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  2. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    Everyone wasing the learning of high imperial... Ising amazing.
  3. Breezes of Text

    Yes, 10,000% better
  4. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Ooh, I'll add them to my list. Ah, fanfic. I've been wanting to write some for years now. Maybe using it like this, as a way to practice, will help. Thanks for the advice. Actually, I'm reminded a bit of Wayne when he's slipping into a role -- he tries out different motivations and voices until he finds the right one, and then he proceeds to infiltrate enemy territory with ease.
  5. The Sticky Sticks

    Now I'm wondering what would happen if you used a stick as spike...
  6. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    This city having the ising of much difference from Luthadel. Ising the having of fewer people. Still ising the having of capitalist economy: ising poverty, ising dreadful class system, ising slums, ising corruption. Ising a bad place to live. But ising hope, if ising a figurehead to rally behind for the making of dreadful class system ising no more.
  7. 3/20-Wisps of Aether-A Foreign World

    Sorry, I was interrupted earlier, but as it turns out, I didn't have that much more to say!! Yes, I would not want to you underestimate the point about the prose. I wound your style very comfortable to read. That's not meant to be faint praise. TBH, on here, I often find myself 'battling' punctuation and grammar issues that make some pieces quite hard to get through, certainly in any kind of joined up way, but I though your piece flowed nicely and that's half the battle in winning readers over, I think. Story choices can be edited, but style takes longer to refine, so I think you're in a good place. Keep going!!
  8. Breezes of Text

    Thank you for the feedback! Would it work better if I said 'My mistake' instead of 'my hand'?
  9. Anime?

    Season 2 of that should be coming out in Japan soon!
  10. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    Hm... we do know there was a mercantile traffic through Scadrial and that some people in House Venture were in on it... I imagine atium would be quite valuable. Not for its usage in Allomancy or Feruchemy - you'd need specific Scadrian genes for that; but we know that Hemalurgy is usable by literally anyone in cosmere and with atium you could steal anything. And Breaths are not that hard to come by - they're not that expensive on Nalthis and I imagine worldhoppers know how to make money. Furthermore it would mean Marsh bringing Harmony a sample of another Shard's Investiture... hm.... Honestly I just started thinking that we should ask whether Marsh has Breaths. Suddenly I want the Silverlight story come much faster.
  11. Breezes of Text

    I didn't get the response to the question. it took me a bit to get that pov was saying that it was her hand that had caused the slip, not the lathe. Otherwise, nice piece of work. I can see the arc, the element of renewal, and I like how you bring in the forgiving nature of wood. I've done a little very amateur woodworking in my time, and I have some idea (very unaccomplished) of what you're on about there. There's even some sweet description in there with the likening of the curl of the wood shaving to the curl of K's hair. Good job. Nicely done. It's a comfortable and enjoyable read.
  12. The Newcago Court

    Elsa listened closely
  13. The Art of Game Creation

    Fixed. The RP background is also available in the initial post, since I haven't changed it at all since then... Also, the rough outlines of another game idea occurred to me, that might be humorous... A dark alley themed SE game. Among the innocents traveling through the alley, there are some people... Some people you don't want to meet in a dark alley. This isn't much more than a speculated theme right now. To be a properly thought out game, this would probably need some kind of hemalurgy mechanic (a cursory search reveals that there aren't many examples of hemalurgy as a central game mechanic in past SE games).
  15. You haven't seen it yet?! Even I have seen it! Great movie, btw! Enjoy!
  16. What do Tears of Edgli look like?

    Well Brandon did say that he used Hawaii as a model for the ecosystem of Hallandren (and how utterly grueling that research was ) so he might have had some of their flowers in mind specifically. But lotus flowers or orchids would be a really good option as well given their real-world religious significance.
  17. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Two books that helped me with the basics of characterization were Creating Characters: How to Build Story People by Dwight V. Swain and (oddly enough) a self-help book called The Real You by Kevin Leman. The former explains the basics of characterization and how to convey them on the page; though some of his dialogue was a bit dated in the edition I read (several years ago, so there could be an updated version now) his advice is solid. The latter explains the four basic personality types (choleric, melancholy, sanguine, phlegmatic), birth order, and how all of those interact with formative events to influence personality and actions. Being a self-help book, it's definitely geared more toward helping the reader get through whatever's ailing them, but I gleaned some really good characterization tips from reading it. Though I'd be remiss if I didn't say that what helped me learn the most about characterization was writing fanfic. If there's a character who speaks to you, try writing some stories about them. You'll be able to tell when they're acting out of character (and if you don't catch it, your readers will) and figuring out what they'd do in a particular situation will help you learn what makes them tick. As you learn what makes them tick, you'll be more aware of what makes other characters tick; you'll probably find yourself adding events to their past that explain why they act the way they do. And as you do that, you'll learn more about how to construct your own characters. Of course, creating your own characters will still be difficult, to some degree. For my WIP's protagonist, I had to sit down and really think through what his history was like, how that affected him, and how all that interacted with his personality. But once you've built the basis (history, personality, feelings toward family) it'll be easier to add smaller things onto that, like how the character would react when terrified, or how they feel about cherry turnovers.
  18. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    Dear Jelwynd You have been invited to Fadrex, by the will of Lord Tekiel. And to refuse such an offer would be unprecedented. So First, I shall inform you that anyone reading this letter has a certain quality that we find extraordinary, and we wish to only grow your potential. Whether that be the will to survive these turbulent times, or a certain affinity for anything pointed, we have considered everything. However, we cannot accept everyone that has been invited, so we must first run a simple entrance test. Anyone that passes this test will be allowed in to Fadrex, and if you fail the test, well, we won’t have to worry about that. You will find enclosed within the letter all the information that you need to know before the test starts. We hope to see you next week. Sincerely, The Court Fool Jelwynd finished reading the note, and scratched his head in confusion. What extraordinary quality did they believe him to possess? He was unremarkable in nearly every way. Unless... No. They had no way of knowing of his feruchemical powers. He'd carefully hidden his Terris ancestry since his birth to avoid the carefully regimented breeding programs and feruchemy extermination campaigns undergone periodically by The Lord Ruler; while he hesitated to oppose the man who claimed to be God himself, he also didn't particularly want to become a eunuch. That sort of operation doubtlessly hurt, and with his knowledge of past medical procedures and the comparative archaism of modern techniques, he hesitated to let any of the Lord Ruler's doctors near him. Hopefully, with that tyrant's recent demise, the worst of his policies had died with him. So, then, what could be the reason for this mysterious note appearing in his room in the middle of the night? Suddenly, he alighted on the answer. A few weeks back, he'd been forced to guard himself against a group of robbers, and had needed to tap his pewtermind to ensure victory. As he left, he warned the incapacitated robbers not to continue their disreputable line of work, as the next 'allomancer' they encountered would not be so kind as to let them live. He'd thought that would be enough to cover his tracks; few men who picked fights with allomancers would admit it for fear of persecution by Obligators, and those who did would be believed. Still, though, he figured that one of these men must have given his description to another and so on until the news reached Lord Tekiel. He sighed. This would mean he'd have to attend, simply because he did not wish to draw yet more attention. While there, he'd have to masquerade as a Thug, too, just in case his suspicion was right. He certainly hoped he could pull it off. Now, if only he could remember which metal that particular type of allomancer burned, he'd be set
  19. Hi, i like cheese

    I'm not so sure... The body is too large in proportion to the head to be a duck. Actually... One moment... The source of the image is here, and it seems to be labelled as an "angry goose"
  20. The Church of the Survivor naturally has as part of its doctrine that Kelsier is still around but it's more an article of faith than actual knowledge. Given that Brandon told us in WoBs prior to Bands of Mourning (and we could deduce it from the events of The Hero of Ages itself) that Kelsier had been looking after the power of Preservation before Vin took it up, it's likely the church preaches that as well. There might even be something in the text to that effect. I'm pretty certain that they don't actually know that Kelsier survived after passing the power to Vin or that he's still around (and with a new body) in the present era. Generally speaking, the rules require spoiler tags for material in a series-specific board that involves content from another series (say, if you're discussing material from Elantris as part of a topic in the Mistborn boards) as well as for works that have their own separate spoiler boards; this because the top-level view doesn't distinguish so you want to warn people who haven't read the latest work from clicking 'most recent topic' and getting surprised. Anything beyond that is pretty much up to your own feelings.
  21. Today
  22. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    A good way to go about it. I just have trouble with characters in general. Though recently, I've been able to assign dialogue based on "hmm, how would this character feel about this, and how would they say it?" So I think I'm getting better. We'll see.
  23. 3/20-Wisps of Aether-A Foreign World

    Ah, you're right. That does sound more natural. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've definitely heard that before as well. Those examples help a lot. It's hard to know what I'm doing wrong if I don't have ideas of what to do right in my mind.
  24. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    @Oversleep I wonder what the atium-to-Breaths exchange rate is on the Worldhopper Mercantile Index?
  25. Dream casting SA

    If we ignore the ethnicity problematic, Robert Downey Jr isn't a bad choice. He does have the rugged look Dalinar has and he is the right age. He is perhaps too handsome, but huh I think that's not a too terrible thing to side-track from the canon. Obviously, casting a Dalinar on the young side implies Adolin's casting has to be on the young side as well. The casting hasn't made unanimity.
  26. Harmony and a certain someone (Mistborn 1-7 spoilers)

    Here are a few relevant WoB that suggest there is more going on. There was another quote about Kelsier that I don't see in the official list. But it appears he has been busy. Perhaps he became aware of the Set (the bad guys in Bands of Mourning) in the Cognitive Realm, and decided that for everyone to survive, he had to act, and that meant he had to travel.
  27. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    Alternatively Marsh could buy some Breath on black market... Of course getting enough for 5th Heightening is a lot but then again he has a lot of time to do it
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