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  2. Hold on. Like I said, if he needed to protect in concordance with his Ideals, he would, but not because he cares personally about them. For his family, he would ride a thousand highstorms, for Laral and Roshone? I doubt it. He can't be everywhere after all, but if he were there and they needed protection, he would protect them.
  3. Kaladin doesn't even give a damnation about Hearthstone, Roshone and Laral anymore. Sure, he would protect them, if he needed because of his oaths, but not because he cares about them. Did Lirin try to befriend Roshone...? I think this is more a moment of Kaladin slowly learning there are two sides to every story, which is a theme throughout all of his character growth. (Something which is very tied to his breakdown in Kholinar as well.) And damnation, Kaladin better care about Hearthstone and more than just his family, or else bye, bye Syl (protecting those you hate?; protecting in general?) I don't want to go through that again!
  4. "Unite them" is to unite the splinters of honor's shard. Dalinar is "ascending," becoming the shard holder of honor, much like Edit: Dalinar may even unite all the shards, Honor, Odium, and Cultivation. Will Dalinar one day restore Adalnasium?
  5. Recently this has become one of my biggest pet peeves: people who won't stop complaining about microtransactions in video games. I understand why people dont like it, but it is not 'ruining gaming' or any other such chull dung. I have never played a game where the microtransactions were actually important to the gameplay in any meaningful way. If I hear one more person say Battlefront is 'pay to win' I might just flip out on them. Getting cards early does not make someone better at the game (since its a game mostly about skill and reflexes, not stats) and it certainly doesn't mean you can't get all the same stuff by playing offline for a few hours if you really hate being disadvantaged that much. I just really don't get why this is so much more frustrating to people than subscription fees for mmos, premium statuses for free to play games, and ridiculous dlc prices, and all of those are much more impactful to the games content. It's gotten to the point where I honestly think that most people complaining about loot boxes and other microtransactions are either just bad at video games and they don't realize they are, or they've just hopped on the bandwagon without actually playing the games. Edit: Rant over, I needed to put that somewhere.
  6. What made you think she wants to get with him? When Kaladin talks about his dreams of saving her, her response is pretty much "You don't get to decide what makes me happy, so stop talking about my husband and storm off". Sure she was surprised when Kaladin spoke to Dalinar, but she just found out her childhood friend was on a first name basis with the most important man in the world. That would surprise anyone. She didn't come across as fickle to me either, instead acting loyal to her husband and people. It's not like Kaladin's family was completely innocent either. Lirin had stolen a bunch of money from her father for Kaladin. It's not Kaladin's fault, but she has legitimate reason to be angered at his family.
  7. But he met Laral before, that is different. She was his childhood friend/crush. Even after she really mistreated him in his youth, he thought about coming back and saving her (yeah, I don't like that wording either, but it is what it is). I mean sure, there is a possibility, but man, that was a harsh dismissal. And I can understand him. Laral has zero understanding. Yes, she tells him, that she was sorry to hear about Tien, but only as an off-hand comment. Is that how you talk to an old childhood friend, that lost his little brother, because of your own husband? And then this, Kaladin doesn't even give a damnation about Hearthstone, Roshone and Laral anymore. Sure, he would protect them, if he needed because of his oaths, but not because he cares about them.
  8. This quote solidified a few things for me. Lift is tainted by the Nightwatcher, not Cultivation, according to Stormfather. And if that taint were dreams and nightmares, Stormfather wouldn't react to them as unnatural. However, if Nightwatcher made Lift not able to absorb Stormlight (which is doled out by Stormfather in his Highstorms) but rather create Investiture directly by metabolozing food, Stormfather's reaction to that makes perfect sense.
  9. That last one might also refer to (Oathbringer spoilers)
  10. Teenagers are fickle, also as you said, her father had just died. So a hormonal teenager who just lost her only parent, a parent who was probably pushing her towards a union with Kaladin (at least from what Hesina says), so I think you're naturally going to pull away from that guy (Kaladin) and also try to escape into fantasy (the handsome lighteyes.) Did she exhibit exemplary traits here? No. But I also think it's forgivable (thought I get that you don't.) Except this is wrong... taking the desolation out of it (since the everstorm has just happened), she's the wealthiest woman she knows with oodles of money and ardents and horses and a spanreed connecting her to the palace in Kholinar. Yeah, Dalinar is a lot richer, so Kaladin is like - oh, I didn't know what money was, but that's comparing a millionaire in a small town to a billionaire; the millionaire is still super rich and still has status. Laral didn't seem like she wanted to get back together with Kal... she actually said the opposite. But, I'm sure it'll stick with her, not because she craves wealth and status (she's always had those things in her world), but because he has become what she dreamed of him being when she was younger - a knight with a shardblade. I think you and I may agree that when Kaladin sounds the most turned off it might be an indicator he's actually feeling the opposite way... (ahem, she who shall not be named.) Not to mention he had just got shut down; of course he's going to be pouty. Syl also has the exact same reaction to those two young ladies. Yeah, I was thinking more of a necessary evacuation thing. I have no evidence one way or another it'll happen, but I think it could set up a lot of interesting character development (not the least uniting my new ship Laraladin. Which to be clear, is a ship purely based on something I think would be fun, lol, so there's ample room for disagreement. Something I would ask Brandon would be... "Have we seen the last of Laral?" )
  11. Sounds an awful like when he first met Shallan doesnt it? If Kaladin character is one thing he does change his mind about people as he gets to know them.
  12. It's a possibility, but I have doubts about it. I would guess before or around the same time that Kaladin was rescuing Skar and company that he tried to bring his family back... I mean Kaladin said he would be back for them. But Unless the whole town comes there is no way Lirin is agreeing to it and Roshone is not going to want to go with Kaladin somewhere and half the town will probably think that radients are evil and traitors. I mean Lirins schtick is to disagree with kaladin on things.
  13. Could you please provide context for the technological level and culture of the people who use it? Because a magic system alone is pretty hard to work with.
  14. Absolutely. I do too. Regarding Laral: Let's be honest. Kaladin sounded pretty damnation turned off.
  15. I think it was around 2003 or 2004 when I picked up The Eye of the World, I thought it would be a good idea to pick a band I haven't heard and listen all their songs I could find while reading. To this day scenes from the book pop up in my mind every time I hear Stratovarius, and while not all my choices were that good, I would say it turned into fun tradition I have when reading new book. This time it was Dreamtale andsome of their songs fit pretty damnation nice into the atmosphere of the book. This one became my favourite.
  16. You are probably right, but I really like the Rysn idea - not least of all because I enjoy Rysn's character.
  17. I don't think this is entirely fair to Laral, who is only 15 at the time. Her father died, she was basically imprisoned in her own home and not allowed to see anyone, another family with pretty strong views and plans for her waltzed into town and took things over, and she has to marry the son to survive. Regardless of her personal thoughts, I don't see how she could have gone against him in that scene. She was as good as a prisoner there.
  18. Did the KR know the blades and plate would be left behind when they abandoned their oaths? How would they? It seems to be it had to be a conscious decision to force those things to remain, otherwise, why summon the blade and plate before breaking the oath? Also, the visions are not necessarily 100% accurate, more just a interpretation of something Dalinar needed to see.
  19. I could dig it, but I'm not so sure if we'll see Rysn interacting much with Kaladin. She seems like a tool (yeah harsh word, isn't meant like that) for Brandon to show us more of Roshar. Especially with her having the ship now. I think, she'll stay as an interlude character for the time being.
  20. Somewhere in between Willshaper and Elsecaller. Willshaper because I like discovering/learning new things. Elsecaller because I prefer logic instead of emotions, and often forget to actually put emotion in my voice.
  21. I don´t know what happened to me... I´m seriously about to promote a ship/pairing. Huh. Never thought this day would come. Anyway, I´m interested in the Rysn-Kaladin idea (I just really don´t like to type Rysnadin). Kaladin is protective, brooding, and fights depression. Rysn is happy enough to help him be non-brooding, but is able to protect herself, with her larkin and A+ crossbow skills that would make the Freys jealous (yes, random GoT reference). She can also understand loss, seeing as she suffered the loss of being able not to walk ever again, something that Kaladin in turn could relate too, partly because of how he has been close to people with similar injuries (hello, Hobber) and partly because of his losses.
  22. Is it just me, or do some of the Terris prophecies about the Hero of Ages apply to Dalinar? “That which has been sundered must again begin to find its whole" seems to indicate his partial reforming of Honor's power, as well as his restarting the Knights Radiant. “He shall defend their ways, yet shall violate them." could refer to his controversial status among the Alethi and Vorin church. So could "He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic." “The Hero will have the power to save the world. But he will also have the power to destroy it." speaks to his position as Odium's champion and Unity.
  23. That is what I assume. And Dalinar's of glory spren.
  24. What about Mraize bonding the Nightwatcher?
  25. @Dreamstorm I have similar thoughts as you on Laral. I disliked her after WOK due to the snobby kitchen incident, and I still think she owes Kaladin an apology for that. However, I came around on her in Oathbringer. Not only does she have the respect of her guards, but she seemed to be out working in the rain in boots and a "utilitarian havah." Being married to Roshone can't have been easy for her, but rather than being beaten down and weakened by it, she seems like is being the strong leader her town needs. I like that she didn't fawn all over Kaladin and his shardblate, nor want his protection. I think Laral might have some radiant potential. She hasn't had the easiest life but seems to have made the best of it. I like your idea of everyone being in Urithiru in book four. I would love to see the Hearthstone crew interacting with our main cast, and I want to see more of little Oroden growing up. @Rainier I see you have the same problem with Laral I did, with that scene with Rillir in the kitchen. That really bothered me when I first read it. I agree that it did not portray her in a positive light. However I can see she was in a difficult situation, and when I think back to myself at 15 years old, I probably also did some stupid things too. When I look at her now, she seems much more mature, and she is helping the people of Hearthstone. I still need to see more to make a final decision on her character, but I think she has some potential.
  26. I'm not sure why that one does, but just as a note, when copying, just start at the first speaker's name. Don't copy the buttons at the top because it garbles things as shown.
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