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Oathbringer / Happy New Year 2017!

An early happy new year! In celebration of the year of Stormlight 3, I drew something from the flashbacks XD





10 minutes ago, PixelShard said:

very awesome! Love the flow of the banners. Who are the characters?

I assume they're the young Gavilar, Dalinar, and (Torol) Sadeas, no? Gavilar in the middle, of course, Sadeas being the one on the left (under his right arm) with the ruddy complexion, and beginnings of the rounded, bulbous face we see him with 25 years later? (Also, in his colors of green and a touch of white)



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7 hours ago, Ookthelion III said:

 What is the name of the font used for the title?

I don't know, either. I just traced the title... :ph34r: I think we need to ask Team Brandon.


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I love the colors in your art! their so bright and cheerful. I hope I'm right to assume that the 3 characters are a young Sadeas, Gavilar and Dalinar?


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