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  2. Crafting the Bands of Mourning?

    Even if the pits were still there, there have been plenty of people burning metals around them since Elendel was founded.
  3. WoB stack exchange

    Am I imagining things or there was a WoB that Nazh wants his knife back?
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  5. Time Bubbles, again...

    I've been thinking how Aluminum blocks the physical and mental External Alcomancy. I see no reason it would also negate the External Temporal metals. If a person was shielded (50% or more of there body covered with Aluminum ) they would not be effected by time bubbles. 1. Slider could freeze everyone in there proximity but still more at regular speed. Useful in medicine/surgery and combat. 2. Pulser (or Ettmetal power core) could create a bubble around a ship to more at FTL but crew would experience normal time.
  6. theory The Chemistry of God Metals

    Well, if harmonium + water pulls energy from the Spiritual Realm, that must open a tunnel through the Cognitive Realm, creating a temporary perpendicularity. This could be very important in space exploration, as well as reaching planets such as Threnody that have no natural perpendicularities. Also, I'm unclear how removing the spiritual aspect of one set of particles leads to the creation of atium. Is this explosion powerful enough to rip apart the nucleus? That seems to directly contradict the WoB saying it is not a nuclear explosion. Instead, wouldn't you be left with cesium with a Ruin component?
  7. Has something happened to...?

    I think he was simply remembering something Axies once said. If he new him well maybe he expected he'd got himself killed by now, with his shenanigans.
  8. World hopping: "Do not cross the streams."

    Makes sense. Awakening is of the Cognitive realm, allowing a person to imbue a semblance of life into a corpse creating a Lifeless. Any skills that remain areally muscle memory and cognitive residue. Alcomancy which is Investitures, wouldn't be replicated. (Maybe with a LOT of Breath )
  9. Is Sazed just bad at being a God?

    Another question that needs to be asked is free will. Assuming he had the ability: If Saze took all evil inclinations from people, wouldn't that be taking away their ability to choose? If he kept them safe from all harm wouldn't they be smothered? Without struggle there is no growth. Without pain we couldn't recognize joy. If that was taken away we'd lose a major part of what it is to be human. We'd have nothing to strive for. And if we are going to blame Saze for the bad, why not blame him for the good too? If he hadn't interfered Wax and Steris might never have realized how well matched they really are!
  10. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    About the residue. The harmonium reaction with water doesn't cause nuclear fission - it's entirely chemical in nature, and there's also a release of Investiture tied to subatomic particles that produces energy and makes the reaction more violent. Lerasium and atium aren't alkali metals, so there would need to be a nuclear reaction occurring to produce them from Harmonium. If it is just the electrons that are Invested (the nucleus itself might be too unstable if protons and neutrons had additional repulsion), then the transfer of an Invested electron from a harmonium atom to a hydrogen ion is probably the place to begin our search. The Investiture structure (not the atom itself) of harmonium could be destabilized, since it doesn't match an allowed configuration (harmonium, atium, or lerasium), and all that Investiture is released as energy, leaving behind a regular cesium ion. But, when we look at the electron that was transferred, it will be sitting there all alone as a Hydrogen radical. Let's assume that's an allowable Investiture structure. These radicals can interact with everything else in the reaction environment - cesium ions, water, hydroxide ions, you name it, and in most cases the resulting molecule wouldn't be legal for being Invested, and the additional energy of this final electron would be released through Investiture decay. But, when two radicals interact with one another, they would form a hydrogen molecule, H2, with two Invested electrons. If that's a legal conformation, then there would be small amounts produced in every reaction. (It wouldn't be every molecule of hydrogen produced in this reaction, it all depends on the specific reaction pathway that is used to produce H2. Radicals are extremely reactive, so most of them will probably interact with a water molecule before they encounter another radical.) So, from a chemistry point of view, putting cesium in water will get you cesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Nothing else is possible without a nuclear reaction. If the hydroxide isn't Invested, that only leaves the gas. If harmonium is unbalanced towards Ruin (as I suspect it to be), then the reaction with water would release small amounts of Ruinous Hydrogen, also known as Ruin's Mists. Oh, the humanity!
  11. What Happened in Portland

    Seeing the lovely woman in her arms squee with joy because of her made Shiny tingle with pride. She was shortly confused by all the names rattling out of Funtimes adorable and kiss enticing lips but that quickly changed when Funtimes started to work her wonders. Leaves turn into pancakes wasn’t something even Shiny had seen before. Thankfully, Shiny rolled up the pancake, so she could hold it with one hand and with the other hugged Funtimes around the waist to pull her closer. Funtimes enormous grin was just irresistibly cute, so Shiny couldn’t help herself but press a kiss on her cheek. “You’re just getting more wonderful by the second.” Kiss. “Thank you for the pancake, now to see if it’s as sweet as you are.” Kiss. Shiny took a bite out of the pancake and found it to be not only wonderfully sweet but also fluffy, as if Funtimes had taken an ideal pancake right out of her mind and made it real. “You’re right, these pancakes are great.” Kiss. “I love them almost as much as I do you.” Kiss. “Are these other pancake lovers you mentioned, as good at making pancakes as you are?” Kiss. “Or as colorful?” Kiss. “Or as fun?” Kiss. “Or as cuddly?” Kiss. “Or as welcoming.” Kiss. “Or as beautiful?” Kiss. “Or as nice?” Kiss. “Or as energetic?” Kiss. “Or as sweet?” Kiss. “Or as cute?” Kiss. “Because I love all of those things about you.” Kiss. “Just look at what kind of frenzy you worked me into.” Kiss. “I love you with every sparkle of my being.” Kiss. “And if anyone is good enough to be your friend, I’d love to meet them as well.” Kiss. “Even if they couldn’t hold a candle to how much I love you.” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.
  12. Feruchemical Lerasium

    Note the word 'seen.' All the attributes we know it's stolen have been physical quadrant. When we know it's stolen something that isn't we can revisit.
  13. New here!

    Welcome! Avoid the cookies
  14. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    The same thing that happens when I get involved with anything: it dies. ... That is a rather extreme reaction, appealing to my vanity In all seriousness, the RPG has slowed down some lately,, considering how often people used to post there. Personally, I kind of suspect it to be a mix of other responsibilities creeping in again (like school), the Reckoners series currently being finished (leading to a minor down take in interest), and the volume of stuff already existing being somewhat intimidating to new players. (The last one, at least, is a personal thing; I only post int he Dalles thread, simply because there is so much other stuff that I don't think I'd be able to keep up.)
  15. They probably say he's going insane because the alternative is one they would rather not dwell on, since all Voidbringers are suppose to be gone. I think there is a scene though where theyou are worried because visions are tabbooed in Vorinism. The coppermind page on the Hierocracy states that visions were the primary problem during the Hierocracy, but all forms were outlawed.
  16. @neongrey I think what I have to decide is if pyridine is already in the world (and therefore named), or if S has discovered it. If its already in the world (and I want to line up time periods appropriately here, too), then I also have to make a decision about whether or not S would know about it, since there is no alchemical training set forth. Such work over one word!
  17. Six Word Stories:

    He thought he could fly. Wrong.
  18. Oh ho, it’s chapter two! Meant to be a breather and world building chapter before the plot kicks back up too much. Most interested to know if the tension is holding, even though I’m trying to ease back from the shock of chapter one. This is also the ‘if-you-completely-missed-the-deal-with-S-in-chapter-one-now-you-get-beat-over-the-head-with-it’ chapter. You’re welcome. TWD, which is likely not its final title, is dark adult fantasy. This is draft zero. I’m sorry for that. Everything and anything is open to edits, but at this stage LBLs are less useful than overall feelings about tension, character development, text flow, etc. This is also my first experiment with first person, so be warned there. Also be warned that I am delving much deeper into #ownvoices land with the protag than I usually do. This chapter is gore free, @Ernei. It doesn't really have language or violence in it, either, but I kind of feel like those tags should just always be on my work, especially the language one.
  19. I meant that the Heralds knew about Odium, but you're right, Vorinism in general doesn't. I believe Unmade are also mentioned. I don't think that all visions are a taboo- for instance, no one really says that Dalinar must be inhabited by a voidbringer or something. They say he is going insane, but not that he is voidbringing. At the same time, stormwardens are disliked because they do something very similar to predicting the future, and games of chance are banned. Maybe there is a taboo on visions, but predicting the future seems to be a different and much more serious offence in their culture.
  20. Creating the Southern Scadrians' Medallions

    The primer cubes demonstrate that there is so level mechanical control which can be achieved over how ettmetal reacts with powers as you needed to flick the switch before it mimicked powers.
  21. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    I... am still reading 'The Painted Man' by Peter V Brett. Nearly finished though, finally
  22. Today
  23. Hacking Breaths

    I think the Wob is this:
  24. Possible, but unlikely since I don't think there was a need for the visions at that time since the True Desolation wasn't close to coming. They didn't know about Odium as far as I can tell. Nowhere, as far as I can tell, had there been mention of any entities on the same level as the Almighty, which would be Odium and Cultivation. The supernatural beings mentioned, as far as I can recall are as follows: the Almighty (Honor); the Heralds; the Voidbringers. Furthermore, when Odium's name was mentioned, I don't remember any sort of recognition. I don't think they claimed visions of the future, but it's just that visions in general are a tabboo.
  25. So, there is harmonium in the coin hoid gave wax? And what will be the problem with having 16 diffrent nedalions? The harmoniun distrubs itself? And if so the a soulbearer will be able to use 16 different medalions without harmonium? And for last, if harmoniun genarate an area of effect then how can you turn it off and on?
  26. What Are You Watching?

    Longmire is great. Kinda a cowboys and Indians hybrid cop case of the week show. It's height is S3 it's last season on A&E. I haven't finished S5 yet.
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