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Taiwan: Day 5: Quick post!

Ookla the Incognizant


Hello again all!

Quick, point form post today, because I don't have a lot of time. I might flesh out some things later, but for now I'll just give you a step by step of what has happened since my Thursday post.

Thursday Cont'd:

  • Jezreel and I went for a walk around this really cool park, where I think I will start going for runs in the mornings.
  • We took the train and met up with Jezreel's friend Ace (who is the taxi driver who drove us home on Wednesday night), and his girlfriend, and we checked out the Taipei Night Market. Night Markets happen in most cities in Taiwan, and the Taipei one happens every night. Basically, a bunch of vendors hit the streets with booths and stuff, and it kind of feels like a carnival. We window shopped a bit without buying anything, and then we hit the food! Some simple noodle duck soup for supper (wasn't sold on the duck this time, which still had the skin on, but the noodles were good). Then we ate some delicious Taiwanese cookies, and moved on for dessert proper, with dessert ice soup (this time with beans and this sweet tofu stuff), and this shaved ice that tastes like ice cream with mango stuff.


  • Headed out of the city! Took a high speed train (300km/h) out to Tainan.
  • Met up with Jezreel's childhood friend Tony, and rode on the back of his scooter (illegally, I might add, apparently you aren't supposed to have more than one passenger. But my mother can relax, because it was only a short five minute jaunt).
  • There, we ditched our bags, and waited a bit for Tony's friend to swing by with another scooter.
  • Road on the scooters into the city proper (legally this time).
  • The ride was really fun, Jezreel likes to go really fast, but that was okay with me, haha.
  • Checked out the Tainan Night Market, which was way better than the Taipei one.
  • Apparently the food in Tainan is sweeter rather than saltier like in Taipei.
  • This night market was staged in a square type place, and had more of a carnival feel.
  • Bought an umbrella, a killer pair of shorts, and some other souvenirs.
  • Ate this squid omelette thing, Taiwan's famous "stinky tofu" that everyone was (tastes okay, but is VERY stinky. Think stinky cheese), and these really delicious Guava Fruit with some amazing prune powder (which I'll have to bring back with me, because apparently you can only get good prune powder in Taiwan).
  • Oh, Jezreel and I also tried a cricket and potato skewer, which was actually pretty good. The cricket's legs were a little stringy though.
  • After that, we met up with Jezreel's other friend, Zony (not to be confused with Tony), and checked out a club.
  • Hit the hay at Zony's house (which is an actual house, not a tiny one room apartment, the first I've visited, haha), and woke up here this "morning".

Today (Saturday):

Today we are planning to meet up with Jezreel's uncle for supper, and check out more of the city. We will be out of Taipei for the next few days, so my internet access might be limited, but I will definitely update when we get back to Taipei if not before.

Wow, I actually wrote a decent amount. So much for a quick post. Anyways, peace!



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