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  2. are there any Cosmere I haven't read?

    Did this list get cut off?
  3. Imprisonment of a Shard

    Also Frost said something like " Rayse is captive. He cannot leave the system he now inhabits. His destructive potential is, therefore, inhibited "
  4. WoT RP Planning

    Let us know when it's posted! I'm leery of bringing Sammael back, but Mog escaping is super juicy. Is there still a blight post-LB? What state is it in? Important world-building question! Also, let's not try to put it too far into the future, or we'll be travelling on trains and firing muskets.... Which actually doesn't seem like a terrible idea....
  5. Release Dates

    I was right about SA3 being late in the thread. With SA4, the big issue is the outline, if that finishes around late 2018 (assuming 6 months for outline which BS starts in 2018 itself), it gives Brandon just 2019 to finish off SA4 and with one year for pre publish, 2020 seems unlikely.
  6. Breaking a Shardblade

    I'm also surprised that there is no one besides me in SA right now
  7. New WoB on the Iriali

    I just found this WoB...I'm feeling more convinced that the Iri once lived on Nalthis.
  8. Breaking a Shardblade

    One person I could think of that could maybe break a shard blade as a non shard holder themselves is Hoid because at this point he is GOD and shouldn't be underestimated.
  9. Conspiracy Theory: Helaran is Alive

    That's a fair point. This theory assumes that Talak (who is a guy that Liss hired three weeks before this scene) becomes very loyal to Liss (and both to Jasnah) over the intervening 6 years. Did that happen? Who knows. I don't believe we see Liss again, unless there's a reference that I'm not familiar with, so really there's a lot of unanswered questions there. Well, Shallan says that it's Helaran's blade because she saw Helaran with it. But Helaran got it from somewhere, and his father (a dubious source, perhaps?) seems to have believed that he got it from his 'new friends', i.e., whatever group he was then aligned with. In any case, Shallan doesn't necessarily know where he got it from, just that he had it at that point. And to be clear, this is 98% speculative. I was halfway proposing it so that I could see where the holes are. (One problem that I can't reason my way around is why Liss would have given it to Helaran--we don't know enough about what else he might have been up to when he came down to see his family.) Having thought about this, I think I still lean towards Helaran being dead. I tend to agree. I think for the theory to work, you need a particular, established character to be the proposed assassin, and not just posit that such a character would exist.
  10. @Exalted Dungeon Master No sorcery, my memory is just bad. I must have given my mom Calamity when I visited last May.
  11. Higher Ones

    We don't know much about them yet. A lot of people think they're from Mistborn's planet, far in the future, but Brandon has remained closed-lipped.
  12. [Spoiler?] New Spren

    "Keenspren" are the kind that expand your critical threat range, right?
  13. Cultivation

    I believe that if it is possible for Preservation to imprison Ruin, it would be possible for this to happen from other shards. It is possible, however, that the nature of Preservation and Ruin, being diametrically opposed, caused the imprisonment to be far more effective. I also think that it is likely that the pact between Preservation and Ruin to create a world together allowed Preservation to do some things that would not be possible without a 'willing' opponent, so to say. I believe it is entirely possible that Preservation "tricked" Ruin into putting himself in a more vulnerable position so Preservation could trap him. I think this is unlikely to be the case with Honor/Cultivation and Odium. Odium was not involved with Roshar's creation, nor were Honor and Cultivation. We also see nothing similar to the Oathpact on Scadrial, which has been theorized to be heavily involved in the conflict with Odium.
  14. Breaking a Shardblade

    Also with the case of a live spren then I would assume it could reform itself it wasn't blocked by some anti investiture material like aluminum. Anyone know if shard blades can cut aluminum?
  15. Today
  16. Breaking a Shardblade

    I am probably the least qualified person on the planet to answer this question but I will anyway and be probably dead wrong. Since shard blades are basically just dead spren (I think or they are just without investiture) then you might be able to if you had a living shardblade but I don't think you would be able to do it with non investiture techniques like dropping a mountain on the blade to try and shatter it. I probably just spouted a ton of crem dung so sorry.
  17. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I also have seen pictures of you. You are pretty. Here's the simple truth - we all tend to look at our own images and see only the flaws. We're not used to seeing ourselves and we're our own worst critics. I look at my reflection in the mirror and grimace at the pudge, the plain lines of my face, the scar on the bridge of my nose. The face that I'm looking out of every day is a strange thing to me, because I cannot see it most of the time. James looks at me and sees the woman he loves. I can be sitting there in PJs, no makeup, and feeling in desperate need of a shower, and he will look me in the eye and tell me that I'm beautiful. And he means it (the weirdo). Because he sees me every day and is used to that face being part of a person, not a random image that blinks back at him in the mirror now and then. As for the height - pfff, you're only 3 inches shorter than I am. That's negligible. Be like Murphy from The Dresden Files - tiny but fierce. And also I have seen your art. You DO have talent. But like any talent, it takes practice to bring to turn talent into skill. Keep drawing. Keep animating. Keep doing everything, because the more you do it the better you will get at it. I mean, what's one of the things I'm know for around these parts? Costuming. But I have created costumes that came out as absolute train wrecks. I have sewn miserable failures. I just don't show them to people, because I'm not masochistic. I do, however, learn from those failures and use them to improve my skills. You're still really young; quite frankly, people who are really, really good at things at your age are extreme outliers. You have plenty of time to develop your talents into marvelous things. You are already awesome, you just have to prove it to yourself.
  18. Unread Stream Broken

    Why would you break it?!
  19. are there any Cosmere I haven't read?

    Mistborn: Secret History should be a treat for you - I believe it is available in Arcanum Unbounded too.
  20. Vin& Elden vs. Wax&Wayne

    I love Wax and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the Cosmere for people that say they don't seem real I can't understand that. I agree with you saying hes a my way or the highway lawman. I love that about him it reminds me of my father who was a detective for 35 years. Wayne is excellent I can't pinpoint it but something about him seems very familiar to me and love him.
  21. Unread Stream Broken

    Yo, it started happening again. There's a double-posted topic in Introduce Yourself, and I got the error message in Cosmere Theories.
  22. Secret hidden in Adonalsium

    Here's the quote in question.
  23. Pet Peeves

    "I make papier-mache wombats."
  24. Sanderson Memes

    Thinking you can upvote ^ | |____________________________________________________________________| Solution to problem!
  25. are there any Cosmere I haven't read?

    You're missing Warbreaker, a standalone. The good news is, Brandon has the entire thing available for free on his website - here's where you can get started, right now!. There's also White Sands, which is one of the first novels Brandon wrote, but was never published. It's currently being adapted into a series of graphic novels; one is out now, and there are two more in the pipeline. (But, then again, if you have Arcanum Unbounded, you should be aware of that.) If you email Brandon through his website and ask, you can get the full manuscript (which isn't quite canon anymore, since Brandon has changed one character from a man to a woman. Although, it's pretty close, so far.) Once you're up to date on the books, you can get into the really fun stuff - Words of Brandon (or WoBs), which are collections of interviews or answers to questions from tours, social media, annotations, etc. You can find annotations on his website, in the Library section, for many of his cosmere books - they're behind-the-scenes notes. A site called Theoryland hosts an interview database. (It's primarily a Wheel of Time stuff, so there's a lot of interviews with the original author of that series, Robert Jordan. But they've continued to collect quotes from Brandon.) There's a lot of info that people have gleaned from Brandon over the years, that's not available in the books themselves yet. (Here's an example: Secret History name-dropped a number of Shards for the first time, like Autonomy and Devotion. But this community had known those names for years, since we'd been curious about those Shards since they were referenced in Way of Kings, Aona and Bavadin. And then Dominion, called Skai in WoK, wasn't officially revealed until Arcanum Unbounded. During release events, people would ask questions about which Shards Aona, Skai, and Bavadin held, and eventually Brandon told someone the names, and they got added to the WoB database. But that info wasn't written down anywhere in the books for years.) So, perusing Theoryland can be very...enlightening, to say the least. Oh, and by the way, welcome to the forums!
  26. Higher Ones

    Who were the higher ones? Along with that, who created the laws that held them back from just taking over three 1st of the sun? And where were they from?
  27. are there any Cosmere I haven't read?

    Warbreaker White Sand
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