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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you rapidly, but our aim is to get every request done within 24 hours. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Team Sanderson for letting 17S do this! Update: We've been getting a lot of traffic from Tor.com and Brandon. Realistically it will take longer than a day (you can tell how long the list is). It will probably take a week or two to do this with 1500+ requests here.
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    As many of you are aware, the SE moderating team provides an immense contribution to this subforum, spending a great deal of time ensuring the games go smoothly and are balanced, as well as resolving any issues on the subforum. We’ve had a great team so far, even moreso considering we’re all just volunteers. I’m incredibly grateful for the time they’ve all contributed to the subforum thus far. Unfortunately, it’s become apparent that to manage the games, we need a team of four active moderators. Gamma has only been a mod in spirit for the last two years since he’s been so busy with real life. Meta, on the other hand, has been around from the time he brought the games to 17th Shard, through building up the community and making it what it is today. His schedule recently hasn’t permitted him to participate in the running of the forum as much as is needed now, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Because of this, we have had to rearrange the moderating team. We’ve finally made Gamma’s removal official, but Meta’s is new and I cannot express how sad I am to see him go or thank him enough for what he’s done. We’d like to welcome Orlok and Seonid to the moderating team. They’ve both been around the games for over 2 years, and I think they’ll help us continue moving these games in the right direction. As part of this period of change, we’re also creating a committee of experienced GMs to consider games before they run, contributing their experience and judgement. We hope that this will ensure future games are balanced, unbroken, and enjoyable (though I expect we’ll still have the occasional broken game). This committee, in tandem with the moderator team, will provide an excellent source for new GMs and those who are looking for help building a game. The members of this committee are Elbereth, Amanuensis, Aonar Faileas, A Joe in the Bush, and Stink. Lastly, we're giving more specific start dates for the upcoming games, so watch the GM spreadsheet to find out what games are coming up and when they will run. Thank you all for being the great players you have been so far and I look forward to seeing how things progress.
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    If anyone is having trouble voting, I drew up a couple pictures to make things easier. A Joe in the Woods: A Joe in the Court:
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    From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Last one of this series! A mood painting of the hallways of the Imperial Wing. Thank you for all the kind words, hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the Emperor's Soul setting! You can also view the full project here: http://lyraina.artstation.com/projects/wnOGO
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    Elantris spoilers: Warbreaker spoilers: Words of Radiance spoilers:
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    “Ooh, ooh, tell me a story!” Coyote pranced around the Court’s latest medium in a decidedly undignified fashion, body undulating in a way that was unsettling to the eye. “What sort of story?” “A story about me, of course! Those are always the best stories.” The god grinned widely, muzzle full of far too many teeth, all razor sharp. “Of course,” the medium agreed gravely, settling themselves on a nearby stump. “So which story will you tell?” Coyote nuzzled against the medium’s legs before rolling onto his back, demanding wordlessly that his belly be scratched. “Will you tell of how I placed the stars in the sky? Of how I hid the moon?” As the medium cautiously obliged Coyote with scratches, the god turned, snapping at their fingers, missing by only a hair. “Or will you tell of how I tore the Wood and Court asunder? Of how I trapped the Seed Bismuth, and made the humans know fear?” “I will not tell any of those stories, I think.” “But you must! Those are my favourites.” The air in the wood seemed to thicken. Strange shadows flickered at the edge of the medium’s vision, and Coyote let out a low growl, teeth growing longer, sharper, if that were possible. “I think you will like this one, once I have told it. It is a tale of your cleverness, your wisdom, your vengeance and your mercy.” The shadows abated, and Coyote’s form rippled, becoming smaller, less aggressive. A look of puzzlement replaced his former snarl. “That does sound like me. But I am not sure I know this story.” “It is an old tale, and not well known. It begins a few short years after you divided the Court from the Wood, and the Archer cursed the Annan Waters. Suspicion and fear ruled. “No one spoke of it, but the Court and the Wood were at war.” So, before we get started, this game is going to be a little unusual. This is not a standard Elimination game. This is not a Faction game. This is not a free-for-all. It’s a bit of all three. For this game, there will be two game threads, not one. One for the Court, and one for the Wood. Players can only communicate with or PM players in their respective threads, outside of special circumstances. (PMs are night only.) Likewise, there are two factions, Gunnerkrigg and Gillitie. In the Court thread, Gunnerkrigg is Village, and Gillitie Eliminator, and vice versa in the Wood thread. When one game ends, both do. Turns will have th standard 48/24 Day/Night lengths. Because of the nature of this game, and the source material, there are a few additional mechanics. The Test. Each player can, once in the game, choose to die. If they do, they will be resurrected into the other thread, given a random non-unique role and have a 60% chance to switch alignments (ergo, villagers will tend to stay villagers, just in the new thread, and elims will tend to stay elims.). Mediums, and Meetings. In addition to the lynch vote that each thread has each day, each thread also has a Medium vote, where a player can be given or stripped of the Medium role. Mediums may post/PM in both threads, and gain a neutral alignment, unless they are an Eliminator. Additionally, they can appoint a Guardian from their original thread. This Guardian gains either the Dragonslayer, or Protector of the Forest role, depending on their thread, and gains the win-con of ensuring their Medium’s survival. If the Medium loses their role, so does their Guardian. In addition to the powers the Medium had before, the appointed Medium gains the ability to call a Meeting. During a Meeting, there is only one thread, and all players can take actions on each other, PM each other, and they have a group lynch. The game cannot end during a Meeting. Meetings cannot be held concurrently. Again, given the nature of the source material, there are additional secret roles and mechanics that you'll have to discover as you play. These secrets do not belong to any particular faction. Roles: Forest: Hollow Faerie: Hollow Faeries cannot undergo the Test. However, if they are killed, they are automatically resurrected in the other game following standard rules. Regional Faerie: You have a small power over the Ether. While generally speaking you are harmless, you can be annoying. Target a player, any action they take has a 25% chance to fail, or any action taken against them has a 25% chance to fail. Air Elemental: Using your mastery over the air, you can PM one player of your choice during the day. Anwyn/Forest Elf: Although not the most Etherically powerful of Forest dwellers, you come from a strong people, and not many can boast your tolerance for alcohol. During the day, you can slip someone a glass of achewater, and they will pass out and forget to vote. Rogat Orjak: Despite appearances, you are not a dragon, and would much rather not be compared to one of those barbarians, thank you. Your large size allows you to shrug off most attacks, and makes your fellows reluctant to accuse you, even though you’ve assured them multiple times you’re quite nice, really. (Extra life, optional -1 vote at the end of the Day.) Shadowperson: One of the remnants of Coyote’s failed attempt to replicate humanity, you have no particular Etheric talents, but you are sneaky. You can follow a player at night and see what actions they take. Wisp: A masterful illusionist, you can convince anyone of anything. During the day, you can move one player’s vote. Ysengrin: A wolf spirit who is unswervingly loyal to Coyote, you have an enormously powerful etheric presence. (Kill/Protect) Unique. Reynard: A trickster-spirit, your etheric skills revolve around misdirection and illusion. (Redirect/Conceal[<-Coppercloud equivalent, blocks Shadowperson scan and vote manipulation, amongst other things.]) Unique. Protector of the Forest: Gifted enormous power by Coyote to protect your Medium, the very trees have become an extension of your being. In Gillitie Wood, you are all but omnipotent, although you feel your physical body atrophying. Kill, Protect, Roleblock, Redirect, Extra Life. Can use up to two actions each night, however, additional uses count towards atrophy. If they use three actions consecutively, they die. Powers weakened during Meetings (loses the extra action period). Unique. Court: Barrier Mage: You can attempt to protect a player each night. Although you will save them from death, there is a chance they will be injured, unable to place a vote or take actions next cycle. Witch: Each night you may cast a spell attempt to gauge a player’s intentions. (Basically an alignment scanner, albeit with a chance of failure.) Telepath: Each day, you are given the option to PM up to three random active players. Making Everything Boring: Any random effect always lands the way you wish it. Unique. (Note, requires specific targets, and knowledge of the random effects; cannot affect more than two things at once.) Demi Fire Elemental: One kill attempt per cycle; as with Barrier Mage, it cannot fail completely, but it can injure instead. Dragonslayer: Trained and warded to enhance your physical abilities to a superhuman degree, you are the greatest warrior of the Court. Two lives, kill/protect. Unique. Teleport: You can randomly swap two player’s locations, so that actions that would affect one instead affect the other. (Basically, trade actions that would target you for actions targeting a random other player.) Zeta: Officially speaking, you do not have a power. Unofficially speaking, you are very, very scary. 10% chance each Turn for you and a random number of others to be transported to a nightmarish alternate dimension. If this happens, you will all be put in a PM together for the turn, and be unable to speak in-thread. Each player taken has a 20% chance to die, or change alignments (alignments beyond the simple Court/Forest split...). Actions taken while Zeta’s role is in effect can have unpredictable results. Unique. Engineer: You specialize in building robots. You can send a drone to stalk a player, either listening in on their conversations or reporting back their actions. High failure chance. However, you can send this outside the Court. If you do, however, and it fails, the drone will attempt to take root, and you will be executed at the next Meeting. Etheric Scientist: While you have no talent with the Ether yourself, you’ve devoted all your time to studying it. Largely powerless on your own, although you can disrupt or enhance Etheric abilities. (Roleblock or remove failure chance of roles, Engineer excepted.) Miscellaneous: Hello everybody. This game is going to be run by me and @A Joe in the Bush; while we haven't quite finished finalizing things, one of us is probably going to take the Wood Thread, while the other takes the Court. Likewise, rollover time and game start are still up in the air, but a good bet puts the game start between the 8th and the 11th, and rollover at around 11PM central time. While I know this is a non-Sanderson setting, and not a super well-known one, at that, I'm hoping people will play. We'll need a lot for this game to last longer than a week or so. (Like, 28 minimum, preferred 30+). If you're interested in getting to know the setting a bit before the game, start here . (Or start here , and jump back to the beginning if it catches your interest. The beginning's a little rough.) I think Wilson's probably the IM, (since she knows too much. ) And there will be a spec doc available upon request, although I'd much prefer people play. (Seriously. If you're reading this, sign up. Doesn't matter if you've never played SE before, or if it's been a while, we could use the players.) And I think that's all, folks. EDIT: Game now has an official start time. Woooo! Player List: Locke Tekiel (Orlok Tsubodai) Marv (Hemalurgic Headshot) Straw (Straw) Elbe (Elbereth) Budgie (A Budgie) Altea Meza (Crimsn-Wolf) Araris Valerian (Araris Valerian) Tautali Laust (Megasif) Centaurus (Darkness Ascendant) Stick (Stick) Carrie Brule (Burnt Spaghetti) Koru (Doc12) Bart Allen (Flash) Clanky (Clanky) The Inspector (Paranoid King) Reginald Canuk (Dalinar Kholin) Sean (Polkinghornbd) Anwir (Drake Marshal) Anansi (Metacognition) Fess (Arinian) John (Winter Devotion) Jordren (Majestic) Small Large (Stink) Lyren (Droughtbringer) Shqueeves (Shqueeves) Pickle (asterion137) Rendren (cloudjumper) Kintas (Jondesu) Lopen (TheMightyLopen) Noah (Eternum) Tarek (Randuir) BrightnessRadiant Ecthelion Quick Links: (Note that there are separate threads, this is so the game is still readable afterwards. If we were to merge the two threads together then it would be pure chaos. Similarly, as of this game, we, the Mods, were unaware of a way to duplicate posts and thus merging the Meetings into one thread but not the other would also cause chaos and so were merged into this thread. There are posts/edits at the points where the threads change type so you shouldn't have too much trouble reading through. Hopefully.) Court: Forest: Meetings:
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    Before the assembled squires stands a stern woman who has introduced herself as Brightness Kenara. “Welcome to Squadron Alpha,” she says. “You have been chosen as members of Alethkar’s first attempt to train Knights Radiant as warriors for the glory of the Almighty. A test group, as it were. You could become the legendary first squadron in a line of hundreds. “That, or you become a failure forever forgotten to history. Up to you.” There are murmurs. “Silence,” she says. “I’m not done. While you’ll be sent into the field soon enough, for now you’re only training. Specifically, rather than individuals, you have to learn to function as a single, coherent unit. “To that end, each recruit will step forward. List your name, previous occupation, and and anything else you think it’d be useful for the squadron to know.” She looks at the person at the end of the line. Welcome to QF25: A Sundered Sky! Housekeeping No minimum of votes to lynch; tied vote results in a coinflip. I will take writeup requests, both in the form of full completed writeups and anything the player wishes included upon his or her death. On a similar note, if you are certain that you will not RP, tell me so that I can use your character in the writeups at my discretion. PMs are completely open. They can be sent at any time to anyone, including group PMs. (The only rule is that you cannot add players to already extant PMs.) Rollover is tentatively set to occur at 9pm PDT / 5am BST. There is a 2-cycle inactivity filter. If you do not post or PM for 2 cycles without explanation, you will be killed. Factions Squires: Village faction. Must kill all Skybreakers to win. Skybreakers: Eliminator faction with a doc to communicate, and a kill each turn. Must kill or outnumber all Squires to win. Roles Lightweaver: You may protect one person from attacks every cycle, through changing their appearance to look like something else. Elsecaller: You may survive one attack or lynch, through transporting yourself somewhere slightly less dangerous. Stoneward: You may use your surge of Cohesion to make a player change their vote to any player who has already been voted on. Dustbringer: You may use your surges of Division and Abrasion to knock out a player for a cycle, rendering them unable to vote (though they may still take actions). New Recruit: You are too new to being a squire to have any powers which you can actually use yet, but you’re learning. You may be of any order (and I will accept requests), but have no other actions. Truthless: You want to die. Specifically, you want everyone else to come together to kill you, because that is what you deserve. Your win condition is to be lynched. However, anyone who votes on you the cycle you are lynched is attacked. Quick Links:
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    1. Shallan will be annoying but horribly powerful 2. Kaladin will save thousands of people by killing thousands of Parshmen and will, understandably, brood 3. Dalinar, having bonded the most powerful thing on Roshar, will use his new abilities to be nice to everyone in the world except Adolin. 3. Adolin, the only person in all of Urithiru to not yet form a Nahel bond, will defend himself at trial, being awesome and sweet and impressing everyone. He's acquitted. Then dies a lingering, heartbreaking death from salmonella. Maxal's scream will be heard throughout the Cosmere. 4. Renarin will turn out to be a bad guy. Not because of some magical possession or evil-Glys. Just...a jerk. He was the one who salmonella'd Adolin. Feather's scream will be heard throughout the Cosmere. 5. Szeth will go to Shinovar. The grass will die and the chickens will weep at the aftermath. Nightblood will be contentedly full and remember none of it. 6. Lift will be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 7. Taln will break my heart into 16 pieces 8. Taravangian will have another genius day, and his insights will completely contradict the Diagram. Mrall will eat his bones and report back to Harmony. 9. Jasnah will Elsecall to Braize. Find out what happens to surgebinders when they die. Will keep her mouth FIRMLY shut about it. We will spend 40,000 words debating whether she was written unnecessarily sexy. 10. Hoid will unequivocally, on screen, use more than one allomantic power. Brandon, when asked, will refuse to confirm it comes from lerasium, while accidentally revealing that Cultivation's Vessel is named Ursula. 11. (Coz I'm a rebel) - Stick will be outed as Dai-gonarthis, the Black Fisher. Stick will be put on trial, condemned and burnt at the stake. Half of fandom's screams will be heard throughout the Cosmere. I will feast on those screams, gathering them to me, nourishing me, while I giggle and giddily snap sticks in half, chanting in Dawnate. Calderis will fly to Australia just to high five me.
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    I recently concluded my Stormlight reread, in preparation for the new book I’m sure you’ve all heard is coming out. I paid special attention to several topics, like the religious tenets of Roshar and their perception of the afterlife. I need to start by crediting FeatherWriter for her well-construed theory about the Rosharan afterlife; without it, it’s entirely possible that the observations I make below would have passed me by. But, though she did write a good theory, a lot has happened in the cosmere since the publication of Words of Radiance, like Mistborn: Secret History and the Rosharan Essay in Arcanum Unbounded, that give new clues to life after death in the cosmere and the principles that govern such behavior. Her topic is not a prerequisite to understanding this one; I intend to build every point up from the ground, to come to a more specific interpretation. But since her work was an inspiration, it would be a disservice to neglect. Reflections of Radiancy Vorinism. The religion of Eastern Roshar, the home of the Knights Radiant. As seen by Dalinar in the vision where he fights alongside two Radiants: Radiants were not evenly spread over Roshar; they were centered in the east, in ancient Alethela. I believe that their proximity to the eastern nations led to the local religion to emulate the Radiants; when you have such deific figures present nearby, it would make sense for not only Alethela but the also bordering nations of Valhav and Natanatan to base their religious customs around them. There are several Vorin traditions, first presented in Words of Radiance, that have obvious ties, from the reader’s perspective, to the trappings of the Radiants and their mission. The first is explicitly laid out by Shallan: She connects the formal right to open borders with the ability to travel through the Oathgates. Though an astute observation, I believe she has mistakenly reversed the causality of the matter. Instead of the Oathgates being a natural progression of the Right of Travel, I think Vorin beliefs were initially formed by the ease of travel made possible by the Oathgates. (I believe the Oathgates may be responsible for the original shaping of the ten Dawncities through Realmatics, and the intentional abuse thereof by humans the method of the destruction of Stormseat. But that’s a tangent, and not terribly relevant at the moment. Suffice to say that the Right of Travel is drawn from the Radiants and their Oathgates.) Another Vorin tradition we learn about is not understood as a connection to anything deeper by the characters, but I’m sure any wary reader of Stormlight will recognize the reference: The Right of Challenge is a Vorin tradition that Sadeas used to duel Yenev during the reunification of Alethkar, and that Adolin almost successfully used to duel Sadeas on-screen in Words of Radiance. But I think it is apparent that the ancient tradition they reference is not primarily a thing of Rosharan culture; instead, it is almost assuredly referring to the ‘rules’ that Tanavast says Odium is bound by, and the reference to a champion. There is admittedly much consternation among the fanbase as to the meaning of those lines about a champion and who may potentially be a champion for Honor or for Odium. But, as with the Right of Travel, the key principle is that modern Vorinism has traditions that are based on much older rules, reflections of something broader. Glyphwards may be another similar reflection. In the present day, their prayers to the Almighty are written out as glyphs and then burned, or drawn in flammable ink to form a glyph out of flames. This is reminiscent of glowing glyphs of power in the old days. From one of Dalinar’s old visions: I’m curious if there was magic behind ancient glyphs. If there was, that could be the inspiration of modern glyphwards: glowing glyphs granted power, so the people would make glowing glyphs of their own by using flammable inks. Which then devolved into just lighting them on fire, because people are perpetually unimaginative in all areas save methods of destruction. One further reflection that I see is embedded deeper in Vorinism, in the Devotaries: A single ideal; just like the Radiant Orders would pursue. Before Words of Radiance was released, I thought that Dalinar was going to become a Stoneward, because his Devotary was associated with Taln; as it happened, he became a Bondsmith, so I suppose he’s like Ym and would have been attractive to multiple kinds of spren. But back to the topic at hand, Vorinism adopted the Radiant concept of ideals and oaths. The ardents Elevate people in their Callings as they progress; Adolin was unable to be Elevated because he wasn’t allowed to duel during Way of Kings. This is too much to be a coincidence; it must be a reflection of Radiant traditions in Vorinism. Shades of Truth Formal Vorinism is not the only place to look for hints of the Radiants. Darkeyes don’t spend much time with the ardents, aside from vocational training, but their beliefs are made evident through their daily speech. Specifically, through their superstitions and through their curses. I will not attempt to document instances where Vorin individuals, upper class and lower, curse using the Almighty, the Heralds, or the Stormfather. If anyone doubts that such phrases occur, then I would encourage you to open to nearly any page in either Stormlight book, and you’ll almost certainly find a “Kelek’s breath” or “Nalan’s hand.” These curses are not merely superficial: one, in particular, by the leathery-faced bridgeman reflects the dark secret that nine of the Heralds bear: His knowledge of that particular piece of information is quite puzzling to me, since I cannot fathom how awareness of the Heralds’ betrayal has made its way into vernacular expressions. But regardless of the specific explanation for that line, it shows that the common people of Alethkar do somehow know of Heraldic things, even only in an unconscious way through their linguistic expressions. Very telling to me is one piece of superstition that is brought up three separate times by darkeyes: the Shades of the Knights Radiant. First when Kaladin was in the slave wagons, second when he watched Gaz recover his spheres after a Highstorm, and third in a flashback with Kaladin and Tien talking about a home that was destroyed during a highstorm. The presence of the Radiants in the Highstorm is significant because the eye of the storm is not entirely in the Physical Realm; as best I can understand, it is the eminent candidate for Honor’s mobile perpendicularity. When Way of Kings was first released, the only glimpse we had of an afterlife was the Returned in Warbreaker, where the dead returned in physical form. Further elaborations in Mistborn and Arcanum Unbounded will prove relevant, but I will hold off to discuss the specific realmatic phenomenon I believe is happening until further below. For the moment, suffice to say that there is mechanism for souls to remain in the Cognitive Realm after the body has died, and that a window to the Cognitive Realm through the highstorm may provide a method for those souls to interact with the Physical Realm once again. The Heraldic Forces Having thus established the concept of Vorin beliefs potentially being drawn from the traditions of the Radiants, the time has come to evaluate the most prominent of Vorin doctrine known to us, one which is repeated time and time again throughout the text. There are many references in Way of Kings, and to a lesser extent Words of Radiance, to the Vorin belief in the afterlife. I will not attempt a comprehensive compilation of such quotes, but I will present the most complete citation I could find: Vorinism teaches that the dead fight the Voidbringers in an army called the Heraldic Forces (the name being the only piece of theology that isn’t explicitly laid out in the above quote). Is there truth behind these teachings? I do not believe it is literal; too many of their other teachings appear to be truths about the Radiants, turned into theological principles for the common people. I strenuously doubt that a follower of Vorinism, no matter how devout they may be, could attain to join the armies in the Tranquiline Halls. But I do think the Heraldic Forces are real. I just think they are comprised of Radiants. Let us the a mechanism in the cosmere for souls to remain after death. In all the cosmere books, there are similarities between the fundamental principles; in fact, on one planet, they are even called Shades! But the technical term for these ghosts is ‘Cognitive Shadows.’ There is something very important required for this to happen, for a soul to remain in the Cognitive Realm after it has separated from its body: a large piece of Investiture. There is debate, both among readers in our world and scholars in the cosmere, as to the exact function of this piece of Investiture. When someone dies, separating their soul from their physical body, that soul will move Beyond after several moments disappearing to a place of great mystery, the true afterlife. But a large piece of Investiture can cause the soul to stay in the Cognitive Realm without moving on; it may be that the Investiture serves as an anchor (as is my belief), or it may be that the Investiture imprints on a soul and copies it such that the being effectively persists after their soul has moved Beyond. The exact nature of the piece of Investiture can vary. We’ve seen a shardpool allow this in Mistborn, a Splinter of Endowment (divine Breath) in Warbreaker, and a splinter of Ambition in Shadows for Silence. Khriss writes in the Rosharan Essay in Arcanum Unbounded that there may be Cognitive Shadows on Braize. If this is the case, how did they get there? There is no mechanism for pedestrian individuals to be connected to a large piece of Investiture. But there are Splinters of Honor and Cultivation (and various mixtures of their Investiture), on Roshar, which tie themselves to someone’s soul. Spren, who bond with Radiants. There is precedence which I think shows that Radiants, suffused with Investiture and tightly bound with their spren, can remain as a Cognitive Shadow, joining the Heraldic Forces. But we also need to understand the totality of the requirements. What determines whether someone has a strong enough bond to remain, if their ties to the Investiture are sufficient to allow them to persist? Look back at the Vorin belief: only the best join the Heralds. They need to have fulfilled their Calling. I think this means that Radiants must have said all five Oaths; only then will the bond be strong enough to tie them permanently to the Cognitive Realm. There is more that can be drawn from Vorinism. Just like the Heraldic forces are so much more than soldiers, the Radiants aren’t all combat-focused orders. They all have a place in the war against the Void. The specific powers associated with the Heraldic forces above seem like Surges; the farmer is using Progression, and the soldier may be using Division. This makes it appear that the magics persist in the Rosharan afterlife; this is not what we see in Mistborn, but the piece of Investiture that allowed that character persist was not what gave him magic in the first place. In Warbreaker, they can use their Splinters to accomplish magic; their Divine Breaths appear to just be larger versions of the normal Investiture of that world. Radiants vs Surgebinders But if Vorinism got their concept of Callings from the Radiant version of Ideals, where did the Radiants get their doctrine from originally? Several characters, like Jasnah and Kaladin, insist that they are not Radiants, even though they are definitely pursuing the Ideals of those Orders. I think the attainment of the fifth Oath is a final qualification of Radiancy, when they become a true Knight Radiant, but any Surgebinder is limited by the Ideals of an Order. The difference between Radiants and Surgebinders is just that a Surgebinder hasn’t said all the oaths yet. But I don’t believe this has always been true: The “precepts and laws” must be the Ideals; you cannot be a Surgebinder without following an Ideal, joining an Order. That much is plain. But examine the specific chronology: there were already Surgebinders for Ishar to threaten at the time he established the Orders, meaning that, at one point, it was possible to be a Surgebinder without first saying Oaths! I believe Nohadon lived in this time, during a Desolation where they fought thunderclasts, and not yet the Void-bound Listeners: I think this passage predates Ishar’s alignment of the Orders; I think that spren could bond whoever they felt attracted to, without the specifics that we see in modern Roshar. There are further elements of Radiance that are missing in this passage; Nohadon refers to himself as a Surgebinder (unless there is another explanation for his ‘divine gifts’), but he stands in a war zone without Shardplate. It is possible that Shardplate, Shardblades, squires, all the other trappings of the Knights, had not been laid out yet, and Nohadon merely bonded a spren and gained the ability to Surgebind. In fact, I don’t believe there is any fundamental difference between a bond between a Radiant and their spren, and what we’ve seen in Elantris with the seons: Source. Seons, Splinters of Devotion from Elantris, can grant powers if they go to Roshar. Nightblood, essentially an artificial Splinter of Endowment, appears to be bonding with Szeth. Splinters, regardless of the world they are from, can apparently bond with humans. I think that it’s a quirk of the planet and language that the Rosharans actually have a word for this – spren symbiosis is such a common thing on that planet, with greatshells, skyeels, and Listeners all forming bonds with spren, that they came up with a name for a bond between a splinter and a human. Other planets just call it a bond, because they don’t need to be any more specific, but I think they are all Nahel bonds. But there are extra things going on in Roshar. There is a popular theory that the bond is the Focus of Surgebinding, much like metals are in Mistborn. I like that idea; the kind of bond you have, the kind of spren you are joined with, determines what powers you get. But there is an additional restriction, one that Ishar imposed. He apparently had great power of the fundamental behavior of Rosharan magic, and he limited the spren of Honor and Cultivation so that they could only grant powers and progress their bond if their bondsmen met specific requirements: the advancement of Oaths related to the Heralds’ behaviors. This not only granted them the advancement of the bond with their spren and associated Surgebinding power, but presumably the other formalized benefits of their Order, like creation of Blade and Plate, and the ability to bond squires. By placing these limits on Surgebinders, he was able to restrict Nahel bonds so that they would not advance to fulfillment unless a Surgebinder behaved essentially like a Herald; nobody of questionable character would achieve a strong enough bond to remain as a Cognitive Shadow, and join the Heraldic Forces. Where are the Halls? So, I hope I have firmly shown why I believe the Radiants who have achieved the fifth Oath remain as Cognitive Shadows and continue the fight against Odium’s forces in the Cognitive Realm. But one question remains: where do they fight? Khriss notes that Braize may contain the Cognitive Shadows, but Braize is Damnation. The Heraldic Forces should be fighting to reclaim the Tranquiline Halls, the place that the Voidbringers cast humanity out form in the first place; they should go to the Halls, not to Damnation. They certainly don’t remain in Roshar’s region of the Cognitive Realm; according to mythology, they are called elsewhere: Were the Halls on Ashyn, the planet closest to the sun in the Rosharan system, which has suffered a cataclysm to rend the surface of the planet? Or was Braize the true Tranquiline Halls, captured and twisted by Odium’s forces to become Damnation? Here, I believe that the teachings of Vorinism are twice wrong. Not only do they misidentify who is fighting, but I think they are mistaken as to what the fight actually is. It is through no fault of their own: they were lied to by those who should be the most trustworthy: Nothing, save the existence of the Almighty, should be assumed as axiomatic. But Vorin teachings fall apart when you remove a foundational concept and realize the truth: the Heralds are liars, and they did not defeat the Voidbringers. The Voidbringers aren’t in the Halls. They are in Braize, where they have always been, and the Radiants are partaking in the same age-old war that has gone on since the creation of the Oathpact. It is between Odium, trapped on Braize, and Honor’s forces on Roshar. Just to satisfy the curious readers, I do believe many historical elements of the Vorin mythology of their origin are true, but that several concepts have been conflated. There is the war by Cognitive Shadows, which takes place in the Cognitive Realm on Braize, known as Damnation. There is the origin of at least one branch of humanity, the Tranquiline Halls in the Physical Realm on Ashyn. And the final destination of the soul, the Beyond (which is itself conflated with the Spiritual Realm on occasion), where Odium’s influence prevents the normal passage of souls (as evidenced by those who sleep until the Halls are supposedly reclaimed). But the truly important conclusion is that the Heraldic Forces may not fight to reclaim the Halls, but instead reside in Damnation. The Wicked Thing of Eminence The Radiants abandoned their oaths at the Recreance because they uncovered something. A secret so powerful that it caused nine of the ten orders to Forswear their oaths, the tenth order remaining to join their Herald in exterminating other Surgebinders. The Diagram commands to “hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. It may be needed to destroy the new Orders when they return.” What is this secret? A secret that would cause thousands of men and women to forsake their god and their Oaths would not remain a secret, even if most of the Radiants were killed soon after they forswore. I think the truth of the afterlife, that Radiants partake in a war beyond the grave, is truth that was discovered. The knowledge, once revealed to the Radiants, made its way into Vorinism and their concept of the afterlife. But the truth has again been lost of what the First Oath really means: LIFE BEFORE DEATH STRENGTH BEFORE WEAKNESS JOURNEY BEFORE DESTINATION As I have commented elsewhere, I find it very telling that the oath is not LIFE UNTIL DEATH. I do not believe Teft’s interpretation of the First Oath is accurate: it is tilted towards the Windrunners. He says a Radiant always protects life, but the Skybreakers currently seek to extinguish lives, and yet they live sufficiently according to the First Oath. Instead, here is what I believe to be the true meaning of the Oath: The LIFE of a Radiant is filled with STRENGTH as they progress along their JOURNEY. But it does not end, because in DEATH they go to Damnation, fighting in WEAKNESS at their final DESTINATION. The Radiants do not understand what they swear themselves to when they say the first Oath. They believe they commit to following ideals through their lives, without realizing that they have consigned themselves to eternal battle and torment, souls that will not slumber until Odium has been finally defeated. Which, with the abandonment of the Heralds and the death of Honor, may never happen. Such a deceitfully imposed requirement could surely be enough to cause the Lost Radiants to forswear, and abandon their Oaths. And I can easily believe that the Radiants of today will feel much the same way. Be careful what you wish for. CODA: The True Nature of the Stormfather This is almost entirely unrelated to the conclusions I drew above, but the discovery was similar in method, and the as the citations below deal with the dead they could be considered relevant to the discussion above. I do not believe they concern Radiants, but I shall present them anyways, along with my conclusions. Three quotes guide a truly speculative interpretation. The first is the story of Fleet: A Cognitive Shadow associated with the Storm. I find it interesting that the story does not mention the Stormfather; it does mention the God of Storms, which may be the Stormfather, or it may be Honor. The second was musings of Kaladin early in Words of Radiance: This was a concept otherwise unseen, of Cognitive Shadows on Odium’s side. The last is from Rlain, speaking to Dalinar of the Parshendi gods: The Unmade are Splinters of Odium. Why does he refer to them as such? Together, these three quotes paint another picture of the powerful dead. Not of the Lost Radiants, but of Cognitive Shadows who have become Vessels of Splinters. The Storm existed before the Fleet, who I think died and became the Stormfather. Voidspren are largely mindless; the minds of the Unmade, the most powerful of his spren, are drawn from men, Cognitive Shadows of ancient Voidbinders. Thus far, we have only known of Shards as having Vessels. But what if any sufficiently large piece of Investiture could support a human mind holding it? Not just a bond, not just a Sliver of Infinity, but a full Vessel inhabiting the Splinter, with the power of that Splinter guiding the actions of the Vessel? Fleet must now run with the storm forevermore and channel Investiture, and those who Unmade themselves now forever work as Odium’s generals. An admittedly fantastic interpretation. But nonetheless one that encompasses several troublesome quotations.
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    For those who aren't aware, the "Wildcard" game I was participating has finished (eliminators won ) and the votes for who's moving on have been revealed. Once again I got third place, which means I will not be immediately advancing into the Finale, BUT I am the top priority of subbing (pinch hitting), which means if any of the 15 finalists are unable to commit to the game, I will take their slot. Needless to say, I'm hoping someone will need to tag me in because I would love to represent the 17th Shard all the way to the end. I don't think it's likely I'm determined this years Champion, but I'm confident that if given the opportunity, I can probably get third place for a third time This experience has been wonderful, really. I'll try to publish all of my thoughts on it after the Championship is officially finished, but I want to say now that if anyone is interested in being our representative next year, start preparing yourself now. My hope is that you can achieve more than I was able to this year and make our forum proud as well.
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    Conspiracy Theory: @Calderis and @Extesian aren't actually the good guys we all believe them to be. We all think they're so great because they have sooo many posts and so much rep and they seem so knowledgeable, whereas we've been being deceived this ENTIRE time. Actually, I don't know if deceived is the right word for it. After all Calderis always says how he doesn't understand why he gets so much rep and both Calderis and extesian have talked about how they are held on such a high pedestal when really, there are tons of people with more posts/rep/knowledge than them. So they admit it themselves. That they are fakes. What if good old Calderis and Extesian are actually being payed off by someone to perpetrate false information around the shard. Now they wouldn't do it in obvious ways most of the time, just in small subtle ways so that nobody even realizes until it is too late. Much like how ruin changed the writings slightly to influence the characters in mistborn. They are our ruin. They are the seventeenth shards entropy. And what if the person paying them off is none other than Brandon himself. Why do you think they're always sooo good at finding WoB's for everyone and how come sometimes they "could've sworn" there was a WOB about a certain topic that no one can ever find? They needed to use facts at first to gain respect and acknowledgement but now that they've made it to the top of the food chain they can more easily spread lies about the cosmere information we have to try and prevent more of groundbreaking accidental discoveries ruining Brandon's plot twists and surprises. They practically monitor this place 24/7 between the two of them. Calderis has said that he practically spends all day on the shard -- EVEN when he's at "work". And then while Calderis sleeps Extesian monitors. Maybe not always taking as much of a forward approach like Calderis but posting less often with more "facts" and "research" yet he still has around the same amount of rep anyway. In fact when this was brought up to them Calderis and extesian both mentioned how they have completely different techniques on how they operate on the shard. This would help their plot of espionage because even if a person dislikes calderis's methods they would probably appreciate Extesian's and vice versa. We think the enemies are only in the book pages but the real enemies are already standing with a knife to your throat thank you, and goodnight Disclaimer: i don't personally believe any of the claims or assumptions above and none of them are meant to harm or discredit any person in any way shape or form. It is not meant to offend or annoy either. Only for entertainment purposes (like most theories on here) Edit: @Calderis I don't think you're ready for this one: Conspiracy theory 2! I am Calderis incarnate and I have come to take my throne beside him! Okay, lets back up here. After all that is a bit of a dramatic statement. Which is why I will explain in explicit detail why it is correct. Firstly as our neighborhood Calderis pointed out to me earlier, our names are literally one letter away from being identical. It is a matter of vowels, whereas I have an o and he has an a. Next, would be the fact that neither of us feel worthy of gaining reputation. Like seriously guys, 13 rep? On this one post??? What even.... As Calderis has said he lurked a long long time before he started being active, but once he did start being active he rose through the ranks quickly. I didn't lurk for too long only a few months and when I did I would post every now and then but only rarely. Then sometimes between I think the beginning of the month and now I went from about 5 reputation to 74 and my post count which was barely 10 is now in the eighties. Amazing what such a short period of time can do, or at least it feels amazing to me. It probably isn't all too amazing in relation to people who gain that much rep on a daily basis. Which in saying that last sentence I'm proving how much I'm like him because he always says how he's nothing compared to some other people. Now, there is one distinct difference between me and Not Me. That being, Calderis has over 2k posts and I'm not even at a hundred. Compared to him I'm just a little shard baby. But then again, so was he at one point. So we're all of you, too. Everyone was. After all, you gotta start somewhere. But now what does this mean in context of the original conspiracy? Well this means that I'm likely a super-secret spy espionage dude in training to corrupt people's views of the cosmere and keep them from the truth. I guess we all have a side that we keep hidden. What's yours? Until next time, people of earth... OMG I DID A THING! IT HAS A HEART!!
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    I finally broke down and tweeted Brandon and Peter if we will get sample chapters similar to what came out for WoR. This is the response I received. With 122 chapters, 14 interludes and the prologue and epilogue this means we could get somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 sample chapters ! No idea when they will begin releasing them but WoR sample chapters started up about 2 months before its release.
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    Behold, the true visage of Joe:
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    Martin, Lynch, and Rothfuss fans are worrying if they will see another book in the series. Sanderson fans worry about how much of the sample chapters to read before the release
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can
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    Epilogue – Ash and Memory “Time burns away behind us, leaving only ash and memory.” --Hoid A maniacal laugh echoed across the valley. The heads of the members of the court looked from one face to another. Above them, the stars glistened in the sky; there was no courtroom in the Nightwatcher’s Vale, of course, so it convened outside on the ground. The laughing voice spoke: “Servants of Odium, you can flee no longer. I can see everything, and the fires of judgment will shortly rain down upon you.” Nobody knew who moved first, but suddenly, there was chaos. And amid it all, the image of one man holding aloft a sword, the full moon’s light reflecting off the black blade. “DESTROY EVIL!” - Skai’s Remnant stood before the Nightwatcher, standing on the pool’s water. “Tanavast—he who holds Honor—is dead,” she said. “But there is a way to bring him back.” “How?” Remnant said. “You already possess this power, as does another in your group of ‘adventurers.’ The power to travel through time. As my gift to you, I grant you the knowledge of the time he was destroyed and of the path to his salvation.” “Knowledge?” “Knowledge is the greatest weapon.” The image of the Nightwatcher smiled. “Now, I should also give you a burden. However…I want him back as much as you do. I need him back.” Skai’s Remnant looked into her tearful eyes. “I understand,” he said quietly. And the Nightwatcher realized that he did understand. He possessed the memories of a doomed god who had watched his wife been murdered. He was the only being in the entire Cosmere who could understand. Two gods, standing atop the water, embraced. - Locke Tekiel, wielder of Nightblood, watched the court around him fall into disarray. Amid the chaos, he moved slowly and deliberately. He raised the Lenses to his eyes. The Eyes of Aman, they were called. Discerners of hearts. He wore the Eyes, and he understood. “DESTROY EVIL,” Nightblood commanded. And Locke followed. Though tumult raged around him, he cut through like smoke to Lucky Duke, whose body collapsed in ash at a touch from the blade. He pierced through to Innocent Joe, whose ash joined Duke’s. Whether he was guided by the Eyes or by Nightblood itself, he didn’t know. Everthing slowed to a crawl around him. The chaos stopped as everyone turned to survey the carnage. Their eyes traced the darkness creeping up Locke’s arm. Their eyes surveyed the peace of two gods above the pool. And their eyes noticed the final flakes of Joe’s ashen body flutter noiselessly to the ground. Locke stumbled to his knees on the ground, propped up by Nightblood. “NO,” the sword said. “THE EVIL REMAINS. DESTROY IT! THE EVIL LINGERS!” “A wise observation!” said a familiar voice—familiar, yet different. It was a voice they had all heard inside their heads, yet now heard with their ears. The adventurers watched in horror as the ashes of Duke and Joe began to rise into the air and form into something increasingly human-shaped. It took a step forward, then another. “It feels so nice, having a body at last. Now, I’m suing you for the murder of these two fellow servants of Odium. And the penalty is…” The ash body—Phil—picked up Duke’s sword. “DEATH.” Locke Tekiel smiled. It was the sanest smile that had ever crossed his lips. “I am Locke Tekiel, High Prosecutor of Silverlight. And it is my job to bring justice to criminals.” He raised Nightblood. Phil laughed humorlessly and prepared his own attack. “How about we make things a little more interesting,” he added. “Changelings, rise.” They appeared from nowhere, and would have been cute had they not been so terrifying and ready to kill. The adventurers were surrounded and outnumbered ten to one. “Let’s keep things personal, Tekiel. Your friends will be too busy fighting off my minions to interfere with our little chat.” “I’ll keep this short, then.” The two of them launched into battle. - Phil fought with careless ease, fending off Locke’s blows as if they he were wielding no more than a toothpick. Locke gritted his teeth. The sword’s power was already consuming him; he didn’t have much time left. What he didn’t have in finesse, he made up for in strength. He charged. Phil blocked every one of his strikes, but doing so forced him backwards. The sheer power of Nightblood kept Phil on the defensive. That was the only thing Locke could rely on. Phil’s body grinned. “It’s futile, Tekiel. You can’t hit me.” He took a step back and parried. “Nothing you do can stop the inevitable.” - The Changelings pressed in from every direction. Laust drew his sword and fell into Windstance, bladetip pointed back over the head. Then, he noticed Silver Feather. The bird started to change, rising and twisting in unnatural ways until it was the shape of a human. Not just any human—King Elhokar himself. He spoke to the wind, and the wind carried his message. “I submitted the order last night to my men. The crusade against Phil, the Defiler, ends today.” Suddenly, Laust could see shapes on the horizon, growing larger and larger. They had wings but were otherwise humanoid. “Equipped with Remnant’s wing fabrials, every Shardbearer in Alethkar is coming to destroy you and your army, Phil,” Elhokar declared. The first Shardbearer touched the ground beside Laust. He wore massive blue Plate, and a Blade appeared in his hand as soon as his boots touched ground. Now we have a chance, Laust thought. - I only have one chance, Locke realized. He still hadn’t landed a single blow on Phil’s strange body, but bit by bit, he forced the thing back. They were now only a few feet away from the Nightwatcher’s pool. The darkness from Nightblood was also beginning to crawl up onto his torso. His arm was completely black. He couldn’t feel it, but the sword seemed to have a mind of its own. Phil blocked a slash. “It’s pitiful, isn’t it. To come so close, and yet at the last moment, to fail.” Locke swung again, but he was getting weaker and Phil easily deflected it. “That’s not how the law works, demon. The law will always prevail.” “But when there is no one left to uphold the law? What then?” He took another step backwards, another step towards the pool. “There will always be someone, as long as honor prevails in the hearts of men.” Another slash. Another block. Another step back. Locke was running out of time. “Honor is dead, fool. Honor was Splintered long ago.” “You know nothing of honor. Honor is not a force, but a feeling. Honor transcends time, transcends life and death, Forming and Splintering.” “You’re wrong, Tekiel!” Another step. “Honor. Is. DEAD!” “Honor lives on through me.” Locke was weak, so weak. With the last of his strength, he swung Nightblood at Phil repeatedly, battering at him over and over and over. Phil didn’t need to move his sword to block. He just stood and laughed. And then, the laugh stopped. Phil stood stunned for two seconds, ashen mouth still contorted in laughter. Behind him, Heather the worldhopper smiled, holding up a screwdriver. And Locke Tekiel, High Prosecutor of Silverlight, swung Nightblood one final time. Phil came to his senses at the last moment, eyes widening in shock. Locke ran the sword straight through Phil’s chest. “NGAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Phil’s body crumbled into ash and fell backward—right into the lake of the Nightwatcher. It dissolved with the hiss of smoke, and then all was quiet. Beside the lake, Locke Tekiel held Nightblood up to the moon once again. “So,” he said quietly, “this is where my story ends.” His own body, consumed with the darkness, crumbled to dust. Nightblood spun in the air and fell to the ground amid the dust, sinking blade-down into the stone. And there it remains, among the ashes, a memory of the one who dared to remember. ----- Phil is not here to conduct business as usual. We would like to erect monuments to those who have passed on. Cloudjumper has died! He was killed by the divine hand of Tekiel and the dark tool of the Scholars. A Joe in the Bush has died! He joined his fellow in the ash of the earth and died two unholy deaths. Orlok Tsubodai has died! He fought valiantly and suffered the consequence of justice, learning as Ister Undyne did, of the dual nature of salvation and destruction. And finally, Araris Valerian has died! He fought valiantly in the conflict with Phil’s Changelings. Ultimately, it is the lives of the least of footmen that bring peace to generations. This concludes LG36, State of Being. I hope you enjoyed this experience, and I look forward to sharing more with you for lives to come! - Skai’s Remnant, Ecthelion III
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    From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Many thanks to Brandon for all the art ideas! (This is from the additional content in 10th Anniversary Elantris.)
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    Firstly: Secondly: Cloud, I thought we were friends.
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    Need I say more? This photo was actually taken yesterday, of my then 3-day-old baby boy.
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    I've been posting these here and there over on Discord, as deemed appropriate. Figure I should toss them in over here, too. Spoilered for size.
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    Day 1 - Peaceful Celebrations And then Nighthound died. ------------------------------------------------ Day 1 has begun! It will end in roughly 48 hours. Michael Jaeger (Nighthound) was lynched! He was a Serial Killer with the Epic powers of Regeneration, Super Strength, and Specialized Gifting. Balelight has declared a day of celebration! There will be no kill or lynch today. However, any other actions or abilities may be used as normal. Player List: [REDACTED] - Paranoid King, person who specializes in collecting relics. Starshatter and Birdrider - Winter Devotion, star crossed Australian runaways. Jon - Jondesu, amazing with computers but absolutely useless when it comes to talking to people Mark - Mark IV Biff - Elenion, a street salesman in the wrong place at the wrong time Sandra Kensington - Sami, weapons manufacturer with dark secret Rashers - Majestic, a bacon-summoning Epic Impulse - The Flash Shockwave - King Cole, Epic with a terrible singing voice Matt - Shqueeves, orphan who never knew anything better Anonymous - Alvron, The Collective will ensure you never know anything about him Silver Feather - Roadwalker Tammy - Rebecca, the accidental daughter of Obliteration () Amy Scott - Brightness Radiant, out of place punster Nameless Character I - Drake Marshall Annabelle - Lemonelon, an "engineer" Sol - Eternum Lightwood - RippleGylf Outblack - Hemalurgic_Headshot Falchion - Elithanathile Cranium - Frozen Mint Annoan - Megasif Nameless Character II - Ecthelion III Pickle - asterion137, a small - time thief Altea Meza - Crimsn_Wolf, a petite young drifter Fess - Arinian
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    I think the question at the heart of this discussion is rather “To what extent should games be competitive?” You also suggest that we should have rules in place to control the behavior of players, which I disagree with vehemently. I’m pretty sure I’ve answered the question, but just in case that’s unclear, let me reiterate. I do not think the focus of these games should be on competition and winning. It should be on fun, camaraderie, and the community. As for the second part, I already mentioned that the moderator team generally prefers a hands-off policy for most things. We believe that it’s better for the players to influence and change the metagame than for rules to force a change in the metagame. When the players bring about the change, it’s more likely to last, but rules not only limit player choices, but they also tend to be irritating from a player point of view, in having restrictions. Additionally, it’s difficult to enforce in grey areas, and even in the black/white, it can take a lot of work. The moderator team has three people on it, and all three of us are busy. We are also volunteers. While moderating the games is important for us, there are many other things that are just as important or more important in our lives that we have to deal with first. Like paying jobs or our mental health. As Meta already mentioned, the General Rules and Etiquette Policy should be more than enough to direct players in what is acceptable. The fewer additional rules we have to enforce to make the games run smoothly, the better things will be. Also, the question you say we should be answering implies that we’re not already making the games fun. But why would people sign up and continue to play at all if they didn’t find the games fun? All of our regular players are ones that don’t prioritize competition, so clearly competition isn’t the driving motivator to play SE. Yitzi, why do you think controlling players’ playstyles, and therefore limiting their options, will make the games more enjoyable? Speaking of control, let’s move onto mayors/dictators. There is a difference between a leader of a village and a dictator. Not all leaders are dictators. A leader who listens to other ideas, giving people information they need to make decisions, while giving suggestions for role actions, but ultimately letting each individual player play how they want to play is not a dictator. That is not a mayor. A dictator is someone who controls the village. Someone who expects everyone to roleclaim to them, listens to no one except their small cabal of trusted players, and threatens other players with death if they don’t follow them exactly. LG4 had a dictatorship. In one cycle, one of the players crucial to the village died, but there was a role, the Returned, who could sacrifice themselves to bring a very recently deceased player back (they learned the list of the dead 12 hours before the end of the night). The Returned in the dictator’s cabal threatened another Returned with death if he didn’t sacrifice himself for that crucial villager. So he did. Because either way, he was going to die. Moving on. Rand’s post reminded me of something that I think bears mentioning here, since it answers more about competitively-geared playstyles. I recently drafted Magic: the Gathering with Brandon Sanderson and six other people. Magic can be a very competitive game, but Magic with Brandon is very casual. Now, I haven’t played Magic for a good year, and I’m novice anyway, so I was pretty fuzzy on some of the rules, like if you look at your hand, you’ve basically said that you’re going first. Usually, this wouldn’t matter at all at Magic with Brandon, but one of the people there was very rules-based. He was also very loud about the rules. This is not how things generally are there, even though that’s how most Magic players would be when playing. Additionally, I have this irrational fear of playing Brandon in Magic, because I know he’s very good and like I said - I’m very novice. I worry that when he whoops me, I’ll have made an utter fool of myself, and he’ll think I’m an idiot - which would be the case if he were a generic Magic player. However, if Brandon plays and beats a novice, he takes a look at their deck, helps them fix it, and then gives them pointers to improve not only their general Magic play but also their game with that specific deck. He will never be like “You sucked,” and move onto the next person. Just because a game is generally seen as competitive doesn’t mean it always has to be played competitively. I personally feel like that casual play Brandon does with Magic is kind of the perfect example of how we should play mafia. Also, the problem isn’t one person playing over-competitively. It’s players in aggregate playing competitively. If it were only a single player, that one person is unlikely to have a large impact on the metagame, even if they’re being super competitive. But take a number of players all playing competitively - even if it’s not strongly so - and they will have a significantly bigger impact on the overall tone of the games. It’s like when I was trying to fix the metagame by myself a year ago and wasn’t having any kind of impact, but when 4-5 of us all joined efforts for the same goal, we made progress and things got better. I do not remotely believe we should cater SE around people who wish to play competitively, or group “suboptimal” players differently. Also, I don’t like calling players who prioritize fun (however they define that) “suboptimal.” They may be playing suboptimally from a competitive standpoint, but that does not make them suboptimal. Fun would be a better term. Fun players vs Competitive players. Our goal here in SE isn’t to play competitively. It’s to play a fun game of mafia with our friends, because killing friends is fun. I’d like to reiterate once again that if the games did become that competitive sanctuary some of you seem to want, they’d be shut down. You would no longer be able to play competitively here because there would be no more games to play. If you want ultra-competitive play, go to Mafia Universe, Epic Mafia, Town of Salem, or really almost any other mafia site. There are more than enough to choose from. This forum is a haven of civility and tolerance, where the members care about each other, and it would be a real shame if those of us who enjoy being Gentleman Killers were suddenly unable to play.
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    First post here, been stalking all you geniuses and detective for weeks now, finally i have something small to contribute, so, here i am! A few weeks ago while reading WoR and i saw the word "Aharietiam", which seemed familiar somehow. As i fell asleep i remembered reading that Sanderson confirtmed that Adonalsium is derived from the Hebrew word, Adonai (God). So i opened my book again and reread the word and the context it was in, and realized that "Aharietiam" sounds an awful like "Acharit Hayamim" in Hebrew, (which means "the end of days"). I went ahead and emailed Karen Ahlstrom, and today she confirmed it by adding it to the FAQ - she even suggested i share it with you guys. http://faq.brandonsanderson.com/node/317 in the same response from Brandon, he also said that "Moash is also Moshe, with a letter flip. There are a lot more." I've attached the email if anyone is interested: Hopefully, you found this half as interesting as i did, and if you have similar discoveries like that please share!
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    For some reason, I haven't seen this pop up yet. It seems obvious. With Sadeas' death, I think Amaram rises to fill his place as highprince. He was already the second most powerful lighteyes in his realm, and Sadeas mentions having an understanding with him. I think he is Sadeas' heir. That will certainly put a damper on any attempt to prosecute Amaram for killing Kaladin's men and stealing his Shards.
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    So I've mentioned this a couple of times in different threads, about how I view the relationship between the realms, as well as investiture, matter, and energy. I've explained it a couple times as 3 sheets of paper close together, and investiture is a weight that draws them together. But this isn't really entirely right. Paper isn't the right analogue. The three sheets are more like how space time is pictured in 2D: stretchy, not stiff like paper. Then three of these "sheets" are how I view realmatics. I also associate Matter with the physical realm, and Investiture in the Spiritual, which suggests that energy is related to the cognitive realm, which I'm still working on an explanation for that. Also, in a 2D view of spacetime, matter creates a dip, (as does energy, but to a lesser extent, given that matter is more... concentrated according to E=Mc^2. ) Investiture also does the same thing to the Realms, and that is key to how I picture realmatics. I will now use this model to explain how some various events work. First off, Highstorms. Highstorms are HUGE sources of investiture. The constant "weight" of that investiture has drawn the realms really close together on Roshar, so Spren appear. Furthermore, I have theorized that according to the fact that Shinovar never sees the brunt of the highstorms due to the mountains, that the realms are farther apart there. This (I think) is why spren don't appear there. It is ALSO (i think) why the plants have no life to them. They basically have no cognitive self compared to normal Rosharan grass and such. This also lends weight to the idea that perhaps the plants of Roshar are able to detect highstorms due to the investiture. When the realms start coming closer together, the trees and grass snap into their holes. Now of course it might be also a response to vibrations or something like that. Second, Kaladins dramatic oaths. Someone asked at some point why (in world, for writing purposes it's for a Climax) Kaladin always bursts alight when he does his oaths, unlike the other radiants. The fact is, most of the other Radiants have constantly progressed towards their oaths. Kaladin, on the other hand, recedes during WoR and WoK. Then, suddenly, he makes the decision to follow his oaths, and snap! He bursts alight dramatically. Now in my picture of realmatics, I describe it like this. The oaths that bring the realms together are fading, therefore Syl isn't able to manifest or think as well, and his abilities recede. Then, he changes and suddenly his oaths are much stronger, snapping the realms much closer together. Ergo, investiture suddenly flows to him, and he becomes significantly more invested. Now I'm going to make some speculation. Normal people aren't invested enough (aren't making enough of a dent in the realms) to use investiture. But people who are invested make enough of a dent to suck in investiture. By this method, Vasher should be able to suck in stormlight, because he's invested with breaths. I also think that a misting actively burning their metal might be able to make enough of a dent to ingest Stormlight. Finally, perpendicularities. Brandon described a shardpool as "spiking" the realms together. This perfectly fits with how I picture it. Investiture, the "weight", formed into a spike and driven through the realms to bring them entirely together. Else calling would be more like a needle. Also, a little more theorization. I think that aluminum pushes the Realms apart, countering the "weight" of investiture. Because of that, that would mean that maybe a large block of aluminum could prevent spren from appearing. However it may be that the property of aluminum is totally within the aluminum itself, which would mean that it would be a moot point, because why would a spren materialize within a block of aluminum or any metal anyway. However, based on the fact that you only need a hat made of aluminum, and not an aluminum head to prevent emotional allomancy from affecting you, I think that the aluminum has a somewhat local effect, forcing the realms apart around the aluminum. Therefore, according to this model, a radiant wearing enough aluminum shouldn't be able to suck in stormlight.
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    Though the woods was never ordered, the Court began to lose their unity as well. . . John was disappointed, and angry. Angry at the new medium, for not electing them the new Dragonslayer. They was a better choice than Elbe! John and Small Large went way back! And yet, Large had chosen Elbe. If John was honest, part of the anger was directed inward. "Am I just not good enough for him? Is that it?" "Of course not, love." John, spun on a heel, turning to face the new student who was walking down the hallway. Hadn't the hallway been empty? "Don't call me love." The student shrugged, continuing to walk past John, their shoulders barely brushing. "It's just a term. would you prefer I call you 'Student?' There's no need to take offense." "I take offense at you spying on me." "I take offense at the implication I'm a spy. You were talking to yourself in a public hallway dear." John reached out and grabbed the student's shoulder, spinning them around. "Call me dear one more time, and I'll show you why i should have been dragonslayer." The student glared back. "Dearie. Sugarcube. My Sweet. I will call you whatever I please." John cocked a fist back, and let loose a wild blow that could have shattered stone had it hit. The student dropped into a crouch, dodging the blow, and grabbing john around the waist. They charged forward, forcing John off the floor and into the air. John struggled for purchase against the student, but to no avail. Their charge hit a window. One of the one's that was still being built. The glass shattered from the for4ce of the Blow, and the Student let go of John, sending her sailing out of the window. John desperately tried to grab anything, but the building shrank away, until her fall ended in the waters of the River far below. Hahahahaha, is that what's happening in there? Happening? This is a story of the past, Coyote. It happened. It is not happening Maybe for your people For the woods, it's the present, we're dealing with your infiltrators right now. . . . What? That's not how time works. Let me tell you what is happening right now little medium. One of your humans, i'm not sure which, has made a friend. A very lucky friend. The Chickcharney. This Chickcharney is leading your human through the woods right now. They're dodging through all the secret trails. avoiding the eyes of shadowpeople and wisps and monsters alike. Not an eye has seen them past, no nose is smelling them. Only I know where they are. But they know where the Lightning Elemental is. Bart Allen, supposedly the fastest creature in the forest, is currently running in circle. He's actually moving fast enough to burn a rut into the ground. Which is rather annoying. now i need to heal those plants. Or i could just put a lake there instead. Hmm, I wonder how your human intends to kill Bart? He seems to have some sort of plan, and he has some metal device on his back. Is it by chance a Lightning rod? Ah! So it is. the Human and the Chickcharney are setting up behind one of the bushes that Bart is speeding past. Hmm, clever. the Device is going to shoot through the bush and Bart will run OH THERE IT GOES! AHAHAHAHA! What just happened? Bart hit it and tripped. he had to have rolled a hundred feet! But it worked, all of his lightning is stuck on that rod thing, and your human is hurrying towards him, but let's see if he figures out what Bart really is. See, if he finishes off Bart, Bart will just be joining you in the court. Oh? a Hollow Faerie? Indeed. Oh, the Human is running away now, because. . . Oh? Araris is coming down the trail. He's standing over the prone Bart now, and it looks like he has figured out that Bart is a wounded hollow faerie. He's trying to decide if he should put him out of his misery or not, he's hesitating. . . Aha! he did it! just stomped down on his lil'head and squished him. I have his spirit here now. "Wha, Lord Coyote? What happened?" Haha, you got killed. I'll give you to Small Large when he gets here. Small Large was the first medium, he's dead. . . yo, what's up yotes? Wait what? Don't try to follow it Medium. Just roll with the waters. You here to call a Meeting Small Large? yeah I am Alright, you three run along, I'll bring the members of my court presently. Coyote bounced along, Informing all the creatures that a meeting had been called, and they were to cross the bridge into the court immediately. he had almost found all of them, and just needed to find Straw now. But the scarecrow was nowhere to be found. Coyote had found pieces of straw all over the forest, as if something made from straw had been violently ripped into many pieces, but he hadn't yet found Straw himself. Ah well. If he wanted to miss a meeting that much, he could. Coyote had other things to worry about. Winter Devotion was killed!They were a Student! Straw was killed! He was a Foresdweller! Flash was killed! He was a hollow Faerie! Please welcome him as the newest Court member! STINK has called a meeting! All actions may now target all players until the end of Night 2. There will only be one lynch. you may still chose new mediums if you wish.
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    Alright, time for a retrospective. First of all, thanks for playing! I enjoyed this game quite a bit, and I hope that - for the most part - you did too. For all except the last cycle of the game, I felt like there were meaningful decisions to be made. So that's a good thing. And now for the first big section of my commentary: Broken Mechanics and Other Issues: First, let's talk faction distribution. There were 15 Alethi and 8 Parshendi. In theory, that should be reasonably equal. 8 players is a large enough voting block to have significant influence on the lynch unless the Alethi make a unanimous, concerted effort to overcome it. In terms of lives, the Alethi have 15 plus protection roles (3 Guardsmen, 2 Highprinces, and 2 Shardplate) and the Parshendi in theory had 19 lives. Although the Alethi had extra protection, this was supposed to be balanced out by a lack of good information on how best to use it, so at least some of the protections should not get triggered. In contrast, the Parshendi can use warform to make sure that every single one of their key roles is prevented from dying until all the Parshendi are dead. My largest concern in this game, balance wise, was the possibility of an anti-peace Parshendi-Voidbringer alliance from D1. With Warform protects/redirects, it could take up to 3 rounds of lynching before the first voidbringer died, assuming all kills got pushed off onto unaligned Parshendi ablative armor. And with 3 kills per round, that's a lot of power to be throwing around. 3 Voidbringers was the reason I added a Highprince to the SoH team. The less-reliable but still useful backup kill, plus the powerful protect ability and the second life, was supposed to balance out the 3 kills/round. Now obviously, in my worry about balancing the optimal Voidbringer situation, I made some errors that are particularly glaring in hindsight. Foremost among these is the fact that, even with a unique faction doc, the Parshendi were unlikely to find the exact set of defenses in order to maximize the use of their extra lives (I'll refrain from using the word optimal here, because that has turned out to reference an ongoing meta discussion to which I do not intend to refer at the moment. It gets its place later in the retrospective). In fact, 2 Voidbringers died with extra lives remaining - one without having used up any of them. A side effect of tying the extra lives to the forms that I didn't fully think through before game start. This edit would have needed to happen regardless of the game state. This rule will show back up when I rerun this game in 6 months or a year. Hence the first of my 2 mid-game edits. The second faction distribution issue was this: I failed to notice that the Parshendi could easily end up as a ganged-up-on minority who lacked the ability to respond in kind. In this game, that possibility was realized. Two Voidbringers died early, leaving the Parshendi nearly completely at the mercy of the Alethi. In addition, the most vocal and influential of the unaligned Alethi were quite publicly on the side of the Sons of Honor, and had been from the beginning. That created a situation where the Parshendi faction's ability to have fun was significantly compromised, hence the second of my mid-game edits. This edit was not an edit forced on me by imbalances in the rules - a different game state might have meant that the situation it dealt with didn't come up. But, it is still a failure mode of the rules, and I will probably give the Parshendi a Shardbearer in the rerun. Other, less serious, issues in the faction distribution included: 1. The fact that the Sons of Honor's kill ability was tied to a single role - the shardwielder. This will probably be rectified in a rerun by giving the Sons of Honor a faction kill or by making Shardblades transferrable between players, so a Shardblade never leaves play. It is worth noting that this really didn't come into play - the Sons lost their Shardblader late in the game, and at a point where public opinion had turned against them. Keeping their kill would not likely have significantly altered the final game state. But, had the lynch hit Striker early in the game and the SoH lost their kill, I would have made a different set of balance adjustments, likely making the Shardblade transferable between members of the faction. 2. The small size and inexperience of the Ghostblood faction. The inexperience I blame entirely on the RNG. I did no adjustments anywhere to the random results this game - a departure from my standard practice, in which I treat the RNG as sort of a starting point, and make edits from there towards a game state I think will be fun to play. The small size was also a problem. I was trying to go for a serial killer vibe with the faction, but it didn't turn out well. Next time, I think the Ghostblood faction will be a single serial killer, with a Shardblade and Shardplate, or something like that. Now on to role issues. The most significant broken piece of the game was the Highprince. Especially the fact that there were two of them. Mutual protects that kill the attacker is a thing that should not have been allowed to happen. But I didn't catch it in time. So the Ghostbloods killed themselves on the blades of a Highprince protection gauntlet. There's an easy fix to it, luckily. In fact, there's a number of easy fixes. The one I'm going with for the rerun is this: the Highprince does not block the attack. They only strike back at the attacker. However, they can self-protect in compensation. That plus the Shardplate will still make them a powerful role, but they won't be overpowered like they were here. The other broken roles were the scanners. With public factions the way they were, there was a 50/50 chance for any given Alethi artifabrian to catch a Voidbringer or the Ghostblood. And with 2 scanners that detect both role and faction, it was only a very limited time before everything was known. Similarly, once the Parshendi all shifted into scholarform, it was only a matter of time before they found all of the Alethi roles and factions. I don't know for sure yet what I want to do about that, but I'm thinking of changing the Artifabrian to scanning role/form only, but not alignment. If they caught a Voidbringer in Decayform, they have essentially successfully caught the Voidbringer anyways. And maybe change the Parshendi scholarform to the PM role and make nimbleform an Action Scanner role instead. I think that that would tone down the ridiculous levels of scanning we saw in this game while still leaving the scanning roles/forms enough utility to be useful. And now the last section of this retrospective, and possibly the most contentious. Faction play. I intended for the unaligned party win conditions to be a choice, with advantages and disadvantages on either side, with no clear dominant strategy. As evidenced by the conclusions of most of the players in the game, I failed at that. The unaligned who wanted a peace treaty victory chose it because of aesthetic preferences or because they thought it would be more fun. Anybody who seriously considered the matter came to the conclusion that the easiest way to complete their win con was to align with the secret faction among their own ranks. I don't want to drag this thread into a discussion on what ought to have been done, and whether a player ought to always take the easiest road to their win condition or not. That's a better conversation to have in the Meta Discussion thread. But I'll comment briefly on how the evolving meta discussion (often quite heated) affected this game, because it was significant. Mostly, this showed up in the form of the assertion that, because the joint unaligned victory was more difficult, it therefore wasn't worth going for. Frequent use of terms like "optimal play" and the like gave a sense of superiority to the argument. I didn't mind players choosing the secret faction win con over the joint win con. The point of the game was that both should be available as choices. I didn't mind the debate about which path to follow - that's an important piece of the game. I did have strong issues with the implication - whether intended or not - that players who wanted to go for the joint unaligned win condition were somehow inferior players, or were playing poorly, or that the choice of the joint win somehow showed a deficiency of intelligence or skill, as if any sane and rational player looking at the game would automatically come to the conclusion that the faction as a whole ought to pick the secret faction win condition. Whether conveying that message was intended by the proponents of the argument or not, it was what was I picked up. I can't do much about the larger meta argument other than lodge my protests, but I can tweak things in the future so that the choice doesn't feel so one-sided. A future rerun of this game will feature the Highprince as a role that can only win with the joint unaligned win condition. The Parshendi will have a Shardbearer role that can likewise only win that way. In addition, the Parshendi will have a unique role that can change into any of the normal Parshendi forms, but has a role + alignment scan ability that can be used instead of the form action. This unique Parshendi role (placeholder name: Ambassador, not to be confused with the Alethi Ambassador vote manip role). would also only be able to win with the unaligned faction joint win. I might make them immune to the lynch, but that might be a little bit much. We'll see how things shake out. For either secret faction to win, all of the "can only win with the joint Parshendi/Alethi victory condition" players would have to be killed as well. This would make the Sons of Honor need to target at least one and possibly more Alethi players to meet their win condition. And likewise, the Voidbringers have at least one Parshendi and possibly more that they have to kill. Anyways, this concludes my retrospective on this game. Thanks for playing it, and I hope to see all y'all around in future games I GM.
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    Trying to logically guess a plot twist in a Sanderson book like...
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    Chapter 3: Light of the Gods Warning: Contains major spoilers for Elantris. A second rip tore the sky of the Cognitive Realm. Odium smiled as the air around him surged with power. The hooded man and his acolytes had fled to the Physical Realm. Now that the rest of the power was scattered, he could focus on removing his opponents from the board. Starting with… “MINIONS, I ORDER YOU TO ELIMINATE…HIM.” “We obey.” - Strider and his fourteen companions ran to Elantris. Compared to the distance they had traveled from the mountainside pool to Kae, Elantris was practically across the road. They encountered two more Dakhor along the way, but his gun (“magic”, the others called it) made short work of them, and they continued uninhibited to the gates of Elantris. They were met with a horrific sight. The fires they had seen from afar were pyres. Elantrian bodies were being piled on them by Fjordell priests, and they looked still alive. That wasn’t the worst part. Twenty—no, thirty Dakhor stood guard at the city gates. They bared their teeth and drew their weapons. “Nice of you to join us,” one said. “We will burn your corpses with the others.” Strider drew his gun and squeezed off three rounds, hitting two of the demons. The others readied their various spears and axes. Worthless in a fight like this. He pulled the trigger once more but only head a click. Muttering about six-shooters, he tossed the gun aside and unsheathed his massive longsword. It glinted in the sun. This is a real weapon. Surrounded and outnumbered, he knew this was a battle he couldn’t win. But he and Andúril would go down fighting. - Raoden ran. I will not give in. I will not join the Hoed. I will not give in. I will not join the Hoed. He didn’t know how long it had been since the Shardpool. He didn’t think about it. Left, right, left, right. I will not give in. He dragged the stick across the ground. His pursuer was gaining. He didn’t think about it. Left, right, left, right. I will not join them. He didn’t think about anything except putting one foot in front of the other. - “Free consultation tomorrow at 8, alright?” With these words of departure to Odium, Mr. Red Facemask applied his Essence Mark and shifted realms. The eyes of his new body flicked open. He was in a burning city, surrounded by red-robed men and demons. His companions from earlier were fighting, but their strikes barely scratched their combatants. Next to him was Innocent Joe, Daniyah, Aralis, and the hooded man, still holding Aona’s body. He didn’t know where the others were, and he tried to push that thought out of his mind. Looks like I’m out of the frying pan and into the fire. - Left…right…left…….. Was he wrong about the Aons, about everything? Would they all die because of it? Right…… Raoden completed the line. Elantris erupted in light. - Requiem fought beside Strider. The blades of their swords did little, so they adopted a new tactic, swinging with extreme force as if to bludgeon the demons. It wasn’t enough. There were too many of them and they had too much stamina. As Requiem parried a blow, someone came flying in from behind the Dahkor, landing beside it and kicking it with full force (he was sure he heard bones break). It was the cloaked man, hood fallen down and a look of rage he had never seen. Daniyah, Aralis, Innocent Joe, and Facemask followed close behind. Then the walls of the city began to glow, not gradually but in one radiant instant. The Dakhor looked around, blinded by the sudden light and new opponents. The walls of Elantris weren’t the only thing glowing—the burning Elantrians shone with purity and rose, completely uninjured, to their feet. The demons fled. “Follow them!” the cloaked man commanded. Strider and the others ran to the streets in pursuit. “Let’s hunt some Dakhor.” - “Looks like we’ve searched this whole area,” Eobard said. They had split into groups to hunt the Dakhor; Strider, Eobard, Facemask, and the bird had comprised one group. After looking through their corner of the glowing city, they hadn’t even seen a mouse. “I think we’re clear—“ “Ex-ter-minate. Ex-ter-minate.” A group of what looked like huge metallic salt shakers came around a corner. Eobard would have laughed if they hadn’t looked so lethal. “Merciful Ilúvatar,” Strider said, “how many superpowered fighters does this Odium have?” Beams of magical energy shot from the salt shakers. Everyone scattered, everyone except Eobard, who just smiled. “Bring it on, you top-heavy rust buckets.” He ran like lightning up to the things and slashed at one as hard as he could. It bounced off. “Again!” he shouted. “Not fair…” The magical energy weapons hit him, and he fell dead. - The bird had fled at first sight of the metal salt shakers. Now, it doubled back around to the city gates. If I could just get past Mr. Hooded Cloak, it thought, maybe I could pickpocket the Vessel’s body…. Its thoughts trailed off as it saw Aona’s body and the cloaked man. His hood was still down, and he was weeping. As soon as he saw the bird, a look of utter hatred blanketed his face. “If you come one step closer to her, I will kill you so fast you won’t even need a trial.” Then he fell to his knees and sobbed. - Hours later, the person crept up to Eobard’s body. It was quiet now. The person lay their hand on his lifeless forehead. “Poor sap. Odium didn’t even bother to do a clean job, or even get the real one.” Suddenly, lasers shot out of nowhere. The Daleks had waited. The person ducked behind a building and vanished. “Allons-y!” This is a Day cycle lasting 48 hours. STINK has passed to the Beyond. He was an Evil person. The Flash has died! Here is his autopsy report: And here are the contents of his will:
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    Day 1: Everyone loves a good old fashioned Man Hunt right? “Everyone be QUIET!” The bestial yell sounded over the tumult of the forest clearing. It sounded above the Rojat’s lamentations and above joyful calls of the Fae. It quieted the Ogres and the Trolls. Every creature in the forest turned to see the great Wolf Spirit Ysengrin loping into the clearing, holding aloft a metallic body. He stopped at the edge of the gathering, and, with all eyes on him, threw the body into the midst of the gathered creatures. Many backed away in fear and surprise. Others slunk their way forward, either enraged or out of cat killing curiosity. All stared at the broken robot. “Despite our Lord’s intervention, the Humans are still attempting to interfere in our lives. They are still attempting to force their order upon us!” He paced forward, his great oaken feet thudding into the forest floor as he walked forward to the fallen robot. “The human who built this mechanical monstrosity is still here, among us. Pretending to be one of us!” The gathered Forest dwellers, with a few notable exceptions, roared their approval. A few, the ones that were closest to the edge, and had therefore noticed Coyote rolling with laughter, were silent. “Ysengrin! It’s very rude of you to spoil my surprise like that!” The Forest dwellers turned as one to face their Lord, rolling around on the grass like a child and laughing. He rolled to his feet and bounded to the center of the clearing, landing on the tips of Ysengrin’s exasperated head. “Lord Coyote, what surprise is that exactly?” “Thank you Ysengrin! Hello everyone! As your lord, I must of course look after your wellbeing and happiness, and I know that many of you were disappointed that I separated the court and the Woods, as you so much enjoyed the hunting of the spirits! So I went and explained your worries to Sir young, and he told me ‘Coyote?! How did you get in here? This place is supposed to be secure!’ So we made a deal, and he sent some humans over here to hide. This Robot was made by one of them, let me find him.” Coyote stretched, spiraling under the feet of many of the forest dwellers. He condensed himself under a creature absolutely covered in leaves, and leapt back into the center, dumping the poor man as he went. “This engineer! Magus Astrum is his name, and he decided to glue leaves onto himself to pretend to be a Ent. You’ll have to find the others yourself, but enjoy yourself everyone!” Coyote bounced away as Magus desperately raised his arms and plead his innocence to deaf ears. Magus Astrum (Magestar) was lynched! He was a Engineer! Day One has started. You have 48 hours to decide who you want to lynch and who you wish to represent you as Medium. Good luck. (Quick reminder, PMs cannot be sent during the day, unless you’re the Air Elemental.) Quick Links: Player List:
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    Tor has revealed that the Oathbringer sample chapters will begin Tuesday, August 22nd. How many chapters will they be releasing? Quite a lot: thirty-two chapters, all of Part One of the book. It's a lot of the book, but don't worry, there's so much more of the book after that. Part One is just 26% of the novel, of 1240 total pages. Yup, it's a beast of a thing. Tor will be releasing the chapters slowly, week-by-week, until release. Part One is a fantastic taste of the overall product. Long ago, Brandon said he plotted Oathbringer as a trilogy. That is, that there are three distinct sections of Oathbringer. In Words of Radiance, he also did this, where the first "book" in Words of Radiance was Parts One and Two, the second "book" is Part Three, and the third "book" is Parts Four and Five. And if you have read Words of Radiance recently, you know that each of those "books" has a pretty big climax. Well, for Oathbringer, you can see in that Reddit link, Part One of Oathbringer is its first "book". Get hyped. We will keep you up to date on all of the sample chapters as they appear. Tor will be starting with the full prologue on the 22nd, then on August 29th, Chapters 1 through 3, and eventually, of course, all the way through Chapter 32. Also, Peter has suggested on Twitter that they may release an interlude on audio the week before release. One last thing: Peter isn't entirely certain that epigraphs are coming in the preview. Worry not, as they are definitely in the book! We hope you're excited for Oathbringer. Remember to make sure to keep all discussion on Oathbringer and its sample chapters in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board, and not anywhere else. Thank you!
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    The Last Hour - Dying 1 p.m. This time the circle’s reformation is slower. Squires pause, talking to each other, trying to work out who is evil. The arena is full of whispers that lead in circles, around and around without end or clarity. Finally, though, the thirteen (for even in the few short hours of the morning, their numbers have been nearly halved) join and watch each other. Eyes fall on Ardent Sartal, at first. He has been suspected for a time now, given Ardent Aaliyah’s death. Revali steps forward. “I think that Lazar is evil,” he announces. There’s a strange weight to the proclamation, which most don’t notice, but they trust it. “Agreed,” Belegaer says. “He’s been acting oddly all game.” Lazar grins. John rolls his eyes. “I’m fine with that. I don’t have a clue what’s going on with him, and it’s getting annoying.” Lazar sticks his tongue out at John, and proclaims proudly, “I know what’s going on!” Locke smirks. “Yes, because you’re the one who’s been murdering us. Acting suspicious deliberately, perhaps, to make us think you’re too obvious?” Albion Kerenas is next to nod. “Yes. Lazar would be my choice as well.” Silver smiles. “Let’s kill him.” The six advance on Lazar, who grins at them. They attack, and he roars and draws a sword. Each Squire tries to lay a hand on him, but he fights with a skill and experience that they struggle to match even with six to his one. One by one, each fall. Revali, beheaded for his pains. Albion and John have their legs cut out from under them, and throats slit when Lazar’s blade bothers to flicker down. Lazar stabs Silver in the gut, then whirls to catch Belegaer’s attack and slices down the man’s arm. While still distracted by the pain of his arm, Belegaer falls to a mortal wound in the side. Ardent Sartal and Damond join, now, infuriated by the deaths. They’ve managed to draw weapons, unlike the others. Lazar grins, swinging at Damond and wounding his upper arm, but before Lazar can extricate his sword from the wound, Sartal manages to drive his sword deep into Lazar’s side. Lazar doesn’t fall, though. He grows angrier. Damond falls moments later, and Sartal is disarmed and beheaded in two blows. The arena falls silent. Lazar, still seeming slight and only made fearsome through the blood covering him, stands above the bodies of eight fellow squires. The jeweled hilt of a sword still protrudes from his side, and he grasps it. His attempts to remove it, however, are futile: he is too weak. Slowly, the four remaining watch him slump to the ground and complete the pile of the dead. Locke steps back as the others attack, and watches. He smiles. Tzlim, Ceol, Teralarin, and Sebas are in shock. Teralarin and Sebas have both been somewhat dazed for a while, now. The shock of so many deaths before their eyes simply reduces them to being essentially catatonic, rather than merely stunned. Tzlim, however, has the presence of mind to look around, and sees Locke’s expression of satisfaction. Locke notices his look and turns, stalking towards him. “Well done,” he comments. “You actually noticed.” Tzlim stares at Locke. He opens his mouth, to call out, warn the others. Before he can say a word, though, Locke raises his hand and a Shardblade appears in it. Locke takes one more step, and Tzlim falls. Locke turns to the others. “Well, gentlemen, this has been an interesting morning, but I think it’s time to draw this experiment to its conclusion.” 2 p.m. Locke walks out of the arena casually. Another ordinary soldier, going about his business. He makes his way to a nearby restaurant, where he’d met Lazar for the first time. In the Truthless’ honour, he buys a particular horneater specialty the man had liked: flatbread with sauce and other, less-identifiable pieces. He smiles, content in the knowledge that he has averted the end of the world. Stink was lynched! He was a Skybreaker Truthless! Orlok was attacked, but didn’t die! Lopen has died! He was a Elsecaller! Eternum has died! He was a New Recruit! Winter has died! He was a New Recruit! Roadwalker has died! He was a New Recruit! Darkness Ascendant has died! He was a New Recruit! Sart has died! He was a New Recruit! Magestar has died! He was a New Recruit! Jondesu was killed! He was a Elsecaller! The Skybreakers have won. Vote Count >Stink (8): Orlok, Lopen, Eternum, Winter, Roadwalker, DA, Sart, Magestar >Lopen (1): Jondesu Player List 1. Elithanathile - Sebas New Recruit 2. Drake - Aaliyah New Recruit 3. Mage - Damond New Recruit 4. Eternum - Albion Kerenas New Recruit 5. Jebus - Teralarin New Recruit 6. Flash - Johnny Quick New Recruit 7. Elenion - Albert Vospar New Recruit 8. Orlok - Highprince Locke Tekiel Nale 9. Megasif - Zirconidas New Recruit 10. Winter Devotion - John New Recruit 11. Roadwalker - Silver New Recruit 12. Jondesu - Tzlim Elsecaller 13. Paranoid King - Spiff Dustbringer 14. Stick - Dan New Recruit 15. Sami - Aleta Nebrask New Recruit 16. Stink - Lazar Skybreaker Truthless 17. Arraenae - Malnar Dustbringer 18. Lopen - Revali Elsecaller 19. Darkness - Belegaer New Recruit 20. Bard - Melinon New Recruit 21. Ecthelion - Ceol and Vis New Recruit 22. Yitzi - Brightlord Erethin New Recruit 23. Sart - Ardent Sartal New Recruit 24. Arinian - Alrin Dustbringer More postgame thoughts to come later, but the relevant bit: there were only two eliminators in the game, Orlok/Nale and Stink/Truthless. Nale was the reason for the PAFO - he had multiple powers, rather than just one. Also, docs to come shortly. Congratulations to all on a very amusing game, and go sign up for LG37 if you haven’t already!
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    The Way of Kings Words of Radiance The Well of Ascension
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    Well, you insisted. Spiff stood atop the hastily erected stage. His troops were looking somewhat down about not killing the people they wanted to kill. What a shame. But he knew what would cheer them up! *Ahem* "Now listen up people, millin' around here on the plains We don't have that much cohesion, because I got all the brains. So just listen to my commands, and you'll soon be going right, We'll have this problem ELIMINATED afore the end of night" (Lens flare) "You came here 'xpecting ease and a life that's filled with style, but now there's a brightness dead, so heap your problems on the pile. Take your spear, take your sword, bond your spren just like the rest It's time to take some action, to kick up the chasmfiend nest." "Cause we're gonna kill some badguys, yeah yeah yeah, They're gonna cry cry cry cry, waa waa waa. (I'll admit I hadn't really perfected this part yet, but I make up for it with my next verse.) We're gonna show them who the knights radiant really are!" (Guitar solo) In case you're wondering, it sounds something like NYEaaaaw! deedle deedle deedle deedle blurblleedeedleedeedeeYOW! "You've got a awesome captain to lead you to viictoryy! You've got a sword in hand and you all belong to mee! Before the time has come, you'll all know that Spiff's the best! Because I guess you had two people die, but I still get up and jest." (Sad trombone) "You know I got some haters who think they'd be better in command, But they really don't know how to give out an inane demand, So you'll see that with a captain that does everything wrong, You'll have so much much confidence you'll break out in song." "Cause we're gonna kill some badguys, yeah yeah yeah, They're gonna cry cry cry cry, waa waa waa. We're gonna hit them so hard that they will fly into a star We're gonna show them who the knights radiant really are!" "We're gonna shoooow them! Yeeeaaaaaeaeooooooooeooeoo! Who the knights radiant really are!" (Mike drop) Thank you, I'll be handing out autographs after the performance.
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    If you read the Etiquette section of the General Rules, you'll see that we basically already have a "Don't be a jerk" clause. We already have a section on putting yourself in other people's shoes and on treating other players as individuals (which covers, in part, the fact that some people don't play as competitively as others). In fact, most of that section is a very good guide for how to approach these games and the other players in them. It basically covers your A through C questions, if you really consider what they mean in different aspects of the games, IMO. As far as D goes, I'm not sure I'd want to make those kind of categories in the first place. It makes it sound like we'd be dividing people into groups, where one style of play is more preferable than another and that just isn't the case. That's part of why there was a push (probably about a year ago now?) to stop referring to people that have played a lot as "Experienced" or "Veteran" players, because it gave the illusion that those players were a- bigger threats, b- should be paid attention to more, and c- should have more authority when it comes to their opinions. We have a very close tight-knit community here partially because we've shied away from dividing everyone up into classifications anymore. Especially when, IMO, I don't feel like it's necessary. I like the strategy side of the game. I enjoy, as Elenion said, the battle of wits and manipulation. And as a strategist, that means also finding ways to play around "imperfect" play. A good general will try to turn their weaknesses into strengths. If they have an army of 50% archers, they won't bemoan that they don't have more cavalry. They change their tactics to a more guerrilla style warfare and perform more hit and runs. In LG 34, when Sart was basically inactive other than being able to put in actions, we used that to our advantage and let him put in most of the kills rather than try to force him into a role he was unable or unwilling to play. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, on either side of the factions. I'm actually a pretty lousy Elim, IMO. I have some great and fun ideas, but I can never enact them when I'm an Elim. On the other hand, I almost have a 6th sense at times when it comes to ferreting out Elims when I'm village. Wilson practically mirrors me, as she has had her fair share of moments where she totally fell for Elim lies as a Village, but has proven to be quite difficult to pin down as an Elim. My point in all this is that we're all playing to each other's strengths and weakness in each game already. You let those that are more likely to be helpful later in the game slide a bit initially because they shine latter. You don't always try to kill off the players that instigate discussion because you need that initial spark to get things moving. There's no clear, defined line that delineates one type of play as sub-optimal in comparison to another and I think that if we were to try to actually define it, we would find a lot of biased towards how we, individually, play the game. Not to mention the unnecessary dividing of our community into groups and the turmoil something like that could cause. Because another part of the game that I truly love is the setting. If you've played on other forums or watched Aman's games over on MafiaUniverse, you'll notice that most of them don't ever even acknowledge that there is a setting to their games, let alone play with it. Part of what makes SE special is the fact that we all love a good story because we're readers. So taking part in Sanderson's worlds in a way that we never could before, or watching a dramatic moment unfold, or helping create one is thrilling and worthwhile in its own right. Without our stories to tell, I don't think SE would've continued on throughout the years as strongly as it has. And because I love that aspect of the games, I would say that the RPers and the fun-lovers are just as important to the success of a game as much as the strategists. They help keep us involved and coming back. They can provide much needed comedic relief (Matilda or HH's character and his rat from the last AG anyone?) in an otherwise serious game. Sure, they might play "sub-optimally" in the terms of a strategist, but they still play optimally to the game as a whole and to themselves, which all the more I would ask of anyone. Finally, I agree with Wilson. The reason we don't want to create a lot of rules and how people can play is because that severely limits the way everyone can play. It limits strategies that can be used and can make all the games basically feel the same. We want people to come up with creative ways to find Elims or manipulate the Village. We love when a particularly daring plan comes together. We allow everyone the freedom to play as they want specifically so that everyone can find their own inspiration and, in a way, cut out their own part of what makes these games so amazing. So the more ideas that allow our players to do that without us needing to limit everyone's play via rules is going to be the best option, IMO Well, that turned into an essay fairly quick! I do hope that this conversation continues. I think it's a great question and I'm glad that you brought it up here, Yitzi. I'm not trying to criticize your suggestions up there as much as using them as a backboard to state some of my own thoughts on the matter as well. This is the perfect place for such discussions and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts.
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    I just finished my plodding reread of tWoK, and had a random thought to propose. In the Epilogue, Taln makes his entrance. I call him Taln because he is wet on arrival as if he had appeared outside the gate covered in condensation like an appearing Shardblade. I know I'm not the first to mention this. Bear with me a moment. A few moments later, he then drops his Shardblade and an extra sentence is the added to emphasize that it does not disappear. So he was weary enough to pass out and be unconscious, which kills the possibility of a blade command to allow the blade to stay. So we can assume it is an Honorblade. Again nothing new here. So Taln appears immediately outside the gates of Kholinar. Kholinar is one of the "Dawncities" Kabsal showed with his cymatics sand patterns. If these patterns do tie in to the way in which the world itself was created, and the cities themselves are significant, I think each of the 10 cities would be the places that the Heralds first manifest. Each Herald would be tied to a specific city. And if that is true, I'd guess Ishar is tied to Urithiru.
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    Uh, just dropping in to share this... um @DelightfulI guess. Maybe you'll like this. You guys are awesome
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    Not Sanderson, but I figure enough people here will appreciate it.
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    MR24: Baleful Eye Mirialis was a large city, as far as cities went in the Fractured States. It had another name before Calamity, of course. But after the Capitulation Act, when the High Epics began to carve their own little empires out of what had been the American Heartland, things had changed. A lot. Steelheart ruled in Newcago. Regalia in Babilar. Perseus in Persepolis. Lightwards in his Empire of Light. In Mirialis, that meant Balelight. She was an elusive figure, even in the city she ruled. She made sporadic public appearances, in her impressive uniform and demonstrating her Epic powers that could blast a man dead at half a mile away, or burn an office tower to nothing in mere minutes. But nobody saw her outside of those appearances. Her lieutenants, many of them powerful Epics in their own right, did the same thing. Anonymity was the rule of the game in Mirialis. Of course, that meant that anyone you met on the street could be a powerful Epic, the upholders of stability in a land that had fallen into chaos, in disguise. Or they could be a subversive dissident intent on undermining the rightful order of things. Or, from another point of view, anyone you met on the street could be a fanatical informant serving the brutal and oppressive regime, or a valiant freedom fighter attempting to bring the criminal rulers of the city to justice. Points of view were tricky that way. Push them just a little bit, and everything looked different. Either way you looked at it, talking to any of them could get you killed. Deliberately avoiding them probably would too. So the citizens of Mirialis went about their daily business in silence. Fearful deference to each other was the standard approach to whatever interaction could not be avoided. So it had been for ten long years since Calamity appeared. Hopefully it would stay that way. After all, living in fear was a sight better than not living at all. Welcome to MR24: Baleful Eye! This game will be co-GMed by Elbereth and I. This game is being run as a blackout game, sometimes also called a Closed Setup. For those who may not be familiar with the term, it means that there will be no information given about the available roles, abilities, or win conditions present in the game. Just a warning - this game, more than any others I've run, may not be balanced. I hope, however, that it will be fun. Expect shenanigans... No...seriously. I meant what I said. No information about the setup will be given. Even what the teams are called. *Sigh* You still here? Still not going to say anything. Nothing at all. You really want to know, don't you? Well then, I guess you'd better sign up and play! Signups for this game will last until Saturday, August 12 at 10:00 AM, Mountain Daylight Time. Cycles will be 48 hour combined Day/Night, and turnover time should be the same time as the end of signups. No guarantees, though. Player List: [REDACTED] - Paranoid King, person who specializes in collecting relics. Starshatter and Birdrider - Winter Devotion, star crossed Australian runaways. Jon - Jondesu, amazing with computers but absolutely useless when it comes to talking to people Mark - Mark IV Biff - Elenion, a street salesman in the wrong place at the wrong time Sandra Kensington - Sami, weapons manufacturer with dark secret Rashers - Majestic, a bacon-summoning Epic Impulse - The Flash Shockwave - King Cole, Epic with a terrible singing voice Matt - Shqueeves, orphan who never knew anything better Anonymous - Alvron, The Collective will ensure you never know anything about him Silver Feather - Roadwalker Tammy - Rebecca, the accidental daughter of Obliteration () Amy Scott - Brightness Radiant, out of place punster Nameless Character I - Drake Marshall Annabelle - Lemonelon, an "engineer" Sol - Eternum Lightwood - RippleGylf Outblack - Hemalurgic_Headshot Falchion - Elithanathile Cranium - Frozen Mint Annoan - Megasif Nameless Character II - Ecthelion III Pickle - asterion137, a small - time thief Altea Meza - Crimsn_Wolf, a petite young drifter Fess - Arinian Quick Links:
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    I spent a good chunk of today away from the shard. We got a puppy!
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    When I first joined the 17th Shard, I didn't know how everything worked and so I hadn't known that we were supposed to create an introductory topic. I'll just post what I have on my "about me" page. I'm hesitant to put this in a place where people are even more likely to read through it, but once you do, you'll see how I think through things, kind of. I've learned that the more you learn about yourself, the more there is to know, and I'm at that age where kids have a hard time with that. Think what you will about this, and I'll try my best not to care if you don't like this. ***** I'm a redhead reader, writer, and artist. I'm not the kind of person who will spend much time on any social-media related thing, but I am probably the biggest sanderfan of my school in Rexburg, and everyone who knows me knows that. I feel like I'm out of place, here in the Seventeenth Shard, simply because so many people are competitive in trying to prove that they're the biggest fan. I hope that, in the future, I can talk to Brandon about some things, but the thing is, just about anyone here might want the exact same thing, and it wouldn't really be fair. I'm a young writer, not near the level I wish I was, but at the level and age where I have a pretty good start, with pretty good chances of quick-enough improvement to get into Brandon Sanderson's BYU classes. I'm a mormon. I don't have a very story-like life, mind you. However, I have developed my own fantasy-ish thought process, where I can make myself act that way and realistically think that I have these ... aspects. This is before I read Legon, and Brandonalways seems to already have used the creative things I come up with. Anyway, I have seven aspects, or personalities, each with their own personality. I don't imagine them inside or outside of me, they're just ... my thoughts and actions. They share one body - me - and their different personalities often contradict one another (Have you ever seen Inside Out?), but they have made loose amends. There's Deldri, Charole, Terri, Anera, Rann, Leby, and Sift. I use their existence to explain how my thoughts work, and why I think in such different ways depending on the situation. If you do mind me explaining each of them, don't read this. I'm going to write it as if it were their uncoordinatedly combined thoughts critiquing each others' existance. So when I say "us," that's the same thing as saying "I." Yes, that sounds strange as I type it. ***** Deldri - She's every bit a nerd, enjoying programing, reading, writing, drawing, learning, etc. She likes to plan and organize things, and she can easily figure out how things work. She likes teachers. Brandon Sanderson is her absolute role model. Charole - Charole is gloomy, and is unpredictable when it comes to emotion. She'll hold it in and think about it the wrong ways, in twisted ways. Paradoxical thoughts is what she calls them. She knows that she doesn't make sense, but thinks about the whole world as what we perceive to be the wrong way. We have to try and shut her out and sadly, she helps with that. She's superstitious, which helps us in some cases, and she likes color, which we think is cool. Terri - She's devotedly religious and wants progress in life. She's good at setting goals, and it's up to all of us to try hard to reach them. She's frustrated because online classes aren't working out for us, and school in general is easier for her and Deldri when it comes to school. She's the one that's most like a conscience to us. She, along with Deldri and Anera like minimalism. We don't own much in our small, clean room. Anera - She's a tomboy, as athletic as we get. She encourages exercise and acts small, slightly cold, in big, extroverted groups of people. She loves her bike, and works with Terri when it comes to preparedness. We have a backpack in our room that contains everything we would need and want incase of a fire, and we take that with us if there is even a small chance of getting kidnapped while biking through town and things. We also have our D&D and MTG stuff in there, for when we bike to the gamestore to meet up with friends. Also, Anera loves the outdoors. Rann - Rann likes netflix. She's a (sometimes casual) geek of anything awesome, not just sanderstuff. She has that snacking temptation that we have to snuff out, and loves our monstrously oversized comfortable jacket. She likes to listen to audiobooks but hates music. Yes, music is not for us, especially not for her. She's grudgingly fine with the fact that Terri likes piano and orchestra music. Leby - Ugh (sorry Leby). She causes a lot of trouble, socially. She thinks that abnormal behavior is cool, but she wants people to liker. She exaggerates to impress people and self-diagnoses us random things. We still like her, though, she's a small girl who's a happy optimist. Sift - She knows that she's awesome, in a mixed-up way. She doesn't care. Unlike Leby, she doesn't try to impress others, only herself. She's the one who started all of our invisible friends, and preferred playing alone as a child. She absolutely loves cats and has a bow and arrow just 'cause, even though we can't use one very well. She doesn't ever feel the need to talk to people. ***** So, that's me/us. This hopefully explains why I'm weird the way I am, and why I explain myself in different ways to different people. These aspects are me, and those who know me will see that this fits. Now that I have explained my life, you can choose to not like me, while knowing that Charole and Sift will help me not to care. I'm thinking of somehow writing a unique book that contains all of that, how I see things. Discovering my aspects has helped me tremendously in my life, even if they're not actually real. So, yah.
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    QF25: Hour 1 - Breaking 6 a.m. Kenara frowns. It seems her tactic of letting them get to know each other by introducing themselves has gone slightly further than she intended. Members of the squadron are yelling and even fighting in multiple cases. It seems the soldiers she’s been given are… not quite the quality she’s accustomed to. There are a fair few with whom she will need to have a word in private. “Silence,” she finally says. Her voice echoes through the arena. “This is a squadron, not a gathering of gossipers. Talk later. Pay attention now.” “And who are you, Brightness?” Damond asks with a smirk. She raises an eyebrow. “I am your commander, and a full Radiant. That should be enough of an introduction.” The recruits are, finally, somewhat quiet. “Very well. The first lesson you must learn, for those of you who do not know, is how to gather Stormlight. Everyone take a sphere, please.” She holds out a bag of them, all charged in the last Highstorm. “And if a single one goes missing, we’re doing nothing but basic physical training for the next week.” As the squadron formed a clump around Kenara, each person picking out their sphere carefully, there is a thump. Draen gasps, an arrow sticking out of his chest. He falls to his knees first, and then slumps all the way to the ground, paying no heed to the shock of everyone around him. Kenara drops her bag of spheres, ridding her hands of the encumbrance, and summons her Shardblade. She looks up at where the arrow had come from. Draen’s already gone, and he hasn’t been able to use Stormlight before - without even a bonded spren to help, she doubts he could breathe it in before he dies completely. His killer, though… The arena surrounding them is empty, including the tops of it. Kenara frowns and kneels beside Draen for a moment, to look at the arrow with which he’s been killed so effectively. Slowly, she topples onto him. A spren, unnoticed in the chaos, trickles away from her body. When the first squire is finally sensible and brave enough to look, they see that her eyes are burned and black. “So… what now?” says a small voice. Lorna smiles grimly at Draen’s body. The chaos she’s caused is amusing, and perhaps will prove enough to recover the body soon, before the head begins to deteriorate. In the meantime, she is content to watch the idiots squabble about what to do with their dead leader. Draen (Haelbarde) has died! He was a New Recruit with a valuable head! Brightness Kenara (Wilson) has died! She was a Radiant Elsecaller! Cycle 1 has begun! It will end in 24 hours. PMs are now out. PM me if you don't have one. Clarifications: Lightweavers cannot protect the same person two turns in a row. Due to later game balance thoughts, the no-secret-alignment-or-role question is now a PAFO. Player List 1. Elithanathile - Sebas 2. Drake - Aaliyah 3. Mage - Damond 4. Eternum - Albion Kerenas 5. Jebus - Teralarin 6. Flash - Johnny Quick 7. Elenion - Albert Vospar 8. Orlok - Highprince Locke Tekiel 9. Megasif - Zirconidas 10. Winter Devotion - John 11. Roadwalker - Silver 12. Jondesu - Tzlim 13. Paranoid King - Spiff 14. Stick - Dan 15. Sami - Aleta Nebrask 16. Stink - Lazar 17. Arraenae - Malnar 18. Lopen - Revali 19. Darkness - Belegaer 20. Bard - Melinon 21. Ecthelion - Ceol and Vis 22. Yitzi - Brightlord Erethin 23. Sart - Ardent Sartal 24. Arinian - Alrin
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    Come on, this is a meme thread! You gotta do it like this:
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    I have two bits of good news. First is...I'm back slontzees! I've been away from the shard for about 6 years so I could work on my writing career. That brings me to my second item. My debut novel, The Moonflower, is now out! *Muppet flail* If you want to check it out I have all of the info here on my blog.
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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! Getting it will be simple. Simply head on over to the Aether of Night Manuscript Request topic, and post that you want it (for this, you will need to register a 17th Shard account, but that's all you'll need). Then, one of our staff members will PM you the document. Once we PM you the document, we will be removing your post in the Request topic, as we will use it kind of as a to-do list. Since we have a lot of awesome volunteers as staff, our hope is that you won't have to wait long--our goal is within 24 hours. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters. White Sand and Aether of Night are the two manuscripts that are usually distributed. So again, to receive Aether, head on over to http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/60219-aether-of-night-manuscript-requests/ and post! Thank you Team Sanderson for letting 17S do this!
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    After nominating myself I'd better do this 1. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). Sorry that's ridiculous Here's one with my lady 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). David! Dave usually. 3. Which book is your favorite and why? For most of my adult life it was The Silmarillion. Such glory, tragedy, history, subtlety of language and epic scale for something so short. And the most beautiful creation myth I've ever read. That was until The Name of the Wind. For me, it is perfection. The most compelling fictional character I've read. Beauty of prose that captures my emotions the way Kvothe describes music as doing (not as perfect prose as Book of the New Sun, but BEAUTIFUL). A story where my heart breaks, in a way no Red Wedding could make it do, over (Name of the Wind spoilers) Brandon is my favorite author because of the world he's created, his characters and his narrative structure. But nothing can touch Rothfuss for me for a single story. Favorite Brandon? Stormlight, no contest. I love Warbreaker, and Mistborn has an extraordinary story. But Stormlight is utterly glorious. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? Probably known for nominating myself for this thread now... No I think my main contribution has been WoB-hunting. With the absence of some very obscure old sources, or certain WoBs that are only posted on this forum and can't be searched, I can find most of them quickly. I probably used to be known as the most prolific daily contributor until Calderis accelerated his efforts. Now that I post less I'm probably most known for banter with Calderis Or just my rep:post ratio as someone who's been on here only 7 months. But if I can be known as a good resource for others, and maybe one day a decent theorist, that will be all I want 5. What made you join the forum? I started reading Brandon two years ago, found this site pretty quickly but, once I realized what it was, avoided it diligently until I'd read every Brandon book for spoiler reasons. That took about 6 months, then I started lurking, learning everything I could. I started an account 7 months ago to be able to respond to interesting threads but then everything changed. By posting it made me research. I'm an evidence - based person. I have to see a textual reference or WoB before I'll accept an idea as established. That meant researching before I posted. And very quickly getting far more detailed understanding of the Cosmere through that process. Then I read all the books again, and now my knowledge is pretty good (but still nothing on many of the long - time Sharders). 6. How many hours do you spend on the shard on a given day? Wow. Less than I did 3 months ago. I still read almost every Cosmere thread, though the last few weeks I've dropped off. But yeah the window is always open (I only use my mobile) and it's the first and last thing I check on my phone each day. So addiction level, but not yet problematic. Perhaps..... 7. Describe your fondest Forum experience. As an ongoing thing, the interplay between me, @Calderis and @The One Who Connects, as we're the three most prolific Cosmere posters (Connects a fair bit less but he's a WoB master). Particular post, I guess the one on the mechanics of Elantris with the AonDor, which may not be right but was the best and most supported one I've done. But I love this place generally. The welcoming culture, the diversity of people with one common niche love linking them. The level of academic rigor and scientific method applied to theories. The incredible job the admins and mods have done, and keep doing, to make this site so enjoyable and actually truly meaningful to a lot of people. I love it 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Reversals of standard narrative, perfectly foreshadowed shocks, perfect pacing of character development. Basically, the things that make the Brandon Avalanche successful. And characters. His characters are so varied, compelling and relatable for a genre that is often plot-driven. 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Prose. I'm not saying he should, he knows his strengths and plays to them, and his writing pace would suffer if he tried to be Rothfuss. But he has some outstanding lines and passages of intense beauty, and if he could be like that consistently he would be unrivalled. I hope he never tries to. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? I've answered this elsewhere but there are facets to this. My id wants me to be Kelsier. My ego wants me to be Kaladin. My superego wants me to be Hoid. My friends would think I'm Lightsong. My colleagues would think I'm Sazed. My family would think I'm Khriss. My girlfriend would think I'm Adolin. I think I'm most like Lightsong, if Lightsong didn't have everything he wanted at his fingertips 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! I'm a traveler (35 countries or so) and I lived in Prague 2015-2016. I'm Australian and live in Canberra. My partner is Czech. I have a big black fluffy cat named Toast (he thinks his name is Kitty). And I'm a Sanderholic.
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