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  2. If they've already cleared Stormlight (Including Edgedancer?), the next step to me would be Warbreaker on the logic that it's the closest direct/relevant tie and will have things he recognizes, and was entirely conceived to provide backstory for those character's appearances in the proto-Stormlight Archive. After that it sort of depends on the Friend and their reading patters, Id focus on whatever you think will draw them in the most. If you think they might not stick around for all of mistborn (unlikely if they finished SA) maybe give them Elantris or Emperors Soul and some of the other sorts. If it's the cosmere realmics that will float their boat, give 'em Mistborn Era-1 and Secret History. If they need a fun, pulpy romp, give em Mistborn Era-2, but only if you had to because it entirely spoils the Era1 finale to read them out of order. Also, dont forget the Graphic Novels, White Sand is beautiful.
  3. We have not heard anything yet. (And I still see a progress bar on his website, Secret Project second draft, at 100%.) Brandon talked about its release plan a bit at WorldCon last month:
  4. Tena made a face at Klasten and placed a coin on his chest, remembering the time when she’d shot coins into Mace’s face and he’d collected them. Then, she took two quick steps in the opposite direction, did a nice flip, and Steelpushed against the coin on Klasten’s chest, sending him flying backward, and her flying into the wall on the other end of the room. Then she remembered what he’d said, exactly. “Divert her attention with your artificially handsome exterior.” Wait, artificially? So was a Kandra version of Mace, or not? “Hey,” she yelled at him, gracefully landing on the floor. “What did you just say?” She glared at the Devaan scarecrow from where it sat calmly at the threshold. She threw a coin at it and sent it barreling into Klasten.
  5. Hey @Box Turtle and @Firerust, you should join! This is literally my favorite thread on the forums right now.
  6. However, Kyle found that these were bad for business. So he and Butt teamed up to bankrupt Sebarial.
  7. The "push investiture to resist aging" isn't the only way Immortality/longevity could be obtained. For example, you could change your spirit-web to make your birth move along the timeline. In this way, you are always young because your soul doesn't fight to restore to your rightful age. Sure this would need Investiture too, but a constant expenditure instead of an incremental one (like the Rashek's case). There is also an hypotesis I proposed years ago, that Breath pushes you far from humanity and from the humanity standard. Your soul at that point tries more loosely to follow the "age-check". This reaches a limit with the fifth Heighening, where your Soul doesn't even try to check the compliance to "humanity standards"
  8. 257.f. Unless the only way to be freed from the dreams is to die in them. I know it's weird, but I've seen it happen.
  9. Ioc teleported back to the Waystop. "Hey, has anyone seen my giant ship?" It asked. "I could just teleport, but that isn't very fun, so I need the ship,"
  10. It is but a thousand days and the WoBstorm comes!
  11. Ioc did a double take. Were those Infinity Stones in the steering wheel?
  12. YES!!! alternately: The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight Rises:
  13. This made me LOL, after reading all the back and forth here.... The short answer to your OP is: Maybe, maybe not. End of.
  14. general population of Canada and US. a large portion of the general population get themselves difficult to lessen their weight since they can't control their hunger. While this item controls your hunger normally and influenc
  15. My favorite response to that one was always: "It Did. This is what the inside of the Universal scale Black Hole looks like." Not sure how scientifically accurate it is these days but damnation if it didnt derail the conversation at the time. On a (slightly) more serious note, in both the RL philosophy debates and the Cosmere, the level (and characterization) of any Controlling Sentience that might ahve been present makes all the difference.
  16. A friend of mine just finished Oathbringer, and I want to give him some other Cosmere books to read. I've been reading them as they came out for so long, I'm having a hard time thinking of what order they should go in, especially now that he's already finished Stormlight. Publication order, Elantris-Mistborn-Warbreaker-Arcanum? Or start with Mistborn because it's bigger, or start with Warbreaker because it's relevant? It's so weird trying to figure this out, because I've just been so deeply into all the realmatics and cosmere stuff for so many years, it's strange to think about someone who doesn't know any of it and where to begin. He was like, 'What's up with that Wit guy?' and I couldn't think how to answer because Hoid is just. . . Hoid.
  17. Many thanks!! @Mistspren! It's cool! Everyone is always sending me letters all the time! Frost, Edgli, Cultivation - well she used to but than I made her mad. She is soo touchy!
  18. There are multiple degree of Connections between two entities, using the same subject Agent used. Kelsier has a strong Connection to Ruin and a Strong connection to Preservation due his heritage and snapping into a Mistborn. Sazed developed a strong Connection to Ruin during the events of HoA, before that moment Sazed was only mid Connected to Ruin for the Scadrial Standard. To resume, two entities could have degree of Connections to each others. Probably beyond a certain threeshold this Connections are meaningfully and beyond another one is defined as "Strong Connected". But until the people don't start to investigate on this matter is mostly impossible to say something for sure
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  20. National Institutes on Health (NIH), serious discomfort is the most favored believe that individuals in the country access the healthcare appropriate care appropriate proper care system. It is also considered the top cause flexwell joint long-term incapacity in the country. Pain, as we all have noticed, is a nerve system response that lets you know you have been injured or there is something incorrect. Chronic discomfort is different in that, according to the NIH, those discomfort signals go on for quite a long time, ranging from several several flexwell joint weeks to years. Some individuals know their source flexwell joint their discomfort, such as an occurrence, damage, or sickness, while
  21. I haven't been following the forums closely, but I don't remember seeing an announcement of anything on his site. For a long time there was a secret project bar that was filling up, then today I noticed it was gone.
  22. Like others already pointed Azure's Blade is simply an example of a normal outcome for a Type IV. Nightblood is something oddity that happen for whatever sequence of weird events (willing or unwilling) that made him the overeccitable Eldrich Abomination we all love. Es example: Here Brandon stated how making another Nightblood would be extremely hard. While we know from Warbreaker Annotations that if the war was truly started in the book. Yestrell would mass produce Type IV for the Idrisians to fight Halladren.
  23. I am not sure to understand the question. As argent stated we know what the Inkspren are about in their relationship with mortals. But I assume the quality they seek is a byproduct of themself. So probably Inkspren rappresent control or logic or rationality
  24. Yeah I misunderstood the OP
  25. emphasise: the ones kilos that have been acquired are all fat and 0 muscle, due to the fact after 24-25 years our body is losing muscle mass ( catabolism ) quicker and faster; This motives a drop in the basal metabolism and consequently we've were given were given a lower each day caloric consumption. Terrible ingesting conduct are despite the fact that similar to on the same time as he have come to be a few years antique, simply so having reduced the each day caloric consumption and developing the
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