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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    When I first read the description for this area, I immediately imagined they're some kind of alpine version of the deep sea hydrothermal vents - aka the white or black chimneys. I love those bizarre deep sea things, and have been trying to envision how would those hydrothermal vents look like when combined with the Alps. It's really tricky, and the vertical aspect of those vents makes it really hard to see where the Horneaters would put any sort of city or crops fields on. As I keep researching, I eventually came across alpine hot lakes in the Andes mountains, and decided to change direction and go with something like an extinct conical volcano chain that has turned into lakes. The imagery would be more familiar, and the slopes would mean imaginable cities and civilization such as the Machu Picchu. I decided to try and do the phototexture workflow in pursuit of that Skyrim look. It's not there yet, but can't expect mastery after 1 week! [edit] There is a bigger version with no text overlay here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y9oLn
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    So this was the key outtakes from a conversation on Discord about the Black Spheres. I put it on reddit coz its so storming funny but realizes sharders who don't do discord deserve to see it. Enjoy and feel free to add to the madness. Firstly Brandon recently continued the trolling. R'Shara Brandon, you said we'd know by the end of OB what Gavilar's black spheres were, but we still don't know what they are. What are they? Brandon Sanderson People have guessed very correctly about this, so I think I am justified in saying that Voidlight will become an increasingly important part of the story as things progress. I think there are two main theories on what Gavilar's spheres are, and I think they are both very valid theories supported by the books. I'm not pulling something very sneaky. It is along the lines that you are theorizing. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/357/#e10582 Then a few people on Discord discussed which of the valid theories supported by books is right. "WHAT HAPPENED TO "WE WOULD KNOW AT THE END OF OB"? This is "the man who calls himself Taln" all over again Brandon is enjoying this what if the real taln is in the black spheres Adonalsium is in the black sphere. The spheres are how you seal the bore each black sphere is a dragon ball nonono, the Creator is the Weapon which was used to Shatter Adonalsium and Vax is made of aluminum, which is how the Creator did it it also turns out that aluminum guns are a Scandium-Aluminum-Cuendillar alloy each black sphere contains its very own cosmere. who ever holds the sphere is the "adonalsium" of that cosmere The black sphere contains the real Dalinar and it was Autonomy's avatar that refused to give his pain the black sphere contains the paint or material that anish kapoor uses for his art The black sphere is actually the fourth Silmaril The back sphere contains all failed arranged marriages in the cosmere, so is completely empty Brandon isn't trolling. Peter is just refusing to tell Brandon what's in the black sphere. The black sphere has the Reckoners multiverse in it the black sphere is where all chalklings originate from the Black Sphere is actually an Atiummind at mistpoint The Black Sphere have psionic powers stored in them The black sphere is a feruchemical mind where all of the sons of honor stored their planning ability The black sphere is where Brandon stored all of his writing speed. It's turning black because of how much he's been tapping it. The Black Sphere is actually just a rock Gavilar likes The black spheres are Tiens soul split into horcruxes The Black Spheres contain trelllight Maybe its just a black sphere The Black Spheres are actually just really sneaky inkspren, really good at holding their shape The black sphere is eshonai hiding out while she becomes a very much alive willshaper The black sphere is what really happened to Asmodean The black sphere is Kelsier because he wants us to theorize and through that start a cult The Black Spheres are actually made of the same glass as Warrior's Lenses The sphere is Gaz's eye The Black Spheres are actually chasmfiend poop The black sphere is a really dumb Kandra The Black Sphere is actually just a mass hallucination The black sphere is instant noodles tightly packed The Black Sphere is Vivenna, an Invested Black Hole The Black Sphere is actually just a metaphor for human existence the black sphere is actually just a dark blue sphere seen in bad light The black sphere is the higgs boson particle of the cosmere it turns out everyone in that room just happened to be colourblind and its actually a pink sphere The black sphere is what aluminum was before the shattering yeah, i see a white and gold sphere. You see black and blue??? The black sphere is actually a red sphere, but the room was dark so it looked black. Because red looks black fastest in low lights. The black sphere is a cube but people on Roshar can't see straight lines The black sphere is actually the thrice-locked chest someone stole from Kvothe. The Black Sphere is actually a Black Centahedron The black sphere is Unity The Black Sphere is Discord The black sphere is, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages The Black Sphere is actually an idea generator for possibilities as to what the Black Sphere is The black sphere is really Kelsier's spiked out eye the black sphere is the cosmere version of a pokeball The Black Sphere is actually the secret ingredient for functional aluminum guns The Black Sphere is the source of all the extra energy that shows up when iron feruchemists find a stick The black sphere is Stick now, the Black Sphere is Stick's Shadesmar bead The sphere is a dalek? The sphere is Ba-Ado-Mishram it doesn't contain her that's just what she looks like The black sphere is the something extra in Nightblood The Black Sphere is Aonic pronounciations The black sphere is yo momma.
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    Great roasts so far everyone! Here’s my submission, using the character Allomancer Jak. WARNING! There may be spoilers for the Stormlight Archive, Mistborn: Secret History, and Mistborn Eras 1 and 2. Maybe.
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    Man, some of you really don't understand how literary discussions work. Haven't we taken English or Literature classes before? The premise of this post is to compare the Radiant Ideals to faith. If I made a topic on anything that basically was "Let's draw parallels between X and Y" and people say, "Actually Y is a waste of time and is garbage," that kind of... wasn't the point at all? The topic here is not trying to evaluate religion, but to compare a specific faith to a thing in Brandon's works. The truth of that faith is totally irrelevant. We could just easily write a topic that is comparing the Radiant Ideals to something in another fictional story, and someone saying that the other story is terrible is totally irrelevant. People who respond with that aren't even interfacing with the premise of the topic in any way, shape, or form. So with that out of the way on the literary analysis, we have to talk about rudeness and respect about others belief (knowing of course that that is entirely not the point of this topic). There was a post early on this topic, which should have been reported so we could remove it much earlier, that was extremely mean-spirited towards religion. There are many people in the world who find solace in belief and they feel they are stronger people for that. That's a fact. You cannot argue with the way that people feel. One could say that religion has been used to control, but to say that Christianity was created to control shows a pretty poor understanding of early Christian history. At the end of the day, a lot of people would say religion makes them a stronger person because of their belief. Thus, that statement is kind of a statement that was actively designed by a nonbeliever to say, "yeah, belief is stupid, why would you believe?" To which I say: if you are on the internet to tell people that their opinions and beliefs are stupid, you can leave this site. If I go out on the street and said to someone "your beliefs are dumb and a waste of time," that's the equivalent of me flipping them off and punching them in the face. What the crap would ever give me the right to say something like that to someone randomly? In what situation is that a thing that's okay for me to do? A person who does that is called a disrespectful jerk. I can only assume the inciting post was to trying to just have the individual feel superior over who they feel are their lessers (namely, those who believe), or maybe to get a rise out of others. Either way, this is a major dick move, and is unacceptable in civilized society. If your goal on the internet is to just feel better about yourself by being a jerk to others, why don't you just not go on the internet anymore, or why don't you just never talk out in public again? It's genuinely appalling. To continue my metaphor from before, this is like punching someone in the face and then having the gall to say, "Your skin is too thin to withstand a punch to the face, what a loser." Appalling and unacceptable. So to review: 1. This was a literary comparison topic, and so bringing up your own feelings about religion is completely irrelevant and superfluous to the premise of the topic, 2. Randomly making a post saying how religion is just there to control is probably not a thing you should ever say to any group of humans who have belief (it just is phenomenally rude), 3. If you want to assume that a set of people who have different beliefs than you are terrible, why don't you just... not do that. How about we aren't aggressive to people of different religions, sexes, age, etc. than you? We should probably do that as a society, no? I am sending PMs to the people who escalated matters, and it will be dealt with. If you are an individual reading this topic later, I have removed the offending posts, and their responses, so you might not realize that some serious contention occurred prior to this. It's for the best. Please feel free to discuss this with me whenever, and I would like to move the topic back onto literary discussion. Sorry for the gigantic moderation thing, but hopefully the topic will progress to calm, collected, analysis in a literary sense. Note: your feelings on religion are totally irrelevant to this topic. Thanks. It does not matter. (And, frankly, if some individuals think I'm saying this because I'm super religious, please, I'm an atheist, thank you very much. I'm just on the side of "not wanting to punch people in the face and being a jerk to other humans.") Honorable mention I would like to discuss this sentence: Actually, if you read the First Amendment it says: So as you can clearly see, this is about what Congress and what the government can do. You are actually totally not free to express your opinion in private places or businesses as you please. This isn't really pertinent to the matter at hand here, but this mistake happens a lot on the internet. Private entities can remove your posts or opinions however they please, and the First Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with that. I could, for example, ban everyone on the site who voices liking bananas. That is entirely a thing I can do. I wouldn't, because that's dumb, but I could. Facebook could. Reddit could. Great, so we're all clear on that legal matter, right? Lastly, of course, if you see any disrespectful posts here, Report them! We can't spot everything, and I sure would've liked to just remove the inciting inflammatory post before things escalated. What's the worst that can happen? We don't agree it steps over a line? It costs you nothing. Thanks for reading all.
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    What Cosmere planet has the most ash?
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    Introduction Going back all the way to the WoK I've been theorizing as to why Szeth hears the screams that he does. It never seemed like too big a mystery but it was still interesting. When we finally got a straight answer in Oatbringer I was initially satisfied until I thought about it a little bit more. Here's the explanation Nale gives: It made sense and was along the lines of what I'd been thinking for awhile. The only thing different about Szeth was that he was using the Honorblade, so it just made sense until I realized we saw the exact same thing happen to Dalinar and Eshonai, people who had never wielded one. The Madness of the Heralds So when trying to understand why these characters are all experiencing the same phenomenon I decided to look into all accounts we had of the different Herald's Madness'. I came across this quote from Nale: That last part stood out to me in particular, but I didn't really have an idea of what could have set Ishar apart from the rest until I remembered a particularly relevant part from a Dalinar flashback. When Dalinar turns to drinking to push away the voices he now hears he befriends all of our favorite mad beggar, Jezrien, who seems to be rambling through their conversation incoherently. He has this to say at one point: When I first read this line I thought it was just Jezrien being able to see some effect from Nergaoul on Dalinar through some strange Herald-sense but the line I emphasized gave me pause this time. He implies that he can legitimately relate to what he sees in Dalinar and quite heavy handedly says that Unmade are the cause, then says that he is able to even sense them, implying a Connection. Linking this idea of Heralds and the Unmade I remembered this WoB: I'd always assumed that the Herald's madness was mostly because of the torture they endured, but perhaps that torture wasn't purely physical, as surely Ishar wouldn't have been able to mentally withstand it better than Taln. Now, I don't mean to imply that Ishar isn't mad, he obviously is, but there must be some reason both Nale and Ash believe him to be sane. The below deathrattle from Taln's perspective made me even more certain that the torture they endured involved more then just pain, and that they possibly were each assigned an Unmade, leading the rest of the Heralds to believe that Ishar wasn't going through what the rest of them were: I doubt the other Heralds not being on Braize would've ramped up the physical torture. The Unmade So what could the Unmade have been doing to the Heralds as well as Dalinar and Eshonai? Well this specific WoB about how Odium uses the Unmade on Roshar stood out to me: Looking back, we've seen stuff exactly like how Ruin's influence is described from both Dalinar and Eshonai, two people pivotal to Odium's plans who he would have wanted influence over. Read the below quotes: Notice the lack of emotion, similar to what Nale describes. This is almost exactly what we see in Mistborn. Looking back, I'm surprised i didn't find the lack of similar behavior in Venli in Oathbringer suspicious. Throughout the book she seems much more level headed then Eshonai did despite also holding a form of power and not being any further in the Oaths than Eshonai was for almost the entire time, and guess what? No screaming either. Looking back we even see similar behavior with Szeth. Remember his behavior in WoR, when we know he was almost definitely being closely followed by Odium. These quotes are before his before his first attack on Dalinar: Sounds kinda like the presence Shallan felt in Uritheru when Re-Shephir was there. Now read this quote: Sounds exactly like the effect of an Unmade to me, almost exactly like what we see from someone getting rioted too un-subtly. The compounded effect of this paired with his bond to the Honorblade and subsequent stronger connection to the Unmade (showcased by Jezrien), could explain why Szeth's madness seems so much worse than Dalinar or Eshonai's. Conclusion In conclusion, it seems like the Heralds hold a direct Connection to the Unmade, and that their direct effect could cause the deaths of those you kill to haunt you. It makes sense, as we know that death is associated with powering the various Unmade's effects. I'm open to criticism on a lot of the details of this theory, especially the parts about Ishar, but overall I think Jezrien's quote is a pretty blatant hint towards the foundation of this theory holding some truth. Let me know what you guys think! Edit: Find my follow up to this theory here.
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    I don't know if this has been discussed previously on the boards, but during part 2 of OB when we see the inner dynamic of Bridge 4, one can make a case for Rock not being a potential Windrunner despite being Kaladin's squire. What we see of him more closely alligns with Lightweavers. First, a characteristic of the ancient Lightweavers was providing 'spiritual sustenance' as described by the in-world Words of Radiance. Rock does this constantly, becoming almost by default the Bridge 4 in house therapist. Skar, Renarin, and Rlain specifically are encouraged and fortified during the Bridge 4 sequence, but he has done so almost since he was introduced as a character. He brought Teft into the fold and has even encouraged Kaladin on occasion. Second, Rock is a liar. Lightweavers deal in lies and truths; Brandon seems to go out of his way to emphasize Rock's lies. He constantly dwells on the lies he has told his comrads about his past and is grateful they don't speak his mother tongue. We as readers suspect what Rock is lying about although it has not yet been made explicit. As far as potential truths, he's admitted to himself that he is ashamed at how he lost his will to live running bridges until Kaladin Stormblessed dragged him from the brink. Three and Four are a bit tenuous but serve as background clues, something Brandon would put in so that us readers aren't so blindsided later. Rock refers to his cooking as art; art is typical of the Lightweavers though I'm not sure they were all artists. Even so, art can take many different forms. Shallan's sketchwork is integral to her Lightweaver abilities but we know of other examples. Elkohar, a proto-Lightweaver could draw a good map and was talented at interior design. Wit uses music as a medium for lightweaving, though he is using the Yolish variant. Who's to say cooking cannot be a form of artwork deemed acceptable to draw creation spren. We don't see cryptics gathering, but they and honorspren have quite the antagonistic relationship. Interference is possible. Another thing, we've already seen that one needs not be a Windrunner to be included in Bridge 4. It wouldn't be such a huge step for another example of the concept to manifest. Last, it's difficult to prove a negative, but why hasn't Rock attracted an Honorspren? He was the first of Kaladin's lieutenants and nearly the first to draw Stormlight as a squire. He was integral in the formation of Bridge 4. He's the first to see Syl. But if Sylphrenia is a guide for the type of person an honorspren is likely to bond (by no means a guarantee) then he doesn't quite fit what an honorspren would look for in a bondmate. It seems like they value irreverence in their partners, and Rock is too respectful to be of interest. Cryptics don't seem to be quite as discerning however. One potential problem I see is the squire problem i.e. how can one become a Radiant of one Order if he/she is a squire of another? The counter to this is Vathah. He's Shallan's squire but he doesn't seem to be particularly artistic or lacking in self-awareness. If he were to actually become a Knight I would bet he wouldn't be a Lightweaver. There may be other possible issues with my interpretation. Feel free to pick at the theory at will.
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    Alright. I know this is unpopular, and everyone wants to believe that Taln is amazing. I'm not trying to say that he's not... But I don't think he's the reason for the millenia long break between desolations. I think this is what Odium wanted and that he acted to make it occur. First we have this, from the Sleepless, on the back cover of tWoK. Then this from Tanavast. The length of time wasn't Taln holding out against unspeakable odds. It's what Odium wanted. Then we have Taln himself in WoR. He's so broken he sees the world as off its burning and he wonders why people aren't screaming. I am convinced that he broke long ago and that Odium has actively held him back. In order to allow the Fused freedom Odium had to let him free, because the Oathpact is still in effect. The natural point to do this would have seemingly been just after the Recreance, but with the singers crippled the Fused would have no longer had bodies to take. Being incapable of forms she also mean incapable of housing a Fused. So Odium needed the Everstorm to heal the Parsh in order for the Fused to take bodies. He needed the proper climate to push the listeners to take stormform, and he couldn't release the voidspren to facilitate that until events favored them actually being willing to take stormform and release the Everstorm. Releasing the voidspren at a time earlier would have played his hand and driven the Spren to again seek Radiants just as they're doing now. It would have destroyed any advantage the Recreance gave him. Why would he think he was late if the goal were to stay away forever?
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    Introduction The biggest question left in the wake of Oathbringer by far is the mysterious nature of the Dawnshards. Brandon's been teasing and RAFOing us about them for years and years, making the tantalizing bit we finally did get in Oathbringer personally one of my favorite hints throughout the book. After enough staring at WoBs and Oathbringer cross-eyed, I think I've come up with a sensible reasoning as to what they are. As I always say in these intros, if you see any discrepancies or stuff that doesn't make sense, make sure to drop a comment. Enjoy! Greater Rosharan Pre-History When trying to guess at the nature of the Dawnshards, I started by gathering information that we had regarding the magic that existed before men came to Roshar. We have this important tid bit in the Eila Stele: And this from the Listener's song of secrets: To me, this sounded similar to Surgebinding when first read, but we know that the Eila Stele was almost certainly written before the cycle of desolations began. After reading around a bit more, I saw this passage: If Surgebinding was not yet a magic system, then what could have been the powers of these people who, as the author of the Eila Steele puts it, "brought the void"? I'd always taken the 'void' portion of Voidbinding's name to mean that it is related to or of Odium, but it also makes sense that the Singers named the powers wielded by their enemy after said enemy, regardless of the realmatic nature of the magic system. And I do mean to be pointed in my belief that Voidbinding wasn't originally of Odium, although it may have been coopted before the cataclysm that destroyed Ashyn. Taking a look at the voidbinding chart, you'll see that the number ten is just as relevant there as it is on the double eye of the almighty, not the number nine. This is further supported by the below WoB: So, to sum up this section, Voidbinding seems like the best candidate for the power originally wielded by the humans that destroyed Ashyn. So what do we know about Voidbinding? Voidbinding Being the magic system we've seen the least in the series, there isn't much we can say about how Voidbinding and how it works with any certainty. We do have one framework to go off of though, so lets read the below WoB: We've only seen pieces of Renarin's power, but the fact that they are completely diffrent from the Surgebindings is a very interesting tid bit. I just want to note that the power we see Renarin possess, future sight, has only ever made one other appearance on Roshar, and that is in the form of the Moelach's deathrattles. Seeing as how Renarin's spren was created by Sja-Anat, this immediately raised questions in my mind about the nature of the Unmade. Lets see what she herself has to say about her own nature: Every Cognitive entity we have seen up until this point has been derived from the power of one of the Shards, so the statement that she is only of herself is much more important than just the denial that she is of Odium. This implies that she isn't of Honor or Cultivation either, that she pre-dates the dawn of the Shards and the modern history of the Cosmere, that she is of Adonalsium himself. We know that Adonalsium had a careful hand in the creation of Roshar, from the statement from Frost in the Letters, the ten outer gas giants, to the continent of Roshar itself being based on a Julia set, so it makes sense that he would have made the original spren as well. Dawnshards I think you all see where I've been going, I believe that the Unmade were powerful spren that existed in the Rosharan system before any influence from the Shards and that these are what were referred to as Dawnshards. You might ask "but why would there only be nine instead of ten, then?" or "How could they have destroyed Ashyn?" Just read the below WoBs, i'll get to it: What is a singular mysterious spren thats relation to Honor and Cultivation is dubious and is also capable of world-bending powers that Brandon has been just as tight lipped about as the Dawnshards? Ding ding ding, you guessed it, the illusive third Bondsmith spren. Brandon has even hinted... or rather flat out told us that we should think of the power of a Bondsmith as very dangerous, read the below WoB: This matches what the text says about Dawnshards. Perhaps the Dawnshards were Voidbinding's equivalent to Bondsmith-spren on Ashyn before this immense power destroyed it. I think we've even seen hints of this shift from Dawnshard to Unmade in the text. Read this portion of the Eila Stele with this theory in mind: Outro It's 1:45am and I've been writing this theory for hours, so I think I'm gonna leave it here. I've had this one bouncing around in my head for a long time and I'm sure other people have guessed similar things with other theories, but I think the foundation of WoB and direct quotes is pretty solid on this one. Let me know what you guys think if you were able to slog through this, thanks for reading!
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    Well done, everyone who has made a roast. They've all been fantastic so far! Here's my submission. WARNING: Beware of Stormlight Archive and Mistborn spoilers!
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    It is probably boring to guard a door, especially if you are alone. They are there to keep eachother company.
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    My opponents' all set the bar high, but here's my rap. I may have gotten a bit carried away.... nah! Spoilered for length, but no major spoilers.
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    From the album General SA Art

    Law is light, and darkness does not serve it. Finally finished this! My favorite order other than the Lightweavers =) Highspren are just so cool! More KR lineup pieces to come!
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    I'm done! That wasn't as torturous as I expected!
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    From the album General SA Art

    Young Dalinar & Evi for you all. My favorite Stormlight couple (former) so far! So beautiful yet so tragic.
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    ok here comes Syl! spoilered for lenght and because OB spoilers =)
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    I really hope this works:
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    Whaaaat?! I'm actually ready on time?? I was actually kind of hoping I'd be ready first so I could steal some of your potential "ick" rhymes @Herowannabe. Here's Lift!
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    What's up y'all, Lightsong is my name, and verbally sparring is my claim to fame. I'd say that I'm cool, but to be more specific, when it comes down to it I'm rather deific. Oh, Taln, Taln, if that's really your name? Because if it is, that would be quite a shame. The Herald Taln was heroic and grand. You? You can't get around without Shalash holding your hand. You're a piece of a god? So am I, what's the difference? I look the part, you show no resemblance. Oh, it's Axies the collecter (better chart another vector) your island is gone, people see you as a spectre. So you've come to collect? Well so have I, and I could beat ya even if I didn't try. You looking for Alespren? Well who would've thunk! You won't find 'em here cause I can't get drunk! Hello Arclo, now you're more than odd, probably cause cremlings make up your bod. You're looked upon as eldritch, some sort of abomination. Meanwhile, fans heap me with praise and adoration! That's all for me, so don't waste your Breath. Give them to me, and I'll spare you from verbal death! *mike drop* Edit: I apologize for the poor formatting, I wrote this on my phone, and its pretty difficult to get formatting right on it. Also, sidenote, roasting Taln was way easier than I was expecting.
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    Haha well-played. Man, great raps everyone! Lovin' it! Thanks for being patient!
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    The title explains itself. These are all so far rough drafts of songs you are hearing, recorded directly by my phone from my electric piano, so their quality isn't the greatest and I have a few errors here and there. Hopefully, you will all enjoy it otherwise. (And hopefully, I can successfully upload them.) The song recorded on video, called the "Mistborn Suite", is meant to be a collection of themes for the first Mistborn trilogy overall. Next is a song I made, titled "First Waltz", is based on Vin and Elend dancing together for the first and only time of their lives in Hero of Ages. After that is a song made by request to take place during the scene in Final Empire when Kelsier fights Bendal the Inquisitor in the Square, tentatively titled "Fight Scene". And then a song to take place during what happens directly after it, with "The Lord Ruler's Arrival". Directly followed by a "Lament for Kelsier". There is a lot more where these came from, but I haven't recorded or saved them yet. But more is to come! I hope you enjoy! mistborn suite.MOV Vin and Elend Second Draft.m4a Kelsier vs Inquisitor.m4a The Lord Ruler's Arrival.m4a Lament For Kelsier.m4a
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    Here goes! WARNING: Beware of Stormlight Archive (especially Edgedancer) spoilers!
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    They named it SLCC, but they lied. Fan-X lied. Oh, how they lied. The WoBstorm comes. I hear its RAFO's, see its lorewall, know its heart.
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    Spoilers for SA, ES, and maybe others.
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    Actually, i think it's precisely this inadequacy that will lead Maya to reach out to him, to tell him that she accepts him regardless of how he feels about himself, much like how Syl admired Kaladin even in the midst of his depression and saw him as a hero. Granted Maya didn't choose Adolin like how a spren normally chooses a human; she was stuck with him because he won her in a duel and then bonded her. But judging by how protective of him she had grown by the later parts of Oathbringer, physically taking hits for him and warning him and forcibly reviving herself before the requisite ten heartbeats just to save him, she has definitely grown attached to him and feels some sort of admiration for him, even though he feels crap about himself. And now that Adolin has probably taken on the title of highprince, there are ample more reasons for him to feel even more crap about himself as he learns to deal with all the politics and headaches of the Alethi court while trying to run a princedom with a fallen capital city. And then there's Shallan and her personalities to deal with. And the revelation that his father, whom he worshipped, was actually the one who had killed his mother and destroyed his world... In the midst of all this stress, i can imagine Maya starting to reach out to him more overtly, slowly reviving as she sees all these cracks form in his soul and tries to fill them. i can see Adolin escaping to the training grounds occasionally to work off all the craziness going on around him - here, in the grounds that he loves, it's just him and Maya, flowing together in the joy and passion of the art of the sword. Here, in his mind, Maya encourages him and affirms his worth and place in the world, even as he sees himself as nothing. Here, Maya slowly grows whole. And then, in yet another battle that Adolin simply can't win, as he drowns in despair and self-loathing and comes to the verge of death yet again, Maya offers him a chance to live a better life and to be a better man, to be worthy. To do that, he needs to say these Words... Well, that's how i dream it anyway.
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    From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Quick painting of Jasnah Watercolor
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    Not a meme, but a joke. A spy, a Radiant, and a sketch artist walk into a bar. The barkeep says, "nice to see you, Brightness Davar. What'll it be?"
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    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
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    From the album Spren

    Illustration of Wyndle cultivating the souls of objects into Grand crystals.
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    Great rap, Archer! You've set the bar high. Now, onto my own roast.
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    @Edgedancer Jak Going first or last It doesn't really matter I'm still gonna blast You and serve you on a platter.
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    Great roast @Inklingspren! I'm glad that you're not going to Shai away from the challenge @Edgedancer Jak, I think the stakes have been Mraized quite a bit, so you better be up for some heavy Lift-ing. Hope it not's too Odious finishing your roast on short notice. Can't wait to read your roast, glad you can get it in!
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    @Sorana Awesome roast! Here's Mraize, comin' out swiggin' (spoilered for Oathbringer and Emperor's Soul spoilers)
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    Post number two for tournament two! I apologize in advance for my terrible sense of rhythm XD
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    CAR SALESMAN: Let me tell you, this is one quality... *slaps Adonalsium* *Adonalsium shatters* CS: Ummm.... We're having a sixteen for the price of one sale.
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    You bring up an interesting point. I can't remember any Cosmere scene involving people singing songs in a cultural context. Only instrumental music, as for ballroom dancing, much less Mistborn specific. There are times in other Cosmere works when a certain "worldhopping" character does some expository saga-type singing, but it's either stuff of his own creation or stuff new to everyone listening. No examples of some people striking up and others joining in on a rousing barroom chorus of "The Lurcher And the Coinshot", a fiddle-rippin' stomp of "Ruin Went Down To Urteau", or a beggar/busker mournfully wailing "The Luthadel Skaa Blues" for clips.
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    Eh, I think any kind of plot counts. There have been movies and stuff other than books. Spirit of the law vs the letter of the law, and all that. It's about explaining a plot as inaccurately and misleadingly as possible while still being technically accurate (which usually requires a good understanding of the plot in the first place, so I stand by my earlier bad explanation of this thread's plot ). I feel like I have to do a bad plot summary every time I post in this thread, so... Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History:
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    Hoid likes instant noodles and has his eyes on Scadrial. Other people want noodles too apparently??? This just in, everyone: Adonalsium's secretly just the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the only way to bring him back is to make every Shardworld have instant noodles, so the entire reason another Shard is messing around with Scadrial is because they want to do their part in resurrecting God via noodles. The Sho Del are just walking piles of noodles. Edit: Normally common sense would tell me to not post this but it's like 2 in the morning and all my brain cells are dead.
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    Day 0: There's always another one All the Investicon attendees returned to the convention hall with a spring in their step (well, except for the ones that didn't). They were pleased with themselves for having captured the Assassin and his Accomplice, and were looking to celebrate by feasting on punch and cookies. As they walked they chatted and congratulated each other on their success, though a few of them wondered what had happened to the Chief Oracle. Old Eban hadn't been seen in hours. They thought that he would have wanted to be present for the arrest and the celebrations. When they reached the entrance to the convention hall they noticed a note written in beautiful calligraphy pinned to the door. It read: Round #2 has begun! The spreadsheet has been prepped and I've made a few tweaks to hopefully balance the game a little bit. I removed the Location tile with all the shardworlds on it, and added a new tiles and mixed things a round a little until I was satisfied with the locations. You can see them in the "Scene Tiles" tab in the spreadsheet. Also, each player is being assigned 5 Methods and 5 Evidences. Hopefully with these changes it will make it a bit trickier to solve the crime. Player List: Link to the spreadsheet Link to the Rules Working on sending out PMs to everyone. If you don't receive one within an hour after this post is made, shoot me a PM and let me know. The Assassin has 1 day (actually a little less, so I can get us on a rollover schedule that I can handle) to pick their Method of Murder and Key Evidence and PM them to me, and then Day 1 can begin. Good luck everyone!
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    It's... kinda blur. And probably invisible without really light screen. Haven't seen many Inkspren fanart, tried to portray how I imagined them. Well... tried. I'm gonna try again in the future.
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    Nice rap, Mistspren. Sometimes I found it a little hard to follow, but overall, great! Also, I second Mistspren's disclaimer. Now, onto my own rap (please excuse the cringe use of 'fam'. ):
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    Here comes Axies!: This contest really has been great so far I´ve seen toastspren, roastspren and some stormin boastspren But now I´m here to attract some of my own Yes, studying is the reason I´ve come to this town I´m Axies the Collector and I´m here to collect The spren, the crown, and the names of those I beat next Speaking of beating, let´s begin with Taln Known for picking a fight And for having the most confusing identity in Stormlight Are you a Herald, a fraud or a Cognitive Shadow? No one cares, because you arrived a bit too late, bro The Desolation is here, and you are busy rambling If you had been clearer in the head we could have avoided a lot of scrambling But now you are here, and some think that´s worth toasting Me? I´m just happy you are here to hear my roasting! Then there´s Lightsong, Returned from the dead The guy who made his own priest shake his head Thought being divine was hard Despite the fact that you were resurrected by a Shard All you did was drink and yawn I found a disappointmentspren on your lawn I´m suffering from the Curse of Kind The only thing that haunts you is the inability to make your memory rewind And finally, hello Arclo! I always like seeing what your hordelings can do Both of us are aimians But only I have an actual aim Philosophy isn´t really that fun of a game Maybe it gets better if you happen to be a hive-mind? But I doubt it, considering that your body is built of cremlings of some kind.
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    As promised, my essay. (I’ll break this up to avoid throwing a single, monstrous wall of text at you guys. Instead, you get small walls! ) Part One: Roles Overall Look: The main focus of the roles was, of course, to exemplify Feruchemy by giving a drawback to its user when filling, but then allowing them to tap for powerful effects. Unsurprisingly, the ones with more powerful effects also took considerably more effort to fill. I think the fill/tap mechanic worked out well overall, providing a sense of balance to the abilities, but I need to elaborate on some of the individual roles before I can go too much further in depth. So without further ado: Skimmers/Iron: I was very pleased with how this role turned out. As the only one with a positive fill condition, and with three in a game of nineteen players, it provided a good boost to the village in more subtle ways, countering some of the fill conditions on the metalminds, and giving vote manipulation of its own when necessary. I was slightly disappointed that this role saw little use—I’ll admit its main use lay in protecting others from their fill conditions, and that the single-tap was only really useful for FFs, but with the sheer amount of vote manip on the table I expected it to see more use. I’ll talk about that a bit more when I get to the vote manipulating roles, though. My only concern, which wasn’t really an issue so much as a good combination of mechanics that somewhat trivialised the fill/tap system, with Iron was that it would be a very potent weapon if a Skimmer got in private contact with a Tin/Zinc/Copper Ferring, and I was sort of hoping that would happen, but it didn’t. Which brings me to Steelrunners/Steel: I have to admit, I really liked this ability. I’m very glad I took it down from unlimited PMs to 25, though, as at the beginning of the game Devotary and I thought we’d be making 52 PMs on Day 4, and I can’t imagine making 2*infinity of them. Both Ferrings started with 2 charges from RNG, and were working their way up to the full 5, but they were eliminated before they were able to unleash the full force of their PMs upon the game. I definitely think that would have been interesting to see, so the verdict remains mostly out on how this role affected the game. Windwhisperers/Tin: I initially had the Windwhisperer in the game on the village side, before making an 11th hour decision to give it to the Elims. My reasoning was that the Brass Ferring on the village side was worse than useless with no Elim Tin Ferring, and that Tin combined with copper could lead to too much hard-clearing of villagers that were confirmed to possess roles not on the Elim team. This issue was more of a problem with copper than tin, but I think having the Windwhisperer being Spiked made for a more interesting game, even if their only scan was obfuscated by Brass. Also a throwback to the elim scanner in the AG. Brutes/Pewter: This role was pioneered by @Hemalurgic Headshot when I presented this game idea to him, and I must say I very much like the basic design of it, which I tweaked very slightly. The heavy drawbacks of filling were compensated by the large advantage that the extra lives gave, especially during Night phases when attacks were flying everywhere, and death hung over everyone’s heads. Not being able to double fill was something I added by design; the extra lives were powerful enough that potentially gaining two a Night was too powerful. As for the full-tap, which Randuir castigised as a trap, I will admit that it was not terribly useful this game, though I’d argue that’s my fault—I designed the game around 25 players initially, not 20, and with more people and more time the full extra life would likely have been worth it. That’s a separate design issue, though. Firesouls/Brass: I very much enjoyed the mechanics of this role as essentially “bad smoking.” Smokers under AG rules offer the abilities of both Iron and Brass in this game, with Brass being arguably the less useful of the two to the village (why would you obfuscate rolescans?). The truth is, I originally had this as mostly a Spiked role, but realised that the idea of a role such as brass being “only good” in the hands of one particular group irked me. So I gave the village another brass to guard against the Elim Windwhisperer, and saw what they would do with it, and if they would use it at all. Stick and Steel both used it the same night, having each started with a single charge, and never used it again, or filled their metalminds. And that was my fault. I vastly overestimated how much votes would jump around this game, and Brass users, had they tried to fill, would have stuck out like sore thumbs. I think that if I ran this again, I would make the fill condition for brass specify that you only had to change your vote once. As written, filling was too difficult (and my apologies to Stick and Steel for giving them hard roles to work with). Sparkers/Zinc: I also miscalculated this somewhat, again lost in my assumptions about higher player size. A three vote swing is huge, and I failed to recognise that when I made the roles and distributed 3(!) Sparkers throughout the game, most with a high starting number of charges. Thankfully, the Sparkers were very conservative with their vote manip, but it could have ended up being an issue, especially with the infrequency of Iron usage, and the fact that both the Synod and the Spiked were sitting on 3+ charges of zinc for most of the game. That said, I don’t think the design of the role was terrible, and other than fixing the full-tap ability I liked the role overall. Sentries/Bronze: Another of HH’s inventions. This was another of the roles that went fairly smoothly, with the village getting two of these to counterbalance the synchronisation the Elims were capable of in their actions. The lottery system prevented things from getting out of hand, and the bronze users didn’t manage anything spectacular. A Spiked Sentry was a concept I toyed with, but ultimately rejected because the organisation of the Elim team would have made such a role somewhat overpowered unless you reached higher player counts (I think my planned role distribution had a Spiked Sentry added between 25 and 30 people signed up). Archivists/Copper: The main break. I didn’t anticipate the central role this role would play in the early game, and I also badly judged the role itself. Knowing the roles of the whole Elim team ended up being more pivotal information than I had initially considered, and given that such information could have cleared most of the village, I suppose I should have known better here. I also made the mistake of allowing the Archivist and both FFs to start at two copper, which was from RNG but ended up being slightly unbalanced, and meant that two people in the village were one double-fill away from getting Elim role distrubutions on Day Three, which would have broken a lot of stuff. However, despite the full-tap being broken, I like the theme of the role, and I think the two-charge ability was neat, and held potential for both villagers and Elims, if it hadn’t been a mad dash to five charges in the early-game. Full Feruchemists: One Synod, one Spiked. Not much to say here other than that it was interesting to watch the different ways Rand and Alv approached the role, and how they used their charges. I don’t think this ended up being an issue, which was mostly thanks to my dilution of the role from its original form, which was almost certainly OP. Conclusion: I think roles worked out fairly well, with minor edits needed for brass and zinc and major edits for copper. I’d run these same roles again in a heartbeat, and that’s mostly thanks to the aforementioned HH, as well as El and Joe, for helping me balance these out. Part Two: Groups/Docs The Synod: I shamelessly stole this concept from Len’s Gondor QF, and tweaked it to have more flavour and more people. One Spiked out of six meant that shooting up the Synod looking for Spiked wasn’t a viable strategy for the village, but also meant that the Elims had eyes and ears amongst an initially village group. After Araris’ death, the Synod actually became more divided, but they eventually coordinated enough to send in their kill. I’m overall very pleased with how this played out, and if you’re going to look at only one doc for this game, it should be the Synod one. The Spiked: RNG provided a mixed bag, with one new elim, one new-ish elim, and two experienced veterans of elim-hood. I think the Spiked team overall played their cards very well, but unfortunately opportune snipers that penetrated their safety net at the worst times spelled doom for them. As for their role distribution, I gave them aggressive roles, such as Zinc and Tin, to open up the option of a hard-and-fast approach. They seemed to take such an approach, being vocal members in most of the lynches, and I’m also pleased with how their team turned out. A Spiked Full Feruchemist was added to counter the fact that the game was role-madness, which favoured the village heavily enough to merit inclusion of a very powerful Spiked. Part Three: Generic Actions I learned one thing from this game: SE players are bloodthirsty. If I bothered to tally the number of kill actions compared to everything else, the percentage would probably fall just short of 50%. That’s insane, since I only gave one kill. One! And three protects! Most of which failed (except the one placed on the Pewter Ferring tapping his metalmind, of course). Roleblocks were not utilised until Night 3, a whopping 2 PMs were attempted, one of which was between two Spiked to enable actions for their Windwhisperer, and one of which failed because the person PMed died that night. And double fill orders were fairly sparse, given the powerful advantages offered. Granted, Night actions themselves were limited by player activity, but everyone seemed to just want to kill kill kill. In regards to the individual actions, I really only want to speak about the generic kill; the other actions were fairly balanced, and didn’t mess anything up much (I might remove the restriction on protection that you can’t self-guard, as that restriction probably made villagers far less likely to use it, but aside from that the actions themselves were fine). The kill action RNG was probably under consistent influence of Alv’s gods. As Devotary said in our GM doc, the least likely outcome on paper always occurred. Out of 2 kills on Phatt and 3 on Sart, a single kill submitted by a Spiked against CadCom was the one favoured by RNG, and Alv’s kill on Araris took precedence over four kills elsewhere on villagers. A confluence of roleblock and kill actions meant that Rand nearly had his fate sealed by his own teammate (he didn’t, but died anyway), and the night kill in general seemed to fall between protected targets onto unguarded villagers or Spiked. Finally, mutual kills were common: Araris and Alv killed each other, as did Sart and Rand. However, despite the strange nature of the RNG, I think the kill system went fine, and even if it did make the game a bit swingier than is perhaps usual around here, I think it was an interesting adaptation, and I wouldn’t mind using it again. Part Four: Other Vote Manipulation This game was intended to create mass chaos with all the votes! As the first ability ever granted to me in an SE game, vote manip has intrigued me, and I made this game seeing how many forms of it I could stuff in and still have a balanced game, and also gauge the chaos that would create. I think the effect waned as the game continued, simply because the player numbers dropped, but in the initial cycles it was interesting watching the uncertainty people exhibited regarding the vote count. I anticipated massive bandwagons early on, but hoped that those would phase out as the game continued (which they did). Iron was supposed to mitigate some of the effects of rampant vote manip, but it obviously couldn’t, and didn’t, patch everything. Overall, the high levels of vote manipulation ended up adding to the fun and chaos in the game, and I believe it ended up turning out well. Writeups These were a ton of fun to build and create, and I’m glad people enjoyed them. Devotary ended up doing most of the deathmurdery scenes, which she did an excellent job of, and I mainly focused on building up Marne and Olaf, and would do writeups for Spiked or generic kills during the nights. I was satisfied with the arc I managed to build, even if my ability to construct it was hampered by the fact that I didn’t have a clear idea of when the game would end, and the points in the arc often felt rushed or extended as I tried to account for how soon I thought things would wrap up. The story playing a greater role in the final cycles was preplanned. Marne was going to be deposed the instant the Synod sent in the kill, and I was going to have Olaf replace him. Then I decided an election would make for fun writeup fodder. I expected an Olaf landslide, and didn’t count on Devotary’s relentless campaign against me. Regardless, thanks to Xino’s coin, Olaf got the Synod anyway, and the Synod then got to burn things down (which was Devotary’s idea, not mine). Had Leidene been elected, the Synod could have chosen the method by which generic kill victims were killed, and if Phatt had pulled out a third-party victory, the Synod would have gained free-speech rights, and been able to type in whatever font they wanted. (I can’t imagine how wretched that would have been—the doc is painful enough in Pacifico. ) Now comes the part where I get to acknowledge Devotary’s central role in running this game. As many of you know, I got very unexpectedly busy around when the game started, and was really only able to devote rollover time, and an hour or so in the morning, to checking in and logging actions. In this sense, Devotary was the one to hold everything together, always logging everyone’s orders promptly and sending out PMs at the end of the cycle. Chances are that if you spent any significant amount of time in your GM PM, you interacted mostly with her, and for me as the main GM, not having to worry about that was an enormous weight off my back. All of that, and her help with writeups, was instrumental in the smooth execution of this game. I’ll admit that I was sceptical when she suggested we try to write up the death scenes jointly, but it ended up working out very well, and all of the writeups for the game were “split” between my writing and Devotary’s. The styles are different enough that you can probably infer who did what, but if you’re curious, please ask. In general, it’s safe to assume that I did anything featuring Olaf, most of the stuff featuring Marne, and a few of the Night kills, and that Devotary did actual lynch deaths during the day, and killings during the Night, and anything that didn’t neatly fit into the above categories. This division of labour was very helpful, and I would definitely recommend it to any GM pairs that want to try it in the future. To conclude: Devotary was awesome this game, and she deserves your upvotes, and your consideration as a future co-GM, should you be looking for one in a future game you run. Activity Seemed generally fine, if not the highest. I think the lower player numbers, and the fact that school was starting up for many, dampened the overall activity, but nobody went completely inactive, and we had several prolific contributors, which was excellent. Activity likely also dropped because many of the active talkers were once again killed fairly early in the game, which there’s little I can do as a GM to fix. Final Thoughts -I wrote too much for this. -I’m very glad that all of you enjoyed this game, and I’m even happier that it ended up fairly balanced, despite a few concerns that need patching. -Overall, I perhaps erred in designing the game based too much on how I would play, and not how others actually played. The issues as a result of this are minor, but worth noting. -Thanks to Seonid as our IM, and to each of you who played. Especially our new players, @Ark1002 and @Worldhopper From Yolen. Please stick around for future games; we always love new people to kill new players in our games!
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    *completely missed that* Is it because Hera is allergic to them? When you start reading a new chapter of WOR to your mother, and it goes something like this: (paraphrased) Me: "The meeting finally ended. He thought it never would! Stormfather." Mom: "WHAT?" Me: "What?" Mom: "Oh, wait, I thought you said mating, not meeting. Carry on." Me: "Mating?" *starts laughing* "No mating!" *laughs harder* "It's like a Pattern POV!" *hysterically dies* Mom: "Are...you okay? It's not that funny." Me: "I gotta go write this down." *does so*
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    OB spoilers Radiant in Shardplate sketch Also, a sketchbook spread for OB interlude character Kaza
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    It is my pleasure to present the first rap of the second tournament. Beware the OB spoilers
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