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  2. Actually, this is making me think that if she were to become a Misting, she might be able to turn metal into investiture (at least, the metal she can burn). It would depend on what actually happens when a misting burns a metal. Does the misting metabolize the metal, or does it simply disappear? If the first, then I could see Lift swallowing handful after handful of tin and getting some serious investiture.
  3. This is a small theory about the creatures shallan sees in shadesmar/her drawings .My curiosity is way that the creatures were introduced to characters. The characters are: Shallan(obviously) :In shallan' s case, it was relatively blatant that she could only see the creatures through her drawings. Gaz: He sees them in the "darkness" (where he can't see due to the unfortunate lack of an eye) and this is mentioned a few times late after kaladin's arrival at the warcamps Elhokar: We see this in his fear of assassin's, Quote page 1902: “Yes,” Elhokar replied. “And yet they are savages, and easily manipulated. It would be a perfect distraction, pinning the blame on a group of parshmen. We go to war for years and years, never noticing the real villains, working quietly in my own camp. They watch me. Always. Waiting. I see their faces in mirrors. Symbols, twisted, inhuman …” This is very similar to the description's given by shallan about the creature's from shadesmar. Now let's turn back the clock a bit. We see elhokar's fear of assassins, shallan' drawings, and Gaz's lack of an eye, all show hints at these creatures. This means that there is something in common guaranteed, due to other big plot points in Sanderson's other books being given 1 or 2 hints, so 3 is basically a guarantee. So, each of these hints show key points in a character, revealing the creatures from shadesmar. what does this mean? Suprisingly, we still don't know enough about kaladin's backstory to determine much from his relationship starting with syl. But let's assume that he's never seen the creatures as he has never soulcast and never been to shadesmar. This means that only certain types of radiants can soulcast. Now having all three of these well set up characters all have the same power seems a bit of a waste to me. This means that multiple types of radiant's can soulcast, but in kaladin's case( and lift's ) not all types can soulcast. We pretty much already knew that though, right? So let's extend. Soulcasters. We see from dalinar's trip to fever stone keep that no soulcaster's dropped down from the radiants when they betrayed their oaths. What did all of these radiant's have in common? They were all once in the front lines in battle. These were the radiant's returning from the front lines. They weren't bond-smiths Light-weavers, and truth-seekers. These were edgedancers wind-runners and sky-breakers. So. There you have it right? Only some radiant's can soulcast and this theory was useless because we already knew this. now getting back on topic, The main part of the theory originates from these two quotes from WoK Blood of my fathers, Dalinar thought, gripping the stone railing, leaning forward. Those aren’t stones. They’re creatures. Massive creatures, easily five or six times the size of a person, their skin dull and grey like granite. They had long limbs and skeletal bodies, the forelegs—or were they arms?—set into wide shoulders. The faces were lean, narrow. Arrowlike.” The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule!” now, as I have said, two hints at one thing is a near confirmation in the way of Sanderson. What I am stating is that the figures shallan,elhokar, and gaz see are the same Guant stone creatures we see recurring a few times, namely at the the start of the series from the herald's perspective. first of all, we know these creatures have something to do with soulcasting. How? Kaladin hasn't seen them or been to shadesmar, and he doesn't soulcast. (Neither does lift). Meanwhile shallan has, and she soulcasts. Elhokar and gaz just don't give enough information, but have the same description of the creatures. So, quote 1 analyzed. The second one refers to the creatures, in my point of view, as darkness. Why? The creatures described are always dark, and in the pure lake were dark as well (dalinar's visions). Even if this is inaccurate, dalinar's visions represent them as a dark stone like creature. So then they form a palace, let it rule! Sound familiar? What could form a palace from nothing? Soul casting.the creatures shallan sees, share a vague description( being only in the spiritual realm( shadesmar) and then the creatures dalinar's sees in his visions are soulcasting. And shadesmar is a soulcasting "hotspot" if you will. Now for one final touch. This I don't have the exact quote for, and am re reading the books to find it. But I remember one of the heralds saying that the parshendi/parshmen aren't the voidbringers. Something else is. I dismissed when I first read it, thinking that the herald had been driven insane or something other. Now I think he is right, and moreover, that these creatures are. The creatures were also lying dead on the battlefield, and most scholars agree that the desolations were wars between the voidbringers and man. So those creatures are guaranteed the voidbringers. So that's my theory. The creatures in shadesmar are the same as those in dalinar's visions. Just in a different form due to shadesmar. And hey if I'm wrong elhokar and gaz are still potential radiant's. here's a quote I think is important but have no idea what to do with:Above the final void I hang, friends behind, friends before. The feast I must drink clings to their faces, and the words I must speak spark in my mind. The old oaths will be spoken anew.” An odd ritual to become a radiant? I think death ramblings can predict the future due to this: Doesn't Szeth do this in wor? “In the storm I awaken, falling, spinning, grieving.”
  4. I actually really like Elantris. But then it was the first Brandon Sanderson book I read, and I was young at the time. As for Raoden and Sarene, I actually related to both of them a lot, (Raoden in his insistence in seeing good in everyone, Sarene is the feeling of being constantly respected but excluded at the same time.) And since then have found some similarities with Hrathen too. So while I can agree that the plot wasn't as good as it could have been, the characters pulled it through for me really well. As for least favorite story? Definitely "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania". Finishing it was a grind for me. I just read it because it was one of the only cosmere works I hadn't read, and I already owned it.
  5. @Extesian Good Job. I'm going to hold off judgement on this monster till after I have read Oathbringer. I feel like enough of the RAFOs are because OB is going to answer it that this theory will be much more polished after you've read it. Other than that, amazing job. The part about the heralds keeping Odium contained was a little confusing, and I'm not sure, but I think you've hit on a couple key points. And I think that your list of WoBs is going to be extremely useful. Hopefully you are planning on keeping it up to date too.
  6. Ok, but the first reference to murder is the guard saying he killed his own daughter. There's no rejection of that statement from Treb, so I must assume it's true. Also, there's no indication that the guards are automatically bad, so Treb killing one without regret seems inherently bad. My issue is that we are in Treb's head, but he doesn't think 'Who could have done that to my daughter?' If it was the guard, and that's the reason for Treb feeling no guilt at killing him, then why wouldn't Treb have thoughts about that? Why would he not, previously if not now, have sought to defend himself? This, "The only people exempt from this rule were the guards that watched over him and the other prisoners." would seem to contradict that.... AH, NO - I see it, you mean the guards watching the prisoners, I suggest cutting the underlined, to stopping the sentence after 'guards'. I read a comma where there isn't one, but I still think it's less than clear.
  7. Is it bad that I laughed at a dead person's will
  8. The Physical Realm 4. Eobard Thawne (The Flash) - DEFINITELY not an evil speedster 5. Lucky Duke (Cloudjumper) - handy with a barrel 6. The Wanderer (Yitzi2) - definitely not Hoid 7. Vulture Sam (asterion137) - a card hustler 8. Jaspian (StrikerEZ) - talks to a stick 9. BrightnessRadiant as Herself - very confused worldhopper 10. Liz Allan (Sami) - terribly confused Marvel fanatic 11. Ister Mo (Manukos) - likes camping 12. Tautali Laust (Megasif) - valiant Radiant on a journey of self-discovery 14. Dr. C (Clanky) - Rickrolling mad scientist 15. Locke Tekiel (OrlokTsubodai) - I feel like this guy's died before 17. Aran (Aonar Faileas) - the hunter 18. Requiem (Drake Marshall) - Kyner from the future 19. ______ (Roadwalker) - deep in thought The Cognitive Realm 1. Mr, Red Facemask (Alvron) - likes to use commas 2. An Innocent Man (A Joe in the Bush) - definitely harmless 13. Daniyah as Herself - first blackout game! 16. Aralis (Araris Valerian) - former head-thumper back from the dead 20. ppil (STINK) - has some beef with Phil 3. Alvron (Straw) - a very confusing guy was Kiin The Spiritual Realm -
  9. Chapter Two: Eternal Dominion The fifteen, clothed in their new bodies, ran through the deserted streets of Kae. It was odd to see what should have been a bustling center of life and trade look so dead. No light shone from houses or shops. Boxes and carts lay overturned in the streets. There was not a sound besides their footfalls and heavy breathing and— They stopped. There was another sound, too: it was like a snarl or a rasp. It was coming from directly ahead of them, and it was getting louder. A hideous creature leapt out from a side street. It was human in shape, but its bones were twisted in unnatural patterns and the savage look in its eyes was far from human. Aran charged into action, sword held in an aggressive stance. The thing didn’t appear to be armed. It didn’t do anything to defend itself as Aran plunged the sword into its side… CLINK! The sword bounced off of the monster, not even scratching the protruding bone. Alvron recovered and slashed again with all his might. The creature’s bones completely stopped the attack, and the sword flew out of his hands. The creature responded with a punch, so powerful it threw Alvron across the road and into a wall. He slid to the ground, unmoving. Everyone took a step back from the abomination. The Dakhor. It bared its teeth and charged. What followed was chaos. - StrawAlvron awoke in the Cognitive Realm. He felt the familiar pull into the Beyond, but this time, he found he had no Mark to give him form. He saw the others around him battling the Dakhor; they were glowing slightly, like the hooded man’s marks. The hooded man’s marks…hadn’t he had two extras in that box? He searched out someone—anyone—who could hear him. After a long search, he finally found stumbled into a shop not far from the others’ battle. As soon as he entered, the shopkeeper stood and looked directly into him. Could this be the man that Mr. Hooded Cloak said to look for in Kae? “I’m looking for the extra Marks,” StrawAlvron said. “Do you know what I’m talking about?” The proprietor nodded knowingly. “I have many channels across space and time. Unfortunately, they are not here.” “Where are they, then?” StrawAlvron asked desperately. “They’re currently being used as evidence, I believe.” “Evidence for what?” - TO BE CONTINUED when I have more time Straw (playing the character Alvron) has died! Here is his autopsy report: And here are the contents of his will:
  10. That would be a possibility, yes
  11. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them - there will be one more! Thank you! Hospital room is an interesting connection here, not something I aimed for - but I guess given the circumstances here it does work!
  12. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are not. Maybe she found some more fragments of an object in the corner, or stole another item from the hallways on her way back from a bath, like she stole the vase. In the end I choose to go with the visually more pleasing version, which from my interpretation of the book is not an impossibility in this case. I do appreciate you actually taking the time to analyse and count my pictures this closely though!
  13. Your instincts are good, there was almost certainly something weird going on with Shallans mom, but we dont know what it was she was involved in. This was deliberately obfusicated in the flashbacks, presumably for a later reveal. What broke Shallan? It could've been anything. Kelsier spent 40 years as a criminal culminating in 6 months of daily torture and struggle to survive and didn't snap until he was forced to watch his wife get brutally murdered. Vin and her sister snapped during birth; despite the birth being described as "difficult," there were few enough complications that the infant Vin was able to be adequately cared for by a lone teenage boy living on the street, meaning she must have been relatively healthy. The threshold for cracking a soul is completely specific to individuals, and therefore, essentially arbitrary.
  14. Oh right. Maybe I can get @Tesh to take some for her pies. Thanks
  15. I've been passing them onto @StrikerEZ, something about cookies, noobs and evil I think.
  16. Lets bring this thread back to topic. I also think the person being called Taln would be a good option for the interlude novella, especially since his delusions could give us insight into the time between the Prelude and the Prologue of Way of Kings - hopefully more than "it burns..." and, if he really is Taln, more first hand information about the Oathpact.
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  18. All I can think right now is that Knuckles was a weird looking baby.
  19. @Extesian Harmony keeps giving me more of these earrings to hand out. I can't find anyone to take the rusting things. You have any luck offloading yours?
  20. @gbazz4 your proposal of 10 bondsmiths is seditious and must be stomped out before its seeds can bear fruit.
  21. It really really is. The whole post was good, but that one alone got an upvote. I think the scroll of truth would shatter many of our darlings.
  22. Yeah they're so perfect, I went to Iceland at the wrong time to see them but immediately booked the puffin excursion when I was on a cruise of the fjords. I mean, it's a toucan that catches fish. Too good. And I love how they all leave for migration on exactly the same day every year. Hehe and yeah pufflings is even better than the name for baby echidnas - puggles Edit - and I've attached a photo of a puggle. I was extraordinarily lucky to get up close with the first puggle born in Perth zoo in years, and 3 months before they publicly announced its existence
  23. @Extesian SQUEEEE! I'm so jealous! I love puffins too, and I've never seen one in the wild, only in zoos and aquariums and so on. I also find it utterly adorable that the babies are called pufflings. Is that not the cutest thing ever??
  24. @maxal I agree with many of your points, but I think, that you are overanalyzing a bit. Sure, Jasnah has a heroic pose and certainly looks beautiful the way she is drawn, but my main takeaway actually was, that she looks like she is determined. But maybe, that is because I already know, that she is supposed to be gorgeous, as I have read the books. It's always very hard to put inner traits into a picture of someone, just as it is hard to learn someone's traits from just looking at their appearance in real-life. I understand your criticism, but I really don't see how someone could draw Jasnah and still show her most inner traits, that many of us only know, because we already had a deeper insight into her character. Book covers aren't made for that. They are made to sell books. They are made to intrigue the potential reader, so that he buys the book. If Brandon sells a few more copies, because Oathbringer has an attractive heroine on the cover, that is just fine by me. He wasn't? Yeah, he has some scars on his forehead, but other than that, I would describe him as a rather handsome fellow, also depicted in a strange pose, wielding Stormlight and a spear. I think, the problem is, that we are used to men being the stereotypical soldiers, while women aren't. Thus a man depicted as a warrior is considered normal, while a woman depicted as a warrior is somewhat odd and stirs up controversy. I don't think, that that will ever change.
  25. @Sunbird one of my favourite travel moments was seeing several hundred thousand puffins in the Arctic Circle, off the Norwegian north coast. That was a Braize to photograph though – with a decent zoom you could be lucky enough to get a nicely framed shot but then you miss the awesomeness of an endless swarm of them. Wide angle, and all you can see is thousands of little black dots in the ocean. Below is the only remotely decent one I got. My point is…I love puffins.
  26. I look at it this way... A group of of people came together and opposed a God. We know Hoid was offered a Shard and declined... It's implied that they knew how many Shards there would be and even to some extent what those intents are as we know Rayse chose Odium intentionally. I have no idea why it was, or what the significance is/was, but I'm pretty sure it was there.
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