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  2. The puppy thing to spike out loyalty is pure genius I must say, and please. Extra heads mean nothing, I'm just messing around with you. I am the Head of Research at the GB, and am much less concerned about infiltration. I don't even know who or where half of our spies are. Anyway, feel free to hire us anytime. Idle threat giving is useless and I did it just for fun, especially since there is no reason to threaten you. The only guild we are strongly affiliated with is CoC.
  3. I am not an overlord. I will use the list to free everyone. I let them distribute whatever they want and live how they choose. But as for me. Hemalurgy.
  4. I love the quotes. They fit my motif.
  5. @Jofwu I'm ... not opposed to the idea. Sorry if I'm lukewarm. It ... might be interesting. (Still new to the con thing, that's the only reason I'm a bit hesitant)
  6. So, you do admit to being an evil, psychotic internet overlord. Something we can agree on, at the very least. Thus, we can also agree that, like all too many villains, overconfidence will lead to your demise, regardless of any "codes". And as for forcing me to die, don't make me laugh.
  7. Your loss. *Munches on delicious chocolate and Harmonium cookie* As for having eyes...
  8. The Dark Alley is true freedom. We have not forced anyone to do anything but forcing those who have opposed us in the past to die. I follow this. We will not lose.
  9. Hello there. I noticed some interesting conversations going on and decided to drop in. I must compliment the efficiency of your methods, and before you offer, no I do not want a cookie. Some additional information...
  10. Just stating this again, please do not include spoilered sections in signatures as this is currently against forum policy, as a workaround for character profiles I'd suggest a hyperlink to the comment where it was first posted.
  11. @Jofwu I don't hate the idea. @hyperman500, as you see, we already have a ton of questions and not enough pestering time to ask all of them. I'll look them over, but realistically I think we are all looking at probably no more than 2-3 questions per person
  12. Normally, I'd agree because it is much more realistic that way. But, Trellism has some strong ties to Taldain. And Bavadin is known for co-opting religions. With those two pieces of information in mind, I view Autonomy taking successful religions from one world and seeding them on others as entirely possible.
  13. One of my teachers is Mrs. Liang, who is Chairing the con, and she told me to post my list of questions here so you guys could help me "pester Brandon". Let's see if this works Fair warning, there are about nine pages of questions here.
  14. Hey there, it's been a long time since I last wrote here, but I just happened to read your entry this week and wanted to drop a few words of encouragement. I really liked the story and I'm curious to read what happens next. Good luck on writing the next chapters!
  15. I'm inclined to think that's the most likely answer. The jealous brother, or sibling rivalries, is a recurring theme in real-world religions. The most obvious example being Cain and Abel, as well as Joseph and his brothers, Zeus and essentially all of his siblings, etc. I think the easiest explanation is that religion is built to reflect and inform about real life experiences. Sibling rivalries actually do exist, and so it makes sense that people would craft religious stories based on the things they see occurring around them.
  16. Anybody interested in meeting up for lunch on Saturday/Sunday?
  17. Another interesting tidbit about the windspren is that they're exposed to the physical Highstorm. Speculation, but it may be possible they pick up traces of stormlight, allowing for them to make small use of adhesion in their pranks. This would also lead into the other subspren being a part of the Radiants powers as well. Maybe all the base spren have the ability to help manipulate the surges, when they're connected to a Radiant that is pumping stormlight through them; think Kaladin creating a pressure wave to block the Hightstorm, and maybe the creationspren were assisting Shallan during her defense of Thaylen City. We never see any of this normally because subspren never have access to stormlight, except perhaps for the windspren that are exposed to Highstorms on a regular basis, which lets them stick things together.
  18. Kallor Icarium Rake Raest Hood Quick Ben Karsa Draconus Shadowthrone Tool These were really just the first 10 characters I love that popped into my head. I could easily do another 10.
  19. Because some of the techniques involve genetic manipulation to increase their loyalty so if we did the cloning before that we'd have to genetically modify all the clones instead of just the original, then the changes carrying over to the clones.
  20. It might, it might not. I'll admit it raises questions, but at the same time, when Lift goes for a bit of illusionary support she has to ask Shallan to stop hugging herself, which makes me wonder which of the three Shallans were really present, and which were in her head. Obviously, all three were there when Jasnah turned up, but I think it is a bit ambiguous which of the three Shallan actually was before then. That is what makes me wonder if Shallan does have Plate, but her head-state means she can only access it as Radiant. I'll admit, you are probably right, and it was all an illusion, but there are enough questions about Shallan and how she has compartmentalized everything in her head that makes me unsure about just accepting that conclusion.
  21. Hello there! Your kind of lurkage is something we could use in the Ghostbloods. PM me or go here if you're interested.
  22. Hi there! Welcome to the forums! Ignore the idiots fighting over spiked cookies, join the ghostbloods by PMing me or going here!
  23. @Stormblessed Dolphin Thanks. I felt that your cause was a worthy one because.... well, I'll just crosspost from Elephant Earwax's thread: Now, can I be directed to the PM and the discord?
  24. Oh man. Top five is easy, but top ten is hard. In no particular order beyond the first two: Tehol Beddict Trull Sengar Silchas Ruin Gruntle Karsa Orlong Ganoes Paran Bottle Helian Fiddler Quickben/Kalam
  25. The two religions do share a theme of a Jealous brother, and a more beloved brother. After reading that part of Roshar, I immediately thought of Trellism. It could just be Brandon reusing a theme in a religion because it fits and/or he forgot he already used it, or maybe its an example of how different people can form similar beliefs and patterns in religions... OR its Autonomy spreading her/his/it's ever-expanding religious influence across the cosmere!? More data needed.
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