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About this blog

Random stuff I need a link to. Mostly crochet junk. Or, you know, Brandon.

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Ookla the Incandescent

Fblthp is a creature featured on a couple of the "Magic: The Gathering" cards. (Totally Lost and Doorkeeper). He's very cute, and I fell in love with him pretty much from the first time I saw a picture. So, I decided to crochet one!


Do instructions in [brackets] in one stitch

FINGERS (make 4)

1: Magic ring 3

2: sc around

3: sc, in, sc

4: inc, sc, inc, sc

5-6: sc around

THUMBS (make 2)

1: magic ring 3

2: sc around

3: inc, sc, inc

4: sc around

5: sc, inc, sc, inc, sc

6: sc around

Sew fingers and thumbs together on inside.


1: (start in finger loops) sc around (I got 15 scs)

2-4: sc around

5: sc, dec around

6-13: sc around

14: sc, inc around

15-22: sc around

TOES (make 4)

1: magic ring 3

2: sc around

3: inc around

4-5: sc around


1: Magic Ring 6

2: increase

3: sc, inc, sc, [sc, hdc], hdc, [sc, sl], [sl, sc], hdc, [hdc,sc], sc, inc, sc

4: sc, sc, inc, sc, sc, [hdc inc], [hdc inc], sc, sl, sl, sc, [hdc inc], sc, inc, sc, sc, sc

5: (backloops only) sc around

6: 6 sc, 4 hdc, 1 sc, 2 sl, 1 sc, 4 hdc, 6 sc

7: repeat row 6

8: 6 sc, 2 dec, 4 sc, 2 dc, 6 sc

9: 4 sc, 2 dec, 4 sc, 2 dc, 4 sc

10-25: sc around


1: magic ring 6

2-9: increase

10-16: sc around

17: increase (8 sc, inc)

18-20: sc around

21: increase (9 sc, inc)

22-28: sc around

29-30: decrease around (9 sc, dec)

31: 7 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec, 7 sc

32: 7 sc, dec, 8 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 8 sc, dec, 7 sc

33: 7 sc, dec, 6 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 6 sc, dec, 7 sc

34: 7 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 7 sc

35: 7 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 7 sc

36: 7 sc, 2 dec, 12 sc, 2 dec, 7 sc

37-40: sc around

41: 3 sc, dec

42: 2 sc, dec

43: 1 sc, dec

44: dec around


1: (with black) Magic ring 6

2: (with green) increase around

3: sl, [2 sc], hdc, [2 dc], hdc, [2 sc], sl, [2 sc], hdc, [2 dc], hdc, [2 sc]

EARS (make 2)

Note: this is worked back and forth

1: chain 6

2: sc across

3: 4 sc, dec

4: dec, 3 sc

5: 2 sc, dec

6: dec, sc

7: dec

8: sc


1: magic ring 3

2: sc around

3: inc, sc, inc

4: sc around

5: inc, sc, inc, sc, inc

6: sc around

7: inc, 6 sc, inc

8: sc around

SPIKES (make 3)

1: magic ring 3

2: inc, sc, inc

3: sc, inc, sc, inc, sc


*note: I hooked into the body to create the first row of the mouth*

1: 3 sc, drop row, 7 sc, go up row, 3 sc

2-5: sc across

Sew everything together.


As before, I suck at making patterns, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Ookla the Incandescent

Okay, so I've made this for a couple of reasons, but it's really pretty easy. The most difficult part is how tight the arms and legs are.


Hook used: US G


-Yarns: Green (body, legs, arms), (small amounts of): deep green, black, white, tan


Terms: sc=single crochet, hdc=half double crochet, dc=double crochet, sl=slip stitch, mgr"X"= Magic ring with the number for starting, dec=decrease stitch, inc=increase, blo=work stitches in back loop only

instructions in [ ] are done in the same stitch


1: mgr 6

2-7: inc around

8-13: sc around

14: dec (5 sc, dec)

15: sc around

16: dec round

17: dec round

18: sc around

19: dec round

20: sc around

21: dec around. (I usually will crochet in the string I'm using as the closure.)

Horns (x2)

ch 3. [sl, sc] in 2nd ch sp, [hdc, dc] in 3rd

Foot (x2)

1: 5 around

2: [2 sc], [sc, hdc],[2 dc], [hdc, sc], [2 sc]

3: (blo) 3 sc, 4 hdc, 3 sc

4: dec round

5: sc, dec, dec

6-17: sc around

Arm (x2)

1: mgr 5

2: inc around

3: sc around

4: dec around

5: sc, dec, dec

6-15: sc around


1: (in black) mgr 6

2: (in green) inc around

3: (in white) 1 sc, inc around

sew in mouth. Sew piece to body. :D

Personally I sew the arms and eye on at row 12, main part of mouth at row 10, and and horns at 17 -- 3 spot from eye

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