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  2. Yes, I too am one of the many, many Mormon Sanderson fans.
  3. Thank you - it's really nice to hear that there is a chance that someone wil live this part and will be in the second penta-something.
  4. Also, can you even put Breathe into a hemalurgic spike? It's already Invested, so I wouldn't think you could, or atleast it would be difficult.
  5. I'm not gonna take the time to even try and find the WoB, but I remember seeing one a few years back saying that WoK does the same thing for SA. I'm sure it'll be relatively obvious what line/lines he meant when book 10 comes out lol.
  6. Survival Shards: Hard, crunchy granola with all the essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, etc. to keep you alive You can live off this alone, but it is very bland, and the ingredients are unknown. Sold in bulk.
  7. In Warbreaker, Nightblood vaporized stone ceilings and walls. The only reason he didn't also vaporize the ground below the people is that they're separate objects, and he was only touching the person.
  8. I have 24 hours of activity left and counting. I will use them for maximum fun, and if that means shedding my lawful good personality and becoming chaotic good, throwing around accusations and votes like crazy, so be it. Here is my case against Rath. Things I find elim-y are in purple, while progression of thought, or things I found very village, are in orange. This is a post-by-post thing, but a bit less structured, and it condenses some posts and expands others. It was initially written on graph paper and PMed to HH with 20 minutes remaining last cycle, so it could be shared in time if I died, and given that I had about 50 minutes to write all this up initially, expect slight incoherence. Here goes: -Inactive D1 -Immediately Shadecasts me, saying there’s no way to know for certain if I was a villager, and that my cementing of the Araris vote was odd -Says his read of the D1 situation was similar to Len’s (telling?). Invokes an IKYK, and votes on me for my placement in the Araris lynch. Advises that Westley claim. -Responds to Rand and seems to distance himself from Elims by saying “I assume they have a doc…” Tells Rand Westley should claim so the village can have more info -“Realizes” info on who was killed by who is revealed in writeup, apologizes to Rand and backs off- this post and the other three smell of distancing, similar to what Rand did with Len earlier in the cycle. -Wants shorter night, corrects vote count -Asks Rand inthread what AI/NAI means-looks like more distancing. -Long rambling introductory paragraph about how people are good at hiding their alignment and that his analysis is probably wrong. Covering for himself? Says I’m suspicious for my Araris vote and that 1-2 ppl on the Araris wagon are likely Eliminators, similar to Len’s view. Agrees with CadCom that Len may be slightly suspicious. Says he has little/no read on Randuir, and that he hopes CadCom is village. Most everyone else earns a neutral read. Go look at the post if you want more detail. -A few questions about lynch mechanics. -Notes that a Dagger was used C1 to change Araris’ vote, and that Eternum voted for both lynchees. -Takes one of Mr Doctor’s quotes out of context and tries to lynch him for it. -Moves vote off Mr Doctor following pushback from him and me. Says he still agrees with some of what Len said, and that I look more neutral-y upon review despite my Araris vote. -Mentions, when Rand is up for the lynch, that he was inactive-stayed this somewhat hedgily, may have been trying to discourage a Rand lynch -Votes on Devotary side of Rand/Devotary -States Devotary vote is still his best option when challenged by her -Says Devotary claiming a role wasn’t what he was hoping for, retracts on her and votes, not on Rand, but on me -Notes Eternum votes for all lynchees -Does some vote commentary-says Dalinar’s sudden vote on Rand and Jondesu’s sudden vote on Doc were weird -Says HH read is still slight elim/neutral -Goes through reasons CadCom may have been killed. Still votes for me, does some analysis that doesn’t come to notable conclusions other than slightly shading Rand. Encourages activity, saying he doesn’t trust “the mob” -Retracts on me based on an argument of Dalinar’s -Notes my Dagger use. Explains to Rand where he had thought Rand was village reading him (seems like a pit of IKYK). Notes large # of abstentions, encourages activity. -Says he backed off on me to give himself a chance to reanalyze me—tries to shift the village focus to semiactives -Heavy read of Sart as village—shadecasts Doc12, Straw and Walin but votes Rand (looks like a bus) -Potentially staged conflict with Rand -Votes Walin, implying we should focus on semiactives, and switches to Doc eventually. Most of my points against him revolve around his interactions with Rand looking like the kind of distancing Rand did with Len, the lack of hard stances taken (for the most part), and the way he acted D3 with the Devotary/Rand lynch choices in full swing.
  9. First, I would note that Brandon's ideas for the cosmere were created before he finished Wheel of Time. While there are probably influences in the cosmere from his experience writing the WoT, I'd be surprised if the Adonalsium part wasn't already solidly created. Second, the civilization on Yolen, where the shattering occurred, only possessed medieval technology at the time. Third, magic was different, but still available pre-shattering, so it could have been used. You wouldn't have to match Adon strength for strength, instead you could strike at a vulnerable spot.
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  11. “Solace I’ve never heard of him before who is that?”
  12. One time, years ago, I attended an LDS service and one of the official speakers made an unusual remark, that the dark energy believed to be accelerating the expansion of the universe was nothing less than the Light of Christ itself. Without going into any sort of detail on the nature of that Light otherwise, I will say that some other posters here (I can't seem to find the actual threads ) got me to thinking, well, if Adonalsium was a superconcentration of Investiture, and if Sanderson has said that Investiture is third with matter/mass and energy... Not only did Sanderson draw some inspiration from The Wheel of Time but he was, after all, tapped to finish the series, so I suspect there might be clues, in there, to some of the... cosmological... aspects of the Cosmere. In The Shadow Rising there is a vision shown of when the Dark One was unbound from its prison. Scientists had done this, by building a machine to "drill" through spacetime itself, into some other plane of existence in which the Dark One dwells. So I also was thinking, what event IRL does the Shattering of Adonalsium remind me of? Now, if Adonalsium had all the magic, then those who Shattered it didn't use magic to do so. I mean, if they did what they did to get that entity's power, yet they already had magic power enough to kill the source of the same thing, it'd be kind of like letting a man forge two swords, dueling him with one, winning, and then breaking the loser's sword into 16 pieces and replacing your winning weapon with one of those pieces. Besides which, why would Adonalsium have granted them the power to kill him? However, let's suppose that there was a civilization powerful enough to affect gravity on a vast scale. I mean technologically powerful enough, using electrons and photons and gluons and all that jazz, in whatever way gravitons would be manipulated by those. So, this civilization notes that there's a third thing, in the universe, like matter and energy, only this thing didn't start expanding outward during the initial inflation of the universe. Or, it did, but once the initial inflation ended, it remained otherwise supercondensed. This thing is alive, and it's made of magic, so it's a God after all, and so 16 people in this supercivilization cause the space-time in which God is condensed to start expanding with the rest of the universe, resulted in Adonalsium's Shattering. Like a "Big Rip" scenario but only for 1/3rd of the matter/energy/magic triad. And, incidentally, this Shattering, because it requires an action involving cosmic levels of gravity, results in the acceleration of the rest of the universe's expansion... QED!!!
  13. I feel like you could have Googled it in the time it took to compose your post...
  14. Leya frowned. "And why should I teach you Occulatorship? As it happens, I have the tools here for you to use your ability, but I would need to know that you won't use them against me."
  15. I have no time to voice a lot of my suspicions right now, or check whether they’re founded, so I’m just going to give a memory of Bill Ted in support of today’s fashion. ———— The Iron Maiden. One of the coolest bands out there, and the guards were just going to bring it to Bill Ted. ”Radical!” He didn’t know how they had travelled back in time here, but he used a phone booth. One with awesome lasers and stuff. The one the Iron Maiden used would probably be bigger than a phone booth, and comfy too. He imagined trading them and meeting back up in the present. It wasn’t until a bit later, as they were being led into the dungeons, that Bill Ted realized they were talking about a torture instrument. A bad one. A really, really, bogus-bad one. ...but he escaped by deux ex machines because even an alternate-timeline movie has the same rating, and can’t show graphic depictions. (All of the above was not how it went in the movie; I forget what happened, but I do remember this set of dialogue: ”Bring them to the Iron Maiden.” ”Radical!” Bill and Ted escape pretty quickly after that conversation)
  16. Recently, @Botanica and I have been thinking of putting together a digital fanart magazine (zine for short) for the cosmere fandom. Right now, the plan is for the fanzine to showcase new fanart from all the major series/worlds created by a variety of artists in the fandom. For those unfamiliar with the term, a zine is basically a magazine/collection that features fanartists art in a collection...which are generally a new piece of art for the zine. It's sort of like an anthology, but for art instead of short stories. Anyway, it's a bit like the feature art article we did before, but First, though, we need to chose a name. So, to help us chose one, we created a short poll with five different names for the zine: At the moment, we’re looking for 10-15 artists to participate in this project. The zine will feature art based on characters and scenes from the whole series. And, with permission, we hope to do this zine for either profit or charity, though the goal is still to compensate the artists who participate if possible. Despite this, the project is still in the very early stages of development, so more information will be forthcoming over the next several weeks. I will post the results for the poll on Friday of next week. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or botanica regarding this project, or just comment on this topic and I will get to it asap. Other than that, we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available! (The original version of this post can be found here, but some definitions are provided).
  17. thanks! as i was listening through i kept thinking that as good as every character was, the lord ruler was just... a dick. then his last words made me realize there was much more at play, and it went from there. and the end of mistborn gen 1 was just perfect. sazed's arc was just fantastic and it all just made sense.
  18. I dont doubt that you could, but as the means are... unconventional, and unhumane, i'll have to pass. They have enough on their own. I just help the wheat grow that we make into the cookies.
  19. "Sure, but we should probably wait until Rhaizen gets out of the meeting. Where'd Solace go anyway?" Asked Veil.
  20. I'd just like to apologise for my abject performance this week. It's been a difficult week for me on various levels. I will get to the critiques, I promise, and it's not unusual for me to be late in the week, let's be honest , but I've also not got me writing to where I want to submit it. I take some consolation from the fact that I haven't blocked a slot for someone else. Given where we are now, realistically I'm not going to submit now this week, but I'd like to put my Part 3 up on Monday, unless there are 5 others, in which case I will step back.
  21. I still have several stages of pre-approval to go through with the Admin and Leisure Pursuits Committee, so I will come back to you on that. Initial indications are good
  22. I had a great idea for an Epic, one I probably won’t use as a major character but’ll be fun. Epic Name: Dad Primary Power: If given a container of shaving cream, he can keep using it forever. Passive Power: Super strength Fun fact: shaving cream is VERY flammable.
  23. I would like this please.
  24. Its a cool theory but I would suspect that shapeshifting has more to do with that Sprens already have to shapeshift to change from Spren to blade. I would assume that when you change cognitive investiture into phisical-metalic, using diffrent forms wouldn't be that hard. Surges especally don't come from blade metal since they require bond - they are probably a simple addon, as most of their effects. But indestructability... That would make sense considering the Oathgate lock.
  25. Same here. Want to go as a tag team?
  26. Sent you LBLs, Robisnki san. Part 1 is improved from my first read. Bits of parts 1 and 2 dragged for me, but overall I think it's well written, flows pretty nicely apart from the occasional sluggish thought mill. Character has attitude and humanity. Setting is intriguing and so is the story. The last section of part 2 really drew me in. Compelling! Good work.
  27. When you go on a four day camping trip and are really disappointed when you only have one notification...
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