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[Elder Zach Stay] Fwd: Letter to Family Oct 6 2014

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Zachary Stay <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 1:05 AM
Subject: Letter to Family Oct 6 2014
To: Tim Stay <[email protected]>, Dalita Stay <[email protected]>, Tim Stay <[email protected]>

Hello Friends and Family!

This week we had an awesome Zone Conference. President Zobrist and Hermana Zobrist talked a ton about Family History work (whoo-hoo!) and about recent converts. We did an activity where some missionaries went up, and acted as their ancestors, who needed their work done. They went up and told their story, and asked if anyone had their name. There were many who did- but there were one or two that didn´t. One of them was a faithful man, member of the church, that never had the opportunity to go to the temple and get sealed to his wife and son because he lived far away from the temple, and he died shortly after the birth of his son in World War One. 

As he went and said "Does somebody have my name?" I felt the Spirit, strongly, that there are people that are waiting for me to do the work for them. There are people on the other side of the veil who need to be baptized, who need to be sealed, who are there, heartbroken, because their work is not yet done. It was really touching and very powerful. I remember that we did something similar in my ward, when I was still pretty young (in primary I believe). I remember that same feeling, of people there waiting, but I didn´t feel the same sense of responsibility that I now feel.

Me and my companion are doing really well. We´re working hard, and trying to help people to have spiritual experiences for themselves, trying to help them so that they can become converted (or reconverted), and enjoy the blessings they so desperately need. One cool experience, is that we have a 12 year old girl who we´re teaching, Estefani, who´s preparing to be baptized in November with her aunt and uncle (who are siblings, not a couple). She said that when she reads the Book of Mormon, she feels a peace, and it´s just interesting. She says it´s not like other books, where you read it and the second time around it gets boring. She says it´s just fascinating. I was so happy when I heard that, because I knew that it was the Spirit that was helping her to feel that it is more than just a normal book- it´s the word of God. 

I love being a missionary, and I love doing this work. Thank you for your prayers, and your comments, and I hope the best for you!

Elder Stay

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