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  2. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize I'm not automatically going to get notifications of threads I started, whoops I've found the button to do that now I love cookies! @Zennix I am not Japanese, I was just a huge nerd when I was 15 and created this screen name. It's followed me ever since Pretty much everywhere you can find a yamikuronue on the internet, it's me. In fact, I've dared people to find someone who isn't me using the screen name before, and so far nobody's won that challenge I do like anime though, when I ever have time to watch it I've been reading through your older mafia games and wow, the metagame is super different than what I'm used to, I'm excited
  3. no, but you said you found a place to play Mafia, and we *do* need to play test the latest release of the mafia plugin.... I figured the fine folks here might want to help once we get the release ready for user acceptance testing..... that and the community sounded interesting.
  4. In both of the ensembles I played in at Grand Junction (concert band and jazz band ), 2 judges gave us a 2, and the other gave a 1.
  5. Oi! Are you stalking me
  6. The first time I read mistborn many years ago it seemed like Kredik Shaw seemed like Hemalurgy on a massive scale (it is described as many spires and towers, some large enough for rooms, others simply thin rods of metal...) but I dismissed this offhand, not knowing Sanderson yet. Rereading it recently, the thought came back. Why would the Lord Ruler build his palace with so many spires, some being nothing more than metal rods? Could this be some sort of power draw or theft from the very land itself? It is somewhat reminiscent of Elantris and the land being used in the aon dor. Thoughts?
  7. So umm.... hi y'all, a strange vixen appears! (no pokeballs please.) I'm a developer of weird and wonderous things, one of which is a Mafia helper bot..... i also do play by post RP but that's more a sideline to the programming these days. so, hello!
  8. Rodel here. Today, I'm going to finish the Wolverine trilogy up with Logan. This one will be a little weird, because I've only seen it edited.(I'm not of legal age yet.) But I'll do my best. (SPOILER WARNING!!) SFX: Way Down We Go by Kaleo(Trailer Music) Logan is a different movie. It's almost a different reality. In here, the titular character is world-weary, has chronic pain, and literally dying, slowly and surely by the very thing that was supposed to help him(ish). It's a better future than Days of Future Past, being clear, but having all the X-Men dead isn't. Logan's just living his days hustling for drugs and cutting arms off. (And quite a bit of cussing.) The movie has a great story, and an even better one when you watch X-Men: Apocalypse before it, because it just connects so well with this movie. The characters are intriguing in a way that you love them whether or not they're bad. Logan, the title character, is a very different person now. Even though he takes care of Xavier and works as a chauffeur, he is even reluctant to escort Laura to Eden, because he's just tired. But as he goes along this journey, he finally realizes that not everything has to be about himself. It's actually quite surprising how selfish he has been in past movies, such as refusing Charles and Erik in First Class or stopping Yashida just to save Mariko in The Wolverine. One could argue that he agreed to go back in time to save himself, not caring about who or what else was saved. But the fact that Laura was his daughter and Xavier's death(spoiler) happened, pushed him into reality. He begins to do things for other people, and recognizes the ramifications of his mistakes. (Xavier and the Munsons.) So by the time we see Logan die(spoiler), it's truly a beautiful death. Xavier is very different too. He's a hundred years old and suffers from Alzheimer's disease, which makes his psychic attacks deadly, as he can't control them. In 2029, he's probably the most dangerous mutant alive. During the hunt, Xavier's mind manages to stay relatively clear. I really liked the way his relationship with Logan was at the beginning of the movie. When he dies, he remembers a psychic attack he had that killed most of the X-Men (spoiler) and laments to Logan (actually X-24). It is a tender and heartfelt good-bye to our Professor X, but a necessary one to push Logan's character in the right direction. I loved Laura. Dafne Keen was incredible. Having her not speak for nearly most of the movie was a stroke of mastery on Fox's part. She helped Logan see that mutants could still survive. After that, I really don't have much to say. It was just fun to see how the dynamics of Logan and Laura's relationship went. The other characters were pretty decent, especially Caliban. Besides Logan, I would say my favorite character was Caliban. Most of his development happens before the movie's events. He aids the Essex company with finding mutants, and realizes his mistake. Going into hiding, he helps Logan take care of Xavier. Throughout the film, you can feel the guilt he has, and the determination to do better. I really liked his drive. When the Reavers find Logan, Caliban sacrifices himself(spoiler) so that Logan and Laura can escape. Donald Pierce was a whole different kettle of fish. The erratic moods we see in him make him a spectacular opponent for Logan. He has no mercy, no sympathy, and a sarcastic view of life and death. Zander Rice, though, didn't work for me. He was the mind behind the scheme, but to base the whole thing on just his father's death is kind of rocky for me. Concluding, Logan is definitely the best film in the X-Men Universe, perhaps the best that ever will be. It is Marvel's The Dark Knight. It is a work of art. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute and look forward to seeing it again.
  9. Something interesting from the oathbringer draft linked... Is it just me, or is the implication that
  10. Excellent. I'm only one spike away from being a compounder. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting mistings.
  11. My favorite character is Dalinar Kholin. The guy has become my favorite character from not only the Stormlight Archive but from any book series I have read. Favorite battel scean hmmmm The duel that Kaladin jumps in to Help Adolin was probley one of my favorites
  12. Ingenious... maybe you should start getting into writing yourself...
  13. Yes, the important thing is that red eyes are not associated with a single shard. I think it's possible that this might be true corruption, rather than the mixed shard power we see in Nightblood. Although it is interesting that the corrupted spren are mixed powers... And they have red eyes. How much do we know about Threnody? Is there any evidence AT ALL of another shard ever investing there besides ambition?
  14. Now, for all the people who are fed up of Evil Machine Overlords torturing everyone who caught the mind virus: Wait But Why on human brains, Elon Musk, and technology:
  15. Sure, but that makes me think that articles like the one you linked may actually prevent a Basilisk. Let the knowledge of it guide you to the people who subscribe to that kind of fatalism, and prevent them from being involved with AI projects. Ta-da.
  16. *wants to continue talking about Roko's Basilisk\

    *sadly can't because Dad's kicking him off his laptop

    Goodnight all!

  17. You guy's gotta read up on your LessWrong Lore. Then you'll see the whole story.
  18. @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, @Delightfully Smoak see my edit to my previous post. Is God the effective ultimate power in the game I made or I am? Now, I believe in God so that has an effect or me but God gave free will, so people can act even against Him. Then, also Rocco's basilisk can be not constrained by morality and simulate an universe which only looks like there is God. Enough of this. My brain is trying to boil.
  19. Random inquisitor I drew! not sure where it came from
  20. If G-D is omnipresent and omnipotent and omnieverything, then G-D still exists inside Rocco's Basilisk alternate universe, because G-D is above and beyond anything that we can understand. (Also, why Basilisk?)
  21. I....didn't find this to be all that scary. At all.
  22. Good luck as well! and @Tristan that really sucks :/
  23. Today
  24. Aye dishonored is mad. No worries and have fun!
  25. The thing is, we can't tell if all of this isn't a simulation of the original universe where God may or may not exist. Our faith has nothing to do with it as if this is the simulation, then Rocco has ultimate power. Anyway, you'd have to dig at Timeless Decision Theory to get a good grip what's all that is about. I'm not educated enough in game theory so I prefer to leave it as it is The terrifying thing is not Rocco itself; but the idea of Rocco. If you subscribe to Timeless Decision Theory as those people do, then the idea of Rocco is what's terrifying. Not Rocco's basilisk itself.
  26. Huh. Thats fascinating. I mean I'm pretty sure I'm not living in a simulacrum of the universe, and I do believe in G-d who is definitely not a supercomputer so I don't think I'm in danger..... I'm a little amused by rich smart tech people terrifying themselves with this though.....
  27. Good luck.
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