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  2. 8/10. The book had many good standalone moments, but it feels disjointed overall. For some reason I've lost most of my anticipation for the future books. I don't really care what's going to happen with characters and the world anymore, which surprises me. It could have benefited more from the editing process, I suspect. There is a truly great book on the level beyong that of tWoK (my favourite Sanderson book) hidden somewhere in the OB, which saddens me even more. On the part by part basis I'd rate Part 1: 8. Solid beginning. Part 2: 9. I liked Bridge 4 POVs a lot. Part 3: 8. Great ending with Elhokar and Kaladin, but the rest... Shallan became repetitive, Hoid and Vivenna were out of place. Adolin didn't do anything major and didn't get any character development. Part 4: 6. The worst part for me. Shadesmar killed a lot of misteries surrounding spren, was disconnected from the main story, wasn't particularly interesting, and, basically, felt as a fanfiction or distinct novella. Part 5: 7. Good Dalinar development, some nice scenes with unexpected POVs. The timing of arrivial from the Shadesmar trip was forced too much. Many events were rushed, no closure for all characters except Dalinar. I became REALLY self-aware that I'm reading a book, because some characters MUST get to some place and do some things.
  3. Page 425,Location 8511 of the U.S. Kindle version , when Shallan is gambling with her soldiers. "My brothers always said the same thing," she said as he split the pot with Shob, who had gotten them all right but three. (Emphasis mine) Seems to have omitted a "s"
  4. A followup series is planned, although we don't know when it's going to come out yet. It will explore more of the multiverse.
  5. I noticed this the first time I read it; but I was under the impression that we, as the reader, already knew who the voidbringers were at this point. It's pretty heavily foreshadowed in the prior books as well that humans are the "bad guys". I was really hoping for a bigger "big secret". I'm still very optimistic there is more to this than meets the eye. I cant wait for the next book.
  6. Right, I'm here now. I was rather busy before 'cause I had to finish this paper on Julian of Norwich. I am now officially on break, so I have time to play this game (and also read Oathbringer) Let me catch up on the thread. Will have more to say very soon.
  7. except we're comparing Kaladin and Moash and why they are different. They both made the chose to help the bridgemen / parshmen yet after the intial choice to do so Moash just sinks back and doesn't follow through with actually helping them and doesn;t care about them - again he just blames everyone else for the way of things. Kaladin made the choice then followed through and went out of his way to help them, he continued living by the actions of his choice - regardless of whether he would be punished or not. That's why they are mirrors and Moash is becoming Odium's pawn rather than a potential radient.
  8. Mortals and possibly also immortal dargons.
  9. Awesome, I thought pretty much the same thing. I was just reading this thread and everyone was acting like that subplot had reached it's endpoint., made me start to thinking I had missed something when I read the book.
  10. What happens after isn't Moashs reponsibility....he doeant have to nanny people. Even knowing he might be punished he still stepped in to assist the Parshmen with their load.
  11. I thought this story was a very good parallel of both Dalinar and Moash's story in this book. You have to take responsibility for your own actions. Dalinar succeeds, Moash doesn't. Didn't the Recreance happen because the Knights Radiant were afraid that somehow their surgebinding would destroy Roshar the way it did their old world? And then Honor started raving madly about this subject, and the Knights panicked, I guess. I found a WoB yesterday that actually says that the blue skin from the Natans comes from the fact that they are human-Aimian hybrids, So I'm not sure it's about the humans' relationship to Honor, but maybe, like the Girl Who Looked Up, and Rock's story about the Unkalaki, about the way humans found a place in Roshar? I'm still trying to work out why Sigzil said it was a story about responsibility. I guess the colour does match. But there doesn't seem to be a reference on that site to something in the story or to a WoB, and I don't think that Salas is a reference of Odium, and Mishim of Cultivation. But it's something to think about.
  12. There's been multiple discussions about things in your chart. I made a similar if less comprehensive version, for example. I have some additional info filled in, and you might want to add the Heralds to yours as well. There's been discussion about the Unmade, matching the Unmade to the Orders happens on the second page You know what, I might as well do it myself...I'll upload it in a bit.
  13. Yes! Everything is telling me, that it should be resolved, but it doesn't feel that way. Veil's attitude, Shallan's decisionmaking, the damnation sapphire gown, after Moash killed Jez, Kaladin's order's patron, with a dagger, explictly discribed as having an sapphire gem. I know, that it is common knowledge, that the sapphire is the Windrunner gem/color, but Brandon absolutely had to make that clear with thr Moash scene. All these things.
  14. Bingo.
  15. I'm almost 90% sure Tien was a proto-Radiant, and the Ghostbloods very well could have targeted him, since they had a way to get Heleran into the enemy army. As to which order, I'd say either Lightweaver or someone sharing a Surge with them, since Kal says that Shallan reminds him of someone who had the ability to lift his darkness (and I'm inclined to regard any phenomenon as magical in Sanderson's works).
  16. That is the most prevalent supposition, yes.
  17. In the heading for chapter 84 the quote talks about feverstone keep and how it was defending Rall Elorim. Rall Elorim is known as the city of Shadows. I was wondering if the city got its name after the events of the Recreance or why it is spoken of the way it is.
  18. No worries! This is one area of the internet that I feel confident that every post is made in a friendly way. Or at least that is how I treat every post haha. I'm always happy to learn more about the Cosmere so I appreciate it when someone takes the time to engage me in discussion.
  19. The short answer would be very little. Due to Era 1 Scadrial being too close to the sun, a majority of the planet is known as "The Burnlands." On account of being near the north pole, the entirety of the Final Empire is surrounded by burnlands. So if it isn't on the map of the Empire, it wasn't traversable.
  20. Cald and Aem, you're both right, he definitely leaves it intentionally ambiguous, I know of no quotes beyond what you said. But given "there's always another secret," I expect the grand plan involves more than just Adolnasium as the be-all end-all of realized power. Just my opinion though, no data beyond what you guys have pointed out.
  21. Hoid does crazy dangerous things all the time. It's not every day that you get a chance to pick up a spren of one of the higher types, which has already transitioned into the physical realm, then been weakened by death of its Radient, so you can swan in and grab it without having to actually be on the regular path toward establishing a bond yourself. I think he was just using a shortcut hack to collect a new magic (as per usual).
  22. This is my assessment too, as it sounds like Odium is largely barred from tampering with the world when the Oathpact is still in force and preventing the Fused and more from unleashing on the world. That said, Odium does seem to have some control over the Unmade, which makes sense as they're Splinters of his Shard and the Vessel is Cognitively intact. I don't think he micromanages who is affected by the Thrill (since it goes for everything from the looks of it), but there is evidence Odium can nudge the Unmade to do things: Sja-anat states she was "compelled" to touch/Enlighten the spren of the Kholinar Oathgate. She seems to be mostly in control of her actions, and even lies to Odium from the sound of it (or lies about lying for her own ends), but she still corrupted the Oathgate all the same. Nergaoul's and Yelig-nar's presence at Thaylen City was a bit too coincidental, to say nothing of Nergaoul being yanked fully into the Physical Realm and going straight for the Alethi troops to open them to being bonded-and-controlled.
  23. So is the planet destroyed by the surges Ashlyn? It seems pretty destroyed from the silence divine reading.
  24. Moons have specific meanings. The second moon was speculated to refer to Honor. http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Nomon
  25. On the back of WoR, Eshonai was the explorer. As these are written by the Sleepless, it seems pretty straightforward for their attention to have shifted to Venli after Eshonai's death, and calling her the Traitor.
  26. Would they be at liberty to share Brandon's response to their feedback and the things that were changed as a result ? If not, i don't think it'll serve us for this issue.
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