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    that was me! I actually cosplayed as Brandon with a part in my hair, comic shirt, dress coat, and jeans, but it was subtle haha I dont think even he caught it. I have audio of the first half of his seminar, but had technical difficulties in the second half I also have audio of my personal questions for him, but the supanova staff said no recording of the main q&a so I hastily jotted down notes of anything new or interesting to me that I'll put up soon. Edit 1: Here is the transcript of me asking Brandon questions: Edit 2: Here are my hastily scribbled notes from the signing. I think I got everything that could be considered 'new'. I didn't write a lot of things about writing process, world building, new author advice, and release dates (Oathbringer coming November 14th in Aus and USA, November 16th in Britain) Edit 3: My 20 minute video file of the seminar turned out to be a little over 2 GB, so it isn't letting me upload it to Youtube, Facebook, or the shard, or email, or anything else... but honestly it isn't anything that you can't hear by listening to his posted lectures. There weren't any new WoBs of note from it and people were specifically directed to avoid spoilery things in their questions.
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    Good Evening Everyone! I have seen quite a bit of chatter on the forum recently about the Unmade, Dawnsingers and Dawnshards, with various people speculating and theorising their nature, origin etc. This has inspired me to finally publicise a pet theory of mine that I have been sitting on for while. This is my first time posting a theory and only my 20th or so post on the Shard so please bear with me if there are any formatting errors or its difficult to follow. There may be some slight cosmere spoilers, but I think it is fine to be posted here. If not then can I am sure a Mod will move it. Well here goes! Summary The mysterious Unmade were originally the group known as the Dawnsingers, before being corrupted by Odium. There is actually or lot more involved but that is the basis of it. Evidence Okay, so here is where it gets a bit complicated. Hopefully this will make sense and not just be a hot mess. I have spoilered quotes from the books and WoB for length. Firstly I would like to propose a rough sequence of events in Rosharan History as follows. Adonalsium creates Roshar. Honour and Cultivation arrive on Roshar. Odium arrives in the Greater Roshar System. The Desolations begin. The final Desolation, Aharietiam occurs, 9 Heralds abandon mankind. Present day Roshar. As far as I am aware the above is correct to the best of our knowledge, and most is explicitly stated in the books. But here is where it starts to get interesting. Humans do not seem to be native to Roshar, this is supported by in-world myths such as the Iriali Long Trail and the Vorin Tranquiline Halls. It is also supported by their physiology, Humans do not look native to Roshar, they have no carapace. This is extremely odd as basically every other form of animal life we see has carapace of some kind. Shinovar and animals living their are the main exceptions. It seems likely that the first humans to arrive on Roshar post-shattering either arrived with the Shards or were created by them soon after their arrival. Listeners / Parshendi almost certainly are native to Roshar. they seem to predate the Shards arrival on Roshar at the very least, backed up by the below WoB. Now then, another race or group said to predate humans on Roshar are the Dawnsingers. We don't have very much information on them, the main time they are spoken of being the below exchange between Kabal and Shallan in WoK, emphasis mine. Now then, this is far from conclusive, but the in-world opinion seems to be that the Dawnsingers are "kindly spren" who look after the poor humans after their arrival on Roshar. In WoR Dalinar muses that the Dawnsingers supposedly helped to found the Dawncities, consistent with the idea of kindly spren helping out the new arrivals. I propose that the Dawsingers were indeed a group of Adonalsium-spren, more powerful than your average spren, though probably less than stormfather level. Along with other powerful Adonalsium-spren such as the Rider of Storms/ Stormfather, these constituted the Listener Gods. So I believe Humans, Listeners and Spren lived together on Roshar with no major problems until Odium arrived. Upon his arrival he realised he was bound to the system and began the cycle of desolations. To do this he needed servants to fight for him. Most of these I believe are just regular odium-spren. However the very name of the Unmade seems to assume they were once something else. As Honour and Cultivation were both alive at this point, I doubt Odium was able to influence any creation of theres to such a degree, but something of Adonalsium would be differnent. Since Odium was part of the Adonalsium it stands to reason he can more easily affect an Adonalsium-spren than a spren that is 100% honour and/or cultivation. We already assume that changing spren in this way is possible as something similar happened to the Stormfather and possibly the Nightwatcher. I think that in his search for minions, Odium corrupted the largest group of powerful beings that were vulnerable to his influence, the Dawnsingers. I think this is foreshadowed in the Kabsal/Shallan conversation. The in-world definition of Voidbringer is quite generic and poorly defined. Having said that, a Voidbringer almost certainly has to relate to Odium. To switch the earlier comparison by Shallan and Kabsal, some kind of "Voidbringer" would be the opposite of a Dawnsinger. Now we also don't really have much information on the nature of the Unmade. However we have the below quote from Taravangian in WoR regarding Nergaoul, one of the Unmade Now to me, "Unmade" implies that they are VERY different to whatever they were before. If this is the case then what would be the opposite of "an ancient, evil spren"? Wouldn't it be an ancient (adonalsium) spren described as "healers, kindly spren"? I think yes, it would. Once many spren began bonding with Humans and granted surges, the Listeners felt betrayed. It is speculated that because of this they changed to new gods, the Unmade. This makes even more sense if you consider that if I am correct, the Unmade used to be a part of the very spren the Listeners once worshipped. The music link is also there. The listeners are sensitive to their rhythms, using them to convey mood and subtext to their conversations. It makes sense they would be drawn to beings that, as well as offering them power to fight the humans with, were also somehow related to music. I feel like as this post has dragged on it has become less coherent and more rambling and I am sure I've missed some point and some evidence out so I may edit it later but for now that's it. I am unaware of any WoBs or previous threads that might disprove this, but please, rip it apart
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    Here we go folks: I've made that topic six minutes after Brandon posted the update at reddit. Some say it's coincidence, some say it's fate, some try to spike me for Feruchemical chromium, I say I'm a bit fanatical at checking Brandon's reddit account.
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    Hi All! I'm new to the forum, but a long time Brandon Sanderson fan. I love the Mistborn trilogy, and thought it would be fun to create a Lego Ideas project based on it! For those that don't know, Lego Ideas is a platform where users can submit their creations, and if they get enough supporters it could become a real Lego set! Check out the details and such on the official site. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f33f22fb-ca30-43b5-a46a-6f17bede06ed
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    Me and my brother were lucky enough to meet Brendan on Sunday and i didn't really prepare enough to ask a lot of questions and the line was busy at the time so I just asked 1. Q: if i was holding Szeth's oathstone would he understand my commands? A. good question, i don't believe anyone has asked it before. No, an oathstone doesn't have any magical properties whatsoever. Wish i knew you could ask him a few more and if i knew how friendly the guy was i would of re-read the books and racked up heaps. I have only read the first few chapters of WOK recently and the nature of the oathstone interested me. Hope this helps .
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    @Pinnacle-Ferring AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!! Basically we've known for a while that we wanted to do this. We went a couple days ago and picked out a ring (with a sapphire because Ravenclaw colours. Its really pretty!). So we met up in the morning and bought the ring. Then we went to see Wonder Woman (it was amazing too). So we were having a discussion about proposing over post-movie lunch but I wanted to wear the ring already and we decided ok, lunch. So while we're walking to the cinema I get an important phone call. I put the phone down and realised he looked really nervous, so I was like, ok, he's decided to propose now. So he says "Wasing the you in the giving of the me all of the happies and fuzzies. Ising the wanting of spending the life of the me with the you. Willing of the you of the marrying of the me?" and pulled out a white handkerchief. (Took me a minute to get the Spook reference. I have failed you all :P) And then I said to him "Will you be my Right Hand Man?" And he gave me the ring. And we walked off grinning to go see Wonder Woman because #nerdlove.
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    When you start confusing realmatics for 'real-world' science. For example, Girlfriend - how does gravity work? Me - so your physical body has a spiritual connection to the planet and as y...no wait, sorry, it's the curvature of space-time. Girlfriend - what is nuclear power? Me - so uranium is made up of a combination of opposing Ruin and Preservation particles tha...ergh sorry baby, something about unstable outer shells of electrons. I'll find a Wob. Girlfriend - i got a new metal earring Me - *rips out earring. Happy birthday to the ground! Girlfriend - why are you color blind? Me - why, i'm a drab baby. Girlfriend - why do you buy the champagne with the gold flakes? Me - to see how i would've turned out if things had been different Girlfriend - i wish i had blue eyes Me - *buys sword off eBay
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    I was always a little bothered by how Shallan was saved by the santhid, it felt too much like the getting saved by a dolphin trope to me. It was credited to the unusually high intelligence of the santhid, but there was no real explanation for why it was so much smarter than most other fauna. Other greatshells seem to share this trait, chasmfiends prove to be far more intelligent than Shallan or Kaladin expected. I don't know what the consensus is on how the Tai-Na work, but the greatshell's spren saved Rysn and could 'give' her a Larkin. Minor OB sample chapter spoiler: They all have the bond with spren in common, I propose that they are the reason for the increased intelligence. We see something similar with the Listeners. In dullform they are basically helpless. It's not hard to see how a spren bond makes them more intelligent, and this is one of the few instances where we know for certain that it's the spren that causes the increase in intelligence. It's a little bit tricky for radiants, but I found something that could fit with the pattern. I recently read about the theory of multiple intelligences (link). It's a theory, not proven fact, but I thought it fit nicely with what we see in the books. Kaladin seems to gain bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. He has increased proprioception and timing, and we see the lack of it when he's without Syl. While all radiants gain increased physical enhancements through stormlight, Kaldin's abilities with the spear are not limited to times when he has access to kinetic investiture. Shallan gains mnemonic abilities, her visual-spacial intelligence is boosted. We don't know much about Jasnah but if her good sense of orientation is her perk she may fall under this category as well. IIRC other ancient lightweavers had notable musical abilities (falling under mnemonic abilities) so they may have gained musical-rhythmic intelligence. Lift seems to gain either interpersonal or verbal-linguistic abilities judging from her interaction with the street urchin. I realize that most of these perks are the result of the mixing of powers and resonance, but I think a resonance could be classified as a boost in intelligence, depending on how you define it. The biggest issue I see is that there is no evident mixing of powers in the other examples. Sorry for the wall of text, let me know what you think.
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    Hey everyone! For the past few years there has been a lot of discussion on the Words of Brandon situation. The Theoryland Interview Database served our fandom well but it has always been more a part of the Wheel of Time fandom and has grown harder to keep up-to-date as our fandom has grown and aged. The subject of a new database has been brought up a number of times but myself and the other admins have either remained quiet in those discussions or been unhelpfully vague. And there is a reason for that. We have been working on something. In fact, we've been working on a replacement for a long time, and we've iterated our implementation for a while. We've scrapped a few bad implementations, so we did not want to prematurely announce something that wasn't good. But, we have a system now. It's real, and it's pretty cool, so it's time to start talking about this with you all. The software is codenamed Palanaeum (though that won't be the name of this database; it's the software's name), and it's been made by coder extraordinaire Mestiv, who you may have noticed has a new rank on the site due to his tireless work on it. Our goals with a new WoB Archive have been to not just replicate the Theoryland Interview Database, but add new features and improve upon Theoryland. Let's talk about what Palanaeum does. Submitting interviews open to everyone A core problem with the Theoryland DB is that only a select few input things, which means it is almost always outdated. (Turns out, Brandon talks a lot.) The solution is obvious: we need a system that allows the many awesome and enterprising members of the community to contribute. Palanaeum does this. Anyone can contribute, input new events and entries, and suggest changes to old things. Transcribing audio The workflow for transcribing audio has been clunky. The audio has to be uploaded and then there's a Google doc where transcribers work at it, with the link to the Google doc being buried in an Event topic somewhere. We can imagine that in a year or two it can be very hard to find the original audios and the transcription Google doc. This is not sustainable. Palanaeum puts that entire process in-house. You can upload audio and transcribe it within the system. You can create "snippets" of audio that links the timestamp of the audio to the question/answer you are writing. Since the audio and transcription are connected in the system, this means for new interviews inputted this way, you'll have a Play button next to an entry which will just play the audio source of that exact question. We intend to host all this audio forever, so it won't be lost to the aether. It will be in our system and you'll always be able to find it. We also intend to allow people to do similar things with video sources, but video is significantly more costly to host, so you'll have to upload videos--or link to videos--on YouTube, then transcribe them similarly. Huge props to Mestiv for creating this crazy feature. I wasn't sure this would be possible, but it absolutely works. It's hard for me to describe to you how awesome this actually is. Search that doesn't suck Lastly, there's another problem with Theoryland: it's really hard to actually find the thing you want, so obviously we want to have a search feature that works well. (This is one of the core reasons we wanted to build a new system in the first place.) Search is complicated but we have an implementation we like. It will have a lot of search filters as well to narrow down your search, too. A big benefit to us doing this in-house is that the search algorithm can be iterated on. If we launch and you think it's being weird and not giving you reasonable results, we will work on it. We don't have to say, "well, that's how it works. Sorry about that." Since there's an account system on Palanaeum, we want you to be able to favorite particular quotes for later. We think that will really help research for theories or writing wiki articles. That's an area we intend to work on. Oh, and one more thing: this software will have a responsive design, which means you can find all the quotes you want on your phone. The software will be open source, too. If you're an enterprising coder, you can contribute to the project. If you're a different fandom, you can install it for your use, too! The software probably won't be open source immediately, as Mestiv wants to clean up his code a bit before opening it up. But soon after launch, it will be open source. Where we go from here We plan to show the WoB Archive to many awesome individuals in the community who already transcribe stuff so they can test and give feedback on things. This will be our beta period. We're just about there, so very soon this will be out there in June. We have a list of people we are inviting, so hang tight! We want to show you this ASAP. We're starting small for now (especially compared to the fandom at large), but you'll all see this soon! Overall, our goal is to have the software done--with the core functionality listed above, at least, completed and well-tested--by the Oathbringer release. Obviously, that's where there will be a massive spike in new interviews, so all our transcribing stuff needs to be very good there. So, Oathbringer is our deadline. But our progress is going very well, so we may end the beta period early and have our official launch earlier. We'll see. Lots can happen in software development. You'll notice that we didn't include any screenshots of the system for now. That's not to conceal anything--it does work, and it's pretty cool--but right now our design team hasn't begun work on making it pretty. Function comes first. The usual 17S design team will work on making it look and feel good this summer, and then we can show more off We intend to import all Brandon-related interviews from Theoryland to this new system. We're hoping we don't need to manually input things and we can do a software-based conversion of the data, but we are committed to a system that is complete and will be up-to-date. We hope you will join us on this quest to archive everything Brandon has said in this difficult time of transition from Theoryland to this system. But, I think this system will finally be the interview archive we all need. With your help, we will be able to keep things up-to-date for years to come. The era of long lag on things being inputted into the database will be over. (Of course, we will be working hard too.) We're sorry it's taken so long. Big thanks to Weiry, who tirelessly works to make sure everything is perfect. Even bigger thanks to Mestiv who is finally making this a reality. Also major thanks to Joe who coded an implementation of a database as well and is always awesome. He helped us move towards a custom coded solution, which I always worried would be too difficult. But it's real now, and I'm insanely excited to show you all this.
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    From the album Doodles of Scadrial

    “I am the one thing you can never kill. I am Hope.”
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    This is a continuation from this post I made over in the Bad Day thread. Long story short, my cat, Rugby, snuck out of our house 3 weeks ago and has been lost ever since. Today, we found him! Our neighborhood has been fantastic- everyone has been super helpful and supportive and we've had many people out looking for him (and this is where I pause to give a HUGE plug to nextdoor.com. It's a social media site + app for neighborhoods- so when you post only your neighbors can see it, and vice versa. It's a great way to spread news (like when your pet is lost), keep an eye out for each other, buy/sell things, find a local handyman/plumber/music-teacher/etc or advertise your own services, and so on. Everyone should go sign up for it, right now, if you're not already). Tonight we got a report on Nextdoor that someone had seen a big black cat on their street near the local cemetery a couple days ago, so we went searching in that area. We didn't find our cat there, but my wife felt prompted to search another street on the other side of the cemetery and Rugby was sitting right there on the side of the road. My wife spotted him and jumped out of the car, and he ran away from us at first, but when I approached him and called his name he came to me and let me pick him up. He's still pretty freaked out and wild, he's hissing and growling at our other cat, his fur is matted and filthy, it looks like he caught a cold, he may or may not be hurt and/or have fleas, but he's safe at home now! My buddy is home!
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    Cycle 1: Say Goodbye to the Day Princess Celestia stood on her balcony, gazing at the sun as she gently lowered it behind the horizon. It was a pretty sunset, if Celestia did say so herself, full of vibrant shades of red and gold, but something felt off somehow. She couldn’t quite put her hoof on what it was, but perhaps discussing it with Luna could shed some light on it. Luna would be there soon to raise the moon and usher in the Night. Even as Celestia had the thought, her sister threw open the doors and rushed out onto the balcony in a gallop. “Celestia!,” Luna called, her voice urgent and frightened. “You must come at once!” “What’s wrong, little sister?” Celestia asked. “The Elements of Harmony! They’ve gone missing!” Luna cried. Celestia’s heart dropped at the words. She wasted no time, leading Luna as they galloped towards the chamber where the Elements were kept. Pony’s gasped in surprise and worry as they dodged out of the way of their galloping princesses. As she raced through the castle, Celestia’s mind raced, too, considering the implications. The magic of the Elements of Harmony had served and protected the land of Equestria for millennia. If they were missing now… what could that mean? Twilight Sparkle and her friends, the current wielders of the Elements, were away on an extended trip to the Crystal Kingdom, visiting Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. They were not due to return for weeks, though could they have somehow summoned the Elements to them over the great distance? Or could somepony have figured out a way to break in and steal them? A lone guardpony stood at the entrance to the Chamber of the Elements, and he started with surprise at their arrival. “Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!” the guardpony- Captain Shard- said, saluting smartly with the weapon strapped to his foreleg. His son had created the weapon- a sword it was called. “Be on the lookout, Captain!” Celestia ordered. “There is mischief a-hoof!” She paused in front of the doors only long enough to activate her magic. A shimmering golden aura surrounded her horn, and a matching aura surrounded the lock on the doors. With a click the lock opened, and the doors swung open. “Behind me, sister!” Celestia called to Luna as they rushed inside. The chamber was large and elongated, with intricate stained glass windows decorating the walls. At the far end of the chamber stood a pedestal, and atop the pedestal sat the pillowed case where the Elements were stored. And in the case rested... … the Elements of Harmony. Celestia blinked in confusion. The Gemstone necklaces that represented the Elements of Harmony- honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and magic- each sat in their proper place in the case. “Sister,” she said. “I don’t understand-” The doors slammed shut behind her. Celestia whirled to see Luna there, a malicious glint in her eye and a twisted green aura enveloping her horn. Before Celestia could react, Luna shot a fiery green blast of energy at her, and the blast knocked Celestia back, dazing her. “I must thank you for leading me here, sister,” Luna said, putting a sarcastic emphasis on the last word. “You are not my sister!” Celestia cried, firing a golden blast of energy from her own horn. Luna deflected it easily, but it was just a distraction anyway. When the glowing blasts cleared, Celestia hit her foe with a second wave of magic. The image of Luna melted away, revealing Chrysalis- Queen of the Changeling hordes. Chrysalis scowled, looking down at herself, but then changed her grimace into a laugh. “No matter,” she gloated. “Nopony is here to see me but you, and once I deal you I will become you, and take your place as the object of everypony’s adoration.” “You are a fool, Chrysalis!” Celestia declared, readying another blast of energy. “We defeated you before, and we will do so again.” Crysalis snorted in derision. “Oh? And how do you plan to do that? Cadance and Shining Armor aren’t here this time, and Twilight Sparkle and her irksome friends aren’t here either to use the Elements of Harmony. And as I recall, the last time we fought it was you who was defeated, Celestia. You see, we were careful this time. A handful of my minions have infiltrated your precious kingdom and have been watching for months now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.” From the other side of the doors they could hear the sounds of fighting, and of Captain Shard calling for backup. There was a crash and Captain Shard cried out. “Ah, see? There they are now.” Chrysalis continued. “Once we deal with you and the Elements of Harmony are safely locked away, there will be no force in Equestria that will be able to stop me.” Celestia let her magic loose, firing a off a beam of golden light. Queen Chrysalis fired her own beam as well, and the two beams exploded as they struck. Celestia staggered back, as did the Changeling Queen, but Chrysalis recovered first. Chrysalis fired another blast and Celestia was thrown back once again. She slammed into something, and glancing up she saw it was the pedestal holding the Elements of Harmony. Celestia turned her gaze back to Queen Chrysalis, and smiled grimly. “You have made one mistake, Chrysalis. Twilight and her friends aren’t the only ones that can use the Elements of Harmony. Anypony with the right characteristics can wield their power.” Princess Celestia activated her magic again, and a golden light surrounded the gemstones above her. She poured everything she had left into the gemstones, causing the Elements to rise into the air, and in a flash they shot to the side, blasting out one of the stained glass windows and streaking out into the open air. They zipped across the sky, heading towards the town of Ponyville, and in moments they had disappeared from view. “NOOO!!!” Queen Chrysalis screamed, “What have you done!?” “I have sent the Elements to ponies that can use them,” Celestia declared. “Use them to stop you!” Chrysalis snarled and blasted Celestia again with her magic, but this time she didn’t let up. Celestia felt the Changeling magic seeping into her, paralyzing her limbs and draining away her power. But it was too late to stop her plan. The ponies she had sent the Elements to would be able to stop the Changelings, if they worked together. Celestia prayed that it would be enough. As her vision started growing dark, Celestia looked through the broken window at the stars glimmering in the night sky. The stars seemed to shimmer and move, and a pale blue light flared alight in the midst of them. The last thing Celestia saw was the blue light striking Queen Chrysalis, throwing the Changeling to the side. Then Celestia slipped into unconsciousness. ***A short time later*** A sizable crowd had gathered in central square in Ponyville. Princess Luna looked over them as she prepared to address them. Ponies of all types, from all walks of life, all wondering what had happened. They had seen flashes of light and had heard explosions coming from the Royal Castle in Canterlot. They were worried. “Citizens of Ponyville!” Luna called, and the crowd quieted. “I bring dire news. Princess Celestia was attacked by Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, a short time ago, and the Elements of Harmony have gone missing. I arrived in time to stop the attack, but not before Celestia was terribly injured. She sleeps now, her body overcome by Changeling magic. As long as there are Changelings nearby, I am afraid that she will not be able to awaken. Queen Chrysalis fled when I attacked her, which means that there are other Changelings nearby. “It will take nearly all the power I possess to raise the Sun and the Moon, and to protect my sister from further harm, so I must call on you to find out the Changelings in our midst. Be careful, they can take on the guise of anypony, even your closest friends. Be on the lookout for those among you who do not act as they should, who may be working against us. When you have found somepony who you suspect of being a Changeling, bring them to me. “Good luck, my little ponies.” The game has begun! You have about 45 hours for this first cycle. Cycles will end at 9:00 MST (see the timer below) One last thing, a note about contribution. I’ve been saying this at the beginning of all the games I’ve been participating in lately, and as the GM I feel I should also do so here. All of you signed up for this game because something about it appealed to you. You thought it sounded fun. So I invite you to play the game, and have fun! Post when you can, contribute how and where you can. Some people like to do intricate analyses on spreadsheets, or post elaborate roleplays, and some people find they only have enough time to read the thread and post their gut feelings here and there. Wherever you sit, I hope that you will participate and contribute when and where and how often you can. If you do, I guarantee you and everyone else will have a more enjoyable experience because of it. So have fun, and let the game begin! Player List
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    I did a question! Q: So, Hoid can't physically hurt someone, but does this ban extend to mental harm and harm through inaction? A: No. Hoid can mentally hurt someone, or allow them to be hurt, but when considering physical trauma he gets nauseous, to the point he can be incapacitated.
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    Just got back from Supanova Sydney and got to ask a few questions of Brandon: SPOILERS!!!! . . . . . . Q: Does Vasher have a different way of getting access to stormlight than everyone else? Given that he has no spren, no honorblade and he isn't a squire? A: Yes. He can use stormlight to stay alive, but it doesn't let him Surgebind. Q: Could Szeth get access to this method? A: Yes Q: And use it to fuel Nightblood? A: Yes he could Q: Can you tell me what that method is? A: <Smile>
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    From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Here is Shai's room, before she uses her forgery to make it nicer.

    © Johanna Rupprecht

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    From the album Doodles of Scadrial

    Just some pose practice
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    Just FYI This happened... definitely not a joke. Friday, June 16, 2017 at Sydney Supanova.
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    You know how the physics regarding Steelpushes have always been kind of screwy? (And I don't mean in a rotational dynamics kind of way.) I've dove deep into the math, looked at five different models I've seen proposed, and debunked them all. I've also developed my own model, which will all the perceived inconsistencies with Allomancy. I don't like my model, but it works. Here's my model in a nutshell: An Allomancer does not directly define either the speed of their Push or the force of their Push. They define the "strength" of their Push, which in turn is used to find both the maximum speed and the maximum force they can Push. Whichever of the two limits comes into play first limits behavior, and the most peculiar effects of Allomancy happen when the changing components of the force balance result in switching from one limiting factor to the other. The relationship between maximum speed and maximum force at a given strength is not based in physics whatsoever; it is an entirely arbitrary connection, made so the math matches how we've seen Allomancy function. The full explanation is attached as a PDF. I try to explain most of the math as I go along, so I don't think you need a thorough understanding of physics to follow along. Please, if anything about the physics is unclear, please let me know. The Impossible Physics of Allomancy.pdf No, I will not do your physics homework. EDIT: I have gone through and done a tighter mathmatical analysis. Understanding it requires college-level mathematics that are several courses in, so I decided not to try to make any of these accessible to the uninitiated. That, along with with referencing points I already made in the earlier document, let me limit this to exactly one page. But it will be very hard to understand on its own. Make sure you at least skim through the first document before opening this one. The Impossible Physics of Allomancy Addendum.pdf
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    Inspired by a couple of recent quotable quotes, I thought it could be fun to compile a list of 'slogans' that summarize us Sharders nicely. There was @Oversleep saying that this line from @The One Who Connects should be the site's tagline. And there was The One Who Connects commenting that this one from @Calderis should be one. @Faceless Mist-Wraith's summary of WoR. And my personal favorite, again Oversleep, saying this at one of the Poland signings. Ok some weren't quite slogans but they're close enough And sorry if the tags bothered anyone, just credit where credit's due. Feel free to add ones you've seen or suggest new ones.
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    LG33: Aftermath - Death (This was supposed to be put in a few turns ago but since I hadn’t done it until now, it might as well go here.) The Crockery stood bleak and cold on a sunny day in autumn, seeming to drain light from its surroundings. A solitary figure stole up to the building and knocked, making ripples of sound pass through the air, hollow and unheeded. “Yes?” the warden’s voice drawled. “Something for El’the Alveron, sir,” the voice replied softly. “Letter from his parents or something, not that he’ll be able to read it!” he snorted, and the warden laughed with him. “Come on, bring it in then,” the Warden said. “Mind your step, this way...” The Skindancer smiled, wearing a pretty little boy’s face, stolen off of the streets for the moment. Not like anyone would notice, or care. It followed the Warden down stone hallways, looking curiously around. It heard voices, coming through the walls all aroudn it. He even knew a few. Notable among them was Stryker Nox, whose voice was only recognisable through its unique timbre. Its words and tone were... “please, sir, help? I’m lost, I don’t know where I am. Can you help me? I’m lost...” It shook its head, moving onwards. Stryker might be recoverable someday, but unlike Locke, his insanity was fullblown and unusable to them, for the moment. Locke was the focus here. The Warden stopped and chose a ring without even loking at his ring of seemingly identical keys. He inserted it with a loud, metallic click into the door, and opened it cautiously. “Ah, come to rescue me from this poor excuse for a prison cell?” a voice drawled in a perfect, haughty nobleman’s tone. The Skindancer smirked. Locke had never liked his Cealdish body, and his mind had gotten a little confused in the transfer, so he simply remained very, very Vintish. “Letter from your parents, sir,” it said, hoping Locke would recognise him. Locke went still, then turned to meet its eyes. He nodded, once. Then he slapped his hand on the table. “Well? Bring it here, boy. I won’t get up on the whim of a servant boy!” It put the letter on the table, hesitating for a moment. The letter wasn’t important, of course. Locke had... a gift, perhaps, if one could call it that. His creation of insanity was focused, shaped. If played precisely the right way, he could shape others to his ends for a time, before anyone noticed they were insane. The price, unfortunately, was a bit of his own sanity. All Locke needed was for the Warden to enter the cell, pulling the Skindancer away from Locke. “Don’t go getting too- uuungh,” he said, eyes rolling up in his head. Locke glanced imperiously at the Skindancer, who backed away quickly, and then crouched over the Warden. “I am Vintish,” he said, words dropping unnaturally heavily from his mouth. “I am not insane, and deserve to be freed. I have far more power than you, and it would benefit you to release me.” He smirked and spoke normally to the other Skindancer. “See you in a couple days. Show yourself out, would you?” It grinned back and ducked out the door, soon skipping down the steps of the Crockery and into the world again, with nary a soul the wiser. After that, things started going downhill. Locke emerged, of course, victorious. But he found the University still, and quiet. Only a few students even attending anymore, so many were insane, dead, or expelled. In fact, he soon came to realise that he was the only non-Master at the school left. That wasn’t useful at all. He needed other students, people who would follow him, who weren’t ostracised or insane. And those were difficult to find. Naturally, they could still try to simply make everyone else go insane, but that was boring, and Locke preferred dramatic plans. Besides, the still-alive students were getting warier, staying in their homes and buying irritating amounts of protection. Finally, the last straw came. Cluny had been doing his best to keep Locke sane and on track, and reining in his megalomania. When Cluny, too, died... Well. Things got interesting. Locke was still an El’the, after all. And a Sympathist, too. Doors began to be stuck shut and unopenable but by carving holes through them. There were holes in the floor leading down to nothingness, fires bursting out of nowhere, water pouring from a solid ceiling in the middle of a meeting of the Masters. No one seemed to care, though. Or not enough. They were all in Imre, partying and not paying a whit of attention to the University. Well, except Chalks, who had wandered out when the Warden went completely insane and unlocked every prime-numbered door. (Fortunately, most of them were empty.) So Locke decided to be dramatic. On a cloudless night, one of the last warm days of fall, a barge sailed slowly down the river and moored just near the bridge in Imre. Every riverside tavern was full to bursting with expelled students and townsfolk celebrating the recent lack of deaths (mostly because they wanted an excuse to celebrate, in all honesty), but the river itself was dark and still. A glimmering was seen in the night. Or would have been, if anyone had been paying enough attention to notice. But no. No one noticed until the first boom split the air, and a stream of sparks soared high into the sky, heralding the golden outline of... a letter. L. Those who weren’t too drunk to do so rushed outside at the urging of their friends, staring up at the lines hanging in the sky. There was another boom, and another letter rose up in a stream of golden sparks. O. R. They stared up at the letters slowly joining the first L (which wasn’t even fading yet). LORD LOCKE ALVERON Then the letters exploded and blinded everyone looking at them on the riverfront, just for entertainment. There was, in fact, one sober person in the entire riverfront, who was shaking her head at the antics of the fireworks. “I think this has gone on rather enough,” she commented to the assassin sitting next to her, eating ice cream. “I’d rather agree,” he said, smiling. At first he’d been such a closedmouth boring person, but Dele had eventually gotten him to open up like she eventually did for anyone she came into contact with. “Be a dear and go deal with him, mister?” she asked. “Usual payment, plus smoothies afterwards!” The assassin laughed, looking down at the petite little heiress. At first, putting up with her antics had only been a necessary burden, but he was growing to enjoy them. “Smoothies it is,” he agreed, hoisting himself to his feet. “Mind giving me a lift?” She giggled and waved her fingers at him, speaking Wind through a mouthful of ice cream. He grinned, feeling the wind whisking him ofrom the ground. He absolutely loved this feeling of flying. When he touched down on the stones of the University, Locke was only just returning from his little expedition. He’d cleaned up - couldn’t bear to have the stench of soot and grime on him. It would not do for a nobleman to appear less than perfect. He’d decided, in any case, that that would be his grand finale for here. Once he left, the University would be entirely ruined, without a single student, and while it would recuperate, that would take months or years. And Locke had a different plan. Something far more important. He’d packed his bas last night, and soon enough he woul dbe off to Vint, to take power there and extend the power of the Vintish Empire throughout the whole of the known world! Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get that far. While he’d been preoccupied with imagining the glory of the soon-to-be-Empire, the assassin came up behind him and jabbed an iron dagger into his neck. The assassin stood back, watching with satisfaction as Locke dissolved into a pile of screaming ashes. “I do hope that’s the last of them,” he muttered. Louder, knowing Dele’s Wind was still nearby, he said, “Dele, dear? Those smoothies sound absolutely wonderful.” HE heard a giggle, and was whisked off his feet again. THUS ENDS THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF HOLLY AND IRON Come back next year, for the third iteration! The Students have won! The Skindancers have lost! Orlok was killed! He was a Skindancer who had studied in Sympathy! Burnt was attacked by Skindancers, but didn’t die! Final Player List 1. Queensteph - Vintish Noblewoman Student Master of Archives 2. Randuir (Telar Pike) - Yllish Commoner Student 3. Hemalurgic Headshot (Noremac Quwester) - Aturan Nobleman Skindancer Master Physicker 4. Aonar (Aodhan Breacadh) - Edema Ruh Skindancer in Naming 5. Wilson (Sloan Walker) - Cealdish Commoner Student 6. Straw (Medicus Novis) - Yllish Commoner Student 7. Paranoid King (William Opuscule) - Yllish Commoner Student in Physicking 8. Ornstein (John Springer) - Aturan Nobleman Student in Physicking 9. Jondesu (Vell) - Yllish Commoner Insane Student in Archives and Sympathy 10. Drake Marshall (Greyson) - Cealdish Commoner Student in Physicking 11. Assassin in Burgundy (Jurdaan Longfell) - Yllish Commoner Student 12. Burnt Spaghetti (Dele Fajro) - Vintish Noblewoman Student in Naming 13. Orlok (Locke Alveron) - Cealdish Commoner Skindancer in Sympathy 14. Magestar (Magestar) - Vintish Nobleman Insane Student 15. Alvron (Stryker Nox) - Cealdish Commoner Insane Skindancer in Alchemy and Artificery 16. Arinian (Darian) - Aturan Nobleman 17. Stick (Stick) - Aturan NobleStick Student in Archives and Physicking 18. Darkness Ascendant (Balthazar Myrrh) - Yllish Commoner Student 19. Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) - Aturan Nobleman Skindancer Master in Arithmetic 20. Silverblade (Ryth) - Cealdish Commoner Student 21. Amanuensis (Esuan) - Yllish Commoner Student 22. BrightnessRadiant (Amelia) - Aturan Noblewoman Student in Rhetoric & Logic and Archives 23. Eolhondras (Eolah) - Yllish Commoner Student 24. STINK - Yllish Commoner Skindancer in Linguistics 25. Hael (Glavion) - Edema Ruh Insane Student 26. Sart (Titud) - Edema Ruh Insane Student in Rhetoric & Logic 27. Joe (Chalks) - Yllish Commoner Insane Student in Rhetoric & Logic and Linguistics Docs Master Spreadsheet Spec/Dead Doc Skindancer Doc Game Thoughts (more may come later but some explanations are needed now) GM Mistakes There were a lot of these, unfortunately. It’s a big game, and such things are bound to happen. Some of them were minor (like Drake PMing someone while he was expelled) and didn’t affect the game. I won’t mention most of those because there were plenty and I don’t think I could even remember them all. The major ones were as follows (in no particular order): 1. University actions allowed in Imre. By the time we realised that this wasn’t supposed to happen, it already had for about a cycle, unfortunately. This would’ve changed the game significantly - Burnt, for instance, could’ve either used Wind or amassed the protection she had. Not both, or not in such a short time. It might have also reduced the traffic in the Grey Man and overall allowed the Skindancers to have more of an advantage over the village in the late game. 2. Wind could spy on the Skindancer doc. This was a bad call, and I didn’t like it from the start. Let me clarify, quickly: Burnt asked to spy on anything Aonar said “not in public”. Which she didn’t actually intend to include the doc, but I read it as worded that way because she did want that. I vacillated a long time on whether that should be allowed at all, but finally allowed this: Each message of Aonar’s sent in the eliminator doc (there were about 15 of Aonar’s that turn, only 3 of which were truly incriminating) had a 5% chance of being overheard. Normal PMs had a 50 or 75% chance (can’t remember which, but it doesn’t matter enough to look it up). Burnt happened to roll one of those, and thus caught out Aonar. What Aonar pointed out later was that Burnt should’ve had to use Holly or Iron in order to spy on that doc, because the Skindancers would’ve been protecting themselves with Fae magic. This would’ve been a much better ruling had I thought of it, but I didn’t. Secondary note: Burnt only used that power once again (on a villager), and after that stopped doing so because she was uncomfortable with having that power. For which I thank her, and I agree. The reason I was so uncomfortable with this ruling is that it compromises the security of hte eliminator doc. This is a terrible idea, generally. One of the most important advantages the eliminators has over the village is perfect, non-public communication in which you can (usually) trust every member. Compromising that makes it much more difficult for the eliminators to do anything because they can’t communicate nearly as effectively. Thus, compromising the doc is a Bad Idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it turn out well, particularly when the evil team isn’t informed that they could be compromised (LG26 and Rae comes to mind, for instance). 3. Steph shouldn’t have been raised yet. This one is... complicated. Essentially, the first time Steph could’ve been raised to Master (assuming that there’s the same turn delay as with other elevations, which isn’t necessarily supposed to be the case) was when she was at the Grey Man in Imre, and thus not attending the University. Now, the rules state that if you’re not attending the University you cannot be a Master. You’re replaced with an NPC until you come back (or the next PC if there’s one available, and then you’re second in line). So, probably, Steph shouldn’t have been raised for another turn. If that had been the case, I’m nearly certain she would have been expelled by the Skindancers, who would’ve been (nearly) safe at that point. She wasn’t, because I (probably) mistakenly said that she should be raised anyway, thinking about how any other elevation can be raised while in Imre. This resulted in a few hours’ delay later on while I tried to figure out how to set it the most right. (I ended up just making her pay tuition, rather than deelevating her, basically because the call had already been made and while it was rather detrimental to the Skindancers as is, the call was done and I could’ve change it. Just like I couldn’t have changed the spy-on-Skindancers call after I’d made it. GMing is irritating like that.) Other Problems with the Game/Changes for Next Game First of all, yes, there will be another run of this. Come back in a year or so and play! Wilson and I have already discussed it extensively and started making the spreadsheet (which will be so much better than the current one is). Right. Problems we noticed with the game, some of which have fixes and some of which do not yet. Social Classes Vints have a lot of power. Seriously. A lot. And the 33% increase to tuition does nothing, particularly if they don’t even go to the University and just stay in Imre, spending substantially less than they would on tuition, and able to buy a great deal. So we’re introducing a 25% chance of being roleblocked each turn, unable to go to Imre and only having the general action period available. Hopefully that is enough. Similarly, Edema and Cealdish are very poor and it’s rather difficult for them to do anything. Particularly if Edema Talent Pipes stats are particularly low, which some were. That doesn’t exactly make sense flavourwise, so we’re adopting Hael’s suggestion of a base stat for them. They won’t be guaranteed to get the Pipes, but they’ll all at least have a decent chance. Cealdish have their discounts increased to 20%, as well, and I believe the Aturan detriment to arcane fields has been increased. If anyone has any suggestions on further improvements, those would be welcome! Cealdish, for instance, still only makes a difference in Imre, and otherwise has no effect. I’m not certain whether that’s enough for them or not. There’s also a question of how harsh those penalties should be just because of the question of how equal the game should be. Should every player be on equal terms, or is it okay to have some more powerful than others? Vints still are without doubt more able to do things than Edema Ruh, without worrying about money or having to deal with tuition reductions. Et cetera. University Fields So, the three arcane fields that aren’t Naming are all getting a boost. One person went into Sympathy. Orlok. Because there was an exploit (also getting fixed - you can now not take a loan out from Devi if you’ve defaulted already on one. He was going to become Master, give someone else Malignant Sympathy protection, and have one of them take out huge amounts of money and never pay it back because they didn’t need to worry about mommets.), rather than because he wanted it as a whole. So, this field needs a bit of extra attraction. A couple possibilities have been raised - the one I’m currently leaning towards is that mommets can target players, rather than only people who were killed. To use an Upgraded Mommet like that, though, significantly increases your insanity bonus (as you’d expect of something which can kill). Someone else raised another possibility, though, which I can’t quite remember right now... @GMs from last game? Nearly certain it was one of you three. Alchemy and Artificery were similarly underpopulated. These are difficult fields because not only do they increase your insanity, but also you can only practice them while attending the university and they don’t grant any additional action periods. Next time around, you’ll have a shared item-creation period, so that regardless of the general action you can always (while attending) be making more items. Arithmetics might also be changed, though we’re not certain how yet. It’s nearly entirely passive actions, which is boring for the Arithmetician. Naming is an interesting one. So... we ruled, this game, that you couldn’t learn new Names once expelled, on the basis that every other field can’t learn new abilities, so Naming shouldn’t be able to either. Which makes sense. The counter to this, however, is that it means that Namers can safely use all of their names without being afraid of more insanity. If Burnt had been able to learn new names, she would definitely have one by now. She used Bone four times, meaning a 100% chance of learning a new name, and so would have had at least a 1/12 chance of going insane for up to twelve turns. Maybe more, had she used the new Name and received more Names. If she had gone insane, the game would’ve been essentially won for the Skindancers. She is the only reason they lost. So that did have a material impact on the game. What it means in general is that Namers, once expelled, can use any of their names with impunity and not have any risk of going insane. I’m... not sure that’s any more balanced than letting them learn new Names. Thoughts on this would be appreciated. I’m not sure which way is actually better for the game. Also, not a problem, but I’m really sad no one got Plum Bobs or Bonetar. That would’ve been such fun. Imre Black Market First of all, two people placed contracts in the entire game. Two. And neither were taken. I am sad. Besides that, though, the Bodyguard/Assassin prices need significant tweaking. Or rather, the formula does. Because they remained too low for too long - had the prices been the same as last game, they’ve have been about 10 Talents higher. (They weren’t because base stock is based on number of players, and we had more this game.) So that was something of an issue with way too many Bodyguards and Assassins in the game. Oh, also. Bodyguards and Assassins will also probably have an upkeep fee. This’ll mostly come into play with Bodyguards, where you’ll have a (probably small) fee to pay each turn to keep them around. Apothecary There was a ridiculous amount of protection in this game. The Horse and Four’s increase to 40% protection, the lower price of Bodyguards, and Grams, primarily. So Grams are getting increased to 20 talents. Other than that, this is fine. Eolian The Eolian isn’t getting changed, but I’ll use this space as an excuse to point out that Lopen has horrible dice and the first four rolls for the Eolian were all failures. Including two who had a ridiculously high chance of success (12 or 13 out of 15, I think). Poor Wilson and Eol. Devi’s Was not used at all. Well... I think it was used once. Only change is that you can’t take a loan out if you’ve defaulted on a previous one. Gambling Den This is a new thing! To flesh out Imre, there will be a Gambling Den. (Credit goes to Alv for the idea.) Won’t fill out the details here, but it should be fun. Other That’s about it for problems with the game. The most major, I’d say, is that there was too much protection in the game. That made it very difficult for the elims late game - everyone had grams or bodyguards, practically. Burnt had two Grams. If she hadn’t been expelled, she’d have taken five turns to actually go insane. As is, it’d take three. Assuming she didn’t buy another bodyguard or gram before then. If anyone saw any other problems with the game or has any other suggestions, please mention them. Most of these were suggested by Wilson or Orlok, as they saw firsthand that these things were problems. More suggestions are always appreciated. Callouts Steph, for being the only Student to achieve Mastery. Randuir, for making ⅓ of the posts in the game when he was alive. (Seriously, you can see it recorded in the spreadsheet. It’s ridiculous.) Hemalurgic_Headshot, for being voted on a ridiculously long time after he became Master and uncomplainable. Aonar, for amazing RP and terrifying Naming suggestions that I’m sad I didn’t get to see. Wilson, for doing her own thing and ignoring the University despite her class. Also for being my surrogate mod and extremely helpful, after her death. And for creating this game in the first place! Straw, for original (if not terribly helpful) posts of graphs and pie charts. Paranoid King, for doing your best not to be a mayor. Ornstein, for... making no sense? Jondesu, for playing even while travelling/hospitalised, and doing pretty well until he went insane. Drake, for being the most involved in keeping to the spirit of the books. Assassin, for saying nothing and then dying. Burnt, for being the only person to stop the Skindancers from winning, and also for all of the ice cream dates with assassins. Orlok, for doing the absolute best he could with very limited materials late-game. Magestar, for a rather excellent character for me to play with. Alvron, for wanting his character to have the mind of an innocent child once he went insane. Arinian, for buying the only Bloodless in the entire game. Stick, for having an awesome death (and coming really, really close to surviving, too). DA, for an awesome character until he had to drop out. :/ Cluny, for somehow surviving almost the entire game despite heaps of suspicion the entire time. Silverblade, for being sabotaged first turn, escaping, and then doing nothing. Amanuensis, for being on the streets for the entire game (excepting Term 1), and somehow surviving every single time until killed by an Assassin. I dub thee Queen of the Mercenaries. Brightness Radiant, for learning a lot this game and learning that tunnelling is a bad idea. Eolhondras, for a fantastic music submission and hten not getting it anyway. Also for blocking an attack and knowing that Alv did that, and then neither you nor PK ever saying anything about it. >> Stink, for successfully and correctly calling out Cluny for being unsportsmanlike before I even knew there was a problem. Thank you. Hael, for being a good sport about being Edema Ruh and rightly calling out Jondesu for not realising that. Sart, for (along with Joe), going into Rhetoric and Logic. I was sad when you went insane, because R&L was mine last game and I wanted to see someone use the Law of Contraposition. Joe, for excellent order submissions even when insane. There’s a lot of chalk drawings inside the Crockery now. And to my co-GMs! Drought, for having slightly better dice than Lopen, adn staying up later than you should in order to help out. And finally, Lopen, who deserves more credit for running this game than I do. I made the spreadsheet and did writeups, but he’s the one who actually input and output all the PMs, dealt with Imre, and so on. He very likely did more work than myself and Drought combined, and I could not have run this game travelling like I am without him. Enormous thanks to Lopen for being a fantastic co-GM. Things I Learned Mods are nice. I’m getting a lot better about making calls, but I’ve now GMed or co-GMed 10 games (officially; counting what I did for LG32 and to a lesser extent LG18 and LG20-21, you could reasonably say 11) and I still used Wilson extensively once she died. Part of that was because she created this game, but part is also just because outside, unbiased advice is really, really helpful. Use your mods, everyone! That’s what they’re there for! Writeups were fun this game. I strayed away from the Life theme, which is rather sad. I should’ve used it for a QF, perhaps, with significantly fewer writeups than the ~20 required this game. Pity, that. I did like the tone of this game’s writeups, though, and the mix of seriousness and silliness. Sometime I’ll bring Varda back and flesh out her character a little more, because I was unsatisfied with it, but otherwise this game was good. I wasn’t terribly good at actually getting the writeups done on time, though. Which is okay, I know, but I dislike it immensely. There were reasons - mainly school and then travelling - but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a responsibility to get them done. So I apologise about that. Lastly, don’t GM games while travelling! Playing them is fine (for me, at least). I’ve done it plenty before. But the only other time I was travelling was for QF18, which was much less complicated and the writeups for the second half of that game never got finished. GMing while travelling is very, very difficult. Having to do a writeup late at night after seeing 2-3 attractions in a day is not something that I wanted to do, and often I just fell asleep instead. (As with this aftermath, for instance. I lay down to start writing, fell asleep instead, and woke three hours later enough to tell Lopen/Drought to say that the game is over, and I’d post the aftermath when I finished it.) I do not recommend it. At all. Well. I had a ton of fun this game, and I hope all of you did. There a lot of rough spots and mistakes in the game, but the ultimate aim is to have fun, and that much I hope was achieved. See you all next time!
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    Sorry but I just couldn't get the kid image out of my mind The actual prompt comes from Warbreaker chapter 5: So there Another reason to hype about the rest Stormlight books:
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    People on Roshar be like:
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    VOILA 'TIS I!! THE DOC HAS RETURNED TO SE!!! TO THOSE WHO HAVE MISSED HIM, THE ADORING MASSES, THE CHEERS! *blinks Where are the cheers? Heh. So yes. I'm back, for a short while, to help Hael with this game. I fell in love with Les Mis over the past few months, and practically begged Hael to let me help him with the parodies So yes, expect a lot[i/] of parodies over the next few cycles, and I hope you guys do your part to at least drop some verses! I don't expect you all to be familiar with Les Mis, the musical, but any song would do in any style. We can't offer a reward system like Aman's games, but really, it would be lots of fun to do, and a great game for all, yeah? And to close off, here's an extra parody from me! Master of the Game, doling out the pain Ready with PAFO cards to drive you insane! Offers parodies! Writeups galore! Spectators appreciate a little gore! Glad to do my victim friends a favor Doesn't cost me to be nice! But nothing gets you nothing Everything has got a little...price! (Hint hint, upvotes!) Master of the Game, keeper of the zoo Ready to relieve 'em of a good night’s sleep! Ready with the hints, keep em in suspense! A little teasing smirk to keep ‘em nice and tense! Everybody loves a GM! Everybody's bosom friend I do whatever pleases! Ruin! Won't I bleed 'em in the end! (of upvotes!) (And while, life. And time. And sanity.) (But upvotes) *cackles and vanishes
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    For some months now, I’ve been working on creating a framework for all of the magic systems of Roshar that combines everything we know about them and makes predictions for that which we don’t know. This topic is the end result. Since I’m aiming for completeness, there will be things here that are already well understood, as well as things that I haven’t seen proposed before. So, with apologies for the sheer length that it has become, allow me to present my framework. Magics by Shardic Composition Let's start by listing the various Rosharan powers and classifying them by the Shards which power them. Magic Shardic Composition Surgebinding Honour & Cultivation Ancient Fabrials Honour & Cultivation Modern Fabrials Cultivation Old Magic Cultivation Voidbinding Honour & Odium Voidbringer Powers Cultivation & Odium Surgebinding My classification of Surgebinding shouldn't be raising any eyebrows since it is well understood that each type of Radiant spren is some mix of both Honour and Cultivation. However, let's take a moment to consider how the two powers manifest in Surgebinding as this will provide insight into how I've classified the other magics. While there are many different interpretations of honour, they ultimately all come down to the interaction between two or more people: in a universe with only one person, it would be impossible for them to act honourably (nor to act dishonourably), for there would be no one for them to act honourably towards. This duality is reflected, I believe, in Honour's magic. The most obvious example of this would be the necessity to bond spren in order to perform it. Now, you could argue that since the listeners were bonding spren long before the Shards came to Roshar, this would mean that bonding spren is not related to Honour specifically. However, the listener bond is, by its very nature, very different to the Nahel bond; seemingly less a mutually beneficial partnership, and more a natural process. I would contend, therefore, that this is an example of Honour incorporating this aspect of the Rosharan environment into his magic out of necessity. I do not think that this idea of duality is limited only to the bonding of spren, however; I think that it extends even to the way that the powers form. You likely noticed that in my listing of the various magics that there is no system that is entirely of Honour. I think that Honour's nature means that he requires a second Shard to mix his power with in order to form a magic system. In other words, it would not be in his nature to form a magic that is purely his own. Another example of Honour's effect on Surgebinding is in its structure: the way that Surgebinders are divided up precisely into distinct predetermined Radiant Orders based off of their interpretation of honour, and their determination to emulate that ideal. And also, the way that the powers are divided up between the different orders. This is a rigid and inflexible framework, much like the Radiant’s Ideals can be. In short, this is where the "binding" in Surgebinding comes from: Honour is bound to another Shard and the Radiants to their spren, their Orders, and their Ideals. So if Honour provides a structure to Surgebinding, what does Cultivation provide? I think that it is through Cultivation that Surgebinders get to manipulate the Surges. If we look at the spren associated with each of the Shards, Honour's spren are those of emotion, again linking back to human interaction. Cultivation's spren, however, are the spren of nature, so it makes sense that it is Cultivation's power that gives access to the natural Surges. Now, I can imagine it being argued that since on Scadrial, all the magic systems revolve around metals, surely all the magic systems of Roshar should likewise revolve around the Surges, not simply the ones associated with Cultivation. However, I would argue that this is a false analogy: the metals on Scadrial act as a focus, the Surges on Roshar do not. The powers produced by the Metallic Arts (with the exceptions of Allomantic iron, steel, aluminium, and chromium) are not related to metal themselves. Therefore, whilst all of the Rosharan magic systems should share a common focus, it should not necessarily be the case that they all share the Surges. Modern Fabrials Now with that established, it should be obvious why I think that Fabrials are a magic system purely of Cultivation. They lack the rigid structure that I have associated with Honour, and while the spren are still part of the magic, they are trapped inside the gemstones rather than working with the user as you would expect in Honour’s magic. This leaves Cultivation as the only reasonable candidate, which in turn means that they must be utilising the surges in some way. Although, without the rigidity of Honour’s framework, the way they manifest is apparently quite different. Ancient Fabrials The first thing to note here is that these fabrials do not seem to have much in common with modern fabrials, to the point that I suspect that calling them fabrials at all is a misnomer. Modern fabrials all function by trapping a spren in a gemstone, ancient fabrials do not appear to do this. Spren are clearly involved in some way, just as they are in every other magic; we in fact see this in the operation of the Oathgates. In order to activate them, you need a Shardblade, i.e. the physical manifestation of a spren that is part Cultivation and part Honour. Moreover, the spren needs to be alive. This implies that the person operating the Oathgate needs to be working together with the spren, which sounds just like an Honour based magic. This would mean that the ancient fabrials are far more closely related to the Surgebindings than they are to modern fabrials. Which makes sense given that the effects we have seen (Soulcasting, Regrowth, Transportation) appear to be the same as various Surgebindings. In fact, when Nale heals Szeth with one of these ancient fabrials, he actually refers to it as a Surgebinding. Ideally I would compare the operation of the Oathgates to that of other ancient fabrials, unfortunately though, we haven’t really seen enough of these yet to be able to draw anything meaningful from them. The Old Magic This isn’t a magic like others on this list: it's not something that people can perform; instead, it seems to be practised solely by the Nightwatcher, about whom the only things we can really say with confidence are that she is some kind of “mega-spren”, closely related to Cultivation. This would suggest then that the Old Magic can be described as similar to a sapient, self-operating fabrial. I don’t think that there’s much more that can be said at this point without additional information about the Old Magic or the Nightwatcher. Voidbinding This brings us to the only magic system on the list which I believe to be unrelated to Cultivation. If we look at the Voidbinding chart from the back of The Way of Kings, it is immediately obvious that the structure of the magic is the same as Surgebinding. It even has "binding" in its name, hence why I think that it is of Honour. However, if we look at the symbols where, on the Surgebinding chart, the Surges are placed, we see not the symbols for the Surges, but a twisted version of them. Hence I do not think that Voidbinding will be related to the Surges at all, and hence Cultivation has no part in Voidbinding. Voidbringer Powers And finally, we come to the powers that were demonstrated at the end of Words of Radiance by the Voidbringers. Why do I think that this isn't Voidbinding? We have a WoB that we haven't seen Voidbinding yet, but we have seen these powers, therefore they must be something different. Additionally we have the following WoBs: Since the Voidbringers are forms of the Parshendi, and the Parshendi are not of Honour, if my classification of Voidbinding as being of Honour is correct, then the Voidbringers cannot be Voidbinders. So, why do I think that the Voidbringers are related to Cultivation rather than purely of Odium? If we have a look at Dalinar’s vision of the Purelake, we see him looking for a voidspren, which ultimately ends up animating a thunderclast. The voidspren is described to him as: “A spren that doesn’t act like it should”, not as a new type of spren. And apparently this is a result of the spren interacting with Sja-anat, an Unmade. What’s more, the spren they end up chasing has a resemblance to a riverspren, a type of nature spren, which is therefore related to Cultivation. I would propose, therefore, that the Unmade corrupt spren to make voidspren. When the spren was originally of Cultivation they go on to form Voidbringers and thunderclasts and the like. And when the spren was originally of Honour, they will bond to form Voidbinders. On Initiation The first thing to note here is that not all magics require an Initiation in order to be used. Some, such as Haemalurgy, are universal and can be used by anyone. Modern fabrials also seem to fall under this category. In order to use a magic, you need three things: intent, Investiture, and a focus. In the case of fabrials, the Investiture and the focus are both incorporated into the device itself. In other words, the user only needs to provide the intent to use the fabrial in order for it to work. The crucial part here is that the user does not need to access an external source of Investiture themselves: the fabrial does that for them. The Old Magic is not relevant to this discussion since it is restricted to the domain of the Nightwatcher. Also, I don’t think we’ve seen enough of the ancient fabrials yet in order to determine whether they would also be universal or not, so, for the time being, I’ll pass over these two magics. The remaining magics all seem to require Initiation. Khriss’ comments on Initiation in Elantris’ Ars Arcanum suggest that the method of Initiation across all of the magics on any given world is consistent. I think it should be fairly obvious, therefore, that the method of Initiation here is the spren bond. All of the remaining magics utilise a spren bond in some form, and Syl has openly admitted to Kaladin that she is the reason that he is able to Surgebind. On the Rosharan Focus So far I’ve seen theories on the focus claim that it’s either the gemstones, or the spren, or the spren bond. Firstly, I don’t think that it can be the spren bond: I have already demonstrated that it is the method of Initiation and I don’t see how it can be both. Also, as previously noted, not all magics require a spren bond, but all magics require a focus which is consistent across all Rosharan magics, therefore if the spren bond were the focus, this would be a contradiction. Things get interesting when we start to examine the spren and the gemstones as candidates for the focus, however. When examining Soulcasting, the gemstones act exactly as you would expect the focus to, the type of gemstone used determines the result of the transformation. However, this does not appear to be the case with any other magic that we have seen, which should mean that the gemstones can’t be the focus. The spren seem like an ideal candidate for the focus since they are, like the gemstones, present in some capacity in all Rosharan magics. Moreover, as they are capable of changing their form at will, if they are the focus then they should be able to direct the form that the power takes by themselves. And, we saw in the climax to Words of Radiance, Syl was able to accurately determine the weapon that Kalaldin wished her to form without him having to actively communicate it to her, it would follow then, that the Radiant spren could do the same thing to provide their Radiant with the power that they wished to use. And since in modern fabrials, the spren would presumably be trapped in a single form, it would account for why fabrials each have only a single function. There is, however, a problem with using spren as the Rosharan focus, and it is essentially the same problem that we ran into when we tried considering the gemstones as the focus: when considering Soulcasting, it is clearly the gemstones, not the spren that is determining the result of the transformation. So both the spren and the gemstones must be the focus, but neither the spren nor the gemstones can be the focus! To resolve this, I think we’re going to need to take a closer look at what a focus actually is. To start off with, I don’t think that a focus is actually physical. Everything in the Cosmere exists to some extent across all three Realms, so that we might be able to see or interact with it in the Physical Realm does not mean that this is where the magical interaction is happening. If we look at AonDor, the focus like in all Selish magics is shapes, however, an Aon will continue to function even if you were to destroy its physical representation. Indeed Elantrians can draw Aons in the air, which shouldn’t have a physical body at all. And of course, on Nalthis, they use Commands as a focus which, being auditory, likewise shouldn’t have a physical body. I suspect that it is in the Cognitive Realm that these gain a more concrete, not to mention, permanent, form. So, Investiture flows from the Spiritual Realm to the Cognitive Realm where it interacts with the focus and is filtered down into the Physical Realm in the form determined by that focus. But, if the focus is cognitive, then shouldn’t it be possible for it to be something more abstract in nature, such as a function? We know that gemstones and spren have some kind of relationship with each other. Just consider Navani’s notebook: Could it be the case that spren and gemstones are bound together as variables in a cognitive function that is acting as the focus on Roshar? When spren are imprisoned in gemstones, is that what’s really happening, or are they instead being constrained to the same space as part of such a function? This is what I think is happening here: neither the spren nor the gemstone is the focus, but they are both components in a kind of complex focus. How the Honourblades Work So, I’ve been repeatedly coming back to the idea that the spren are involved in some way in every magic on Roshar, yet you might have noticed that the Honourblades are an exception to this. They allow their wielder to Surgebind, but they are not themselves spren. In fact, originally, the Honourblades would power Surgebinding by opening a direct conduit to Honour, similar to how Allomancy opens a conduit to Preservation, meaning that even gemstones wouldn’t be needed to provide Stormlight. Thus, the Heralds might not have needed either part of the focus that I specified above. Does this not contradict my argument for the focus? I don’t think so; I think that the way Honour hacked the magic in the Honourblades means that this isn’t an issue. When Preservation hacked Allomancy so that Vin was able to burn the mists, she no longer needed the metals for Allomancy. And similarly, when Vin became Preservation, she was able to power Allomancy for Elend without him having access to the metals. Based off of this, I think it’s clear that a focus is not required when a Shard directly intervenes like this. One final point: it could perhaps be argued that the Honourblades represent the true form of Surgebinding and that the Nahel bond is the true hack since the spren copied the Honourblades. I disagree with this interpretation, though. I think that the Radiant spren have always been able to form the Nahel bond and create Surgebinders since Honour first Invested in Roshar, they simply didn’t know that they could do this. When Honour hacked the system by creating the Honourblades though, the spren were able to figure out that they had this ability from seeing what the Honourblades could do. TL;DR Given the size and scope of this treatise, it is impossible to easily summarise the entire piece, however, a few key points are as follows: Honour’s influence causes a magic to take on a predefined, rigid structure. Voidbinding does not manipulate the Surges at all. Spren Bonds are the basis for Initiation. Roshar has a complex focus which utilises both spren and gemstones as components. The Honourblades negate the need for a focus.
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    Hi folks. Author of the article here. Thanks to Pagerunner for nudging me on over so we can make a better Cosmere relationship chart! My main sources for the piece were Coppermind (which I'm now gathering is out of date?), the novels/short stories, and the Arcanum Unbounded, so there were naturally going to be some inaccuracies. Sounds like I've got some straight up misrepresentations in there, however, so those should get fixed, and I'd like to rework the charts and article so that the speculation is separate from canon and/or Word of Brandon. One caveat: I'd like to avoid displaying connections that aren't published yet, as my intent with the chart was to be introductory and show casual Sanderson readers how to conceptualize and explore the larger narrative framework of the Cosmere, therefore I want to avoid spoilers for forthcoming works, like White Sand Vol. 2 and Oathbringer. Let me know if the following changes sound accurate: To change under Shardholders chart: Odium's path: Yolen to Threnody THEN to Sel THEN to Braize? Ruin's path: No Vax? Change nomenclature to "Vessels"? To change under Observers chart: Hoid: Add directional arrows to signify repeat visits to Scadrial. Change nomenclature to "Scholars"? To change under full chart: Talk about Frost on Yolen. Add Ire line between Threnody and Sel. Omit Mraize since most destinations are unconfirmed/speculative based on items. Would it be accurate to add the 17th Shard as a group? It seemed like it was more of an affiliation between individuals roaming the Cosmere. Of the Five Scholars we've only seen one (Vasher) appear on another world, right? Despite the group being able to hop anywhere? The question of Silverlight: There's no confirmed physical location of Silverlight, correct? And it connects to, or can observe, everywhere?
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    The past few days on the Shard have been kind of slow. So here's a ridiculous time waster. There once was an ardent swordmaster, Whose speech was a vibrant disaster, He'd grumble with hues, While training bridge crews, He most certainly wasn't named Vasher. Wax has a friend who likes hats, Who battles with bubbles and bats, His accents are "borrowed," His history sorrowed, That Wayne is the oddest of cats.
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    … 9 days ago, in the Royal Castle…. Captain Steel Shard stood guard at the entrance to the Chamber of the Elements, examining the sword that his son had given him just a few days ago. The sword was a dangerous weapon, strong and versatile. Captain Shard worried about the consequences of making such weapons- he needed to speak to his son about it. He was startled out of his contemplations as two ponies galloped around the corner- not just any ponies, but the royal sisters! “Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!” Captain Shard said, and made a salute with the sword. “Be on the lookout, Captain!” Princess Celestia ordered. “There is mischief a-hoof!” The Princess rushed into the Chamber of the Elements and the massive double-doors swung shut with a thud. Mischief? What sort of ‘mischief’ could have the Princesses so… frightened? A moment later, a group of ponies trotted around the corner into the hallway. Captain Shard could see that they were not palace guards or servants- just a disparate group of village ponies. And at their head trotted his son, Razor Shard. “Halt! By order of Princess Celestia!” Captain Shard called. “What is the meaning of this, Razor? Why are you here?” Razor Shard looked up and grinned with a malicious glint in his eye. “Stand down, Father,” He said. “Oh, and I’m going to be taking that sword back now.” Captain Shard gaped at the words. Behind him there came a few muffled thumps, and flashes of light flickered from beneath the double doors. What was going on in there? Whatever it was, Captain Shard knew he could not let Razor Shard and his companions get past him. He raised his sword into a defensive position. “No. I cannot let you pass.” His son shrugged. “We’re not here for the Princesses, that honor belongs to somepony else. We’re here for you and the sword,” he said, and swung his own sword into position. He gestured with it, and his companions moved into surrounding positions. Captain Shard swallowed hard. He couldn’t fight his own son! He began calling for help. “Guards! To me! Intruders in the castle! Guards! To me!” Razor Shard laughed and gestured again, and the ponies lunged at Captain Shard. He swung at one- causing her to jump back to avoid the sharp blade- but another kicked him squarely in the temple and he staggered back, dazed. A third pony landed a blow that knocked the wind out of him, and yet another pony kicked his legs out from under him and he toppled over. There were just too many of them. Suddenly an arrow flew down from above and struck the floor in front of the pony that had kicked him, followed by a second arrow fired at the next nearest intruder. Both ponies jumped back, and everypony looked up at the upper walkway where the arrows had come from. A lone pony stood there, wearing a hooded cloak and carrying a bow. A mighty BOOM thundered from the Chamber of Elements, and a bright flash of light pierced through the cracks in the doorway. The newcomer took advantage of the distraction grab ahold of a rope and swing down, snatching Captain Shard before the intruders could pounce on him. Their swing took them back up to the other end of the raised walkway, and the newcomer deposited them there. Below, Razor Shard growled in frustration and ordered his companions to give chase. “Follow me!” the newcomer ordered, and kicked open a window. Together they slipped out into the night and were gone. ... Present Day… Mandible stepped back, admiring his work. He stood in Defecate Mac’s cottage, and Defecate Mac himself was now encased in a glowing green cocoon hanging from the ceiling. Mandible flipped open his saddlebag, and as he did he noticed a ripe, red apple he had picked earlier. He grinned, pulling the apple out. When Defecate Mac saw it, his eyes grew wide with surprise and anger, but of course his eyes were the only things he could move. Mandible plunged the apple through the membrane of the cocoon and stuck the apple in Defecate Mac’s mouth, then laughed as he picked up the pink gemstone off of the hearth and trotted away. It had been a simple thing to subdue Defecate Mac. After all, Mandible had been assigned to take the place of Razor Shard, and Defecate Mac hadn’t dared to resist once he had a sword pressed to his throat. Now, Mandible just had to return to the Hive and give Queen Chrysalis the Element of Kindness. The last Element of Harmony. He tossed it lightly in his hoof as he exited the cottage. Only, once outside he found he was surrounded by the remaining village ponies. “Stop right there, Razor Shard!” Twilight Star accused. “You can’t get away from us this time!” “Yeah!” Seeing Eye said. “Now hand over the Element! What did you do to Defecate Mac?” Mandible laughed, and dropped the gemstone into his saddlebag, then whipped his sword up in front of him. The other ponies froze. None of them had any weapons or a tough Changeling shell to protect them like he did. They were helpless before him. “That’s right,” he sneered. “Back off.” He trotted confidently through the crowd, and they shied away from his bared blade. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a gift to deliver to my Queen.” He backed away from the crowd, keeping his eye on them and his sword pointed towards them as he made his way towards the edge of the Everfree forest. None of them dared to try to stop him. Mandible heard the ring of steel being unsheathed, and he whirled around to see a pony wearing a cloak with the hood pulled over his face, with a drawn sword identical to the one that Mandible held. The new pony threw off the hooded cloak. It was Captain Shard. Mandible recovered from his shock quickly. “Father!” He said. “Where did you come from? These ponies are Changelings, they tried to-” “Enough with the lies, Changeling.” Captain Shard said. “Hidden Antler rescued me on the day you attacked Princess Celestia in the Castle, and hid me away in his cottage in the forest so that I could recover from my wounds.” Mandible grunted, and held his sword forward threateningly. Captain Shard stood directly between him and the path leading through the Everfree Forest. “Stand aside,” he growled. “Or else.” “Not this time,” Captain Shard said resolutely, and didn’t budge an inch. Mandible charged, swinging for the pony’s neck. Steel rang against steel as Captain Shard parried, then returned with a thrust of his own. Mandible twisted to the side, swinging repeatedly. Captain Shard deftly blocked each blow, turning with each step to stay between Mandible and the forest. The other ponies gathered about, eyes riveted on the dueling ponies. To the onlookers they seemed evenly matched, but Mandible could tell that wasn’t the case. Captain Shard was better. His parries were starting to come quicker and his thrusts coming closer as he figured out Mandible’s fighting style. So Mandible cheated. As Captain Shard swung at Mandible’s legs he shape-shifted back into his true form, and used his wings to fly up over Captain Shard’s sword. Mandible thrust, and his blade caught Captain Shard’s shoulder. Captain Shard cried out, but instead of faltering he countered with a powerful swing of his own. Steel met steel, and Mandible’s sword shattered- broken in two like the Cutie Mark that had been shown on his flank just moments before. But it was too late. Already the Changeling was flying over Captain Shard’s head, and disappearing into the the dark paths of the Everfree Forest. Princess Luna arrived at the clearing in front of the cottage to find everypony in a panicked disarray. Some ponies were tending to a wounded guardspony, while others were trying to clear green goo off of an unconscious Defecate Mac, while still others were peering frightenedly into the Everfree Forest. “What happened here?” She asked. The other ponies answered in a rush. “A Changeling attacked Defecate Mac...” “...stole the Element of Kindness…” “...tried to stop...” “...fought with swords…” “...Got away. He’s taking the Element to Queen Chrysalis!” Princess Luna looked grimly towards the direction that the Changeling had fled. “We must not let him reach the other Changelings with the Element of Kindness. Come, everypony. Together we will stop him!” “But… How will we ever find him, Princess?” Somepony asked timidly. “It’s pitch black in there.” “You forget, my little pony,” Princess Luna said. “Mine is the domain of Night. He cannot hide from me in the dark.” Mandible burst into the inner chamber of the hive. “I’ve got it!” he called, and held the Element of Kindness above his head. Queen Chrysalis sat at the center of the chamber, near a small pedestal that held 5 glowing gems encased in green crystal. The chamber was filled with Changelings, sitting on the floor and perched atop rock outcroppings. “Excellent work!” Queen Chrysalis said, rising to her feet, and the swarm of changelings buzzed with excitement. The Queen went on, “Now that we have all six Elements of Harmony, the ponies cannot stand against us. The time has come that we will feed on their love and happiness and-” KaBOOM!!! A section of the cave ceiling exploded inwards, showering the Changelings with dust and debris. “Not so fast!” a voice called, and the dust cleared to reveal Princess Luna standing at the head of a small group of determined ponies. “Get them!” Queen Chrysalis screamed. The Changelings rushed towards the ponies, and Princess Luna and the village ponies charged forward to meet them. Twilight Blossom found herself at the head of the charge. She ducked her head and ran straight ahead as three Changelings tried to tackle her from different directions. “Abracadabra!” she yelled, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The Changelings crashed into each other as Twilight Blossom reappeared behind them, then turned to face the next wave of Changelings. Seeing Eye kicked one Changeling aside, then leaped over another one. He thought he had seen… There! One of the Changelings was dodging around the others, trying to make its way towards the center of the chamber, and it carried something small and pink: The Element of Kindness! Seeing Eye charged towards the Changeling, but several other Changelings tackled him from behind, pinning him to the ground. He could do nothing except watch as the Changeling with the Element ran up the steps and onto the stone dias. Just before the Changeling reached the pedestal with the other Elements of Harmony, however, Twilight Star leaped out from behind a boulder and pounced on him. His head bounced against the stone floor, and his head wobbled dazedly. “Got you!” Twilight Star said with a smirk, and snatched the Element of Kindness away from him. She turned and grabbed the crystal with the other Elements inside off of the pedestal, then flew up into the air just as two other Changelings tried to pounce on her. Meanwhile Moneybags and Cherry Blossom had snuck around unnoticed to where a large cluster of green pods was situated- the pods that contained the captured ponies. Together they pried the first one open, and Prism tumbled out. She stood on wobbly legs, shaking her head and flinging green goo everywhere. “It’s your lucky day,” Moneybags said with a winning smile. “Today we’re offering freedom from the Changelings for the low price of 100 bits.” He glanced at the green goo clinging to Prism. “And for just 10 bits more we’ll throw in a day visit to the Ponyville Day Spa, which will leave you refreshed and-” Cherry Blossom cut him off. “Ignore Moneybags, He’s an idiot sometimes. Help us with the rest,” She said. Together they got to work on freeing the other ponies. Above them all, Queen Chrysalis and Princess Luna battled in the air, hurling green and blue blasts of magic at one another. “You fool!” Queen Chrysalis cackled. “Do you really think you and your pitiful band of ponies can defeat me and my minions? When not even Celestia could do it?” Princess Luna ignored her jibes, and readied a powerful blast of magic. “This is for my sister!” She yelled, then fired a blue beam of light at the Changeling Queen. Queen Chrysalis blocked the beam with one of her own, and grinned. She opened her mouth and inhaled, and suddenly a misty pink light began flowing out of Luna and into Queen Chrysalis. “You see?” Queen Chrysalis said, the misty light still flowing into her. “You fight me out of love for your precious Celestia, but I feed off of that love. Your feelings only give me power- power that I will use to enslave you and all of Equestria!” Princess Luna cried out in pain, unable to stop the pink light from draining away from her. As it did, the light of her magic began to weaken and dim. “Chrysalis!” To the side, through the opening that had been blasted through the cavern wall, a golden light began to grow, like the dawning of a new day. Everypony turned to see Princess Celestia flying down through the hole, followed by Straw, Weaver, Silver Wolf, and Crescent Thunder. “I told you that we would defeat you again,” Celestia said. “But how!?” Crysalis screamed. “I sapped your life-force and left you in a coma!” “Once the last changeling was expelled from Ponyville we awoke. Without any Changelings nearby to sustain it, your magic was no match for the love I felt from all these ponies. It was the power of that love that brought us back to consciousness, and it is the power of that love that will bring us victory this day.” Celestia’s horn lit up like the sun, and she fired a stream of magic at Queen Chrysalis. It was soon joined by a silvery blue stream from Luna, as well as a half dozen smaller streams of light from the other unicorns in the chamber. Even the ponies that weren’t unicorns began to grow with a soft pink light- the power of their love made manifest as they defied the Changeling Queen. Queen Chrysalis screamed, green lightning flickering around her as she tried desperately to fend off the rays of magic. With a final thunderclap and a puff of smoke, she disappeared- banished from Equestria by the love of the ponies who stood united. Silence fell over the chamber. The Changelings that remained looked at Princess Celestia, looked at the ponies of Ponyville, looked at each other, then turned and fled- flying out of the hive and away from Ponyville as fast and as far as their wings would carry them. Some time later, with the light of dawn filtering through the trees, the tired ponies made their way back towards ponyville. Trailing at the back of the crowd, Schitzo sidled up to Jeeves. “Psst!” Schitzo hissed. Jeeves glanced around to make sure nopony was nearby. “What?” he said. “I told you it was a good idea,” Schitzo said. “Having us hide in the cocoons like we were the captive ponies. Nopony suspected a thing!” “Shh!” Jeeves hissed. “Keep it down. We’ve got to blend in and remain unnoticed until Queen Chrysalis recovers and is ready to make her next move.” “Right,” Schitzo said, and winked conspiratorially. They grinned, then hastened to catch up to the unsuspecting ponies. Darkness Ascendant was kidnapped! He was a Village Pony with the Element of Kindness! Bridge Boy was lynched! He was A Changeling! The Game ends in a draw! All the Changelings have been caught and all the Elements of Harmony have been eliminated. Player List Links: Spectator Doc The Changeling Hive Master Spreadsheet I hope you enjoy the final writeup. Writeups, technically. Bridge Boy had an awesome backstory that deserved an epic writeup, and before the game ever began @A Joe in the Bush PM'd me and asked if he could be the one to have kidnapped Razor Shard's father. When Joe ended up being a villager and Bridge Boy ended up being a Changeling, I had to get creative to find a way for Hidden Antler to kidnap Captain Shard and a reason for Razor Shard to be searching for him. I think this works pretty well. And then of course the Epilogue needed to be something big and grand, and also needed to somehow convey the feeling a of a tie, so well there you go. I want to post my thoughts on the game from the GM's perspective, but it's nearly 4:00am here so I'm going to wait and do that in a day or two. Thanks everypony, it's been fun! EDIT: And lastly, don't forget about the CR challenge! There was a lot of great roleplay and some people who stuck to their CRs diligently the entire time they were in the game. Great job everyone, but now its time for you vote for who you think should win the CR challenge! As promised, I will draw and color a picture for whoever wins of their pony in one of the scenes from the game. Feel free to vote for more than one person, or to vote for a particular scene if you wish.
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    Hello, everyone. If you have any questions about the Oathbringer release or the tour in general, feel free to post them in this thread, or look through what has already been asked in the thread. I'll try to summarize some of the Frequently Asked Questions: What are the tour dates we know so far? Nov 13, BYU Bookstore. Midnight Release Party, into Nov 14. (Presumably) Likely England Visit (probably with multiple stops) While Team Sanderson probably has a good idea of the tour by now, announcements don't typically happen until much closer to release date. For Shadows of Self, the specific stops were announced two months in advance. So, expect to see something firm in mid-September. Or keep an eye on Brandon's social media, where something will likely slip out a bit sooner. What's the chance that Brandon will come to Los Angeles/Timbuktu/Mars? Brandon's agent schedules his tour events. If you'd like to see where he has gone in the past, you can check out ccstat's helpful map of them, or to look through Theoryland's event database to see where Brandon's other large tours have been. In the past year or two, he has been doing several smaller tours a year (for YA stuff, Arcanum Unbounded, two Mistborn books in quick succession), but since this will have been almost a year since any other major releases, I suspect the Oathbringer tour will look more like one of the three Wheel of Time tours, with lots of stops. Big cities tend to get a lot of love, and Brandon's geographic location in Utah means that there tend to be more stops out west than there are in the east (and obviously outside of the continental US). Denver, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, and San Francisco seem to be the cities getting a lot of visits. Two big cities that seem to not get their fair share of tour visits are Atlanta and New York. The former is probably because JordanCon is held there, so Brandon has plenty of opportunities to visit them. New York has been odd, and the anecdotal reason that I've heard is that signings in the Big Apple are in absurdly high demand, and even a big-name fantasy author like Brandon is still a very small fish in that pond. Brandon could get in when he was working on Wheel of Time, but hasn't really been back too many times since he's finished it up. For outside the United States, Brandon just finished up a tour through Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, and Germany). He's said he's planning on going to England, but that might not preclude some other European stops. Anything further would be pure speculation on my part (although I seem to recall Brandon is a big hit among teenage girls in Taiwan...) How do I get a numbered book? Do I need to be at the Midnight Release? Brandon typically outsources the sale of numbered books to Weller Book Works. He will make a blog post when they can be ordered; here's the Bands of Mourning announcement. Brandon expects that you will be able to preorder from them in September. Any way to get the book early? I'm not good at that sort of thing. If you order on Amazon, you might be able to get it a couple of days early. In my experience, I get it a couple days late, so I usually go to B&N the day of. (Actually, I usually check on Monday night, if they're putting it out before they close, but I haven't had any luck with that.) Why can't I buy it in paperback? Books like this will typically have a paperback version released 1 year after the hardcover. It's because the publishing industry is full of greedy people, and they know that you'll pay for the hardcover if you have no other choice, and it lets them leave the ebook price well above what paperbacks typically go for. (But in all seriousness, this is standard practice for a new release. It's like paying for four movie tickets vs buying the DVD.) So, you can expect to see the MMPB around November 2018. Of note for this particular book, it's long enough that it may not be possible to release as a single paperback; we might get Oathbringer Part 1 and Oathbringer Part 2. This has been pretty standard for various worldwide releases, but pretty atypical for North America, where the fantasy market is so strong they don't need to fudge their numbers by double- or triple-counting book sales. The hardcover will still be a single volume, even if they need to shrink margins and stuff like that. It's my first signing, and I'm overwhelmed. Help! Don't panic! Here are some specific questions you may be wondering: Where can I find more info about a particular signing? This forum will contain threads for each event, once more information is known. You'll be able to reach out to the bookstores that will be hosting and ask about any specifics that aren't available on their website. Do I need to buy a ticket? This depends on the event host. Bookstores around the country host events, and they may decide to ticket an event to allow them to rent a larger space to hold the signing. They also may require you to purchase a copy of Oathbringer from them, or just give a free ticket with purchase. There are two reasons they do this: first, they shouldn't lose money hosting an event like this (because if they do, they will stop doing them). Two, imposing a price tag will reduce the number of attendees and make for a better experience for those who are willing to pay. (Somewhat analogous to Uber's surge pricing.) Not all bookstores will ticket their events, but it's good manners to purchase something from a bookstore that hosts a free event. Take care of some Christmas shopping early, if you can, and you'll thank the bookstore for their work setting up the event. How long a turn will I get in the signing line? How many books or questions can I bring? This also depends on the bookstore, and the size of the crowd that turns up. Sometimes, the bookstore will have Brandon pre-sign books, so you can just snag a copy and go. If you're bringing books you already own to get signed and/or personalized, be aware that the bookstore may limit the number of books that you can take with you in the line. You can pretty much count on getting at least 3, though. While he's signing and personalizing books, you'll be able to chat with him, ask questions, or get a picture taken. I have it on good authority that waiting to go last means you can slip in a few extra questions... if you're willing to wait around all night for them. What questions should I ask? We maintain (and by "we," I mean "I think somebody does") an Ultimate List of Questions you can feel free to pull from, and if you ask in one of the event threads, people will be sure to offer suggestions. I recommend you pick something that you're personally interested in. And you don't even need to ask any questions - you could always share a story, or something else to make things a little more personal. Can I give Brandon any gifts, to show my appreciation? He likes magic cards. And fish sticks. But he repeatedly says that he doesn't really need the gifts to feel appreciated, he'll just mention them as outlets for those who love to give gifts. (Also, he hates fish sticks.)
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    Thanks Silverblade and everyone who wanted to know more about me. (I'm changing the way people should submit their answers. I think featured members should just post these directly in here!) 1. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). Have some JAPAN PICTURES. Okay, those last two are obviously not me, but Japan is weird, so I wanted to show you. 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). Eric Lake 3. Which book is your favorite and why? This is tough! Oathbringer beat Words of Radiance for me. As for non-Brandon books, I'd say Foundation's Edge. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? I'm one of the three co-founders of 17th Shard. Originally my mandate was just in running the forums, but I have a hand in basically everything the Shard does. I'm ultimately the system admin of the site (and I'm not good at that, honestly). I deal with the Shard's software. I do some coding stuff on the main site, but mostly to make the Shard look pretty. I write news articles (which I did exclusively for a while. Now Weiry does a lot, which is good). I manage all podcasts, and somehow weaseled my way to be on every podcast now or involving future plans. I also do audio editing now for Shardcast, somehow. In many respects I'm a manager, directing a lot of our people to make cohesive things. I connect the 17S design team. I'm on the Coppermind staff. I'm on the new WoB Archive staff. I'm constantly working on something. Currently the WoB Archive is sapping a lot my effort. I used to be much more involved in the theoretical discussion here, but I'm way too busy these days to do so. However, I'm directly responsible for some terms fans use all the time, like intent and Survival Shard (the Survival Shard, by the way, was a thing that was written into a book of mine). I rather aggressively pushed the idea of Adonalsium's "opposing force" and kept asking questions about it, but that eventually got me in trouble, because Brandon likes intentionally misleading me at this point. He very much knows I care deeply about the Shards. Troll. I remember at a signing when I asked him, "How many Shards have Invested themselves onto Roshar?" (This was because at the time there was some debate as to whether there could be a fourth Shard in the system.) You know what he said? "Technically, all of them have." What a troll. I still find the pinnacle of my theorizing in the cosmere to be the Principle of Intent, which was eventually revealed to be totally canonical. 5. What made you join the forum? Maybe you guys don't know the story! I'll recount it. Long ago, when the Earth was young (meaning 2010 here), Mi'chelle wanted to make a fan site because she felt the fanbase had been outgrowing Timewaster's Guide. She along with Josh Brandon gave this place its name, and once we had that, I got fed up with our coding person I bought the domain myself. Thus, I've been struggling my way through being system admin of this site ever since 6. How many hours do you spend on the Shard on a given day? The Shard itself, less than you'd think. I always have a tab of it open but I don't browse all new posts. I probably spend less than hour actually posting on the forum itself. I'm always doing stuff in the periphery of the Shard, though, like being on Discord (where you can always find me), the Coppermind, or the new WoB Archive that I really want to tell you the name of. When I spend a day working on this Shard related stuff, I'll spend the whole day on it. 7. Describe your fondest forum experience. This requires me to actually remember things? Man, that's hard. My memory is quite legendarily bad. Sometimes people will say "You told me to do it this way like a year ago!" when I tell them to do the opposite in the present day. Oops. Anyway, this is hard to narrow down. For a forum specific moment, I'm going to say that one fateful day in February 2011 where Joe kindly bought us this forum software. When we did that upgrade, Kerry and I immediately had the most stressful design night, as we had to get the crappy default IPB site to do what we wanted it to do. There was about an hour where we yelled at CSS because something wasn't centering that should have. (Mind you, the site was live this whole time.) My fondest moments are really in all the people I've met on the Shard. I've met amazing friends who I talk to all the time. I've also met people on the Shard that I dated, but as that goes, that kind of happened by accident. An extremely humbling time happened when, at either Alloy of Law's or Words of Radiance's release, I was talking with someone and she eventually screamed, "Oh my god, you're Chaos!?" Apparently I am famous to a few It was a cool and very humbling. 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Endings. Brandon's such a freaking boss at endings, especially recently. I'm a guy who absolutely loves good plot and good endings, and I don't think I'd ultimately care about the connected universe stuff and his worldbuilding if his endings weren't so sweet. (Uh, Oathbringer hype.) 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Sometimes he becomes so fond of a character that he has no perspective on when to cut down on a character. I'm looking at you, Wayne in the beginning of Bands of Mourning. Brandon liked the scene and he kept it in its entirety. I think it's still the strongest thing to criticize Bands about. Brandon likes Wayne way too much... It's hard to say other things. Others are having a problem with the amount of fake character deaths, but if those people didn't infect my brain, it wouldn't bother me too much. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? I suppose I'll go with Mistborn 1 Elend Venture. 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! I teach math. Math is applicable to everything, because math is logic. The universe is inherently logical. You might not see that is inherently logical, but that's just because you might lack perspective on the issue. Everything has a cause and effect. Sometimes this is phrased as, "everything happens for a reason." That's needlessly dramatic. Practically speaking things happen for utterly mundane reasons. I'm thirsty, so I'll drink some water. My feet are cold, so I'll put on socks. It applies to everything. If you crush on someone and they reject you, or a friend betrays you, their logic may seem unknowable, but there is always reason for why something occurs. (Sometimes, though, it can be a very unsatisfying answer for you, especially if a person actively tried to hurt you.) So, in a way, if you learn math, you learn about logic, and you learn about everything. Learning math has made me a better writer, because writing is not some unknowable enigma. You can design a great story. There are bits and pieces you need to make a great novel, or even pieces you would need to write a good paragraph! Anything you think is challenging has a logic to it. I think drawing is really hard, but surely there is logic to it, or else it could never be taught. The universe has rules to it! How cool is that? One could easily imagine a fantasy universe where the universe actually doesn't have rules to it and it truly is unknowable, but fortunately, it is not the world we live in. Just because you don't know a fact doesn't mean it is unknowable--it means you have more work to do. 12. How did you incorporate the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise into a calculus lecture? Actually, a student of mine wrote this on a calculus quiz when he didn't know how to answer the question. It was great. I don't think I directly mentioned in it a lecture, though.
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    What follows is my current theory on how the 10 Heralds became the 10 fool's through the coarse of the Desolations. I will update this post as it evolves. I will try to provide links to all WOB. Quotes will come from the kindle versions of the books via cut and paste. I will list book, chapter, and location number. Bold will be my emphasis. Italics will be possible contradictory evidence. From Reddit Fantasy Bookclub Q&A with Brandon Sanderson Feb 28th, 2011 First, the Desolations occurred when the Heralds were sent back to Roshar after one of them broke under the torture of Odium. Second, each Herald is associated with a primary and secondary Divine Attribute. (Possibly primary from Honor, Secondary from Cultivation?) Third, the torture does not happen in the physical realm. It occurs in either the cognitive, or more likely the spiritual realm. Fourth, when Odium breaks a Herald, he is literally breaking part of that Heralds spiritual connection to the Divine Attribute. Fifth, Odium's goal was to break all the Heralds and bring about the the Everstorm, allowing him to shatter Honor and Cultivation. Sixth, breaking the Divine Attributes shifted them towards something more compatible with Odium and less compatible with Honor. This resulted in the attributes associated with the 10 Fool's. NOTE: One of the biggliest issues with this theory is not knowing the 10 Fools attributes. Two Fools are named. Two have attributes. Cabine - He acts like a child although he is an adult. TWOK chapter 37, page 593, location 10668 Eshu - He speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do. WOR chapter 71, page 593, location 16877 One issue I have here is that the 2 Heralds I would link these two too are both female. Paliah and Battar. _--------------------------------------------------------- 1) We have a WOB on this. Not a confirmation, but along those lines. 2) Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. Leading Nale. Just. Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. Builder Talenel. Dependable. Resourceful Ishar. Pious. Guiding 3) Since Odium was attempting to break the Heralds focus on their Divine Attribute, the torture most likely took place in the spiritual realm. The spren would probably know something if it took place in the cognitive realm. One thing pointing to the cognitive realm though is the fact that Taln appeared covered in condensation much like a shardblade. 4) By breaking the Herald, Odium shifted their Primary attribute to closer align with his shard and align less with Honors. This usually resulted in an almost inversion of the attribute. Below I will show what I think the attribute shifted to after the Devine attribute. Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. (Submission) Leading Nale. Just. (Arbitrary)(Judgement) Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. (Destructive) Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. (Weak-willed) Builder Talenel. Dependable. (Erratic) Resourceful Ishar. Pious. (Traitorous) Guiding These are based off of what we have seen or heard in the books so far. These are not perfect words, but the 17th shard manymind will probably come up with better. There are some subtle indications that only 9 of the 10 fool's have a strong history or mythology. Here is one concerning Lyft and pancakes. I think I subconsciously connected Lyft's silly quest to eat all 10 Pancakes with the 10 fool's. Research could not find a direct correlation. Jezrien gives up on protecting humanity personally, submits to the Will of the group, and sacrifices Talenel to uphold the entire oathpact. Nale shifts from Just- working within the accepted standards of right and wrong to Arbitrary- following the rule of law without regards to morality.....he goes straight lawful evil. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 Judgement not Justice. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 Shalash is pretty clear with her running around destroying art, and significantly art that depicts her and other heralds. Kalak is in no way resolute when Jezrien meets him. He is in fact very weak willed, confessing that he cannot go back. Talenel (if it really is him) comes back a broken man, highly erratic and unable to perform his duties as the Herald of War. Ishar formed the Knights Radiant originally, he led the Bondsmiths. He was also the one who promulgated the traitorous idea that 1 Herald could support the Oathpact. From Edgedancer: And And 5) We know there were not literally 99 desolation. I suspect there were 9. One each time Odium broke a Herald. Then the next time that Herald would not be tortured as hard so that about her would break first. Nine also being the number of Odium I believe would work well with this. After the Oathpact was discarded, Odium let humanity rewrite Roshar's history and religion in preparation for the Final Desolation. 6) The corruption of the 9 Heralds weakened Honor, but the Knights Radiant provided some support, until the Day of Requience when they abandoned all their oaths. Honor shattered shortly after. I have to go back and find some more quotes and WOB to fully support some of this, but I will edit them in as I find them.
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can
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    Hi everyone. After my very dark post two days ago, things took a turn for the better Just wanted to let you know I'm okay and still here.
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    I made an account just to say this one. I thought of it last time I did a re-read. Not only is Szeth an assassin, he's A-Shash-Shin. Shash meaning dangerous.
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    To sail into a Highstorm was suicide... Started this one at 11:30 this morning and I'm finishing up now, just 7 hours later. Pretty happy with the fast turnaround =) Let me know what you think! And if you like what I'm making, follow me on Instagram! @grantmhansen. there will be more of it coming!
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    So hero gave me permission to post once to bring on the upvotes! This was tons of fun. *bows* so give the the upvotes for evil genius and a great write up. Thanks for bringing me in to try SE @Hemalurgic_Headshot Oh and don't forget to vote for me at the end for best CR. Unless you think anyone else was better. MLP has been redeemed in my eyes.
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    So there has been a lot of mystery surrounding what the Aimian said at the end of that interlude, most theories ive seen revolving around Unmade. I think i found a piece of evidence that confirms this. In the first Dalinar chapter in WoR he is in a vision set in the purelake. Him and a bunch of other soldiers, including a radiant, are hunting for a spren that has been "touched", or corrupted, by something named Sja-anat. The title of this chapter? Taker of Secrets. It makes a lot of sense to me that something that can take over cognitive entities would be able to extract information from someone after they died and before they passed to the beyond. Let me know what you think.
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    First and foremost: I'm on my phone and my access to internet is flimsy, so I couldn't search if this had been talked about before or not, and my grammar and format might be plainly wrong so, excuse me on both ends, please. I had a lot of thinking time today (where i have to wait in the car and only wait...) and my mind wandered towards the Cosmere as usual. It's very simple, really, but I cane up with something: When you awaken something there are 2 things that ease or handicap the process: if the thing had been previously alive, and if it had a human shape (or at least part of one, like... A foot) The problem with awakening iron or its alloys is that they were never alive. You might make an iron leg to substitute one you lost but awakening that would be hella difficult. But make it out of bone, or wood, and it's a lot more doable. Here is the thing: Trace Elements, or Oligoelements, are small, minuscule amounts of material that our body has and needs but are in such a low percentage that we don't actually count as having them. Iron is one of those Oligoelements, used to make blood (i think?) and the average male adult has 3.8gr of the things in his body (a little less for women). A very small amount. But it's Iron that has been part of a living body, that "remembers" being alive. I'm not actually sure how much iron does a sword actually needs. Let's say it weighs 5kg. You'd need around 1320 humans to acquire that much iron. Let's also assume our extracting methods are not 100% effective... Let's say that we actually siphon correctly half of a persons iron with our procedure and the rest goes down the sink with the rest of the blood. 2640 humans, for a sword that's 50% easier to awaken than one made from mined ores (as it isnt in human shape) It hardly seems practical (if at all), but imagine you GET to do that. Invest a wallop of breaths in the thing, command it to slay evil, and it actually works. damnation... Suddenly, if this method is known, other people might try to repeat it and slaughter another 2640 humans. Wouldn't it be a secret worth killing to keep?
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    We've already seen one. It's just not really allowed openly because of the Vorin restrictions on gender roles. The assassin Jasnah hires in the WoR Prologue, Liss A.K.A The Weeper, gouges out the eyes of her victims to hide they've been killed with a Shardblade.
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    Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. You may need it to destroy the new orders when they return. - WOR Chapter 84 epigraph (decoded) Now, as the Windrunners were thus engaged, arose the event which has hitherto been referenced: namely, that discovery of some wicked thing of eminence -- WOR Chapter 38 epigraph These epigraphs strongly imply that the Recreance was precipitated by the KR discovering some terrible fact. It doesn't seem to have been tied to any corruption that may have crept in to the Orders (the taxes for travel through Urithiru, etc.) Now, here's something anomalous. The Desolations devastated Roshar, killing something like 90 percent of the human population and knocking technology back to the stone age, at least sometimes. Yet when Honor was Splintered (after the Recreance -- he remembers it in the visions) there seems to have been no such cataclysm. Aharietiam is still seen as "the Last Desolation", which it wouldn't be if another apocalyptic event had occurred since the Recreance. Similarly, Odium Splintered Devotion and Dominion on Sel. But humanity on that planet survived; he didn't destroy the planet, depopulate it, or warp it into some kind of a hellscape. So why the devastating, lethal Desolations on Roshar before the Recreance? Because humans were fighting on Honor's side. Odium doesn't really care about killing humans, except incidentally to getting at the Shards; nothing much below the power-level of a Herald registers on his "radar screen" Therefore, my proposal for the Secret That Broke The KR is: Honor's been feeding us into a meat grinder for thousands of years to protect Cultivation and a couple of alien gods we'll never see. If we let Odium win, nothing bad really happens to humanity. Honor betrayed us. Our spren have been in on it, all along - they're pieces of Honor. So let him die.
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    Depends on the format. During signing lines, to keep things moving, Brandon will often limit people to three or four questions. But some of us have had luck waiting until the end of an event, once it's officially closed and everyone else has gone, and Brandon is willing to stick around and keep on talking. (Whether that's just staying late after the bookstore staff have locked the doors, relocating to the lobby after the university closed the lecture hall we were in, or even standing on the street outside the library and getting interrupted by a homeless person!) So, don't count on getting a ton of questions, but it never hurts to have plenty prepared. As far as what to ask, this is the advice that I give. Brandon seems to be able to tell when someone is asking a question from a list, and when someone is asking about stuff they've come up with. Don't act like a 17th Shard footsoldier, asking what you think is best for the community. When Brandon can tell you're excited about a topic, he'll open up and really engage with you. But if you're carrying along a message from your internet overlords, he's more likely to just give a short answer and keep the line moving. Even if you ask a question that's been answered before, it's not the end of the world. In one of the recent Facebook FAQ polls, the winning question was one about WoR that those of us on the Shard have known the answer to since, like, one day after it was released. But in Brandon's answer, he didn't just give the simple facts, he talked about why he had included that scene, and how it was influenced from the first draft of WoK. You can get some good information from old questions, even if it's just because Brandon can say more once Oathbringer is out. Our priority for signings is often to get facts. Brandon's priority is not to give facts; if he wanted to, he could do that much more effectively by spending more time doing Reddit AMAs or that sort of thing. His priority, why he wants to keep doing signings, is to interact with his fans face-to-face and share the excitement and enjoyment that we all get from his works. So pick questions that will do both; stuff that you don't know the answer to, and that you can genuinely and earnestly converse with Brandon about. Yes-or-no questions can be good, but be prepared to follow up with either answer, so the conversation doesn't die.
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    It’s the year 342, and the discontentment of the people at the injustice of Elendel is barely seething below the surface. As chaos errupts around the Basin, with the growing food shortages in the outer areas of the basin going unanswered by the government, now is the time to act! In Bilming, the largest port city, and home to many a university, you have made your home, and now you are fighting to keep it that way. Led by students inspired by Lord Elend and his fellows, supplies have been stockpiled, with plenty of guns and ammunition to go around. When the signal came, you rushed to do your part in setting up a barricade in a carefully chosen location. Now you make a stand as you wait for the people to rise up with you and overthrow the upper crust that doesn’t care at all for the working class. Welcome to L35: Miserables. Being unwilling to miss the opportunity to make that pun, here we have a game inspired by Les Miserables, set on Scadrial, in the Elendel Basin, around the time of the riots and chaos of Shadows of Self. But before you go any further, there's something from Doc, my Co-GM, to read. Be sure to check it out. There'll be a quiz later. It's also the shape of things to come. The Rules: The Friends of the ABC are manning the barricade to oppose a corrupt government. It’s the job of the Constabulary to end this riot by any means necessary. While they are able to keep the Friends pinned down, they don’t have the numbers to overwhelm them. So instead they have to rely on Infiltrators who have joined the ranks of the Friends to sabotage their efforts from the inside. As long as there are infiltrators in their midst, the Friends cannot hope to hold the barricade. Each cycle will be 96 hours, broken up into 48 hour ‘day/night’ turns. Note that flavour wise, this will be more like 6 hour blocks of time so that 4 full cycles will be a day of in game time. During ‘day’ turns, everyone may place a single vote on someone to lynch. The player with the most votes is killed. In the case of a tie, one of the tied players will be chosen at random. Votes are placed in red, and retracted in green. If you place multiple votes, only the earliest vote will be counted. Don't go back to older posts and edit in retractions - if you need to vote then retract, do so in the same post, otherwise post the retraction in a new post. During ‘night’ turns, the Infiltrators get to attempt a kill on one player. The game will be starting on a day turn. Roles The game will start in a week. Once I've worked out what will work best to start the game (next Saturday is a bit messy for me), and the best times for my Co-GM, I'll edit in a countdown, and give a final rollover time. One last thing to note - I have a couple more ideas for thematic roles that I may also include in the game. I will make a further post about these later if I decided to include them. Quick Links:
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    Some time ago I've put together a timeline of books. I've decided to translate it to English and post it with sources, so I went and searched for the WoBs to put them in the timeline. I haven't found all of those I was using at the time (see the end of this post) but I've also found some I haven't seen before, so... profit? Enjoy. Order of series: Dragonsteel White Sand Elantris Mistborn First Era Warbreaker Stormlight Archive (first pentalogy) Mistborn Second Era Stormlight Archive (second pentalogy) Mistborn Third Era Mistborn Fourth Era ------------------------------------------- Order of the books: (Entries not bolded have not been released yet) Dragonsteel White Sand (before Elantris) Elantris & Hope of Elantris (long before Mistborn First Era, but not thousands of years) Emperor’s Soul (technology didn’t change since Elantris so probably not much more than decades #2) Eleventh Metal The Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages (341 years before Alloy of Law) Warbreaker (closer than farther to Way of Kings) Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (in the latter part of timeline but before Way Of Kings: #1 #2, and FAQ – if it’s correct – says it’s after Warbreaker) Nightblood (we don’t know whether it’s after Shadows for Silence..., but it’s before Stormlight Archive) Way of Kings (happens 300ish years after Hero Of Ages) Words of Radiance Edgedancer Oathbringer Stormlight Archive, book four Stormlight Archive, book five (about 15 years before Stormlight 6 but the gap may as well be 10 or 20 years #1 #2 #3 #4) Alloy of Law (341 years after Hero Of Ages)(it’s after Stormlight 5 but we don’t know if it’s before Stormlight 6. It could also be after Stormlight 7.) Shadows of Self (year after Alloy of Law) Bands of Mourning (half a year after Shadows of Self) Lost Metal Stormlight Archive, book six (about 15 years after Stormlight 5) Stormlight Archive, book seven Stormlight Archive, book eight Stormlight Archive, book nine Stormlight Archive, book ten Mistborn Third Era (modern times, around 80s)(probably roughly about 50 years after Second Era) Sixth of the Dusk (just before Mistborn Fourth Era #1) Mistborn Fourth Era (sci-fi) ------------------------------------------- WoBs I cannot find now but I'm sure they exist since when I was putting together this timeline I was strictly going off only WoBs: the gap between Stormlight 5 and 6 could be 20 years (specifically 20 years, 10 and 15 I have sourced already) Warbreaker being closer than farther to Way of Kings
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    Night 6: A Traitor and a Spy Remart was relaxing quietly in his bed when they found him. His shoulder was bound, healing from the brawl in the common room, but he hadn't been able to sleep since then. He'd heard the whispers about him, some of them escalating to outright accusations. And then that insufferable Hadrian Penrod had to ruin everything! Rust and Ruin, to think he'd admitted out loud to being a thief, but instead of punishing him as would have been just, they practically glorified the man as their savior for accusing Remart of working with the Ventures. Nearly the entire remaining garrison filed into the room one after one, some looking almost ashamed, but most just angry. Penrod stood at the front, an evil grin on his face and an iron bar in his hand. "If you're going to kill me, get on with it, lads." Remart didn't even rise from the bed or open his eyes as he spoke. Hadrian stepped forward and swung his rod down at Remart's head, hard. Hard enough to crush his skull. If only his head had still been there. Remart rolled off the bed in a flash as Penrod struck, knocking the man's legs out from under him. Drawing on all of his strength, he tore off the bandage on his shoulder and launched into the other guards that had come to end him. Fists flew and men cried out, but in the end, it was futile. Backed up against the wall, out of room and out of energy, Remart took a shallow, painful breath, and spoke one final defiant statement. "House Conrad is weak, and deserves to fail. I remain a loyal servant of House Venture to the end!" He didn't say another word as they beat him into the ground, and he never rose again. ------------------------------------ Night 6 has begun! It will end at 10:30 PM, Mountain Daylight Time, June 17th. Remart (Jondesu) was lynched! They were a Venture Hazekiller! Vote Count: Jondesu (9): Hemalurgic Headshot, The Flash, Manukos, Yitzi2, cloudjumper, Droughtbringer, Elenion, Araris Valerian, Metacognition, Araris Valerian (1): Jondesu, Player List: Marv (Hemalurgic_Headshot) Barry Allen (The Flash) Jeff (Manukos) - short for Jeffonimo Lance (Ecthelion III) - The Second Nameless Metallurgist Booken (Paranoid King) - a victim of the "common word + en" method of naming Village Seeker Garshin (Yitzi2) Ribis (cloudjumper) - the bored second son of a noble from the Remote Dominance Stick McStick (_Stick_) Village Courier and Brass Spiked Remart (Jondesu) Venture Hazekiller Beet Asper (Ornstein) - an old timer who knows his stuff Metallurgist Locke Tekiel (OrlokTsubodai) - a scion of a well - respected noble house Village Captain Absolen (StrikerEZ) - a skaa worker in the Conrad fields Village Lurcher Jay (DroughtBringer) - a blind young man attempting to keep his blindness a secret Boris (Elenion) - a guard known for laziness and general apathy Hadrian Penrod (Araris Valerian) - hoping to ascend to Ruin Mehir (Metacognition) - a mute and paranoid guard Cluny (Cluny the Scourge) - a man who believes he is a rat with a spearhead on his tail Village Soother with a Bronze Spike Valbar (TheMightyLopen) - who always gets ignored despite his large stature Village Rioter Mila (BrightnessRadiant) - a girl from the country Venture Courier Sorren Karidor (Dalinar Kholin) - an old guard who's been here longer than any of you whippersnappers Village Thug Argyle (Sart) - a very clumsy man
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    Was at the BYU Store today. Guess what I found?
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    I saw this a couple of years ago but just stumbled upon it again, still glorious:
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    Hello, I'm Wiggs. My brother (Left) introduced me to Brandon Sanderson and 17th Shard. I have read Elantris, Rithmitist, all the current Mistborn, Both of the Stormlight Archives, all of the current Alcatraz, and a fair amount of the novellas. Looking forward to spending more time here.
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    Cycle 5: A True Fake Friend Silver Wolf spun his daggers in his hooves and glowered from the stormcloud he was hiding in. The entire village was searching for him, and they didn’t seem friendly. He had nopony left. No friends to stick up for him. He was on his own. He had known that this day would come sooner or later. With all the kidnappings happening lately, it was only a matter of time before ponies started wondering why the bodyguard pony wasn’t doing his job. It wasn’t his fault- he was trying to keep everypony safe, but it was nearly impossible to do so when the Changelings could look like anypony. Half the time he wasn’t even sure if the ponies he was guarding were actually themselves or if they too were Changelings. Off to his left, a few pegasus ponies were busting clouds, obviously searching for him. They’d reach his cloud in a couple minutes. This was bad. This was worse than the time his favorite toy had broken when he was just a foal. His dad glued it back together, but it never worked quite the same after that. It was worse than when he had caught the filly he had a crush on sneaking off with his best friend. It turned out they were planning a surprise party for his birthday, so that one actually turned out pretty good. This was worse than when he had lost his parents. They had just gone down the street to Sugarcube Corner and they found him a short time later, but still. It was almost as bad as the time his cat ran away. Almost. Come back Rugby! The other pegasi were close now. Silver Wolf could make them out clearly- it was Crescent Thunder and Twilight Star. He gritted his teeth. No. He wouldn’t go out without a fight, not this time. There were still changelings in Ponyville- probably among those searching for him. Perhaps if he posed a big enough threat to them they would give themselves away? With a shout of defiance, Silver Wolf burst from the cloud he was in and dove straight at his pursuers. Crescent Thunder jerked in surprise and lost control, spiraling towards the ground as Silver Wolf barreled past him. Twilight Star, who was used to being the pouncer, not the pouncee, stared wide-eyed as Silver Wolf crashed into her. He spun and tossed her into a nearby stormcloud, which promptly zapped her with a bolt of lightning and clap of thunder. She cried out, rubbing her singed hindquarters, but Silver Wolf was already leaving her behind. He dove down at Seeing Eye and Prism who were huddled together and pointing at him. They leaped to either side and tumbled in the dust as he swooped past. Iron Pies smiled in that creepy way he always did, and pointed a menacing hoof at Silver Wolf, but yelped and bolted when Silver Wolf charged at him, daggers flashing. “SILVER WOLF!” somepony shouted behind him, and he turned to see Razor Shard galloping towards him with his sword drawn. Silver Wolf whirled about, and blocked Razor Shard’s swing with his pair of crossed daggers. Razor Shard swung again, and Silver Wolf had to leap back to avoid getting hit by the long sword. But when Razor Shard attacked a third time Silver Wolf dove beneath the swing, and twisted so that he landed on his back underneath his foe. His daggers flashed, slicing cleanly through the straps that tied the sword to Razor Shard’s foreleg. The sword clattered to the ground, and Silver Wolf kicked up with his hindlegs which sent Razor Shard tumbling to the ground as well. Silver Wolf leaped and landed atop the other pony, which his daggers crossed at Razor Shard’s throat. Silver Wolf looked into Razor Shard’s eyes and saw… Fear. He glanced around at the ponies gathered around the duelists and saw fear on their faces, too. What am I doing!? Horrified at his actions, he threw his daggers aside, and raised his hooves in surrender. “I… am sorry,” he said, and let the other ponies take and bind him. Later, in Zecora’s hut, the smoking billowing over the Elixir of Secrets revealed that Silver Wolf wasn’t a Changeling after all, just a pony, albeit one with a dark and troubled past. “Sleep now, Silver Wolf,” Princess Luna murmured to his unconscious form. “Dream sweet dreams, and may your future be brighter than your past.” Later, at the Changeling Hive, a few of the Changelings were gathered around, talking and looking perplexed. “What do we do with her?” Chitin asked. “Queen Chrysalis said we were supposed to cocoon anypony who was holding an Element of Harmony in the inner sanctum,” Proboscis replied. “Yeah, but she’s not a 'pony,' she’s one of us. A Changeling for the Queen’s sake. We can’t start tossing other Changelings in cocoons. What will the others say?” “Yeah, but she’s got one of the Elements of Harmony!” “It really is pretty,” Elytron cut in, fingering the purple gemstone hanging from her neck. Unlike her companions, she still wore her pony guise of Dusted Rose. “I dunno, I kind of like it. It makes me feel good. Like I just want to help out wherever I can, you know? Here, maybe if you tried it on you’d feel good, too. You can have it if you want.” Chitin and Proboscis glanced at each other, and backed away from the proffered gemstone. “Uh… No thanks,” Chitin stammered. “Look, we’re sorry about this, but, well, you know.” Together, Chitin and Proboscis pounced on their fellow Changeling, and started dragging her towards an open cocoon. *NOTE: The above conversation is in no way indicative of how many Changelings there are left, so don't get any ideas about the GM dropping hints in the write-ups. He's not. Conatus was lynched! He was a Regular Village Pony! Crimsn-Wolf was kidnapped! She was A Changeling with the Element of Generosity! Vote Tally: Conatus (6): Bridge Boy, Hemalurgic Headshot, Seonid, Brightness Radiant, Ecthelion III, Alvron Player List:
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    LG33: Term 9, Month 1 - Wheee Steph slept soundly and woke refreshed and ready to face the new day. Outside, a Skindancer frowned at her door, inserting a finger into the hole and letting it melt to fit, then hardening it. Before it could try to turn the lock, it fell to the ground in agonizing pain. Oooowwwwww. Amelia curled up on her bed, relaxed and happy. Let’s start this story again, shall we? Because it’s slightly different. Once upon a time there was a girl named Amelia. She was, unfortunately, in bad luck at the start of this story. Although she had come from a wealthy family, Amelia was lacking in that wealth - and also, in the common sense department. So, at the moment, she is sleeping on the streets. Can you see her now? Curled up in a tiny little ball, dress ragged, wedged into the corner of an alleyway in the shadow of a set of steps. Hair that was once blonde now a sort of unpleasant dirty blonde, though her blue eyes shine all the same. Unfortunately (because of that ‘common sense’ thing), she’d also made some enemies during her time here. So, as you may recall from last episode of Whose Turn Is It To Die?, there are little bone sticks floating around! Tonight, this particular gleaming white shard of bone (specifically named ‘random shard of bone that you will never see again’) decides that it’s time to target Amelia. So, it starts floating over, bobbing in the wind like some kind of murderous balloon, and... does exactly the same thing as the other bone shard. Once it gets to a certain point, Amelia just seems to vanish from its... perception (yes, it can “see”, don’t even question), almost as if by ~magic~. As before, this shard tries to hit her anyway. And it succeeds! Well done, random shard of bone that you will never see again! (Okay, that name takes too long to type out. From now on, the RSOBTYWNSA is hereby shortened to ‘Jeff’.) Anyway, Jeff actually manages to hit Amelia! Score! Unfortunately, it only hits her arm briefly, and all it manages to do is wake her up and make her sad. Well done, Jeff. You made a little girl sad. (I mean, yes, you were trying to murder her, but still. You made her sad. ) So sad, in fact, that she starts crying. Loudly. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for Jeff, who is getting a bit annoyed by the bawling right next to his... ear?), this crying is also annoying to other people. Namely, a mercenary! This mercenary wakes up, finds the source of the crying, and (since mercenaries don’t tend to be known for their originality) kills it. Goodbye, Amelia! Yay? The end. Steph was attacked (by Skindancers), but survived! Brightness Radiant was attacked (by ~magic~), but survived, and then was killed by Mercenaries. She was a Student who had studied in Rhetoric & Logic, and Archives! A Name was used. Term 9 has begun. You have 63 hours to send in actions. Speaking of which. ANNOUNCEMENT: As of next rollover, I will be in a different country. Thus, rollover time is changing so it isn’t 1-7 a.m. for me. The new rollover start time will be 2 p.m. MDT / 9 p.m. BST and end at 5 p.m. MDT / 12 a.m. BST. (Yes, that’s only three hours. We also don’t need six at this point in the game.) Thus, this cycle will go a little longer so that rollover is on the 2nd of June (which it already was for Brits, and it’s now the 3rd for Aussies, but it is different for Americans). (Note: If enough people prefer it, we can also shorten the cycle by 24 hours so that it ends on the 1st.) Player List 1. Queensteph - Vintish Noblewoman 2. Randuir (Telar Pike) - Yllish Commoner Student 3. Hemalurgic Headshot (Noremac Quwester) - Aturan Nobleman Skindancer Master Physicker 4. Aonar (Aodhan Breacadh) - Edema Ruh Skindancer in Naming 5. Wilson (Sloan Walker) - Cealdish Commoner Student 6. Straw (Medicus Novis) - Yllish Commoner 7. Paranoid King (William Opuscule) - Yllish Commoner 8. Ornstein (John Springer) - Aturan Nobleman Student in Physicking 9. Jondesu (Vell) - Yllish Commoner Insane 10. Drake Marshall (Greyson) - Cealdish Commoner Student in Physicking 11. Assassin in Burgundy (Jurdaan Longfell) - Yllish Commoner Student 12. Burnt Spaghetti (Dele Fajro) - Vintish Noblewoman 13. Orlok (Locke Alveron) - Cealdish Commoner 14. Magestar (Magestar) - Vintish Nobleman Insane 15. Alvron (Stryker Nox) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 16. Arinian (Darian) - Aturan Nobleman 17. Stick (Stick) - Aturan NobleStick Student in Archives and Physicking 18. Darkness Ascendant (Balthazar Myrrh) - Yllish Commoner Student 19. Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) - Aturan Nobleman 20. Silverblade (Ryth) - Cealdish Commoner Student 21. Amanuensis (Esuan) - Yllish Commoner Student 22. BrightnessRadiant (Amelia) - Aturan Noblewoman Student in Rhetoric & Logic and Archives 23. Eolhondras (Eolah) - Yllish Commoner Student 24. STINK - Yllish Commoner Skindancer in Linguistics 25. Hael (Glavion) - Edema Ruh Insane 26. Sart (Titud) - Edema Ruh Insane 27. Joe (Chalks) - Yllish Commoner Insane
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