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  2. Yeah, unfortunately Kramer got a lot of things wrong, especially in the Elantris short story. Pronouncing ‘Sarene’ as ‘Sar-ene’ rather than the correct ‘Sar-ee-nee’ and ‘Raoden’ as ‘Row-den’ rather than the correct ‘Ray-oh-den’. But yeah, ‘dishardic’ was facepalm-worthy.
  3. Funny story: while I was serving an LDS mission in New Zealand one of my companions was from Tahiti and was trying to improve his English, so he borrowed a children’s book to read. He kept coming to me asking about words he didn’t understand and after a couple days we realized that it wasn’t the best book to read when trying to learn English. What was the book? Anyway, as for actual helpful advice: when I was younger and reading books that were above my level I would have a dictionary right by me and when I came across a word I couldn’t understand or figure out I would look it up. I suspect you would probably want to do the same with a Spanish-English dictionary. You probably already are.
  4. But your vote was on Rand too. Why would you vote alongside your biggest suspicion?
  5. It’s pretty interesting to speculate just how far it goes though. I mean the fact that how people think of something affects how it manifests in Shadesmar is common knowledge; that’s why Scadrial’s Shadesmar is misty, why Roshar’s consists largely of spheres, and presumably why Nalthis’ is composed of colours. And that’s not at all problematic since Shadesmar is basically ‘composed’ of perceptions in the first place. But saying that it also affects how it ‘manifests’ in the physical realm would seem to lead to a chicken or egg-style paradox, since in order to be able to think of something at all, you first need to see it, but how something appears is related to how it’s thought of. That’s the fatal problem with pretty much any non-realist metaphysics. So at some level, even the Cosmere must have some fundamental ‘essence’ or what-have-you that exists independent of any perception. The only question is what exactly that base level of reality is.
  6. They sobbed
  7. It was beautiful, and brought tears to the eyes of the narrators.
  8. Dalinar started to boogie
  9. Jasnah however refused, she had to set boundaries somewhere. She didn’t get drunk in front of other. Frankly she didn’t dance in front of others, but somethings just had to go.
  10. I know that some have made mention of some of the characters in the "Mistborn Movie Casting" thread but for the most part it is all Era 1. I'm curious to see what you all think about casting for Era 2. I suppose I should start with my picks but I honestly have nothing really solid yet so have at it y'all!
  11. Damaya watched Pallas help his mother and then finally entered the kitchen. It was warm, a fire heating the oven, the dough nearly ready. Kneading it a last time she started splitting it in smaller potions and rolled them into small balls. She then pushed them into the oven and started humming a little song. It felt good to do something, to keep her hands busy and her mind far away from dangerous thoughts. Coru started to hum along with her and she let him. There were so many strange people in the general room. The chance that someone else would look at Coru and decide to use them were slim. And in the end, it couldn't really get worse than in the city. The work calmed her and her joking, laughing mask fell down, as she fetched the hot cakes out of the oven, putting another batch into it. There wasn't any need for it here, no one to convince, not even herself. It felt good to put it on, to be carefree for a few moments, to laugh and joke, but this, this quietness, was what she cherished even more. Her problems, her fears were far away, while she concentrated on the task at hand. Her past was her past and her future her future. This was the present and in the small, quiet bubble of the kitchen it was enough. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough. Pausing for a moment she decided to make more dough, as it seemed like the Waystop would be full this evening.
  12. One: I'm talking about my CHARACTER. Not me. Two, it's better to not waste 200+attempts on beating him (you took that long) and go do something productive. Like reading.
  13. Right. It's a matter of the perception and belief of the people/world as a whole, not the perception of a single person. One person's will can't change much (unless it's a really powerful will, like a Shard, perhaps).
  14. Aren’t they fantasTIC? j/k I’m going to be unintentionally rhyming words in my head for days now. Nah that would have been too easy. Plus I wanted a chance at winning.
  15. game

    I recognize that strategy from playing the actual game. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time around. There are also other strategies from infinite guess clues that I have seen too, and it just takes getting used to different playstyles of different codemasters! Overall, Good Game everyone! I don't see any reason why we can't post the master board yet, or the keycard, but I will wait just to make sure. One other thought, Red team got unlucky with having multiple of their cards being associated with Sel, whereas, on the other hand, Blue team got lucky by having almost all the Roshar cards being blue cards. But such is the luck of the draw!
  16. game

    Arelon is the assassin. The blue team has won. @Cadmium Compounder. The country clue was kinda me trying to tell you there are no countries. Dang it.
  17. Nope! This character was alive before Mistborn Era 2.
  18. Thank you so much! This should help me a lot.
  19. All four raps are in! The voters have a difficult choice today. Who is the winner of this battle? 24 hours to decide!
  20. Can someone link me to Google maps where the fight is happening? This seems like it's escalating into the kind of situation Epoch would want to have more control over, such as sending Phyto back out.
  21. Today
  22. game

    Arelon Svrakiss Roial
  23. This one predates this WoP And is mainly going off the inversion idea, because the traits "brave and obedient" are interesting for an assassin. This one I still question. The WoB is there in Arcanum... But we've been trying to get the picture of the signed book it's from since Arcanum launched.
  24. game

    Infinite guesses.
  25. Veil started to dance because Shallan was too busy gawking at Jasnah's beauty. They started to dance together, Veil brought some Horneater Ale for her and Jasnah to drink.
  26. I'm inclined to believe Dova is Battar merely because we've had such a drought of information about the female Heralds (excluding Ash) that I'm happy to cling whatever minor morsels we're given. Chana: ??? (blind guess of Liss seems popular, but no real evidence) Vedel: ??? Palah: that one old Ardent Shallan spots in the Palanaeum? (would have been a blind guess if not for a WOB) Battar: ??? Dova maybe?
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