
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    The part that nearly broke me was in Kaladin's chapter: They just found freedom after millenia of being mentally neutered. And they are stuck out in the rain, with no real skills. No fires to cook with, not for lack of trying. Eating soggy grains that have not been boiled because they have nothing else. And all the skills they do have are low maintenance slave duties. This is freedom. My biggest fear, if Kaladin does manage to bring them to the safety of Urithiru as an independent society to be protected, that they will fall back into third class menial labor for the Alethi... I really hope Kaladin can work with them to find a solution that allows them to have meaningful lives to go with their freedom rather than this rather depressing tableau we are shown. Playing cards in the rain, because the masters found it fun, hoping to remember the rules. Right in the feels.
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    Nah, but he is kind of easy to push around if you try. Dalinar: Stormfather, bond me. Stormfather: NEVER!!! Dalinar: I will unite Stormfather: Alright, I guess I'll bond you. Or this: Dalinar: Stormfather, take me to the ruins of Kholinar in this vision. Stormfather: No Dalinar: Do it! Stormfather: Yeah, okay, whatever. Or this: Syl: I want to return to Kaladin Stormfather: I will not allow it! Syl returns to Kaladin. Stormfather: Okay, do whatever you want. Stormfather is a pushover.
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    OMG, I want a scene where Shallan and Adolin are in some form of meeting, they hold hands or make some other mostly innocent sweet gesture, followed by Pattern yelling NO MATING in the middle of the meeting.
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    (Sitting in a tree....) Serious Theory Time: Szeth is rebuilding a moral code based on Nightblood, and that will seriously affect all of his future interactions. Spoilers for Oathbringer, Edgedancer and Warbreaker. When Szeth ‘died’ and was revived by Our Friend Nale he admired Szeth’s dedication to his law, and tried to recruit him to the Skybreakers. And then he introduced him to Nightblood. Nightblood, destroyer of evil and sword of terrifying hilarity. Would you like to kill some evil today? Nightblood is a super sword created to destroy evil, and it’s pretty darn good at it - well, the destroying part anyway. Most interestingly, however, is that Nightblood has a resonance with people. If someone is good/innocent/relatively moral, they will feel profoundly nauseated by Nightblood. If someone is evil/selfish/relatively immoral they will be filled with lust to claim and use Nightblood; all but inevitably ending in their death. Where does this leave us? Well, Szeth is starting to dedicate himself to, or at least live by the precepts of, the Sword. He will go about ‘destroying evil’ - but only those who are nauseated by Nightblood. This will create extremely interesting conflicts as he uses the ‘Nightblood Litmus Test’ to determine who he should kill, and if he should kill. This will especially be interesting when he runs into our ‘voidbringers’ the freed Parsh-people. It will be even more interesting when we run into ‘possessed’ parsh-people like Eshonai. Would they qualify as evil to be destroyed? But that’s an aside. Evidence for this theory: this mostly comes from Edgedancer. It’s pretty clear that Our Friend Nale was trying to recruit Szeth, and Szeth was hanging around, but he was not buying into the Skybreaker motto, and did not drink their kool-aid as it were. He’s openly questioning the man he believes to be the Herald of Justice. Interestingly too they have a discussion about being unable/unwilling to trust their own minds. Most strikingly, when Szeth notices Lift, he doesn’t turn her over to Nale’s ‘justice’. Instead, he uses the Nightblood Litmus Test. Lift is nauseated, passing the test, after which Szeth talks to her and helps her, instead of killing her or turning her in. So, I think Szeth, not trusting the minds or manners of feeble Men or their laws, is instead trusting himself and his behaviour to the Nightblood Litmus Test. Of course, there’s a lot left open - where will he go? To whom will he apply the test? But there we are!
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    Pattern: No mating !!!!! Syl: Go for it Kal Pattern: No, not allowed...... what is he doing now Syl: Yay keep it up! Gives a whole new meaning to the peanut gallery
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    I have been thinking about what was done to the Parshmen, and although I still don't have any idea about how the Bondsmiths were able to do what they did, I believe that I understand what was targeted in order to achieve it. In the WoR interludes, Eshonai says this while discussing the upcoming test of the storm spren. From this, it seems to me that when the Parshendi test a new spren, they get two possible results. Dullform, or a new form. To me this says that dullform is... Not a true form. I've been describing it as the listener OS safemode. If they take in a spren that does not result in a specific form, their body reverts to dullform to prevent unwanted/dangerous changes to their physiology. I believe that when the Parshendi bond with a spren, the part of them that detects the rhythms integrates the Spren into their spiritweb. Dullform, does not do this. They take in the Spren, and the part of them that would normal integrate with the Spren cognitively retracts as a form of self protection. When the Bondsmiths of old targeted the listeners, they reached out somehow and severed the part of the spiritweb that creates the listener bond. For the last legion, who had reverted to dullform to protect themselves, this part of their spiritweb was dormant, enabling them to retain the ability to change forms. This also explains why dullform and slaveform look so similar. In dullform, the portion of the spiritweb that allows the bond is dormant, and so they look similar to a form, or complete lack thereof, in which that portion has been literally removed. The Everstorm has now passed over and regrown the portion of spiritweb that allows the bond to occur in these listeners, and so for the first time they can hear the rhythms, but they don't know how to attune them and thus don't speak to them. They also have no spren to press them into safemode, so I think these newly freed Parshmen are what a listener looks like with no bond at all (I wonder if a Parshendi seeing them would think of them as babies grown large?).
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    My theory on the memories returning is that the painrail is what is helping him remember. “I asked to have my pain taken away, and she took memories too.” If the painrail is doing it’s job and dampening the pain maybe it is breaking the nightwatchers power.
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    I wanted to put together a detailed timeline for Stormlight. After a few weeks of lunch breaks, this is what I've got to show for it! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wdigy6ZNX4EGRAaUskfM0LXNANksyM1JintSn4yKSyM/edit#gid=2005334307 There's a really good timeline for Words of Radiance out there, but nothing that pulled in events from ALL the books into one place. The main reason for this is simple... The Way of Kings chronology isn't nearly as detailed or ironed out! Many of the dates in this timeline are based on a LOT of assumptions. Don't take them at face value. I've done my best to speculate on how much error is possible, and you'll see that listed next to the dates. But those numbers could easily be wrong as well! The goal wasn't to figure everything out perfectly, however. That's just not going to happen. My real goal here was just to do the best I could with the information we've got. And if new information comes to light that paints a better picture we can incorporate that! Ultimately, my hope is that this is a fun and useful tool. For the most part, it will help you get a general idea of how events fit together. Again, just be aware that it's probably got lots of errors. It's still a work in progress. The whole thing needs to be reviewed and cleaned up. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to share them! If you'd like to help me check the whole thing over in detail then let me know. I'd like to add a bit more functionality as well, concerning dates that are dependent on one another. But this is more or less the final form. Special thanks goes to @WeiryWriter. He put together the incredibly detailed timeline for Words of Radiance. A lot of that work is captured here and it was the basis for my own work. He also put together a list of TWoK timeline notes, which I used extensively. Other people may be have involved in that WoR timeline effort as well. Thanks to all of you!
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    Chapter 16: Wrapped Three Times I've been neglecting the first chapter of each batch, because I usually read it in the train, and I can't really switch back and forth between the chapter and the forum. So some quote-less thoughts, after the fact: The Stormfather laughing was weird to me. The Stormfather essentially telling Dalinar "you are not high enough level to know this" made me chuckle. It's a problem I've been wondering about, how Brandon will solve the issue of Dalinar having this super knowledgeable being to chat with. It looks like the solutions will be "you need more XP", which... could work. Dalinar & Jasnah atheist bros? Sign me up, please. Also, Dalinar asking the right questions about religion. I feel like he didn't defend his side as well as he could have - i.e. that they still share a lot of the same values, even if they disagree on where said values come from - but he can be forgiving, he is new to the ways of the heretic :3 Oh, look, yet another monarch who doesn't want to unite with Dalinar. Y'all are gonna make the Blackthorn come back and become united. For a moment when I read Evi's name there at the end, I had to do a double take on it. I was like "wait, he is not supposed to hear it yet, did Brandon make a mistake", and then hooboy. That's some scary mojo there, Dalinar, don't be like that. Chapter 17: in Shadows I don't think you Khen kill him :8 Oooh, that was terrifying. For a few seconds there I was really worried. That's clever. Also, I like the term "higher spren" better than "true spren". Syl > Stormfather. I am curious about the mechanics behind this. I don't think we know enough, but it's a very interesting topic. Not much else in this chapter to talk about. Confirmation that the spren is a voidspren, and that it doesn't control the parshmen directly. Kaladin taking care of the group is actually really sweet, given his history with previous slave groups. Get you some more squires, Brightlord Brooding Eyes, your Order is known for them! Chapter 18: Double Vision Aww, a Shallan chapter? I mean, I love her chapters, but right now every character I read about is my favorite character, and we've switched PoVs with every chapter in this batch! Oh, look at you, using language constructs and all. You smart Cryptic you. When did that happen though? It's been some time since I read Words of Radiance, but I thought sound was one of the things she couldn't figure out. She had Pattern imitate voices for her. It never occurred to me to wonder why Pattern can't fly - and neither can Wyndle, for that matter. It makes sense for Syl to fly, because of her ability to control Gravitation, but I feel like there are many other spren that also fly or float - gloryspren, for example. lol That's, um. One way to put it. lol Nooo, give me new spreeeeeen! Hmm. Ah, yes. I too am a darkeyes like you, with my eyes that are not light at all, and we share so much, including frequently... drinkening... yes. I wonder if that's just straight up whiskey or something. Brandon did say that the Alethi like putting the "wine" label on pretty much anything alcoholic. Adorable scene though. He is going to cheer. I am actually surprised she picked up on it. Oh, Shallan, you've grown so much since the Kabsal days... NOOOOOO OOOONEEEEE cracks his knuckles like Adolin, No, his name is just so difficult to fit in the Gaston song... Man, the world is better with spren in it. Just, objectively better. Uhhh. Shallan, this is alarming. This is some scary stuff going on. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU, YOU DUMB GINGER!? God. That's it. I am done with you. Give me Jasnah. Now that I am done with Shallan, wine plot is so much more interesting. Horneater white is probably just rubbing alcohol, let's be honest here. Well then. Iiinteresting. So we are probably not dealing with someone trying to frame Adolin specifically, or anything, just someone - or something - that mimics murders. I am kind of beginning to suspect a supernatural element to this now.
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    I have a theory about how (if it can or will happen) Adolin can re-awaken his Shardblade. In Chapter 13, Shallan has this thought: "Wait until Adolin sees a Cryptic in Shadesmar form, she thought, with a full body but twisting shapes for his head." Which got me thinking, what if Adolin actually does visit Shadesmar? Either mentally or fully in the physical, like what Jasnah did to save her life. If he has his Shardblade with him when he does this, will he see the half-dead representation of his Shardblade and be able to interact with it? What happens when someone who isn't bonded to a spren visits Shadesmar with a half-dead Shardblade? Could you fix them by feeding them Stormlight in Shadesmar? Are there any WoB about non-shardbearers going to Shadesmar?
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    'Wanna divide by zero?' is the greatest pickup line ever.
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    More Sanderfan memes:
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    Meme dump! Enjoy! Half of us be like: Words of Radiance: Mistborn: Reading Sanderson like:
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    Me: I think I messed up my name on the Shard. KK: How? Me: I think it's supposed to be the King Mother, as in Mother of the King. KK: But that sounds rather gender confused. Me: See, that would make me all modern and hip. ________________ Me: I should change my name on the Shard. KK: [sighing] To what? Me: How 'bout Anarchy? KK: I think your avatar already says that loud and clear. ________________ Me: I deadlifted two plates today! KK: [nodding with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm and understanding] Hmm. That's nice. Me: [pointing towards rack of weights] See the big ones, the 45s? I had two of those on each end of the barbell. KK: [with horror] Why would you do that? Me: Because I can. KK: If I drool on my finger and then touch [Kobold Minion 1]'s neck, that answer doesn't fly. ________________ KK: What even IS this? Me: Metallica. KK: I swear. You kids and the noise you call music.
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    If they make a movie/show of Stormlight, they have to shoot a scene of Ned being thrown off the cliff... of course, Ned will be played by Sean Bean in that scene.
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    Personally I want to see Rock's reaction to Shallan drinking Horneater lager.
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    I don't think anyone mentioned it yet, but it looks like the reason that Lightweavers speak truths is because of all the people and lies they can become. It strengthens the bond with their spren and keeps their 'self' in tact, while simultaneously reaching a level of self awareness. No matter who Shallan becomes, she can't shove aside her truths. @Stark I agree that if she rejects her truths, she will break her oaths and kill pattern.
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    I'm laughing so hard at the moment Pattern, you are wonderful (maybe not in terms of being a chaperone, but you could still apply as a Math teacher).
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    I disagree. I always think that people are reading too much into things (to the point that I've been skeptical or even outright dismissive of theories that later turned out to be right), and I really think it's an Aviar. There are a number of reasons: 1) It's an odd-looking bird. Birds are so rare on Roshar that Shallan can't tell what is and isn't odd, but it sounds like this thing basically looks like a green bird of prey. Green makes one think of parrots, but Shallan has seen a parrot before, and this one looks different to her. This is not a bird that exists in our world, even though the ones that we've seen so far sound like they're pretty close (if not essentially identical) to species that exist IRL. There is definitely something odd about the bird. 2) Mraize must have a reason to be carrying a bird on this spying expedition. Having a rare animal perched on your shoulder while you're trying to blend in as a soldier is just dumb. If he were playing the part of an eccentric noble or something, the bird makes sense as an affectation, but it adds nothing to his average, everyday soldier persona. There must be a practical reason that he is bringing it along, then. 3) Mraize's collection of magic items seems to indicate that, no matter how tough it is to survive a visit to First of the Sun, if anyone can survive and even bring home a magic bird, it's probably him (hey, maybe that's even how he got those scars). Khriss also says that you can't get to Taldain at all these days, but Mraize nevertheless had a vial of what appeared to be Dayside sand in his collection. 4) It is exactly the kind of Cosmere connection that fits into the Stomrlight Archive. Mraize's aforementioned collection, Iyatil clearly being a Southern Scadrian, Hoid using Allomancy, Vasher, Nightblood, Demoux and Galladon and Baon... All of these Cosmere-wide elements show up, and readers who know all of the series catch them, while those who are only into Stormlight don't get lost. An Aviar on Roshar fits with the other Easter Eggs. It's consistent, and Brandon is definitely consistent.
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    As anyone who is anyone knows, I am more than a tiny bit obsessed with The Stormlight Archive. Everything and anything Brandon writes has a place in my heart, but Stormlight is especially dear to me. And while I will forever maintain that the series is revolutionizing the genre, I adore the small things, the in-world artifacts that add just a little bit of extra uniqueness. Shallan's drawings. The maps. The women's script. The Vorin glyphs. Especially the last. Something about the Vorin glyphs, the Alethi highprices' glyphpairs, captivated me the moment I laid my eyes on them, which is why I've been a huge fan of @Harakeke's translation guide. Skipping over all of the details, and 100% of the context, Isaac Stewart, Brandon's art director and creator of many of the wonderful artistic things I so enjoy in these books, designed some glyphs for me, to spell out my name. Now, I've looked at them, and I don't think they quite follow the conventions established in the books (because my names are not symmetrical, and I didn't want to try to adjust them to something unrecognizable just so that my glyphpair can feel closer to canon), but they are not entirely made up either. At his request, don't go swarming his inbox with requests - in doing these for me, he found out that he doesn't have as much time as he thought he does. To quote his email: "I can't take requests like that anymore. (I realized after making this one that I just have too much on my plate for projects outside of work.)." So, I am a little sorry about this, but also a little smug But allow me to present these glyphs to you (After another paragraph) If you want to appreciate the glyphs for their artistic value alone, you can do that, but if you are interested in cracking the code behind Isaac's brilliance, you'll need the spelling of my names (as the glyphs are design to reflect them). It's a little weird (not uncomfortable, just weird) to share this after so many of you have known me as Argent (which, if we are being honest, I kind of prefer...), but my name - and what Isaac used here - is Evgeni Kirilov. Whew, that was weird. Let's get to the glyphs now! The book spells "Evgeni", the flame spells "Kirilov". One image per glyph/name. And here are the two, separately: In addition to these, Isaac also created something more resembling a glyphpair for me: where the left glyph stands for "Evgeni", and the right - for "Kirilov. Stylized, these look like this: So there you have them. You should expect to see a lot of my online presence to shift towards using these, as I am OH SO HYPED YOU CANNOT BELIEVE!
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    I am really happy that the conversations are turning out this way. Fantasy does not have a great track record of dealing with interracial relations responsibly. Even when authors go beyond simple constructions where race A is Good and race B is Evil, they rarely address the race relations in a meaningful way. I think that you can see how this has affected the thinking of fantasy fans (though society in general is also responsible) in how so many Stormlight fans talk about Kaladin being racist. Uh... No. He has very understandable prejudices against a class of people who have near-absolute power over him--power they have abused flagrantly throughout his life. This is a very responsible way for Kaladin to wake up to the realities of injustice in his society. Some readers have been hard on him for not giving up his vendetta against his abusers quickly enough for their liking, and while such a position is pretty much nonsense, he does obviously need to work through those feelings. Putting Kaladin in a position where he needs to confront how the system he lives in also puts him in a position of being an abuser, taking advantage of those with less power than he has, is a very good way to approach this. We may be getting a clue into how Odium operates, too. With him being essentially the god of hatred, we expect a whole lot of evil, but I think that we're going to see Odium take a totally different course than we expected. It looks like he's going to use justified hatred to work his ends. The parshmen are absolutely justified in their hatred. When other nations bargain with the Voidbringers, seeing it as being a choice between them and the Alethi, it may be their absolutely justified hatred for the evil in Alethi culture that sways them to side with the "bad guys." This is very interesting.
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    Well, as longs as she's honest about. "Pattern, I am a serial killer." "This truth is accepted" "I am using the trophies I collect to make my own special ink for portraits of my new persona's based off my victims. I choose my victims for the traits they have I desire. Using them to craft my illusion makes it stronger." "This truth is... deeply unsettling. Terrifying and gross. And.., storm it, accepted, but only because I have no choice. Seriously, get some help, or go divide by zero with that nice swordsman who wields my cousin's corpse. You're starting to scare me." I don't feel that there is a moral code to Lightweavers, as long as they honor the truths they have admitted to their spren.
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    Chapter 13: Chaperone What a fun chapter! I don't think there are many things I can comment on specifically, but overall, it's just quality fun. I needed that. Pattern's "No mating!" calls are bound to turn into a meme before long (and I am waiting on the fanart). And his "dividing by zero" line almost had me laughing out loud. Just... what a fun a chapter! One tiny thing I liked from the chapter is that the setting sun is described as "casting ruby and topaz light". Not red and yellow, ruby and topaz - which is so much more in-world. I am a huge fan of those turns of phrase. Chapter 14: Squires Can’t Capture Instant sympathy! Hmm, what is this? The only sensible guess right now is one of those comet spren, but I don't think that's it. Also, did the voice come from it? Chapter 15: Brightness Radiant Oh, come on, give me Kaladin back! Adolin Kholin, progressive. It is easy to like him. Shallan Davar, not so progressive. Darkeyes are people too, baby girl, don't be like that! Oh, because of course he would. Should've seen that. Dueling is his life, of course he would be more than eager to share that with his betrothed. Oh, it's interesting that the Cryptics will send another. Also, Pattern's constant willingness to die, it's breaking my heart. Accept him already, Shallan! So, this is interesting. We saw some of this in Words of Radiance, but it's much clearer now that Shallan, or perhaps all Lightweavers, can (temporarily) change people, including themselves. Shallan in particular seems to be putting together a portfolio of personas - first Veil, now Brightness Radiant. Obviously this is a terrible coping mechanism, though it is something; still, it's going bite her in the rear sometime in the future (maybe she'll have to give it up as her Ideal?), and boy, is that going to suck for her. I'm excited to see her portfolio grow though. Uh, that's a very... formal Shallan. Don't like it. lol
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