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  2. What am I right now? Oh, a Son of Honor. I'm a member of a mysterious group we know almost nothing about. Huzzah!
  3. @Slowswift is a Beast!
  4. Vax

    Where does it say that? I cant find anything in the Coppermind or in Arcanum about the location of the Shattering
  5. Armageddon chuckles at the note. "I don't suppose you can hear me?" The words remain unchanged. “Suppose I’ll have to get writing then.” Turning back to his desk, he writes out his message for the mysterious epic. Dear Mysterious Forcefield Epic, It's simple, really. Humanity is scum. Just look at me. I'm trying to destroy humanity. Does that seem like the actions of a good race? Circle logic I suppose, but it applies to everybody. We epics aren't changed by our powers-we just no longer have consequences. Without consequences, we don't have any reason to be good to other people. If a normal person could do whatever they wished, they would surely lose all perceptions of good or bad just as we have. Sincerely, Armageddon. Looking up, he noticed that the words in the air had changed: If you believe killing humanity is justified, then you are doing the right thing by attempting to destroy it. Therefore, not all humans are bad. Are you an exception to your own rule? What about your followers? -Blank “Well that’s interesting. You can see, but not hear. Well then.” The thing is, we're all horrible people. Murdering is undoubtedly evil-but primarily because of the effect it has on others. So therefore me destroying humanity is justified, but not me killing at a whim like I have done, as have my followers. He looked back to the letters expectantly as they began to shift and change again. If it's bad, then why do you do it? This was starting to get irritating. Scowling, he went to write his response. Simple. I. Don't. Care. And neither do you. Do you mean to tell me that you've never killed a child? And that's the problem. I know intellectually that it's wrong-I just can't bring myself to care. And that demonstrates exactly why it would be better just to completely restart. Looking up, he saw the final response. You have a point. Very well. And the illusory text disappeared with a puff of mist. That was interesting. Perhaps a new ally has been met. And with that, Armageddon turned back to his ledgers.
  6. Oh, I misunderstood you the first time. I thought you were still referencing Araris poisoning people last night. Could you elaborate a bit more? I have found PMs tend to be really suspicious because both parties can be hesitant to reveal the wrong kind of information for fear of the other person being elim.
  7. I've mainly lurked on coppermind and r/cosmere but hit my first Q&A with Brandon today so figured I needed to make an account here finally and stop by. Is this the proper place to discuss Words of Brandon? I know I saw someone else recording so the main Q&A session should hopefully be making it's way up somewhere. My question during Q&A was: I also got a question in during the signing. He RAFO'd but then elaborated and seemed like he gave away more than he intended which seems directly spoilery for SLA 4/5. I have no idea if I'm allowed to post it if it's likely to kinda spoil plot even if it is first brought up in Oathbringer. Any chance someone can confirm that or a mod can message me and rule on it?
  8. Vax

    Sorry, the shattering happened on a planet called Yolen.
  9. Black trees and thistles. The darkness is still waiting for you. Not tasty. Moon buckets
  10. About her issues, but not about herself. What you think is more important for a life relationship is your own opinion.
  11. Sigh, I'm irritated. Rath. He sent a suspicious pm to me last night. I have strong suspicions that he's evil. @Devotary of Spontaneity . @Elandera @xinoehp512 @Alvron
  12. Vax

    Ok, so Vax is the Shardworld Brandon refuses to talk about. It is the last word spoken by Ati(Ruin) as he left the Cognitive Realm. Is it possible that Vax is the last place that Ati was without the Shard before his death, in other words, the place where Adonalism was Shattered? It would explain a lot.
  13. I am sure there is a way to replicate the sleepless FTL communications effect with Connection.
  14. Okey, thanks to all!
  15. As are a multitude of "healthy" relationships. Humans lie to themselves constantly. It's what we're best at as a species. If someone speaking what they believe to be true is a lie, then everyone is lying almost all of the time. We believe we know things that we don't. We believe that things are true that aren't. Especially about ourselves. She has been more open and honest with him about her issues than she has with anyone. She has shared things as she believes them to be true. As I've already said multiple times, unless she is with No one, this is the best that can be hoped for. She is as honest with him as she is capable of being.
  16. On a whim I decided to watch one of the big Starcraft tournament finals they have in Korea. The winner, this year, was a Terran player called "Maru". Back when I played starcraft I always found Terran to be kind of tricky and hard to maneuver with; but this guy was absolutely brilliant with them. Evidently he started out as a child protégé, but could never finish and always ended up going out on the semifinals or so. This year he evidently figured it out and destroyed all competition leaving behind a wake of broken (usually protoss) armies. Anyways it was kind of a fun way to spend a couple of hours...don't think I will do it again anytime soon.
  17. Siri is not Returned, but she is descended from one (or some). So she has a fragment of a Divine Breath from that heritage, that gives her the Royal Locks, among other things. The color appreciation is just a difference in personalities. Suri is rebellious and likes colors. Vivenna is a good follower of Austre and shuns colors.
  18. Anyone who was poisoned on night 1 would have died last night and been declared dead in this day's writeup. This could well be true. There are enough low-actives that there's a good chance at least one is among the Agents of Mordor.
  19. I loved Elantris. It is a cool book.
  20. Does anyone else think this is similar to what Badvadin is doing with her avatars?
  21. WoB=Word of Brandon. Things Brandon has said at signings and the like. RAFO=Read and Find Out. As in, you'll probably find out someday, just not now. Brandon uses it for anything from "I don't feel like answering right now," "I don't remember," "I feel like trolling," and actual "You'll find out in the future!" Patji is from Sixth of the Dusk, a short story in Arcanum Unbounded.
  22. I think it will be really cool if Brandon is the God beyond. Wait. I think it will be really cool if Brandon is the God beyond. You get my point.
  23. And by extent, Adolin, since the objective truth is hidden from him. Whether or not she is willfully lying to him is irrelevant. The relationship is built on untruth. At any rate: Shallan didnt get married because she loves Adolin and wants to commit to a relationship, end of story. She just didnt. Her entire thought process regarding Adolin is thus: 1 - Hes physically attractive. Especially his hair. 2 - Hes sweet, but intellectually inferior 3 - Hes not Kaladin 4 - Hes a good match, socially, and the kind of guy she would have dreamed of growing up (what girl doesnt?) But those arent he reasons she decided to marry him. She married him because: 1 - He was trying to leave--every time he mentions or insinuates anything remotely similar, she doubles down on the relationship and goes overboard proving to him that he is what she wants 2 - She panicked about Veil and Radiant, deciding that they arent her and therefore what they want is irrelevant, and stuffed them into a box so that they wouldnt mess things up for her 3 - Because shes deluded herself into thinking that Adolin knows who she is, and is therefore the best one for her, because she suffered such a psychological blow as Veil back in Kholinar (her run-to, back up persona) that she couldnt ground herself anymore
  24. I voted for storm it. Kind of like that phrase. Doesn't sound too vulgar.
  25. I didn't specify anything. It was just the number I happened to receive, I guess.
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