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  2. Putting lots of faith into colour connections isn't advisable.
  3. Have some quotes from another book series exploring the nature of good and evil. Fate of the Jedi, Book 1: Betrayal Fate of the Jedi, Book 2: Bloodlines Fate of the Jedi, Book 3: Tempest I've still got books 4 through 9 to reread, and I imagine I'll have several more fitting quotes by the end of it. To those that are curious, this is the book series that I refer to in the Dalinar Theory in my signature. As a parting line: "What do you call someone who joins sides with evil because of a well-reasoned argument?" -Nelani Dinn
  4. Yep, this is why is ironic that she's so concerned with Adolin making an effort to overcome his bias. Shallan has a huge Shallan-shaped blindspot, but mostly when she's in Shallan mode and isn't busy being four other people
  5. that spren is definitely of oodium, btw; we establlished in the first dalinar's chapter that golden yellow is odium's color. So convenient to have shards color-coded
  6. I got over not standing for the anthem or pledge in the 1st grade when the new kid was a Jehova's Witness. Besides, didn't JJ Abrams fix this issue already?
  7. >Being happy that your romantic interest is being broad-minded >Be narrow-minded at the same time #justshallanthings
  8. I'm still feeling the whole Shadolin thing. So adorbs.
  9. She's the one thinking of darkeyes as peasants.
  10. Gotta love Shallan making an effort to appreciate Adolin trying to be 'broad-minded', all the while being slightly put-off she's being compared to peasants.
  11. These have been my favorite chapters so far, and Pattern continues to be my favorite spren. I was hoping to see more of Veil, but Adolin and Shallan are adorable so I'm fine with waiting another week. Kaladin keeps the cliffhangers coming, I'm loving where that story is going. So it seems like this group of Listeners is being guided and watched over by a Voidspren, that's so fascinating. And I do think it's a voidspren, the shrill voice and calling those listeners fools doesn't make me think it's one of the good guys. I expected there to be one or two voidforms in command of a group of non-voidform Listeners. This is really cool though, a free spren can be so much more versatile, as we've seen. But now I'm left wondering where it came from. The spren seems very intelligent, so either it's been a while since the spren has crossed over and it has gained sapience through some form of bond, like all the nahel spren do, or there is some mechanism we are not aware of that grants sapience to spren in the physical realm. Maybe it's a critical mass thing, the Stormfather and Nightwatcher are sapient after all, even without being bonded. Either way, I'm very excited about this yellow ribbon.
  12. A... spren hug?
  13. Ohhh. Silly of me to forget that.
  14. What I find interesting is that the ARCs are softbound, looking like trade paperbacks. Thanks to all for deciphering.
  15. It'll be like in that video by Madonna for "Papa Don't Preach" that ends in a hug. "But I've made up my mind, I'm keepin' my Radiant"
  16. At Navani and Dalinar's wedding, by the Stormfather The implication, to me, is that all spren capable of forming bonds, or of achieving sapience, are true spren, while everyother spren (life-, rot-, shame-, pain-, rain-, fire-, glory-, etc) are subspren.
  17. Sounds like the infinite improbability drive!
  18. Especially when it comes down to oaths.
  19. I think my biggest take-aways from these chapters is what @Pagerunneralready mentioned about the similarities between what Shallan is doing, and forging (I specifically thought of Shai during the creation of "Brightness Radiant") The second is that, as far as I can tell, these new formed Parshmen, while freed of slave form, are still completely unfamiliar with the Rhythms. I'm guessing they can access them, but don't know how. Theres no mention of the cadence of their speech being off. Their voices are indistinguishable from human.
  20. Awesome
  21. Not much. Stormfather is grumpy, but he is kind of a pushover.
  22. Also Wyndle complained incessantly about being sent by committee to bond with Lift. Different spren orders have different methods. I feel Kaladin and Syl are the most friendly combination.
  23. Random thought - What happens when Syl meets the Stormfather? She disobeyed him to bond Kaladin. What happens?
  24. I also think that we might be a reference to Roshar as a whole. If Aimians can Surgebind, Axies is my new Willshaper candidate.
  25. Radiant-ception? Perceptionception? Personaception?
  26. Well, it's inappropriate anyways...
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