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Introduce Yourself!

New to our community? Post a topic here letting us know that you exist!

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Enabled at JordanCon - last post by Jeffywan

17th Shard Discussion

  1. Tech Support

Discuss all site things, like Shardcast and more, in this forum! Review site rules here!

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How Do You Get The Aether O... - last post by Varangian

The Coppermind Wiki

Talk about our wiki here, because Discussion pages clearly don't work.

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WoB - last post by InsurrectionistFungus

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General Brandon Discussion

If it's even remotely Brandon related, you should discuss it here!

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You Know You're a Sande... - last post by Magestar

Events and Signings

Discuss and report on Brandon's recent and upcoming events.

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JordanCon this year? - last post by Ruro272

Interview Database

Finding a quote that Brandon said? You can search for it here!

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Cosmere Theories

Post theories for the cosmere, the Shards of Adonalsium, or Hoid here. WARNING: Users are not required to put spoiler tags here.

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A Brief Theory on Splinteri... - last post by Drake Marshall

Stormlight Archive

Discuss The Stormlight Archive here. There will be spoilers for both books in this board, so if you haven't read them both yet, proceed at your own risk.

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End of SA 10 - last post by Master Elodin


  1. Shadows of Self Spoiler Board,
  2. Bands of Mourning Spoiler Board,
  3. Mistborn: Secret History Spoiler Board

Discuss the critically acclaimed Mistborn Trilogy here, as well as The Alloy of Law.

  • 1,906 topics
  • 33,653 replies
All Atium Alloys are Temporal - last post by Shadeshadow227

Elantris and Emperor's Soul

Welcome to Sel, the world of Elantris (and its eventual sequels) and The Emperor's Soul.

  • 172 topics
  • 2,713 replies
reading 10th anniversary vs... - last post by Landis963


Warbreaker is a standalone epic fantasy novel, which you can get for free on his official website

  • 193 topics
  • 3,182 replies
Returned giving away their... - last post by Alfa

White Sand

  1. White Sand (Prose)

Discuss the sequence of graphic novels set in the cosmere, the first of three coming in June. Discussion of the prose version of White Sand is not allowed.

  • 22 topics
  • 341 replies
Longer White Sands preview - last post by azninvasion99

Cosmere Short Stories

Discuss various cosmere short stories, such as Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, and Sixth of the Dusk.

  • 26 topics
  • 558 replies
Sixth of the Dusk Origin? - last post by Landis963

Unpublished Works

  1. Aether of Night Discussion

Brandon wrote many novels before he published one. In this forum, if you have an unpublished manuscript, you can input a password to discuss these works.

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  • No posts to view

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The Reckoners

  1. Calamity Spoiler Board

Discuss Steelheart, the first book in Brandon's supervillain dystopian YA series, here!

  • 327 topics
  • 5,474 replies
The Weird Powers Thread - last post by Patrick Star

The Rithmatist

The Rithmatist, formerly Scribbler, is a YA series about chalk magic and awesome.

  • 73 topics
  • 806 replies
Joel is a Rithmatist (spoil... - last post by Aon tEhe


Brandon's middle grade novels. Alcatraz will make fun of you if don't read them. Actually, he'll make fun of you anyways.

  • 44 topics
  • 449 replies
So I found this on theoryla... - last post by Stormgate

Other Stories

Discuss any of Brandon's other non-cosmere works here.

  • 48 topics
  • 502 replies
Defending Elysium - last post by BrightVoid

The Wheel of Time

Brandon has concluded Robert Jordan's epic series. The last book, A Memory of Light, is OUT NOW!

  • 136 topics
  • 1,944 replies
Wheel Of Time On Tv - last post by king of nowhere

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Writing Excuses

Brandon does a podcast on writing with authors Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and Mary Robinette Kowal.

  • 50 topics
  • 278 replies
Writing in English even tho... - last post by ecohansen

Reading Excuses

An online writing group by the fans, for the fans. Inspired by the popular podcast Writing Excuses.

  • 627 topics
  • 6,682 replies
4/25/16 - Kuiper - Threshol... - last post by rdpulfer

TWG Archive

You can find the read-only version of the Time-Waster's Guide forums, archived in their entirety, here.

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General Discussion

  1. AMAs

The place to discuss anything that isn't related to Brandon, and doesn't fit into our other forums. If it's related to Brandon in ANY WAY, put it in Brandon Discussion.

  • 512 topics
  • 45,856 replies
Pet Peeves - last post by Orlion Determined

Entertainment Discussion

Books, TV, movies, Pokémon, video games, music, Pokémon, discuss it all here.

  • 516 topics
  • 14,178 replies
What Are You Reading, Part 2 - last post by Briar King

Tech Discussion

Gadgets, hardware, and software! Talk about Mountain Lions, Metro, or Key Lime Pies here.

  • 58 topics
  • 550 replies
PC Builders? - last post by sydefekt

Creator's Corner

  1. Sanderson Fan Fiction

For all you aspiring writer or artist types, here's your new home.

  • 430 topics
  • 6,459 replies
Creation Daily - last post by ThatTinyStrawMan


  1. Mistborn: The Inquisition,
  2. Sanderson Elimination,
  3. Reckoners RPG,
  4. Inactive RPs

Create your very own RP here. Any RP genre is welcome, Brandon-related or not. All roleplaying is expected to adhere to the established rating.

  • 237 topics
  • 79,754 replies
Day 3: - last post by Arraenae

Social Groups, Clans, and Guilds

  • 94 topics
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The Knights Awkward - last post by Jeffywan


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