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  2. What I think happened was he had early feruchemists make them for him, and he manipulates them to use his feruchemy so he doesn't have to go back and fill them back up again. So I assume he has an identity one. Otherwise that would be dang inconvenient for our man Hoid.
  3. It's almost like the God Emperor of Dune, in knowing human interactions so well he can basically read their minds
  4. If hematology made savants, shouldn't every one of the early kanda generations should be savants?
  5. And we won't really find out until Szeths book. Which I find myself hoping is book 4
  6. All I know is that it would be storming amazing.
  7. Well thought out. This totally makes sense. And it might be because of belief that prevents the highstorms from really advancing over the mountains. Or not. For now, it doesn't matter.
  8. Actually I was wondering that too. I imagine she'd ' ascend to the shard of Awesomeness. And the cosmere would tremble.
  9. Well I'm seeing a few situations. Either it is citizens v real cops, or citizens v criminals, with some real people as roles.
  10. Heal division, hurt abrasion 1. Gravitation -- 20 2. Division -- 8 3. Abrasion -- 13 4. Illumination -- 9
  11. Based on what exactly? The descriptions between Kaladin's abilities (speed, dexterity, reaction times, etc) have always been described pretty similar to the effects of pewter. Extraordinary, but not completely inhuman, which is what it would take to dodge a bullet. Are you sure you're not just overestimating the capabilities of Knights? I'm open to examples otherwise if you disagree.
  12. A full Radiant is on a completely another league compared to a storming Pewterarm.
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  14. Arrows would be nowhere near as fast as coins. Like, not even in the same ball park. Even in shorter distances, where they're at their weakest. Imagine you had a 600 ish pound crossbow (lowball estimate for max weight a Coinshot could lift) with a draw length of twenty feet, as opposed to twelve inches. Pewterarms gain increased speed and reflexes, but it didn't seem to help them to dodge either.
  15. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes elims will attack one of their own (if they have protection) so they can gain trust. If you truly are village, then I would guess that's why. Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. @queensteph, @Straw, @Paranoid King, @Burnt Spaghetti, @Arinian, @Cluny the Scourge, @BrightnessRadiant: if you're a villager and capable of attacking someone, we need to coordinate. The Skindancers shouldn't be able to block every kill, and there's no real way to predict how much protection they have. My question to each of you is who do you vote we try to remove first. Steph or Brightness? If you think someone else should be killed before either of them, why? I really can't see any way that one of those two can't be evil, so I feel that we need to solve that problem before we try looking for any others. For now my kill is on Steph, but I am willing to change it to Brightness if there's enough consensus / a reasonable enough argument for Steph being good / Brightness being evil.
  16. Yes we have confirmation both from WoB and from a character with a perfect Realmatic Theory understanding. There is a WoB and yes they are...But honestly also without the WoB, there are hint in the books about their local origin
  17. Well, that depends if the mistborn has time to start burning metals before he gets turned into another element... What if the KR can just dodge the coins / bullets / whatever? Kaladin could dodge arrows as a proto-Radiant when he hadn't even sworn his Second Ideal yet. Doesn't seem like a stretch to me to assume that a full Radiant can dodge coins, especially with the mobility they have.
  18. One question: Has Brandon actually said that Feruchemy is a blend of Ruin and Preservation? In some ways it seems logical positive+ net negative = net neutral........but, it is genetically linked to the Terris people, who did not have mistings until interpreting occurred. We're the Terris people even originally from Scadrial?
  19. Marv found guard duty incredibly boring. For most of the night, he would stand at the gate or on the wall and stare into the mists, often while vigorously rubbing his stone. The mists put him off. Didn't it with everyone? It was like anything could be hiding inside, lurking in the shadows... waiting to strike. He shuddered and clutched his poleaxe tighter. He glanced up at the crescent blade. If anything, the weapons provided were cool, even if he didn't know how to use them. He supposed that all he had to do was chop and thrust, repeat. He shrugged. Simple. He gazed off again into the night.
  20. Hurt Division; heal Abrasion. 1. Gravitation -- 20 2. Division -- 7 3. Abrasion -- 14 4. Illumination -- 9
  21. Yeah man, it can charge african erections! Massive amounts of power man. Massive!
  22. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.
  23. I thought it was a Pokemon hat.
  24. I like most of what you say, there are 2 points I disagree with though. I do not think the cognitive realm is flat.....I am leaning towards something like a mobile strip, where the entire realm twists throughout peacetime yet only has one surface. In this scenario, rather like mass warping space via gravity, you have senescence warping cognitive "space" forming areas with specific rules and allowing the possibility of passage between the physical and cognitive. I think a third component from the spiritual realm must facilitate this passage. I do not think that a meeting point has to necessarily be between the major shard worlds either, just someplace easily accessed from all. Almost like there is a highway system that converges the Hub in Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire.
  25. Happy birthday ! May your cakes turn into many many wishes! wwowowowowow it actually did @Mestiv
  26. I didn't think anyone else was either. That's why I went ahead and accused BR because I thought that she was the only one involved according to the writeup. But Elbereth said she wasn't going to say whether or not the writeup told how many times people were attacked because she wasn't sure if she's always written it accurately for that. But BR was sabotaged that turn and she had protection against it. so idk why the Elims would attack one of their own unless the action was redirected or something.
  27. Happy birthday! May your upvotes turn to cake!
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